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  1. If The WWE Is Given CM Punk The Chris Benoit Treatment, Then Why is His Profile Still In WWE.Com...?
  2. If WWE Was Real Kane Would Have Destroyed That B+ Player Daniel Bryan?
  3. whats the name of the song they play before matches on wwe raw?
  4. Professional Wrestling: Why do people love Spoilers and Rumors so damn much?
  5. Did The Shield just turn face?
  6. Can you see John Cena?
  7. Does Mark Henry have a neck?
  8. What is the best selling wrestling t-shirt of all time?
  9. Do you think WWE will eventually get rid of the Divas?
  10. Who's better on the mic between The Rock and Chris Jericho?
  11. What do you think of Jerry Lawler once owning a herd of sheep?
  12. Does Eric Rowan wear the sheep mask because it helps him keep his cool and stay calm?
  13. So after Big Show lost embarrassingly to Brock Lesnar he's back with Betty White?
  14. Does Triple H rate Stephanie McMahon's performance?
  15. Is Rey Mysterio's poster in WWE Kids Magazine life size?
  16. Billy Gunn dead of dysentery at age 50?
  17. Are Stephanie McMahon and Triple H a combination of arrogance and stupidity?
  18. Rate my wwe wrestlemania 30 card.?
  19. Why is it always the Spanish announce table?
  20. What is WWE NETWORK? Please tell me.?
  21. What do you think of Jerry Lawler saying Eric Rowan wears a sheep mask because his face is ugly?
  22. female women size 8 in shoes what is her size in mens size boxing/wrestling shoes?
  23. I have a body like JBL. Is it in bad shape?
  24. What do you think of the crowd chanting for an insubordinate employee?
  25. So Betty White, Mark Henry, and Stone Cold to appear tonight on RAW?!?!?
  26. Would TNA have done better to get a D-list actor to play the "investor" role?
  27. which one do you prefer Raw Or Smackdown?
  28. Wrestlers you know that had cheated on their wives/girlfriends?
  29. Is it true that Trish Stratus sleep around back then especially with The Rock?
  30. Is Cameron marking out backstage?
  31. Wrestling Fans with a 168 Titles held should Jerry "The KIng" be called The best in the Whole?
  32. Who Would Win a Match Between Daniel Bryan Vs Goldberg?
  33. Why are John Cena and Randy Orton wrestling each other again?
  34. will you still be a cm punk fan by the time he runs out of money and comes crying to vince for
  35. when will you people realize that wwe is better off without cm punk and that john cena is...
  36. Is World Wrestling Entertainment really expecting people to think John Cena Vs Randy Orton is...
  37. Professional Wrestling: Two Wrestlemania matches each, which match was better from these
  38. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on Rockstar Spud?
  39. Can you become a wrestler and spike up your hair?
  40. Why did Betty White switch the teas?
  41. If Brock Lesnar Wrestles The Undertaker On This Wrestlemania Whoom Would You Like to See Winning?
  42. Did triple H trolled you by saying that Daniel Bryan will face no one?
  43. Do you think some people mistakes Betty white as big show's mother?
  44. Do you think Survivor Series is overrated?
  45. Will Daniel interfere in the main event?
  46. How good is the show WWE NXT?
  47. Does Undertakers BSK tat stand for Back or Bone Street Krew?
  48. If Daniel Bryan faces HHH at wrestlemania will HHH do what's best for business and put Bryan over?
  49. What happened to Kane not being allowed to attack WWE superstars?
  50. Is Cm Punk the only champion that didn't main event ppvs while he was champion?
  51. Wrestling Trivia: Which wrestlers had these nicknames? (25)?
  52. WWE PPV locations 2014?
  53. Professional Wrestling: Who should Ricardo Rodriguez work with out of this list?
  54. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on Jimmy and Jey Uso?
  55. Has anyone else noticed Wyatt Family ripping off Straight Edge Society?
  56. Is Stone Cold gonig to be on Raw tonight?
  57. Professional Wrestling: Is Total Nonstop Action better then World Wrestling Entertainment?
  58. Professional Wrestling: World Wrestling Entertainment #WhereIsRicardoRodriguez?
  59. did CM PUNK actually leave WWE?
  60. WrestleMania XXX: The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar stipulation?
  61. Professional Wrestling: Should we Worship the ground Randy Orton walks on?
  62. Will Alexander Rusev be a star in WWE or will he end up like Vladimir Kozlov?
  63. Antonio Cesaro Or Brock Lesnar?
  64. Seeing as ***** ****** is on the WWE network, will his name be filtered like it is on Yahoo Answers?
  65. Is it better that Cm Punk doesn't come back?
  66. Ryback trolling CM Punk again?
  67. What would your reaction be if hornswoggle main evented wrestlemania against el torito?
  68. WRESTLING : From 1-10, how would you rate my favorite top 7 shocking WWE moments?
  69. WRESTLING : Which of these 4 do you enjoy watching mostly on RAW?
  70. what wrestling school did wwe edge go?
  71. I need help becoming a wrestler?
  72. Do wrestler cheat on their wives/girlfriends on the road?
  73. what would you call the wyatt family instead of calling them wyatt family?
  74. Agree or disagree,Eddie Guerrero was a better wrestler in WCW, but improved as an
  75. Wrestling: THE UNDERTAKER is returning this month.?
  76. Wrestling: Mark crozer to play wyatt family theme at wm30?
  77. Wrestling: Photo of c.m punk with a beer surfaces online?
  78. Poll: What is your favorite holy crap moment in the WWE?
  79. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about this Quote from CM Punk during a WWE Live Event?
  80. Should Undertaker's streak end up this wrestlemania or should it still continue?
  81. WRESTLING : Does CM PUNK'S absence from the wwe has any effect on AJ LEE?
  82. Do you think WWE would be better with...?
  83. Who Here Is A Vegan Like Daniel Bryan?
  84. When are we gonna see latest footage of The Rock in Hercules?
  85. Is Triple H really a Draw?
  86. wwe nxt paige anti diva?
  87. wwe do you think is better Aj lee or Lita?
  88. wwe diva's champion aj lee?
  89. Does watching WWE indicate homosexuality?
  90. Who are your top 15 favourite wrestlers in WWE currently?
  91. John Cena vs The Rock @ WM 30?
  92. Can we start a petition to bring back this wwe star?
  93. Sting still with tna?
  94. Who is better,based on talent and skills?
  95. On which wwe roster The Undertaker has spent more time Smackdown or Raw?
  96. is wwe network gonna limit how much you watch per day BQ?
  97. what wrestling school did randy orton go?
  98. No elimination chamber on wwe network tell march?
  99. Who Would Win a Match Between Daniel Bryan Vs Brock Lesnar?
  100. what is the WWE NXT official website?
  101. Everything about WWE NXT?
  102. Professional Wrestling: Do you think the people whining and crying about CM Punk need a Bib?
  103. Professional Wrestling: Do you think Batista Vs Anyone at Wrestlemania xXx will be worth watching?
  104. Professional Wrestling: Notice how #WhereIsBrodusClay isn't trending on Twitter?
  105. Professional Wrestling: Who would you rather watch Randy Orton, Batista or Brock Lesnar?
  106. Wrestling: Bobby Roode or Bobby Lashley?
  107. Are you glad wwe stop pushing rytard?
  108. Professional Wrestling: Did you put on Chapstick to kiss Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's ***?
  109. Professional Wrestling: Is it sad that the WWE Universe looked bored during Daniel Bryan Vs
  110. Do you guys prefer masked kane or unmasked kane?
  111. Professional Wrestling: Why do certain users seem to have a continuing stalking fascination with me?
  112. Professional Wrestling: Who was Better?
  113. Good wrestling workout?
  114. Christian is finally getting one more match against Randy Orton?
  115. Professional Wrestling: Am I the only person here that realized Shane Douglas Sucked ***?
  116. What happened to the WWE? Why is it so corny?
  117. WRESTLING : What is the #1 reason CM PUNK chose to step away?
  118. Is leaving TNA the best thing that has happened to AJ Styles?
  119. What do you all think of Roman Reigns of The Shield?
  120. What brand of shovels does HHH use?
  121. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about the bad Publicity WWE Network is receiving Over...
  122. Is Total Nonstop Action's One Night Only Pay-Per Views the only thing keeping TNA alive?
  123. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on World Wrestling Entertainment's Friday Night...
  124. Professional Wrestling: Which Match was Best out of this list?
  125. Do you think Evan Bourne will return to the WWE this year?
  126. Do you guys think tna made a mistake by unmasking abyss?
  127. Wrestling - FWE Question?
  128. Should wwe hire Jake Roberts to be the NXT promo trainer?
  129. Do You Agree that Trish Stratus Could Not Lace Bull Nakano's Wrestling Boots?
  130. Why aren't there any face managers in WWE?
  131. WRESTLING : Did you know that the ruthless aggression era was much better than the attitude er?
  132. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on Hardcore Holly and Dean Malenko?
  133. Since Zack Ryder has been the longest reigning Internet Champion in Pro Wrestling History?
  134. Professional Wrestling: Who do you think currently Sells the most Merchandise?
  135. WRESTLING : Ruthless aggression VS Attitude : Which era did you find more appealing?
  136. Why doesn't HHH put anyone over isn't that what heels are purpose of heels?
  137. Why are World Title Reigns so short in WWE these days?
  138. Why wasn't Cm Punk booked to win the WWE 2014 Royal Rumble?
  139. Should TNA move to the UK since they can't draw in the states?
  140. WRESTLING : When is KURT returning back home to WWE?
  141. Whats the deal between Santino and Emma? Is Santino trying to get with her?
  142. Why is Punk so unhappy?
  143. Antonio Cesaro's cesaro swing or Roman Reign's Spear?
  144. For someone who calls himself Mr. No Days Off did Darren Young take 731 days off?
  145. Does Sheamus have steel toed boots?
  146. Do you think JBL was worried that AJ Lee had Dandruff when she put her cap on JBL?
  147. What do you think of JBL saying if AJ Lee breaks the record he will get a tattoo of her?
  148. How many championships do you think Titus O' Neil could've held in 731 days?
  149. Do you think Mark Henry is going to call out Brock Lesnar when he returns on Raw?
  150. Should Ryback try a new move on someone like the Brooklyn Brawler instead of Sheamus?
  151. Should Michael Cole stop asking Seth Rollins got you questions?
  152. WRESTLING : Why do most fans always wait till a superstar gets popular, then claim to be a fan?
  153. Do you think these matches should be added to the Elimination Chamber card?
  154. Why did CM Pout really retire?
  155. What do you think of the Steve Austin podcast?
  156. WRESTLING : GUYS, What really made you a fan of pro wrestling in the first place?
  157. Why do people think the current diva division is great?
  158. Which of the following matches featuring the Undertaker would be ideal for WrestleMania?
  159. Wrestling Section: Thoughts on Sheamus vs Ryback being a rumoured match for Wrestlemania XXX?
  160. People say I have a wwe diva body?
  161. WRESTLING : Why isn't VINCE on raw or smackdown more often?
  162. Did You See That Incredible Move By Daniel Bryan .. !?
  163. How Awful Is Seth Rollins On Commentary .. !?
  164. Do You Think WWE Fans Will Boo John Cena When He Beats Ric Flair's 16 World Title Reigns .. !?
  165. Does Anyone Else Find The Authority Annoying .. !?
  166. Why hasn't there been a King of the ring tournament in a while?
  167. Officially, did Chris Sabin break up with Velvet Sky or did Velvet Sky break up with Chris Sabin?
  168. Did anyone else want to cry when Velvet Sky was crying after Chris Sabin was a jerk to her?
  169. What do you think was going through Joseph Park's mind when he looked in the mirror and...
  170. When Christy Hemme told Sam Shaw "we need to talk", do you think Sam Shaw knew what was coming?
  171. While ODB watched her husband Eric Young in a grueling match with Abyss, was she afraid?
  172. Two questions: Should Chris Sabin ask out Christy Hemme? Should Sam Shaw ask out Velvet Sky?
  173. Is Chris Sabin right? Is Velvet Sky a "woman worth fighting for"?
  174. You have to give credit, Austin Aries just won a match he was unprepared for with his jeans?
  175. Does anyone else give MVP an "A+" on his first day on the job in TNA?
  176. Since Christy Hemme broke up with Sam Shaw, do you think they ever had "fun"?
  177. Did Mike Tenay sum up Chris Sabin best, "What a complete jerk that Chris Sabin is"?
  178. Do you think Velvet Sky was embarrassed tonight on Impact Wrestling?
  179. Is WWE trying to replace CM Punk with Daniel Bryan?
  180. Would Alberto Del Rio had gotten more over with fans had he keep his mask and old
  181. What do you think was Dr Shelby's reaction when Kane said that he and Daniel Bryan aren't friends?
  182. If wwe wasn't scripted and had actual competitive wrestling rules who do you think would...
  183. Which WWE superstar is going to replace CM Punk as a similar style/gimmick?
  184. How do I become the very best high school wrestling manager?!?
  185. The Legend of the WS is back, is he like Batista but better?
  186. Which indie stars would you like to see in WWE or TNA?
  187. Since ROH is down what is the best indy company?
  188. Abyss unmasked: Good move or bad move by TNA?
  189. Do you think Samuel Shaw is going to go after the camera guy's for going inside his room with
  190. Do you think Samuel Shaw will now put to use the doll of Christy Hemme he made?
  191. What do you think of Chris Sabin asking Velvet Sky to get out of his life?
  192. If you were dating Velvet Sky would you be annoyed of people asking you about Velvet Sky?
  193. If you were dating Christy Hemme would you have a doll of her?
  194. Does Dixie Carter not know the difference between a Headlock and a Padlock?
  195. What do you think of Christy Hemme watching last week's TNA and seeing Samuel Shaw's doll?
  196. Does Dixie Carter look like Queen Elizabeth and the Mona Lisa?
  197. Can a tackle and a bear hug be included as hand-to-hand combat?
  198. Was MVP talking bad about WWE in his debut promo?
  199. Did Bully Ray bury Curry Man when he put him in the casket?
  200. Did you laugh at what Dixie Carter said about not caring about Samoa Joe's diet?
  201. Is Anyone Else Tired Of These Dance Offs In WWE .. !?
  202. What do you think of Dixie Carter promising Bobby Roode a Championship match?
  203. You think Ronda Rousey could take Chyna from World Wrestling in a fight?
  204. Did MVP win the lottery how did he get the money did become the TNA investor?
  205. How did Abyss get Janice through Customs?
  206. Professional Wrestling: Do you think Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Vs Brock Lesnar will be Good?
  207. Professional Wrestling: Okay. How is CM Punk a little crybaby *****?
  208. Do you think, Randy Orton suffered Depression during his divorce?
  209. Professional Wrestling: Do people not realize what Steroids Are or Do?
  210. WRESTLING - TCW : NEWSCAST , What are your thoughts on our new website?
  211. WRESTLING - TCW : Would any of you like to join my stable "MAINTENANCE"?
  212. Is john cena still stale?
  213. Sting at wrestlemania 30?
  214. Why is Jim Crockett Promotions Fan always gives the best answer?
  215. What was the first episode of WWE you ever seen?
  216. Most Overrated Match And Wrestler?
  217. Why are the Bella Twins in almost every diva match or segment.?
  218. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on Total Nonstop Action's Impact Wrestling?
  219. What Is The Difference Between CM Punk And Alberto Del Rio .. !?
  220. What happened to Superior Quality?
  221. Should this happen in WWE?
  222. Do any girls dance HBKs theme song? lol how would a girl dance it?
  223. Is The Undertaker hot?
  224. Professional Wrestling: Would it be an actual accomplishment to 'Make It' in Combat Zone Wrestling?
  225. WWE Matchcard #5 - Pick Winners, Rate The Matches & Overall Event?
  226. Who is the better Christian fan?
  227. Why are Abyss and Eric Young fighting? arent they friends?
  228. Is Dave Hytmen just a troll in the WS?
  229. WWE- Why do fans think Brie is Hotter than Nikki Bella?
  230. Most currently overated wwe wrestler?
  231. If Bill Goldberg Returns To The WWE This Year 2014 - Will He be Called The Lion?
  232. Do you agree that Paige from NXT is overrated?
  233. Who would win in a real fight?
  234. Dont you love how most Professional Wrestling Fans talk as if they've been in The Pro Wrestling
  235. Professional Wrestling: What do you think JCPF Top Five Professional Wrestler of all time
  236. Who's better? Yellow teeth CM Punk or The real deal Titus O'Niel?
  237. Anyone know anything about wrestling?
  238. Nothing like Professional Wrestling fans that suddenly don't like somebody because...
  239. Do you think John Cena Sr (Mr.Cena) is the future of WWE?
  240. What do you think was the best catchphrase?
  241. What do you think of this card from ROH?
  242. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on Martha Hart?
  243. Isn't it amusing how Professional Wrestling Fans seem to think anybody big must use Roids?
  244. Professional Wrestling: Can any of you Prove Me Wrong?
  245. With two defeats over Triple H, will Curtis Axel be remembered as one of the best WWE Superstars of
  246. Who's that Manu Umaga wannabe that wwe is bringing up from nxt the guy that was in the rumble?
  247. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about the Steel Cage Moonsault situation?
  248. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about this article on Sexism in Professional Wrestling...
  249. Chris Jericho and Vampiro?
  250. Wrestling section i need your help?
  251. Who can guess my age?
  252. Did anybody notice that the NXT wrestlers have changed gimmicks?
  253. WRESTLING : What are 5 thing you like or dis-like about the ULTIMATE WARRIOR?
  254. What's a good tag team stable name for my backyard promotion?
  255. Professional Wrestling: From this list what style of Women Wrestler do I enjoy?
  256. What do you think is going happen at Wrestlemania 30?
  257. Are you ready for the monsters ball match tomorrow on impact?
  258. Wrestling fans are you ready for the monsters ball match tommorow on impact?
  259. Who do you think will leave wwe next?
  260. WRESTLING : Do you think we will ever see RYBACK as the wwe WHC?
  261. which current wwe wrestler you feel shouldn't be a face?
  262. Should wwe just pay bill goldberg the amount he wants?
  263. WRESTLING : Between the SHIELD and the WYATTS, which team should be heel and face?
  264. I have 3 questions about the WWE?
  265. WRESTLING : I heard through the grapevine that ALBERTO wants to leave wwe, it this true or false?
  266. Why do people believe that just being a great in-ring performer equals main event status in the WWE?
  267. Who had/has the better booty Trish Stratus or Stephanie Mcmahon?
  268. If a wrestler only had one leg or no legs could they be eliminated from the royal rumble?
  269. When was the last time a wrestler lost to his own finisher?
  270. What's a good wrestler name?
  271. Who is better Daniel Bryan or Bastien Booger?
  272. Do you think Jeff hardy was high when he left TNA in the stupid storyline ?
  273. Will Bill Goldberg Sign a Deal To The WWE As a Part Time Wrestler?
  274. What happened to this section?
  275. would you get rid of triple h and stephanie?
  276. Professional Wrestling: Isn't it sad when Aksana can do more then you inside the ring?
  277. Will AJ Lee defend the Divas Championship against Betty White?
  278. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about this Professional Wrestling Article?
  279. Professional Wrestling: Do you think this would be a better Elimination Chamber set-up?
  280. Professional Wrestling: Why aren't Sheamus Drew McIntyre and Wade Barrett feuding against each
  281. Professional Wrestling: Is Batista's theme about the only thing you want to hear about Bootista?
  282. Why wasn't WWE interested in The American Wolves because of their size but wants Prince Devitt...
  283. Wrestling: What do you say about brock lesnar's new theme by me.?
  284. Wrestling: Alberto Del Rio leaving WWE.?
  285. do you think daniel bryan banged aj lee?
  286. TNA Fans: Doesn't Crimson suck?
  287. What if Jeff Jerrett's new promotion signed CM Punk & AJ Styles?
  288. What do you think about Jim Johnston saying The Prime Time Player's theme was his favorite?
  289. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about the Double J Jeff Jarrett + Toby Keith Partnership?
  290. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson?
  291. Professional Wrestling: What is with peoples obsession with Golden, Attitude, Ruthless Aggression...
  292. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about this Article from 2010?
  293. Professional Wrestling: WWE is a Billion/Million Dollar company that needs Dwayne The Rock
  294. Which match was better: John Cena vs Shawn Michaels on Monday Night Raw in 2007? or?
  295. Professional Wrestling: Should the 'Dave Hytmen' Chant become the new Official chant of the WS?
  296. Professional Wrestling: Would you refer to Stacy Keibler as a 'Celebrity'?
  297. Professional Wrestling: Please 'It's Fake' people tell me how you fall without it hurting?
  298. Professional Wrestling: Hulk Hogan should return to WWE to win the Major Championship...
  299. I downloaded songs by searching xbox music , how can I add them to wwe 2k14?
  300. Punk,Can you give your mobile phone number?
  301. Your thought on WWE as of lately?
  302. Stephanie's probably kicking herself for selling her WWE stock right before it went up?
  303. Are you Happy that Del Rio might be leaving?
  304. What do you think of the WWE mentioning ROH on their website?
  305. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about these World Wrestling Entertainment Wrestlers?
  306. Professional Wrestling: Who has worse In-Ring ability/Promo Ability Alberto Del Rio or Randy Orton?
  307. Professional Wrestling: Who is excited for Randy Orton Vs John Cena 'One More Time'?
  308. Where do you think this year's WWE Extreme Rules will take place on Sunday, May 4th?
  309. D-Generation X or nWo? + TCW Midnight Madness results!?
  310. Will Antonio Cesaro get a big push after Wrestlermania?
  311. If ROH were to get an american T.V. deal, will they surpass WWE since they have better talent?
  312. If Chris Benoit were to return, would he get cheered or booed?
  313. Wrestlemania main event (Batista, Bryan, and Orton)
  314. Is John Cena Albanian?
  315. Do you believe in kayfabe news?
  316. Do you think Jeff Jarrett deserves to have a documentary produced by wwe films?
  317. Do you read the feedback when someone gives you best answer?
  318. What is your opinion if Vince McMahon's commentating?
  319. Will WWE be around in 15-20 years?
  320. What do you think of The Shield?
  321. chris beniot or daniel bran whos better in the ring?
  322. Since CM Punk left, what is your new WM card?
  323. how to become a top contributor here in WS?
  324. WRESTLING : There can only be 1 beast in the wwe, so who is it : LESNAR or BATISTA?
  325. Where is Chris Benoit now?
  326. Why is everyone saying CM Punk's gonna leave the WWE?
  327. How could I ask this girl to do mixed wrestling with me?
  328. So why don't Y!A move this section to the Entertainment & music category instead of the sport one?
  329. If the IWC took creative control of WWE for one week, what would happen?
  330. Why has everyone forgotten the real reason for Daniel Bryan's surge in popularity?
  331. The prime time players was a pointless breakup the fans loved their dance?
  332. Why does Christian have such an ugly face?
  333. which of these 3 actions should WWE take with Punk?
  334. Why christian never been wwe champinion?
  335. Are people who say christian don't have charisma daniel bryan fans?
  336. If HHH pins Bryan at wrestlemania will fans riot?
  337. 10 Points: Wrestling Trivia?
  338. What would you rate Stephanie Mcmahon on hotness?
  339. Titus O'Niel will be the next John Cena of WWE?
  340. How do you feel about WWE kicking people out who chanted CM Punk?
  341. did you see that little kissing moment with dolph ziggler and luke harper?
  342. Who has the worst fans- CM Punk or Daniel Bryan?
  343. Did You Notice How Happy Aj Lee Looked On Raw .. !?
  344. WWE: Do yo want to see Batista vs Del Rio?
  345. Was Sting vs Hogan Starrcade 1997 the biggest flop in wrestling history?
  346. Why is Cm Punk so jealous?
  347. Would you be happy if the main event for WrestleMania 30 was Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk in an
  348. If you were to rate Stephanie Mcmahon 1-10 what would it be?
  349. Will TNA ever get to the level of WCW/NWA pre NWO era?
  350. WWE Fans got kicked out of Raw when they were chanting CM Punk,Thoughts?
  351. What is Batista going to do now till Wrestlemania?
  352. WRESTLING : What are the top 5 things you like about the WYATTS?
  353. WRESTLING : What are the top 5 things you like about ROMAN REIGNS?
  354. Wrestlemania 30 Custom Match Card Please Rate?
  355. Should I sign Russel Crowe to a 10 year contract?
  356. When will the John Cena wwe dvd 5 moves of doom come out?
  357. How long till fans turn on Roman Reigns?
  358. Did you know how to download the WWE App?
  359. Would you buy a fives moves of doom t-shirt?
  360. was the Miz taking a swipe at CM Punk last night?
  361. Why hasn't Darren Young got the Orlando Jordan treatment by WWE?
  362. When is Wrestlemania?
  363. If they unified the two titles, why does Randy Orton still carry both ?
  364. Since TNA loves WWE rejects if Zack Ryder got released would Ryder be TNA champion within 6 months?
  365. Is it true Mark Calaway used to be a drug addict?
  366. is it huricanrana or huricana?
  367. Professional Wrestling: What was your opinion on World Wrestling Entertainment's Monday Night RAW!?
  368. What ever happened to the Cena vs Wyatt Family feud?
  369. Is john Cena being shoved down our throats less?
  370. lot of uperstars missing this week on Raw?
  371. WRESTLING : What are your thoughts with RYBACK starting a feud with SHEAMUS?
  372. Did Rhodes botch that moonsault on top of the cage?
  373. What happened to the Sheamus heel turn?
  374. how would you want your raw ending to go?
  375. Who else just fell in love with Del Rio all over again?
  376. What did you first think when JBL said "Sheamus" tonight?
  377. RAW Live in Australia is the worst!?
  378. Do you believe this is a 6-man tag match?
  379. Do you think Dolph Ziggler will join the Wyatt Family tonight?
  380. Did anyone else get sad when Sheamus returned?
  381. Will this happen at WM 35?
  382. WWE: John Cena isn't at Raw tonight?
  383. Is billy gunn really a ass man?
  384. Who in the hell is the truck driver in Wcw/Nwo revenge?
  385. Is Alberto Del Rio Mexicos greatest export because I thought Carona was?
  386. Roman Reigns "We don't play games, at elemination chamber play times over"?
  387. If you could go back in time, and stop Chris Jericho from ever debuting, would you?
  388. Professional Wrestling: How would you Rank Ric Flair's Mic Skills?
  389. Are these dance offs just popularity contests?
  390. Will Titus O'Neil become the next great Shad Gaspard?
  391. john cena or hulk hogan who is most annoying and why?
  392. WWE: How awesome was that Moonsault by Cody Rhodes?
  393. Wwe: how is the tag division hotter then ever, when Michael cole only mention three, maybe...
  394. Instead of chanting CM Punk, why don't the fans go on Punk's twitter page?
  395. Why Did WWE Treat CM Punk So Badly?
  396. Who Else Can't Wait For The Wyatt Family To Destroy The Shield .. !?
  397. Would you marry Sable,if she wasn't married to Brock Lesnar?
  398. Did CM Punk actually leave?
  399. Did HHH and Stephanie Mcmahon just jump on the Daniel Bryan bandwagon?
  400. When will the real deal Titus O'Niel get a wwe title shot?
  401. Name a WWE superstar that was cool?
  402. The only reason HHH did that was to stop the cm punk chants from overwriting tonight's show?
  403. Has wwe ever done a Raw or ppv from Japan?
  404. Will the Ascension ever get called up to the main wwe roster?
  405. Is the Great Muta the most popular asian wrestler of all time?
  406. Was edge considered a small guy?
  407. Professional Wrestling: Soooo...Where are those WWE Ice Cream Bars?
  408. Do you think Dean Ambrose should surpass Lex Luger's 523 Day United States Championship Reign?
  409. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on these Forgotten World Wrestling Entertainment...
  410. Do you agree That abyss is just as good as the undertaker?
  411. Why does NXT have better matches than Raw or Smackdown?
  412. Aj styles is better than daniel bryan and 90 percent of the wwe locker room agree or disagree?
  413. Professional Wrestling: So why was Rey Mysterio Entry Thirty in the Royal Rumble?
  414. Professional Wrestling: Why do people bash WWE Writers even when they can't do any better?
  415. Why have many people in the IWC begun to refer to every shoot/worked shoot as a pipebomb?
  416. Why did the Wrestling Observer Newsletter name DX vs The McMahon Worst Feud of 2006?
  417. Would Vince beat Dana White?
  418. Professional Wrestling: What made TV-14 World Wrestling Entertainment so 'Brilliant'?
  419. how was the Vince Dies storyline actually suposed to go?
  420. Is everyone else getting as annoyed to the "Yes" chant as I am?
  421. Professional Wrestling: Who remembers Andy Leavine?
  422. Professional Wrestling: If not for the Internet JCW CZW PWG ROH NJPW wouldn't even be noticed...
  423. Professional Wrestling: What made these 'Divas' impressive?
  424. Does Sting wear his t-shirt in the swimming pool?
  425. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on Batista since returning?
  426. When Cena retires will he open the 5 moves of doom wrestling academy?
  427. What ever happened to WWE Diva, Jazz?
  428. What do you think about this anonymous top WWE star that tell internet fans to relax?
  429. Roderick Strong botched Styles Clash.
  430. Will fans chant "this is awesome" at anything now?
  431. how many of you guys would rather watch fake sports than the superbowl?
  432. Do you think the 'Rated R' Edge gimmick would work in the attitude era?
  433. Is Aaliyah the former WS user, Heelkris?
  434. WRESTLING : Who would win in a HELL IN A CELL match : Heyman vs Cole?
  435. WRESTLING : Why is batista so affraid of brock lesnar?
  436. True/false the worst PWG shows are still better than any Raw/Smackdown this year?
  437. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on 2012 - Brock Lesnar?
  438. I have a new record for longest account since my first account? Who would win in real fight? HHH...
  439. Did WWE waive the original Sin Cara's 90 day no compete clause?
  440. Is CM Punk being hypocritical when he complains about returning stars coming back and stealing
  441. Am I your favorite wrestler?
  442. Is there a need for a John Cena heel turn?
  443. WRESTLING : Don't you think BRAD MADDOX is doing a terrible job as GM for raw?
  444. Professional Wrestling: Who would you rather see face The Undertaker for The Streak at...
  445. Sports Entertainment: Should WWE make a storyline on Titus O'Neil hating non straight people?
  446. WRESTLING : Would you kiss Mr Mcmahans BOOTY for $20,000?
  447. What gets more views honestly the Superbowl or Wrestlemania?
  448. Is it true these top wrestlers made this much in WWF/E?
  449. What would your reaction be if...?
  450. Why is the great khali so agile and exciting to watch?
  451. TNA Fans: Would you really want Cm Punk to join TNA?
  452. Professional Wrestling: Who has a better chance of having a five star match at Wrestlemania XXX?
  453. Professional Wrestling: Why do some people seem to have an issue with Abyss Vs Eric Young?
  454. Does AJ Lee's back hurt from carrying the Divas Division on it?
  455. Should WWE decrease the size of there Roster??
  456. Sports Entertainment: When will Titus Oneil get a wwe title shot?
  457. Is Vince, Stephanie, and Triple H burying Daniel Bryan?
  458. If HHH owns WWE, do you think he will rewrote history as the best wrestler ever in the WWE?
  459. If Punk's wwe career is over do you think he is a future hall of famer?
  460. WRESTLING : IYO, Who do you think has a brighter future in the wwe : REIGNS or BRYAN?
  461. Sports Entertainment: Are these superstars future Hall of Famers?
  462. WWE: Is Christian your favorite Jobber?
  463. Should CM Punk go to New Japan when his no compete expires in October?
  464. are new age outlaws heel or face?
  465. do you think randy orton will turn face at wm30 and batista will turn heel?
  466. jake the snake roberts or ultimate warrior?
  467. CM Punk fans defending his unprofessional conduct?
  468. Isn't it time for a change? Isn't it time for The Undertaker to return as the American Badass?
  469. Will Matt Hardy return to WWE ever? + Madden25 Question Inside?
  470. Why can TNA find Talent but WWE can't?
  471. Wrestling Section: Are you a fan of RockStar Spud?
  472. Is Wrestle Kingdom bigger than Bound for Glory?
  473. Indy Wrestlers question?
  474. Why is Big E's finisher suppose to be so devastating?
  475. Will Smackdown and Raw ever have their own rosters like before? + TCW Aftermath Results!?
  476. Would Eddie Guerrero's lie, cheat, and steal gimmick gone over in wwe pg?
  477. Does Dave Hytmen think Indie music is worst then Justin Bieber because it's not as popular?
  478. Why did the Great Muta never have a run in wwe or a least one match?
  479. Since mvp is the new tna investor should he bring back the six sided ring?
  480. Female Wrestling Move help?
  481. What the hell happened to Kane?
  482. should i be a wwe diva?
  483. Wrestlemania XxX (30) Opinion Match card. what do you think?
  484. Would WWE dare bring Sting out as...?
  486. WRESTLING : Which maneuver should I perform on my GF tonight when we sleep together?
  487. WRESTLING : Don't you think SETH ROLLINS is the best talented wrestler out of the SHIELD?
  488. WRESTLING : Why is broccoli lesnar always in a bad mood?
  489. Sports Entertainment: Do you agree that BattleGround 2013 was the best WWE PPV ever?
  490. Sports Entertainment: Part time wrestlers are the best?
  491. Do you think that Seth Rollins does much science?
  492. Why did walrus Heyman call Batista the so called number 1 contender? isnt batista the real #1...
  493. Is CM Punk going to TNA?
  494. Who would win between Dave Hytmen and Jim Crockett Promotions Fan?
  495. Tna: beer money reuniting(spoiler)?
  496. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on World Wrestling Entertainment's Friday Night...
  497. Professional Wrestling: If Ring Of Honor/New Japan Pro Wrestling is Real Professional Wrestling...
  498. Are The Shield becoming good guys?
  499. WRESTLING : How long will BATISTA stay in the wwe?
  500. Pro Wrestling: At the Current moment who is a better Professional Wrestler Brock Lesnar or