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  1. are wwe ever going to finally push John Morrison?
  2. How dose one get the Best answer?
  3. Is cena actually taking Nexus out one by one like he said he will?
  4. Why did Kane Turned on his own brother here: see below-?
  5. Do you agree with CM Punk's evaluation of Eve Torres's dancing skills?
  6. Who would win in a match between Beth Phoenix and Chyna?
  7. Was it worth it to see Jerry Lawler losing the WWE Championship match just to see him punch
  8. When do you think Edge will give Kane back Paul Bearer and would this be funny if it happened on...
  9. Do you think the money in the bank crap needs to be scrapped altogether?
  10. Which wrestler's promos always send you to sleep?
  11. Wrestling section(trolls, great users, good users, bad users, legendary users)please read?
  12. Where was Randy Orton last night?
  13. Can anyone recommend any good Juan Cena matches? I heard that he is set to debut soon.?
  14. Who screwed Bret?????????????
  15. John Cena, best wrestler currently in the business?
  16. A question about CZW?
  17. question about Alicia Fox ?
  18. TNA (Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling) or HNA (Hogan's Non Stop Arrogance)?
  19. If you dont think TNA is better than the WWE?
  20. Are You happy with The Miz been WWE Champion?
  21. When are the Bella Twins going to be stopped wearing the same thing so they can't switch places?
  22. Why did AJ get eliminated in NXT?
  23. Why is everyone jumping on the Miz's band wagon all of sudden? More details inside question.?
  24. Who is Gemini686..............?
  25. who else thought it was going to jbl and not rey?
  26. I thought The Miz was going to have a live celebration with Michael Cole and Alex Riley?
  27. Is it okay for me to lose almost 10 pounds for wrestling?
  28. whats with all the 3 hour raw episodes lately, another one in 2 weeks?
  29. When did wwe died for you?
  30. Is the king of the ring the last chance for John Morrison to have a shot at the wwe title?
  31. Who attacked Michael McGillicutty?
  32. Who is the new Miss Usa?
  33. What was life like in Poland in the 1940's?
  34. should i bring a dry erase board to wwe monday night raw?
  35. how come every time maryse has to tag with alicia fox alicia always makes them loose?
  36. did cm punk just say i know my in-ring wwe career is over?
  37. Does Jerry Lawler have any chance against teh Miz tonight?
  38. before randy orton, who was the youngest world champion in wwe history?
  39. Have you ever thought to yourself Wow I can't believe that it's been that long already?
  40. Why did WWF use World War II videos in the opening video for InVasion in 2001?
  41. Eliminate three more superstars from the Royal Rumble match?
  42. I cannot believe this?
  43. Why doesn't John Cena help his younger brother out?
  44. What would you steal from Alberto Del Rio's House?
  45. Sheamus or drew mcyntire? and why?
  46. Do you think Undertaker will put an end to the Nexus?
  47. When will triple H Return?
  48. Can you watch King of the Ring live tonight on
  49. Who's brilliant idea was it for WWE to actually go through with the Juan Cena kayfabe?
  50. who are the top 5 best female wrestlers you have ever seen(bonus question inside)?
  51. Who do you all think will win the King Of The Ring tonight?
  52. What is the BIGGEST wrestling news of 2010?
  53. who do you think is gonna win king of the ring tonight?
  54. poll are you watching raw king of the ring tonight?
  55. Isn't it sad that the WWE has gone from Stone Cold stunning Vince to Stupid Michael Cole reading...
  56. What do you think KOTR elimination order will be?
  57. When do you Think DashingCody Rhodes's Mirror will get Rusty with Cobwebs.?
  58. Could it be possible for Triple H to show up tonight on Raw? + BQ?
  59. Should Rey Mysterio win the next MITB?
  60. Would you rather see Stupid Michael Cole get punt kicked in the head by Orton or knocked out...
  61. Who'd Win Prime Shawn Michaels vs Rey Mysterio Jr?
  62. What is the catchiest theme Drews or Cody's?
  63. INCREDIBLE! Cena on WWE Alumni Page! +BQS?
  64. Are They Actually Gonna Put Beth Phoenix in a match or she just gonna continue to beat the...
  65. is John Cena coming on Raw tonight?
  66. WRESTLING TRIVIA: Who were the 1st 3 WWE Wrestlers to pin Kozlov?
  67. hey wwe fans im going to ask a question no one has asked?
  68. If you really had to watch 1 wrestler fight a broom stick, who would it be why?
  69. Who better than Kanyon?
  70. Would Vince had the guts to do the racist Juan Cena gimmick while Linda was running for senate?
  71. Should the WWE do an animated movie?
  72. What is your favorite style of pro-wrestling?
  73. My WWE Raw Episode 94 (Rate and Review) + Should CM Punk retire, to become a commentator...
  74. Why don't people think this Juan Cena gimmick is racist?
  75. Whos more hated: Michael Cole or John Cena?
  76. is cm punk retiring from the wrestling ring and going full time into commentating?
  77. The Miz does not care about the wrestling community's complaining?
  78. Who do you think should win NXT, Kaitlyn or Naomi since AJ got eliminated?
  79. hints that wwe is changing to tv-14? (plz read)?
  80. Was Evolution a Triple H ran group or Flair's group?
  81. If you could replace Michale Cole with any wrestler who would it be and why?
  82. What's the #1 thing you dislike most about John Cena?
  83. Who misses seeing Mr McMahon on WWE TV and PPV?
  84. why did wwe release mohamed Hassan.?
  85. out these wrestlers who is the kindest in real life?
  86. out of these three wrestlers which one would survive a 3 on 1 bar fight?
  87. how would you rate this/old school fued.?
  88. name a wrestler you something in commom with?
  89. Who is the most overrated wrestler in wwe not named cena or mysterio?
  90. Who hates it when people call wrestling fake?
  91. When will the Children realize John Cena cant wrestle?
  92. What will happen to Joey Mercury?
  93. anyone else tired of the what chant?
  94. Has WWE Match gotting more boring and Do you get annoying hearing scamming teens?
  95. Which unlikely superstars if paired up would actually make a good tag team?
  96. Is WWE becoming very redundant?
  97. Is The Fingerpoke of Doom on the Rise and Fall of WCW DVD?
  98. Do you think WWE has gone overboard with the new PPV's?
  99. What should I expect from a wrestling school?
  100. How many times do you think stupid Michael Cole got his head flushed down the toilet in high school?
  101. Both Sting Shawn Micheals called themselves The Icon but out of the two?
  102. Fill in the missing words....?
  103. Does anyone remember when Eddie Guerrero won the title?
  104. Eliminate three more superstars from the Royal Rumble match?
  105. A couple of Mark Henry questions?
  106. If an injured CM Punk can host RAW, why can't WWE do the same to Christian on smackdown?
  107. Why do people hate Michael Cole so much?
  108. Why is the WWE so crap!?
  109. Does anyone remember this?
  110. For a quick 10 points what is Kaval's NEW favourite movie?
  111. Royal Rumble. Eliminate three superstars that you think would be eliminated first?
  112. those michael cole ever visit the yahoo wrestling section?
  113. florida championship wrestling?
  114. Breaking News!!!!!!!!! Former Superstar dies??
  115. Who would win these matche?
  116. Is John Cena fired from WWE forever?
  117. Agree or Disagree: Is Ric Flair the most famous heel in all of wrestling?
  118. do you think john cena is the most unappreciated wrestler in the history of the wwe?
  119. what time does the house show start in salisbury,maryland?
  120. which wrestlers should...and what do you think?uwa episode 1 part 1 + signups?
  121. What is randy orton's ethnicity?
  122. Wrestling writer question?
  123. wrestling section . . .?
  124. Has John Cena retired from WWE?
  125. does this prove that...+BQ?
  126. Why is WWE advancing all the wrong people into the King of the Ring tournament?
  127. would this be a good theme for john morrison when he turns heel again?
  128. who's better hbk or taker or hhh or sting?
  129. Theme Song Tournament Round 3 (final round)?
  130. Who remembers when John Morrison told Edge that he had a ex-wife as a Pig?
  131. is it time for john morrison to become a aggressive heel (kinda like EDGE used to be)?
  132. Should I get some Old WCW Old WWF DVD's for my little brother?
  133. Who'd Win Sheamus vs Drew McIntyre?
  134. Why did Michael Cole get warm with Alberto Del Rio 5pts for Funniest answer?
  135. what wrestler in the wwe or tna?
  136. wwe releasing a kofi kingston ppv/dvd its gonna be good.?
  137. Does anyone else agree that Randy Orton Sheamus match at HIAC should be MOTY?
  138. juan cena is making his debut tonight and rate my first episode(uwa)...sign up sheet available?
  139. When did Motor City Machine Guns and Generation Me have a Empty Arena Match in TNA?
  140. Why did Matt Striker scream in the annoucers table 5 pts for funniest answer?
  141. what is your favorite gimmick of the undertaker?
  142. Does anyone else agree that Randy Orton is the next Stone Cold?
  143. i dont care what anybody says?
  144. Will Daniel Bryan Drop The US Title To Ted Diabise Jr?
  145. Would you Laugh if Wade Barett sang The Nexus Theme?
  146. Hulk Hogan: A legend in wrestling or a bad backstage politician?
  147. Don't you think John Cena in Smackdown than in Raw would be better?
  148. Is John Cena really going to go to TNA?
  149. Will LayCool be Unified Divas Champions again?
  150. i have a question for people who say tna sucks and wwe is a thousand times better?
  151. Would you buy this ppv?
  152. When will we see DashingCody Rhodes Wear Knee Pads Again?
  153. Best way to get a quick pin in High School Wrestling?
  154. Hey wrestling section question (inside)?
  155. how much are tickets wrestlemania fan axxess?
  156. Would this be a good Show Card?
  157. Opening An E Fed Wrestling Section?
  158. Am I the only one that thinks?
  159. who do you believe should be released from wwe?
  160. What do you think Michael Cole got when he Hugged Alberto Del Rio 5 pts for Funniest Answer?
  161. Who's your pick to win KOTR tomorrow night?
  162. why do people like the attitude era so much?
  163. Do you think Triple H will return on 11/29/10?
  164. Will Randy Orton be given a chance on this Monday night Raw to get his belt back?
  165. do anyone else agree that randy orton is the greatest of all time?
  166. Who would win in a WWE roster spelling bee?
  167. If HHH or Stephanie was to take over for Vince in the WWE, what would change?
  168. If you could use a time machine to change 1 thing in wrestling history, what would it be?
  169. Do you like green grapes?
  170. How much % of best answers do you need to become a top contributer?
  171. Can we all agree on this?
  172. Whats your top 10 favorite WrestleMania matches of all time?
  173. wwe, help please about the figures?
  174. If you could take over as a WWE writer what could we expect to see?
  175. What is your opinion? (WWE)?
  176. When is Undertaker coming back ?
  177. Agree or Disagree - Wrestlemania 25 and 26 has failed to surpass Wrestlemania 24.?
  178. Do you remember any of the jobbers that got beat up every match?
  179. Did you ever feel sorry for those derelicts that wrestle major superstars on Saturday mornings...
  180. Ten points-name the most cowboy wrestlers in the WWF?
  181. What if on Raw Nexus joined Santino for a tea party in the middle of the wrestling ring?
  182. did val venis really make porn movies ? (( 5 stars ))?
  183. Who would like to see this PPV???(pick winners if you want)?
  184. Does anyone else think Jeff makes a good heel?
  185. the ministry of trolls only lasted for a day lol?
  186. Who's more underrated, Big Show or Chavo Guerrero?
  187. California or Florida What state is the best one to live in?
  188. Agree or Disagree: The storylines in SmackDown Vs. Raw 2011 is better than the storylines we have...
  189. My Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) Episode 1 (Rate and Give Opinions please)?
  190. If you could introduce a new match-type to Professional Wrestling, what would it be?
  191. Do you think Samoa Joe is the only modern day wrestler that would have lasted and main evented
  192. When did WWE 1st bring up the undertakers streak?
  193. What is a good wrestling for storyline?
  194. What is your favorite Weapon Ever Used in a WWE Ring?And Why?
  195. Who is the funnier wrestler in this group?
  196. What was gonna be the gimmick for WWE Wild Card?
  197. is r truth a gang member?
  198. out of the wrestlers who can perform a super kick, who's closest to HBK's level?
  199. Do you think 3D,RVD,Jeff Hardy,Sabu,Raven,Rhyno,Sandman,and Mick Foley be a team?
  200. Will John Cena be able to return?
  201. everyone says i have a babyface!! do i?
  202. Do you think WrestleMania 21 can be put up against WrestleMania 17?
  203. what can juan cena do that will...?
  204. Which one of these matches are more likely to see at Wrestlemania?
  205. should mvp be fired since he is a criminal?
  206. Which past tag team would win this match: Kane Big Show or Hurricane Rosey?
  207. What do you think of this idea for Triple H's return?
  208. does kofi kingston smoke weed in the locker room?
  209. Who would win: Steve Austin or Randy Orton?
  210. What is the undertaker and kane's last name?
  211. What happened to Saturday Night?s Main Event?
  212. Did anyone here Layla botch tonight?
  213. Why do people think that Ric Flair owes us an explanation for joining TNA?
  214. What is the one thing in the WWE that you care the least about at this point?
  215. question about weightlifting/wrestling?
  216. Has anyone considered the possibility that John Cena wanted to retire?
  217. Any one notice this in WWE SVR 2011?
  218. What is the difference between a Spear and a Gore??
  219. What if Obama defeats Daniel Bryan For the U.S. Championship or Jack swagger since he is
  220. Why does John Morrison need to win the KOTR so badly?
  221. Just because i vote my old answers as best why are you guys act like im some Cheating Y!A heel?
  222. What was in that Breifcase that Booker T. use to carry around on TNA?
  223. will the miz's career be like edge's when he first won his champion ?
  224. A way to make Kofi look strong winning the KOTR?
  225. Did you feel bad for MVP while his arm was being stepped on by Drew McIntyre?
  226. would the miz be more awsome if he changes his gimmick nd hair style nd grow a beard like edge's ?
  227. Why was RicardoTapewormRodriguez Humping Big Show's Leg?
  228. Does Kofi kingston need to be put in the title picture?
  229. What is A Jobber????
  230. I need help, i cant quit but want to so badly?
  231. Who saw Kofi Kingston getting hit with the Camera?
  232. Out of these group of WWE Superstars?
  233. Who is enjoying Kane vs Edge?
  234. True or False Hulk Hogan and Eric Bishoff ruined tna?
  235. WWE star MVP is no longer wearing red!?
  236. i hate hornswoggle, who else does?
  237. Did you guys just see how dominant Beth Phoenix is?
  238. how can John Morrison be the Marty Jennety if...?
  239. Was Orton jealous of Kofi Kingston?
  240. Can anyone help me with a TNA Six Sided Ring toy?
  241. Im calling it now, TV match of the year?
  242. Why does wwe use Christian music so often?
  243. Do you remember this hilarious segment from Kurt Angle and Edge?
  244. Which fued did you like the best?!?!?! [10 points]?
  245. Be honest,would you want to see Kane VS Undertaker at WM in a career VS streak match?
  246. Has Brooklyn Brawler ever won a match?
  247. Which record has kane created beside currently ranking 8th in World Heavyweight Championship Reign?
  248. Why are people believing the whole juan cina or juan cena thing?
  249. do you think matt hardy should of held the intercontinental title before his release?
  250. Any one else like WWE Diva's feet?
  251. at the 20 seconds mark in this video did that hamster execute a moonsault on the other...
  252. kane or shawn micheals + bq(inside)?
  253. Does anyone else notice this?
  254. what does all this juan cena stuff mean?
  255. Who has a foot fetish for WWE Diva's feet?
  256. Who would you rather see in the WWE or TNA (videos included)?
  257. Bobby Lashley???????? +BQ?
  258. what do you think will happen if john cena turns heel and nexus turns face?
  259. Should WWE add a scoop slam and elbow drop to Kelly Kelly's moveset?
  260. Does anyone here collect Wrestling Figures?
  261. Does anyone think Big Show should have at least one more World Title Reign?
  262. Do you think this might happen if Kaitlyn wins NXT... (+BQ)?
  263. What femalemale wrestlers from any current indy promotions would you like to see make it
  264. Is John Cena never going to wrestle again?
  266. Please name some wwe songs which i can download...........10 points .........................?
  267. Wrestle mania prediction?
  268. how to unlocked Yoshi Tatsu on SVR 2011?
  269. What Happened to the push Vladimir Kozlov received during 2008-early 2009?
  270. John Cena Didn't left WWE, More Inside?
  271. Who should turn heel/face?
  272. Why William Regal never won a world title?
  273. When The Undertaker return....?
  274. CM Punk Facts Please?
  275. who do you think would win Daniel Bryan vs Evan Bourne 1 on 1?
  276. Do you think Shelton Benjamin had the potential to win the WWE Championship?
  277. Did Paul Bearer stick his middle finger up?
  278. What movie is John Cena currently filming?
  279. is the undertaker married to michelle mccool?
  280. Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio, main event?
  281. Do any of you remember Big Daddy V?
  282. who loved Cena speech?
  283. Real fight time: who wins, Jeff Hardy or CM Punk?
  284. What gimmick/storyline/etc has made you embarrassed to be a fan?
  285. If Undertaker would of went to WCW with Hogan,Hall Nash and Savage how would the WWE be today?
  286. Why are people worried abt if or how john cena will return ? ?
  287. Who remembers the tag team: Deuce n' Domino?
  288. Nexus VS Fortune? Who Will Win?
  289. Does anyone know where the Undertaker is?
  290. I need some CM Punk Facts?
  291. Hows about Brent Barreta or Curt Hawkins as future headliners in WWE?
  292. Who Will Stop Immortal Fortune?
  293. If WWE is PG, why does Mark Henry still have his theme?
  294. How come TNA Mid carders get paid Lower than WWE Mid carders?
  295. Help! My air conditioner just flew out of the wall and hit my head? (Reoccurring?)?
  296. What is a word that deseribes the following Superstars and Divas?
  297. If you were the GM of Raw, what would you do if you had to have a Christmas based Raw?
  298. Who is your favorite wrestler in any promotion besides WWE or TNA?
  299. What is the funniest thing you have ever heard/saw in WWE?
  300. If you could see a WWE Diva,TNA Knockout,NXT Rookie Diva,and Former WWE Diva naked in...
  301. What legend do you find overrated, and others find as great?
  302. Which feud was better: Trish Stratus/Lita feud or Stacy Keibler/Torrie Wilson feud?
  303. Who else hates Alicia Fox's entrance?
  304. How did you come up with your Yahoo Answers name?
  305. Who saw the taping of SmackDown!, answer this please.?
  306. Agree or Disagree:The NXT Season 3 winner must go to Smackdown?
  307. Who do you think is the anonymous GM of Monday Night Raw?
  308. What would you do if at the royal rumble when it was time for #30 you heard this theme play?
  309. what would you do if at the royal rumble when it was time for #30 you heard this theme play?
  310. Are there any WWF/E games that you can play as Jim Ross and Howard Finkel besides WWF No Mercy?
  311. What does Austin 3:16 mean?
  312. I just heard that John Cena is gonna be on Raw next night for the King of the Ring as a wwe
  313. Which WWE Diva's ass do U wanna kiss?
  314. Any WWE SVR 2011 Design-a-Story Ideas?
  315. Did you know Michael Cole got beat up in High School for being a Nerd?
  316. GNS Wrestling Episode 4 Part 2/2, rate, comment!!!?
  317. Isn't everyone's head hurting by hearing the name Juan Cena?
  318. What will happen to Primo?
  319. name couple off things a wwe superstar did in 2010 that you watched over again.?
  320. Which WWE MITB was best cash in in order worst to best?
  321. If this Juan Cena news is true...?
  322. What is the worst of these torture methods?
  323. Look at Brock Lesnar in this video?
  324. TNA Wrestling's iMPACT! on in 15 minutes--Are you gonna' watch?
  325. Who is the better midcard champion in WWE?
  326. A question for BIG Wrestling fans?
  327. Agree or Disagree: WWE has BIG plans for Alberto Del Rio?
  328. Which is the BETTER storyline: John Cena FIRED or Immortal taking over TNA?
  329. Do you think RAW's ratings will bomb without John Cena?
  330. Which was MORE shocking: The Miz cashing in or John Cena geting fired + WS Slammy Awards coming...
  331. Juan Cena thing true?
  332. What does Rey Mysterio's new side torso tattoo say?
  333. Do you think kids should look up to jeff hardy?
  334. Why did Edge throw food at Paul Bearer, when he could have given it to the poor people in Africa?
  335. Wrestling practice starts tomorrow, nervous?
  336. Who's more overrated: HBK or Hulk Hogan?
  337. Do you think ROH should get a deal with TBS?
  338. wrestling school question?
  339. What are the results of wwe surviver Series 2010?
  340. is tna stupid or something/they dont want shelton benjamin?
  341. Who do you think will retire first: Triple H or The Undertaker?
  342. If you could erase one moment from Pro Wrestling history, what moment would it be and why?
  343. So in Jeff Hardy's recent video insulting CM Punk was he...?
  344. How many push ups can a High School Wrestler do?
  345. Is tyler rex tyler black from ROH?? WWE?
  346. Agree or Not .. DX is the best tag team of all time?
  347. Best heels in WWE history?
  349. Has Jeff Hardys legal troubles cleared up yet?
  350. I have been in jail for the last few months.What is going on with the Dixie Carter storyline?.?
  351. So for the 1st time ever, WWE has a world champion from my hometown, Cleveland, Ohio?
  352. Rate the Mic Skills of these Wrestlers + BQ?
  353. whould u like to see A.J Styles come to wwe nd fued with cm punk ?
  354. What happened to these lot?
  355. Why is the user THE VIPER DANNY AMBROSE only answering my questions?
  356. Charlie Brown from Out of Town?
  357. Will Wade Barrett gets the 4th shot on the WWE Title ? (plus a few bonus questions)?
  358. Do you think this girl is as pretty as the WWE divas ?
  359. Who's better Taz or RVD?
  360. Who else likes the Juan Cena gimmick?
  361. who is a heel and a face?
  362. Is Zizi that posts on here five years old?
  363. How long do you think The Jiz will keep the title for?
  364. What are your opinions on the Team Morgan Team Fortune ending a No Contest?
  365. Who would win: Daniel Bryan or Wade Barrett?
  366. Who would win these matches?
  367. Who Do you think the Mystery Raw Gm now?? And when do you think he will reveal himself?
  368. Anyone That Wants To Try Out For Tough Enough Here Is The Link To Apply?
  369. Why Am I The Voice Of The WWE.?
  370. What type of match would you like to see Cena and Barret in?
  371. WWE UNIV MODE SvR2011?
  372. My WWE Armageddon 2010 Pay Per View (Rate and Review) + Who will win King of the Ring?
  373. Who will win the King of the Ring next monday on Raw?
  374. Why do people in the IWC always have to compare people from the present to the past?
  376. Seriously, we've gone from champions like Stone Cold, the Rock, The Undertaker and HHH to
  377. What's the deal with wrestlers theme music now. ?
  378. who would win these TNA vs. WWE matches?
  379. Dixie Carters back WTF?
  380. How do u think WWE can Improve?
  381. This is a little off topic but, did you notice Randy Orton growing his hair back again?
  382. If R-Truth were to turn heel...?
  383. Sould the WWE have more factions?
  384. Who would win CM Punk vs. Sheamus?Plus answer?
  385. How many times do you think stupid Michael Cole got his head flushed down the toilet in high school?
  386. What are your opinions on C.M. Punk's commentating?
  387. Should Ezekiel Jackson be the next Batista?
  388. Who deserves to come back as a late entry in the Royal Rumble?
  389. Which of these WWE DVDS should I buy?
  390. WWE should make a pay per view in which all the Legends come to compete with one another?
  391. How good is the WWE Best of Raw 2009 DVD?
  392. Juan cena? wtf i dont get it?
  393. biggest jackasses in wrestling.?
  394. Which Submission Hold is more Effective: Ankle Lock or Crossface + My WCW Monday Night
  395. 10 points for who can guess my favorite wrestler?
  396. Should the WWE Bring Petey Williams in and bring back the cruiserweight title?
  397. Did John Cena really Leave?(YWF RESULTS)?
  398. who is this Juan Cena i am hearing about?
  399. Why do people think Triple H is the Anonymous GM?
  400. How is Jericho going to feud with Orton when he returns if he returns as a face and Orton...
  401. What wrestler has the best taunt + WSF News Sign Ups?
  402. Who do you want to see return to the ring more, Christian or CM Punk?
  403. Why do people complain about the Women's Division?
  404. Who is the best wrestler of this decade?+EXW Sign ups?
  405. Is Batista returning to wwe?
  406. The WWE has sunk a new low with Miz as the champion. Why does WWE continues to screw themselves?
  407. How good is the WWE Macho Madness - The Ultimate Randy Savage Collection DVD?
  408. If John Cena, Batista, and Hornswoggle were turned into the Human Centipede, who would be the tail?
  409. Who won the match beTween orton vs wade barret..In survivour series..?? Plz give detail?
  410. Girls wrestling? does it get easier and what should I eat?
  411. Agree or Disagree: TNA has better main-eventers then WWE?
  412. five things to make wwe and tna fans to stop complaining.?
  413. I'm sorry, but wasn't the majority of fans asking for new talent to be pushed?
  414. What would happen if?
  415. Who is more Deserving to win the Royal Rumble: Chris Jericho, Christian, or Triple H?
  416. Wrestler of the Year(Pick One from Below)?
  418. How Stupid is this Juan Cena Thing?
  419. What's one last thing The Undertaker should do : beating John Cena at WM or becoming WHC one more...
  420. What did you think of TNA wrestlers Shark Boy and Curry man?
  421. Wrestling Section Poll : HHH Or Aj Styles ?? + BQ inside?
  422. WS Slammy Award Award #4 (Shocker of the year)?
  423. WS Slammy Awards Award #3 (Downfall of the year)?
  424. WS Slammy Awards Award 1 Most Improved!?
  425. WS Slammy Awards Award #2 (Rookie of the year)?
  426. How can u tell whether a wrestler has good mic skills or bad mic skills?
  427. Who is the leader of the Pagan Alliance wrestling stable?
  428. - WWE Tables, Ladders Chairs 2010: Rate Card + Choose Winners Juan Cena = Mr. Amercia Hulk Hogan?
  429. If WWE fans keep complaining about WWE, then why don't they just watch TNA?
  430. - Should WWE retire the WWE Tag Team Championship Return European Crusierweight Championships?
  431. Does TNA know whom they want to give the strap to next?
  432. Why did Jeff Hardy bash CM Punk in this video (link inside)?
  433. People That Want To Be In WWE. Here Is The Application For Tough Enough!!?
  434. Why Don't People Talk About MCW. A lot Of People Who Was In That Went To WWE.?
  435. Which DVD, that you own, has the best commentary on it?
  436. With these WWE Stars (inside) out of action/retired, when are WWE going to push young stars to the..
  437. If you could kiss one WWE Diva or TNA Knockout on the lips who would it be?
  438. Do you miss the lack of Gimmick Superstars in the WWE?
  439. Who benefitted the most from being king of the ring?
  440. Why Do People Say I Love The Miz.?
  441. So how's it going in the Wrestling Section?
  442. Please rate and comment my WM card?
  443. kofi kingston is a future hall of famer?
  444. I Still Have Not Got A Apology When Steve Austin Abused Me In 2001 !?
  445. Why Am I The Voice Of The WWE.?
  446. What Do You Think Of The Dashing Cody Rhodes Gimmick.?
  447. Since Miz is WWE Champion, How will the WWE Creative Team use that to their advantage?
  448. Was it a complete waste of time the Cena/Nexus storyline?
  449. when will Triple H be back?
  450. future wwe superstars and divas?
  451. So who's next to become Mr. Money In The Bank next year?
  452. I'll give you ten points if you can guess my favorite wrestler?
  453. And I Quote. I Am Not In Love With The Miz.?
  454. What are good names to give Sheamus?
  455. Did anyone like this weeks version of RAW?
  456. when will cena be back?
  457. Some shoot moments on wwe or wrestling in general?
  458. what would your reaction be?
  459. I have a questionnnnnnn.?
  460. Should Sheamus be traded to Smackdown?
  461. What would you do if John Cena went to TNA?
  462. Who would win in a street fight?
  463. Giant Gonzalez vs Big Show vs Andre The Giant vs The Great Khali vs Undertaker WHO WOULD WIN?
  464. Can u bevlive that JOHN CENA is fired?
  465. Is this a good name for a wrestler and is this a good gimmick ?
  466. Would Triple H and The Miz be a good feud for the WWE championship?
  467. Celebrity deathmatches:pick winner?
  468. Would this TLC card be good?
  469. WTF! WWE. Wow Wow Wow?
  470. I Can't Believe I'm Saying This But WOW. AJ And Naomi Can Wrestle. Very Shocked.?
  471. Would any of you support Chris Benoit in the WWE hall of fame despite what he did?
  472. Is the WWE rehashing Hogan's Mr. America with Juan Cena?
  473. Please don't tell me we'll have to wait until 2015 for Jericho to return?
  474. If they've made the Miz WWE champion, why not make Hornswaggle or even Justin Bieber the
  475. What is your opinion of Jeff Hardy after seeing this?
  476. True or False: When it comes to ruthless aggression Chris Benoit was as ruthless as they come?
  477. Any ideas how to get rid of idiot tenants upstairs?
  478. Would this Raw next week be Awsome?
  479. Is there anything left for Nexus?
  480. Don't Worry AJ Fans.?
  481. Now that The Miz is WWE champion. Does Morrison have a better shot at becoming champion?
  482. Would you consider turning off the TV so raw's ratings plummet under the Miz?
  483. Kofi Kingston vs John Morrison, would that be a great match?
  484. Do you find it hard to see the Miz as a credible champion given that he jobbed to Daniel Bryan not
  485. Is the character Juan Cena a real character in WWE?
  486. Who has better mic skills. Edge or Jericho?
  487. Is my Moonsault good iv'e been practicing?
  488. What are your thoughts on John Cena doing a Mr America gimmick?
  489. do you guys think john cena can end The Undertaker's undefeated streak if they went 1 on
  490. So why exactly did the Smackdown referees ditch the blue uniforms?
  491. So, has Jeff Hardy gone back to his old ways (continued them)?
  492. who's side are you on in the personal fued?
  493. Will Natalya be the third woman to enter the Royal Rumble?
  494. O.o` who would you like ........?
  495. Attention WWE fans! Did Jillian get released?
  496. What is going to happen to Monday Night Raw? When will Cena or HHH come back? The Miz as WWE...
  497. Have Jeff Hardy just kill his Career with that Cm Punk Shoot video where he's obviously High...
  499. True or False: Randy Orton is considered the youngest WWE superstar to have held a championship?
  500. Are Michael Tarver and Skip Sheffield gonna return to the Nexus?