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  1. who are your top 5 hardcore wrestlers of all time?
  2. Do you believe TNA are becoming sexist in an attempt to boost ratings/compete with WWE's
  3. Do you find Jerry Lawler boring to listen to now?
  4. What do you think of my custom storyline?
  5. Did John Cena get his U Can't C Me catch phrase from this show?
  6. Do You Think Dawn Marie/ Torrie Wilson Feud Was EPIC..?
  7. who wolud win in a fight between bubba the love sponge vs honk tonk man?
  8. in what match did kofi botch and stopped his push?
  9. If the WWE creative team considered one of these tag teams to form soon?
  10. Now that Chavo Guerrero turned 40 will the IWC put Chavo in theneed to retire group?
  11. In your opinion, which WWE superstar has the best entrance in WWE?
  12. Kurt Angle Vs Jack Swagger?
  13. Were Undertaker's in-ring skills overshadowed by his gimmik?
  14. Why do people keep comparing JoMo to Shawn Michaels?
  15. Agree/disagree, CM Punk looks like Jake Gyllenhaal?
  16. Evan Bourne is not miss used by wwe?
  17. How much do you respect these wrestlers?
  18. What do you put in consideration when you evaluate a wrestling match?
  19. Do you hate it when your favorite wrestler is being used as a jobber?
  20. How come wrestling fans occasionally tend to cheer for the underdogs?
  21. Do you think there is any Pro Wrestler that cares more about the fans than the money?
  22. Would AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels vs Samoe Joe vs Bryan Danielson be a great match?
  23. will Davey Richards surpass Bryan Danielson's shadow during his indy days(+question about...
  24. Your Resume of watching Wrestling since you first started + BQ's Inside?
  25. which team you think will win at WWE Bragging Rights? Smackdown VS Raw?
  26. WWE Monday Night Raw, Question about Nexus and Cena...?
  27. Who is going to win NXT season 3 (Divas) ?
  28. Who likes Husky Harris ? and how great is him ?
  29. :)::Wrestlemania 27::(:?
  30. Who is the greatest wrestler of all times ?
  31. Would the Undertaker's undefeated streak be broken in a triple threat match?
  32. Kurt Angle vs The Rock - who would win ?
  33. isn't the buried alive match to much for the kiddie fans there going to have nightmares?
  34. What's this video mean to you?
  35. What stable was more powerful, DX or Evolution?
  36. why im the best in the world at what i do?
  37. To Those Who Went on a ''Wrestlemania'' Event Live?
  38. WWE fannnnnn. Thanks.?
  39. Okay, I quit WWEEEEEEEEEE.?
  40. Dashing Cody Rhodes vs Joe Hennig?
  41. Wasn't There A Light Heavyweight Championship !?
  42. Does anyone notice that whenever Kane comes out...?
  43. Who is going to win: Daniel Bryan or Dolph Ziggler: WSW Sign Ups (E-fed) More Inside?
  44. Should WWE Get Rid of the show Superstars and bring back Velocity Heat?
  45. Who Would Win: The Rock (Prime) or Daniel Bryan?
  46. POLL:Linda McMahon or Richard Blumenthal?
  47. Dawn Marie Is The Best Heel Diva Past 10 Years?
  48. Question about John Cena and Jillian Hall (+BQ)?
  49. who was supposed to be the one who killed vince mcmahon in the limo?
  51. Do you think that Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio's feud will continue at Bragging Rights?
  52. Do you love John Cena?
  53. Did You Like Dawn Marie.?
  54. Now that Shawn Michaels has his own web site?
  55. Where can I watch Ring Of Honor?
  56. Dream Match: Macho Man Randy Savage (1986) vs. Shawn Michaels (1996)--Best of 7 Series--Who Wins?
  57. Do you agree TNA is the future the WWE is a shell of its former self?
  58. POLL: Do You Remember Nidia And BQ?
  59. Favorite Shawn Michaels match?
  60. how can you compare TNA to poop?
  61. Who would win in a all out slug fest. Sheamus or Drew Mcintyre and which of them has a better...
  62. How Many Years Do Triple H Have Left. Also What If The Rock Never Retired?
  63. Who'd Win Christian vs Kane For World Title?
  64. Favorite John Cena match?
  65. i dont get it why do people still watch wrestilng?
  66. Anyone else ecstatic that RVD is in SVR2011.........+WQ?
  67. How come when Eddie died, Rey got the push and not Chavo?
  68. When Beth Phoenix returns, would Beth Phoenix vs Undertaker at the Royal Rumble for the WHC be
  69. What are your favorite DX and mcmahon pranks?
  70. is john cena really bisexueal?
  71. Do you Like My Fanatasy!!! SmackDown Roster?
  72. Why is WWE so sexist against Woman, and they are just proving it with tonight's commentary on NXT?
  73. Fans from the attitude era wwe what do you think?
  74. Was the 2006 return of DX a success?
  75. Agree or Disagree: The WWF Attitude Era was a rip-off of Paul Heyman's ECW?
  76. Did you know that Skip Sheffield was on $1,000,000 Tough Enough? +WQ?
  77. How did the This is your life segment with Rock and Mankind get a 8.4 rating?
  78. Do you think Big Show,Edge,and Jack Swagger would be able sit out their match on Bragging Rights ?
  79. How long do u think John Cena has until he turns on the Nexus?
  80. Do you think TNA should switch from Spike to USA Network?
  81. Do you let other fan's opinion's effect yours?
  82. Do you think Bragging Rights will be the end of The Undertaker vs Kane feud?
  83. What do you think of my card for WrestleMania for SvR 2011?
  84. TNA Impact Is Better Than WWE Agree?
  85. What does Taz mean when he yells Let The Pigeons loose?
  86. Is this a hint that Tiffany is returning soon?
  87. Was this a real back stage fight or acted? (WWF)?
  88. who would win this match?
  89. Petition To Put Back The 6 Sided Ring Back TNA Wrestling (10 Points)?
  90. Who'd Win The Miz vs Christian BQ?
  91. who would win this 3 way submission match?
  92. Not complaining, but can someone tell me why RVD is in SvR 2011?
  93. Wow, i didn't realize how time consuming and difficult it could be to create your own storyline?
  94. whos cold out in the world?
  95. Poll: Heel Or Face!!?
  96. why do wrestling fans criticize r-truth.?
  97. Is kane even scary nowadays?
  98. What's the deadliest submission move of all time?
  99. When will NXT come to a dead stop?
  100. What's up with WWE's new logo?
  101. Is Jeff Hardy coming back to WWE and is his brother, Matt, jumping ship to TNA?
  102. What happened to Vince McMahon?
  103. Chris Benoit vs. Mr. Perfect in their prime: Who'd win?
  104. What would you name a tag team with a huy named Triple Joker,Goldberg,and Jeff?
  105. Are you guys reading for ms.make them hate return in november+WQ?
  106. Would the Right defend anything now to win? Angle, O'Donnell, WWE McMahon, Gingrich,
  107. Does anybody think the WWE is a little hypocritical?
  108. Did you see that stand up for the WWE on Raw?
  109. How stupid is it for Wwe to break up the Hart Dynasty?
  110. Who hopes we see a feud between Daniel Bryan Kaval in the future?
  111. WWE Pay Per View Wars (2004 - 2006) Round 2: Eliminate 1 from each year + WQ Inside?
  112. WWE Pay Per View Wars (2004 - 2006) Round 2: Eliminate 1 from each year + WQ Inside?
  113. What is your opinion on this list of best superstar talkers of all time as posted by WWE?
  114. Did anyone see how PO'ed Dixie was last Impact?
  115. Who is going to win the Buried Alive Match: Undertaker or Kane? WSW Sign Ups (E-Fed) More Info
  116. are you guys reading for ms.make them hate return in november+WQ?
  117. Should AJ Styles Be The Leader of Fortune?
  118. Who'd Win Daniel Bryan vs Eddie Guerrero.?
  119. Would've the Edge/Orton feud earlier this year been epic if it wasn't for Orton's injury?
  120. Anyone Remember When Divas Matches Were Exciting. Nidia,Molly Holly,Trish,Ivory.?
  121. Who'd Win MVP vs Daniel Bryan?
  122. Will Daniel Bryan Be in Smackdown vs Raw 2011?
  123. Who is the most underrated and overrated superstar you know?
  124. Team Raw vs. Team Smackdown?
  125. Are you ready for Ms.Make The Hate return is november?
  126. what does scissors up mean?
  127. Do you agree with the WWEs top 25 talker list?
  128. Is any one else happy that Ezekial Jackson is back?
  129. Best _____ in WWE within the last ten years?
  130. For each of the following wrestlers, think of one word that describes them perfectly.?
  131. Could you ever imagine Sheamus or Wade Barret as faces?
  132. Who is the better wrestler from this list?
  133. are canadiens the rudest fans in the wwe?
  134. How do you think Randy will do at BR now?
  135. Why was Cena acting like He didn't want to slam his true life enemy?
  136. why is jack swagger called a all american american?
  137. (Besides Royal Rumble, Summerslam, Wrestlemania, and Survivor Series) What is your FAVORITE...
  138. Agree or Disagree: (Although he's my favorite wrestler in WWE) Randy Orton is OVERRATED?
  139. What would be your thoughts if all of TNA's wrestlers invade the WWE's Royal Rumble?
  140. Agree or Disagree: (Since WWE is a RACIST professional wrestling company) R-Truth MVP should...
  141. Out of these submission finishers, which one is your favorite and least favorite?
  142. what is ur favorite pay per view of all time?
  143. Agree or Disagree: Dumb gold-digger wife of Vince McMahon will LOSE in the election?
  144. Why is it every time WWE air's a promo of its product, they always talk about statistics,...
  145. The Undertaker vs Hannah Montanah Or Kane Vs Miley Cyrus?
  146. Why was Michael Cole calling for Security when Hornswoggle was beating him up?
  147. who will win undertaker vs kane buried alive match for the world heavyweight title?
  148. what is going on with the hart dynasty?
  149. Where did Tyler Reks come from all of a sudden?
  150. when will wrestling fans ever get a life and stop staying at home?
  151. Who are you a fan of more nWo or DX?
  152. What would be the bigger privilege, getting an autograph from Chris Jericho or Edge?
  153. What if Triple H never married Stephanie McMahon?
  154. Would you say that excluding The Undertaker from a top 3 list of greatest wrestlers is a crime?
  155. What's your favorite theme song of all time?
  156. So did Chris Jericho retire or whats?
  157. Was that the best ending to RAW or what?
  158. Who else can sense that Nexus is being destroyed from the inside?
  159. When you saw Nexus assaulting Randy Orton last night, did you think:?
  160. What would happen if Dixie Carter became the president of U.S?
  161. Why does some people consider The Rock as one of the greatest of all time?
  162. What do you guys think about john cena and please be respectful?
  163. How do you know if a wrestler is in there prime and how do you know if there not in there prime?
  164. WWE Pay Per View Wars (2004 - 2006) Eliminate Three (WQ Inside)?
  165. Who knows if there has ever been a 4th generation wrestler?
  166. Don't you think Kurt Angle earns too much recognition because of his olympic gold medal?
  167. Do you think the WWE is working this angle?
  168. Is TNA more appealing to adults than the WWE is?
  169. What happen to all theses people?
  170. does anybody remember the bubba the love spong and awesome kong incident.?
  171. wwe and tna fans, how do like better?
  172. Now that Smackdown won the battle royal does that mean Raw will win Sunday?
  173. I'm celebrating my 3000th Answer ! 1st Person to answer this question correctly gets BA?
  174. ***SPOILERS*** Well not spoilers, but rate my TNA Impact! card for this week + WQ Inside?
  175. If WWE gave TNA the rights to replace 'Victory Road' with 'The Great American Bash'?
  176. Agree or Disagree: Eric Young the next Eugene + WQ Inside?
  177. Who Should TNA Sign Next?
  178. Who'd Win Kaval vs Jack Swagger?
  179. Who'd Win Muhammad Hassan vs Randy orton For WWE Title?
  180. Why Did The WWE Fall Apart After The Rock Stone Cold Left?
  181. What is NXT season 3 theme song?
  182. Who is the GM of RAW?
  183. WWE smackdowm vs raw 2001?
  184. So who else is glad Big Zeke is back?
  185. when will wrestling have women in their underwear instead of men?
  186. i swear i'd love to have drew macityre, big zek, in a brawl?
  187. which tag team you like better.?
  188. seriously r-truth is so talented, he should be a main-eventer?
  189. Why or why shouldn't I do this?
  190. Who would win in a triple threat submissions count anywhere match?
  191. who'd win in a real fight?
  192. who is a better wrestler Wade Barrett or Kaval?
  193. Can you see Husky Harris with the WWE/World Heavyweight Championship in the future?
  194. How would you rank the following wrestlers from best to worst?
  195. Do you watch Wrestling in Kayfabe or watch it like an insider?
  196. Do you think Ezekiel Jackson can be World Heavyweight Champion?
  197. How is John Cena going to get out of the Nexus?
  198. Who is the worst wrestler of all time? Kevin Nash, Undertaker, Sting?
  199. What would you guess is the average age of the Wrestling Section?
  200. What is your opinions on Samoa Joe as a pro wrestler?
  201. So who is that guy that was just with the Big Show?
  202. anti wwe tvpg fans question?
  203. How would you react if Big Show took his hand and slapped it on your chest?
  204. Would you say that excluding Kurt Angle from a top 10 list of greatest wrestlers is a crime?
  205. Where is Yoshi-Tatsu?
  206. Who has succeeded most as an individual wrestler after Legacy broke up: Cody Rhodes or Ted Dibiase?
  207. What would be your reaction if Triple H never returned to WWE, but instead joined TNA?
  208. Do you think since dusty and ted sr had beef they should have a similair beef between there kids?
  209. Would Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase, Maryse be a good tag team/stable and Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder,
  210. what kind of fans does the wwe attract now a days?
  211. Who do you think Mr.Anderson is More Similar to:Stone Cold or The Rock?
  212. Do you think John Cena will get booed at tonight's Monday Night Raw in Calgary Canada?
  213. Who do you think is the 7th and final member for Team RAW when they face off Team SMACKDOWN
  214. will wwe ever turn 3D will it be better?
  216. Is Raw gonna be double branded tonight?
  217. What do you think about this video?
  218. Why do you think the Smackdown ratings are starting to rise?
  219. Has there ever been a finisher where absolutely no one has ever kicked out of?
  220. What are your thoughts on daniel bryan promo?
  221. just a fun wrestling survey?
  222. What do you think Vince McMahon's major announcement be?
  223. Don't you think Michael Cole is stupid?
  224. Am I the only person that thinks Matt Hardy is getting more annoying by the day?
  225. What do you think of Team RAW?
  227. Joining HS Wrestling but i have a limp?
  228. when will randy orton grow his hair again?
  229. Who would you rather see retire!?
  230. is matt hardy going to tna?
  231. RVD is in SVR this time i show u PROOF ?
  232. Which title would you rather see come back Hardcore title or European title?
  233. Why did WWE retire the European Championship?
  234. when was the last time randy orton lost a singles match?
  235. Can somebody explain, What the big deal is if WWE is PG?
  236. What happend to the TNA Lengeds Champions?
  237. Ok, easy question... SmackDown or Raw and why?
  238. Who wants to join me in the war against TROLLS?! + WQ?
  239. will mr machman ever sell the wwe to somone better than him like donal trumph?
  240. Did you receive an e-mail from WWE saying?
  241. is the training facility in svr10 the fcw arena?
  242. Should Santino Marella be taken more seriously by the WWE?
  243. is bubba the lovesponge show still on the air or are they cancel?
  244. Could Husky Harris be the next Samoa Joe?
  245. ugh i want matt back!!!!!.?
  246. should we all join and not watch raw so they lose ratings and it turns tv 14?
  247. Fun Wrestling Section Survey?!?!?
  248. Who'd win: Sean McCorkle or Shane Carwin?
  249. Should Vince McMahon/WWE revive the cruiserweight division?
  250. what does every one thinks of bubba the lovesponge is a racist?
  251. Dragon Ball Z or WWE?
  252. In terms of popularity, who would you say the top guy in professional wrestling is right now?
  253. ESW vs XWWF Backyard Wrestling, who will win?
  254. Using Current WWE Stars How would you Have The Rosters?
  256. Who is called the King of Old School?
  257. Why is it that people report you if they dont agree with your answer?
  258. I just punted someone in the skull, what do I do?
  259. Do you think Ezekiel Jackson is the 7th member of team Raw?
  260. in the hardy's vs cm punk fued in real life?
  261. has the wwe noticed, that a great guy in the lockerroom, dosent complain?
  262. Who do you like better: Dixie Carter or Vince McMahon?
  263. who's gonna laugh if matt hardy shows up to tna?
  264. Why did WWE not renew contracts with these bands for thememusic?
  265. Why are wrestling fans such hypocrites?
  266. Why hasnt WWE being the same since the early 2000's to 2006?
  267. Kevin Nash's 22 year old Wrestling Career comes to an end?
  268. What team is Batista on?
  269. Did You Know that Generation Me were in the WWE before they joined TNA?
  270. I tombstoned my dog now it isnt breathing?
  271. Who's tougher male wrestlers or female wrestlers?
  272. should wwe diva micheal mccole win the diva title?
  273. What do you think about this for TNA's ratings?
  274. why is jary the king loller so anoying? he alwase makes fun of nextus and luvs the miz!?
  275. how come kanes current mask looks just like a real face?
  276. Do you agree with this about the Hardys?
  277. why is the hearbreak kid called HBK?
  278. how do you hold on to submission hold longer in svr 10?
  279. Which of these is not a ring name used by Barry Windham?
  280. why im not a top contribewter like others? i think im smart as them!!!1!1!!!?
  281. Is this rumor true about MVP?
  282. wwe fans have you ever been depressed because something?
  283. whats more to likely to happen?
  284. Does anyone know what moments is on that TNA dvd coming out Tuesday?
  285. Where is Ezekiel Jackson?
  286. . Who was the opponent of Adorable Adrian Adonis' at Wrestlemania II?
  287. What's the most random/weird/funny fact you know about any Pro Wrestler?
  288. agree or disagree sheamus needs to check his cockyness?
  289. who was/is the best female wrestler from 2000_2010?
  290. Do you think Goldust could have been World Champion?
  291. What wrestler do you think is famous for his gimmick not them actually wrestling?
  292. Is Kurt Angle gone from TNA for good?
  293. When someone thinks that someone is getting a push simply because...?
  294. What's gonna happen to the Embassy?
  295. Assuming Christian Y2J won't be back in time for WM 27, is this (inside) a good Wrestlemania 27...
  296. When will more companies get talked about here?
  297. Do you think wrestling is for low class people?
  298. if u had the power to hire someone from the indies to come to wwe or tna who would it be and why?
  299. How long until Tiffany returns from being suspended?
  300. How can I find out the next time WWE is coming to my town?
  301. Best Cruiserweight of all time?
  302. Who else thinks tna wrestler alex shelley is really cute?
  303. Who else thinks tna wrestler alex shelley is really cute?
  304. Do you think Micheal McCole and Layla will split up soon?
  305. Would you rather get?
  306. Who's Better at Wrestling: Chris Jericho or Shawn Michaels + Congrats to The 3x!reme Jeff #@rdy?
  307. How would someone become a wwe wrestler?
  308. match a wrestler with the song?
  309. ditemi i vostri wrestler preferiti?
  310. Questions wrestling!!!!!!!!!!?
  311. WS: What has been your favorite storyline this year so far?
  312. WS: What has been your favorite storyline this year so far?
  313. Questions wrestling!!!!!!!!!!?
  314. how old are you going to be in 2015 when wwe turns tv 14?
  315. PG or Attitude Era....?
  316. In your opinion, if WCW didn't get messed over would it be like TNA or the WWE?
  317. Is Michael Cole going to be on SD! all the time now?
  318. When is triple h coming back?
  319. do you miss when William regal would?
  320. Your Pro Wrestling Profile?
  321. who would win.Jeff Hardy vs Evan Bourne vs Justin Gabriel?
  322. on wwe do you think micheal mcCole and layla will split up soon?
  323. What year was the 1996 Royal Rumble?
  324. can the mowter sitty masheen gunz beat teem three dee?
  325. what is wurld chameonchip ressling on wwe? they sed it but i dont no what it is thow?
  326. if kane is the undertakers brother does that mean the undertaker is kanes brother to?
  327. is wwe and wurld ressling enturtaymint the same thing?
  328. Anyone Wanna Be In RwR?
  329. Who Would Win This Match: Daniel Bryan or Jack Swagger?
  330. why is hunter hearst helmsley called triple h?
  331. how dare the wrestling section call me a douche?
  332. How could I prepare for High School Wrestiling?
  333. If you were in the WWE or Tna what would be your Gimmick and Why?
  334. Which Team Would Win: Drew McIntyre John Morrison or Triple H Shawn Michaels?
  335. Is Edge now a full fledge face?
  336. who in wrestling was nicknamed?
  337. is stefine micman rilly mareed to tripel h on wwe?
  338. Should WWE bring back Cyber Sunday?
  339. What WWE Superstars had Rapper Gimmicks?
  340. What 4 divas are the future of the WWE division in your opinion?
  341. What do you think of Jeff Hardy's heel turn?
  342. In your opinion who is the best at cutting promo's?
  343. KENTA kicks heads: I AM CALLING YOU OUT?
  344. Does anyone know any good excercises for preparing for wrestling?
  345. List these superstars from best to worst?
  346. who's better the miz or aj styles?
  347. WWE Bragging Rights 2010: Choose Winners Rate Card?
  348. Should Daniel Bryan change his Theme Back to Rage {Generic Rock Theme} + LeBell Lock or Crippler...
  349. I am a highschool wrestler and i dont know what else to do?
  350. what wrestlers look like animals?
  351. What do you think of this idea for a match at Wrestlemania 27?
  352. Is Shawn Michaels on TNA?
  353. My WCW Monday Night Nitro Episode # 86 (Rate Show) plus WQ Inside?
  354. What was the best hair Vs. hair match?
  355. Why Did Michael Cole Say That Team WWE Lost At Summerslam On Raw?
  356. WWE WrestleMania XXVII: Choose Winners Rate Card {Do you think this can Surpass...
  357. Which Past or Current Wrestler had the Most Botches in their career?
  358. Alberto del rio?!?!?!?
  359. Alberto del rio?!?!?!?
  360. Anyone find Robbie E Cookie extremly dumb?
  361. Is Tyler Reks finisher the same as Curryman's finisher?
  362. What matches did Triple H and Shawn Michaels have in their feud from SummerSlam 2002 onwards?
  363. If Hardy goes to TNA will we see Hardy's v. Dudelys TLC Match once again?
  364. Wrestling Trivia: First to get them all right wins BA?
  365. Do you think Undertaker fans were to blame for this section going downhill after WM 26?
  366. Could MVP be next to leave WWE?
  367. It might be nothing but....?
  368. Why does the IWC hate Randy Orton now?
  369. is it true that the people in the leaderboard enjoy watching sweaty men wrestle the most?
  370. why is it that 99.9% of wrestling is sweaty men?
  371. Anyone else tired of the complaining about PG WWE?
  372. who else liked watching raw when bischoff was general manager?
  373. Thoughts on Zack Ryder?
  374. If Batista returned to WWE, what would happen?
  375. Did you know vince McMahon used to sing?
  376. why is it that TNA and WWE fans dont have girlfriends?
  377. Who do you want to leave WWE..?
  378. Should the WWE create this policy?
  379. Does anyone remember the The World (WWE Nightclub/Restaurant)?
  380. Who was the wrestler that knocked Rick Steiner out cold with one punch in a bar fight?
  381. wrestling section watch these two matches and try not to feel bad for the wrestler?
  382. Do you hate One Day Trolls + 5 WQ's Inside?
  383. Team Smackdown vs Team RAW, (+2 BQ's)?
  384. What do you think about these users?
  385. Who else other than me thinks Larry's Son Jimmy is the biggest wrestling troll in this section?
  387. how cool is Hogan as a heel?
  388. Who was more important to ECW during their prime Dreamer or Sandman?
  389. Kevin Nash leaving TNA + Your thoughts?
  390. What professional wrestler went undefeated for 25 years starting in 1935?
  391. Why does TNA come on Scifi channel?
  392. Can anyone explain about the urn?
  393. Would Austin/The Rock be as popular if they were wrestling during the IWC era?
  394. Anyone else feel high when Theodore Long makes his entrance + WQ inside?
  395. alberto del rio sucks?
  396. Did wwe kane really have a heart attack?
  397. what if vince macmahon never bought wcw back in 2001?
  399. a question about tna wrestlers.?
  400. What have I missed in the last 2 years?
  401. Did you know that WWE wrestler The Undertaker is married to WWE diva Micheal McCole?
  402. Guess the wrestler (Vol4) (HARD)?
  403. Who thinks the user alberto del rio is..(more inside) +wq?
  404. What happened to tag team wrestling?
  405. Is wikipedia is lying about WWE SNME returning tonight?
  406. Who's better: Abyss or AJ Styles?
  407. Is WWE REALLY the highest rated show on cable Television?
  408. Was Classy Freddie Blassie one of the best heels of all time?
  409. Agree or Disagree: 2004, 2005 and 2006 were the last great years of the WWE?
  410. What takes longer, the undertaker's entrance or wwe turning back to tv-14?
  411. WWE Divas division question. 10 points for best answer!?
  412. which wrestler has the most immature fanbase?
  413. whats better wwf, wwe or tna?
  414. Would Edge be a perfect fit for TNA Wrestling?
  415. Why does WWE like to ERASE history?
  416. Who here is getting tired and hating WWE. Is it time to cross the line?
  417. how to become a wwe wrestler?
  418. Does anyone else find The Undertaker boring?
  419. Who are the top Heels in WWE?
  421. Are you a Cenation, or a Jerichohelic or Peep or Edgehead or Renegade?
  422. Anyone else glad Matt Hardy is gone from the WWE?
  423. CDMAX..............The Greatest User ALIVE...........................BE JEALOUS?
  425. Why cant people accept the fact that The Undertaker is a mediocre wrestler?
  426. Does anyone else agree that The Undertaker's gimmick is overrated?
  427. is tonight abyss's last match? D:?
  428. What do you think of Evan Bourne's technical wrestling skills in these videos?
  429. Which muscle is mainly used when arm wrestling?
  430. What time does TNA Bound for Glory start?
  431. In TNA wrestling who do you think They are that Abyss is talking about and do you think...
  432. What was your favorite WWE stereotype moment?
  433. 5 best wwe divas of all time?
  434. Who else thinks Dixie Carter needs to stay of camera?
  435. It wouldn't make sense for THEY to be HOGAN?
  436. 50 man wwe tournament guys are all in there prime?
  437. Who in your opinion has made the biggest Impact in TNA History?
  438. Place your votes here: Mickie James or Gail Kim?
  439. 5 best wwe wrestlers of all time?
  440. Should Bound For Glory be worth watching?
  442. Between WWE and TNA which wrestling organization do you think has more excitement and
  443. THEY are not what you expect what Abyss is saying?
  444. How would you feel if the RAW's GM is a celebrity who guest hosted RAW already?
  445. who has more moves john cena or randy orton?
  446. Kevin Nash, What are your opinions on him as a pro wrestler?
  447. Friday Night Smackdown: Episode 21: Rate and Review + BQ?
  448. who misses the wCw of the good days... ?
  449. how to gain weight really quick(wrestling)?
  450. who would win these 'real life' fights?
  452. Will WWE even try to book a match this year better than The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels?
  453. Who do you think would win this match?
  454. what do you think of the top ten moves of cm punk on roh(short video inside)?
  455. Do you think that Booker T was one of the most underrated wrestlers of all time,Why or Why Not?
  456. Who would win this match-up?
  457. Why do UK get Total Nonstop Action Pay-Per-Views 5 days after they get showned on US tv?
  458. Was The Miz ever a Face in his Career +BQ?
  459. Would you like the WWE to have talent exchanges with other companies like they use to?
  460. Would you rather the WWE focus on the Diva?s or Tag division more?
  461. Who is the bigger loser right now?
  462. What would happen if they had a fight?
  463. What were your overall opinions on the Whole Terri Runnles Trish Stratus Feud?
  464. Would you rather game (wrestling edition) #3?
  465. Who would be the better pro wrestler?
  466. Do You Watch Wrestling For The Action or The Promos?
  467. Who Has the Best Moveset from The Nexus?
  468. If you had to fire one TNA original and one other TNA wrestler who would they be?
  469. Monday Night Raw: Episode 20: Rate and Review + BQ?
  470. Would you like to see Former WWE Diva Lita become a TNA Knockout?
  471. Would you be able to be a Pro Wrestler?
  472. New WWE Tournament.......Who will win?
  473. When do you think Cena should turn heel?
  474. when was randy orton at his best?
  475. The Miz turned 30 this past Friday?
  476. Who do you find more entertaining?
  477. What Would You Describe Michael Cole In 1 Word?
  478. Wrestlemania 27: John Cena vs Justin Bieber in a Singing/Rapping contest for WWE title; Who Wins?
  479. Do you feel the same as me?
  480. What if the McMahon's started their own auto racing circuit?
  481. Agree or Disagree: The current Kane-Undertaker feud is just a PG re-hash of there feud during...
  482. Do you know if any of the WWE superstars have been on MTV cribs?
  483. Give your final Bound For Glory predictions-- and get 10 easy points?
  484. matt hardy or christan + BQ (inside)?
  485. Which promotion do you truly believe, is the future of professional wrestling and why?
  486. How can one say Jacqueline is bad wrestler?
  487. The only reason why the Attitude Era was successful is?
  489. Do you think Edge fits Smackdown better than Raw?
  490. So...did Paul Bearer's death never happen?
  491. WWE Tournament.....Who will win........The Finals?
  492. TNA Bound for glory ppv uk?
  493. Who do you think RAW gets after the SD!'s trade for Edge?
  494. a question about jim ross?
  495. How many moves does John Cena have and what are they exactly?
  496. What should we call the modern era of wrestling?
  497. How did you become a wrestling fan in the first place?+BQ?
  498. Too John Cena fans!!!!!!!!!?
  499. who is better rock or hhh?
  500. Agree or Disagree: JR brought out the best in The King as an announcer?