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  1. Why is wearing a wwe t-shirt to the poles on election day a federal offence?
  2. Since everybody hated John Cena... + BQ (2)?
  3. Please arrange yors WWF/WWE Eras of the best to the wors:and why?
  4. your thoughts on the kofi kingston special ppv coming december 4th?
  5. Did You Notice Mike Tenay Mentioned W.W.E During Mickie James Brawl With Tara!!!?
  6. who would win in a real fight / 10 points.?
  7. Is Natalya finally going to win the Unified Divas Championship?
  8. hello as your favorite wrestler 10 points?
  9. Who is the better grappler...?
  10. Will Triple H retire with most WWE World Title wins?
  11. how do you think wwe will change if linda loses tomarrow?
  12. Will The Undertaker win WHC in 2011?
  13. What is Your Best PPV Of The Year of 2010?
  14. Do you think this would be a good Storyline for my SVR 11 game?
  15. TNA Fans: how did the Main Event Mafia disbanded ?
  16. What are your thoughts on WWE planning to release a Best of WCW Nirto DVD?
  17. What do u think Cena will do at SS?
  19. What do you think about Vickie Guerrero?
  21. Who would you say is more technically skilled...?
  22. A WWE Test for the PG Fans/Kids Just to test your knowledge (Questions regard from 1990's - 2007) +
  23. Will they finally show the Miz and Micheal Cole making a-n-a-l love tonight?
  24. FANTASY KING OF THE RING 2010 CARD (Pick the Outcome: FINALS)?
  25. Svr11 pros and cons:by kid pope+_+?
  26. out of all these wrestlers rank them in order as best wrestlers?
  27. Would you rather hear Michael Cole read the GM's email or have the voice altered?
  28. How ironic that right after matt leaves lita signs?
  29. Who is next to feud with LayCool?
  30. My WWF Monday Night Raw. (Rate Review) + Jack Swagger or Edge?
  31. FANTASY KING OF THE RING 2010 CARD (Pick the Outcome: SEMI-FINALS)?
  32. Will the wrestling section become the poltics section tomorrow?
  33. Anyone else sick of this guest star crap on Raw?
  34. How do I ask a WWE Diva out on a date?
  35. Watching Nexus on Raw right now and do you agree?
  36. deadman undertaker or biker undertaker?
  37. What are the main rivalries in the WWE at the moment?
  38. Was Rey Mysterio ever a heel?
  39. Are there any other TNA fans on here?
  40. Simple question.What did Shawn play better?heel or face?
  41. Ok, so here in Los Angeles they are showing NWA wrestling on fridays on some local channel?
  42. Does anyone know whats happening on raw tonight?
  43. FANTASY KING OF THE RING 2010 CARD (Pick the Outcome - ROUND 2)?
  44. What Kind Of Turn Do You Think The Nexus WIll Take Tonight?
  45. Question for the guys only?
  46. How Do u feel about Pee wee herman hosting monday night raw?
  47. john cena turns heel?
  48. Should i buWWE SmackDown! vs. RAW? more questions?
  49. Is it true or just a rumor that Val Venis is coming back to the WWE?
  50. Jericho fans, now that jericho is gone, who is your...?
  51. Can you really see The Miz with the WWE Championship or becoming the face of the company?
  52. why the nexus help kane Barid the undertaker?
  53. Do you think The Undertaker is the reason why Michelle McCool is champion?
  54. wrestling poll: who/what do you prefer?
  55. Should WWE have Dolph Ziggler Michael McGilliculty form a Tag Team in the near future?
  56. Should the WWE Re-Build their Tag Team Division since it sucks now?
  57. Who is a better Champion: Sheamus or Kane?
  58. Does this mean LayCool are now idols?
  59. Who was the first to use The Twist of Fate?
  60. Gamespot Rated SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 a 7.0 rating + WQ Inside?
  61. Brock Lesnar...The leader of Nexus..........Taker vs Lesnar Wrestlemania 27?
  62. Which film/tv/music stars would make good wrestlers?
  63. Who's your favorite member from The Nexus?
  64. What?s happened to MVP the past year or so?
  65. FANTASY KING OF THE RING 2010 CARD (Pick the Outcome - ROUND 1)?
  66. Where are John Cena?s balls?
  67. Who thinks that The Adttitude Ara is freakin OVERRATED?
  68. wweshop or ringside need help?
  69. Survivor Series Prediction Questions?
  70. Another Dashing Tip to be almost Dashing as me?
  71. Would Mickey James be a good chick on the cover of PlayBoy?
  72. What are some good ideas for Smackdown vs Raw 2012?
  73. Please arrange those WWE years of the best to the worst and why?
  74. WWE Smackdown vs Raw questions?
  75. what is your favorite WWE match from 1997-2010?
  76. Is Chris Jericho androgynous?
  77. svr 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  78. What was your favorite gimmick of each of these wrestlers?
  79. What are the Negatives of Wrestling, Please Explain?
  80. Wat do you meen it ain't...reel?
  81. Who is a Wrestler you love to hate and why?
  82. Why do all the deluded kids in the wrestling section kiss the dragon's a$$ on every opportunity?
  83. Old School RAW in November + BQ?
  84. svr 2011 - how do you unlock the locked championships?
  85. Who's Better Overall: Ravishing Rick Rude or Dashing Cody Rhodes?
  86. who misses former wwe diva lita.?
  87. Which wrestler would you like to see have a stage son?
  88. What divas have you met?
  89. Rate my WWE SmackDown! No Mercy matchcard + WQ Inside?
  90. Rate my WWE Armageddon PPV + WQ Inside?
  91. Do you think that WWE 2007 was sucks year but...?
  92. What made you thrill of to see wrestling?
  93. Who do you think is the hottest looking female wrestler today?
  94. whats randy ortons old theme about?
  95. Who is the most overrated and underrated Pro Wrestler in WWF/WWE history?
  96. Who wants to join my group?
  97. Where can i watch wrestling videos online?
  98. Who are some Wrestlers you mark out to the most?
  99. Which SmackDown theme is better?
  100. Is it just me or does the WWE Diva Eve look like a tranny?
  101. Do you like Vikki on WWE?
  102. When Vince finally leaves or dies and HHH takes over,MORE INSIDE?
  103. Which wrestler am I? (Easy)?
  104. WWE or TNA and why?+BQ's?
  105. Question about the WWE and the Warriors?
  106. did you guys watch bragging rights?
  107. Did you ever know this that Simon Dean was behind signing some of the new talent we have in the...
  108. Did you know that (more inside)?
  109. Was Smackdown vs Raw 2011 Over Hyped or Is It That Deal?
  110. i wonder how many kids vince has?
  111. Lol. Check out this screenshot that someone false reported me? Plus WQ?
  112. Who is the hottest African American Diva in WWE history?
  113. The first thing you saw when you started watching WWE?
  114. Who is Vince McMahon more afraid of The Undertaker or Stone Cold Steve Austin?
  115. Does anyone else want to join the Elites+WQ?
  116. how do wrestlers fake airborne moves?
  117. Who'd Win Chris Jericho or AJ Styles?
  118. Your favourite Era of Paul Burchill?
  119. Are Justin Gabriel and Evan Bourne (more inside)?
  120. Why did WWE make SmackDown take the ! out of its name?
  121. Which do you think is better?
  122. Do u think Christians should try Sumo wrestling?
  123. raw sucks wwe fans agree or disagree?
  124. Should I Get WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 for PS2 or PS3?
  125. do you think Smackdown should go back to thursday and compete with Impact!?
  126. If Lita and Trish Stratus come back to the WWE,will Vince improve the diva's division?
  127. Why would WWE want to combine two gold championships and make it silver?
  128. What is more popular The Undertaker or WCW?
  129. Do you think it would be a good idea to bring in John Cena Sr.?
  130. Do you think that The Undertaker laugh when he saw this?
  131. If WWE removed chair shots to the head because of the whole concussion/Benoit/PG thing, why
  132. Did you laugh when WCW went out of buisness?
  133. What are your opinions on my user name + WQ Inside?
  134. Who is the RAW General Manager + WQ Inside?
  135. Would you like Pee Wee to take part in a match this Monday on RAW?
  136. My Wrestlemania 27 Card?
  137. Should I join WWE because it's been my dream! But I also Like Aviation what should I choose?
  138. Who do you think is stronger Cena or Wade Barret?
  139. If The Undertaker faced Goldberg, what would happen?
  140. Agree or Disagree: WWE hasn't been the same since 2006?
  141. What are your opinions of Smackdown vs RAW 2011?
  142. Who deserves the main event push?
  143. Do you think Wade Barret will keep his word If he wins At SS?
  144. If you're a fan of CAW's please read?
  145. Who thinks Cena will turn heel at SS?
  146. Who is the greatest United states champ ever?
  147. Agree or disagree, John Cena isn't as bad as people make him out to be?
  148. Would you laugh your boxers off if Michael Cole face Hornswoggle one day on RAW?
  149. How can we use that Dashing Tip Cody gave us last night?
  150. does anyone know this?
  151. what was your favorite wrestlemania?
  152. Who else HATES Wrestling for being FAKE Sport?
  153. Whats your opinion of TNA, Do you feel it could do better?
  154. Gain muscle for wrestling?
  155. Is Triple H going to ever return?
  156. So has the Cena hate gone if so which Wrestler do people love to hate now?
  157. Have Triple H and Stephanie McMahon ever kissed on TV after they got divorced on TV?
  158. Do wrestling fans have their drivers licenses?
  159. What color eyes does Sheamus have?
  160. Does Hulk Hogan have a drivers license?
  161. Does anyone else miss the Boogeyman?
  162. Who would win these matches (Aloisia included in all of them)?
  163. Is this WWE universe mode fun?
  164. What goes through your mind while watching this?
  165. Who would win these matches?
  166. Did WWE fire Aloisia because she was too good for the divas?
  167. HELLO WS today is my debut here and I'm just heere to prove?
  168. TNA Six Sided Ring VS Four Sided Ring?
  169. Guys are girls what superstar or diva is hotter?
  170. Why has WWE ruined CM Punk so much?
  171. whos your favorite wrestler?
  172. svr 2011 unlockabels?
  173. Do you still need an XBOX Live GOLD membership for svr 2011 online play?
  174. What has been your favourite time heading into Christmas/The New Year?
  175. The Return Of The King....?
  176. Why does WWE do the slammy awards, it's not it is a big deal?
  177. Who is your favorite Wrestler?
  178. Rate each SmackDown! vs. Raw Videogame from the series (Bonus Question's inside)?
  179. Pro Wrestling true or false game(part 1)?
  180. just watch my first episode of TNA?
  181. wrestling debate-what are your thoughts on Evan Bourne in the main event?
  182. What happened to Big D*** Johnson?
  183. svr 2011 - a little dissapointed?
  184. Has Jay Lethal ever faced Samoa Joe in TNA for the X-Division Championship?
  185. How do you think Edge will do against Kane?
  186. Which Pro Wrestler is the greatest in these different categories? part 6?
  187. What do these superstars have in common?
  188. No Matter how many shots TNA take... The result always ends the same + Wrestling Question Inside?
  189. Drew McIntyre or Cody Rhodes?
  190. who would win these matches? (full creative finish gets 10 points)?
  191. Is Vince 0-4 at WM because he think he'll get heat if he scripts himself to win?
  192. If Linda McMahon wins on tuesday will the IWC riot?
  193. Miz is no longer a joke.?
  194. Which rookie do you think is next to be voted off NXT?
  195. Are RVD and Mickie James in SVR11 cos WWE are saying to them..(more)?
  196. Agree or Disagree: This is a GREAT way to turn John Cena fully heel at Survivor Series?
  197. After Nexus do you think all the members will stay heel?
  198. Who will win at Survivor Series, Orton or Barrett and how will it happen?
  199. Do you think Val Venis will come back as Val Venis or a new character?
  200. Why is TNA so Overflooded with Hulk Hogan and his WCW goons?
  201. Agree or Disagree:TNA needs a deveopment territory + Why is the user Immortal think he is...
  202. Agree or Disagree.....?
  203. Ha, isn't it funny? WWE has Vickie and TNA have Lacey Von Erich!?
  204. Have any of the female wrestlers ever started menstruating during a match?
  205. If Matt Hardy is the Answer what is the Question?
  206. Best wrestler in the history of Sports Entertainment?
  207. Is it about time for The Great Khali to get released?
  208. How many times world champion these superstars will be by the end of 2011?
  209. How cool would it be if JBL came back as the GM of Raw?
  210. Okay, so everyone dislikes PG Cena? But they want him to be against Undertaker at WM?
  211. If WWE Unifies The Heavyweight Championships Will You Be....?
  212. What is the weight limit in order to become a WWE superstar?
  213. Would you say that excluding Ric Flair from a list of greatest careers is a crime?
  214. Val Venis has re-signed with WWE, your thoughts?
  215. Is the undertaker in your top 10 wwe wrestlers of all time?
  216. If Chris Jericho is the answer What is the Question?
  217. How old were you when you started watching WWE?
  218. Watch WWE Bragging Rights 2010 Live Stream / Download?
  219. Michelle McCool or Angelina Love + BQ(s)?
  220. Does velasquez vs lesnar show 5 themes of geography?
  221. Watch WWE Bragging Rights 2010 Live/ Online For Free 100%?
  222. Weird parallel between Brock Lesnar's WWE and UFC career. Thoughts?
  223. Who can't wait to see Brock Lesnar on the mat crying like a little girl after he gets slapped
  224. Out of these four matches, WHICH ONE WOULD YOU WANT TO SEE THE MOST?
  225. Who wins these matches round 1 TIEBREAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!! (contest)?
  226. Who would be a better dad; Morrison or McIntyre?
  227. WWE vs TNA Tournement Round 5 (final)?
  228. What does it take to become a TOP CONTRIBUTOR in the WRESTLING SECTION?
  229. Is there a wrestler in Jack Swaggers eagle suit that is going to debut when it takes the mask off?
  230. IYO,what are some pros and cons about The Undertaker losing at Wrestlemania?
  231. What match are you most looking forward to at Bragging Rights and why?
  232. What did Chavo Guerrero do that he is being treated so poorly?
  233. What do you think about this?
  234. Where exactly is this poll that proves Cody Rhodes is the best looking superstar?
  235. What's your dream match?
  236. If you were a wrestler/diva what would be your in-ring name,finishing move and where would you be
  237. Who's better Miz or Daniel Bryan?
  238. Who's your top 10 favorite WWE wrestlers?
  239. What is the best thing about Smackdown vs Raw 2011 you've seen so far?
  240. Will Edge challenge the winner of the buried alive match at bragging rights?
  241. How do you think Kane vs Undertaker at Breaking Rights will turn out?
  242. What's the best PPV you've been to LIVE?
  243. So its was confirmed that chavo guerrero is jack swaggers mascot....?
  244. My Roster for my new TNA Fantasy Show + WQ inside?
  245. Why did Hogan/Bishcoff ruin these annual TNA Traditions?
  246. Sagat from Street Fighter Invades Raw. what do you think?
  247. What's with Jersey Shore and professional wrestling?
  248. If Dixie Carter never hired Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff one year ago what would the state...
  249. Do you think they've dropped the ball on Chavo Guerrero?
  250. What was the point of the Nasty Boyz in TNA earlier this year?
  251. If Dixie Carter never hired Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff one year ago what would the state of...
  252. Agree or Disagree: Daniel Bryan can become the next Chris Benoit?
  253. Who do you think is gonna win tonight Lesnar or Velasquez?Why?
  254. Who is better Mr Perfect or Mr Clean?
  255. Does this bring back any memories of the great Randy Orton days + WQ inside?
  256. If you were a parent, would you allow your child to watch the 'Attitude Era' of wrestling?
  257. Who's hotter, Velvet Sky or Mickie James?
  258. If Undertaker's streak ended (more inside)?
  259. Why does everyone expect hate Vickie Guerrero for doing what she does?
  260. Do you think Vickie Guerrero has to go?
  261. What would you rate last night Smack Down?
  262. Is Undertaker taking time off?
  263. Fuse Wreslting Entertainment Signups(FWE News)?
  264. Your Favourite era of Eugene (Nick Dinsmore)?
  265. Which referee has had the most involvement with a storyline?
  266. Do you like my prediction for the Barrett-Orton match?
  267. how will you feel if alberto del rio ended the streak of the undertaker 18 - 1?
  268. Fuse Wrestling Entertainment Signups?
  269. setting the record straight about santino marrella and happiness of wrestlers?
  270. Which of these matches had the best build up?
  271. Your Favourite era of Bobby Lashley?
  272. Why is this year's Bragging Rights so f'd up?
  273. Should WWE make SD! the number one show?
  274. Your Favourite era of Theodore Long?
  275. Why do you love the Attitude Era so much?
  276. Are any of you looking forward to the Barrett/Orton Match at Bragging Rights?
  277. What do you think underrated and overrated wrestlers are?
  278. Do you like my prediction for the Barrett-Orton match?
  279. Your Favourite era of Randy Orton?
  280. Your favourite era of Edge?
  281. Your favourite era of The Boogeyman?
  282. What kind of turns do you think the CeNexus storyline will take?
  283. Who'd Win Daniel Bryan vs RVD?
  284. What's your favorite wrestling PPV of all time?
  285. Your favourite Era of Chris Benoit?
  286. WWE VS TNA Is This Ever Possible Just Like WCW Vs WWE?
  287. Was Jeff Jarrett responsible for the fall of WCW?
  288. Bragging Rights Prediction Time +BQ?
  289. When Will WWE Drop The Whole Nexus Thing And When Will HHH Come Back Its Beeen Way too long?
  290. What are your predictions for Bragging Rights 2010?
  291. Who makes wrestling fans look more pathetic marks or smarks?
  292. are you watching bragging rights next sunday with your own money or for free?
  293. what wrestler of ALL TIME is more talented overall in there prime(poll)?
  294. Who Is Sick Of Cena,Orton,Sheamus Goin Back And Forth With The WWE Title?
  295. Does it bug anyone else how important WS Users seem to be +BQ?
  296. Does Katie Lea aka. Winter in TNA have a ghost gimmick?
  297. Your Favourite era of Booker T ?
  298. Your favourite era of Matt Hardy?
  299. LOL, so I guess Kane can act...?
  300. Wrestling/Television Trivia Questions?
  301. Your favourite era of The Undertaker?
  302. Why do people think that PG is the problem?
  304. who would win this match?
  305. who would win this 3 way match?
  306. who would win this tag team match?
  307. When will Lay-Cool EVER end and how?
  308. Is John Cena's heel turn evident?
  309. Is TNA getting better...or worse? Why?
  310. Natalya or Michelle Mccool? YWAAWF Attack Match Card?
  311. What makes you watch wrestling these days when TNA WWE suck? Why do you watch either of them?
  312. Am I a Heel or a Face?
  313. WWE fannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.?
  314. Who do you think will win.?
  315. What are the best TNA PPV matches of 2010?
  316. WWE fan. I have a question.?
  317. WWE fannnnnnn. Thanks.?
  318. is cody rhodes face or heel?
  319. WWE TRIVIA NO.2----5 questions!?
  320. Who do you want to win the Buried Alive Match?
  321. why was chris jericho selected as the first ever undisputed champion?
  322. how much kb does svr 07 takes on the 360?
  323. why did wwe choose jericho to be their first undisputed champion?
  324. Why or what made the WWE make Michael Cole become an annoying, whining Miz-fit heel commentator?
  325. Agree or Disagree; SD! has been putting on a better show than RAW lately?
  326. Can somebody explain to be what's going on with the Beautiful People in TNA?
  327. What do you think the WWE will be a decade from now?
  328. Who will be the next big name to join TNA?
  329. What would happen if Michael jackson wrestles in the ring.?
  330. Is Ohio valley wrestling (OVW) on tv?
  331. Pro Wrestling/Hollywood Trivia (Hard)?
  332. How do you like the new regime on TNA?
  333. Can you actually buy team raw and team smackdown t-shirts?
  334. Do you agree that women are more sexist than men?
  335. Who was the most successful member of nWo?
  336. Which finisher is the most overrated of all time?
  337. Who do you think was the best member of DX?
  338. Did something like this happen on smackdown tonight?
  339. Do you think Titus O'Neill is done with WWE?
  340. is Big Show the most feared WWE superstar?
  341. Who the hell is watching TNA after the disgrace I saw last night?
  342. Do you like this prediction for the Orton - Barret match?
  343. Which is more popular in the USA and around the world between WWE and TNA?
  344. Is Alberto Del Rio really THAT rich?
  345. Does it seem too obvious that Team Smackdown is going to win at BR?
  346. wrestling section: why do kids have to like yall crappy sport?
  347. Could the Undertaker persona make impossible for him becoming a manager for a wrestler or even a
  348. POLL: Are you watching SMACKDOWN right now?
  349. Who are you rooting for this weekend?
  350. WWE TRIVIA NO.1: Face or Heel?
  351. Raw fans: Would you rather have Edge back instead of Punk?
  352. What do you prefer short or long title reigns and why?
  353. who would win this hardcore match?
  354. will team 3d retire if they win the tag team belts from mcmg at turning point?
  355. What the hell is Rico Ricardes saying?
  356. Why is John Cena not wearing The Nexus shirt since he is apart of the Nexus?
  357. who would win this submission match?
  358. who is your favorite wrestler inspired by?
  359. Should Batista join Fortune in TNA?
  360. Am I the only one who wants Team SmackDown! to win at Bragging Rights?
  361. how can the undertaker's streak be so important if wwe only mentioned it a few years ago?
  362. what ever happen to evan bourne's push and the uso's and the hart dynasty feud?
  363. Agree or Disagree: If Eric Young Santino weren't joke characters they could actually be...
  364. What do the exclamation mark avatars mean (WS)?
  365. can the wwe possibly make a movie that does not bore people into tears?
  366. Whats the deal with stand up for wwe?explain, explain,explain?
  367. smackdown brand vs raw brand: who is more talented(poll)?
  368. who else hates micheal cole?
  369. From a scale of 1-10: What would you rate tonight's TNA iMPACT!?
  370. Who do you think is the better wrestler?
  371. does anyone else agree that randy orton needs to be a heel so he can be more crazy then ever?
  372. why does the wwe like cena so much?
  373. Create your own Wrestling Match + WQ Inside?
  374. Your favourite era of Rob Van Dam?
  375. Your favourite era of Kurt Angle?
  376. what do you think wrestling company's need to do to make wrestling what it once was?
  377. what do you think of stand up for wwe?
  378. is it just me or not?
  379. Why Didn't They Make Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011 For Nintendo DS?
  380. I don't get this, do you?
  381. Your favourite era of Batista?
  382. What is your favorite match featuring Kurt Angle?
  383. Do you think when Matt Hardy joins TNA do you think he'll be against his brother or with him?
  384. just a fun survey about if you were a wrestler in wwe or tna?
  385. What was the best question you ever answered (+BQ)?
  386. why wwe is becoming more PG?
  387. Nexus vs Rock/JBL handicap match ?
  388. Wrestling Trivia part 1 ?
  389. List your favourite champion holder?
  390. Do you think Goldberg will return at wrestlemania 27?
  391. Team Raw vs Team Smackdown ?
  392. Why aren't they guys from NY and NJ?
  393. Undertaker vs Kane (Buried Alive match at PG Era) ?
  394. Did you all just see that tall guy destroy The Undertaker?
  395. What is the point of having the Women's Championship on SmackDown?
  396. What was the point of the Mable(Viseceria) winning the King of the Ring?
  397. Do you think there turing Randy Orton into a good guy in the WWE now?
  398. Will The WWE Fan Appreciation Event Be Televised?
  399. Will you watch the WWE Network in Summer 2011?
  400. Regardless of how 'talentless' these guys were (inside), can anyone deny the success of
  401. Who is the greatest young asian wrestler in Indy Scene right now?
  402. Which wrestlers/divas would you say are not very good in wrestling skills from this list?
  403. Warning! WWE Fans Beware?
  404. Tna at wembley london 2011?
  405. Havnt seen TNA for a while?
  406. Will The Crowd Ever Be This Energetic For The Divas Again!?
  407. In WWE, what are all the types of classes there are?
  408. On road to wrestlemania for smackdown vs raw 2011, can you play as a diva?
  409. Do you like comparisons between pro wrestlers why or why not?
  410. Can anyone translate what alberto del rios ring announcer says?
  411. Who knows who that person was that was standing behind Angelina tonight?
  412. Thursday night WCE episode 11 rate and review plus BQ?
  413. who is your favorite wwe superstar?
  414. What do you think WWE should do with the Streak?
  415. Why is clothes burning so underrated?
  416. Do you see the similarities between the WWE HOF and the Y!A Top Contributor Badge?
  417. How do you feel about Team 3D leaving wrestling?
  418. What if the Shockmaster didn't botch his debut entrance?
  419. Favorite wrestler anyone?
  420. What will become of The Undertaker IF (a big IF) he loses The Streak to John Cena who joined
  421. anyone just watching these instead of wrestling?
  422. WWE Pay Per View Wars (2004 - 2006) Eliminate one from each year + WQ Inside?
  423. If you were hired by the WWE to be a manager for any wrestler or diva, which wrestler or diva would
  424. Your favourite era of Kane?
  425. Do you ever copy things that wrestlers do,.....and do them in the real world?
  426. in wrestling if/or when the hart dynasty breaks up.?
  427. Miracles in Islam and miracles of Allah?
  428. who should turn face?Jack Swagger or Dolph Ziggler?
  429. Is Dixie Carter on leave from TNA?
  430. is Kurt Angle white or black?
  431. WWE Bragging Rights: heard Edge will betray Smackdown and help Team Raw ?
  432. Who you pick ? Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler ?
  433. Who will win WWE Bragging Rights?
  434. (Possible SPOILER inside) Will IWC's lifetime wish for Cena to turn heel be granted by him ending
  435. (Possible SPOILER inside) Do u think the possible heel turn of John Cena might see The Streak
  436. Is Justin Bieber appearing at the next Wrestlemania just a rumor?
  437. Who agrees, the matches on NXT 3 make the Raw divas matches look gold standard?
  438. Can Cena be a bigger heel then Triple H?
  439. WWE Tag Team Division is garbage?
  440. Would you be angry if you were Darren Young?
  441. How Can The Push Zeke And Not Push MVP,KOFI,JTG?
  442. Was this weeks Raw the worst show in a long time?
  443. Is the great khali in svr 2011?
  444. What is Jim Ross' body mass index?
  445. what is it like being on the wrestling team, am i the right size ?
  446. How would you feel if Santino Marella wins at Bragging Rights?
  447. Do you think there should be more masked wrestlers in WWE/TNA?
  448. Is AJ Styles Crip gang affiliated?
  449. Why is RVD on WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011?
  450. Whats your reaction Juventud just beating Paul London for the cruiserweight championship?
  451. Randy Orton to be the new face of WWE while Cena embraces the beautiful strong heel character?
  452. why does mr machman like big men to be maineventers but not small men?
  453. What's Your Favorite DX Moment?
  454. What city was the Raw 15th Anniversary in?
  455. What are some moves or techniques i can use when im on top of my opponent in a grappling match?
  456. Interpromotional Match: Daisy Haize Del Rey (ROH) vs. Layla El (WWE)--Best of 7 Series--Who Wins?
  457. Should WWE make Primo Yoshi Tatsu a Tag Team?
  458. What Was The Invasion About?
  459. The Attitude Era evolved because of a real life dispute between Vince and Steve Austin- right?
  460. Do wrestlers who are buried alive in the matches have an escape route?
  461. I'm not paricularly bothered, just curious. Any ideas why 1 or more wrestling section...
  462. who is your favorite wwe diva, past and present?
  463. 12 Wrestling/Hollywood Trivia Questions (Hard)?
  464. Do you like Daniel Bryan ?
  465. Dream Match: The British Bulldogs (1985) vs. The Eliminators (1997)--Best of 7 Series--Who Wins?
  466. Question about WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011?
  467. So, you all think that CDMAX (aka The Greatest User) cheats?
  468. Which female wrestler has the best pair of....?
  469. Is anyone else a former TNA fan, but not anymore due to Hogan's neo-WCW? And did you know of this?
  470. Why do you not like John Cena?
  471. who is better, angelina love or michelle mccool(bonus question inside)?
  472. Ring of Honor (Rate the show) plus Which Team will win, Team SmackDown or Team Raw?
  473. what is your opinion on Jeff Hardy?
  474. Dream Match: Nikita Koloff (1987) vs. Bill Goldberg (1998)--Best of 7 Series--Who Wins?
  475. who is the best superstar in wwe?
  476. What's the story behind the Stand up for WWE campaign?
  477. WWE Pay Per View Wars (2004 - 2006) (Eliminate one from each year) + WQ Inside?
  478. Why do you think everybody loves Battle Royals/Royal Rumbles so much?
  479. Any Ideas for new TNA Pay Per Views + Assuming If CM Punk gets released from WWE would he sign with
  480. Agree or Disagree: If John Cena turns heel and joins Nexus; John Morrison should be the...
  481. What match type do you think is the most exciting to watch?
  482. rob van dam or roddy piper?
  483. Why Isnt Edge Compared To The Rock And Stone Cold. Edge Has Complete Package. BQ Also?
  484. Why did SmackDown! and RAW Discontinue these titantrons + WQ Inside?
  485. Do you like Daniel Bryan's new gimmick?
  486. Would you consider The Ultimate Warrior the most overrated wrestler of all time?
  487. Anyone Remember This??? Talk About OLD! Booker T?
  488. Do you accept the challenge?
  489. How much would a WWE Hell In A Cell with a Limited Edition Kane Bust (and box) sell for?
  490. has any one seen chris jericho in the horror movie albino farm if you have what did you think of it?
  491. Were these tim white Lunchtime Suicide videos Real?
  492. When the time comes who do you think Undertaker would choose for his retirement match?
  493. Who got you to start watching wrestling?
  494. Who'd Win Gregory Helms vs Kaval?
  495. Would you sell your soul to Satan if he could bring back The Rock to WWE?
  496. Should Triple H Reform Evolution or Be The Leader of Nexus?
  497. Which Is Better: WWE Tough Enough or WWE NXT?
  498. Smackdown Or Raw Which One You Prefer.?
  499. What is your Favorite Chris Benoit Matches?
  500. who has the best shooting star press in wrestling?