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  1. Who thinks that Kofi Kingston should have Aloisia in his corner when he wrestles Dolf Ziggler again?
  2. WWE European Championship Round 3?
  3. Would it have been nice for Luna Vachon to appear at HardCORE Justice?
  4. Name one flaw about the following wrestlers?
  5. How come and WHY does WWE let Alberto Del Rio debut directly instead of making him compete in NXT?
  6. What's the most exciting thing that ever happened at a live event you went to?
  7. which member of The Nexus will be the most sucessful and which is ur favourite?
  8. Agree or Disagree: nWo is the best wrestling faction ever?
  9. RAW Episode 51 (Rate the Show) + WQ Inside?
  10. Why does KANE want to murder his brother The UNDERTAKER?
  11. Do the WWE male wrestlers have leg hair?
  12. What are your thoughts on this TNA News?
  13. WWE European Championship Round 2?
  14. Good or Bad: WWE re-signed Eugene?
  15. How do you think Jeff Hardy will make his TNA exit?
  16. mcintyre is thrown into the mix of jobbers, is it the end of the line for the chosen one?
  17. Why Has Aloisa Been Pulled From NXT Season 3?
  18. who will be crowned the unified world champion after next wrestle mania?
  19. who is the future or the no.1 face of the wwe in the next decade?
  20. Who is the dominant brother now: KANE or The Undertaker?
  21. Was Bossman stupid for attempting to run back the locker room and tripping over Doinks wire?
  22. Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker (WM 25), Overrated, or Underrated?
  23. Do you think we the IWC set the bar to high for wrestling company's?
  24. which are the top 5 finishers of all time?(not submissions)?
  25. What Is The Name Of MVP's New Theme Song?
  26. why is wrestling so boring while spongebob is more real?
  27. Someone fill me in on what happened to The Undertaker?
  28. Why is there a Crocodile in all the sports sections,including the wrestling section?
  29. When was the last Great Midcarder Feud?
  30. Do you think that Legacy was 2009's Evolution?
  31. Should WWE make a new Show just for the Midcarders?
  32. Who should be the first WWE Undisputed Champion?
  33. What was the greatest match Chris Jericho?
  34. LIVE WWE online in good quality ? woo!! excellent fighting,how?
  35. What's the best Storyline on Smackdown besides Undertaker/Kane?
  36. Which do you prefer more: WCW Cruiserweights (Before WWF/E bought it) or TNA X Divisions?
  37. Which finishing move is better: Jackhammer or The Gore + 2 Tournaments?
  38. When will Undertaker return????????????????????
  39. How many times have faced one on one, Undertaker Chris Benoit?
  40. lol was that hornswoggle stunt pushing the pg just a tad?
  41. Message for the Wrestling Section + WQ?
  42. How would you react if Aloisia turns into a beast and attacks all the divas?
  43. who else agrees michelle mcCool is the prettiest and most talented diva right now?
  44. How do you feel about the fact that Ted DiBiase, Jr has a better life than you?
  45. Anyone Like This Kane?
  46. match a wrestler with the song?
  47. What do you think about: WrestleMania The Undertaker (WHC) vs John Cena (WWE) to Unify
  48. did wwe mvp just piss you of when he?
  49. Who was the Most Important Manager in WWE History?
  50. john cena ran track,and wrestled in high school,proof?
  51. So lemma get this straight?
  52. SmackDown! Presents WWE No Mercy (Rate the Show) + WQ Inside?
  53. Smackdown is more of whose show, The Undertaker or Edge's?
  54. Do you think AJ Styles is the best wrestler in TNA?
  55. what will be name of the unified world championship in wwe ?
  56. What do you think of worked shoots?
  57. WTF??? Aloisa released?
  58. Whats The Biggest Jaw Dropping/OMFG Moment in [any]wrestling industry?
  59. What do you think can be done about all these users who spam?
  60. What is the Most Anticipated Moment in WWE History?
  61. Since the WWE wants to rebuild Smackdown,Sd's diva division is thin and NXT 3 is on?
  62. Which Wrestler has had the Most Pointless WWE Push?
  63. Is this proof that Edge and Nexus are going to Smackdown?
  64. Was the 6'9 diva really fired or is it storyline?
  65. Who should have Won the World Heavyweight Championship first: Randy Orton or Batista?
  66. Who is the only wrestler to win a championship at three consecutive WrestleMania's?
  67. How do you feel about Vickie Guerrero firing her NXT Rookie?
  68. Everyone lets form a against trolls group?
  69. Who should have Never been pushed in WWE?
  70. Why do fake wrestlers take steroids?
  71. Why do people watch fake wrestling?
  72. Why do fake wrestling fans dislike real sports?
  73. A fake wrestling fan gets in a fight with an MMA fan who will win?
  74. Who should be the next TNA World Heavyweight Champion......+BQ's?
  75. Can someone explain TNA to me?
  76. Check Out The Rock's New Look?? New Look For the NEW Furious 5.?
  77. How can I watch WWE smackdown wrestling on the internet tonight?
  78. Who's better: Christian or Randy Orton?
  79. What is your all-time favorite tag team from WWF/E?
  80. Why do fake wrestling fans dream of using fake finishers on those who tell them the truth?
  81. A TNA question: Jeff Hardy or AJ Styles WWE question?
  82. WWE European Championship Round 1?
  83. What's AJ Lee's incredible story?
  84. in your honest opinion what do you think of these former divas(bonus question inside)?
  85. Hey! So, who do you think is a better diva wrestler: Lita or Trish?
  86. which wrestling superstar is better?
  87. Look at the deaths in August 2010?
  88. What is the best Wrestlemania of all time?
  89. Do you have an idea of how many morons we have in this section?
  90. Who else would love to slap Vince McMahon Hulk Hogan?
  91. Who has the better chance of coming back to the WWE for 1 more match?
  92. would you let maryse slap you in the face?
  93. What is this Shore thing that TNA keeps talking about?
  94. Have you guys long to see me?
  95. WS diva Sierra Expose?
  96. I Want To Work For WWE Need Opinions?
  97. Who had the dumbiest Gimmick on WWF/WWE ever?
  98. Favorite Current and All Time Favorite Wrestlers?
  99. Who is the better heel - Miz or CM Punk?
  100. Which wrestler would you rather kiss poll?
  101. If Ever,Paul Heyman Comes to T.N.A Decide to be 'Rob Terry's Coach/Mentor,Do you think He'll be...
  102. Question about SVR 2011 for the Wii?
  103. ECW World Heavyweight Championship Round Finals Pt2(Tie-Breaker)?
  104. ECW World Heavyweight Championship Round Finals?
  105. Which Bella Twin do u think will become champion first?
  106. WWE Superstars Episode 1 Rate my show?
  107. is there a guy who looks like batista in fcw?
  108. WWF/E WCW Best Stable Tournament Round 3?
  109. what is a good question i can ask thq about smackdown vs raw 2011?
  110. Who is the best Heel in TNA right now?
  111. Who would win: Kurt Angle (Prime), Shawn Michaels (Prime), or Chris Jericho (Prime)?
  112. Which promotion was cornier in the early 90s?
  113. 50th Episode of RAW (Rate the Show) + WQ Inside?
  114. Are You A John Cena Fan Or Hater?
  115. 50th Episode of Friday Night SmackDown! (Rate the Show) + WQ Inside?
  116. How awesome was Micheal Mcgillicutty's promo after losing nxt?
  117. are you ready for a wrestling trivia question?
  118. What is the most easily body part in the (WWE,TNA) To Break.. Talking About Bones!!?
  119. Wrestlemania 18 : Hollywood Hogan Vs The Rock. Your Thoughts.?
  120. Wondering What do the WWE fans Really?
  121. Do you think the Themed PPV Concept (MITB, TLC, etc) is Good or Bad? Why?
  122. Which Superstars that aren't being used, should form Tag Teams?
  123. Lol...Cena admits that he sucks in the ring (link inside)?
  124. What you would Rather WWE Revive: Divas Division or Tag Team Division?
  125. Was the first season of NXT pointless, or a brilliant covert setup for the Nexus angle?
  126. REPOST: How Do I Bulk Up I Want Be A WWE Superstar. I Loved It Since I Was 4.I Have A Few...
  127. Who is more underrated: Goldust or Chavo?
  128. Who do you think Would Have been Responsible for Vince McMahon's Limo Explosion?
  129. What WWE Diva has the worst entrance song and..........?
  130. why do people think all pro wrestlers are poor sports?
  131. wrestling section what would do if this happened?
  132. Which all time diva is/was hotter?
  133. Wrestling Questions: Part 3 (+BQ's)?
  134. Anyone else want Aloisia to win NXT season 3?
  135. Who is EV made of in Pro Wrestling?
  136. Who is Fortune made of?
  137. Why Does Every Diva In wwe have be anorexic?
  138. who is the raw gm give me a realistic person and a ridicoulos wrestler who is currently in wwe.?
  139. why do some people want aloisia to win season 3 of NXT?
  140. What year did you become a fan of your favorite wrestler?
  141. To be a champion means i'm awesome?
  142. did michelle cried after kaval got attacked?
  143. Will Cherry Come Back?
  144. Which Tag Team is better: MCMG or Paul London Brian Kendrick?
  145. Wrestling Quiz: First one to answer them all correctly gets BA?
  146. Are Hogan,Bischoff, and Flair viruses to TNA?
  147. How to do a closeline like in WWE?
  148. Who had the most Heat in the WWF/E?
  150. Did you know that John Cena has more World Title reigns then Shawn Micheals, Bret Hart and...
  151. Where To Meet WWE Superstars?
  152. When you first heard that Chris Beniot/Family were found dead what where your first reactions?
  153. Does anyone know why Randy Orton makes those faces after he hits the RKO?
  154. Which Storyline would you like WWE to Re-Live with Today's superstars?
  155. Do you just expect WWE PPV's to be a Let Down? + WQ?
  156. What is WWE's Greatest Mystery?
  157. Batista and Ray Mysterio ??
  158. is the song seize the day by avenged sevenfold good wrestling entrance song?
  159. ECW World Heavyweight Championship Round 3?
  160. What is up with that Kane army?
  161. John Cena is only a title win away to surpass The Rock's title reigns?
  162. wrestling section what do you think of Evan Bourne 10 years ago?
  163. Rated RKO Randy Orton and Edge?
  164. i have a reversed wwe tv show question?
  165. Who has better mic skills, Mr. Anderson or CM Punk + WS Fall Awards?
  166. Who would win: Undertaker (Prime), Shawn Michaels (Prime), Ric Flair (Prime), or Ricky
  167. Why do you think Night of Champions can be WWE's Best PPV of the Year?
  168. Who is better: Justin Gabriel or Evan Bourne?
  169. Why is it that Every Milestone WrestleMania was a Let Down? Will WrestleMania 30 be Horrible?
  170. Agree or Disagree: Chris Jericho will obviously Lose at Night of Champions and Quit the WWE?
  171. What is an E-Fed + WQ?
  172. Smackdown vs raw 2011 Question's?
  173. Will Chris Jericho turn Face at Night of Champions + Message to the WS?
  174. Are you glad KAVAL won?
  175. Will you watch NXT 3 now that there are only Divas?
  176. Who DON'T u want to win the 6 Pack Challenge?
  177. Who were the members of the wrestling stable known as The Soul Patrol?
  178. What the hell is WWE doing Matt Hardy? Isn't he interested becoming a whc or at least a
  179. Friday Night SmackDown! Episode 49 (Rate the Show) + WQ Inside?
  180. What is your favorite wrestling shirt that is not black?
  182. Do you find it suprising that someone that enjoys wrestling can work a keyboard?
  183. Who thinks that since HBK has retired, there may not ever be another truly exciting WM?
  184. Who thinks Nexus should win all the belts?
  185. Worst TNA/WWE finisher?
  186. who will end the undertakers undefeated streak?
  187. How long have you been watching wrestling?
  188. why has matt hardy never been whc?
  189. Did alex riley have the best blooper of 2010?
  190. Did you know that Shawn Stasiak has sex with fat guys?
  191. What Indy promotions are the best to check out?
  192. Joey Mercury has surgery on his torn Pectoralis muscle?
  193. If kurt angle looses, he leaves TNA?
  194. The Verdict: What Makes A Babyface? Action or Reaction?
  195. Why do wrestling fans live in caves?
  196. Which tag team was better: The Rockers or Dudley Boyz ( Includes BQ Inside)?
  197. How can you tell that The Undertaker is one of the best technical wrestlers?
  198. What superstardiva do you DISLIKE,but LIKE their theme song?
  199. ?I Love ? ?The? ?Glamazon??{X9} I have a question?
  200. Message to the WS I promise I won't be a ?
  201. do you like my new user name?
  202. Is this the theme song for the next season of NXT? and is this the full roster too?
  203. Was Kaval better off in NJPW?
  204. geneisus or nexus from the wwe?
  205. Do you think WWE should replace WWE Superstars with FCW on thursdays?
  206. My mate needs a finisher idea!?
  207. Who were the members of the faction known as No Limit Soldiers?
  208. arm wrestling match...shakira or cyrus?
  209. Do you agree on wwe tv pg?
  210. Did anyone else know Karen Angle and Jeff Jarrett got married?
  211. What are your thoughts on Jim Cornette challenging Vince Russo to a fight for charity?
  212. Which Stable Do You Like More: Fortune or The Main Event Mafia?
  213. Anyone Kind of Surprised John Cena Buries Talent?
  214. Did Undertaker change his style again?
  215. wwe bragging rights question?
  216. how do you feel about the miz new shirt? wwe?
  217. WWF/E WCW Best Stable Tournament Round 2?
  218. Do you think when Kane defeated Stone Cold for the WWF Title that it was a botch?
  219. Wrestlemania 27 Match Who would win?
  220. If ECW came back to the WWE wrestling Company.. Would RVD,Sabu,Sandman come Back?
  221. Who do you think is in their prime right now?
  222. Wrestlemania 27 Match Who would win?
  223. Who do you think is in their prime right now?
  224. What do you think about John Cena becoming the first UNIFIED WWE CHAMPION(at wrestlemania 27
  225. name type of music for wrestling entrances?
  226. Rate the top 10 answerers in order+BQ?
  227. is it hard to get into tna?
  228. Which of these WrestleMania's was the worst and why?
  229. Do you think that there are to many PPV's in WWE?
  230. Is there a fine line between the terms of Real Scripted?
  231. Is it a rumor or is it true that Beth Phoenix is very scared?
  232. WWE Fans How My New Pic And Name?
  233. Agree or Disagree: WWE SmackDown needs a push (More inside)?
  234. a question about wrestler awesome kong.?
  235. What are your opinions on the following former divas?
  236. Which wrestler shoul never of won the WWE title?
  237. Is TNA at a point now where they need 2 shows like Smackdown and RAW?
  238. Jeff Hardy or Randy Orton, Who do you prefer more?
  239. Should Mark Henry go back to being a heel?
  240. What is your favorite wrestlemania and match?
  241. who are your top 5 favorite wrestlers of all time in order(this is a fun poll)?
  242. are WWE going to get rid of SmackDown ?
  243. who is the general manager of RAW?
  244. Did John Cena really admit it?
  245. In your opinion, which wrestler do you think is the most overrated by his or her fans?
  246. Can you name a tag team that has split and went on to have EQUAL success in singles careers?
  247. Who's better: Evan Bourne or The Miz?
  248. Who Else Thinks Matt Hardy Should Be Main Eventing Smackdown?
  249. "STRANGLER" Diego Corleone
  250. Whats up with the TNA website?
  251. what is the another name Wrestling?
  252. What was the longest amount of time you have gone without a Best Answer in the Wrestling Section/WQ?
  253. Where online can I watch TNA wrestling tonight?
  254. why do people chant you cant wrestle at john cena?
  255. Who do you want to win NXT Season 2?
  256. Who do you think in the wwe is the most overrated and underrated superstar at the moment?
  257. wwe trivia-what style of lucha libre do these wrestlers use?
  258. WS:My Do A Promo Challenge?
  259. Do you think Big Rob Terry Is On Steroids?
  260. Who'd Win DOS CARAS JR vs Kurt Angle?
  261. Does anyone remember Kurrgan?
  262. so lets look at everyone who has been wwe champion this year?
  263. Will Triple H's WWE Return will be Worse or Better than The Undertaker's 2010 Return?
  264. the person who beats Taker at Mania and ends the streak gets a free pass the rest of there WWE...
  265. Do you prefer WWE or TNA?
  266. Should WWE trade Chris Jericho and Edge to Smackdown and let them fued with Christian in a
  267. WWE vs TNA teams 5 on 5?
  268. if they brought back the chipmunks could they finally deafeat the jellyfishing sqaud?
  269. Childrens Wrestling In The UK?
  270. I want to go to a WWE event?
  271. What do you think of my wrestling video?
  272. How many six pack challenge matches have there in WWE?
  273. Can children referee wrestling in the UK near Southampton?
  274. ecw 1st week of may plz rate?
  275. Mvp gimmick change swagger getting praise (link inside)?
  276. RAW Presents WWE Vengeance (Rate the Pay Per View)?
  277. is hulk hogan the incredibale hulk?
  278. How do you think The Nexus will be involved at WWE Night of Champions 2010?
  279. WWE: Questions for you and me to answer!?
  280. Who has been more successful feuding with Shawn Michaels?
  281. Which one of these do you think is the hottest?
  282. Anybody like HBK's new glasses?
  283. A couple of questions about wrestling?
  284. wretling fans how do you feel about...?
  285. Do you think Vince Mcmahon still talks to Hogan even though he is currently in TNA?
  286. Who do you think is going to win The Six Man Pack at the NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS?
  287. My WCW Thursday Night Thunder Episode # 10 Please Rate the Show +WQ?
  288. RAW Episode 39 (Rate the Show)?
  289. in sheamus theme video it shows him figthing john morrison, when was this?
  290. My WCW Slamboree PPV Episode # 62 Please Rate the Show + WQs?
  291. SmackDown! Episode 39 (Rate the Show)?
  292. who runs the wwe universe account for twitter?
  293. I want to be a wrestling referee?
  294. My WWE Smackdown... The winner is .....?
  295. Where can I Watch Live WWE events Online?
  296. who won between lesner and the longtime heavywight champ?
  297. My WCW Monday Night Nitro Episode # 61 Rate the Show + WQ?
  298. WWE what is your opinon?
  299. Will Randy Orton just main event pay-per-views or ever win the title?
  300. Do you think WWE Superstars who become actors just adds to the fact that Pro Wrestling is...
  301. How long should I run everday to be in shape for wrestling season?
  302. How much do WWE pay per views cost in the USA?
  303. Wrestling section,Am i Good Lookin'?
  304. Chris Masters used steriods !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  305. Would you like it if at Wrestlemania.........?
  306. Wrestling section,Do you have some pics of yourself?
  307. what's your opinion on wwe commentary announcer Josh Matthews?
  308. Since ROH and TNA exchange talent sometimes, should the 2 combine?
  309. is the wrestler ric flair a fish?
  310. What are your thoughts on a WWE/ROH working relationship?
  311. wrestling fans why is triple h called these nick name?
  312. Who wants the angle Nexus to end and who doesn't?
  313. Who's a favorite to win the Six Pack Match at the Night Of The Champions? + BQ's inside?
  314. Sheamus vs Stone Cold Steve Austin, who would win?
  315. Why did WWE have Edge spear Jericho on RAW?
  316. Rey Mysterio vs Evan Bourne, who flies higher?
  317. When do you think WWE will induct Mick Foley in the Hall of Fame?
  319. What do you like best about TNA?
  320. Who is the better commentator? Micheal Cole or Matt Striker?
  321. WWE Cruiserweight Championship Round 1?
  322. Who do you like more John Cena or Daniel Bryan?
  323. Where is Batista now???
  324. If one of this happened on the 900th episode of RAW, which one will get a bigger crowd reaction?
  325. WS,what do you think of the user above you?
  326. who is the new raw gm ?? me thinks its one of the McMahon's?
  327. Do you think Zack Ryder has potential?
  328. who is the breakout star of 2010? and why?
  329. Do you think Ezekiel Jackson deserved to be the last ever ECW champion?
  330. What is UFC doing that WWE and TNA isn't doing to get better Pay Per View buyrates?
  332. WS I just wanted to remind you to vote for Kaval?
  333. What do you like best about WWE?
  334. Who is the Face of TNA?
  335. On a scale of 1 -10 how would you rate WWE in 2010?
  336. How did you come up with your Y!A Name? + BQ's?
  337. TNA question right below?
  338. Who is the greatest WWE from outside America and Canada?
  339. What is next for The Nexus without Skip Sheffield?
  340. Who has had the Loudest Reaction (Good or Bad) in WWE History?
  341. Should this years Wrestle Mania be The Undertakers last?
  342. Daniel Bryan or Wade Barrett?
  343. Would you have liked to see a Undertaker vs. Chris Benoit match?
  344. What would happen if John Cena trained like Brock Lesnar?
  345. When and how should Nexus end? (BQ)?
  346. Who do you think will win the WWE Championship first on Raw, Jericho or Edge?
  347. My apology to the WS + WQ?
  348. Who else hopes that the Kane/Undertaker feud continues to the Hell in a Cell PPV?
  349. Game and Create Modes SVR2011?
  350. Has WWE having 2 main titles hurt each one's prestige?
  351. Wrestling Section, I am now going to be on hiatus. + Wrestling Question?
  352. people who say john morrison inst good at the mic and cant put great promos!?
  353. Anyone else think that Alex Riley is kind of like...?
  354. Possible re-maskings for Kane?
  355. Are LayCool heel or tweeners?
  356. if RVD is in TNA than why does he always comes to the royal rumble?
  357. Triple H vs Shawn Michaels or Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker?
  358. Just WTF is the definition of REAL WRESTLING FAN?
  359. Why do wrestlers/wrestling fans not like Dave Melzer?
  360. What wrestler am I????????? (+BQ)?
  361. WWE BREAKING NEWS: Serena Deeb is released from WWE, but why?
  362. What do you think WWE should do to improve the wrestling they do?
  363. From a financial standpoint, would you rather be in WWE OR UFC?
  364. Top 5 best WWE entrance 2010?
  365. Can a wrestler wrestle in wwe and tna?
  366. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  367. Which move do you think comes out the most randomly?
  368. Which divas match would you rather see?
  369. Is it just me or does Smackdown vs Raw 2011's WWE Universe Mode sound sort of like Raw 2's
  370. SmackDown! Episode 36 (Rate the show)?
  371. I know this is old but could this have been the WrestleMania 22 Matchcard instead of what...
  372. Does anyone know the formula for randy orton legend killer era caw for smackdown vs raw 2010 on ps3?
  373. In wrestling what is drop weight?
  374. Which tag team of these three was the best: Doom, Road Warriors, The Steiners, or The
  375. If Nexus was to get a new member who should it be?
  376. WWE Presents: ECW One Night Stand (Rate the Pay Per View)?
  377. TNA slammed by blogger for Dixie pushing old guys/using Tommy Dreamer to help her make
  378. Which wrestler am i describing?
  379. How can you say Cena always buries other talent?
  380. Was Matt Hardy's Run As ECW Champion Counted As A World Title Run?
  381. Who would've won, in prime, between Ron Simmons and Bobby Lashley?
  382. Would WWE benefit from an open agreement with ROH?
  383. Wrestling Section,I heard that?
  384. i have a wwe title question?
  385. Who else thought Zack Ryder was goning to upset Sheamus.?
  386. Best and Worst WWE DVD'S released?
  387. The Rock vs Shawn Michaels, who would win?
  388. the miz the next wwe champion??!?
  389. Fued Of the Year... Why?
  390. how would you have felt if this match ( wwe)?
  391. When will Batista return?
  392. Will Goldust be on Smackdown vs. Raw 2011?
  393. Will there be a NXT season 3 afther season 2 ends soon?
  394. Who would win Drew Mcintyre or Dashing Cody Rhodes in a Hell in a cell?
  395. Do a lot of girls like John Morrison mostly cause he is cute?
  396. Where would Orton be if not for WWE?
  397. Is it true that CM PUNK and SERENA are dating?
  399. whats a cool ring name for me im 10?
  400. Is the 6-pack Challenge WWE's way of giving Miz the title?
  401. Who's a better wrestler,CM PUNK or EDGE (whoever gets most thumbs up WINS!!)?
  403. what is the worst wrestling finisher that you ever see? and why?
  404. So is Sheamus John Cena's Kryptonite?
  405. Who's your pick to win the SIX-PACK CHALLENGE?
  406. Bill Goldberg or Bryan Danielson?
  407. What do you think the Attitude Era would have been like if Shawn Michaels wasnt hurt and active?
  408. Name one Word to describe John Cena?
  409. Who else thinks WADE BARRETT will WIN the WWE TITLE at NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS?
  410. Do You Ever Feel Sorry/Embarrassed For Jobbers?
  411. why do people watch guys in thights touch each other in weird places?
  412. Has Serena really been released by WWE and are Lita and CM Punk still dating?
  413. Do you think WWE firing Serena was dumb?
  414. Does any else think Orton looks retarded after hitting an RKO?
  416. WCW Flashback Number 4 + BQ?
  417. My WCW Spring Stampede PPV Episode # 56 Part One Please Rate the Show?
  418. who would win this match, stiff-shoot style rules?
  419. Tna impact: rvd and abyss?
  420. Who would win in this match ? (details inside)?
  421. Could it be hard to say Santino Marella is as good as the rock on the mic skills?
  422. If Maryse ever goes to TNA, should she join TBP?
  423. Who was able to draw more of a reaction: Hulk Hogan or Andre the Giant?
  424. My WCW Thursday Night Thunder Episode # 5 is it good please rate the show?
  425. Which wrestler do you think of when you see these users answer?
  426. a chris jericho question (wwe)?
  427. Who was the most important to WWE in the 80's?
  428. What is the best WWE PPV so far this year?The Worst?
  431. If WWE or TNA, allow you to make your favorite wrestler a DVD,what matches or segments
  432. What do you think John Cena needs to change about himself?
  434. smackdown vs raw 2011 suoerstar threads in this year?
  435. WWE universe - Question?
  436. How did WWE make the change for Undertaker ''Deadman'' to Undertaker ''American Bad A*s?
  437. any smackdown vs raw 2011 new updates?
  438. How can I watch WWE smackdown on the internet tonight?
  439. what do wrestlers eat before a match or a show so they do not look bloated but have the
  440. Why doesn't TNA have drug testing?
  441. What are your thoughts on the death of Skandor Akbar?
  442. Do you agree with this youtubers comment about Nexus being better than nWo?
  443. Do you guys/girls/bis think Melina is a little annoying?
  444. Next Time you go to Wendys?
  445. Does TNA have a drug testing policy?
  446. Why Most High Flyers Are Faces?
  447. When will Goldberg get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?
  448. In Smackdown vs Raw 2011...?
  449. does anyone like the hart dynasty being tag champs?
  450. What parts of the WWE Elimination Chamber is real and fake?
  451. What is Your Definition Of A Real Wrestling Fan?
  452. Did the WWE create the Unified tag titles because of their lack of tag teams?
  453. FULL Chris Benoit story. Thoughts? Opinions?
  454. Do you feel WWE could care less about Cruiserweights?
  455. How big do you think?
  456. What made Hell in a Cell more feared?
  457. your WWE universe mode for svr 2011?
  458. Who would win this match?
  459. Which Eric Bischoff do you like better?
  460. Did Kane officially attack Undertaker?
  461. (Back in the day) How much of Nitro did you watch after Raw came on?
  462. do i need a license to hold a wrestling show in my backyard?
  463. What wrestler AM I??
  464. Which thing do you think was the best that dx do in 2009-2010?
  465. TNA disappointed me......?
  466. What do u think of this (inside) is a good Wrestlemania 27 card?
  467. So a battered Jeff Hardy dressed in street clothes is better than a fresh Rob Terry?
  468. Do you think Bobby Lashley was the best dominate, powerhouse wrestler that WWE ever made?
  469. what do you think of laycool and melina fued?
  470. How can I watch WWE SmackDown live online?
  471. Who is the bigger farce currently in WWE: Sheamus or Randy Orton?
  472. What does it mean if someone is a heel or face in WWE?
  473. What do u guys think about the new WWE tag team titles?
  474. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  475. Should WWE do this at Elimination Chamber?
  476. Did the IWC change any of your views on professional wrestling + BQ?
  477. The best Tag team Rival of all time?
  478. Agree or Disagree: Chavo Guerrero William Regal should get a push?
  479. Who would win, Shawn Michaels or Stone Cold (Prime)?
  480. See The New WWE Tag Team Champions?
  481. Give somes Justin Gabriel fast facts quotes?
  482. Why did TNA Change the Entrance Ramp?
  483. Are Beer Money Motor City M.G's the best tag teams in the world?
  484. Who was the best to emerge from Stu Hart's Dungeon?
  486. Which wrestler is better overall, Chris Jericho or The Undertaker?
  487. Top WS Users are Women WrestlerS?
  488. Which is better? A WWE House show or a taping of Raw?
  489. Wrestling Section Chronicles?
  490. is there anyone here who hates randy orton?
  491. john morrison sucks, agreed?
  492. Why do you people with no lives keeping on watching wrestling?
  493. A great Wrestling stable name?
  494. Do u think the horrible PPV showings indicates that WWE are enjoying the plummeting PPV...
  495. Hell In A Cell Match Card?
  496. just a fun wrestling survey?
  497. Do you know who the General Manger is for WWE Monday Night Live is?
  498. John Morrison or Amazing Red which wrestler has a better moveset?
  500. Please help a fallen brother?