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  1. Am I The Only Coleminer?
  2. really??? really!!! john cena's mexican cousin?
  3. Happy Birthday Beth Phoenix?
  4. Did anyone else thought John Cena's Farewell Speech was believable +WQ?
  5. How do I cut my hair like The Miz?
  6. Celibrity wrestling federation?
  7. How Do I Cut My hair Like CM PUNK?
  8. This whole Cena thing got me thinking...if The Rock lost a loser must retire match, would you hate
  9. John Morrison Winning King Of The Ring And Challenging Miz At TLC Agree or Disagree?
  10. WWE King Of The Ring Winner Gets A Shot At The WHC Or WWE Championship Or Any Belt They Like?
  11. Agree Or Disagree: Miz Is To Skinny And To Stupid To Be WWE Champion?
  12. what do you think of the WWE for 2010?
  13. Anyone Remember This Thuganomics John Cena Moment. BQ?
  14. now that miz and swagger have been champs?
  15. Does Beth Phoenix have any competition?
  16. WWE Monday Night Raw. Please rate the show + Would a Kaval vs. Daniel Bryan match be good for
  17. who do you think is wade barrets favorite member of nexus?
  18. Has John Cena Left WWE?
  19. in 20 years from now, who will we look back upon as the greatest legend in wrestling history?
  20. I need answers to these questions?
  21. What happened to Edge and his crusade against everything stupid?
  22. Any other wrestlers who wrestled after age 60?
  23. Drugged Jeff Hardy Shoots on CM Punk?
  24. i have gotten back into the WWE...?
  25. Why Was John Cena Fired?
  26. In a wrestling no-holds barred fight, who wins Hakuho vs. John Cena? Hakuho is the yokozuna ...?
  27. Since Tiffany has been released from WWE, should WWE have a Blondetourage 2.0?
  28. Isn't it obvious Alberto Del Rio or Cody Rhodes will be the King of the Ring winner?
  29. What Stable would you like to see return?
  30. Could this happen next week on raw?
  31. Is john cena going to tna?
  32. Where can i watch wwe nxt from tonight on youtube ?
  33. Anyone Been On WWE Facebook. Thousands Of People Posting Things Believing He Is Fired.?
  34. what if john cena said he was sorry for holding the championship for a long time how...
  35. Is Kane going to retire soon...?
  36. What is the best WWE move of all time?
  37. Its official... John Cena is no longer on the RAW roster?
  38. What is the best submission move of all time?
  39. Would you rather have seen Kaitlyn eliminated tonight, and seen Naomi and AJ in the finale instead?
  40. AJ Lee has been eliminated from NXT, your thoughts?
  41. Who would you like to see as WWE Champ?
  42. What else about the WWE Champion The Miz, his mic skills and What?
  43. John Cena announces he will be on Raw next week?
  44. True or False: Hulk Hogan main evented every Wrestlemania he wrestled at?
  45. How come Mae Young's Sl*ts and B*tches wasn't blurred out but Cena's 'Karma is a b*tch' was?
  46. WHat do you think about this awesome Video?
  47. Is it John cena(wrestler)is really quiting from wwe raw?
  48. Did anyone else notice the WWE cameramen couldn't find children crying after John Cena's speech?
  49. Did anyone else laugh at the children that were mad when Miz won?
  50. what do you think of my kotr tournament ending rate it 1 through 10?
  51. What Do You Think About Miz Winning WWE Title?
  52. So John Cena really fired or part of story line?
  53. Who do you predict will win the 2010 WWE King Of The Ring?
  54. THis is my last question of the day?
  55. Do you think this has something to do with Miz winning last night?
  56. What's really going on with John Cena?
  57. Did John Cena say Karmas A *****?
  58. True or False: Undertaker has competed in every single Buried Alive match?
  59. True or False: There has always been a traditional Survivor Series tag match since the beginning?
  60. Will good old JR ever come back to the WWE?
  61. Will Triple H Ever Return To Raw?
  62. True or False: a Wrestlemania was once broadcasted from 3 different arenas?
  63. Is Jerry the King senile?
  64. How many words is this picture worth?
  65. Do you think John Cena will be back in time for Wrestlemania 27?
  66. If You Could See Any WWE Superstar Become WWE Champion Who Would It Be?
  67. How long will it take for The Miz to lose his WWE title, and who will he lose it to?
  68. Who Should Of Won The Title Last Night?
  69. Was anyone else hoping when the Miz cashed in Money in the Bank that he would screw up and lose?
  70. Do you think there will be at least one more HHH vs Jericho feud before it's all said and done?
  71. Which tag team was better: Edge Christian or Hart Dynasty?
  72. Which Jericho vs HHH feud do you think would be more interesting?
  73. Who do you think is better (Divas)?
  74. is cm punk now a permanent commentator for monday night raw ?
  75. What do you think of this HHH return scenario?
  76. What will happen to the WWE now?
  77. Who would win: Justin Gabriel or Daniel Bryan?
  78. I think we are going to see Undertaker vs Cena at WM27?
  79. Did The Miz have the greatest Money in the bank cash in of all time?
  80. Who do you think will finally defeat kane for the world heavyweight title?
  81. WWE superstars on steroids - which ones - survey?
  82. Its about time WWE spiced things up again dont you think?
  83. Who'd Win Johnny Nitro vs Daniel Bryan For Us Title?
  84. How long do you think the miz will hold the wwe title for?
  85. With Miz as WWE Champion, Who do you think he'll feud with?
  86. Please join this new wrestling website. More inside?
  87. Great citizens of the Wrestling Section. It is my humble honor to be your first President. My
  88. Will John Cena Return After Survivor Series ?
  89. Is CM Punk now permanently a part of the commentating team?
  90. Why was Natayla allowed on Smackdown when she wasn't champion but LayCool can't go on Raw without
  91. Will John Cena Return Back To The WWE?
  92. Was Wade Barret Title Win Last Night A Conspiracy?
  93. Was Last nights Raw The Best In Weeks?
  94. If you don't want the Miz to be champ, then just do one thing...?
  95. What are your predictions in the WWE?
  96. Will John Cena Be Back Next Week SMH!?
  97. when do u think triple h is comming back?
  98. miz as champ, SERIOIUSLY??Whats happened to WWE?
  99. First year wrestling... Need tips please?
  100. POLL: For those that hate The Miz as champion, star, but...?
  101. is it just me or last night was a VERY EPIC RAW?!?
  102. Do You Think Cena Will Show Up Every Week And Screw Barret Over?
  103. Does Daniel Bryan's Theme make you Laugh BQ?
  104. Did you know that Beth Phoenix's birthday is on November 24?
  105. Would Just10 be a bad CAW name?
  106. Why The Hell Does Barret Get 3 Title Shots?
  107. Why is there a bouncer letting stars in when there is a open garage?
  108. How shocking would this be?
  109. Sl*ts,B*tches,B*tches .. OMG! this is too much for my PG mind!?
  110. Do you think the era of 'Awesomeness' will be a real era? Like Attitude era,PG era?
  111. Do you think the 'era of Awesomeness' is all about the Miz or (more)?
  112. Should Alberto Del Rio be WWE champion before the Miz?
  113. So, the era of Awesomeness is here! Questions!?
  114. How long will The Miz title reign last?
  115. Anyone else shocked to see The Miz win the WWE Championship?
  116. Is The Rock and Stone Cold rolling over in their grave because The Miz is Champion?
  117. Would you want to see this match up?
  118. Who would you say is the biggest threat to Bryan's US title reign?
  119. Issue during wrestling matches?
  120. Please join this E-Federation , more inside?
  121. What is IWC and what does it stand for?
  122. Morphing 4 different wrestlers into 1 past or present?
  123. Triple H Sheamus feud ruined?
  124. why was cm punk on commentary last night?
  125. John Cena was fired by Wade Barrett for the story line so when do you think he will
  126. Who would you like to be the next no.1 contender to Randy Orton's WWE championship and why?
  127. What did you think of last night Raw?
  128. Do you think the WWE title is gonna be a triple treat at TLC or Orton vs Miz?
  129. does anyone else agree?
  130. ........ WTF JUST HAPPENED!!!!!?
  131. the future in the WWE?
  132. what's wrong with vince mcmahon?
  133. Do you think anybody believes this good bye is real?!? + BQ?
  134. Is Wrestling fake or real?
  135. who else thinks wade offered cena a contract if he helps him win the wwe title tonight?
  136. haha melina and morrison. Is wwe finally puttin them in another storyline together@?
  137. Agree or Wholeheartedly agree: If there's one thing most IWC will never EVER stop doing, it's
  138. your new AWESOME! WWE champion. THE MIZ?
  139. Will Mike 'the miz ' mizanin be a good champion ?
  140. What was your reaction to Cena's departure +BQ?
  141. do you think triple H is the anonomous general manager of RAW?
  142. What has caused the WWE to mount the 'Stand Up for WWE' campaign?
  143. How does Wade Barrett have the authority to fire *anybody*?
  144. Where Is The Miz? I Only Watch Raw For Him! Oh Dear God Is He Injured Or Something?
  145. do you think john cena is fired for survivor series?
  146. do you think the miz deserves to be champion?
  147. Did Randy Orton Just Get a Taste of his Own Medicine?
  148. Did you ever watch a live wrestling event and they botched a move real bad?
  149. Just when we thought the WWE could never recover?
  150. who'd Win Ezekiel Jackson vs Randy Orton BQ?
  151. Who Thinks John Cena Will Return After Wrestlemania 27?
  152. Prediction: Will Raw Lose Viewers By Fans Thinking John Cena Was Fired?
  153. It is Natalya's time to shine but...?
  154. Who Thinks The Miz Is Awsome For Winning the WWE Title?
  155. What would happen if TNA signed John Cena?
  156. Now that John Cena is gone,what is the 80% of the viewers going to do for entertainment?
  157. What did you think Mr. Perfects face run in the WWE?
  158. Next Monday is King of the Ring Do you think we'll see?
  159. Miz is going to cash it in tonight?
  160. So do think Chris Masters was set up to become a big star in the WWE before he got suspended the
  161. Who is the best to ever be in the WWE?
  162. Why is CM Punk commentating and not wrestling?
  164. Did you guys see how the crowd went crazy when Beth Phoenix THe Glamazon returned?
  165. Is Cena really going to leave?
  167. Did You Know? Vince McMahon secretly owns?
  168. What should I do? My boyfriend just beat me up because I won't perform oral copulation on him?
  169. who has contributed more to the wwe? Matt hardy or cena?
  170. BREAKING NEWS|WWE Superstar Dies|?
  171. Who'd Win Daniel Bryan vs Booker T?
  172. Any concern about this news?
  173. Is Jim Ross Semi Retired?
  174. What are the differences between the ps2 and ps3 versions of WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2011?
  175. Where can I watch WWE RAW online?
  176. So will Natalya and Beth be friends or will they feud?
  177. John Cena is gone, how do you all feel?
  178. Were those light botches last night signs of The Undertaker?
  179. Is R-Truth turning heel?
  180. William Regal or Daniel Bryan. Who Wins?
  181. Do you think John Cena will pull a Mr America?
  182. Would DX had made a difference if they started out in WCW?
  183. I have a question about John Cena?
  184. Question about Suvivor Series 2010! ( Here )?
  185. Is John Cena going to be on Raw 11.22.10 to say good bye?
  186. Who else thinks WWE made a mistake by letting John Cena go?
  187. What is -6 times (-1) + 6 times 1 - 6 times 2?
  188. What Wrestling Move would you use in case of a fight in school?
  189. What's next for LayCool?
  190. would you buy this if it was a wwe dvd?
  191. what did you think about survivor series?
  192. i youst tombstone my friend he is not breathing what should i do?
  193. If you could re-hire any former WWE superstar, who would it be?
  194. what are the songs ANY ANSWERS ?
  195. Can someone give me the results of all WWE SS matches tonight?
  196. is raw going to be live or prerecord-er are you going to watch it?
  197. Do you like to see a match ended in DQ?
  198. Is Cena really fi...?
  199. Who is the most underrated wrestler in WWE?
  200. Who Thinks Vance Archer Mike Knox could of made a hell of a tag team?
  201. lets go edge!!!!!!!!! are ya with me?
  202. the pope diangelo dinero is the best black wrestler in wrestling today.?
  203. For those of you who really think Cena was fired, you need to get a life?
  204. David Otunga to leave Nexus?
  205. Please join this E-Federation, more inside?
  206. Natalya Neidhart or Beth Phoenix THe Glamazon?
  207. What do you think about the outcome of the Kane vs Edge match?
  208. Ok so Natalya won but we all know that Beth Phoenix out showed every single diva?
  209. is it obvious that tonight the secret gm will resigned john cena and he will not be fired?
  210. How long will Natayla's reign be?
  211. The real yahoo alliance against the ministry of trolls?
  212. OMG I just saw that Beth returned?
  213. Why do people think John Cena is fired because he never got fired?
  214. Please just this E-Federation, more inside?
  215. The Undertaker (vs) Goldberg @ WrestleMania 27, could it happen?
  216. Who Do You Want to Win Tonight: Kane or Edge?
  217. Will John Cena ever come back to the WWE?
  218. do you really think john cena is fired?
  219. Who won at Survivor Series Wade Barret or Randy Orton?
  220. Which past WWE Diva had a better butt: Torrie Wilson or Victoria?
  221. Which past WWE Diva was hotter: Debra (Prime) or Sable (Prime)?
  222. Would you rather (WWE Version)?
  223. Do you think there will be a fatal 4 way for the diva's title next month?
  224. The Nexus or Evolution?
  225. Should Gregory Helms return to WWE?
  226. Who Had The Worst Week?
  227. Why does the WWE keep burying their best young talent ?
  228. How do you think John Cena will come back to WWE and when?
  229. whould u like to see the miz vs cena for the wwe champion or cena vs randy or randy vs the miz?
  230. How come so many people are saying the pay per view was bad when the matches were good?
  231. is aj styles a raciste.?
  232. Boogeyman Returning To WWE?
  233. what you like more diva of the wwe?
  234. Did John Cena get fired?
  235. in wwe smackdown vs raw 2011 how do you do the challenges in Road to Wrestlemania?
  236. Who do you think is the 2010 WWE breakout star?
  237. so how many people have said their going to stop watching wwe so far?
  238. when will Triple return?
  239. Survivor Series results closest predictions gets BA?
  240. Would you like to watch Jericho vs The Undertaker at Wrestlemania?
  241. Who makes more money? wwe wrestlers or UFC fighters?
  242. What are the odds of Santino Marella replacing himself with some1 else during the tag...
  243. What if DX are the leaders of the Nexus?
  244. Whatever happened to wrestlers having managers, Lou Albano, Jimmy Hart, Bobby Heenan?
  245. Have The Undertaker reached legendary iconic status like Hogan, HBK, Bret Hart , Austin ...
  246. Is The Undertaker the only guy to have ever beaten Hogan twice in WWE history?
  247. what sucks about tna?
  248. Will The Undertaker's retirement/farewell be more emotional than Shawn Michaels retirement/farewell?
  249. Jeff hardy the poster boy of TNA?
  250. cenas fired from the wwe? Praise the fn lord!?
  251. Who thinks Cena will go to Smackdown! now that he's been fired from Raw?
  252. OMG I am not going to be able to see Survivor Series?
  253. will you be mad if cena comes back at the royal rumble and wins and he beats undertakers...
  254. Who else agrees that pre-PPV time on PPV-Sunday is the worse time to be on Y!A! (+2 WQ)?
  255. do you think super cena is the raw gm?
  256. Would It Be A Good Idea To Put Kaval In A Fued With Daniel Bryan?
  257. Who is this EL MAGNIFICO guy in the wrestling section?
  258. If LayCool wins tonight(hopefully)will this feud with Natayla finally end?
  259. I just had an epiphany about Survivor Series!! (Q inside)?
  260. Who Had The Worst Night-Surivor Series?
  261. we should all celebrate super cena is fired?
  262. If Undertaker and Triple H aregonefrom the WWE then why?
  263. Agree or Disagree:Even if Cena turns heel everyone will still complain and says he sucks as heel?
  264. which wrestler do you like better? Max buck or alex shelley?
  265. Where is Cena going now?
  266. Am I the only one who think trolls are ruining this section+WQ?
  267. Does Vince Mcmahon own ROH?
  268. are they done trolling?
  269. is svr 2011 worth 65$ what those it have that svr 2010 doesn't have best answer 10 points?
  270. What is the most painful wrestling move?
  271. im the only that thinks that survivor series is not worth watching even for free i looks
  272. Is John Cena balding?
  273. Why is user rated R superstar soo awesome?
  274. Will John Cena be free or fired?
  275. invasion era in the WWE?
  276. Why does this always happen when asking a question about WWE?
  277. who is a john cena hater and why do you hate him so much i mean is he too good is he better...
  278. Do The Undertaker's last 3 world title reigns make any difference to his legendary status at all?
  279. do you think TNA will make Jeff Hardy the good guy again?
  280. FREE WWE Survivor Series 2010 live stream, no download?
  281. Why does WWE choose to give a few more world title reigns to The Undertaker, why not HBK?
  282. Why is McBat the best user of all time?
  283. What did you guys think of survivor series?
  284. Anyone know where i can watch WWE Survivor Series 2010 online?
  285. Watch Survivor Series 2010 WWE wrestling live online?
  286. What is the entire card for SS tonight? And your Predictions +BQ?
  287. in smackdown vs raw 2011..?
  288. Why does WWE suck now,and TNA is better?
  289. Am i getting popular by going against the ministry?
  290. Would Rob Van Dam vs The Miz Be a Mediocre Match BQ?
  291. Anyone else not care about Survivor Series tonight, but...?
  293. Is It Kavals Time To Be Intercontinental Champion?
  294. Will Triple H Return Tonight?
  295. Who's more of a beast?
  296. Is it possible for TNA to revive the hardcore title?
  297. Should Jack Swagger start using the spinebuster as a signature move?
  298. Is it true that a female has to get breast implants to get in the WWE?
  299. what Happened to the Traditional Survivor Series Elimination match?
  300. Your thoughts on Shawn Michaels returning to be special referee at wm27?? READ!?
  301. What do you think about Big Show's current Face run?
  302. Who Has The Potential To Be The 2011 Royal Rumble Winner?
  303. can anybody give any logical explaination as to why people hate john cena?
  304. Who is one superstar you do not like, even if people say they are awesome?
  305. What do u think. Thanks.?
  306. If you could create a finisher what would it be?
  307. Are dolph ziggler and vickie the rerro realy dating in real life?
  308. is chris jericho gone?
  309. what do you think about the WWE titles?
  310. Agree or Disagree: This is how TNA can attract NEW fans?
  311. Should Christian go to ROH?
  312. What are your WWE Survivor Series 2010 Predictions????????????
  313. Who Else misses The Big Fist on Smackdown?
  314. Well this could be it for Cena, it could the last night of his career, what are your...
  315. Who would win in a fight: a Deadman or a Legend Killer?
  316. Who would win in a fight: A Showstopper or A Guru of Greatness?
  317. Who do you think is better on the mic: CM Punk, The Miz or Chris Jericho?
  318. Jackknife Powerbomb vs. Awesome Bomb, which one is more powerful?
  319. Who would win in a fight: a Brahma Bull or a Rattlesnake?
  320. Am I the ONLY person in this section who actually ordered the Survivor Series PPV?
  321. will the miz ever be the face of the company ?
  322. Is this the craziest ladder match you have ever seen?
  323. What is a good name for a PPV near Thanksgiving?
  324. The greatest Matches that never happened (BQ Inside)?
  325. GNS Wrestling Episode Part 2 of 2, rate, comment!!!!?
  326. Who is to blame for the current WWE product?
  327. Why did the WWE release all these superstars?
  328. Would you like a PreReaction show before Impact?
  329. POLL: If You Were A Male Or Female Wrestler What Theme Music Would You Use?
  330. Who deserves the title greatest bad@ss in Pro Wrestling history?
  331. Would it be wrong of me to create a chris benoit caw in svr2011?
  332. GNS Wrestling Episode 1 Part 3 of 3, Rate, Comment!?
  333. William Regal retiring?
  334. Where do you see these wrestlers in the next 10 years in WWE?
  335. Who do you think ultimately prove to be more important to a wrestling promotion, Heels or faces?
  336. Cena, Free or Fired after Survivor Series?
  337. Should The Undertaker add one more world title reign before the end of his career or nope just...
  338. Who else mad Shawn Michaels doesn't get one more world title reign till the end of his career?
  339. Have WWE released any wrestlers recently?
  340. Why are TNA getting rid of so many wrestlers?
  341. Do you prefer Jeff Hardy as Heel Or Face?
  342. Anyone else get the feeling that all The Championships at Survivor Series will change hands
  343. WWE survivor serires predictions ?
  344. who will return first, christian or triple h? +BQ?
  345. Who'd Win 2006's Kurt Angle vs Dynamite Kid in a 2 out of 3 falls match?
  346. In what ways have WWE and TNA made fun of each other?
  347. Who'd Win 2009's Kurt Angle vs John Morrison?
  348. What is with the new WWE Tag Championships and TNA Championship?
  349. When is Triple H returning to the WWE?
  350. will this be a shocker if they say next monday raw goes tv 14 in almost 4 years?
  351. True or False: Bret Hart was the first person to get screwed in real life by the WWE/F?
  352. Is anyone just completely tired of The Nexus?
  353. True or False: An NWA championship was once held by a WWE/F superstar while still in the company?
  354. True or False: There has been a total of 41 NWO members?
  355. True or False: Mick Foley is the only man to enter the Royal Rumble three times on the same night?
  356. True or False: Undertaker had a different name in the WWE/F?
  357. True or False: Undertaker has appeared at every single Wrestlemania since his debut?
  358. Which 5 superstars have/had the best mic skills in WWE/WWF history?
  359. Who'd Win Wade Barret vs Skip Sheffield BQ?
  360. Does this feud work make Daniel Bryan a main eventer (it's a bit long)?
  361. What WWE wrestlers do you consider to be the next New Generation superstars?
  362. Have you ever tried a wrestling maneuver or submission on someone before?
  363. the WWE good and bad periods?
  364. Who'd Win Dolph Ziggler vs Randy orton?
  365. Don't you love it when WWE takes out 50 million for Linda's campaign?
  366. what is your favourite wwe wrestling ppv?
  367. WWE releases Shad Gaspard, Vance Archer, Tiffany, etc.?
  368. Do you think the LayCool vs Natayla feud should of ended a month ago?
  369. Is this a hint that Undertaker will fight Sheamus at Wrestlemania 27?
  370. wrestling shot set ups?
  371. wrestling upper body take down help?
  372. survivor series 2010 results?
  373. What would of you have done before Edge threw the food on Paul Bearer?
  374. Should Owen Hart have won the WWF Championship before his death?
  375. yahoo answers is been taken over by undertaker fanboys?
  376. What could TNA and ROH do to reach WWE's level?
  377. Was it funny when Kofi Kingston slapped DashingCody Rhodes face and he got pissed?
  378. In your opinion, which wrestler has the biggest/best accomplishments in WWE?
  379. should i buy svr 2011 for the ps3 i didn't like svr 2010 best answer10 points?
  380. Which of these superstars have made the most Royal Rumble history?
  381. Who likes the new Edge?
  382. Why is Kane never considered as one of the top 10 greatest Pro Wrestlers?
  383. Who executes the best chokeslam: The Undertaker, Kane or Big Show?
  384. wrestling section what should my entrance music be?
  385. micky james and beth phoenix question?
  386. Which 5 Diva's do you think will never get fired?
  387. How would you react if Justin Bieber made your favorite wrestler tap out?
  388. OMG I think Beth Phoenix is returning at Survivor Series it's going to be AWESOME?
  389. could john cena turn heel at serviver series by screwing orton?
  390. what is accepting bookings in wrestling?
  391. Did Beth Phoenix out show Chyna in the Royal Rumble? Beth lasted more than Chyna?
  392. Is it just me or does TNA have a smaller ring than WWE?
  393. if stone cold was general manager?
  394. should this song be the new theme song of john cena because he is a real compton g...
  395. When Randy Orton punted Triple H at Wrestlemania 24?
  396. what is the WWE's main problem?
  397. Did you watch Hogan throw the tna title into the thrash? Do you wish someone would do the same...
  398. What is your favorite Wrestlemania arena?
  399. DO You Think Stone Cold Will Comeback?
  400. Since when is kidnapping a fat man pg mateirel?
  401. How much wrestling do you watch online?
  402. Is the WWE going to get it's first ever Britsh world champion this Sunday?
  403. who think that the new tna world title looks totally gay?
  404. Out of the WWE releases today, which is the most upsetting for you?
  405. Who Are Your Top 10 Favorite WWF/E Superstars?
  406. (Fill In The Blanks) If it wasn't for the nWo, WCW would _______________?
  407. Would you like to see Stone Cold give a stunner to all the members of Nexus one by one?
  408. Who'd Win Evan Bourne Yoshi vs Regal Zack?
  409. Which Wrestler Was/Is Better: Ric Flair (Prime) or Shawn Michaels (Prime)?
  410. Who'd Win Desmond Wolf vs Jeff Hardy?
  411. WWE TV14 Era vs WWE PG Era: Which era wins?
  412. (Fill in the Blanks) If it wasn't for the Undefeated Streak the Undertaker
  413. My WCW Thursday Night Thunder Episode # 32 (Rate Show) + Will David Otunga betray Nexus at
  414. Who do you think is going to be a bigger jobbing champion?
  415. Who'd Win Justin Gabriel vs Dolph Ziggler?
  416. WWE Confirms The Release Of Six Wrestlers - What are your thoughts?
  417. Agree or Disagree: Out of all the retirements and injuries, Shawn Michaels was WWE's biggest
  418. Should WWE Push Ezekiel Jackson to be World Champion?
  419. What did you think of that Cena promo tonight +BQ?
  420. Who Had The Worst Night-The Main Event?
  421. How do you make an Wrestling E-Fed?
  422. -YAWWE Money in the Bank results and rate the show plus B.Q's?
  423. Should I upload SvR 2011 Storylines?
  424. How has Smackdown been so far?
  425. Why did wwe release luke gallows , shad , vance archer , jillian and tiffany and caylen croft?
  426. The X Factor, Tyler Reks?
  427. Did you want Stone Cold and The Rock to come back this week on RAW?
  428. Do you think wrestling?
  429. What would be your thoughts if you find out that your related to a wrestler?
  430. im going to be wwe goldust what do i need?
  431. Which following Undertaker's match do you prefer to see at Wrestlemania?
  432. Anyone heard that a 10 year old boy write a story about WWE ? I heard that the story is
  433. Who do you think is the cutest member of the Nexus?
  434. Most Dangerous finishing move of all time............ What u think?
  435. Did you see the 3 hour special edition of WWE Monday Night Raw Old School from the 80's and 90's?
  436. Finally WWE understands the term of Push?
  437. Does Mean Gene Oakerlund have Parkinsons disease?
  438. What happened to Kaval's WWE Championship opportunity ?
  439. What do you think John Cena will do at Survivor Series?
  440. Who should Turn Heel in WWE right now?
  441. Who's hotter: Velvet Sky or Layla?
  442. What was the best match from the WWF Attitude Era?
  443. How did Kaval won on Smackdown?
  444. have you ever got a twitter reply from a wwe or tna wrestler?
  446. do you think the miz will finally cash in his money in the bank contract at survior series
  447. How come WWE is able to use its old WWF logo now?
  448. do you think superman cena is master bating to Mr McMahon right now?
  449. got a question on the releases lately?
  450. why does ric flair always bleed when he wrestles he get annoying why old man?
  451. Which feud do you think should win feud of the year?
  452. Cena's Twitter Thoughts Must Read!!?
  453. Who'd win in a shoot fight Undertaker or Kane?
  454. Who is fed up with the Guest host thing?
  455. Are these wrestlers all in the same category?
  456. Should Undertaker's streak ever end?
  457. Who thinks one day TNA and WWE will be competing BIG TIME and another Great Era of Wrestling will...
  458. What wrestler have MMA in their background?
  459. Did Kurt Angle Return?
  460. TNA: Shouldn't TNA have Ric Flair win some matches?
  461. How would you feel if Cena beat Stone Cold or The Rock his 5 moves of doom?
  462. Using the current wwe roster make a wrestling stable contain 4 wrestlers and 1 manager(Diva)?
  463. The Top 5 Heel/Face turns of all time...?
  464. Another Tommy Dreamer cry fest?
  465. Why does Yoshi Tatsu do such a horrible version of Tajiri's Springboard Elbow?
  466. So the Pope is Undertaker now?
  467. Which of these guys does Vince McMahon hate more and why?
  468. Shouldn't Fortune had been only FOUR guys (and Flair managing) in the first place?
  469. So many rocks up in my watch I can't tell what the time is!!!!!?
  470. TNA: Did Raven fully reach his potential as a wrestler?
  471. Are wwe house shows real,?
  472. Who'd Win Kazarian vs John Morrison?
  473. Is the Undertaker going to make a appearance at this year's Suvrior Series?
  474. Is TNA trying to turn away viewers in droves right now with this Jarrett MMA thing?
  475. Do you smell what the rock is cooking?
  477. big boobs and the WWE?
  478. debate: should and does size affect professional wrestling?
  479. Dont you think wwe should make 1 brand pg and the other brand tv 14?
  480. is that crazyy lady that keeps stalking tna knockout angelina love katie lea from wwe?
  481. do tna wrestlers max and jeremy buck have a twitter?
  482. Do you think the WWE would form an anti Nexus? + BQ?
  483. What was your all-time favorite Torrie Wilson moment or match?
  484. who do you think WWE RAW's general manager is?
  485. do you think thq should make a tna vs wwe videogame?
  486. Would you like Triple H to return?
  487. Any idea when Evan Bourne will return?
  488. The user lost says watching wrestling makes him angry. How does it make you feel?
  489. Thursday night WCE episode 16 rate and review plus BQ?
  490. what are all the matches as survivor series? will any be added?
  491. Which was the very last appareance of Diesel in WWF?
  492. At what age do you think a wrestler is in his prime?
  493. why werent hulk hogan and macho man savage on mondy night raw show?
  494. If giving the oppurtunity which Past or Current WWE Diva would you slap there booty?
  495. Which Past WWE Diva was Hotter: Stacy Kiebler or Torrie Wilson and Why?
  496. Message from the RAW GM?
  497. Who is more World Championship Material: Alberto Del Rio or Daniel Bryan?
  498. Who remembers this WCW match?
  499. What's worse: John Cena's 5 Moves of Doom or Michael Cole's Commentary?
  500. Why do refs still do a count on the ropes in a no DQ match?