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  1. Who Won the Million Dollar Championship in my Finals/BQ?
  2. True or False: TNA is the MOST hated professional wrestling company in wrestling history?
  3. whats been happening on WWE SMACKDOWN?
  4. Who do you think will have the BETTER career: The Miz or John Morrison?
  5. Do you think today's current ''wrestling fans'' spend more time, complaining or actually enjoy...
  6. WWE Championship Tournament Round 4?
  7. Who would win these matches? +BQ?
  8. WWE Championship Tournament Round 3?
  9. Why is everybody losing their TC Badges + WQ?
  10. WWF Smackdown Episode 3 Rate the Show (Part 2)?
  11. WWF Royal Rumble (Rate the PPV matches) Includes WQ?
  12. wwe house show 9/11 evan bourne wins dance off against ted dibiase :D?
  13. How Much is it for a Soda at a Sporting Event?
  14. I'm finally going to give TNA a chance. What should I expect?
  15. F/S : Yamaha YSS-875EX Soprano Saxophone $800 / Roland TD-3SW V-Compact Drum Set $350
  16. If TNA starts getting better ratings than WWE will WWE bring back the Attitude Era?
  17. What site do I use to watch WWE raw wrestling online tonight?
  18. Do you think Matt Hardy should go to TNA?
  19. Which of these wrestlers is the biggest icon?
  20. How would you make the WWE better? Plus BQ?
  21. Chris Benoit (Prime) vs John Cena (Prime)???
  22. Why can't the WWE make up their minds about the guest host thing?
  23. When Is Ric Flair Just Gonna Give Up And Retire Already?
  24. Who likes WWE NXT and Cena?
  25. Who are the Top 5 TNA Wrestlers of All-Time?
  26. Who is the most ENTERTAINING wrestler in WWE CURRENTLY?
  27. WWE Championship Tournament Round 2?
  28. Poll: What Wrestler Invented The STF?
  29. What do you think of the WWE superstars?
  30. Million Dollar Championship Finals?
  31. Whos the biggest Mountain of muscles ?
  32. Why do white people watch pro wrestling?
  33. what if Bret had stayed with WWF in 97?
  34. When did Austin turn face? WM 13 or Survivor Series 97?
  35. did these things lead to the downfall of WCW?
  36. What would you think if the WWE scheduled Kaval vs Bourne @ Wrestlemania?
  37. What does JOHN CENA say at the start of his theme song?
  38. What did you think about Von Erich's IC Championship title run in the WWE?
  39. Would you rather receive a Last Ride or Batista Bomb?
  40. What would you think about Barrett winning at NoC?
  41. Why does WWE censor old logos?
  42. you 10 favorite wrestler theme tunes?
  43. you 10 favorite wrestler theme tunes?
  44. What site do I use to watch WWE and TNA wrestlling online?
  45. Is wrestling just for inbreed rednecks, or do normal people watch it also?
  46. Looking for a good website to watch live WWE events online?
  47. does any 1 know how to unlock all outfits and superstars in smackdown vs raw 2010?
  48. Who are, in your opinion, the TOP 10 best Intercontinental champions in WWE history?
  49. is there a way to go online in smack down vs raw 2010 for wii and if so any 1 wanna face me?
  50. Paying The Dues +BQ's?
  51. Why is The Ultimate Ric Flair DVD Collection labeled as a must have/ Holy Grail Of Wrestling DVD+BQ?
  52. Please rate these great WWE DVDs out of 10 + Review those DVD?
  53. Who else likes Michael Cole, besides me?
  54. Has Jeff Hardy helped TNA's ratings.?
  55. when is smackdown going to get a new hd stage?
  56. is edge going to smackdown when they move to syfy?
  57. Do you think Essa Rios is better than Jeff Hardy in the ring?
  58. Diva Tournament Round 3?
  59. when is NXTgoing to be canceled?
  60. when michelo cole going to be fired?
  61. Why do you think Superior Quality so obssesed of screwing Truly Phenomenal out of BA?
  62. Did Kurt Angle in TNA win his match at Bound for Glory tonight?
  63. will john cena be fired if he failed a drug test?
  64. who is more hated super cena or rey mysterio?
  65. is john cena the most hated wresoler in the wwe?
  66. What do u think of homicide signing with Ring Of Honor?
  67. Once again Cena botches at something?
  68. who is your Favorite ALL TIME Wrestler?
  69. Do any of you wach wwe superstars?
  70. Hey Wrestling Section/BQ inside?
  71. what ever hapened to the new wwe logo?
  72. Million Dollar Championship Round 1?
  73. WWE vs TNA: Who's better and why?
  74. Undertaker outside the WWE.?
  75. Agree or Disagree: Christian will win the Royal Rumble next year?
  76. does john cena no that there is alot of people that hate him?
  77. WWE Championship Tournament Round 1?
  78. What match that most people seem to love, but you find the match overrated,why?
  79. Do you think that Booker T was underrated, why or why not?
  80. Randy Orton's Tattoo?
  81. What do u think of homicide signing with Ring Of Honor?
  82. Guess That Superstar?
  83. What questions should I ask AJ Styles at Bound For Glory+BQ?
  84. What is the best wrestling spoiler website out there?
  85. If Mr. Kennedy Won Money In The Bank How Come he was never world Champion?
  86. What would be your Ultimate Wrestlemania Match?
  87. If Shawn Michaels was drafted to SmackDown for a couple of years....?
  88. will justin gabriel be the next future main eventer of the wwe?
  89. WWE World Heavyweight Championship Finals?
  90. Why do people think Vince McMahon hates Christian?
  91. The Beautiful People vs Beth Pheonix and Natalya?
  92. Why Does wwe keeping mistreating matt hardy?!?
  93. Which Hardy will be remembered more after they retire, Matt or Jeff? Why?
  94. WS NXT Team 6 Eliminated. Vote and who would win these matches?
  95. What word is thrown around too much in the wrestling world, why?
  96. BREAKING NEWS: Bastion Booger passes away?
  97. Should Vince just cancel NXT and only have RAW and SmackDown (more inside)?
  98. Why punches in the spine or the back are forbidden in the UFC?
  99. Who was hotter in 2009? Round 3?
  100. Do you find it ironic that...? +BQ?
  101. WWE World Heavyweight Championship Round 3?
  102. why doesent even bourne talk?
  103. Whats your favorite WWE Finisher Moments?
  104. Who else in your family watches wrestling? (bored)?
  105. Will The Miz become a WWE champion?
  106. Should Matt Hardy go to TNA where he would get used right?
  107. The Wrestling Section Reality Show Sign-Ups?
  108. Who was hotter, Terri Runnels (Prime) or Sable (Prime) and why?
  109. who else thinks R truth deserves to step up?
  110. My WCW Monday Night Nitro Episode # 77 (Rate the Show) + WQ?
  111. Who would win this match: AJ Styles, Chris Jericho, or Triple H?
  112. When is Triple H coming back to the WWE?
  113. Why was undertaker using the gogoplata when it was banned?
  114. would anyone like too see cm punk as a face again?
  115. Who Is the Most Overrated Diva in WWE History, Trish Stratus, Chyna, Or Michelle McCool?
  116. is it just me or do you think john cena will turn heel at night of champions?
  117. Other than John Cena who are some of the most overrated wrestlers in WWE/F history?
  118. Who's better: Jack Swagger or Drew McIntyre?
  119. What do you think Did Kazarian Rip Off Homicide's Gringo Killer With His Move The Flux Capacitor?
  120. RAW Episode 56 (Rate the Show) + WQ Inside?
  121. Were the WWE Monday Night Wars over because of 9/11?
  123. Can you unscramble these Superstar and Divas' names?
  124. Who is a better women's wrestler: Beth Phoenix or Gail Kim + BQ?
  125. The Rock is #1; but who is #2 on the best mic workers in WWE history list?
  126. Whatever Happened To Brett Diabase Ted's younger brother wasn't he suppose to debut in wwe?
  127. WWE World Heavyweight Championship Round 2?
  128. Agree or Disagree: Booker T is the MOST successful african-american wrestler in WWE history?
  129. Which superstar is hotter?
  130. What Superstar or Diva do you find extremely boring?
  131. Would You Consider Seeing Legendary If John Cena Wasn't In It?
  132. Can You unscramble this wrestlers name?
  133. what are the differences in these 2 wwe matches?
  134. Does Anyone Even Care who the raw general Manager is anymore?
  135. Whose a BETTER heel: CM Punk or Chris Jericho?
  136. Who is the BEST face in wrestling history?
  137. What is the BEST wrestling gimmick of all-time?
  138. Winner of the WWE Intercontinental Championship Finals is?
  139. Who is the BEST heel in wrestling today?
  140. which wwe divas attire looks the best(link and pics inside)?
  141. Best WWE Theme of the PG Era 5 Eliminate 2 15 Min Time Limit?
  142. What in your opinion are the best five wrestlers of all time?
  143. WWE World Heavyweight Championship Round 1?
  144. If John Cena ended The Undertaker's WM streak: What would be your initial reaction?
  145. TNA ppv no surrender?
  146. Do you think Kaval will have Laycool with him most of his career?
  147. WWE Intercontinental Championship Finals?
  148. wwe superstar Evan Bourne reveals all in radio interview?
  149. I'm a girl, should I join my high school wrestling team?
  150. Would this help WWEs tag team division?
  151. who is the mystery gm on raw?
  152. What Is The Best End Of WrestleMania History ?
  153. What do you think is gona happen at night of champions(FULL RESPONSE)?
  154. Wrestling section beware?
  155. Who else think the Nexus angle would be 100 times better if Daniel Bryan never got fired?
  156. What do u think of A. Del Rio?
  157. breaknews the rock vs cena wrestlemania 27?
  158. wwe should name jesse ventura gm?
  159. You guys are good at this but can you guess this wrestler?
  160. What is your favourite match since the WWF Era?
  161. Segment With Jeff Jarret Hogan on his Debut on TNA @ Monday Night ,Was it Scripted?
  162. Guess What Wrestler I Am?
  163. Was it actually beneficial to Bryan Danielson that he was released from WWE?
  164. Which wrestler should have the nickname Mr.Mark Out Moment,why?
  165. Was it HHH who Kane lost to for him to remove his mask?
  166. does florida champoinship wrestling (fcw)?
  167. Possible heel turn for a superstar in the future?
  168. My WCW Saturday Night Episode # 3 (Please Rate the Show) + WQ?
  169. Another guess the wrestler?
  170. Guess The Wrestler: Who Am I?
  171. Agree or Disagree: Chris Jericho is the BEST in the world at what he does + BQ?
  172. Have anyone actually tried DASHING Cody Rhodes grooming tips?
  173. isn't it amazing that the undertaker is 45 and can still put on the same performance as he...
  174. What would be your most epic match ever?
  175. How did Kane change his face?
  176. Was Brothers of Destruction ever a legit tag team?
  177. What WWE wrestler am I?
  178. Which is the BETTER booker/creative genius: Paul Heyman or Vince McMahon + BQ?
  179. Who would win in a real fight, Mike Tyson or Stone Cold?
  180. Should WWE Do This To The Tag Team Division?
  181. Does the IWC ever change your opinion on someone?
  182. will the wwe ever buy of tna?
  183. WWE Quiz Try to guess them all?
  184. Anyone else thinks that Wade Barrett is the future of WWE?
  185. Why has The Undertaker never been the face of WWE or WWF?
  186. What do you think will be the best match at Night of Champions, (wrestling wise).?
  187. What is your favorite Stone Cold moment?
  188. What was your biggest mark out moment ever?
  189. What's the biggest blooper in WWE/WWF history?
  190. WWE Intercontinental Championship Round 6?
  191. Why do so many people hate John Morrison? +BQ?
  192. Diva Tournament Round 1?
  193. Who was hotter in 2009? Round 1?
  194. Would you agree that Chris Benoit is?
  195. what ever hapened to rey mystirio?
  196. Do you guys remember this?
  197. Have anyone figured out what The Rock has been cooking for all these years?
  198. I'm Celebrating my 112th BA ! Whoever gets this right wins BA?
  199. Wrestling Section Help Me Please?
  200. Who else likes Kaval's new theme song?
  201. I was sitting down to eat when all of a sudden?
  202. Who do you like better,RANDY ORTON or CHRIS JERICHO?
  203. Can you guess this wrestler?
  204. Why is it that certain people, bash other promotions, but call themselves wrestling fans?
  205. Who is the most respected wrestler and who is the least respected?
  206. Is it true that Kaval's new theme song was first used by Wade Barrett?
  207. Is Goldberg really over rated?
  208. Who Had The Worst Week?
  209. Question about tonights smackdown?
  210. Who had the ring name Terra Ryzing?
  211. WCW/ WCW World Television Championship Tournament; Round 2?
  212. Who thinks the Undertaker is faking it?
  213. Who can I possibly be?
  214. Who was hotter in 2001? Round 1?
  215. Do you think that Hulkamania? Brother! an THE VIRUS IS GAY are the same person?
  216. Hello Americans ¿what do you think about alberto del rio in wwe?
  217. Should WWE revive WCW?
  218. WWE Intercontinental Championship Round 2?
  219. The Harts or the Guerrero's?
  220. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  221. What changes would you make if you were in charge of Total Nonstop Action (TNA)?
  222. Agree or Disagree: Season 2 of NXT would made a better Nexus?
  223. Who can i possibly be?
  224. Did The Undertaker slip on the rope by accident?
  225. Chris Benoit (Prime) vs Kurt Angle (Prime)?
  226. Why Does Everyone Hate Randy Orton Now?
  227. Why do wwe supertstars keep the same Theme song for so long?
  228. Is WWE's Alberto Del Rio really rich?
  229. Does anyone thinks that rko looks fake now? how? I know that wwe moves are not real but...
  230. What was the best wrestling match from last year in WWE?
  231. When will we find out who the last 14 people r in SVR 2011? and who do u think thay r?
  232. favorite wrestler poll?
  233. Who would win: Bryan Danielson or Kaval?
  234. Which stable was stronger: The Original Four Horsemen or Original nWo?
  235. How would you rate the match between Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle at TNA No Surrender?
  236. Will Triple H be the 6th Man in the 6 Pack Challenge at Night of Champions?
  237. what ever hapened to vance archer and curt hawkins?
  238. Winner of the WWE U.S. Championship Finals is?
  239. why isnt the gay kalhie in svr 2011?
  240. WWE Quiz 3: Whoever gets all right 1st gets BA (Hard)?
  241. when is jerry lawler going to retire from comentating?
  242. WWE Intercontinental Championship Round 1?
  243. Wrestling Tournament!!!! Part 2?
  244. WWE Divas vs. Knockouts?
  245. WWF Raw Is War Episode 3 (Rate the Show) (Part 2) WQ is inside?
  246. What do u expect from Bound For Glory 2010?
  247. Is there going to be a second Nexus from season 2?
  248. Who are you anxious to see on Smackdown tonight?
  249. what is john cena doing right now?
  250. Okay, this is kinda important, take a look WS+WQ?
  251. what if at the royal rumble it was time for number 30 to come out and you heard this theme?
  252. Is there really a point to a title rematch clause in pro wrestling?
  253. my night of champions 6 pack challenge prediction?
  254. Friday Night SmackDown! Episode 55 (Rate the Show) + WQ Inside?
  255. Night Of Champions (6-Pac Challenge SPOILER)?
  256. What do you think about Aloisia's comment about Beth Phoenix?
  257. why do most of you so called wrestling fans think you can tell a wrestler when it is time to retire?
  258. Why cant we as wrestling fans come together and like wrestling as a whole?
  259. What is Raw roulette? BQ?
  260. Who thinks Big Show looks like an idiot with the head band on Supstars?
  261. What happens if WWE goes to a TVY7 or TVY rating?
  262. Why Did they Retire Breaking Point?
  263. WWE U.S. Championship Finals?
  264. Sgt. Slaughter (prime) vs. CM Punk. Who would have won?
  265. Did Shawn Michaels have Better Matches Before or After his Injury?
  266. JBL vs. Million Dollar Man. Who would have won?
  267. Why would The Undertaker being the Face of the WWE be unrealistic?
  268. Who is the best on NXT 3?
  269. wwe svr 2011 Evan Bourne entrance finisher?
  270. when will we find out who the last 14 people r in SVR 2011? and who do u think thay r?
  271. Do you think Kane is better suited with this music?
  272. In Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 how many finishers can u get?
  273. is mr mcmahon going to get smackdown vs raw 2011 for the ps3?
  274. WWE U.S. Championship Round 5?
  275. wade barrett, layla and william regal....?
  276. Randy Orton vs. Scott Steiner (prime). Who would have won?
  277. which wrestler of all time could you see as your....(survey)?
  278. Who are They? A new Main Event Mafia, perhaps?
  279. Do you like Christian? What so you think of him?
  281. 5 wrestling questions whoever gets the most right the quickest gets the best answer?
  282. The hardest wrestling quiz of all time?
  283. Guess That Superstar?
  284. Who do you think should go into the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame?
  285. why does the wrestler randy orton?
  286. do you like R-Truth? what do you think of him?
  287. What wrestler was known as a male diva in the 90's?
  288. shouldent edge be the rated pg superstart?
  289. does mr machman ever visit the wrestling section?
  290. Do you want WWE to return to the TV14 rating?
  291. What wrestler who left WWE should have got pushed?
  292. Why is CM Punk VS Big Show announced for Night of Champions?
  293. Should the undertaker bring back his 'big evil' character?
  294. Why did wcw turn Rick Fuller into a jobber?
  295. Do you think Tommy Dreamer will sell the eye injury?
  296. ultimate wrestling tournament?
  297. Will John Morrison become the next new WWE or World Heavyweight champion? If so, when?
  298. Who was hotter in 2004? Round 2?
  299. Chirs Jericho Questions?
  300. WWE U.S. Championship Round 3?
  301. Who would win? Mary Poppins MR. T vs Rosie O'donnell Stone Cold, first blood match.?
  302. Is the NXT Diva's Competition a story line like everything else?
  303. Do you agree that Norwegian girls are hot?
  304. When did Fetus become Luke?
  305. Yawn Cena or Randy Whoreton? who's worse?
  306. Am the only one that thinks the Wrestling Observer Awards is bunch of bogus BS?
  307. My list of superstars most skilled at promos. Agree or disagree? if you disagree, what is yours?
  308. Who thinks Luke is a cheap version of Austin?
  309. Would you sell your soul to Satan if he could make The Rock or Stone Cold return?
  310. Who do you think is the WORST person to wrestle in WWE?
  311. Anyone else find EDGE hilarious on Raw when he impersonated Khali lol?
  312. Who thinks this promo for The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels (WM26) is the best?
  313. Bruno Sammartino is the best wrestler in history?
  314. Is there any Pro Wrestling cultural traditions outside of the U.S. that could be incorporated...
  315. What is Wild CatChis Harris doing now?
  316. Is Matt Hardy so fat now, that when he tries to do a sit up, he rocks himself to sleep?
  317. What is ONE thing you LIKE,about a superstar/diva that you DISLIKE?
  318. Am I destined to marry a WWE Diva?
  319. is john cena the best wrestler alive?
  320. People that doesn't like John Cena are just jealous of him? p?
  321. R.O.H or T.N.A or W.W.E ?
  322. WWE Quiz: Whoever gets all answers right 1st gets BA?
  323. why does everyone hate John Cena?
  324. Who Had The Worst Night-Superstars?
  325. Who in your opinion brought more prestige to the IC title Drew McIntyre or Dolph Ziggler and why?
  326. question about a wwe diva?
  327. did goldberg and Chris jericho really have a real life backstage fight in WCW?
  328. WWE Quiz 2: Whoever gets answers right 1st gets BA?
  329. Does anyone want to stab this haiku?
  330. Do you think AJ Lee is the next Mickie James?
  331. Is John Cena really bisexual?
  332. Agree or Disagree: If The Streak ended should the Achiever not Brag about it?
  333. Who were the best WWE Brothers in WWE History?
  334. where can i watch svr 2011 reveal roster i cant find it on youtube!?
  335. Would it be better for Dream Matches to Occur or Never Happen?
  336. Who else loves THIS 3:?
  337. where to find edge theme when it keeps saying you think u know me?
  338. is daniel bryan vs the miz the best story line ine years?
  339. Natalya or Gail Kim.......?
  340. Brand New Website to Buy & Sell Pro Wrestling Items
  341. What was the first televised wrestling event you have ever been too?
  342. Why did TNA wrestling did not come on tonight was it because of football being on a
  343. How did Test Die (the wresteler)?
  344. Why are they putting batista in SVR11 + 2BQS?
  345. WWE U.S. Championship Round 2?
  346. Name one Wrestler who your favorite superstar has never gone up against?
  347. Are there any wrestlers from your home state or city/town?
  348. Winner of the WWE Hardcore Championship Finals is?
  349. Why aren't they giving TNA on Spike right now?
  350. How come WWE never has a CUTE black female?
  351. If you were a WWE Superstar/Diva?
  352. wrestling section is the term superstar degrading?
  353. Why do they keep renaming what was originally the Legends Title?
  354. wrestling poll-what kind of highflier is best-technical or spot monkey?
  355. How do you pronounce Triple H's Last Name?
  356. WWE Hardcore Championship Finals?
  357. Welcome To My 1st WWE(World Wrestling Evolutution) Not A E-Fed - Please Rate?
  358. wrestlemania xx dvd do they have a hall fame?
  359. What if WWE has Sheamus lose the WWE championship to Chris Jericho this Monday on RAW?
  360. Who is better in the ring, Shawn Micheals or Aj Styles from tna?
  361. what is so great about tna matches?
  362. Why do you think most wrestling fans like performers and entertainers more then great wrestlers?
  363. WWE U.S. Championship Round 1?
  364. Which one of these disgraces The Rock the most?
  366. I have a non-wrestling question...?
  367. Do you Remember: Part 3?
  368. This question about WWE got me curious please help?
  369. Didnt they reveal the SVR 2011 Roster yesterday?
  370. Svr 2010 Judgement Day Help?
  371. Does anyone know this episode of Monday Night Raw?
  373. Is still writing TNA results on its website?
  374. Does anybody have a link to the Smackdown vs Raw 2011 roster?
  375. If wwe didnt push Brock Lesnar so quickly would he still be in wwe today?
  376. I can't help it. Another haiku?
  377. How can I watch WWE and TNA wrestling online?
  378. How to get better at wrestling efeds?
  379. Where can I watch raw for free online?
  380. Wrestling Section Wars Episode 1 Rate Please?
  381. where is sonjay dutt wrestling now?
  382. If Wade Barrett had not won NXT Season 1 ? How would things be different today?
  383. What Persona would you like The Undertaker to end his Career as?
  384. Is the NWA World Heavyweight championship still a legitimate world title?
  385. Why do other guys watch wrestling?
  386. what are your thoughts of wwe doing this . . . .?
  387. Whatever happened to that guy on TNA who used to do the canadian destroyer move?
  388. Agree or Disagree: WWE should use this storyline for RAW?
  389. Why does SvR always screw consoles that are not the 360 and PS3?
  390. Anyone else think the new chick on NXT Kaitlyn is smokin?
  391. Has anyone else noticed that Sheamus seemed to say fu** instead of fact during Raw's main event?
  392. Should the WWE relaunch the cruiserweight/Jr Heavyweight championship?
  393. What did Bret hart do to get kicked out of the wwe?
  394. Tell me if I'm pronouncing Sheamus' last name correctly?
  395. Am I the only one who's upset with the 2011 roster?
  396. When will WWE end the Guest Host gimmick + BQ?
  397. If you had the choice of being either a singles wrestler or tag team wrestler which would...
  398. If you're in a match, would you rather...?
  399. Who should WWE release + BQ?
  400. Who is your favorite member from The Nexus + 1 BQ?
  401. Best WWE Theme of the PG Era? (Vote off three)?
  402. Is TNA coming on tonight?????!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  403. I don't see Triple H in RAW?
  404. wwe is real or fake?
  405. WWE Hardcore Championship Round 4?
  406. Can you guess this wrestler?
  407. If Jericho leaves, should this be the last time?
  408. Do you find it ironic that there's blood in the SvR game but not in WWE on TV?
  409. Here is the Live SvR 11 Roster Reveal Results + WQ?
  410. Chris Benoit Never Won Wwe/WwF Champion ?
  411. Your favorite 5 current WWE theme Songs?
  412. is anyone else tired of the hart dynasty as our wwe unified tag team champions?
  413. which diva of all time is a better wrestler(poll)?
  414. New Wrestling Indy Start on the rise!!
  415. Which of the following United States Presidents were Wrestlers?
  416. Why is Smackdown becoming so stupid?
  417. Which wrestler made the most films?
  418. Why dont people get it about Undertakers Wrestlemania streak?
  419. Friday Night SmackDown! Episode 53 (Rate the Show) + WQ Inside?
  420. RAW Episode 53 (Rate the Show) + WQ Inside?
  421. Don't you think Bret Hart could actually be used to wrestle longer matches?
  422. Is Triple H gone or what?
  423. Didn't HBK come closer to ending UT's streak at WM 25 than he did at WM 26?
  424. when would you say trish stratus reached her prime( 2 bonus questions inside)?
  425. How do they fake the chair hits?
  426. A message to the WS +WQ?
  427. Which is WORSE: PG ERA or Hogan-Bischoff regime?
  428. How will you feel when John Cena becomes a 10-time WWE Champion + 2 BQ's?
  429. Friday Night SmackDown! Episode 52 (Rate the Show) + WQ Inside?
  430. My WCW Monday Night Nitro Episode # 72 Please Rate the Show + WQ?
  431. Do you like TNA's all-Knockout's PPV concept?
  432. Why do people in the IWC hate Hulk Hogan?
  433. Who was a better in-ring performer: Shawn Michaels or Chris Benoit?
  434. TNA Impact Episode 4 Rate the Show (Part 3)?
  435. Who Thinks Mickie James Needs to come back and clean up the smackdown divas?
  436. Agree or Disagree: 2009 was the WORST year in WWE history?
  437. What Is The Worst Finisher And What Is The Best?
  438. Am I the only one who thinks the Nexus storyline is getting stale?
  439. RAW Episode 52 (Rate the Show) + WQ Inside?
  440. Agree or Disagree: Tyler Black should go to SmackDown?
  441. How would you react if Beth Phoenix became the second women to win the Intercontinental Title?
  442. Who was your favorite authoritative figure to have gotten his ass whipped?
  443. Pick the next two opponents for Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania 27 and 28? BQ+WQ inside?
  444. Has Santino Marella ever been a heel?
  445. Who do you hate the MOST: Hulk Hogan or John Cena?
  446. How can you tell if a wrestler has a lot of charisma or no charisma?
  447. What is your favorite WWE gimmick?
  448. For those who have heard it What did you think about Mickie James country album Strangers...
  449. Who was your favorite Midcarder during the Ruthless Aggressive era?
  450. Would You Watch World Feline Wrestling Federation Matches?
  451. WWE quick quiz #2 First one 2 get them all right and best answers wins.?
  452. Who has the most stamina in the ring, John Morrison, John Cena, or Randy Orton?
  453. Who The Best Wrestler in The World??? Not Your Favorite But Best....?
  454. What was the name of the tv show with all the NWA wrestlers?
  455. Which wrestler starred in Plan 9 from Outer Space?
  456. Do you like my predictions for Night of Champions?
  457. So MMA fans say that WWE is gay or whatever? What the hell is this then?
  458. What is the most Overlooked title reign in history?
  459. who do u want to win the 6 pack challenge?
  460. To celebrate my 100th best answer I'll be asking 10 quick questions to the WS for 10
  461. My Sheamus's CAW in SvR.10 doesn't perform da right signature move?
  462. Who would have won: Bryan Danielson or Eddie Guerrero?
  463. Friday Night SmackDown! Episode 51 (Rate the Show) + WQ Inside?
  464. rey's face completely hidden in matt hardy's youtube vid?
  465. Which two wrestler's surnames were used in Married...with Children?
  466. Who Had The Worst Week?
  467. Was the Rock the definition of the Complete Package?
  468. who is the sexiest superstar and/or divas ?
  469. Which Randy Orton Gimmick is beter: Legend Killer or Viper?
  470. Out of those who are highly praised, which one do you believe did not deserve all of the
  471. When a wrestler retires and he reaches the right age can he draw Social Security?
  472. It's been said a million times....?
  473. Do You Think Batista was Right about Cena Being In The Spotlight more often than he ever did?
  474. Which wrestler would you consider peerless?
  475. after watching these vids how would you describe this wrestler's career so far?
  476. Would there even be an attitude era without these non-scripted events?
  477. WWE Quick Quiz.........First one 2 have the best and correct answers win?
  478. Kaval Bryan Daniel vs Hart Dynasty for tag team titles at NOC?
  479. are you ready to test your wrestling knowledge of little known facts?
  480. Do you think LayCool could fit in on Raw?
  481. Where can I watch WWE wrestling live online in HD?
  482. Would the WWE be better if Mr. McMahon Sr. had sold it to someone else?
  483. Who agree's that the name Troll should be changed?
  484. Who was your favorite Midcarder during the Attitude era?
  485. What is the biggest upset to you in WWE history?
  486. Has your favorite superstar ever won a match that YOU believed he shouldn't have?
  487. What are your thoughts on a possible new feud in WWE.?
  488. pick the winners of this wrestling ppv?
  489. Possible or Unpossible: Awesome Kong will be Vickie's Rookie on NXT?
  490. What if Jeff Jarrett never founded TNA, and WWE was the only mainstream company.(More Inside)?
  491. Out of those billed from your home town, who is the most famous?
  492. Agree or Disagree Bryan Danielson is the best independant wrestler ever?
  493. ok girls, this question is for u?
  494. The Dragon (Semi-Retired) is scared of the WS + WQ?
  495. Do you prefer the instrumental version of the nWo theme or the one with quotes?
  497. what year do you think lita was at her very best in the ring?
  498. do you think trish stratus looked like a completely different as time passed?
  499. why i got this feeling that the undertaker's streak will be ended by John Cena?
  500. Who were the members of the tag team known as The Flying Redheads?