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  1. Ewww a John Cena question opinion thingy inside?
  2. HIAC: Rate it. Favorite part +BQ?
  3. OMG. Cena is in Nexus?
  4. I know Natalya def Michelle McCool last night for the Diva's title. Why are Team LayCool...
  6. when will vince mcmahon return?
  7. When was the last Good, Entertaining Diva fued/storyline?
  8. EDGE TO SD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  10. Where does CM Punk rank now on your all-time best villain list?
  11. Who thinks that WWE Writers are going to screw up the Cena - Nexus storyline?
  12. i love money, the reality tv show(wwe style)?
  13. Anyone else think Nexus AND against us is stupid?
  14. Is Cena in Nexus the beginning of a heel turn or the beginning of the end for Nexus?
  15. Vince Has to be the GM?
  16. Do you think the Raw ratings will increase from last week since Cena in now in Nexus?
  17. this is what happens when you target kids as an aduience(WWE)?
  18. Has anyone else seen this video of a kid reacting to John Cena losing?
  19. Have you ever cut a promo on someone?
  20. So is the whole WWE Nexus vs Genesis angle dead now?
  21. What do you think of TNA bound for glory? make your own card?
  22. So since Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty ran in and helped Nexus last night will they join
  23. Man, Why Do Wrestlers Charge So Much for Autographs?
  24. Will Cena quit if he hates being under Wade Barrett's iron fist?
  25. So, Nexus adds 3 new members, are they better than nWo?
  26. Who is the most underrated wrestler in HISTORY (not just this era)?
  27. Do you think the Buried Alive match will RETURN?
  28. What are the odds of Edge vs Kane at Bragging Rights?
  29. Who would of thought I could be a TC?
  30. Who's very dissappointed that The Undertaker lost at Hell in a Cell to Paul Bearer?
  31. What happened to Finlay?
  32. A Little Kid gets upset when John cena Lost.
  33. At Survivor Series do you think The Undertaker could Bury Paul Bearer in the Buried Alive Match?
  34. What has been your Favourite WWE Gimmick?
  35. Would you rank Hell in a Cell a Good or Bad PPV by WWE 2010 Standards?
  36. anybody who beleives that cena will join nexus?
  37. Did You Expect Paul Bearer to (Yet Again) Turn on The Undertaker?
  38. Which W.W.E /T.N.A Roster You Would Love to see Switch Sides with Other Company?
  39. Should World Wrestling Entertainment change it's name to.....?
  40. Who think that this Cena being part of the Nexus thing isn't going to be impressive?
  41. Sooo, the Undertaker's mystical Urn is a FLASHLIGHT?
  42. this is starting to piss me off?
  43. who won the match between John Cena and Wade Barett?
  44. What Makes You Watch WWE Each Week?
  45. Please give me your honest opinion about this Wrestling Article?
  46. Who'd Win Robert Roode vs Chris Jericho?
  48. who is your favorite wrestler?
  49. out of gail kim, trish stratus, lita, mickie james and natalya:who is the best in these categories?
  50. Do you think WWE made Paul Bearer turn heel way to soon?
  51. Why Didn't The Undertaker win?
  52. Did you enjoy the PPV Hell In A Cell..?
  53. Where can iGet an WWE NXT Shirt Cheap ?
  54. POLL: Do You Remember Nidia?
  55. Bragging Rights Team Raw Or Smackdown..?
  56. Who Had The Worst Week?
  57. how would you rate the hell in a cell pay per view?
  58. Does everybody think the two people who attacked cena are nexus i dont?
  59. Did you expect Wade Barrett to win?
  60. Why isn't Cena vs barrett inside the cell?
  61. Do You Want Heat And Velocity Back!!?
  62. Is it just not a little crazy that WWE is advertising Mick Foley's book?
  63. What's is your favourite Wrestler?
  64. Agree or Agree: Having Cena join The Nexus is the smartest decision WWE has made in years?
  65. how come they are not?
  66. Would WWE dare do this +BQ?
  67. would you say the fans at hell in a cell were mentally drained by the last match?
  68. Why do certain people think that John Cena can't wrestle?
  69. Who attacked Cena and what gonna happen now?
  70. What do you think of Edge's Face Turn?
  71. How to watch WWE Monday Night RAW live online?
  72. Hasn't John Cena got so much better in the ring these past few months?
  73. Do you think The Undertaker should turn heel?
  74. Brian Kendrick is the guy who attacked Cena?
  75. Who Had The Worst Night-Hell In A Cell?
  77. Has this feud lifted Kane's legacy?
  78. Do you expect the feud to end in a Buried Alive match?
  79. Do you think when Kane and Undertaker retire...?
  80. What are your thoughts on John Cena joining Nexus?
  81. What are the chances of Darren Young and Skip Sheffield causing Cena the match.?
  82. Did Matt Striker just tell us what John Cena's fanbase consist of?
  83. is sheamus bleeding?????????????????????
  84. Why hasn't the diva match happen yet?
  85. Hell In A Cell Questions?
  86. Do you think this guy looks like jeff hardy?
  87. What word better describes wrestling fans hypocrites or complainers?
  88. are you serious? daniel bryan.?
  89. Who do you think those 2 people that helped Barrett were?
  90. Agree or Disagree: Yoshi Tatsu deserves a Push and/or a Title +WQ?
  91. striker called layla a heel?
  92. Since The Undertaker didn't win the glorious title...?
  93. how pissed will you be if the mistery gm said that cenas loss was a fluke and that he
  94. Should WWE have a NXT Season 4, using midcards on the WWE roster?
  95. Could this 'Top WWE Superstar' that Plans to Retire be The Undertaker?
  96. Do WWE PPV Buy-Rates Decline because of the Previous Lackluster PPV?
  97. wow, that was unexpected. (TAker v KAne)?
  98. Who is the Most Respected WWE Wrestler in History?
  99. Who else thinks that WWE Hell in a Cell 2010 was awesome?
  100. Who won at Hell In A Cell (just testing)?
  101. just a fun survey about this hell in a cell ppv we just watched?
  102. whats your prediction for wade vs cena? ... Genesis?
  104. What are your expectations for tonights Hell In A Cell PPV?+BQ's?
  105. Cena is now part of NEXUS cna you believe it?
  106. Michael Cole finally accepts Daniel Bryan?
  107. Was Orton Shemus one of the worst Hell in a Cell matches?
  108. wade vs cena... match of 2010?
  109. Has the Cenation been robbed?
  110. Now People Keep Saying John Cena Still Won't Turn Heel.?
  111. GENESIS vs NEXUS at Bragging Rights?
  112. who attacked john cena in his match with wade barrett tonight?
  113. Who is your Favorite Wrestler and Who is your Least Favorite Wrestler from WWE/TNA? + BQ'S?
  114. Will Paul Bearer betray the Undertaker tonight?
  115. WTf JUST HAPPEND???????
  116. CENA IS NEXUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  117. why does thwaggers mouth always bleed?
  118. What are the funniest wrestling-related videos you've come across?
  119. When will the miz cash in his briefcase n how? Guys I need 4 more stars so plzz help me out?
  120. WWE Hell in a Cell Predicitons (first person to get the closest right prediction gets BA)?
  121. Anyone else pumped up for Wade Barrett vs John Cena match?
  122. Do you think if cena loses tonight and joins nexus that he'll turn heel or no?
  123. do you think vince mcmahon will go to hell for challenging god to a wrestling match?
  124. How likely is it that the Miz will cash in his MITB on Orton tonight?
  125. Do you like cupcakes :)?
  126. Who was the first wrestler you saw when you started watching wrestling?
  127. Whats the Best Hell in a Cell Ever?
  128. What are 3 or more things that gives TNA Low ratings?
  129. Would this be a good idea or a 4th season of nxt?
  130. When and on what channel do they give TNA I hear it's been really good lately?
  131. Who thinks it's better to be an ignorant wrestling fan than a smart fan?
  132. Hell In A Cell; Predict the matches?
  133. Who is going to win? Michelle McCool or Natalya?
  134. Why do people think that Blood can make a match more exciting?
  135. which wrestler had the ring name war machine?
  136. What is your favorite wrestlemania.?
  137. Do you think tonights pay per view will be good or bad.?
  138. Which would be the best Mickie James, TNA re-debut storyline?
  139. does anyone think that stone cold is overrated.?
  140. If WWE fans never gained knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes...(More Inside)?
  141. If Miz wins the US title AGAIN tonight, would you be upset/mad/happy?
  142. who do you think will win;natalya or michelle?
  143. Happy Birthday to.....?
  144. Who is your favorite wrestler?
  145. With John Morrison's birthday today; what are the chances of him winning the US title tonight?
  146. Agree or Disagree: WWE's last GOOD year was 2007?
  147. Will Big John McCarthy get into the UFC hall of fame?
  148. why isn't WWE Hell In A Cell on this website yet?
  149. what channle dose helll in a cell wwe today?
  150. Play, Who said the quote.....(5 quotes WWE)?
  151. Did anyone notice the mistake on the live edition of SmackDown this week?
  152. Do you think John Morrison should turn heel and...?
  153. If WWE fans never gained knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes...(More Inside)?
  154. What do you think backstage of WWE shows are like?
  155. Who is the MOST attractive WWE/TNA wrestler of all time?
  156. would john cena vs randy orton in a tlc match be good?
  157. why does wwe look so real when its actually fake ?
  158. do you think miz will cash in tonight?
  159. What Do You Guys Think About This Change To Smackdown?
  160. What do you think of Wresting Today?
  161. Who deserve to win royal rumble 2011.Chris Jericho or Kane?
  162. Anyone else miss ALL the McMahons on WWE TV........+ BQ?
  163. When did the Ruthless Aggression Era officialy end?
  164. Please arrange those feud of brothers of destruction,and why?
  165. Nexus has a new T-Shirt out...........could this mean anything?
  166. Is the WWE gonna invade TNA or is TNA gonna invade the WWE?
  167. If you were in charge of WWE, which superstar would you bring back + Message to Wrestling Section?
  168. why is mick foley doing stuff for wwe while he still on a contract with tna?
  169. What do you think Vince McMahon would do if TNA Start beating wwe in rating?
  170. Who is the Future of WWE?
  171. Will somebody be arriving in TNA at Bound for Glory 10.10.10.?
  172. What did you guys think of Edge destorying the GM Labtop this past Raw? Did you like what Edge Did?
  173. List these matches from worst to best?
  174. What wrestling company is Ron Farooq Simmons currently working at or what is he doing nowadays?
  175. LIVE WWE? woo!! excellent fighting,where can I watch?
  176. Do you people realize that the Bragging Rights and Survivor Series poster are just promotional
  177. What was the first WWE ppv you ever saw and what match was your favorite from that card?
  178. Can anybody tell me about this wrestler Edge?
  179. Is any one else shocked that Mick Foley was mentioned on
  180. What is wwe universe for svr 2011?
  181. What are your Predictions for WWE HELL IN A CELL PPV PREDICTIONS?
  182. Will TNA ever have its own attitude era?
  183. Tell me the worst storys of the wwe of those years?
  184. Would it been funny if one of the companies goofed ( WWE/TNA) and put a PPV on the same day ?
  185. What ya'll think about the new effects in Smackdown's intro?
  186. does the SmackDown new intro and logo remind you of this?
  187. On a scale from 1 to 10, rate these wrestler's careers.?
  188. whats a tweener in the wwe?
  189. What is one thing you don't understand about wrestling fans?
  190. Have you ever had a wrestling theme song on your head for a long time?
  191. Have you ever been a Hulkamaniac?
  192. What was going on in Chris Benoit's mind when he decided to kill his own family?
  193. WHY hasnt Triple H got the ability durability in svr 2010?
  194. NWE Friday Night Smackdown: Episode 16: Rate and Review + BQ?
  195. Are you a Jerichoholic like me?
  196. Do you think Vince McMahon doesn't realize how big of a threat TNA is becoming?
  197. If you were paid a $100 to kiss Brie Bella would you do it?
  198. What do you think about this wick smackdown?
  199. NWE Monday Night Raw: Episode 15: Rate and Review + BQ?
  200. Does anyone have the formulas for these CAW's from SmackDown! vs. Raw 2007 + WQ inside?
  201. how to get dlc for wwe svr 2010 ps3 for the european version ?
  202. next crusierweight to become a world champion?
  203. Why doesnt daniel bryan aka bryan danielson go back to the final countdown?
  204. Agree or Disagree: TNA has not creativity + WQ Inside?
  205. What makes you think john cena will lose at HIAC?
  206. Am I the only one who's sick of The Nexus?
  207. Why is WWE so scared to make John Cena heel?
  208. World Pro Wrestling, Tiebreaker(1), VOTE!!!?
  209. Is it just me or did Taker not only seem revitalized and perform like the old days but looked...
  210. Does WWE still need two shows, or even two world titles still?
  211. Bragging Rights 2010 RATE?
  212. WWE is So Stupid Now?
  213. WWE vs TNA who will win?
  214. Who was the Mascot Eagle Last Night on Friday Night Smackdown?
  215. Why do users who have been in the WS for years now think they are better than the new era of users?
  216. What was the most Breakout Moment of all-time from WWF/E?
  217. What wrestling company is Ron Farooq Simmons working at or what is he doing nowadays?
  218. will you help me pick a picture for my account +bq?
  219. How about this how The Undertaker and Kane feud ends?
  220. What has been the worst feud of all-time from WWF/E?
  221. Are you apart of CeNation?
  222. Why is WWE trying to ruin Smackdown by making it more entertainment then wrestling?
  223. Which of these 6 things will MOST likely happen in WWE in the near future + BQ?
  224. Guess the wrestler (20 Characters)?
  225. Who has BETTER facepaint: The Icon Sting or The Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy?
  226. What do you think is the soundtrack for SvR2011 ?
  227. Which would you rather me do?
  228. WWE Superstars Episode 1 (Pick Winners and Rate Matches) WQ is included inside?
  229. Who thinks Smackdown should not be Live anymore?
  230. Who do you think is hotter, Velvet Sky or Maria?
  231. Why isnt EV2.0 on the roster for the TNA Impact 2 game?
  232. What will happen if the WWE Ratings continue to suffer like...?
  233. What has been the most Shocking Moment of all-time from WWF/E?
  234. NWO 2010 in WWE, your members?
  235. When did Undertaker's streak begin?
  236. Who from the TNA roster do you think would fit in nicely in the WWE?
  237. If The WWE Draft Was Next Week...?
  238. WWE John Cena Nexus What If..........?
  239. Is it just me or did anyone notice Kane's physique change a bit last night on Smackdown?
  240. Do you think the NXT season 2 rookies might help Wade Barrett beat John Cena tommrow at HIAC?
  241. Chris Jericho (prime) or Kurt Angle (prime)?
  242. Rate my WWE Survivor Series 2010 Dream Card?
  243. NWE Revolution (pay per view): Rate and Review + BQ?
  244. I just thought of a Idea for wrestlers that are just their for entertainment. Look Below!!?
  245. Did Edge turn face on Smackdown ?
  246. What Wrestling Company do you consider underrated?
  247. What moment would be more tearful, The Undertaker retiring or Sheamus breaking the streak,why?
  248. WWE Hell in the cell predictions?
  249. WWE NXT SEASON 3 Not on tv no more?? Help?
  250. RKO or Tombstone + HWA Episode 1 Results Part 1?
  251. Is there anything more WWE could've done to ruin ECW?
  252. which is a better word to describe the undertaker, legend or phenom?
  253. What is wrong with Mr.Vocabulary aka I''Make You Famous?
  254. who do you think is the most overrated wrestler of all time?
  255. Why is Mr.Vocabulary such an immature prick.?
  256. Which storyline is more annoying, the gm or nexus?
  257. Do you think that wrestling fans are hypocrites?
  258. Where online can I watch WWE wrestling or TNA wrestling?
  259. Does Iron Shiek have a crush on Hulk Hogan?
  260. Notice how they are giving Undertaker the same recipe as last year?
  261. Who is the hottest, Velvet Sky or Maryse or Stacy Keibler when she was in the wwe.?
  262. Who is a bigger jobber in wwe right now, gail kim or evan bourne?
  263. Who are the best users in this section?
  264. In 3-Count, would you have ever guess Shannon Moore would be who he is today?
  265. Out of curiosity, is Sheamus albino or is he just extremely white colored?
  266. How did you feel to see Orton be the one laid out for a change?
  267. What would happen if Hulk Hogan Never left the AWA to go to the WWF?
  268. Why do I keep seeing this question being asked? WWE?
  269. did you guys notice smackdowns new background?
  270. Do you think it's animal abuse to put a mask on a dog (just like Alberto del Rio did to
  271. If Cena does join Nexus, will they be a legit comparison to the nWo?
  272. Agree or Disagree: Trish Stratus and Stacy Kiebler, are the hottest WWE divas in History?
  273. What do you think of Rey Mysterio's return?
  274. Why did TNA make Janice when they know it's not allowed to use it?
  275. For all the people who still watch that PG Garbage: How was Smackdown tonight?
  276. Would this be a good 3 hour RAW:Tribute to the Troops card?
  277. What do you think about the new effects and theme song in the Smackdown intro?
  278. What was the biggest surprise in Smackdown?
  279. How come all of the sudden more people have been starting to cheer on Chris Jericho in the last...
  280. why did kurt angle leave the wwe ?
  281. Do you think that The Season Premiere of SmackDown on Syfy was better than the 900th episode of Raw?
  282. WWE or TNA? What do you enjoy more these days?
  283. Did anyone saw Justin Gabriel botch his second 450 on The Big Show?
  284. Who do you think has more strength in real life, The Undertaker or Kane?
  285. OMG how can guys move their?
  286. who hates smackdown's new theme song?
  287. Wow finally Orton got beat up by Sheamus?
  288. Who is worthy to end a legendary Undertaker's career after 20 years of glory..?
  289. Is The Wrestling Show TNA Fake?
  290. So,what was the point of Randy Orton being on Smackdown?
  291. Are you kidding me!? Green Day's ''Do You Know Your Enemy'' is Smackdown!'s new them song!?
  292. Will Edge end the PG Era? BQ?
  293. do you think the undertaker is better than he was in the 90's?
  294. Whose the best announcer in WWE?
  295. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  296. This friday's smackdown was a huge let down so far?
  297. What were your thoughts on WWE Smackdown Tonight *I went to it*?
  298. How would you rate this week's SmackDown +BQ?
  299. How does The Undertaker do it?
  300. Do you think this match would have been a good match?
  301. Agree or Disagree: Mr. Kennedy's (Anderson's) best feud was with the Undertaker in 2006?
  302. Anyone miss the days when SmackDown! and RAW would have wars (more inside) + WQ Inside?
  303. Agree or Disagee: SmackDown! vs. Raw 2007 is better than SmackDown vs. Raw 2011?
  304. Agree or Disagree: People who tell you that Wrestling is fake (more inside) + WQ?
  305. How Come Hell In a Cell Has only five matches ?
  306. Why does John Cena always wear T-shirts with feminin colors?
  307. If Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair never wrestled and were nobodies, do you think WWE would be...
  308. Do you think Darren Young looks like John Cena?
  309. Do you think that tonight's SmackDown is going to be interesting or all hype?
  310. Do you think Goldust deserves a World Title reign in WWE, why or why not?
  311. Can we expect the SyFy premiere of Smackdown to be any better than the 900th episode of Raw?
  312. Which WWE HIAC PPV Poster is better, HIAC 2009 or HIAC 2010?
  313. Del Rey does Sex Trivia on Wednesdays?
  314. Do you think Randy Orton would lose WWE Title that quick to The Miz at WWE HIAC 2010?
  315. What didyou think about this feud?
  316. So how long are the smarks going to complain about CM Punk's loss tonight?
  317. If ECW didn't go bankrupted and bought by Vince McMahon, where would it be today?
  318. Did you like SmackDown tonight?
  319. Who would you consider as a wrestling god?
  320. Why do the announcers think that we only watch 1 show (raw or smackdown)?
  321. When was the last time a RAW or Smackdown main event ended cleanly by pinfall/submission?
  322. Does anyone have the link of the new SmackDown intro + WQ Inside?
  323. Your Emotion (WQ's inside)?
  324. Who's better Tyler Black or CM Punk?
  325. Agree or Disagree: TNA Bound For Glory 2010 has got a ridiculous match card?
  326. Most wrestling fans always set themselves up for disappointment....Agree or Disagree?
  327. Who's better Chris Jericho (prime) or Bryan Danielson?
  328. WWE TV Network Update?
  329. Smackdown not airing?
  330. Is TNA actually thinking that this is great?
  331. What was 1 match that was so hyped up, that you thought sucked or didn't live up to the hype?
  332. Is The Great Khali the biggest joke in WWE?
  333. What show do you like better, SD! or iMPACT?
  334. I thought all those old ecw guys in TNA was a one time thing like most people here said 2...
  335. 2 weeks of orton being the champ. Rate him.?
  336. Agree or Disagree: Chris Jericho is a better heel than Edge?
  337. John Morrison's Starship Pain or Miz's Skull Crushinng Finale?
  338. How sorry did you feel for Flair last night?
  339. Do you like Smackdown's new theme?
  340. If WWE were to make a no-win WM Streak, who should it be?
  341. is matt fodge married.?
  342. I hear voices in my you know what they are telling me?
  343. Wrestling Questions: Part 8 (+BQ's)?
  344. 2010 Survivor Series poster featuring Nexus?
  345. Would losing to Wade Barrett at HIAC 2010 put Cena in a hot losing streak+BQ?
  346. Anyone else feel like tonight's Smackdown seems like RAW?
  347. Which defection to TNA was the most disrespectful to WWE?
  348. Do you think that wrestling fans use the term ''legend'' too much, when a better word is...
  349. that damn MATTHEW has gone fn crazy?
  350. Agree or Disagree: Another reason for WWE going down hill is becuase of their roster Depth?
  351. Kaval, Low-Ki or Senshi which name do you like better?
  352. Agree or Disagree: The reason for WWE going down hill is because of Celebrity Exposure?
  353. wrestling poll:John Morrison's chuck kick or Kaval(low ki/senshi)'s tidal wave?
  354. What if RAW moves to SyFy?
  355. Do you find slightly odd that paul bearer would side with the undertaker?
  356. Does AJ Lee remind you of Mickie James?
  357. Where online can I watch WWE smackdown wrestling online tonight?
  358. This is to WWE fan. Thanks.?
  359. Do you think the WWE is gonna get rid of Kaval soon?
  360. Agree or Disagree: WWE should bring back Tough Enough and Diva Search and get rid of NXT?
  361. When you betray someone at work, do you use a Superkick or a Pedigree?
  362. How bad will Hell in a Cell be (wrestling wise)?
  363. Can Sheamus vs The Undertaker possibly deliver as a great match?
  364. Agree or Strongly agree, The Undertaker is the only reason why people bother to watch Wrestlemania?
  365. Has WWE ever held a pay per view in Mexico?
  366. How funny was it when people actually thought that Shawn Michaels was gonna break the streak?
  367. Do you think that Ric Flair enjoys getting iced?
  368. Does anyone else agree that when The Undertaker leaves the WWE will go up in flames?
  369. When Triple H returns, do you think he will affect the WWE ratings positive or negative?
  370. NWE Friday Night Smackdown: Episode 14: Rate and Review + BQ?
  371. Why does some wrestlers choose to wear the belt around their waist, and some around their shoulder?
  372. How do you make a Viscera CAW on WWE SvR2010 on the PS2?
  373. NWE Monday Night Raw: Episode 14: Rate and Review + BQ?
  374. which diva/knockout of all time should win the award for best/most....(more inside)?
  375. What segment did you like better?
  376. What if Lil Wayne woke up 1 morning and decided to make a wrestling promotion?
  377. Do you think there will be any surprises tonight on Smackdown?
  378. Jeff Hardy or Matt Hardy?
  379. Who is your favorite Motor City Machine Gun: Alex Shelley or Chris Sabin?
  380. Do you think Michael Cole is tired of informing everybody that he has recieved an email
  381. Daniel Bryan vs. Shelton Benjamin, Mickie James vs. Awesome Kong, tonight?
  382. Could Abyss's They be WWE?
  383. In your opinion, what is the best Undertaker Promo?
  384. I have a couple of out of the blue TNA questions.?
  385. name three wrestlers who were intimidating outside character?
  386. who is the mick foley of wrestling day?
  388. wwf raw episode 7 week before Mindgames PPV.Please rate show.?
  389. THEY, have been announced?
  390. What is the beer Ric Flair keep drinking on TNA when he gets iced?
  391. Is Randy Orton a heel or a face? BQ?
  392. What I would like to see?
  393. who is the best wrestler out of the 4 in there prime, chris jericho, aj styles, christian,...
  394. The Ultimate Wrestlemania Card?
  395. do you think john cena and the rock are on the same level as far as wrestling skills go(bonus...
  396. What requirements is there to achieve the Legend status?
  397. Is Tyler Black an overrated spot monkey who is awful on the mic?
  398. wwe why wasnt smackdown on?
  399. Who deserves the title Mr. Wrestlemania?
  400. Agree or Disagree: SmackDown! should never have gone of UPN/ The CW?
  401. If John Cena had started dating Mickie James a few months ago, would we have seen another WWE
  402. How to become apart of WWE's creative team + WQ's Inside?
  403. Do you think Chris Jericho will go to TNA?
  404. Do WWE anniversaries mean anything without some of the superstars/divas that helped WWE get there?
  405. My WCW Thursday Night Thunder Episode # 25 (Rate The Show) + What ever happened to The Genesis?
  406. Agree or Disagree: Bragging Rights is a second version PPV of Survivor Series?
  407. Besides Kurt Angle, do you honestly know a collegiate or an olympic wrestler?
  408. What's your favorite catchphrase/chant in WWE/TNA?
  409. CDMAX has another question, What was the point of having the NXT rookies attack Kaval?
  410. People Don't give Vickie Guerrero much credit for what she is does...Agree or Disagree?
  411. wwf raw episode 6.plz rate show.?
  412. Is it possible that I will grow so tall as the Great Khali?
  413. Who Had The Worst Night-Superstars?
  414. does anyone think The Rock will return at Survivor Series?
  415. Is this a greay creative John Cena sign? + WQ Inside?
  416. If Eddie and Benoit were still alive would they have ... (More Inside) + WQ Inside?
  417. Agree or Disagree: Was Rey Mysterio's first World Heavyweight Championship reign in 2006 underrated?
  418. Agree or Disagree: Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit are like the Notorious B.I.G and Tupac...
  419. Agree or Disagree: Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton at Vengeance 2006 was an underrated match?
  420. Has your favorite wrestler earn your respect, if so how?
  421. Could Sting possibly face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania XXVII?
  422. Who was the more complete wrestler, Shawn Michaels or Ric Flair, Why?
  423. When did it become ok to hate young wrestlers, but it is a crime to hate ''legends''?
  424. Why are the two best wrestlers in WWE having pointless feuds?
  425. A Great name for Tyler Devlins new move: a Snapmare Driver?
  426. Which Wrestler is Most Fan Friendly Off Screen/air Segment Who Aint?
  427. If the PG Era ends, is it most likely that WWE will continue the Ruthless Aggression era?
  428. Agree or Disagree: 2004, 2005 and 2006 were the last great years that the WWE had?
  429. What can i do to become a WWE wrestler?
  431. Is WWE trying to kill off NXT with low ratings by using Divas?
  432. Don't you find it funny when Ric Flair blows a gasket?
  433. Who here still has hope that..?
  434. Does it bug anyone else that...+BQ?
  435. Don't you hate when people try and compare The Rock and Stone Cold with today's current wrestlers?
  436. who thinks the general manager of monday night raw is verne troyer?
  437. do you think linda mcmahon could use this in her campain?
  438. Why does TNA get away with using words like a**hole?
  439. CDMAX has a question, Since Raw ratings have dropped would this be the perfect time for TNA...
  440. The West Coast Wrestling Company's "Night of Reckoning" Oct 24th-Davey Richards Debuts!
  441. What heel doesn't try to get heel heat, but they just do anyway?
  442. The Deadman or The American Bada**, which gimmick do you prefer?
  443. If your favorite wrestler slapped you in the face, how would you react?
  444. Where online can I watch TNA wrestling?
  445. was anyone else offended by cena remarks to justin gabrial?
  446. I need One more Finishing Move?
  447. What happens if a wrestler catches a cold?
  448. Wrestling Section poll. Who do you prefer?
  449. Agree/Disagree, The Nexus storyline had the potential to be one of the greatest storylines in...
  450. Mid Carders, Jobbers, Main Eventers?
  451. How valuable is Kevin Nash in TNA?
  452. What site is best to watch TNA wrestling on the internet tonight?
  453. What is DwayneThe RockJohnson's project with Vince?
  454. DYK: Did you know that Stone Cold Steve Austin was a steroid user?
  455. Message To The Wrestling Section: The WS is NOT boring!............+WQ?
  456. Who do you think is the most overrated wrestler of all time,Why?
  457. How can people call Hulk Hogan overrated when he basically made the WWE what it is today?
  458. What would you do if this happens.?
  459. How did you start watching wrestling?
  460. Guess this tag teams,BA for the first one to get the correct answer (In effort to revive WS)?
  461. SmackDown, when is it on..?
  462. Hell in a cell predictions?
  463. Kaval or Joe Henning + HWA Signups?
  464. What wrestler does the IWC loves you find highly overrated, why?
  465. True or False: Edge will join Smackdown on Friday?
  466. From a scale of 1-10: What would you rate the FINAL televised broadcast of WWE NXT?
  467. Do you think that WWE John Cena career was better when...?
  468. Agree or Disagree: WWE should drop 2 or 3 pay-per-views + BQ?
  469. Guess the Wrestler #3 ( Very Easy)?
  470. Twist of Fate or Swanton Bomb + HWA Signups?
  471. Has Daniel Brian become overrated just that fast? (WWE)?
  472. Who whould be WWE's next breakout diva?
  473. Can someone find me a boom squad logo pic so I can put that as my default pic?
  474. How i see or Would Like to see WWE if they unify all championships?
  475. CDMAX DEBUTS in the WRESTLING SECTION...........10/4/10?
  476. what would be your reaction if John Cena took time off and then returned?
  477. Will the WWE have Kofi Kingston fued with Alberto Del Rio ?
  478. Guess the Wrestler #2 (Easy)?
  479. TNA fans: Do you think They might have something to do with Paul Heyman?
  480. NWE Friday Night Smackdown: Episode 13: Rate and Review + BQ?
  481. What are your thoughts on the upcoming WWE fan appreciation day?
  482. Are there any Divas in the WWE HOF +BQ?
  483. What was the best WWE PPV of the Year so far + HWA Signups?
  484. If you could choose anyone to be Raw GM, who would you pick?
  485. Who would have won this match: Beth Phoenix or Lita?
  486. Who is your favorite long haired wrestler and who is your favorite short haired wrestler?
  487. Would this be a good Invasion Angle for next year?
  488. Is Randy Orton mentally unstable?
  489. Tournament Matches, Who would win?
  490. Why is there only 4 matches in Hell in a Cell PPV?
  491. Which storyline do you think will fail: They or Anonymous General Manager?
  492. Cody Rhodes Dashing gimmick: Fail or win?
  494. Who is the second in command in The Nexus?
  495. If u were a wwe or tan superstar wat will ur name be n wat would be ur moves?
  496. wwe volocity or wwe nxt?
  497. wrestling fans back in the attitude era?
  498. agree or disagree wwe fans?
  499. Has Matt Hardy Went Insane?
  500. What are the odds that Beth Phoenix wins the Royal Rumble and challenges Undertaker at...