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  1. Do you like my new name or should i change it back plus BQ?
  2. What is favouirte wrestling match of all time?
  3. Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Game-Part 1?
  4. Have any of the NXT Rookie Divas been eliminated yet?
  5. If Cena and Randy Orton were falling off a cliff.....?
  6. When is Bound for Glory on?
  7. Why is the wrestling section under Sports and not Entertainment Music along side horoscopes?
  8. Someone wants to fight me and its mob vs mob what should I do to win and not get hit?
  9. What is Batista doing since he left the wwe?
  10. WrestleMania 27 prediction card (7-11 Matches)...?
  11. If you were a wrestler in WWE what would...?
  12. who is as happy as i am Cena is FINALLY Nexus?
  13. What if Chris Benoit was alive?
  14. Can I get a Happy Birthday Eddie Guerrero?
  15. What do you like better, WWE or TNA, and why?
  16. What do you think of me as a user?
  17. My Wrestlemania Dream Card (The Current Performers)?
  18. How do you fel about the world's most dangerous man Ken Shamrock?
  19. Do you tend to like heels better than faces?
  20. name 10 things that were better when it was the attitude era than pg?
  21. Rant about ignorance/markism. Especially about Cena.?
  22. SmackDown! presents WWE Judgment Day (Rate and Review Pay Per View) + Is CM Punk now on Raw?
  23. What is your favorite Eddie Guerrero moment/match?
  24. who is the wwe raw gm?
  25. Will The WWE introduce a new title?
  27. what is a wcw bash brick?
  28. what legacy will the undertaker leave behind if he retire.?
  29. john morrison or matt hardy?
  30. of all time, who is more talented(wwe/f poll)?
  31. what do you think of me as a user?
  32. john cena or daniel bryan?
  33. Wrestling Section, i ORDER you to bow down to CDMAX, and just admit he is the best?
  34. What do you think of this user?
  35. Wrestling Section, Why are you jealous of CDMAX, the greatest user alive?
  36. what should i do i just found out that one of my friends is gay?
  37. Justin Bieber and WWE in the same sentence makes me wanna throw up?
  38. Why is it true that most of Undertaker and Daniel Byran's fans are naive?
  39. Top 10 Matches of 2009?
  40. Smackdown vs Raw 2011 Road to Wrestlemania players?
  41. in all of pro wrestling who was the wrestler?
  42. Is Edge a face once again?
  43. why is justin gabriel so cool?
  44. Why is CM Punk so annoying on the mic?
  45. RAW Episode 81 (Rate and Review) + Which year for WWE was better 2006 or 2007?
  46. Will CM Punk go to raw with the edge trade?
  47. New Fantasy Wrestling Promotion Weekly, I Would Love For People To Show Interest?
  48. Friday Night SmackDown! Episode 80 (Rate and Review) + Who is your favourite technical wrestler(s)?
  49. What is with all these stupid questions lately on the WS +WQ's?
  50. Is John Cena in Nexus?
  51. I'm so proud of Mickie James, She will make history?
  52. Do you think Natalya should win the Divas Championship before Beth Phoenix's return on December?
  53. Do you think that the....?
  54. Which PPVVVVVVVVVVVVV. Thanks.?
  55. Anybody else notice that Cole was reading from a peice of paper on RAW?
  56. WWE Tournament.....Who will win?
  57. Who do u think will win. Thanks.?
  58. how pissed would you be if they had justin bieber at mania next year?
  59. Is Layla in WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011?
  60. Mickie James or Trish Stratus Who is better?
  61. what wwe merchandise should i buy ?
  62. What do you think of the following 10 users?
  63. what wwe merchandise should i buy ?
  64. SummerSlam (pay per view): Rate and Review + BQ?
  65. John Cena monday night raw?
  66. Agree or Disagree: WWE needs more Lucha Libres?
  67. What do you think of the user CDMAX?
  68. Who do you think made the BIGGEST iMPACT on yesterday's iMPACT: Kurt Angle or Abyss?
  69. Who would win; WWE vs. TNA: John Cena (of Nexus) vs Alex Shelley (of Motor City Machine Guns)?
  70. Which of these 5 WWE Legends would you like to see return the MOST?
  71. for people who have a youtube account and is a fan of CAW's?
  72. Which of these wrestling era's was your FAVORITE?
  73. how long until cody rhodes needs knee surgery?
  74. why isn't hornswoggle the team captain of smackdown/?
  75. does anyone else get bored to tears when kane speaks?
  76. who is your favorite jobber?
  77. Why do most opponents of Undertaker had to carry his matches throughout his career?
  78. Who else likes Alex Riley? +BQ?
  79. What are the chances of?
  80. Is Stephine Michman still married to Triple H?
  82. which wrestler on smackdown is the most overrated by his fans?
  83. Wow! So what did you think of Cody Rhodes showing us?
  84. Wrestling Section Watch This Vid?
  85. what wrestler do you look like?
  86. What diva is better + BQ?
  87. WWE Monday Night RAW Episode 1 (Rate and Give Opinions)?
  88. Friday Night Smackdown: Episode 20: Rate and Review + BQ?
  89. WCW Monday Night Nitro presents Halloween Havoc (Rate the PPV) + WQ Inside?
  90. Is 25 yrs old to old to become a wrestler?
  91. Who Would Have Won: Kurt Angle (Prime) or Jack Swagger?
  92. Who Was The BETTER Wrestler In WCW: Sting or Ric Flair?
  93. Agree or Disagree: Alberto Del Rio is The Next JBL + Message to Wrestling Section?
  94. Attitude Era or Ruthless Agression Era +BQ?
  95. What Was/Is Your Favorite Wrestlemania of All-Time?
  96. Who Had The Worst Week?
  97. How popular are these selected wrestlers in these different age groups?
  98. We want JR chant starts when?
  99. What was your favorite Brock Lesnar moment in the WWE/WWF?
  100. Who do you think is more appealing to kids: Rey Mysterio or John Cena?
  101. RAW Episode 80 (Rate and Review) + Bound For Glory or Bragging Rights?
  102. Friday Night SmackDown! Episode 79 (Rate and Review) + Did Booker T retire?
  103. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  104. Why do you think Drew mcintyre as a bad wrestler?
  105. who would win in a fight between jim cornette vs vince russo?
  106. is it ture that wwe is dying?
  107. do you think MVP deserves the Intercontinental Title?
  108. Justin Beiber Could Sing At WrestleMania 27?
  109. Is the Wrestling Section like a Big Wrestling Company + WQ's Inside?
  110. TNA Bound for Glory 2010: Now that the match is a two on three handicap match will... (more...
  111. What do Shad Gaspard, Skip Sheffield, The Miz, Matt Morgan, John Morrison, and Melina have in...
  112. who's more similiar to William Regal?Wade Barrett or Doug Williams?
  113. What do you think about Smackdown vs. RAW 2011 this year?
  114. Does anyone know where I can watch some WCW?
  115. who is Hogan's greatest rival ever?
  116. in TNA, what's the story with Sting, Kevin Nash The Pope?
  117. why did tna wrestling stop using?
  118. Is Vince so out of touch with what wrestling fans want to see that he would actually bring in...
  119. Which shirt did Bret Hart wear on his return to the WWE on Jan. 4 2010?
  120. who was better in there prime, chris jericho, curt henning or bret hart?
  121. who was better in there prime, chris jericho, curt henning or bret hart?
  122. Which shirt did Bret Hart wear on his return to the WWE on Jan. 4 2010?
  123. Who should destroy Nexus?
  124. Velvet Sky or Madison Rayne?
  125. What would happen if you got an e-mail from the RAW's GM?
  126. Fedor Emelianenko or Brock Lesnar?
  127. In prime: Mitsuharu Misawa or The Undertaker?
  128. Easy 10 points! Who used this line when?
  129. What is the Atlanta World Wrestling Alliance ( WWA4) Home school?
  130. Wrestling Section Watch This Vid?
  131. Does anyone else think Flair was overrated even in his prime?
  132. WWE Raw Presents Backlash (Rate and Review) + Is Rey Mysterio going to retire?
  133. Anyone else think Michael Cole is NOT the GM?
  134. Better in prime: Daniel Bryan or AJ Styles?
  135. Orton/Cena = Austin/Rock so when are we going to see Daniel Bryan vs. Jack Swagger =
  136. Well guess, Who's Back: I'm a Changed User but What are your thoughs on John Cena on the Nexus?
  137. Have you realized WWE is bringing back Technical Wrestling?
  138. WrestleMania 30: Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio Drew McIntyre vs. Daniel Bryan vs. John Morrison?
  139. WrestleMania 30: Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio Drew McIntyre vs. Daniel Bryan vs. John Morrison?
  140. Ladder Match between Justin Gabriel Evan Bourne would be the New Jeff Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam?
  141. Do you respect the WWE for signing Independent Wrestlers?
  142. Should The Undertaker return as ABA at WWE Survivor Series since it will be his 20th Year...
  143. Does a wrestler theme music change the way you view them?
  144. WWE Bragging Rights 2010: Choose Winners Rate Card?
  145. Why is there another User trying to be me, Please stop with the ignorance + The Viper or
  146. What wrestler/non wrestler figure do you think doesn't get much credit for what they do?
  147. Maybe the New Radicalz: Daniel Bryan, Alberto Del Rio, Kaval Evan Bourne?
  148. Now since I came back to this Section, there's no need to try to Bash me for no reason: RAW or...
  149. Why does everybody talk about how overrated John Cena is/was when Edge has been just as overrated?
  150. Do you think 2001 was thee Greatest Year in WWF History?
  151. WWE has found it's Replacements or Modern Era Superstars, Do you like WWE's 2010 Roster?
  152. Does anyone else find this fan hilarous?
  153. How has the Wrestling Section been since the 3 Months Hiatus I took?
  154. So what did you guys think about Vickie Guerrero's match?
  155. My Bragging Rights Card Do you Like it? is it Realistic? would you watch it?
  156. WWE Tournament; Round 1 (5 FCW Superstars)?
  157. Is Hogan being in the Hospital real or part of a story line in TNA?
  158. Has the war between TNA marks and WWE marks tone down a bit?
  159. What do you think about this Stone Cold ovation?
  160. Do you think Alberto Del Rio is the Next Eddie Guerrero?
  161. Dave Mustaine Vs James Hetfield?
  162. Who agrees with me that Vickie Guerrero wrestles better than?
  163. Will Nexus ever get to the nWo's level?
  164. WWE vs. TNA which superstar is better?
  165. RAW Episode 79 (Rate and Review) + Which year for WWE was better 2009 or 2008?
  166. What happened to CM Punk?
  167. Kane or Undertaker.......?
  168. Who will replace Edge on WWE Raw?
  169. Why did WWE get rid of Mickie James because of her weight problems and do you think that she
  170. Friday Night SmackDown!: King of the Ring Extended Show (Rate and Review) + WWE need more...
  171. What was your favorite match from Impact + WWE Friday Night SmackDown (Rate The Show)?
  172. Friday Night SmackDown! Episode 78 (Rate and Review) + WWE needs the cruiserweight divison...
  173. What moment, changed the way you look at wrestling (in a good way or bad way)?
  174. WWE Monday Night Raw (Rate The Show) + When will Ezekiel Jackson return?
  175. Are the only Cole Miners...?
  176. What are some signs I should bring to Bound For Glory?
  177. what's tna's cookie's real name?
  178. WS: What do you think of this happening?
  179. Why GoldBerg And Brock Lesnar Both Left Wwe After WrestleMania 20 ?
  180. Does anybody want to dig for gold with the number one Coleminer?
  181. What do you think of Shore?
  182. In what ways has the Internet ruined or helped professional wrestling?
  183. How can i hit Sweet Chin Music?
  185. on a scale 1 to 10 how much would you rate these guys in the ring and how much would you rate on
  186. Quiz!!! Do you think same as me?
  187. Monday Night Raw: Episode 18: Rate and Review + BQ?
  188. When is HHH and Beth Pheonix returning to WWE?
  189. WWE fans.................?
  190. What's next for Edge, now as he is traded to Smackdown?
  191. Is it really back???
  192. Why can't John Cena just accept the fact that he is now a part of Nexus?
  193. Vance Archer or Hart Dynasty?
  194. Who Had The Worst Night-Superstars?
  195. Who was the creator of the wrestling move known asthe Sunset Flip?
  196. What i think will happen with the Nexus Storyline with Cena?
  197. What do you guys think about the destruction of the World Tag Team Titles?
  198. did THQ think that wade barrett, justin gabriel, and david otunga .............................?
  199. Is Evan Bourne jobbing?
  200. In the name of Allah, will there be a repeat of Superstars tonight?
  201. Do you think Batista will sign with TNA?
  202. Who is the founder of the WWE?
  203. Where you shocked or impressed with how Nexus handled the Big Show?
  204. What former WWE star is planning a possible return in the future? Would you welcome him back?
  205. how awesome would this wrestling finisher be?
  206. Has there ever been a women kiss my ass match in wrestling?
  207. which championship is more prestigious divas championship or the tna knockout championship?
  208. If Nexus had never appeared, where would WWE be today?
  209. Did you think that John Cena would be as successful as he is today when he debuted
  210. How much do you miss Triple H right now?
  211. Why is David Otunga still a member of Nexus?
  212. snookie and ronnie = cookie and robby?? the shore?
  213. why did they spell mickie james, mickey james?
  214. Has anyone noticed the bella twins always wear red lipstick?
  215. did you like cm punk better in tna or in wwe?
  216. Why does Sting wear a shirt while he wrestles now?
  217. If you were a WWE Superstar?.....?
  218. DDP's Diamond Cutter or Orton's RKO?
  219. Bragging Rights 2010 Predictions. Please Rate 1-10?
  220. Edge on Smackdown, thoughts?
  221. John Cena And Batista Both Tapped Out Frsit Time From Chris Benoit ?
  222. Who else hates The WWE UNIVERSE?
  223. Wrestling Section: Most Hated Heel, Qualifying Finals..?
  224. Was Jack Swagger a Heisman finalist?
  225. Which finisher is better? round 2?
  226. Where the hell is the U.S title?
  227. Who would win in a real fight, Batista or Bobby Lashley?
  228. who was a better wrestler in there prime and now shawn micheals or edge(bonus questions inside)?
  229. Are you ready to see Mickie James make her debut to TNA?
  230. If anyboy met any wrestler's, who all are jerks and who all are nice in real life?
  231. Who Would You Say Is The Next Torrie Wilson?
  232. Which finisher is better?
  233. Do you think that Kaval should stay with Laycool?
  234. The Greatest user, CDMAX becomes Top Contributor............10/11/10?
  235. Was there Ever Any WWF/E Superstars that was ever Overrated Underrated at the Same Time?
  236. John Cena And The Nexus. Thoughts?
  237. Why are so many people hate on David Otunga?
  238. Who will be next to get kicked out of Nexus?
  239. WS Farewell: Just as simple as this, if The Undertaker doesn't win WHC at Bragging Rights, ...?
  240. WS One more question : Why is it really hard for The Undertaker to regain WHC?
  241. Why is TNA Wrestling lame?
  242. How can i beat the shit out of this kid?
  243. Who do you think is the hottest woman in pro wrestling?
  244. which finisher is better???
  245. Which Stable Did You Prefer More: Straight-Edge Society or Right To Censor?
  246. What if WWE started a new Nation Of Domination?
  247. Which Tag Team would be Better: Team Perfect (Dolph Ziggler Joe Hennig) Or Justin Gabriel Evan...
  248. Who do you think is the RAW GM?
  249. Wrestlemania 27 news Undertaker, Cena?
  250. Who's theme music do you like better, Drew Mcintyre or The Nexus?
  251. Who is replacing Michael Cole on RAW?
  252. Do you think that EDGE is our last hope that WWE would go back to TV - 14?
  253. Yo Yo Yo Wrestling Section!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  254. Who's Better: Triple H (Prime) or Drew McIntyre: Who's Hotter: Stephanie (Prime) or Tiffany?
  255. How would you rate The Rocks wrestling skills?
  256. Whose a better wrestler Kaval Or Randy Orton?
  257. Is there a wrestler you liked when you were a kid that now you don't understand why you liked them?
  258. Is it true what Edge said, that Michael Cole has been the personification of stupidity since 1997?
  260. How much do you think WWE must pay The Rock to make him return for one day?
  261. Who is the first wrestler you are going to play as in Smackdown vs Raw 2011?
  262. Yo yo yo Wrestling Section?
  263. Is this a good start for a wrestling career?
  264. Does Dixie Carter want Scott Hall back in TNA?
  265. Who is the BEST former ROH/indy star that's now in WWE or TNA?
  266. 10 Bound For Glory Questions for 10.10.10: (TNAtion) Can you answer them?
  267. How When do you think Chris Jericho will return to WWE?
  268. Agree or Disagree: Abraham Washington is the Anonymous RAW General Manager + BQ?
  269. Would you like to see another Randy Orton-John Cena match headlining a WWE pay-per-view?
  270. In what year Edge became a radet r superstar and how?
  271. Is cm punk going to raw?
  272. RAW Episode 78 (Rate the Show) + Which is better Ring of Honor or New Japan Pro- Wrestling?
  273. I have a WWE/ FCW question.?
  274. WWE Trivia Time (20 Characters)?
  275. WWE Bragging Rights - Rate PPV Lineup and Predict Matches?
  276. What is the Best Gimmick Name in wrestling history?
  277. If you could make a diva take her top off who and how would you make her do it.?
  278. How can people hate TNA for signing former WWE wrestlers when WWE did the same thing to build...
  279. jeff hardy shoots on cm punk/and his brothers youtube videos.?
  280. Why are Santino and Goldust relegated to comedy?
  281. What would you do if a diva took her top off on Raw?
  282. Who is the better snake: The Rattlesnake Stone Cold or The Viper Randy Orton?
  283. How did Stone Cold get his Rattlesnake nickname?
  284. Are you happy, now that Edge has been traded to Smackdown?
  285. Do you john cena will get fired in order to take some time off?
  286. By now, have you fallen for The Miz's awesomeness?
  287. Why was The Rock loved by everyone, while John Cena is both hated and loved?
  288. Who was the first WWF champ?
  289. Will Christian ever become WHC in the WWE?
  291. WWE PG 14 ERA ROSTER?
  292. AM ii a HEEl OR A fACE?
  293. why dosent wwe give kofi kingston the world title?
  294. Why does John Cena wear dirty looking shoes when he has all that money?
  295. wrestling fans have you said the rock's catchprases before in school or publice?
  296. What do you think about Orton as the champy right now?
  297. wrestling fans, have you ever been in a fight?
  298. Don't you think they should add a woman to the NEXUS group?
  299. who will be superstar of the year? John Cena or Dolph Ziggler?
  300. How long are Eric and HOgan going to be in TNA? I'm kinda tired of them?
  301. Why have we stopped talking about other wrestling promotions besides WWE TNA?
  302. What do you think about the hart dynasty since they lost the belts?
  303. WWE Bragging Rights 2010 and trade?
  304. Do Marty Janetty and Shawn Michaels hate each other in real life?
  305. is it just me or does ted dibiase remind you of lex luthor from smallville?
  306. Do you enjoy the sight of John Cena getting manipulated by Wade Barrett?
  307. Out of curiosity, who were the first offical face and heel in WWE history?
  308. Do you think The Nexus have made a positive or negative impact on WWE?
  309. When will Consequences Creed/ Xavier Woods come up to WWE, and how do you think he will do?
  310. Which of the following are you more excited about?
  311. Wrestling Section: Most Hated Heel..?
  312. (Spoilers)-Why are WWE intentionally destroying the tag team division?
  313. When will Edge win WHC again?
  314. do you think batista is comin back in the wwe ?
  315. Who is the stronger of the two brothers Kane or The Undertaker?
  316. Wrestling Survey for the WWE Fans!?
  317. Justin Gabriel and Evan Bourne vs. Motor City Machine Guns in a Ladder match?
  318. Tough Enough or NXT......?
  319. Why Can't WWE Push Goldust !?
  320. If the Undertaker retires, what type of person do you think he will be?
  321. I hear the Undertaker is headed for the final stretch of his career. Who should he fight last?
  322. What was Stone Cold Steve Austin's final match with the WWE?
  323. when was the last time randy orton used?
  324. best wrestler-Justin Gabriel,Evan Bourne or John Morrison or Kofi Kingston,Yoshi Tatsu or Tyson
  325. Do you Think John Cena Will Screw Wade Barret At Bragging rights?
  326. How tall was Big Boss Man? I've seen a range from 6'4 - 6'10?
  327. Do you think Hulk Hogan is gonna wrestle at BFG?
  328. What is the best finisher while on top of the turnbuckle?
  329. Do you think WWE, should make a new Nation of Domination?
  330. If Sting signed a 1 match contract with the WWE, who would you most like to see him wrestle at...
  331. Rudy Parker(asher knight) in FCW a future jobber in WWE?
  332. Big Ziek is back......Your Thoughts?
  333. The Futureshock DDT,has anyone kicked out of it?
  334. What was the Ultimate Warriors final match with the WWE?
  335. Mick Foley IS the RAW GM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  336. which was the best wwe match?
  337. Did SyFY wanted SmackDown?
  338. just a fun undertaker survey?
  339. The members of Team Smackdown and RAW are...?
  340. WWE-TNA SWAPS in Two Years?
  341. Wrestling for a relationship?
  342. What happened to NXT? I'm supposed to be watching it right now on Syfy?
  343. Do you think Dolph Ziggler will..?
  344. Do you see Goldust.....?
  345. Wrestling Section?????
  346. My Bragging Rights 2010 Card?
  347. when was the last time a main event heel beats a main event face cleanly?
  348. Cody Rhodes is crap isnt he?
  349. Do you think that Ted DiBiase will defend his title against Goldust at Bragging Rights?
  350. where to find wwe raw off air results and dark matches results?
  351. What do you think of the current young superstars in WWE?
  352. Which Past WWF/E Diva was hotter: Debra (Prime), Sable (Prime), Sunny (Prime),?
  353. Wrestling Section this match would be AWESOME..?
  354. Who'd Win The Viper Randy orton vs AJ Styles BQ?
  355. Will there be a Goldust and Aksana wedding soon?
  356. Dixie Carter Considering bringing Scott Hall back into TNA?
  357. where is terry adonis the wrestler these days?
  358. May i have your attention please? i just received an e-mail from the anonymous general
  359. Do you think Wade Barrett has the qualities of a true leader?
  360. bryan D needs to change his music?
  361. Do you think that goldust is gay?
  362. Why does John Cena pretend to care about his fans?
  363. What do you think will happen with the Cena / Nexus storyline?
  364. do you guys think goldust is exciting i do?
  365. What do you think of this storline with Golddust and DeBiase?
  366. Was it a good idea for WWE to have the young / new champion Daniel Bryan get beat down so...
  367. just read goldust is getting a push?
  368. who are the top 3 most improved female wrestlers of all time(more inside)?
  369. NWE Monday Night Raw: Episode 17: Rate and Review + BQ?
  370. So since when did the WWE become a kid show?
  371. Friday Night SmackDown! Episode 76 (Rate and Review) + Who are the captains for Bragging Rights?
  372. WWE is just a remake kiddies. Classic fans agree?
  375. Where is WWE.COM POWER 25 link which gives latest rank of wwe wrestlers?
  376. Is this a good Bragging Rights card?
  377. undertaker really a dead man?
  378. did they tape smackdown last night?
  379. If any of these people were to retire from WWE this year?
  380. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  381. What does This wresler is turning 'heel' and what does he's turning 'face'?
  382. agree or disagree wrestling fans?
  383. Can anybody think of some good fueds between past vs present superstars?
  384. How can I watch WWE wrestling or TNA wrestling on the internet?
  385. Is chris jericho really gone?
  386. Do WWE PPV event tickets cost more than regular shows?
  387. How do I get a job as a wrestler in TNA?
  388. - WWE Bragging Rights 2010 - Dream Card/Predications - Rate/Hate -?
  389. Wwe Hell in Cell 2010 Without Blood ?
  390. Chris Jericho is wrong, he isn't the greatest at what he does,there is 1 wrestler who is better...?
  391. Just what makes The Undertaker so legendary?
  392. My Theory on Rocktober. Do you agree?
  393. Where to get a wrestling singlet for my 3 year old?
  394. The Very First Wrestling Match You Saw?
  395. Can anyone tell me...?
  396. i need to cut weight for wrestling, any advice?
  397. a question about the tna and sting?
  398. Why wasn't WWE's NXT on SCFY tonight (10/05/2010)?
  399. At the TLC PPV in December, will it be CM Punk vs Randy Orton for the WWE title in a ladder match?
  400. For all cena and orton haters?
  401. Do you think the last King of the Ring was horrible +BQ?
  402. For all cena and orton haters?
  403. Should CM Punk go to RAW and have a feud with John Morrison?
  404. Wrestling Section what match would be the best..?
  405. Who has the best record in Hell in a Cell matches?
  406. What happened to WWE NXT Divas?
  407. Who is the most intense wrestler in WWE today?
  408. Which NXT Diva will be eliminated first?
  409. What's your opinion of last Sunday's Hell in a Cell PPV?
  410. Do you agree with Charlie Haas?
  411. What is up with WWE's new titantrons?
  412. If you had the power, what or which wrestlers would you like them to have the superman gimmick?
  413. So WWE Raw's Ratings were......?
  414. Chris Benoit Is The Best Wrestler In 2004 ?
  415. Elimination Chamber 2011 coming to New York City?
  416. What is it like to go to a WWE event?
  417. Who did Raw get when they traded Edge to smackdown?
  418. nexus is a good thing?
  419. I was the first to say that the Cena - Nexus angle is HBK - JBL?
  420. A question about Maryse Ouellet...?
  421. Is it matter of time before Cena takes over Nexus and Wade Barrett gets a face turn?
  422. Do you think that now NXT is only shown on the internet in America that this will be the last
  423. In your opinion, what are the top 10 tag teams ever?
  424. What do you think of my Wrestlemania 27 card?
  425. Is Sheamus Gonna Win The Title To Setup A HHH Return ?
  426. Is John Cena going to stay in the Nexus forever,or will something happen that will make cena leave?
  427. How would you feel this being the main-event at Wrestlemania to unify the titles?
  428. Cena's First Nexus Tag Team match?
  429. Is AJ Styles in the top 10 of best current wrestlers in TNA or WWE?
  430. Who will WWE trade Edge for to RAW from SmackDown!?
  431. who w-would you rather see gguest host raw?
  432. Are Undertaker and Kane really brothers?
  433. hi guys i am bak and i have a question?
  434. SmackDown! vs. RAW 2011, what exactly IS WWE Universe Mode?
  435. Who's better, Fit Finley or William Regal, and why?
  436. Who is going to be the one who will step up to nexus?
  437. who is ur favorite gm?
  438. wwf Raw episode 8. Rate it.?
  439. Ok, John Cena is Nexus..Where do you see the WWE's best storyline in a long time going?
  440. Is John Cena in Nexus only to get Wade Barrett over with the fans?
  441. Anybody has any news on who THEY are ???? abyss?
  442. wrestling poll: who/what do you prefer(random)?
  443. Agree or Disagree, Cena won't turn heel because of the kids?
  444. Now that John Cena has joined Nexus, will he eventually turn heel?
  445. Do you think this could happen at Bragging Right in the Wade vs Orton match (Cena heel turn)?
  446. How many Twin Tag Teams can you think of?
  447. Don't you find it stupid the GM of Raw seems to only correct Edge's matches?
  448. Who do you think the RAW GM is?
  449. When was the last time you saw two diva matches in one night on Raw?
  450. How Many times was Jack*** said on Raw tonight?
  451. who's more scary wrestling fans?
  452. So what do you think John Cena will do next?
  454. Anyone like the way WWE turned Edge face again?
  455. Who else wants John Morrison to win the Battle Royal?
  456. chris benoit or the dynamite kid.?
  457. John Cena Will be Leader of Nexus!?
  458. kerry von erich or randy orton?
  459. when is wwe superstar triple h coming back?
  460. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  461. Why doesn't Vince McMahon care about the divas anymore?
  462. Is there a reason for NXT if the rookies still get a job in the WWE?
  463. Why does WWE make Randy Orton carry RAW,when he always fails?
  464. Is the Cena-Nexus angle clever or stupid?
  465. So is Michael Tarver now out of a job with WWE?
  466. what is your favorite piccture of your favorite superstar/diva?
  467. NWE Friday Night Smackdown: Episode 17: Rate and Review + BQ?
  468. when you first watched billy g and chuck p's wedding what were you thinking?
  469. is WWE going back to the attitide era?
  470. Im looking for a co-owner of my show PVP.?
  471. Who thinks Cena and Wade is trying to destory Nexus?
  472. PVP Wedesday Night Show 1.?
  473. Last night on RAW, should this had happened at the end of the battle royal?
  474. Did they just advertise South Park on PG WWE? lol?
  475. Thank you RAW GM! THANK YOU!!!?
  476. Micheal Cole must be the Raw GM, right?
  477. So, Tarver is out of Nexus?
  478. agree or disagree wwe fans?
  479. what's more likely to happen?
  480. Agree or Disagree: John Cena is similar to the Disciple from WCW, but in a different way (More
  481. Do WWE and TNA have any health benefits?
  482. What is wrong with Vince McMahon?
  483. Would John Cena becoming a Heel, be that big of a deal?
  484. clearly the rock is the greatest african american and somoan wrestler of all time?
  485. what would be your reaction if this happend at the Royal Rumble?
  486. Is anyone else glad to see the WWE using Golddust again?
  487. Bragging Rigths Match Predictions?
  488. does any one know a tutorial on how to create stone cold Steve Austin in svr 2010?
  489. i know who were the 2 men who interfered during the cena vs wade barrett match?
  490. Is Randy Orton sort of an Antiface?
  491. Who's the hottest diva?
  492. If Sting's contract with TNA expired and they couldn't get a new deal? Would he sign with WWE or
  493. where can i find the n*de pictures of maryse for free ?
  494. This is my opinion, what's yours?
  495. If Shawn Michaels was to come back for one more match, who would you put him against and why?
  496. I have a funky feeling when wrestling?Like not to hurt anyone...?
  497. Have you ever felt like a fool because you missed something?
  498. If Steve Austin was to come back for one more match, who would you put him against and why?
  499. Do you agree or disagree with what Kevin Nash and Sting are saying about TNA management?
  500. Why did the World Wildlife Fund wait to sue the WWF?