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  1. When Mickie James re-debuts on TNA, will align with?
  2. TNA's Beautiful People?
  3. Where to watch TNA and WWE wrestling on the internet?
  4. Do you think there is anyway that Undertaker and Sheamus could pull of a classic at Mania?
  5. What are the odds of The Undertaker putting on another classic at next years mania?
  6. What do wrestling fans love more, The Undertaker's streak or the Attitude Era,Why?
  7. How emotional will it be when The Undertaker retires.?
  8. Which Hell in a Cell Match is the most Underrated and the Most Overrated?
  9. If Mickie James was still with WWE, would Mickie and Melina be a great divas tag team?
  10. What wrestler's finisher would you change the name to?
  11. In WWE where's Beth Phoenix? Did she get injured, fired, retired?
  12. What wrestler is a great definition of a twenner, why?
  13. Does anybody else agrees that The Undertaker basically made Wrestlemania popular?
  14. What one word would you use to describe The Undertaker?
  15. Do you think wrestlers today care more about the money or the fans?
  16. Which wrestler in WWE/TNA had the weirdest look when he/she debuted?
  17. When is Hornswoggle going to Speak?
  18. Any Good Names for a Wrestling E-fed?
  19. whats all this about sheamus v taker at wm. have i missed something :)?
  20. WS: Please help me out here, (Non- Wrestling Question) + WQ's Inside?
  21. Did WWE make a big mistake?
  22. Why does the IWC turn their backs on so many wrestlers.....except Stone Cold?
  23. Which wrestler was more popular in the 90s: Shawn Michaels or Bret Hart?
  24. What diva annoys you the most and why?
  25. Predict how many days before WWE release Matt Hardy?
  26. Will you be surprised when Drew McIntyre ends The Undertaker's streak?
  27. Who will be the next WWE's Breakout Diva from NXT?
  28. Do anyone miss Batista and HBK?
  29. TNA Impact Rate The Show. Wrestling Question Inside?
  30. Has SmackDown gone live?
  31. What is your favorite gimmick/stipulation PPV?
  32. Without talents like JR King Icons like Hogan,Austin,Rock Do u think Pro Wrestling
  33. WHO IS THE RAW GM!!!!!?
  34. A name for Drew McIntyre and Dashing Cody Rhodes....?
  35. Wrestling Fans (Non Wrestling Related Question) + WQ's Inside?
  36. What would be your reactions if WWE went bankrupt and had to sell the bussness to TNA?
  37. Do you think WWE will have divas again on a new season of NXT?
  38. How long would you consider a average title reign?
  39. Whatever happened to JACK SWAGGER?
  40. ***CONTAINS SPOILERS*** Two Huge Main Events for the Syfy Premiere of SmackDown + WQ Inside?
  41. Do you think that all wrestling companies should ban bringing signs to their events?
  42. Which is the Greatest WWE Intergender Tag Team?
  43. Do you think Chris Benoit should be in the WWE Hall of Fame?
  44. Agree/Disagree, WWE doesn't push wrestlers the way they use to?
  45. One reason you like or dislike WWE?
  46. What finisher is the greatest that wrestling have ever seen?
  47. What is Vince McMahon Makes a YA! Account And...?
  48. WWE fannnnnnnnnnnn. Thanks.?
  49. What Can I Do To Make Your Wrestling Section Experiance Better?
  50. WWE fan. This is for you. Thanks.?
  51. What Is Your Opinion Of Paul Bearers Mustache?
  52. in these all time tag teams that i made up, what would be the top 5 best tag teams iyo(more inside)?
  53. LOL this NXT season is so horrible, its a webshow now ?
  54. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT(recount)?
  55. Why did Just Another Victim aka Mr.Vocabulary block me is it because I know he cheats+BQ?
  56. Whatever happened to Nexus since Summerslam they've been going downhill?
  57. Was The Undertaker's 2007 Royal Rumble Storyline the last Good Royal Rumble Storyline?
  58. LOL this NXT season is so horrible, its a webshow now ?
  59. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT(recount)?
  60. Was The Undertaker's 2007 Royal Rumble Storyline the last Good Royal Rumble Storyline?
  61. in these all time tag teams that i made up, what would be the top 5 best tag teams iyo(more inside)?
  62. Why does everyone think Cena turning heel will making the ratings go up?
  63. Why is mr.vocabluary getting mad that i know he cheats.?
  64. Who is the best wrestler on PWG?
  65. When did Michael Cole plug Mick Foleys book on Raw this week?
  66. How can I add more to this biography on Rey Mysterio?
  67. CDMAX DEBUTS in the WRESTLING SECTION...........10/4/10...?
  68. Which is the better Indy promotion, Chikara or PWG?
  69. Pick Winners and Rate: Summerslam (WQ's Inside)?
  70. Do you think that this is the reason why being a champion in pro wrestling today is almost...
  71. Why Is AJ So Fine!!!? Soon To Be Diva?
  72. Do you think NXT season 4 will go back on TV, if there is one?
  73. in svr 2010 how do you hold on to the briefcase.?
  74. Can someone tell me why this did not happen tonight?
  75. is it me or would evan bourne make?
  76. Is smackdown going to be live this friday?
  77. Naomi Night Or AJ Lee?
  78. Is y2j gone from raw like Orton said last week or he'll be back in a week or 2?
  79. what would wwe do if cena killed his family not benoit?
  80. Why Are So Many WWE Wrestlers Going To TNA. BQ About DIVAS?
  81. Who else thought Torrie Wilson was really hot?
  82. Who is a BETTER wrestler: Kurt Angle or Shawn Michaels?
  83. What did you like about Chris Benoit?
  84. Do you agree or disagree with these statements?
  85. What tag team name would you come up for Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre?
  86. do you think Daniel Bryant Will lose the u.s. title at hell in a cell on sunday?
  87. What's more popular in the US, the WWE or the NHL?
  88. Which of the following The Undertaker gimmicks was your favorite?
  89. Do you prefer great divas/knockouts wrestling or hot divas/knockouts with no skill?
  90. Randy Orton punting Michael Cole? Who will pay to see that?
  91. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  92. Now that the GM laptop is broken...?
  93. What do you think of Cena?
  94. Did anyone notice that Edge cut himself on the forehead when he was destroying the GM computer?
  95. When the commentators say The gatecrashers, doesn't it sound like they say The Gaycrashers?
  96. Do you think A.J. Lee was the best trash talker?
  97. Guys what did you think of Torrie Wilson?
  98. Do you still respect Chris Benoit despite his negligent actions?
  99. Did Edge Had The Right To Act That Way?
  100. What will happend to the WWE ratings if..?
  101. Why is Randy Orton pretending to be a snake?
  102. Do you think that WWE in 2009 was god year?
  104. Which feud of DX in 2006 do you like more,and why?
  105. Won't it hurt The Undertaker's legacy if he loses two straight PPVs (including HIAC) to Kane?
  106. Was Andre The Giant A Good Wrestler?
  108. What do you think next week's RAW rating will be?
  109. (Read Info.) Just For Fun: Do you think WWE would hire a former Hooter's Girl, male
  110. What is affecting the low ratings for RAW?
  111. Why are dumb WWE Marks making excuses for RAW's terrible rating?
  112. Who's your favorite wrestler from each of the three last WWE era's?
  113. Raw's rating was............?
  114. On a scale from 1 to 10, what would you rate WWE right now?
  115. Do you think we as wrestling fans should take a break from wrestling in total, why or why not?
  116. John Cena Sucks. YES!! or no?
  117. Is Sheamus the most dominating ginger in WWE history?
  118. ?????????????????????????????????
  119. On a scale from 1 to 10, what would you rate The Undertaker's legendary career?
  120. Dawn Marie Vs Torrie?
  121. is this the worst NXT or what? not even one match?
  122. Will Triple H come back to Raw?
  123. Why is the WWE all of a sudden Unifying all of the titles?
  124. How underrated is Dean Malenko? BQ?
  125. How Much do Typical Front Row Seats cost?
  126. Anyone else think Orton should quit the crazy gestures after he hits a big move?
  127. NWW Cyber Takeover PPV on Sunday, what match type should these match take place in?
  128. How long before SyFy takes over for WWE programming?
  129. Why do wrestlers have to meet a very specific weight requirement?
  130. Is anyone else kind of scared of Matt Hardy now?
  131. Should I buy WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2007 or WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011?
  132. Why does it say you can not view this question at this time??
  133. what is so great seeing 2 or more grown guy touching each other?
  134. John Morrison VS The Miz Wrestlemania 27???? (BQ)?
  135. why isn't smack down ever 3 hours like raw is it cause its in a local channel?
  136. I need 2 new wrestlingfinishers (My First Question)?
  137. I Have 2 WWE Questions?
  138. Which sucks worse the WWE's Diva's division or Tag Team division?
  139. Triple H the GM of RAW?Hint given today?
  140. why are you watching wrestling when you should be watching soccer?
  141. Which WrestleMania opening pyro do you like best?
  142. What wrestlers are the most notorious for holding down young talent?
  143. Should wwe make another brand?
  144. Why does it seem like WWE only gets ''creative'' for The Undertaker?
  145. What was your favorite part about WrestleMania 26?
  146. Who is your Royal Rumble 2011 winner? Extra Q?
  147. Is it just me or does A.J Lee kinda look like Jennifer Love Hewitt?
  148. Wrestling Questions: Part 6 (+BQ's)?
  149. Who do you want The Undertaker to face at Wrestlemania XXVII,Why?
  150. How do feel about the way wwe written off Chris Jericho(if thats the direction theyre going with...
  151. Who is your favorite WWE superstar and why?
  152. Poll: Where do you think John Cena.................?
  153. Watch WWE NXT wrestling on the internet?
  154. would u beleive me if i told u i friends matt hardy?
  155. was RAW live tonight?
  156. Did Raw just go on commercial out of nowhere?
  157. Is it wrong for me to buy SmackDown! vs. Raw 2007 rather than SmackDown vs. Raw 2011?
  158. Yea! Randy Orton is the last one standing at Raw,,,,,Again [sigh]?
  159. Which wrestler would you prefer face Undertaker at Wrestlemania: Sheamus or Kane?
  160. Who has the greatest chance of reaching, and keeping their place at the top of the WWE ladder in 4..
  161. Do you think WWE actually cares about the fans?
  162. who is a better wrestler trish stratus in her prime or angelina love?
  163. Pick the Winners and Rate: WWE Armageddon (WQ's Inside)?
  164. when is hhh or batista comeing back?
  165. Do you think WWE Got rid of the wrong Womens Title?
  166. What don't you get; WWE will NEVER get better if you continue to watch it?
  167. What's your favorite wrestling company and how old are you?
  168. After Linda's senate run?
  169. What If this happened at the 2010 Slammy Awards?
  170. Was anyone else freaked out by the speak and spell GM last night (lol) +BQ?
  171. Greatest WWE signs ever?
  172. Is it just me or is the WWE Divas Division dead +BQ?
  173. Should Lex Luger return to WWE?
  174. What's more difficult for WWE: finding a new Stone Cold or a new The Undertaker?
  175. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  176. Which wrestler retired better? Stone Cold, The Rock or Shawn Michaels?
  177. Why Has Hulk Hogan Decided To Come To TNA Wrestling (10 Points)?
  178. Will Chris Jericho start winning again if he turns face?
  179. Do you think Chris Benoit would still be wrestling today, if the tragedy never occurred?
  180. Do you think Big Show would be able to do a 450 Splash?
  181. What wrestling event was this?
  182. Help With A wwe Problem on a song?
  183. Can I have a link a of?
  184. Who still thinks that Fred Flintstone can make the rules around the Wrestling Academy?
  185. Who was proclaimed the first professional wrestling champion?
  186. Am I right, or wrong. Thanks.?
  187. When why did the Walls of Jericho become a Boston crab?
  188. Do you like Daniel Bryan entrance music?
  189. who else is sick of this rko fans and randy orton?
  190. will john cena join nexus (just give me a yes or no) don't explain why or why not?
  191. Davey Richards or Bryan Danielson? Why?
  192. Who will win at HIAC: Lay-Cool or Natalya?
  193. How epic was that Steve Corino match tonight on ROH + 2 BQs?
  194. Do you agree, AJ Styles is a wrestling GOD?
  195. I would just like to apologize for calling Tommy Dreamer a fat whale?
  196. What ever happened to the Jericho-Orton Feud from 2007?
  197. does anyone know when triple h return to wwe for 2010 year?
  198. Is Smackdown gonna be live from now on?
  199. Did you hear Michael Cole King mention Mick Foley's book that's being released Friday?
  200. Is the anonymous GM is Stephen Hawking,who else could it be ? ,?
  201. Pick Winners and rate the ppv: No Mercy Pay Per View (WQ's Inside)?
  202. Which 5 WWE/TNA finishers look more painful?
  203. If Jeff Hardy a One Off Superstar who went from WWE to TNA back to WWE and actually got
  204. Would you agree that in WWE for every Action there Is or Isn't an Equal or Greater Reaction?
  205. What's a better ring name?
  206. wwe and the bottom rope trick?
  207. has chris jericho beaten john cena 1 vs 1?
  208. Was there ever a match or segment were you ask yourself why are you a wrestling fan?
  209. Edge is trying to bring back tv 14 to wwe?
  210. Is the WWE part of the WWF? World Wrestling Federation? Vince McMahon the main man?
  211. What do you expect when you watch WWE now a days.?
  212. CDMAX DEBUTS in the WRESTLING SECTION...........10/4/10...?
  213. Why are WWE disbanding of all of their tag teams?
  214. Why does the GM keep screwing Edge over? + Which WWE retirees have it in for Edge?
  215. Natalya finally gets a title shot. Thoughts?
  216. Why does Great Khali keep accepting Open Challenges and keep Losing via Being having a Chair...
  217. is matt hrdy dead the user justin biber fever told me?
  218. Why do some Fans Complain about Bad PPV's if they set High Expectations?
  219. So wrestling section, am I going to be the only TC who isnt putting semi retired in my name?
  220. SmackDown's new logo + WQ Inside?
  221. Since Matt Hardy has passed on, i'd like to share a poem with WS about Matt?
  222. A laptop computer as a guest on The Cutting Edge... Is this what the WWE has come to?
  223. A Question about Taz (Tazz the way WWE spells it) ( WQ's Inside)?
  224. Agree/Disagree, The fans that go to the WWE events are the reason we barley see 5 star matches...
  225. You people have it wrong, why do people think stone cold is the greatest wrestler ever?
  226. When was the last time Orton actually hit a Punt on someone?
  227. Scott Hall has passed away! Should he be in a Hall of Fame?
  228. Have any of you ever been to Wrestlemania?
  229. LOL! Did you guys hear the 'GM' scream 'Cole stop him Cole?'?
  231. Sooooooo, is Edge going to get suspended over striking an inanimate object being the GM ?
  232. Looking at WWE's current wrestlers (FCW included), who do you think will be the next John Cena?
  233. Is WWE wrestler Matt Hardy dead!?
  234. just a fun smackdown vs raw survey(the video game)?
  235. John Cena or Randy Orton.........?
  236. Why do you still Tune In each Week to Watch RAW or SmackDown if you Complain about it?
  237. If AJ Styles was in WWE, would he be underrated?
  238. When is Chris Jericho retiring?
  239. can i get a joey styles oh my god ringtone from anywhere?
  240. I have a question about Jay leno and WWE?
  241. Does Vince Mcmahon Actully Hate Hulk Hogan?
  242. When will Raw have a main event that doesn't get interfered with?
  243. Does anyone else Think That Melina is playing it safe?
  244. How did Drew McIntyre Cody Rhodes win the WWE Unified tag titles @ night of champions?
  245. Who do you think the Raw GM is?
  246. Can someone tell me the SVR 2011 features for ps2, what does the ps2 game lack compared to
  247. I was looking at the WWE Title History and noticed something VERY interesting... +BQ?
  248. RAW Episode 69 (Rate the Show) (Best Review gets 10 points) + WQ Inside?
  249. what does Be miz mean?
  250. How good was the Angle vs Hardy Match at TNA No Surrender?
  251. Whats John Morrison like in real life?
  252. Which year has been the greatest of Ric Flair's 38-year career?
  253. Friday Night SmackDown! Episode 68 (Rate and Review) (Best Review gets 10 Points) + WQ Inside?
  254. Should WWE have another draft next week on RAW or a supplemental draft next Tuesday?
  255. do you think Paul bearer will return?
  256. so randy orton is the new face of the wwe?
  257. why does daniel bryan have these white spots in his legs and stomach?
  258. should TNA WWE get along?
  259. If The Rock had a liver failure, would you donate your liver to him?
  260. Hell in a Cell Pay Per View question?
  261. Who would win out of this MiTb Match?
  262. Cody McIntrye as tag team champs: Was this a good move by WWE?
  263. Am I the only one that's tired of the Standard Heel?
  264. what types of finishers can you make on the new smackdown game?
  265. I Will Have You......?
  266. Will Chris Jericho return to WWE at the Royal Rumble as a surprise entrant?
  267. Is it safe to say that September had the best pay per views for WWE and TNA this year.?
  268. does r truth actully sing his song or lip sings?
  269. so super cena learn new moves?
  270. How overrated is Brian Daneilson?
  271. BE-BE-BEEP! BE-BE-BEEP!!?
  272. Is Daniel Bryan's new theme song one of the lamest ever?
  273. How the hell am I a top contributor?
  274. isn eve torras getting annoying when shes dancing?
  275. Is John Cena going to squash the entire Nexus now?
  276. Whatever happened to the Don't Try this at home WWE Commercials + WQ?
  277. Anybody else tired of seeing Sheamus vs Randy Orton?
  278. How would a canadian, heel stable work?
  279. Is the Age of Cena over, and the Age of Orton just begun?
  280. Sooooo...Did anyone get that Twinky Joke?
  281. Who is the General Manager of Raw?
  282. How underrated is John Cena?
  283. Do you listen to Drew McIntyre's entrance music?
  284. Is anyone else watching ring of honor.?
  285. Which diva is the biggest $lut ?
  286. TNA has been promoting someone by the name of Shore, does anyone know who it is?
  287. What is the best way to watch WWE wrestling live on the internet in good quality ?
  288. Will the WWE ever get to a point were they let the Wrestlers be themselves in the ring?
  289. For $1.000.000 would you name your son Dolph Ziggler?
  290. Why won't Michael Cole just shut up?
  291. Kane : Its Your Bride That Allowed Me To Put You IN A Vegetative state .. WTF !?
  292. What wrestler has had the most face/heel turns?
  293. who do you think 'll be the replacement of michael cole on nxt?
  294. What if WWE got a few FCW guys and did this?
  295. Who do you think 'll replace michael cole on nxt?
  296. what IF Eugene was the mystery GM of raw?
  297. who was the last WWF North American Heavyweight Championship ?
  298. why is Matt Hardy in the wwe bad books ? (again)?
  299. why hasn't ring of honor caught on with the fans like tna has ?
  300. why was London brawling pulled of the last TNA card ?
  301. Diva Tournament Finals?
  302. anyone think Tyler Black is making a big mistake joining wwe ?
  303. Why Do Kevin Nash And HHH Hate Each Other?
  304. would you pay to see this wwe match for the wwe championship?
  305. triple h do you like wwe raw?
  306. when vicki gerero going to be fired?
  307. what won't john cena do to get his face on television?
  308. when will WWE stop this shit ?
  309. Is this a trick(Smackdown spoiler inside)?
  310. You been set up a tag team match against The Nexus... pick 1 wwe superstar as you
  311. Was there ever a wrestler that you have tried to like, but just couldn't?
  312. is this good roster for WWE(but I don't put some veterans for male wrestlers)?
  313. Do you think Dolph Ziggler will end up cheating on Vickie Guerrero with Kaitlyn?
  314. do you think Ted Dibiase's Milion Dollar gimmick suit for him?
  315. Who thinks tna is better than the the wwe?
  316. What are your opinions on Matt Hardy as a professional wrestler?
  317. What kind of toilet seats do Sumo wrestlers use?
  318. why is wwe raw so bad?
  319. Who is your favorite WWF/E Diva of all-time + BQ?
  320. Do you feel Randy Orton is overrated?
  321. What is one wrestler you have always disliked?
  322. Was this week of WWE Raw The Best episode in the PG Era?
  323. If Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit didn't die. Where do you think they would be at today?
  325. WWF Raw Is War Episode 4 Rate the Show (Part 1 of 2) ( WQ is inside)?
  326. do you think the rock watches smackdown and raw?
  327. WWF Raw Is War Episode 4 Rate the Show (Part 2 of 2) + BQ?
  328. who else thinks john morrison will be the reason jericho wont win a NOC?
  329. Who Did You Think Was More humorous Goldust as william regal or william regal as Goldust?
  330. Why was Michael Cole acting like a whinny female dog on NXT?
  331. is it true that the vintage nerd michel cole quit the wwe?
  332. What are the following superstars unscrambled?
  333. Create your own WWE Roster + BQ?
  334. Is Michael Cole moved on from the Miz to Vickie Gurrero?
  335. Is Primo a Face or Heel + BQ?
  336. Will The Miz Be The First Person To win money in the bank and not win a world championship?
  337. Why doesn't anybody ever tap to Wall of Jericho? Doesn't it piss you off?
  338. booker t return wq inside?
  339. Raw Episode 57 (Rate the Show) + WQ Inside?
  340. Where could I watch WWE wrestling live through the internet with good quality ?
  341. Who else agrees that Goldust should win a world title soon?
  342. which do you like wwe batista as face or heel?
  343. Did you know that Jericho is the best in the world at what he does?
  344. Tatanka vs. Sgt. Slaughter. Who would have won?
  345. Scott Steiner (prime) vs. Shawn Michaels (prime). Who would have won?
  346. what you think ???????????
  347. Is there a way to watch wwe wrestling online, live?
  348. Ravishing Rick Rude vs. The Miz. Who would have won?
  349. Old School Question!?
  350. something im wondering about?
  351. should the nexus be put in a holding cell 6 stories underground?
  352. Can someone give me a reason(s) why John Morrison shouldn't be in the main event right now?
  353. If Chris Jericho remains with WWE after Night of Champions, would this be a good RAW
  354. Welcome to TWA Revenge with a WQ and Rate the show or Pick the Winners?
  355. If you were a wrestler/diva?
  356. Who would you rather see returning to WWE: The Rock or Stone Cold?
  357. anyone else think Desmond Wolfe is being overlooked in tna ?
  358. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  359. Why did John Morrison blow his opportunity to main event Night of Champions?
  360. Did you feel sorry for Michael Cole when he got owned by Chris Jericho at this week's raw?
  361. What happened on nxt last night that cole might get kicked off it? Plus Bq?
  362. For $1.000 would you let Triple H give you a Pedigree?
  363. Wasn't it pretty cool when Randy Orton turned an FU into an RKO through a table yesterday?
  364. WHAT IF WWE made the most evil commentator team of ---?
  365. tna n wwe r the same company???!!!!?
  366. Is it just me , or does Vickie starting to look hot,did she lose a *ton* of weight ?
  367. Former ROH Champion Tyler Black: How Will WWE Misuse Him?
  368. Who are your top 10 WWE Legends?
  369. What if your definition of a good-great wrestling company.?
  370. what title is going to be on the line during the CM Punk vs Big Show match?
  371. when is HHH supposed to return?
  372. Do you think wrestling fans overuse the term great wrestler, if so why?
  373. Should John Morrison face Undertaker at Wrestlemania 27?
  374. Why do you not see Lance Storm and Koslov at the same time?
  375. WWCE Presents Extreme Rules is it good Please Rate and Star + WQ?
  376. Fate of the Tag-Team Championships at NOC?
  377. witch team was the best heel in the wwe history?
  378. when is wwe superstars going to be canceled?
  379. is linda Mcmahon losing her election?
  380. The doctor of wiggernomics?
  381. On an aggressive scale of 1-10, how would you rate Sheamus' performance in the ring?
  382. Back in the 80's____(MORE INSIDE)?
  383. WWE Divas wore short skirts onNXT,has to keep pushin the skirt down as they walk.What is this
  384. Jillian or Edge????????
  385. why doesent john cena ever get injured?
  386. Did Eddie Guerrero die for our sins?
  387. Wouldnt it be funny if the GM of Raw turns out to be Michael Cole?
  388. will shemuse ever get a tan?
  389. Monday Night Raw Episode 2 (Rate the Show) + Who's better, Jack Swagger or Dolph Ziggler?
  390. What do you think about VKMs performance when he wrestled in the ring?
  391. Is there anybody in the WS right now, who has been involved in the WS since Yahoo Answers...
  392. Is WWE giving Orton too much momentum going into NoC?
  393. ladies:who is the sexiest man in the wwe?
  394. Who else thinks that was kind of a lame way to take john morrison out of the championship scene?
  395. was summer slam the worst payperwiew of 2010?
  396. what happened to my chiguge rey mysterio?
  397. when is randy orton going to be the new face of the wwe?
  398. shouldent even bourne get a new gimick?
  400. Armageddo Episode 3,rate this match the whole show?
  401. Can Even Borne do any wrestling moves besides kick people?
  402. John Morrison last night on RAW?
  403. What was the point for Miz to fake a hernia last week on RAW?
  404. Don't you miss the old Jerry Lawler?
  405. WS Reality: Big Brother (Challenge)?
  406. Doesn't Micheal Cole ever get annoyed by the sound of his own voice?
  407. How do i get front row seats for WWE when they come to london?
  408. does r Truth have a new theme song?
  409. didnt john morrison have the best macht of the night?
  410. Why does Randy Orton Keep Having to prove to john cena that he's better than him?
  411. are you team orton or team ceneation?
  412. What are your final predictions for Night Of Champions 2010?
  413. Do you think that wwe in 2010 is start to go up?
  414. Friday Night SmackDown! Episode 56 (Rate the Show) (WQ and BQ Inside)?
  415. What do you think about WWE Raw 13.09.10?
  416. Quick question about the Cena t-shirts?
  417. Should Curt Hawkins leave Vance Archer and team with Zack Ryder again (More Inside)?
  418. why is that wwe gave....?
  419. Which Wrestlers should Quit While They're Ahead ? + BQ?
  420. If you had the opportunity to make ONE match...+BQ?
  421. Other than Morrison who should the WWE give a push and stop jobbing them?
  422. Do you think that they are turning Orton into the new Cena?
  423. When adult men are heavily into watching wrestling, are they exhibiting homo-erotic tendencies?
  424. What is the most un-pg actions during WWE shows that occured during the PG era?
  425. Will it be illogical to book The Undertaker v Daniel Bryan at WM 27?
  426. What will be your initial reaction if the mystery RAW GM is Jackie Chan?
  427. what do you think wwe is going to do with Eziekel Jackson now that he's back on raw?
  428. Does CM Punk have the strength to carry The Big Show and hit the GTS?
  429. What would you rate RAW last night?
  430. Since EVERYONE pretty much HATES Cena should he be considered a CURSE WORD in the WS?
  431. How did Evan Bourne's LITTLE Main Eventer push turn in to a JOBBING push?
  432. What if HHH returns at Night of Champions?
  433. Would Undertaker vs Randy Orton vs John Cena at Wrestlemania 27 sell Wrestlemania 27?
  434. Orton has taken out Nexus AND Rated Y2J and he STILL can reverse the FU!?
  435. Who agrees that Chris Jericho is the best in the world at what he does?
  436. What is your Top 10 WWE Divas?
  437. Any thoughts on the Sheamus vs Morrison match on RAW?
  438. Will Great Khali be in SvR 2011?
  439. Is the Great Khali strong or fat?
  440. DO YOU KNOW WHO Charles Wright IS?
  443. IMO, this could be the dumbest thing that the WWE Creative guys came up with since...?
  445. witch attitude adjustment RKO is better ?
  446. Is Cris Masters Underrated?
  447. Is Dixie Carter Hot!!?
  448. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  449. Which current WWE faces do you think should switch to heels?
  450. Will HBK ever come bk to wrestle?
  451. Is TNA wrestling fake??
  452. what did you think of RAW last night?
  453. Which wrestler has the Most Marks?
  454. Why Evan Boure push is over?
  455. I love how Y2J just owned cole and come on Jericho reveal who the GM is?
  456. Who would win, Sting in his prime or Sheamus + BQ?
  457. Are you a fan of Kane being a heel?
  458. Your thoughts on Melina's in ring abilities?
  459. Who else in the Wrestling Section has lost their Top Contributor Badge? + What if The Rock...
  460. Is Jericho a WWE legend?
  461. Who's better, Chris Jericho or AJ Styles?
  462. Did the Nexus Fade Away Very Quickly?
  463. Was anyone as annoyed as I was when Orton took out Edge Jericho?
  464. Who is the best superstar in Smackdown and in Raw?
  465. Anyone else really hate gimmicky obviously staged moves?
  466. Which match ending annoyed you the most?
  467. Where did Justin Credible go to High School?
  468. How soon after recovering from being in a vegetative state should you fight for the World title?
  469. Eddie Guerrero Chris Benoit Test Umaga Lance Cade Why ?
  470. Wrestling Section Wars Episode 4 Please rate and star?
  471. hasant any one notice something about dashing cody rodhes?
  472. Welcome to TWA Nitro with a WQ and Pick the Winners?
  473. LOL Who Remembers this last year WWE?
  474. See what i mean, Evan Bourne in the match for 2 minutes?
  475. Who is going to win: John Morrison or Sheamus in a Fall out Match?
  476. What happened to Tito Ortiz going into wrestling?
  477. Is this a clue that Randy Orton will win the Six Pack Challenge?
  478. Is Tonights Guest host the worst of all?
  479. So if wrestlers copy gimmicks from others a lot.Then who does Regal and Finlay get their
  480. Cena Comes Out Everybody Cheers But On Internet Everybody! Hates Cena? Why?
  481. What 80's wrestler do you think I should buy a DVD of?
  482. How come when Triple H is around everybody hates him but when hes gone everybody loves and
  483. Was Edge's face to heel turn the quickest in wrestling?
  484. General Manger said If John Morrison beat Sheamus he will take Chris Jericho Sport in Fall...
  485. are you going to wach raw?
  486. why hasant horswagle been relesed from his controct?
  487. are all the cena haters going to miss cena when he leaves the wwe?
  488. do any of you actully buy the payperwiews?
  489. did shemuse get a tan?
  490. New features.........?
  491. Wrestling question. Please help!?
  492. Who else saw this coming?
  493. what do you think is going to hapened on raw?
  494. Can you give me some cheat codes to SvR 2010?
  495. After wrestling my arm is killing me what to do?
  496. WWE Championship Tournament Finals?
  497. WS Reality Show: Big Brother (Elimination Challenge)?
  498. does micheol cole visit the wrestling section?
  499. Agree or Disagree: John Cena NEEDS to turn heel + Several BQ's?
  500. Who is the BEST WWE Tag Team EVER + HBK BQ?