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  1. Will Cena turn heel at SlumberScam?
  2. who would win out of these wwe vs tna matches?
  3. Agree or Disagree: Wade Barrett is a future WWE Champion?
  4. Summerslam Predictions?
  5. Will you be happy if Vinnie Mac and the creative team decide to turn Cena heel at SS?
  6. 14 spots left in my group, join or not join?
  7. According to you, who dominated the WWE from 2005-2007?
  8. In your opinion, who is the true WWE Champion?
  9. Don't you think that wwe needs to focus more on its tag team division?
  10. what is the gayest wrestling move of all time?
  11. Are you currently watching WWE or TNA?
  12. Can you name one thing you dislike about your favorite wrestler?
  13. Do You Like The Big Show As A Face?
  14. Which WWE superstars come to mind when I say..?
  15. Is there a drug use problem in professional wrestling Why/Why Not?
  16. what do you think of me as a user + BQ?
  17. Who is faster in the ring Motor City Machine Guns or Evan Bourne?
  18. WWE Signs ideas please?
  19. When Vince McMahon dies who will take over?
  20. What's the most special thing about each of the following wrestlers+BQ?
  21. What is WWE Hardcore 24/7?
  22. Who was the first World Wrestling Champion?
  23. What is Hardcore 24/7?
  25. Is The Undertaker really dead?
  26. Royal rumble part 30(20 Characters)?
  27. Will Cena finally turn heel at Summer Slam?
  28. hmm...was looking through videos and found something interesting...?
  29. SVR 2011 Official Cover!?
  30. How to watch WWE SummerSlam live online?
  31. WWE fanssssssssss. Thanks.?
  32. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown(part 3)?
  33. Guess the wrestler #1?
  34. Eddie Guerrero vs. John Cena (WWE Title Match). Who would have won?
  35. Of everyone who used it, who had the best spear?
  36. If Dustin Runnels first entered WWF as The American Nightmare where would he be today?
  37. did mick foley make lot's of money in the attitude era?
  38. if bryan danielson goes to tna he cut a promo on wwe?
  39. Died or retired, who is most missed in the world of pro wrestling? Why?
  40. guess the wrestler?plz star....?
  41. Why did JTG from Cryme Tyme purchase Lady Gaga tickets?
  42. who was a better wrestler, lita or trish stratus?
  43. Why does Smackdown get lower ratings when Raw, when Smackdown is clearly better.+BQ?
  44. My WCW Monday Night Nitro! Episode # 49 Best Review gets Best Answer?
  45. Guess the wrestler plz...?
  46. should TNA remix this theme (slightly) and use this as Fourtunes theme?
  47. stephen_p2381 KNOW YOUR ROLE?
  48. My WCW Thunder Show Episode # 1?
  49. how to be a better wrestler?
  50. Now that Tiffany is suspended will the WWE move on with this LayCool and Rosa thing?
  51. Does this come to you as a shock + BQ?
  52. Doesn't anyone miss.....? + BQ's?
  53. What are your comments on Tna's attack On EV2? Why?
  54. Did Tiffany, Kelly Kelly or Laycool appear on SmackDown this week?
  55. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown(part 2)?
  56. Are you a fan of the Great one,The Rock?
  57. Will Chris Benoit stay erased from WWE forever?
  58. Who would win in a real street fight?
  59. Who else wants to join the greatest E-Fed ever?
  60. I've been holding off buying SvR 2010...(read, I do explain)?
  61. What if The Undertaker was never American Bada**?
  62. Tiffany suspended from wwe your thoughts?
  63. How to put someone on top of a table in Smackdown vs raw 2010 ps2?
  64. A Dream Team.....Could really Work Here? Who Would You Have iN Yours,If You Know Me Answer?
  65. Which SmackDown vs Raw 2011 cover is better: PAL (Europe Oceanic) cover art or NTSC (US Province)?
  66. Why did Hulk Hogan divorce Linda?
  67. I invent new idea for wrestling match do you like?
  68. What can WWE do to regain more credibility to the US and IC titles?
  69. Stone Cold Steve Austin breaks Sylvester Stallone's neck during the filming of, The Expendables +BQ?
  70. a bodybuilder wrestling question?
  71. Why is it that if your a wrestlng Smark(more inside)?
  72. Can somebody explain the hotel incident between Mcintyre and Tiffany to me?
  73. who can name this wrestler part 5?
  74. Would you ever adopt a Indonesian kid, if it made Stone Cold return?
  75. Do you guys have youtube channels, plus Wrestling Question?
  76. Who is more overrated Jeff Jarrett (2005) or Triple H (2008)?
  77. Breaking News: Lance Cade has Passed Away due to Heart Failure, Thoughts?
  78. SmackDown vs Raw 2011 Trailer Revealed: Shawn Michaels, Sheamus, Edge, + Link more stars
  79. How to watch WWE SummerSlam 2010 live online?
  80. the attack by fourtune?
  81. out of the whole wwe roster today, tell me who the best wrestler is for each of the...
  82. What Are Some Good Things About The WWE?
  83. Help. What jersey number should i get ??? (MORE INSIDE!!)?
  84. What do you want to do before you die?
  85. Do you think it's unfair that Tiffany got arrested and Suspended by WWE, but Jericho didn't
  86. Has it been said whos the Raw GM yet ?
  87. instead of the WWF changing to WWE would it had been better going back to WWWF (+ BQ)?
  88. Best/Worst stables ever?
  89. Whats Your favorite Movie Starring The Rock + WQ?
  90. Who is better AJ Styles or Bryan Danielson?
  91. Who's Voices Do You Hear When They Answer?
  92. wwe diva tiffany suspended?...?
  93. What do you guys think about the new Smackdown vs Raw 2011 cover?
  94. strongest of the nexus 7?
  95. What is your favorite match in all of history?
  96. Do you think Undertaker will make a new tatoo on his neck that says Michelle??
  97. Which wrestler/diva reminds you of the following Y!A WS users+BQ?
  98. Which wrestler has the worst moveset of all time?
  99. Do you want to see Kofi Kingston as WWE Champion one day?
  100. Randy Orton heel or face?
  101. Who is your favorite wrestler of all time?
  102. Breaking News:Smackdown star suspended?
  103. Who has better mic skills?
  104. Whose character has suffered most from the PG Era?
  105. Is it hard to make the wresting team in high school?
  106. Do you think this is funny?
  107. WS User Awards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  108. Batista heel or face?
  109. Who else wants to join the greatest E-Fed ever?
  110. What's so great about Daniel Bryan?
  111. The torch has been passed, but to who?
  112. Why does dr. Zoidberg go whoop whoop whoop whoop?
  113. Whats your favorite wrestling promotion first person to answer gets BA?
  114. What if Daniel Bryan is team wwe's 7th member?
  115. Where can I watch WWE Smackdown wrestling on the internet?
  116. What would happen if Andre the Giant were still alive today?
  117. Do you agree that Kaval is overrated?
  118. King of the Ring Tounament Round 4?
  119. My WCW Monday Night Nitro Episode # 48?
  120. What will WWE look like in 5 years?
  121. what is The Rock better at?
  122. If shawn stasiak and his fans are interfering with my life can I sue them and injunction them?
  123. wrestling team.......?
  124. Has anybody got any good avatar ideas?? +BQ?
  125. When the SES breaks up?
  126. Which wrestlers do you like the most?
  127. RWE...Which Visual Efed Match Was Better?
  128. Is It Right That The Focus Of TNA Is On EV2.0 Not Fortune..RWE Friday Night Special Results
  129. What do you think Dixie is going to do to makeit right as she told Tommy Dreamer?
  130. Guess this wrestling fans....?
  131. Am I the only one who thought it was funny that RVD was soaked with blood, yet didn't
  132. What were your thoughts of Miz on Lopez Tonight?
  133. AJ Styles or Sting, who do you like better?
  134. Will Jeff Hardy ever return?
  135. WMXXV or WMXXVI for HBK vs The Phenom?
  136. Could Drew McIntyre be a future world champion?
  137. Will CM Punk ever turn Face again?
  138. HHH or HBK or Y2J or RKO or 619 or GTS?
  139. When will The Deadman return?
  140. STF vs Hells Gate vs Sharpshooter vs Figure 4 vs Ankle lock vs Anaconda Vise?
  141. Who would win in an I quit match, Cena or The Deadman?
  142. SUBMISSION MATCH: who would win.....?
  143. Is Mr. Anderson the same person as Mr. Kennedy?
  145. Ted Dibiase or Dolph Ziggler?
  146. Who is the best wrestler ever?
  147. Who would win, Triple H or John Cena?
  148. Why doyou watch wrestling when it is fake and gay?
  149. Do you prefer CM Punk as a face or a heel?
  150. Who is the worst wrestling section user?
  151. Is the 619 the worst finisher ever?
  152. isn't TNA F-u-c-k-i-n-g awesome tonight :D?
  153. What would be your WWE SummerSlam 2011 Card?
  154. Who will be the first person to cash in MitB and not walk out as the champion?
  155. Is it a shame Kurt Angle will probably never be in WWE's HOF?
  156. Who will win Nexus or Team Raw?
  157. So i was mega bored and... details inside?
  158. Who is the best current wrestler? Appreciation Day?
  159. Are the WWE Diva's the WORST women's wrestlers in the WORLD + BQ?
  160. From a scale of 1-10: How AWESOME was the TNA iMPACT! special the WHOLE F'N SHOW + 2 BQ's?
  161. Which is the better FACTION: Nexus or Fortune + BQ?
  162. TNA iMPACT! on tonight-- Are you tuning in?
  163. why did TNA change there ring ?
  164. Agree or Disagree: Atleast one of these 4 wrestlers WILL return at SummerSlam + BQ?
  165. Arrange from the most often getting screwed out of WWE Title : John Cena, The Rock, or Stone Cold?
  166. Can you guess this wrestler?
  167. Jeff Hardy after returning to TNA + BQ?
  168. What if the McMahons' decided to sell the WWE and to whom would be a buyer?
  169. Hey hey hey, what do you think of these names for the wrestlers and tag teams and stuff?
  170. What if Stephanie McMahon divorced HHH?
  171. Sheamus still might be Champ after SS?
  172. how do i cut weight for wrestling without losing muscle?
  173. How many times has jeff hardy switched from wwe to tna back to wwe back to tna?
  174. what do u think is the future of MVP in WWE?(+BQ)?
  175. Is there a worse promotion than Combat Zone Wrestling? (CZW)?
  176. Is John Cena/Randy Orton like the PG Era's version of The Rock/Austin?
  177. How many of you think TNA's Whole F'N Show totally sucked?
  178. will bryan danielson return to WWE?(+BQ)?
  179. Is this THE greatest promo in pro-wrestling history?
  180. What other wrestlers have wrestled three times against eachother at Wrestle Mania?
  181. Spolier.TNA RVD Question inside?
  182. Where does Abyss go from here now that he won't be getting a rematch with RVD?
  183. Why doesn't the ladies that came before Lita and Trish get much respect in the wrestling community?
  184. What site do I use to watch WWE and TNA wrestling on my computer?
  185. Shannon Moore.Are they serious?
  186. Imagine what it would have been like if Hulk Hogan never left the WWF for WCW in 1993?
  187. UK VS US in wwe 5 man tag match?
  188. UK VS US in wwe 5 man tag match?
  189. Imagine what it would have been like if Hulk Hogan never left the WWF for WCW in 1993?
  190. How come after alot of wrestlers go on a nice streak they end up getting beat alot more?
  191. WWE Wallpaper and WWE Wallpapers?
  192. Royal rumble part 28(20 Characters)?
  193. What if, during the RVD vs. Abyss match, The cord holding janice broke, and janice' fell
  194. Who is your favorite wrestler first person to answer gets BA?
  195. What's the most pyshical reaction you've had when watching WWE?
  196. Which WrestleMania theme song was Most fitting for the event?
  197. Who is the most populous star ever to arise from the WWE/WWF?
  198. Which WrestleMania theme song was Least fitting for the event?
  199. What first got you into WWE?
  200. Do you think this Nexus storyline is very similar to the Alliance Invasion storyline in 2001?
  201. Is this Nexus Invasion similar to the Alliance Storyline in 2001?
  202. what is velvet sky cup size?
  203. Do you think that if Michael Cole were the Raw GM he wouldn't be able to fill the hype?
  204. Anyone have any predictions on impact tonight?
  205. What do you think of Aj Styles New Tat + BQ?
  206. Who's Return was Bigger: Maryse or Melina?
  207. do you ever daydream about becoming a wrestler(bonus question nside)?
  208. Doesnt this strike you odd about Jeff Hardy?
  209. King of the Ring Tournament Round 3 all wrestlers are in their prime?
  210. What was your first WWE or TNA match you saw?
  211. My All Time WWE Dream Matches?
  212. why dosent wwe give john morrison a push?
  213. I need A really good pic of Vince McMahon for my avatar...any links...will give BA?
  214. Rate the following matches?
  215. When did Randy Orton stop being Heel?
  216. Anyone else miss the King of the Ring Survivor Series tournaments?
  217. So is WWE saying that The Undertaker's streak is more important then Shawn Micheals career?
  218. Why do so many people beileve that WWE needs to turn TV-14 in order to get better.?
  219. Why is Cena blamed for TV-PG?
  220. WS please vote for KAVAL...?
  221. Who do you think is the 7th Member of Team WWE?
  222. My WCW Monday Night Nitro! Episode # 47 Please rate the show?
  223. why some of you wwe fans complain about wwe but then still watch it? woooooooo!?
  224. I've chosen a design for a tattoo I want does it look ok?
  225. If your favorite wrestler could only have ONE more match....+BQs?
  226. Why do tna haters pay more attention to tna then they do wwe?
  227. Where online can I watch TNA wrestling matches tonight?
  228. Is Tyler Black another Bryan Danielson?
  229. Question about The Rock, agree or disagree ?
  230. Poll:What color are you eyes?
  231. Raw Episode 13 (Rate the show)?
  232. SmackDown! Episode 13 (Rate the show)?
  233. will nexus take over raw if they win at summerslam?
  234. Did anyone notice that the limo driver had blonde hair on Raw?
  235. Should Bret Hart call it a day?
  236. who is the tallest wrestler ever?
  237. who is the oldest and youngest wrestler ever?
  238. who is the shortest wrestler ever?
  239. What If Dana White Enterprises Purchased ECW in 2001?
  240. Who is the fattest wrestler ever?
  241. What if Ted Turner bought WWE in 1997?
  242. Top 3 Favorite and Least Favorite Wrestlers of All Time?
  243. Who is the worst wrestler ever?
  244. When Shawn Micheals used to play the sweet chin music what type of music was he playing?
  245. Best buildup to a finisher?
  246. What if Triple H had wrestled in the '80s?
  247. Do The Wrestlers Have Any Say In Creating Their Gimmick / On-Stage Persona?
  248. Whacta gonna do when the Huckster runs wild on you?
  249. Favorite Elimination Chamber Match?
  250. Was King Booker the worst gimmick ever?
  251. WS Survey.....inside...quick easy to answer questions and you only need your opinion.?
  252. why is everyone saying that i am JORDAN TAKER and i have 2 accounts?
  253. IM AWESOME shirt or NEXUS SHiRT?
  254. My WCW Bash at the Beach PPV Episode # 46 Please rate the show?
  255. King of the Ring Tournament Round 2 (All wrestlers are in their primes)?
  256. Who's better overall, Bret Hart (Prime) or Undertaker (Prime)?
  257. King of the Ring Tournament Round 1 (All wrestlers are in their prime)?
  258. Hottest WWE Diva Past Only Final Round?
  259. Any good way to watch WWE and TNA wrestling live online?
  260. why are people calling randy orton the next stone cold?
  261. Who has the better Spear, Goldberg or Edge?
  262. Which HOF wrestling superstar am I?
  263. are taker and hbk to blame for the veterans who cannot lace up their boots?
  264. Which wrestling superstar am I?
  265. What If Chris Jericho would have went to TNA instead of WWE in 2007?
  266. Should Margarita be part of the Smackdown roster so she can...?
  267. best wrestling return personally?
  268. WWE Thumbs up Thumbs down game!?
  269. FlashBack With 2 Of The Best Legends?
  270. What do you wrestling fans think of ME?
  271. Whats with all these Noobs/Trolls in our Wrestling Section?
  272. Who do you think would win in a fight,DRAKE or JOHN CENA?
  273. John morrison gets the miz money in the bank brief case?
  274. Who would win in a wrestling match,RANDY ORTON or JUSTIN BIEBER?
  275. tna question.. it is that time of the day for?
  277. Do you think the user WWF OFFICAL is a joke?
  278. Summerslam predictions?
  279. Which is better - pro wrestling or cage fighting?
  280. Ask me questions I tell you no lies + BQ?
  281. when will john morrison become world champ.?
  282. Why do you watch wrestling?
  283. WWE fans,who is your favorite rapper?
  284. Do you like Cody Rhodes new gimmick?
  285. who do you like better (honestly) RKO or Cena?
  286. Which wrestler has the best move set?
  287. Do you like Nexus fueding with John Cena?
  288. Evolution vs Legacy vs SES?
  289. Who has the best theme?
  290. When will Triple H return?
  291. Whats your favourite finisher?
  292. Did anyone watch the England match?
  293. When should HBK get into the HOF?
  294. Which Randy Orton do you like better Viper or Legend Killer?
  295. Whos better Edge or Jericho?
  296. What was your biggest Holy Sh*t moment in wrestling?
  297. 19-0 or 18-1...what do you think?
  298. Do you think Melina has surpassed Mickie James in popularity?
  299. What is the worst botch in wrestling history?
  300. Which wrestler has the best nickname?
  301. Do you think WWE could of done a lot more with the JTG vs Shad storyline?
  302. SmackDown!: Night of Champions Episode 12 (Rate the show)?
  303. When HBK said The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels has left the building, were you sad?
  304. What comes to your mind when I say Hulk Hogan?
  305. Does anyone know where i can find those wwf ice cream sandwiches?
  306. Raw Episode 12 (Rate the show)?
  307. I Dont Care If Its Been Done 1 Million Times But nWo Should Return In TNA?
  308. Royal Rumble 2011 Part 1!?
  309. If I start my own wrestling to compete with wwe can I make myself champion?
  310. Anyone else watching WWE Karaoke week?
  311. Wedding Bells on Taker Mccool!?
  312. Which of the following would be the BEST idea?
  313. do any of you miss torrie wilson(video inside)?
  314. What was the greatest match of the decade? +BQ?
  315. (Spoiler): Ring Of Honor Star Works Impact Dark Match.Would these be a good pick up for TNA?
  316. Awkward wrestling (For guys)?
  317. Who'd Win Samoa Joe vs The Viper Randy Orton BQ?
  318. Was TNA HardCORE Justice a good ppv? For hardcore wrestling fans, is this a good ppv?
  319. Female Wreslting Schools to prep me for WWE?
  320. Was it just me, or did Kaval give Lucky the bird!?
  321. If you were offered....?
  322. Who would win these 10 matches? 10 points for my favorite winners!?
  323. When will Dixie Carter realize that Hogan and Bishoff is hurting TNA?
  324. In Your Opinion, what is the worst Wrestlemania of all time, Why?
  325. Agree or Disagree, Wrestlemania XXVI was crap compared to Wrestlemania 21,Why?
  326. Who is Australian entertainer Paul Hogan?
  327. Hottest WWE Diva Past Only Round 3?
  328. whats your all time dream matches to see in there prime?
  329. who will face the undertaker at wresltmina?
  330. hulk hogan and bischoff leaving tna?
  331. With Tyler Black going to WWE who should be the next ROH Champion?
  332. Summerslam 2010 first WWE show attending?
  333. who was better technically in llaveo chris benoit or Dean Malenko?
  334. Do you think Natalya should be used more in wwe?
  335. How do WWE do a Buried Alive match ?
  336. Who is a better technical wrestler Dynamite Kid or Dean Malenko?
  337. When will Chris Jericho become a face?
  338. Linda McMahon's win means WWE will never switch to TV-14 ever again?
  339. My WCW Monday Night Nitro! Episode # 45 Please Rate the Show?
  340. Does TNA have the right idea, by trying to lure in some Old ECW fans?
  341. Will fans be disappointed if there isn't a heel turn at Summerslam?
  342. Which wrestling superstar am I?
  343. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  344. Why are so many wrestling fans such trailer park trash?
  345. Would you agree Jim Ross was 100 times better as the head of talent relations than Johnny Ace
  346. Who is that facing off against Taker on the wwe front page?
  347. wcw jobbers became attitude era legends?
  348. Am I a good WS User? Please be honest?
  349. Are there any open spots in the Y!A Mafia or the X9?
  350. Hottest WWE Diva Past Only Round 2?
  351. who would win in a fight out of the wrestlers?
  352. i am tired of people disrespecting john cena?
  353. WHAT DID I MISS ON NXT? i wasnt here?
  354. Would you like Kane's storyline to be about Kane, not about The Undertaker?
  355. evan bourne to tna, forget wwe?
  356. Who's better, Sting or Kurt Angle?
  357. random Elimination Chamber, Pick winner and how?
  358. Wrestling Section Poll: AJ Styles or Samoa Joe?
  359. Are Edge and Chris Jericho babyface now?
  360. How to watch WWE and TNA wrestling live online?
  361. What would you call RAW and Smackdown back then?
  362. Hottest WWE Diva Past Only Round 1?
  363. Is it safe to say Morrison has become the Marty Jannetty of the Team?
  364. Since Nexus has been on Raw for quite some time now shouldn't the WWE just sign them all?
  365. Which tribute to ECW was better? WWE's One Night Stand 2005 or TNA's HardCORE Justice 2010?
  366. Heel Triple H or Heel Randy Orton?
  367. RWE Members And Sign Ups And BQ : Favorite Match Of All Time?
  368. does anyone remeber this funny nxt season 1 moment?
  369. Do you take the past, put it up and let it go?
  370. Which of these is the Best...?
  371. WWE summerslam Axxess questions!?
  372. Who was Ravens personal assistant in ECW?
  373. Are you ready to fly because if you are get ready to fly?
  374. Smackdown spoilers for Tuesday's tapings? Please!?
  375. If Shane McMahon was the chairman CEO of The WWE?
  376. 3 Important Questions + RWE Member Signups/ Spoiler Inside?
  377. what title will the winner of nxt season 2 challenge for and when?
  378. Who was the guy in the backstage promo with Al Snow and the bwo at TNA Hardcore Justice?
  379. If John Cena became a Heel?
  380. Does anyone know tonights Smackdown spoilers?
  381. Have we found out what happened to the Undertaker yet?
  382. Is Trish Stratus officially Maryse's play toy after the butt kicking Maryse gave her?
  383. Is a good wrestler one that can make you care about their upcoming PPV match?
  384. Which match is more extreme, Hardcore or TLC Matches?
  385. Will we see Rated Y2J back?
  386. Who, in your opinion, is the most talented in-ring star?
  387. Your Time Is Now So What Would You DO?
  388. Hardcore Wrestling would not have exist?
  389. Am I the only one who thinks husky and percy are gone next week?
  390. Does anyboy think WWE should make all the superstars free agents and do a new draft? (More Inside)
  391. What wrestler is related to Curt Hennig?
  392. Rapper John Cena or R-Truth?
  393. Who do you want to win, Kane or Rey Mysterio?
  394. Wrestling Section, Do you know who I am + BQ?
  395. If the Nexus decided to have competitors in the tag and singles division, which pairing would be in
  396. Royal rumble part 26(20 Characters)?
  397. Who's better overall, The Undertaker or Chris Jericho?
  398. Can you find the answer to this WWE trivia question?
  399. When why did John Cena stopped from using the Word Life taunt?
  400. If the Undertaker's streak HAD to come to an end.....?
  401. Do you miss the Rated RKO tag team?
  402. Who is your favorite member of the Nexus?
  403. Agree or disagree:Evan Bourne will be the replacement for Rey Mysterio after Myterio retired?
  404. is Tamina going out with Santino?
  405. Do you think todays theme songs suck compared to past theme songs because todays are done by...
  406. Hottest WWE Diva Past Present Final Round?
  407. Which Legend am I .....?
  408. Why are you looking foward to SummerSlam?
  409. Will Miz ever defend the U.S. title?
  410. wrestling poll its a good poll?
  411. What's your definition of a good wrestler?
  412. Who is your favourite superstar in WWE?
  413. Who does the 450 Splash better: AJ Styles or Justin Gabriel?
  414. Did you used to watch Cena's Web segment on
  415. Who should be Undertakers exit match?
  416. Out of these 5 shows which has the BEST commentary team?
  417. Who do you want to be the NEXT WWE TNA Champion?
  418. Agree or Disagree: Stone Cold Steve Austin is a hypocrite + BQ?
  419. In your opinion has Ric Flair lost It over the years?
  420. Which do you you think will last LONGER: ROH or TNA + BQ?
  421. Which main eventer do you think should be competing for the IC or US Title?
  422. Hottest WWE Diva Past Present Round 3?
  423. What would you talk about with Angelina Love if you had her cell phone number?
  424. What match are you most looking forward to at Summerslam?
  425. If HBK had one more match with The Undertaker do you think he would have a chance of
  426. Which wrestlers do you hate and like?
  427. Where can I watch WWE and TNA wrestling on the internet?
  428. WWE vs The Nexus Summerslam 2010 Elimination Match Predictions?
  429. GIANT Tag Team Tournament FINALS?
  430. Agree or Disagree: An EV2.0 vs Fortune Feud is a good way to push Fortune?
  431. WWE Tag Team Tournament; Semi Finals?
  432. From a scale of 1-10: What would you rate last night's go-home edition of Monday Night RAW + 2 BQ's?
  433. Who said this line to the fans?
  434. Wrestling Section user poll?
  435. past divas vs divas of today: who is/was more talented in there prime?
  436. Royal rumble part 25(20 Characters)?
  437. Who would of won this match, Mr. Perfect or Chris Jericho?
  438. WS Users: What do you think of my storyline + Who wins RVD vs Kurt Angle at BFG?
  439. WWE Tournament Round 4 (Includes All Male TNA, FCW, and ROH champs)?
  440. Who do you think the new GM is?
  441. Rate this week's Raw?
  442. SummerSlam and RAW question?
  443. Why wasn't John Cena at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards instead on Monday Night Raw?
  444. What was your favorite Jake Roberts match?
  445. Who's german suplex had/has better impacts?
  446. Guess This Wrestler(10pts)?
  447. Name This Wrestler(10pts)?
  448. 10 pts for the first person to guess my 2nd favorite wrestler?
  449. Evan Bourne. What do you think about him?
  450. wrestling fans eliminate 1 rookie?
  451. Did anyone watch Lopez Tonight just now?
  452. 10 pts for the first person to guess my favorite wrestler?
  453. Do you think Randy Orton or The Miz is better?
  454. Why must Mark Henry be involved in everything?
  455. Why do people want Nexus to lose at SummerSlam?
  456. How many moves does Triple H have?
  457. Why must Orton always come out on top?
  458. Does anyone care about Randy Orton vs. Sheamus at SummerSlam?
  459. How come people like Melina?
  460. What comes to mind when I say Chris Jericho?
  461. Will Triple H 7th member of Team WWE?
  462. What comes to mind when i say Randy Orton?
  463. Is Michael Cole watching the matches?
  464. John Morrison face change?
  465. do you people think tamina is pretty?
  466. What did you think of the WWF Divas Sunny The Kat?
  467. what have they done to zack ryder?
  468. Who would win this match, Chris Jericho or Ric Flair (Prime)?
  469. Is Undertaker coming back at summerslam?
  470. Which 2 wrestlers do you think are in my avatar?
  471. What were the fans chanting during the Melina vs Alicia match?
  472. Is Roddy Piper the epitome of the fact that you DON'T need a world title to be considered great?
  473. How can I watch WWE SmackDown live online?
  474. How can I watch WWE and TNA wrestling live online?
  475. Who has put on more 5 star matches?
  476. So... Is Jeff Hardy going to jail or what?
  477. Very Cool must see summerslam predictions (+BQ)?
  478. I the only one who thinks that?
  479. Who is going to close SummerSlam?
  480. Who agree's Melina's skills have declined?
  481. Isn't Melina's entrance inappropriate for the kids to see?
  482. (SummerSlam) What if this happens?
  483. Do You Agree R-Truth needs a new finisher?
  484. WTF was the purpose of that Diva's match?
  485. Tyler Black is going to WWE?
  486. Linda McMahon is running for office?
  487. Any good way to watch WWE SmackDown live online?
  488. What are some good gimmicks currently in WWE?
  489. Is it me or when David Otunga gets the mic, bad things happen?
  490. Which Wrestling Company do you like better why?
  491. Who flipped out when Jericho Edge ran down that ramp?
  492. Do you like the All Action, No Talking concept TNA is using for the WHOLE F'N SHOW Thursday on
  493. who do I hate the most in WWE?
  494. Do you think TNA should have a Hall Of Fame like WWE does?
  495. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  496. Is it just me or was Alicia Fox vs Melina was one of the most decent diva's matches in a long time?
  497. Should they bring back the Brand specific PPVs?
  498. Any good way to watch WWE SmackDown live online?
  499. Is The Rock retuning to the WWE tonight?
  500. the rock has 7 main belts edge has 9 main belts?