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  1. According to Mean Gene Okerlund's theme song, what's his girls name?
  2. finally Quote The Raven,Nevermore has returned to the wrestling section after 4 months?
  3. What are some original stuff that TNA came up with?
  4. Has the Nexus lost it's credibility?
  5. If The Undertaker and Michelle McCool were a team what would there name be?
  6. Who is your favorite wrestler + BQ?
  7. Who Wins: Evan Bourne (Rob Van Dam) or Justin Gabriel (Jeff Hardy)?
  8. Who Is The Best Wrestler in TNA Right Now?
  9. Was X-Pac Better in D-Generation X or New World Order?
  10. Whatever happened to The Hurricane Gregory Helms?
  11. Do You Think MVP Needs A Bigger Push. Same With Bourne,Kofi....?
  12. If Dixie's dad stopped funding TNA...?
  13. Would you want to see Sheamus give John Morrison a Brogue kick?
  14. Which WWE Diva Would Win: Natalya or Melina?
  15. Wrestling Section PPV Pick who wins plus WQ Is Chris Jericho Better than Christian?
  16. Am I the only one who doesn't like Orton as champion?
  17. Evan Bourne has the biggest moveset :D!?
  18. Superstar of the Year Tournament? eliminate 3?
  19. Have any WWE Women Wrestlers ever held a 'male' title?
  20. OMG I Caught CM Punk drinking a beer got suspended? WHY?
  21. out of rey mysterio, edge, shawn micheals, the undertaker, and chris jericho(the legends), who
  23. How would you react if Good Ol' J.R. did commentary next Monday?+Interesting BQ's?
  24. Who is the oldest wrestler who ever lived?
  25. Honky Tonk Man Pulls Out Of ?Old School? Raw, To ?Tell All??
  26. WWE Monday Night Raw. Please Rate the show + Does Kane bring back Prestige back to the World Title?
  27. What if The Undertaker doesn't retire at 20-0?
  28. Why do users waste their time trolling in the WS?+BQ's?
  29. WWE/TNA Style: Fill in the blanks?
  30. WWE/TNA: This or that??
  31. Will people ever get over the fact that WWE PG isn't that bad?
  32. why does alberto del rio try jockin my style?
  33. isnt DEL RIO the name of a city in texas?
  34. why do so many people like piggie james and fatt hardy?
  35. so now darfer thinks he can oinking rap?
  36. Was This During The Attitude ERA!?
  37. will everyone stfu about darfer and piggie james? nobody gives a damn +BQ?
  38. who is fatter? Kane or Matt Hardy?
  39. do you think it was wrong for Matt Sydal(Evan Bourne) to leave ROH a jobber?
  40. What is the IWC 10 points for best explanation?
  41. Does the winner of NXT 3 get a Diva's title match against Michelle McCool?
  42. whos the toughest wrestlers ever?
  43. Who is going to be the face of TNA in five years?
  44. What if Desmond Wolfe...?
  45. Would Conan O'Brien be a good Raw guest host?
  46. Superstar of the Year Tournament? eliminate 3?
  47. How come Jazz and Ivory never entered the Royal Rumble?
  48. Before Beth Phoenix entered the Royal Rumble did some of you thought she was a?
  49. Did you ever go to a wrestling event and got along with + WQ?
  50. How would you react if we hear these 5 theme songs at the Royal Rumble?
  51. how to play championship match in smack down vs raw 2011?
  52. Why is dangerous to Chokeslam on a metal body?
  53. William Regal announces his retirement - how should he go out?
  54. Possible scenarios for the Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett WWE Survivor Series match.?
  55. WrestleMania 27 card?
  56. Would you want Vince as the President?
  57. Who would win these matches?
  58. What is the most Overrated Feud(s) of All time?
  59. What do you think of the recent TNA firings?
  60. Is the wwe working on the Tag Team division's belt?
  61. What is one of the most underrated feuds of all time?
  62. Was there ever a moment, on tv or at a live event, that made you cry?
  63. Can anybody tell me where wrestling efed is?
  64. What do you think about these wrestlers mic skills?
  65. Is Sheamus the ultimate FAIL in WWE? both ginger and pale?
  66. Do you like my wrestling promo?
  67. Rank these wrestlers from most to least popular.?
  68. True or False game v1?
  69. How do you beat undertaker in smackdown vs raw 2011 on road to wrestlemania?
  70. Who's your favorite pro wrestler under the age of 30?
  71. Do you think David Hart Smith is better wrestler than he's dad?
  72. Agree/disagree, The Great Khali is the most useless Pro Wrestler ever?
  73. Which dvd should I get out of wwe iron will/satan's prison or wwe raw the beginning seasons?
  74. Who do you think would make a good male/female tag team?
  75. Whats the code on the back of my SvR 2011 instruction manuell for?
  76. in svr 2011, how do you unlock Stone Cold, the Rock, and Bret Hart?
  77. How do you feel about the new Bobby the Brain Heenan dvd?
  78. Jesse Neal or Shannon Moore?
  79. Who's the finest dude on the Raw Roster?
  80. Can you give me three reasons why you watch wrestling?
  81. this one goes out to everyone who has been to a live tna and wwe live show?
  82. Do you agree with this comparison?
  83. WS TNA and WWE Wrestling survey?
  84. Has Wade Barret used his World Title shot at a PPV of his choosing?
  85. Which WWE superstars could play the roles of theses Mortal Kombat characters?
  86. Who da better Nukka in Wrasslin' ma Nukka's? MVP or R-Truth or Kofi or Henry?
  87. Which wrestler is better overall, mic wise, wrestling wise, etc. Evan Bourne or Alex Shelley?
  88. Boss vs Boss Match. Jeff Jarrett vs Vince McMahon. Who would win?
  89. Which one of these matches would you like to see the most?
  90. Will There Ever Be a Replacement For The Undertaker?
  91. Who Wins This Dream Match: Kurt Angle or Jack Swagger?
  92. What will ruin The Old School RAW more: Bad booking or bad commentary? Why?
  93. Which Fanbase is Larger: Hulk Hogan's (80s) or John Cena (2005-Present)?
  94. What 5 WWE names can u relate to Undertaker's history his 20 years WWE career?
  95. What Was The Worst Feud of All-Time in WWE History?
  96. If you were Vince Mcmahon?
  97. Do u notice John Cena is undefeated at Survivor Series? With a 6-0 record?
  98. Who Wins In This Dream Match: Shawn Michaels or John Morrison?
  99. Does the WWE still produce the Afterburn?
  100. what are tyson kidds finishers in wwe svr11?
  101. Does The Undertaker need to beat Kane to end the feud?
  102. Raw old school: will it be great or will it flop?
  103. What is up with the new TNA title?
  104. Does anyone else think Naomi lacks the mic skills to be signifigant Diva?
  105. What was Jericho's best match ever since he returned?
  106. Would this be a good scenario involving the US Championship?
  107. Do you agree that the WWE is now a watered down company for little kids?
  108. Does Cole remind anyone else of Buzz Killington?
  109. Are the WWE music cd's available in stores or only online?
  110. How does high school wrestling work?
  111. WWE fans lets see what you guys would do to make TNA better?
  112. Why Kane turned heel and buried his own brother alive?
  113. Chairman McMahon of the WWE gave away a million dollars on RAW last night....?
  114. What are your opinions on Bill Goldberg as a pro wrestler?
  115. Who would win these Match Ups and Why?
  116. Which wrestling figures would you put on your Mount Rushmore of wrestling?
  117. Guys code for million dollar championships is historicalbelts I just unlocked?
  118. Is Nexus seriously disrupting the balance of heels and faces?
  119. WWE Monday Night Raw. Please Rate the show + How Was NXT Tonight?
  120. WWE Friday Night SmackDown. Please Rate the show. + Will Wade Barrett win at Survivor Series?
  121. Should i quit wrestling?
  122. Superstar of the Year Tournament? eliminate 2?
  123. What Happened to Zack Gowan?
  124. of ALL TIME, which of these great wrestlers were more talented overall in there prime(wrestling
  125. who agree with this with me?
  126. If RVD came back to WWE during PG would he have to change his name to...?
  127. Micheal Cole FINALLY admitted it?
  128. Has Kane sort of restored some prestigious value to the WHC?
  129. How come a 5 count is only 4 seconds long in wrestling?
  130. Do you think WWE will have J.R. commentate for Old School RAW next week?
  131. Im back what have i miss in the wrestling section?
  132. Jolie has just purchased a new purse to match her favorite shoes. (More Inside)?
  133. I think i missed something-Can somebody explain this whole stand up for the WWE thing to me?
  134. What was your favorite WWE match featuring CM Punk?
  135. Superstar of the Year Tournament? eliminate 1?
  136. Somebody Jacked Jack Swagger's Swagger?
  137. Is Sheamus racist(Think back)?
  138. What happen to all the good Wrestling section users?
  139. Who can perform a superkick besides HBK?
  140. Dream Match: Best of 7 Series: Jack Briscoe (1975) vs. Bret the Hitman Hart (1992): Who Wins?
  141. Dream Match: Best of 7 Series: Ron Simmons (1993) vs. Bruno Sammartino (1966): Who Wins?
  142. Santino Marella vs Sheamus in this coming TLC?
  143. Rate this WWE No Mercy matchcard + What did you think of the Sheamus/Santino feud?
  144. Who was your favorite wrestler in WCW durng the Monday Night Wars?
  145. Ever notice that The Nexus is racist?
  146. Which Diva from the CURRENT roster do you think is the closest to the Hall Of Fame?
  147. Female wrestlers can hit male wrestlers, but not vice-versa, isn't this discrimination?
  148. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  149. Breaking new:WWE Star announces retirement?
  150. Let's play a game. Name me the number of Hulk Hogan in Goldberg's undefeated streak list during WCW?
  151. Is there any sign RVD is coming back to WWE?
  152. Is WrestleMania 28 in Toronto? When do Tickets go on sale?
  153. is wwe wrestling real wrestling?
  154. youngest world heavy weight champion?
  155. does anyone knows the results of the Smackdown European tour in Amneville France?
  156. Why Is The Nexus Even In The WWE Anymore If Wade Barret Is The Only One Who Even Won A
  157. What are your predictions for Old School Raw Next Monday?
  158. Who makes you laugh more Hornswoggle or Santino Marella?
  159. What would be a good storyline for Cm Punk?
  160. do you like tna or wwe better?
  161. physically most powerful wrestler?
  162. Who else spotted that Vince used the WWF Logo for the Old School Week Next Monday?
  163. Why do all the tag teams split up after about a year or so?
  164. Who are you currently rooting for WWE or TNA?
  165. Did Dusty Rhodes ever feud with Ted DiBiase, Sr.?
  166. Why doesnt edge hump the ring anymore during his entrance?
  167. some random questions on wwe who ever has the most answers matching mine wins?
  168. did josh matthews just basically call michael cole gay?
  169. if you could give any wrestler a push who would it be?
  170. if you could give any past gimmicks to new wrestlers, who would be given which gimmick?
  171. If the Montreal Screwjob never happened, would the WWF have gone in a different direction?
  172. if you had the opportunity to ask your favorite wrestler one question?
  173. Will the Old School RAW potentially bomb?
  174. which one better song for Bryan Danielson, The Rage or Ride of the Valkyries?
  175. 10 wwe and tna questions whoever gets the most right the quickest gets BA?
  176. Have you lost interest in RAW?
  177. is there any videos of Big Show Vs Undertaker(2002-present)?
  178. who is the strongest and the most dominate WWE superstar(only superstars from 2005-present)?
  179. Which PPV DVD was better?
  180. What are the reasons behind the overacting of John Cena with NEXUS?
  181. Some Finisher Ideas Needed?
  182. Who are the top 20 Wrestlers of all time?
  183. Do you think that evan bourne?
  184. did anyone notice this at all?
  185. Do you think NXT Season 4 should focus on Tag Teams?
  186. why do you people actually think cena will turn heel?! ITS NOT GUNNA HAPPEN?
  187. New Tag Team Finisher Ideas?
  188. Read the clues and take a guess....Who are we?
  189. what are your royal rumble predictions?
  190. Who in WWE would play the roles of these Resident Evil characters?
  191. Randy Orton or Edge. Who Wins?
  192. what will you do if wwe turned tv pg will you stop watchingt it?
  193. The Viper Randy Orton or The Deadman The Undertaker?
  194. fresh ideas for the new GM it does not include the names u all have got?
  195. Survivor Series Scenario....?
  196. WWE watchers .......?
  197. What the hell is wrong with micheal cole?
  198. So WWE is on the road to pg 14.?
  199. So Beth Phoenix out showed Chyna when she +WQ?
  200. Isn't it sad how Edge has been a replacement World title contender?
  201. How do you think Undertaker will be brought back?
  202. Wrestling game WHO AM I??? right answer gets 10 points?
  203. How long do you see Kane being World Champion for?
  204. Is this the beginning of what i have been hoping for so long would happen!?
  205. overselling wrestling moves?
  206. Can someone explain to me why does TNA have episodes name?
  207. Who is retiring first Kane or Undertaker?
  208. What wrestling styled techniques would be best to defeat my opponent in a wrestling styled...
  209. Agree/Disagree, The reason Jack Swagger's push failed was because WWE took away his Swagger?
  210. Which Show has better Wrestling: SmackDown or Superstars + WWE Monday Night All-Stars.
  211. Most epic WWE ''commentating'' moments of 2010? - Which One is the Best?
  212. Were you a fan of WCW?
  213. Who agrees WWE diva matches suck compared to TNA's?
  214. Douglas Williams vs Chris Benoit Wrestling Match?
  215. Did any one notice the A.S.S.H.O.L.E chants that started..?
  216. Who do you think are the most entertaining wrestlers and least entertaining wrestlers? +Needs Help?
  217. So what are the chances of David Otunga beating Edge this Friday?
  218. What would you do if John Cena was on... + BQs?
  219. Do you think John Cena should just stay as referee?
  220. Do you think this old school WWE thing going on next week is because of lack of idea? +BQ?
  221. what happened in this is it gone?
  222. Are these hints that Tiffany is returning Friday?
  223. What do you think about these WWE storylines?
  224. Who should be Superman John Cena or The Rock?
  225. Did the WWF/WCW Monday Night Wars change your idea of Promotions and Wrestlers?
  226. Can anyone sense a John Morrison liking Santino storyline coming up?
  227. Poll: When did you first start knowing things about Wrestling?
  228. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  229. What did you think of last nights Raw?
  230. Who's your favourite NON AMERICAN WWE superstar?
  231. Who'd Win World Greatest Tag vs MCMG In a Ladder Match?
  232. Wrestling section how would you feel if this happened?
  233. Will the next Raw be worth watching?
  234. Who do you like better John Cena or Randy Orton?
  235. Who'd Win Jack Swagger vs Rob Van Dam?
  236. Which time period in WWF/E would you say was Chris Jericho's best work, [1999-2005] or [2007-2010]?
  237. Who would win: Evan Bourne or Justin Gabriel + BQ?
  238. Why do people act like Sheamus is going to be the next great star to change the face of wrestling?
  239. Can you please tell me the raw results?
  240. will jeff hardys heel run last ?
  241. Does anyone else think the following questions should be banned from ws?
  242. Why exactly does Mark Henry get such a loud crowd reaction since he last moved to Raw and
  243. Agree or Disagree; People will do anything to get noticed in this section?
  244. Name me the 25th wrestler that Bill Goldberg defeated during his undefeated streak in WCW.?
  245. Did anyone cried when Team 3D retired at Turning Point?
  246. Which mid-carders do you see as World Champion next year at this time?
  247. Should Shetlon Benjamin Charlie Haas return to WWE (More Inside)?
  248. Who else thinks TNA is so underrated and not taken seriously, But in Two Years it'll be the
  249. How did yesterday's RAW in Manchester go. I heard some WWE superstars were wearing...
  250. who would win this match?
  251. Was that just a flash of the future?
  252. SVR11 Questions (I need 20)?
  253. Okay, so now it's a safe bet that John Cena is going to screw Randy Orton out of the championship...
  254. What does this video describe to you in one word?
  255. My Survivor Series Main Event Prediction - What do you think?
  256. How can I get my hair cut like Justin Gabriel what do I tell the barber?
  257. Will there be a NXT Season 4?
  258. How come Justin Gabriel Never Talks In Nexus?
  259. what is your honest opinion on WWE svr2011?
  260. Monday Nights WCE episode 14 rate and review plus bq?
  261. Is the Kane now is the one that use to be partner with X-Pac?
  262. will undertaker remain and improve his 18-0 streak this wrestlemania?
  263. Kaval is the only reason for some total nonstop action, Agree or disagree?
  264. which wrestler am i. 10 points?
  265. did you like John Cena's line on raw?
  266. So what did you think of Turning Point?
  267. TNA should there be a hardcore/cage grudge match between Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky?
  268. Has Triple H officially retired yet?
  269. Jomo fans I have a question?
  270. fvt finishing move of wwe wrestler.?
  271. Mickie James or AJ Lee?
  272. Hell in a Cell or Bragging Rights?
  273. Triple H, Undertaker, or Christian, which one for Royal Rumble 2011?
  274. better wrestler? John Cena or Undertaker ?
  275. Why do you like/dislike wrestlers? +2 BQ's?
  276. Has Danile Bryan lost a match yet on Raw?
  277. Where is this Sheamus-Santino-Morrison thing going?
  278. when will the bellas stop cheating?!?!?!?!?!?
  279. is undertaker real brother of kane?
  280. How good would it be if Randy Orton punt kicked stupid Michael Cole in the skull?
  281. Question time with Amie; Is PG WWE really that bad!?
  282. What if there was a WWE Mirror Universe?
  283. Who's Better John Cena vs Randy Savage?
  284. I heard the Blueprint Matt Morgan was in WWE before he came to TNA. Is that true?
  285. breaking news, mick foley thinks he sufferd?
  286. when will wwe get rid of the tv-pg rating and go back to tv-14 rating?
  287. why did miz help nexus?
  288. Which was the best Rock vs Stone Cold Match?
  289. WWE or TNA? ur favourite?
  290. Is Daniel Bryan the new Chris Benoit?
  291. What is Kane's legacy?
  292. should i stop watching wwe ?
  293. best match ever in wwe wrestlemania ?
  294. will john cena get fired at saviour series?
  295. What real sports do you watch?
  296. Breaking News: Justin Bieber is slated to Guest Host Monday Night RAW?
  297. wrestling section-- Who wants to join the anti dragon group?
  298. how do you do daniel bryans finisher?
  299. Do you think the Miz will cash in for wwe championship at Survivor Series?
  300. Now this should be the wwe hall of fame class of 2011.?
  301. What the hell are you looking at homie?
  302. WWE Fan Appreciation Night ?
  303. what ever happen to ultimo dragon?
  304. What do you think about WWE adding those 2 poo putts to the NXT group last week?
  305. When WWE announces a no DQ match, are you excited or do you think of it as any other match?
  306. Who Would win: The Rock (Prime) or Kevin Nash (Prime)?
  307. Who was the biggest star in the WWF in 1997?
  308. Is The Deadmans Time Up?
  309. Smackdown vs Raw 2011 for the PS2, does it have Superstar threads?
  310. What are your thoughts on this video of Hulk Hogan, Brooke Hogan and Jimmy Hart playing...
  311. Do you think there's any wrestler in WWE who could beat The Big Show up in a REAL fight?
  312. Has anyone got video of John Cena?s ?I will not quit? promo leading up to the Breaking Point
  313. Is it true that actor David Arquette is a former World Heavyweight champion?
  314. Do you like hearing the truth about the WWE?
  315. The Undertaker vs. Wade Barrett, Sheamus or John Cena at Wrestlemania 27? Plus BQ?
  316. Why do many people think Wrestlemania 17 is the best Wrestlemania ever?
  317. Why do so many people think the Rock has sold out?
  318. Has Randy Orton ever broken into your house and given you a RKO?
  319. Should WM 27 have The Undertaker wrestled in world title match?
  320. will Big Show win the WHC in the near Future?
  321. What do you think of The Undertaker (WHC) vs John Cena (WWE Champion) in a Title
  322. what are the steps to be a wrestler?
  323. Do you think today's short title reigns would tarnish the greatness of wrestling (which is great in
  324. who does the most powerful spear in WWE?
  325. Nervous about wrestling matches?
  326. Which division in the WWE is worse?
  327. Which division do you think is suffering more, the tag team or divas division? +BQ?
  328. 5 of many reasons why CM Punk is God + WQ?
  329. What feud in history between two former tag team partners was your favorite?
  330. Which 2 wrestlers are most overrated by the IWC?
  331. is super cena wade barret's b@tch now?
  332. Who is someone you would LOVE to see guest host Raw someone you would HATE to see host?
  333. Will wrestling fand ever be happy with who Undertaker faces at Wrestlemania?
  334. What are the oods of Michael Cole being revealed as the Raw GM?
  335. Is Bill Goldberg gonna come back to wwe?
  336. Will Lita return to the WWE?
  337. What is next for CM Punk?
  338. now that linda machmon lost the election will wwe turn tv 14?
  339. Are there any true, die hard fans of Randy Orton anymore?
  340. Which nWo Stable was better: nWo Wolfpac or nWo Hollywood?
  341. Who was More Popular in the 90s: The Undertaker or Stone Cold?
  342. Stephaine McMahons Smackdown Teddy Longs Smackdown or Paul Heymans Smackdown?
  343. What was the best match of the year?
  344. Who Would Win this Wrestling Match: Goldberg or Matt Morgan?
  345. The following announcment has been paid for by the....?????????
  346. Guys: Which male wrestler has the best abs?
  347. How would you react if Beth Phoenix?
  348. Who do you prefer more: Ultimo Dragon or Rey Mysterio?
  349. Who said the following quote in February of 2002?
  350. Do you think John Cena's b0dy is h0t?
  351. Who was the Best Worst Face Heel so far this year in WWE?
  352. Do you have the autograph of your favorite wrestler or diva?
  353. Who do you like more Eddie Guerrero or Chris Benoit (as a wrestler not a murderer)?
  354. You just punted someone...what do you do now?
  355. PG Era close to an ending?
  356. How do I get this guy to notice me?
  357. Why do people say Chris Benoit shouldn't be in the Hall of Fame?
  358. Was Michael Cole bout to cry when The Miz got knock down from the ring?
  359. What was the best Stable in WCW History?
  360. live in the uk watch TNA but get fed up with the amount of ads through the programme?
  361. Wwf Monday Night raw episode 17.plz rate?
  362. Why is this AC/DC song so badass??? Plus BWQ?
  363. What was the point of John Morrison help Santino and Pee Wee Herman?
  364. how many wrestlers can you name that has been in every wwe videogame so far?
  365. What do you think is going to happen with the Orton/Barret match @ Survivor Series?
  366. Who do you rank higher on your list of all time greats, HBK or Bret Hart?
  367. Was Lex Luger better in WWF or WCW?
  368. What happened on NXT Tonight?
  369. Would These make good stables in WWE (More Inside)?
  370. Who Made a Better Debut in WWF/E: Chris Jericho or The Undertaker + BQ?
  371. Who is The Best Worst Wrestler in WWE Right Now?
  372. Why is Beth Phoenix the best diva there is, the best there was and the best there will ever be?
  373. What did you think of last night's Raw?
  374. Do you remember this Bart Gunn/JR segment?
  375. Where can I watch the latest NXT episode?
  376. What Are Historic and Controversial Moments of all Time?
  377. WWE trivia, who has the nickname : The Celtic Warrior?
  378. If Kids witnessed the WWF Attitude Era would they hate it or love it? Reasons and Explain Please?
  379. Who is better, Triple H or Hornswoggle?
  380. Goldberg or Borck Lesnar?
  381. Who does the Ankle Lock Better: Ken Shamrock, Kurt Angle, or Jack Swagger?
  382. Who is your least favourite wrestler?
  383. Who would win this match and how?
  384. how do you even get to the challenge match with Chris Jericho in rey's road to.. in svr11?
  385. Should WWE do this for Wrestlemania 27(Pick winners and rate)?
  387. Who would win this triple threat tag team match?
  388. Why do people think just because Linda McMahon lost the senate race that tv-14 is coming back?
  389. if wwe hired rikishi back who do you want?
  390. Does it bother you that John Cena is homosexual?
  391. What are your thoughts on Orton vs Cena AGAIN at Wrestlemania 27?
  392. Is anyone else sick of the Virus?
  393. Who are your top 5 favorite wrestlers of all time in order?
  394. Did WWE ever reveal who was driving the limo?
  395. Will wwe stars be staying in raddison in birmingham?
  396. how do you win a strap match?
  397. Has anyone got a virus remover?
  398. WS: Try to answer this survey?
  399. What is a good Michelle McCool related user name?
  400. What was the better Company, WCW or ECW + BQ?
  401. Now that the election is over will Triple H return?
  402. What are the odds of the RAW ?GM? never getting revealed and getting fired by Stephanie McMahon?
  403. What happened to Tiffany?
  404. who'd go crazy if kofi kingston or john morrison?
  405. In what year will TNA surpass WWE in ratings for good?! Like WCW did for those 80
  406. why is that no matter what brand hogan is on number 1 on his to take over the corperation?
  407. Who do you think are the 5 best technical wrestlers currently in the WWE in order?
  408. Kevin Nash is re-signing with WWE wrestling federation your thoughts?
  409. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  410. Do you think i'll beat Hollywood Hulk Hogan for the WWE Undisputed Championship at Judgment Day?
  411. Arm Wrestling: Which part of the hand to use ?
  412. why do u watch wwe!????
  413. Agree or Disagree: WWE Monday Night RAW sucked last night?
  414. Agree or Disagree: Rey Mysterio winning the Royal Rumble was the BEST Royal Rumble win of the...
  415. From a scale of 1-10: What would you rate last night's WWE Monday Night RAW?
  416. Are you as b?d?ss like me?
  417. Where can I watch The Turning Point TNA Event?
  418. LOL Linda Lost,Is WWE going back to PG-14?
  419. Which is a more likely opponent for Undertaker at Wrestlemania 27: Wade Barrett or Kane +...
  420. did the miz won wwe tough enough?
  421. How come TNA is never mentioned in WWE when in the 90's they had no problem mentioning WCW all
  422. why did aksana slap goldust?
  423. PVP Episode 5:Holes In the paper Rate Overall Show and Pick winners?
  424. dude i want to join the wwe it is my dream and passion but should i listen to other and...
  425. Does Hulk Hogan actually care about the young talent of TNA?
  426. Wwe smackdown vs raw 2011?
  427. Should TNA make AJ face and put Desmond Wolfe in Fortune as a replacement?
  428. guesse the wrestler 10 points +BQ?
  429. What do you think of's top 25 superstar talkers of alltime list?
  430. how did i just loose my wrestling section top contributers badge?
  431. Anyone else who does this thing enjoy wrestling under the influence?
  432. Why were some fans here giving Bryan Daniel most of the credit for his great match with
  433. What are your thoughts on this old Rock promo?
  434. Is it PG that makes WWE bad or the creative team and wrestlers?
  435. Who would you most like to see used correctly and become a big star?
  436. Why aren't other top main eventers willing to put over young talent the way Chris Jericho does?
  437. When did they start using cable for ring ropes?
  438. What EXACTLY do you think/hope is going to happen at SS in the WWE title match +BQ?
  439. Who do you think are the 5 best technical wrestlers currently in the WWE in order?
  440. Do you think this will make a good storyline?
  441. What's with everyone wanting to face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 27?
  442. Why do fans want faces to turn heel?
  443. Which team wins: Motor City Machine Guns or Paul London Brian Kendrick?
  444. If someone behind you throws you down, does that make you weak?
  445. the WWE if Linda Mcmahon loses or wins?
  446. So is Lita back or what?
  447. Do you believe TNA has what it takes to go up against Vince McMahon and the WWE?
  448. Is Lita coming back to RAW?
  449. - What Would You Do If You Were In Charge of the Booking Team for WWE?
  450. - Do You Think That David Otunga will Leave The Nexus at Survivor Series?
  451. I have a very good wrestling question.?
  452. - Who Would Win: Kofi Kingston or Alberto Del Rio?
  453. - Who Should Daniel Bryan Defend The United States Championship Against?
  454. So I guess Lita is back +BQ?
  455. Does Raw just seem empty with out Shawn Michaels and Triple H?
  456. are the following wrestlers overrated, or underrated, or just right?
  457. What Match Would Be Better: Jack Swagger vs. John Morrison or Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk?
  458. If the Rock wrestled for 5 More years?
  459. Would the Big Show be taken seriously if he grew back his hair he had in WCW WWF/E (Early 00s)?
  460. was i the only one who thought it was pathetic that mr machman wanted to persuade people
  461. New here, a question regarding the WQ's?
  462. Which wrestling match is best?
  463. Have you seen Big Show's movie?
  464. What's worst for Raw: Anonymous General Manager or Certain Guest Hosts?
  465. are edge and lita going to have sex in the ring now that lita is back?
  466. is it confirmed that mark henry has the......?
  467. How is it possible for WWE to sell WWF merchandise on their shop website?
  468. What are your thoughts on this idea for a stable?
  469. Ziggler the most underrated superstar in WWE?
  470. Did you enjoy RAW last nite?
  471. Which wrestling match is best?
  472. What are the top 15 best Wrestlemania matches ever?
  473. question about madison rayne and the WWE?
  474. Is it true The Rock refused to work with HBK at any point because Shawn at one time treated
  475. SVR 2011 has some flaws...?
  476. Did you ever get a chance to see the Ultimate Warrior wrestle?
  477. What are your opinions on Daniel Bryan?
  478. Agree or Disagree: Smackdown vs RAW 2011 is the WORST wrestling game of all-time + BQ?
  479. tna or wwe,who do you prefer(poll)?
  480. OMG!Was that Lita right there?
  481. Where's Kronik........?
  482. So Lita's back =) eh?
  483. Omg did you see lita on raw tonight?
  484. Who will win the Chamber of Horrors match tonight at Halloween Havoc?
  485. Can someone name this TNA match?
  486. Would you be surprised if Barney appeared on Raw?
  487. Do you associate a WWE PPV with a gimmick match?
  488. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  489. OMFG Natayla gets another shot?
  490. Which current TNA wrestler Is the biggest WWE traitor?
  491. What's the slutiest moments in Pro Wrestling History?
  492. Why did the WWE provoke that last night when he was clearly in the right?
  493. Do you think Ezekiel Jackson is on 'roids?
  494. Lita is back in WWE!!!?
  495. What is the real purpose of the Bragging Rights MITB ppvs?
  496. HHH is in bed with Stephanie,and he's SLEEPING ?
  497. Is Lita back in the WWE?
  498. Why is vince treating wrestling like a joke?
  499. should i continue to keep mixed wrestling because of this fetish guy?
  500. Is Pee Wee and Big Show actually cousins?