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  1. Who wants Some Fudge?
  2. If your cat was a wrestler, what would be his/her finisher?
  3. WWE Diva's Championship Finals? Winner is?
  5. Any one else really excited about SVR 2011..............+WQ's?
  6. WS,what's Your Favorite Song?
  8. Who is most UnderRated Superstar?
  9. Who would you fire from the WWE if you took over the company?
  10. My WCW Monday Night Nitro! Episode # 55 is it good and please rate the show?
  11. is it a coincidence that hogan and bischoff are back and tna is boring and full of promos
  12. EWW Raw come rate the show?
  13. schwarzenneger should host raw ?
  14. Is Jericho showing signs of a face turn?
  15. So is this it for Jack Swagger?
  16. Do you think Kane will lose the title at Hell in a Cell?
  17. wrestling seciton WHO IS JIMMY?
  18. Does anyone remember Bobby Lashley?
  19. Which has killed the element of surprise in pro wrestling more: The Internet or Wrestling Company's?
  20. Agree or Disagree: WWE should make Justin Gabriel Evan Bourne a tag team in the future?
  21. WWE Diva's Championship Finals?
  22. Why is John Cena dressed as Barney the Dinosaur?
  23. Was there a moment in the WWE or TNA that made you Embarrassed as a fan of that Company?
  24. Can someone tell me the wrestlers that hatted Bret Hart?
  25. WWE Diva's Championship Round 2?
  27. How can I watch TNA wrestling on the internet tonight?
  28. what happened to randy orton?
  29. When is Triple H coming back?
  30. should the king beat up michael cole?
  31. What exactly was The Rock Cooking?
  32. Wrestling Servey!!!!!!!!?
  33. Can you describe John Morrison in 1 Word?
  34. What would u do if this happens on the 900th episode on Raw?
  35. my wrestlemania 27 match cards and pick the winner?
  36. Who do u want the New RAW GM to be?
  37. based on what you seen, which divas of all time should get the award for.....(more inside)?
  38. Darren Young and Percy Watson?
  39. Where can I watch TNA wrestling on the internet tonight?
  40. Would Kane be as Popular is Paul Bearer was never around?
  41. Was The Lord of Darkness Gimmick of The Undertaker the turning point for his Promo's?
  42. Would Triple H be as popular if he was never in D Generation X?
  43. Agree or Disagree: Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes vs Ted DiBiase Jr at WM XXVI may as well have been a
  44. Which WWE star had a Lengthy Title Reign when they shouldn't have won the Title in the First Place?
  45. What If Randy Orton never defeated Chris Benoit at SummerSlam 2004 for the World
  46. Which WrestleMania had the most Overrated Match?
  47. Who do you think are the top 10 wrestlers all time from each of these countries (inisde)?
  48. Whats up with the Eve Alicia fox hate?
  49. Should they change Night Of Champions?
  50. can you help me find a finisher for me?
  51. Agree or Disagree: Paul Bearer should enter the Hall of Fame Class of 2011?
  52. 3rd WCW Flashback + 2 BQs?
  53. i have a troll question wrestling section?
  54. The best and worst promotional poster in WWE history?
  55. Whoever comes up with the most PPV posters featuring Kane gets BA?
  56. What happened to the WWE Unified Tag Team Champions?
  57. If Sting, Goldberg and Hogan part of the InVasion would WCW and ECW would have won the war?
  58. this is a nexus question (wwe)?
  59. What is 1 thing you like and hate in the wrestling section?
  60. What did Bret Hart do last Sunday before he got disqualified?
  61. Do you like Micheal Cole's heel commentator gimmick?
  62. Are you sick and tired of tall or fat wrestlers dominating a wrestling company?
  63. john cena has a NEW THEME thoughts?
  64. name 2 things that makes orton great?
  65. best wrestler in wwe?
  66. What do you think about the new WWE Tag Team Championships?
  67. Why do you think Kane attacked The Undertaker?
  68. who do you like more finlay or orton?
  69. What does REW stand for?
  70. who do you want to win wwe nxt season two?
  71. does randy orton takes drugs?
  72. is kaval by far the best wrestler on nxt(bonus question's inside)?
  73. my wrestling career? help?
  74. My WCW Monday Night Nitro! Episode # 54?
  75. If WWE knows that HBK vs The Undertaker at WM26 was a great match,why dont they make
  76. Do you think TNA is sinking slowly?
  77. What's your favorite WWE stable of all-time?
  78. Could The Anonymous General manager Be Goldberg?
  79. shawn michaels retired? (tna)?
  80. Which gimmick PPV is the best/worst in your opinion?
  81. Who is your favorite member of NXT season 2.?
  82. Who is your favorite member of the Four Horsemen?
  83. Who is your favorite member of Fortune?
  84. Who is your favorite Fabulous Freebird?
  85. match the song with the wrestler?
  86. why do mature audience still visit wwe shows while they hates it example : [ Cena Sux Chant ]?
  87. NXT season one vs NXT season 2?
  88. Who would you say was the most influential wrestler?
  89. Who is your favorite ECW Original?
  90. What does the term botch mean?
  91. Who else thinks kaval sucks?
  92. Who Do You Think Is Hotter?
  93. Rate These Wrestlers Out Of Ten?
  94. Whats the funniest Pro Wrestling moment ever?
  95. WWE Diva's Championship Round 1?
  96. tna hardcore justice or wwe one night stand? any year of one night stand and why you choose it?
  97. i want to be in the wwe. I live in London Ontario any recommended schools? Or just tips?
  98. when will randy orton die?
  99. Look what I did to Michael Cole's Wiki?
  100. What are the most Controversial Moments in Wrestling that lead to Mistakes?
  101. Should WWE Revive/Create a Fans Choice PPV?
  102. Agree or Disagree: It would be a mistake to have Daniel Bryan skip the midcard and go to
  103. Who's the greater Tag Team? Beer Money Inc. or MCMG?
  104. Can you see Sheamus in....?
  105. would you consider the original 6 attitude era wrestlers?
  106. What was your favorite Last Man Standing ending?
  107. Which PPV's should WWE Revive based on it's History?
  108. She is back!!!! On OCTOBER She will be back...?
  109. What is your favorite wrestling promotion?
  110. Why do you continue to watch a fake sport called pro wrestling when YOU KNOW it's FAKE and GAY?
  111. I know its not going to happen but who thinks Chris Benoit deserves to be in the Hall of Fame?
  112. Wrestling what if #4?
  113. Which is your favorite tag team?
  114. Who would win these diva matches?
  115. Best Tag Team Round 2 (Every team are in their prime)?
  116. Does anybody else think that the nexus storyline has really helped wwe?
  117. If the WWE combines the Women's and Diva's titles?
  118. Is Santino Marella Canadian?
  119. Why are people saying Miz will lose when he cashes in?
  120. If wrestling is fake, then why do people watch it?
  121. Wade Barrett vs Kaval who wins?
  122. Who do you think would be a perfect fit to join Nexus.......+BQ's?
  123. can you name all the wrestlers that get the 'rock bottom' by the rock in this 1 minute video?
  124. Where can i watch the Monday Night Wars DVD online?
  125. What do you predict will happen on the next raw? (monday)?
  126. Heath Slater vs Justin Gabriel who wins?
  127. What do you think of The Rock's in ring skill?
  128. Agree or Disagree: If WWE was still TV-14 we would have different title holders?
  129. What is your favorite Wrestling Stable of all time?
  130. who is the greastest wrestler ever? (not necessarily your favorite, just the best) and why?
  131. why dose cena always go for the wwe champion if he won it so many times?
  132. Name the most random Superstar/Diva team you could think of?
  133. Can you describe CM Punk in 1 Word?
  134. which divas of all time was/is more talented in there prime?
  135. Is it me or is there more british/irish wrestlers in tna and wwe at the moment?
  136. Why didn't WWE acknowledge Lance Cade's death?
  137. Can you describe Undertaker in 1 Word?
  138. So,What exactly was THE ROCK cooking?
  139. what did you think of husky harris trying to hit on michelle?
  140. Repost : WCW Flashback + 3 BQs?
  141. Was the rock better than stone cold steve austin in the ring?
  142. reason for kaval dropping tna's name on nxt season 2, what's your opinion?
  143. How terrible is that?
  144. EPIC PPV CARD!!!!!!!?
  145. what was the song in the orton/sheamus summerslam promo?
  146. Please arrange wwe years of the best to the worst and why,of 2006-2010?
  147. ECW Ep 1.Royal Rumble + RVD Or John Morrison?
  148. Would you like to see the Boogeyman back in the WWE?
  149. Will Raw introduce a new WWE Championship belt next week for the 900th episode?
  150. What do you think of the SmackDown vs Raw 2011 Wii Graphics, PS3 and Xbox 360 Graphics? Bret
  151. Did you laugh at Cena's meow meow meow meow joke?
  152. Sting or The Undertaker? Who has had more of a career?
  153. Where can I watch WWE and TNA wrestling matches on the internet?
  154. Has Kane gone back to being a Psycho?
  155. My ideas for Night of Champions(Contains spoilers)?
  156. WCW Flashback + 3 BQs?
  157. Weird Question: But does The Miz seem feminine when he walks to the ring?
  158. Is Nexus The 2nd Coming Of Evolution?
  159. Was the 2010 SummerSlam winners scripted? Were they already chosen to win before the match?
  160. What will be the first title for the Nexus? Who will win it?
  161. Is the Miz intimidated by Daniel Bryan's in-ring ability?
  162. Can you describe Kane in 1 Word?
  163. Has there even been a mark out moment were you cried.?
  164. Seeing as how much could develop, do you think Night of Champions could be one of the better PPV's?
  165. A question about Legends of Wrestling?
  166. Who Agrees John Cena sucks?
  167. Ashley Valence? NXT Co-Host?
  168. Hey wrestling fans check this out?
  169. Agree or Disagree: The Undertaker is one of the best wrestlers in the WWE?
  170. can you name wrestler types?
  171. Smackdown Spoilers for last night? PLEASE!?
  172. ( Official Bracket ) Winner Gets Best Answer On 10 Of My Questions..?
  173. Best Tag Team Tournament Round 1 (Every team are in their prime)?
  174. Is Smackdown! vs RAW! 2008 a good game for the wii?
  175. What is a good spoiler website for smackdown?
  176. Which is more better and believable TNA or WWE?
  177. Would commentary be better if WWE's announcers didn't know the storylines?
  178. WWE Fact: This is Interesting?
  179. Who else wishes PG was gone and replaced with tv 14?
  180. *SPOILERS* What is the concept of the match at Night of Champions for the WWE Championship?
  181. Update on the rosters for Smackdown vs Raw 2011?
  182. Why don't the Hart Dynasty ever appear on SmackDown!?
  183. How come WWE/ TNA Censors Wrestlers, But Not The Audience?
  184. Does anyone else notice that John Cena and Daren Young look alike in the face?
  185. Which fast car do you like the best?
  186. What do you think of Madison Rayne Natalya?
  187. I missed the NXT rankings?
  188. What other pair of characters or things can we compare the pair Cena and Orton to?
  189. what sort of short or underwear prevents stretch of testis bag during exercise?
  190. Has there ever been a Match in which you enjoyed seeing John Cena perform? +BQ?
  191. Can You describe Cody Rhodes in 1 Word?
  192. Which interviewer did The Rock cut his best promos with?
  193. Can You Describe Kurt Angle in 1 Word?
  194. Did LayCool turn face tonight?
  195. Now that Nexus has 2 open spots?
  196. Why is FAKE wrestling in the sports section?
  197. Can you describe Jerry The King Lawler in 1 word?
  198. brock lesnar a true mma fighter?
  199. First to answer correctly gets 10 pts.?
  200. wwe who has the better kicks kaval or john morrison?
  201. Who is the favorite to win NXT?
  202. What is your guy's favorite PPV in the WWE?
  203. Question about Skip Otunga?
  204. When you see the word Legendary what superstar first comes to mind?
  205. Who Had The Worst Week-NXT?
  206. Did you know Chris Jericho smokes?
  207. What's the point in watching the WWE when YOU KNOW the fighting is FAKE?
  208. Which WWE Couple was better, Edge/Lita or Christian/Trish Stratus?
  209. Can You Describe The Miz in 1 Word?
  210. Pro-wrestling question?
  211. Who wishes Petey Williams would go back to TNA?
  212. could you name a pro wrestling company in uk?
  213. do you think kelly should be involved between laycool and melina fued?
  214. wrestling fans What are your thoughts on this article?
  215. Things we need in SVR2011?
  216. Why do they even need this anonymous GM anyways?
  217. Wrestling question( please help )?
  218. WCW Flashback + 2 BQs?
  219. Who had the best night in WWE Summerslam?
  220. Which do you currently prefer: TNA or WWE?
  221. Winner Gets Best Answer on 10 of my questions...?
  222. So will JR ever announce a match ever again or is he done announcing matches?
  223. Wow another count out this RAW sucks am I right ?
  224. Wrestling What if #2?
  225. TNA impact??? ( UK )?
  226. Is Raw's 900th eposide gonna be 3 hours?
  227. Are most matches gonna have interference?
  228. Cody Rhodes or Ted Dibiase Jr, who has a better future?
  229. What did you think of Jillian Hall leading her team to victory tonight on RAW?
  230. Does today mark the end of Jillian Hall's jobbing career?
  231. What happened at SummerSlam?
  232. Did Justin GAYbriel get his wish tonight when he wrestled Randy Orton?
  233. what do u guys think of the new tag belts plus bq?
  234. Who Likes, Jericho Doing His Taunts Amping Up the Crowd?
  235. cpwe raw is war episode 4?
  236. why wont vince mcmahon sign the black family from AAA Wrestling?
  237. Has anyone ever realized that....?
  238. Who'd Win Daniel Bryan vs Edge?
  239. Which stable was a bigger threat to WWE: the Nexus or the Alliance? +BQ?
  240. Do you like the new WWE Tag Team Championship belt?
  241. Who is the greatest wrestler of All Time?
  242. I think I know who the GM of Raw is?
  243. Who Else Thinks.............?
  244. What did Cena say about Justin Gabriel?
  246. What part of Matt Hardy's single career do you guys prefer and explain why?
  247. Whats the Future of Nexus?
  248. where can i watch raw free apart from
  249. How does a WWE live even get recorded as two tapings?
  250. You think we will find out who the GM is on RAW tonight? BQ MAY CONTAIN SPOILER!!!!!?
  251. If Wade Barrett loses tonight, who do you see fit the position as leader of Nexus?
  252. Anyone else tired of seeing Y2Jobber loosing yet again?
  253. Do you think that Eddie is pissed on how WWE is using Chavo Guerrero+BQ?
  254. Will Jillian ever be used properly within the WWE? +BQ?
  255. Who's in WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2011?
  256. Why does Jeff Hardy's Swantons suck on TNA?
  257. Should Nexus have won SummerSlam?
  258. This Monday Night Raw sucks agree or disagree?
  260. Is Darren Young headed to Smackdown?
  261. What is John Cena going to do at Night of Champions?
  262. Does anyone think Orton and Sheamus will have a chair match?
  263. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  264. Is the WWE going to do Jillan vs Melina at Night of champions?
  265. How can I watch WWE and TNA wrestling live online?
  266. What did Cena mean when he was talking about Justin Gabriel?
  267. *SPOILERS* For WWE Raw tonight!?
  268. name one word that describe michelle mccool?
  269. thoughts on summerslam ? WQ and BQ?
  270. Good websites to watch WWE live through the internet?
  271. Current WWE Smackdown and Raw Status?
  272. Laycool's Championship?
  273. Do you think Chris Jericho's Show Downfall is going to be popular?
  274. This is an important wrestling question?
  275. Would this be a good way to continue the angle between Abyss / RVD / Janice that finished impact?
  276. Will SvR 2010 still have the Highlight Reel mode?
  277. Does The Nature Boy Ric Flair have the best mic skills of any wrestler of all time?
  278. What was the point in the Sheamus / Kane confrontation last night?? Did you like it?
  279. Is John Cena the most dominant pro wrestler of all time?
  280. Hart Dynasty or Hart Foundation?
  281. Usually on the first Raw after a ppv there's some surprise. What are you expecting (+)?
  282. are energy drinks bad for you?
  283. did anyone laugh when they heard the undertaker cough at summerslam?
  284. Does the darkness consume your mind when you hear Kane talking on the mic?
  285. what color is ur hair?
  286. (Spoiler) WWE Shows Life That Cena Can Turn Heel?
  287. Nexus has a few options now (details inside)?
  288. What is going on with Batista since he left WWE?
  289. Would you consider Triple H in his WCW days a star??
  290. Is the MIZ the next john cena?
  291. Does TNA have a Wellness drug program?
  292. Is this more or less the old Radicals storyline?
  293. Do you think the wwe should have a no dating policy.?
  294. Which World Title would it have been better for Kane to win: WWE Title or World Heavyweight?
  295. Why couldn't WWE just name Davey Boy Smith's son Double H. (Harry Hart) Smith as his ring name?
  296. So Repeated Chair Shots a Reallity Check On The MITB BriefCase = For A Good Raw Tonight?
  297. What do you rate SummerSlam from 1-10? + Found 'Nadja', now 'Alex', report that cheater (links):?
  298. What did Cena say about Gaberial?
  299. Whats your card for the Night of Champions PPV?
  300. What did you think of the Summerslam PPV?
  301. Since Kane is always carrying around that Casket, do you expect an Undertaker vs Kane Casket Match?
  302. Randy Orton Haters How You Like Him Now huh?
  303. Who is your favorite member of Nexus?
  304. How come wwe isnt as intense and hardcore anymore?
  305. ***WSA*** True Or False ***?
  306. Why do so many WWE fans complain after every Raw, Smackdown, or PPV?
  307. do you think the miz is on the same level as john morrison, or evan bourne as far as in...
  309. For anyone who saw Summerslam?
  310. WS I just wanted to remind you to..?
  311. did you like the fact that the undertaker got manhandled by his brother kane or not?
  312. Who do you think will challenge the following next month?
  313. My WCW Monday Night Nitro Episode # 53 Please Rate the Show?
  314. Do you think Rey still had something to do with Undertaker being attacked?
  315. Hottest TNA Knockout Final Round?
  316. wasnt rey mysterio vs kane at summerslam supposed to be a casket match?
  317. Will Melina's reign last only 1 day?
  318. Who's watching WWE RAW tonight?
  319. results of summerslam 2010?
  320. ***WSA *** !!!Great Game!!! ****** Must See...+ BQ's...?
  321. Rate Summerslam out of 10 and why (WWE PPV)?
  322. Where can I watch SummerSlam 2010 for free?
  323. Is Chris Jericho out of shape?
  324. If you were to incorporate Michelle McCool into the Undertaker's persona...?
  325. no drew mcintyre at summerslam PPV why?
  326. Is this LayCool and Melina thing gonna turn into a feud?
  327. **WS** Who Am I..?? + **BQ's**?
  328. Thank you Wrestling Section. I am now a TC. + WQ?
  329. Any good way to watch WWE and TNA wrestling live for free over the network ?
  330. So what is next for Nexus?
  331. How can I watch WWE and TNA wrestling live online?
  332. What will the next Era look like?
  333. has rey mystero ever been a heel i never eatched his wcw stuff?
  334. Who is the diva that knocked out Trish Stratus in a real MMA Fight outside of the company (WWE)?
  335. do u think that tna has better wrestling matches than wwe but wwe has better storylines?
  336. How bad did WWE screw up SS?
  337. In WWE do you think there are 1 Set of Rules for some people, and another Set of Rules for the
  338. What are you Top 5 Worst Returns Ever?
  339. Was it a smart move for WWE to make Daniel Bryan the 7th Member? + WQ?
  340. Who's better overall, Chris Jericho or Daniel Bryan?
  341. Who did you expect to win the Choke-Grapple: Undertaker or Kane?
  342. Hottest TNA Knockout Round 2?
  343. Are you glad that Kane overpowered The Undertaker at SummerSlam?
  344. I bet all you people that thought Cena was gonna go heel, are kicking yourselves right now.?
  345. EC or Miz Morrison?
  346. What site do I use to WWE Raw wrestling on the internet tonight?
  347. Should John Cena somehow turn Heel on Raw tomorrow night?
  348. Who's a better all-around wrestler, HBK or Dusty Rhodes?
  349. Is John Cena's current attire worse than his previous?
  350. What is LP23 up to these days?
  351. My Version Of Summerslam..Rate/Hate..?
  352. Wrestling Section: Are you a JIMMY fan?
  353. Wwe summerslam or Tna Hardcore Justice?
  354. How do I become a Better High school Wrestler?
  357. summerslam:whats up with bret hart?
  358. what did you guys think of summer slam?
  359. What's Next For Randy Orton?
  360. How would YOU feel if I was the anonymous GM OF RAW?
  361. Who Had The Worst Week?
  362. Did you see Danielson in the ring with Slater!?
  363. What is the best match at the 2010 WWE SummerSlam event?
  364. OMFG! OMFG! DANIEL BRYAN!!!! :)?
  365. Bwahhh, so Cena plays the superman once again?
  366. Do You Agree With That?
  367. Ugh this sucks dick so much... Who else wanted to see Nexus win?
  368. Do people in the wrestling business have to eat healthy?
  369. Why did Bryan Danielson get hired again afther he got released from the WWE?
  370. Surprise Surprise, Kane stands tall on top of Taker!?
  371. YEAH TEAM WWE WON????????
  372. Why Do WWE Continue To Make Sheamus Look Weak?
  373. Miz vs Daniel Bryan at Night of Champions!?
  374. Check out Cena's record in WWE it's totally ridiculous............+WQ's?
  375. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....?
  376. What's with the order of PPV matches?
  377. How was Chris Jericho eliminated from the match?
  378. How would RAW be like if Donald Trump still owned it?
  379. Who won at WWE Summerslam 2010?
  381. who would win these Beer Money and DX matches?
  382. my wwe summerslam prediction?
  383. OMFG we were promised something amazing?
  384. did someone else had feeling that daniel bryan as going to return?
  385. Why was The Undertaker so weak?
  386. ***STAR*** If You Think (Super Cena Hogan) Is WWE's DownFall?
  387. What did Melina look like on SummerSlam?
  388. Who Had The Worst Night-SummerSlam?
  389. When will HHH return?
  390. BRYAN DANIELSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  391. No Surrender custom card please rate?
  392. why is mikey so cool?
  393. Since Daniel Bryan, a.k.a, Bryan Danielson, returned to the WWE, will he do his independent
  394. Where can i watch Summerslam for free?
  395. what a shocker bryan danielson returns at summerslam after choking justin roberts with a...
  396. When will Undertaker return?
  397. Why are most of you being this way?
  398. do you think triple h will come back at summerslam?
  399. Who agrees... August ppv's were an epic fail?
  400. What matches did Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho have in their feud in 2008?
  401. Will Wwe Superstar Jeff Hardy Return In 2010?if Yes Then When?
  402. Which members of Nexus seems can you never take seriously as a heel?
  403. Is The Undertaker Coming Back?
  404. who is the 7th member of team wwe for summerslam?
  405. Agree or Disagree, The Whole F'n Show was superior to Summerslam?
  406. Summerlsam Questions?
  407. So The Wellness Program PG Can Not Give Us A Decent Match?
  408. SummerSlam Predictions?
  409. How come people are still trying to figure out whos the leader of Nexus when ya know its Wade...
  410. Free Summerslam 2010 live stream??????????
  411. Anyone Else Not Happy With SummerSlam +BQ?
  412. After SummerSlam 2010, Is Anyone Considering This **Star** If You Think WWE Wont Make
  413. Thank You Vince For Giving** Us Super Cena Hogan**?
  414. Do You Think The Undertaker Has Good Mic Skills?
  415. What site is best to watch WWE and TNA wrestling matches on the internet?
  416. is TNA going to come to Australia for a second time?
  417. IF Undertaker doesn't return , why do you think Triple H was removed from the SSlam
  418. Who won WWE Summerslam ?
  419. how to buy summerslam from direct tv?
  420. Anyone notice Matt Striker slipped and called Daniel Bryan Brian Danielson?
  421. Who Should be the NXT Season 3 Pros?
  422. Agree or Disagree: The women's champion title will make LayCool break up?
  423. Is anyone really surprised about the outcome of the Melina and Fox match tonight?
  424. SummerSlam Tonight !!! Maybe a return of the great one ?
  425. HAHAHA!! I'd like to collect on our bet, please, on Daniel Bryan?
  426. If Cena turns heel tonight?
  427. Is this a hint that Triple H is returning tonight?
  428. Do you think that if Triple H turns heel tonight then it will kill his Sheamus feud?
  429. What was your favorite SummerSlam main event?
  430. Since Summerslam is considered like a second Wrestlemania, should WWE book the event in stadiums?
  431. Why has Sunday always worked well for ppv's in wrestling?
  432. good stream for summerslam ?
  433. Where can I watch Summerslam for free online?
  434. Who won at SummerSlam (Just testing)?
  435. you think it is......?
  436. Who would you rather see turn heel tonight:Triple H or Cena?
  437. Going to Summerslam, need sign ideas?
  439. Triple H is in Hollywood at the arena where SummerSlam will be held, thoughts?
  440. ***Star*** if you think John Cena Needs To be* Heel*?
  441. Summer Slam surprise?
  442. Why was Hulk Hogan fired from his job as a salesman?
  443. WWE Smackdown - Summerslam?
  444. Idea for Kane v. Undertaker match. Comments? Opinions?
  445. Can you find the answer to this WWE trivia question?
  446. John Cena turning heel makes sense (details inside)?
  447. My WCW Monday Night Nitro! Episode # 51?
  448. How can I watch WWE and TNA wrestling on the internet?
  449. Last Member of Team Cena, HHH? Who is the raw GM?
  450. What was the biggest waste of the MITB contract?
  451. What is the greatest storyline in WWE History and why?
  452. What Happened To The Randy Orton-Edge Feud?
  453. Is there a link to when Miz got RKO'd Orton yells @ him?
  454. Ric Flair's Fortune or Wade Barrett's Nexus?
  455. Link for watchin WWE Summerslam online?
  456. Is this a clue that this could be Cena's last night as a face?
  457. Who is more overrated...?
  458. What's so bad about Rey Mysterio?
  459. Would Kane have been as popular if he debuted without the Mask?
  460. What is the worst finisher in the last 20 years?
  461. Look fella, I put out Triple Haitch,? and now I'm gonna retain my Doubya Doubya Eee...
  462. Will John Cena turn Heel Tonight ?
  463. WS { ?it ?ou quit} PPV#2, check it out and pick the winners...?
  464. why does everyone hate tna?
  465. Which match are you looking forward to tonight at SummerSlam?
  466. Are you a fan of the WWE Champion SHEAMUS?
  467. Where are you getting that Miz will defend lose to Bourne?
  468. Hottest TNA Knockout Tournament Round 1?
  469. Agree or Disagree: Hornswoggle ruined DX?
  470. Out Of Which 5 BIG things will happen @ SummerSlam?
  471. Will you be glad if Tiffany is released?
  472. which wrestler is more talented(poll)?
  473. How so and all these dominant Eastern Europeans wrestlers don't come in USA to dominate MMA?
  474. who thinks that I am a good user?+wq?
  475. When someone becomes a WWE Diva...?
  477. *WSA* FlashBacks!! Most Funniest Segments!!!?
  478. my first mixed wrestling match?
  479. My WCW Thursday Night Thunder Episode # 2 Please rate the show?
  480. Agree or Disagree: The Legacy of the Women's Championship is now a disgrace + BQ?
  481. Wouldn't it be great for HHH to Turn heel considering his merchandise sales?
  482. what all does a wrestler have to have in order for them to be your favorite?
  483. Do you like Kane's new nickname?
  484. Should Ev2 be a Heel Group? permantely in TNA?
  485. Why didn't Goldberg and Brock Lesnar get in the original 2004 WWE SmackDown! vs RAW?
  486. What kind of toll do you think wrestling could take on my body?
  487. WrestleMania 27!!! 19 - 0!!!?
  488. Kofi Kingston is the answer to Hulk Hogan now?
  489. what do you think of beer money vs mcmg matches?
  490. Do you think EV 2.0 will raise TNA's ratings?
  491. TNA:Hardcore Justice 2010 or WWE:One night stand 2005?
  492. Which Undertaker feud is the biggest classic?
  493. I recently got really into wrestling. So I wanted to know, what wrestling shows are on t.v during...
  494. IYO, what role did The Rock and Stone Cold play whilst in the WWF?
  495. message to the user Triple H Will Be Back?
  496. What do you think of the TNA Knockout Angelina Love?
  497. Are We All Trolls Here Or What?
  498. name 3 wrestlers that dezerve a main event push and why?
  499. Who won between The Rock vs. Goldberg?
  500. Do you think Randy Orton took this as a insult to Hogan and Flair?