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  1. Why is Vince in a coma?
  2. Who Had The Worst Night-Heat?
  3. Was the segment between Roddy Piper, John Cena, Wade Barret and Orton on Raw one of the
  4. How do you think WWE would use Samoa Joe if they had him on their roster?
  5. Have people ever laught at you or made fun of you just because you are?
  6. How would you react if The Rock says this to John Cena?
  7. Who do you think is the McDonald's look alike in the WWE ?
  8. If you could decide one opponent for the Undertaker at Wrestlemania who would it be and why?
  9. Should Kelly Kelly have been Kaitlyn's pro on NXT?
  10. Will X-Pac return to WWE..?
  11. Random Questions about Nexus?
  12. Using the current wwe and Tna rosters?
  13. -YAWWE Over the Limit results and rate the show plus B.Q's-?
  14. I need some training advice to get in shape to be an Ultimate Fighter.?
  15. Who agrees WWE should bring back Goldberg and Stone Cold ?
  16. Where can i find Wrestlemania Axxess tickets?
  18. What will make John Cena gain back his popularity ?
  19. Predictions about john cena at survivor series?
  20. Who'd Win Prime' Kurt Angle vs 2006's Daniel Bryan in A 2 Out Of 3 Falls?
  21. Elimination Chamber or Hell In A Cell?
  22. who would win this 4 way hardcore match?
  23. Agree or Disagree: Tommy Dreamer is very under-rated on the mic and in the ring?
  24. i might miss tna tonight. Is there any way i can watch it on youtube. Any links of people
  25. Wrestling Trivia! 10 Points for first correct answers?
  26. If you owned the WWE (More Inside)?
  27. Who has the best theme song in TNA currently?
  28. physics of professional wrestling?
  29. Who would win: Vladimir Kozlov or Daniel Bryan?
  30. Sheamus: Is his rise over and his fall inevitable?
  31. Question about the WWE Draft?
  32. What was your first reaction when you found out Pat Patterson was gay +BQ?
  33. Best heels of each decade?
  34. What are you a Face,Tweener,or Heel?
  35. What was the best nontitle feud in the WWE this year?
  36. How to defeat Triple H in Road to Wrestlemania in Svr 2011?
  37. Will WWE ever be live from Istanbul,Turkey?
  38. People in the wrestling section must really like John Cena.?
  39. Do you like the announcers for ROH?
  40. wrestling school question?
  41. If you had a choice, would you trade Batista for John Cena?
  42. Which of Triple H's themes was better?
  43. the Rock's theme song?
  44. did you no that kaval is going to compete for the intorcontenetel title at ss cause he beat dolph...
  45. Who's more pathetic today? Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair?
  46. Wrestling moves and strategies?
  47. Would you still hate John Cena if..?
  48. Agree or Disagree: Christian is the MOST underrated wrestler in WWE today?
  49. Who thinks that WWE should go TV-14 at least once...?
  50. If you could create your own wwe family...?
  51. Why does 2+2=4 but not fish?
  52. What do you think of David Otunga?
  53. Did you ever realize that all of the members of the first Camp Cornette have passed away?
  54. WWE Monday Night Raw. Please Rate the show + Should WWE re-form Cryme Tyme?
  55. Why did my boyfriend look over my shoulder when he was going into the right lane?
  56. What's the Point of NXT if Everyone's A Winner? (WWE)?
  57. Who do you think will win the 2011 Royal Rumble + BQ?
  58. Will there ever be a wrestler that can compare to Das Wunderkind Alex Wright?
  59. What did you think of Sharmell as a manager?
  60. which current wwe superstars and divas do you think will be future hall of famers?
  61. Wrestling Trivia Quiz! First to get all right gets 10 points!?
  62. I bet that no one has thought about this (read more inside)?
  63. is there anywhere you can watch owen harts fatal fall video?
  64. What is your dream Team Raw vs Team Smackdown 5 vs 5 match?
  65. Rank the Survivor Series match in order from the match which you are looking forward
  66. Can you believe that the 9OOth episode of RAW got a better rating that Old Skool RAW?
  67. Top 3 Favorite wrestlers from each of wwe Brands Raw and Smackdown?
  68. who would win this iron man match?
  69. who is your favorite ring of honor wrestler if you watch roh?
  70. who would win this match?
  71. For those who play Smackdown vs. Raw, which wrestler do you play as?
  72. How do you unlock Bret Hart, Chris Masters, Wade Barrett for SmackDown vs. Raw 2011?
  73. What is your best wrestlin match ever?
  74. Would Randy orton Have made a Great NWA World Heavyweight Champion?
  75. what was tna thinking?
  76. Why does Wade Barrett hold the power to fire John Cena from the WWE?
  77. Any thoughts on WWE's Top 50 Superstars of All Time DVD?
  78. Cena heel turn at Survivor Series. Yes or No?
  79. Why is Ric Flair still wrestling?
  80. Did Chris Jericho retire from WWE?
  81. Is female wrestling a joke?
  82. GUYS: would you wrestle a girl? =P?
  83. Is The Miz getting over with the fans?
  84. How can I get PW Torch Wrestling Observer Newsletters Free?
  85. Wrestling physical and mental help?
  86. what is aj lee's race?
  87. What are your opinion about a possible Old School Nitro +BQ?
  88. Fictional character 30-man Royal Rumble match?
  89. Who'd Win 2002's Shawn Micheals vs 1999's Kurt Angle?
  90. A Couple Of Finishers and Names?
  91. Should WWE re-hire Tito Santana?
  92. Should WWE Do a Old School Smackdown?
  93. Which Titles Mean Less?
  94. What are your opinions on Jeff Hardy beating Raven in which was if Raven lost he would be fired?
  95. Which is the best PPV out of the Big 4, minus Wrestlemania?
  96. What do you think of Mickie James being the #1 Contender after beating Angelina Love?
  97. what was the most hilarious things that you have heard or said at a live wrestling event?
  98. If TNA Was Still Created If WCW Didn't Get Bought...?
  99. When will another great pro wrestling era come?
  100. What are your opinions on Matt Morgan beating Ric Flair with the help from Douglas Williams?
  101. bogus Stingette (troll killer) in wrestling section?
  102. tna and wwe poll: which wrestlers of all time do you prefer?
  103. is kurt angle the best wrestler in todays wresting?
  104. The Spirit Squad or Nexus?
  105. whos more annoying vickie gurrero or michel cole?
  106. Do all wrestling fans carry the HIV virus?
  107. What are all the pre-sets move sets on SvR 2011?
  108. who'd Win Alex Shelley vs Chris Sabin vs AJ Styles For TNA TV Title BQ?
  109. |H-E-L-P| I have a mysterious bump on my genitals!?!?
  110. Why do wrestling fans smell like day old cabbage?
  111. would you rather get punt by Orton or knockout punched by Big Show?
  112. What wrestler should be a commentator next?
  113. Do u think Alex Riley is gonna be Fired?
  114. Is it possible that the IWC...?
  115. What so great bout oiled up growen men in underwear touching each other?
  116. Do you think Miz and Morrison are ready to face the streak?
  117. Where can I watch yesterdays episode of NXT?
  118. are there any yahoo e-feds that would take me In the wrestling section.?
  119. if you were a wwe storyline writer?
  120. |O-M-G| Kevin Kiley {Alex Riley} was just released from WWE?
  121. What do you think of this?
  122. Who Are The Bella Twins? Why Are They in WWE?
  123. Who Had The Worst Night-Tough Enough?
  124. Why did so many wrestlers disrespect shawn micheals.?
  125. Who do you think is the best wrestler in WWE Smackdown?
  126. when cm punk returns from injury. What type of storyline would you like him to be in?
  127. Do you think these will be great matches?
  128. wwe slammy awards 2010 pick the winners?
  129. I have 2 boyfriends I need to dump one. Which one should I dump?
  130. Who is one wrestler you would do?
  131. WWE Fans Do You Think TNA Fans Appreciate The Lucha Lebre Style?
  132. Who'd Win Dolph Ziggler vs 2004's Ric Flair?
  133. does the nexus need to do this again?
  134. Who'd Win Jefff Hardy vs Jack Swagger?
  135. Do you want Cena to turn heel?
  136. Favorite Mitsuhara Misawa match?
  137. Who remembers Terri (WWE Diva)?
  138. How to you win the Money in the Bank Ladder match in Christian's RTWM in Svr 2011?
  139. What do you think of WAde Barrett's Wasteland?
  140. Who'd Win Robert Roode vs John Cena?
  141. Is this the most epic 2 person promo of all time (Y2J and The Rock)?
  142. Survivor Series 2010 WWE Title Match: Orton vs. Barrett, Can this be a possibility, Cena AA's
  143. Do you think this is a possible outcome for the Free or Fired Match at Survivor Series, (John
  144. Who agrees with me on this?
  145. What would you do if you saw DashingCody Rhodes singing Smoke and Mirrors?
  146. What would you do if you saw Drew McIntyre sing Broken Dreams?
  147. Who else thinks that Heath Slater looks like the scarecrow from the wizard of oz?
  148. I watched the first NXT, but didn't catch it again. How is Naomi doing?
  149. Should TNA's Television Title Be The World Title?
  150. When did Tyson Kidd become a heel (bad guy)?
  151. When do you guys think?
  152. how do you change ur picture on yahoo?
  153. What would you do if you got attacked by Alberto Del Rio?
  154. Is anyone else surprised about Tyson Kidd's heel turn?
  155. Does anyone think that ws should be divided and have wrestling entertainment seperate?
  156. what did anyone think of old school raw?
  157. why has r truth been instigating so much in this john cena nexus orton thing?
  158. Whats one word to describe Rick Rude?
  159. How do you think the kids will react if John Cena turns heel?
  160. WWEs Top 50 Greatest Superstars of all Time DVD list, seriously?
  161. Why was JR ignoring Michael Cole?
  162. Out of WWF/WWE, WCW, ECW. Which Company was at first the Most Underrated by everyone?
  163. Has anyone else seen Vince McMahon's DVD? Thoughts?
  164. revenue fans!10 points?
  165. made a big mistake people?
  166. Important question about wwe's tag team division?
  167. Who is your pick to win the 2011 30-man Royal Rumble?
  168. So how did this Retro RAW go on Monday night?
  169. Is The Film Backyard Dogs Really As Bad as Everyone Says?
  170. TNA fans attacking WWE during a show?
  171. How great was it to see sexual chocolate last night hahah?
  172. this aint a question just comment :)?
  173. how to wrestle in high school?
  174. Slam Master J: Fail Gimmick Yes Or No?
  175. Now that they have had 'old school raw' how cool would it be to have Attitude era 'Raw is War'?
  176. Which Road to Wrestlemania should I play next: Christian's, John Cena's, Chris Jericho's, or Rey...
  177. Which diva looks better...?
  178. Can anyone on yahoo answers please help me understand what the WWE is thinking?
  179. Wouldn't an old school Smackdown! be sweet?
  180. Who Would Like To See Angle Have One More Run In WWE. Also Angle Vs Jack Swagger?
  181. Why is Mark Henry still called the WSM even though half of the locker room is stronger?
  182. How cool is it that now The Miz is popular with a lot of fans and is cheered?
  183. which female wrestlers of all time do you prefer(poll)?
  184. Since RAW went old skool. Shouldn't SmackDown! do the same?
  185. Who would win these Matches? Part 1?
  186. What wrestler are you losing more respect for?
  187. What annoys you most about Michael Cole?
  188. Where do you see ROH and TNA in ten years?
  189. Fatal 4-Way match: Sting vs The Undertaker vs Kurt Angle vs Chris Jericho. Who would win and why?
  190. Does Bill Goldberg Belong in WWE The Hall Of Fame?
  191. did anyone hate the 3-hour monday night raw special besides me?
  192. Did mae young slut and biches slip,out?
  193. When was the last time someone did a piledriver in the wwe?
  194. Anyone Remember The TNA Chants On Raw Last Year.! Vince Face LMAO?
  195. Who are your three worst male wrestlers in the wwe?
  196. Who'd Win The Immortal Hulk Hogan 80's vs John Cena?
  197. Did Randy Orton and John Cena really give each other the hands last night?
  198. I love micheal cole's new personality, but?
  199. Don't you think Cole went too far last night with JR?
  200. Who'd Win Bret Hart vs Randy Orton?
  201. What was your favorite moment from old skool raw?
  202. Undertaker and Kane teaming at Wrestlemania?
  203. What did you think about the OLD SCHOOL on RAW last nite? Who would you have added?
  204. If drafted to Smackdown, would Sheamus be a good asset to them?
  205. why Maryse always open her mouth?
  206. Who'd Win Bryan Danielson 2006 vs Chris Benoit 04?
  207. What does getting slammed in a wrestling ring feel like?
  208. Would you care about Survivor Series...?
  209. Do you think Jim Ross is staying or was this a one time thing?
  210. Will Cena turn heel at Survivor Series?
  211. Why does everybody hate David Otunga?
  212. Do you all think that John Cena will let Randy Orton win?
  213. now that the harts and the dashing ones broke up. Arwe there eny tag teams left in wwe...
  214. would you rather get punt by Orton or superkicked by hbk?
  215. Am I the only Cole-miner on here?
  216. How will the kids react if John Cena gets fired?
  217. who would win in a tlc mathc, matt hardy or jeff hardy?
  218. WS should my cousin make a full time return to the wrestling section or not plz answer?
  219. Can i start Pro Wrestling training at age 13 and if i can is there any schools in florida?
  220. Why do people complain that other wrestling companies are stealing each other ideas?
  221. What is your least favorite wrestling theme?
  222. On a scale of 1-10 how overrated is The Undertaker?
  223. What's something you DON'T like about these fan favorites?
  224. Ok so I don't think there is going to be a Divas Nexus but do you think that?
  225. Why is Natalya Neidhart getting too many chances for the Unified Divas Titles?
  226. Anyone else have a WrestleMania 12 tape that gets cut off at the end?
  227. is this annoying with Michel cole?
  228. Will MVP get another chance at the intercontinental championship +BQ?
  229. Why are every one saying MVP theme song mean he is going to become a heel again?
  230. What would happen if Melina and Beth Phoenix leave the WWE?
  231. Which one is a better group Fortune or Immortal?
  232. Is the WrestleMania XIV tape worth buying?
  233. is michel cole annoying??
  234. does wwe think that we dont even remember that tyler rekks was a surfer dude on ecw?
  235. Why does Natalya always make a round before she clotheslines someone?
  236. Chris Benoit Include In Top 50 Superstars of All Time DVD?
  237. What would you do if Batista joined TNA?
  238. Do you like the nxt season 3 theme song?
  239. Who is randy orton? Is he famous?
  240. Wwe/wwf trivia, what do you know about wrestling?
  241. Did Brian Pillman's Loose Cannon character ruin the modern heels of today?
  242. What was the greatest ladder match of all time?
  243. who is going to win nxt season 3? who do you want to win?
  244. Who is Edge? Is he famous?
  245. Who'd Win Daniel Bryan vs Sting?
  246. has fat hardy lost any weight since he left the wwe?
  247. IS Anyone glad that Cena isnt superman anymore?
  248. What is the Possibility of Undertaker facing Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 27?
  249. Is Rob Van Dam playable on SvR11 ?
  250. Who'd Win Shawn Michaels vs Sting 60minute Iron Man Match?
  251. why do all wwe fan boys keep on making fun of the new TNA world heavy weight champion?
  252. Who is john cena? Is he famous?
  253. why is wrestling just have sweaty men 99.9% of the time?
  254. Who would you like to see Goldberg spear more?
  255. Wrestlemania 27 club level view?
  256. I've missed wrestling the past 2 weeks, will someone briefly fill me in on what's going on?
  257. What are the meanings of Austin 3:16 and Ray Mysterio 619?
  258. How do you upload music to SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 for PS2?
  259. How long does 450 degrees oven take to pre-heat?
  260. What was the best Wrestlemania of all time and why?
  261. Why does people consider Big Show the most charismatic Pro wrestler of all time?
  262. Why does people make fun of Chris Benoit's suicide?
  263. Why does people consider Mark Henry as the greatest talker in WWE?
  264. On a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you respect Ric Flair?
  265. ultimate Wrestling quiz?
  266. On a scale from 1 to 10, how overrated is Goldberg?
  267. What was your All-Time Favorite Match from WCW + Today's my B-Day?
  268. What do you think of Jeff Hardy's new, personalized championship belt?
  269. what new matches does smackdown vs raw 2011 have?
  270. Do You Think This Would Make A Great Heel Tag Team?
  271. what's up with the ufc and why do people think its better than wrestling-?
  272. What is your favorite Wrestlemania match of all time?
  273. What nickname would you take from a WWE/TNA superstar to fit your personality?
  274. Did you witness the death of Owen Hart?
  275. What are the point of paperveiws?
  276. Who is The Undertaker most likely to face at Wrestlemania 27?
  277. who do u think will win souviver seires randy ortin or wade barret?
  278. Do you think Daniel Brian is making a good United States champion so far?
  279. Why does everybody call Rey Mysterio the ultimate underdog?
  280. Who's the most underrated WWE superstar of all time?
  281. who is zack ryder like in wwe's past?
  282. Do you think TNA is happy being stuck with WWE's sloppy seconds?
  283. Are you a fan of WWE John Cena?
  284. Top 10 matches in WWE History (including ECW,WCW)?
  285. What is your all-time favorite Professional Wrestling Match Type + 2BQs?
  286. Is it just me or does anyone else think it?s weird that they keep calling Hornswoggle ?Horny??
  287. Is it me or does Triple H`s nose look bigger after he shaved?
  288. What did Michael Cole's mom want from Tony Chimel?
  289. Where would Eddie Guerrero Be in the Business If he was still alive?
  290. Who was pro wrestlings top guy of the era of the 1970s?
  291. Girls doing wrestling?
  292. what profile pic should i have ? plus WQ ?
  293. Who does the best ace crusher in wrestling?
  294. Where is Colin Delaney and Zach Gowen?
  295. In your opinion, who has more strength?
  296. Can u name any users who have kept the same name and avatar, the moment they started in the...
  297. Favorite Tag Team in WWE History?
  298. What happened to Jack Swagger's Eagle mascot?
  299. Who's your 7th favorite wrestler from U.S under the age of 35?
  300. Why do you think Stone Cold was loved by everyone while John Cena is both hated and loved?
  301. Why is Chris Jericho considered as the worst IC champion ever?
  302. Why was the Rock so terrible at the mic?
  303. Why does people consider Chris Benoit as the worst technical wrestler of all time?
  304. Why is HBK so incredibly overrated?
  305. Can I get an edited pic of the DudeBusters bald?
  306. Do you think WWE should reinstate the Cruiserweight Title?
  307. Has Shawn Micheals ever appeared on a episode of Smackdown?
  308. RAW Episode 90 (Rate and Review) + Thoughts/Comments about the new TNA World Heavyweight...
  309. Has anyone seen this video of Chris Jericho on Lopez Tonight?
  310. who is a better wrestler john morrison, or the miz?
  311. Which wrestler has been in all of these three companies ECW, WCW and WWF?
  312. How do i become a Wrester and get into WWE are TNA?
  313. What If....(More Inside)?
  314. What's your perfect Smackdown and Raw roster?
  315. how come when i put my harddrive in someone elses xbox all my smackdown vs raw 2011 stuff got...
  316. Question for the Wrestling Section?
  317. is alberto del rio the next eddie gerrero?
  318. How huge will Undertakers final match be PPV and attendance wise?
  319. Am I the only user that kept on getting reported in the Wrestling Section?
  320. Edge or AJ Styles Who is Better?
  321. current wwe wrestlers poll:?
  322. If john cena and matt hardy were both drowning.........?
  323. Has AJ Styles mic skills improved?
  324. What are your thoughts on Shawn Michaels being number 1 on WWE's top superstars of all time list?
  325. What is so great about WWE Edge?
  326. Does anyone else think that Ric Flair....?
  327. POLL: Who is a better cougar: Tara or Vickie?
  328. Why do you give me and others like so much attention when i am just here to annoy you?
  329. Why is it that i asked a wrestling question in my last 1 but only 1 answered it yet many
  330. Need experience help (1st year Wrestler)?
  331. Has Rey Mysterio ever appeared on a episode of RAW?
  332. Which WWE Diva is your favorite of all time?
  333. What if you and your favorite wrestler were on a date?
  334. Who's your fave diva and why?
  335. Why do you let me and other trolls make you leave this section?+WQ?
  336. Who is Better, Khali or John Cena?
  337. Smackdown vs Raw 2011 CAW?
  338. Who else thinks David Otunga will get involved in Barret vs. Orton at SS?
  339. If u could choose any current superstar/s to b the current title holders?
  340. Agree or Disagree: These are the top 50 wrestlers in WWE history?
  341. What is WWE Vladimir Kozlov's theme song titled?
  342. What is WWE Evan Bounre's theme song titled?
  343. Why did nxowrestling shutdown?
  344. What is WWE John Cena's theme song titled?
  345. are my wrestlemania 27 seats good?
  346. who's a better wrestler Owen Hart or Bret Hart?
  347. who would win a match between dolph ziggler and joe hennig?
  348. Wrestling Trivia (10 Points for first correct Answers)?
  349. DO u think RAW will have some kind of tribute for Eddie?
  350. Why does LayCool always carry Natayla's matches with them?
  351. What is the Undertaker's real name?
  352. Was Tazz the Master of Submissions and Suplexs?
  353. Anybody else think it was a cheap shot from WCW back then to ...?
  354. WSW Website is Here? Old School RAW Episode is going to be better than the 900th Episode?
  355. why does the undertaker hog the world heavy weight champion all the time he comes back to wwe?
  356. Who Had The Worst Week?
  357. Where is Cena more hated Canada or the UK?
  358. How would you feel if this happened at next year's Wrestlemania?
  359. Guess what wrestler I am. First to guess 10 free points.?
  360. Who is the hottest, Stephanie Mcmahon, Maria, or Layla?
  361. WSW Website is Here? Who is better Overall in your Opinion: Alex Riley or Evan Bourne?
  362. Why are people so obseesed with John Cena making a heel turn?
  363. When im trying to book wwe tickets from ticketmaster why do they charge you extra 6?
  364. Want to join my Efed Extreme Rampage Wrestling?
  365. what was going on between del rio and mvp?
  366. Which wrestling company needs Paul Heyman more,WWE or TNA and why?
  367. Who was the better wrestler, Shawn Michaels, or Triple H?
  368. OK wrestling section time for me to turn heel?
  369. How do you think RETRO RAW will go?
  370. Why do people watch/go to pro wrestling matches?
  371. wwe titles polls. . . +BQ?
  372. Do you like the Nexus?
  373. Where do you think Eric Young will end up? WWE, ROH, DGUSA...Nowhere?
  374. When do you think Kaval will use his guaranteed title opportunity?
  375. Which fans are the worst?
  376. Do you think it was a Mistake for Michael Cole to say Barrett was on tour with RAW?
  377. the wrestler who is the best with mike ?
  378. What type of wrestling questions do you star?
  379. most stylish wrestler in wwe histroy ?
  380. is wwe pure wrestling or just entertainment ?
  381. Who Do You Think Would Win These Matches?
  382. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  383. Can you ever imagine yourself stop watching WWE all-together and then watching TNA?
  384. What did you expect when you heard The Undertaker's gong for the first time?
  385. If you could pick two wrestlers from the 80's and put them into a tag team, who would it be?
  386. When are you people going to learn that Nikki Manij and Drake are the worse rappers ever?
  387. Do You Think Immortal Is Ruining TNA?
  388. Who's the greatest Brawler: Stone Cold or Santino Marella?
  389. Did anyone else find Cody Rhodes oral hygiene segment extremely hilarious ?
  390. Who's a better entertainer: William Regal or The Rock?
  391. Do you think Undertaker's streak is a proof of how much WWE respects him?
  392. Wrestling question,,,dosed off?
  393. Do you think Immortal is like the nWo +WQ?
  394. Who's better on the mic, Vladimir Kozlov or Chris Jericho?
  395. David Otunga stays in Nexus, what's your thoughts?
  396. What do you think of my WWE Championship at Survivor Series prediction?
  397. Who is a better ground and pound wrestler...?
  398. need a wwe live stream! for smackdown?
  399. Can you name three guys/girls the WWE has either released (or they left) in the LAST 5 YEARS
  400. If john cena came to your house becuase he was being hunted down by Warlocks and demons, what...
  401. in svr11 on CAW mode, did they take out the nail polish?
  402. If the Ulimate Warrior made a appearance in TNA how much of a pop do you think he get?
  403. Do any of you have any CAW formulas for wwe smackdown vs raw 2011?
  404. Will the Ultimate Warrior ever be inducted into the WWE hall of fame?
  405. whos finsher is the drive by kick in the wwe?
  406. is there any way i can get jeff hardys tna theme modest dowloaded to my xbox 360 wihtout using a cd?
  407. I have a question for the wrestling user CDMAX?
  408. Do you think the Macho Man Randy Savage will ever make another appearance in mainstream
  409. If matt hardy came back to the wwe and john cena was champion, would you like to see
  410. Are you suprised either Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair haven't become world champion in TNA yet?
  411. If Hulk Hogan approached you and asked you for feedback on the current TNA product, what would...
  412. As a wrestling fan what were you (seriously) doing on the night of May 27th 2002 between
  413. Were you thrilled when Goldberg came to the WWE?
  414. Remember the Magic United trolls that SWORE they would take over the WS?
  415. Do you think WWE will introduce its new logo on next Raw ?
  416. What do you think of Professional Wrestlers is it real or fake to you?
  417. How do you compare these 2 Wrestling Championships ?
  418. Superstar of the Year? final vote, pick winner?
  419. Questions about Jeff Hardy?
  420. has anyone ever read Chris Jericho's book?
  421. Is Chris Masters a playable guy on smackdown vs raw 2011 for ps2?!?
  422. why don't they fire the world's fattes man mark henry he is youst a jobber?
  423. Which was The Rock's last ever match in the WWE?
  425. how do you unlock the rock on smackdown vs raw 2011?
  426. Best WWE Theme of the PG Era Round 1?
  427. If WCW won the monday night wars, what would Pro wrestling be like today?
  428. What do you think of the New TNA Heavyweight title?
  429. Who was the best USA Champion in history?
  430. How do you Think Cena will Make his Heel Turn if He Turns Heel?
  431. Why does everyone make fun of sheamus's skin color?
  432. Is sting a ripoff of the Undertaker?
  433. Could they use ric flair and his crew better in TNA?
  434. What do you think of AJ Styles?
  435. How do you unlock Ricky Steamboat in SVR 2011?
  436. Remember when Raw was better than Smackdown?
  437. Agree or Disagree: ROH is the best wrestling company right now?
  438. Who is the future of the TNA?
  439. what are your thoughts on TNA's IMMORTAL?
  440. Who is better in the ring, Madison Rayne, or Lita before she left the wwe?
  441. Remember watching the WWF in the 1980s and 1990s when Vince McMahon used to do the...
  442. how come some people onthis section hate you just because you like TNA more than the WWE?
  443. So Kevin Nash didn't really leave TNA?
  444. TNA, what happened to these storylines?
  445. How come wwe built up kizarny in a bunch of videos but then...?
  446. My WCW Monday Night Nitro Episode # 89 (Rate Show) + Do you like The Immortals in TNA?
  447. Which 5 WWE wrestler's feuds were most entertaining to watch over this past decade?
  448. Jeff Hardy Heel Turn vs. Hulk Hogan Heel Turn?
  449. Did Hulk Hogan own Vince McMahon with his comment?
  450. Hello wrestling section i am back :)? +wrestling question?
  451. Superstar of the Year Tournament? eliminate 1?
  452. Will WWE create a NEW DX?
  453. What are some current or former WWE Divas that never had plastic surgery or breast implants?
  454. TNA vs. WWE: Who would win these matches?
  455. Who's the most Overrated Wrestler of the Last Decade in your Opinion?
  456. I don't understand why TNA won't....?
  458. does anyone thinks that hogan is ruining TNA?
  459. Dispite my user name who do you think is the face of Smackdown?
  460. so WWE is fake and TNA is real?
  461. Hulk Hogan says WWE is 'fake wrestlers, fake storylines'?
  462. Did Wade Barret get a good pop from the crowd in Manchester on RAW this week?
  463. Why do so many people think Goldberg is coming back to the WWE next year?
  464. why does everybody say TNA sucks when right now TNA is kicking WWE's @ss in wrestling and.....?
  465. how would you rate this tna segment/10 points BA?
  466. When one of my WWE favorites go to TNA.?
  467. why dose everyone prasie john cena so much ????.?
  468. If people hate TNA then how do they know what's going on and why do they waste there time...
  469. Why can't people respect wrestlers they risk there lives for our entertainment?
  470. do you still like jeff hardy? BQ?
  471. Who Had The Worst Night-Superstars?
  472. If and When Skip Sheffield Returns to Raw do you see him staying in Nexus?
  473. Will the Undertaker be on the Old School Raw?
  474. Agree or Disagree:most people who bash wrestlers wouldn't have the guts to say it to there face!?
  475. Agree/disagree, the WHAT? chant is the most annoying chant in WWE history?
  476. Has Rhyno turned heel now?
  477. So were are going to have a feud between Brother Ray and Brother Devon?
  478. Why does no-one remember the Ruthless Agression Era? (For 10 points)?
  479. Superstar of the Year Tournament? eliminate 2?
  480. question about john cena?
  481. YAWWE Elimination Chamber Results and rate the show plus B.Q's?
  482. Thursday Night WCE rate and review plus BQ?
  483. Striker and Jericho on Commentary?
  484. What is so great about WWE anouncer JR ?
  485. Who is the best and worst member of the Nexus (excluding John Cena)?
  486. Now that the air has cleared on the whole Pushed Too Fast issue, what is your opinion on Sheamus?
  487. How over with fans would...?
  488. Will Dolph Ziggler still remain a hot prospect, without Vickie Gurrero at his side?
  489. who is your least favoret wwe superstar of all time top 10 1 being the worst 10 being not so
  490. What was Eddie Guerrero's real last name?
  491. i my idol santino marella gonna be world champ soon?
  492. Kurt Angle is one of the biggest bad@sses of the last 5 years; Agree or Disagree? + BQ?
  493. Why did I once again watch MNR and know what would happen next and know who Ortons tag partners
  494. will john cena help wade barrett get the wwe title or help randy orton keep the wwe title?
  495. What happened to Bret Hart? I thought he was the GM?
  496. Does everybody change the channel on the TNA promos and turn back when they start wrestling?
  497. Wtf aj styles didnt get him that high?
  498. Which show do you prefer more: Superstars or TNA Impact + My WCW Thursday Night Thunder Episode
  499. When do you think Rey Mysterio will retire?
  500. Does Immortal have a new theme?