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  1. OMG! The Undertaker!?
  2. Will Alberto Del Rio ever get a Push to be WWE Champion & become a face?
  3. When will Seth Rollins turn face?
  4. Doesn't Anyone Else Get A Headache Listening To Emma's Theme Song?
  5. Which Are you expecting more; the shield break up or real americans break up?
  6. WRESTLING : Now that HOGAN is back home....will things get better or worst for wwe?
  7. What do you think of WWE kicking someone out for having a Ronda Rousey sign?
  8. Pro Wrestling: Do people not realize that Daniel Bryan Vs Triple H at Wrestlemania xXx is a
  9. What Is More Special,Being 16 Time World Champion Or Having 21-0 Wrestlemania Streak?
  10. WWE- Why aren't fans cheering for Kane?
  11. When will the WWE start calling us fans instead of universe?
  12. have you ever had a fantasy dream about a celebrity?
  13. is the wwe going out of business?
  14. Is Daniel Bryan only popular because ?
  15. What Is So Exciting About Daniel Bryan Matches?
  16. Is the Daniel Bryan fad starting to die?
  17. do you agree these 3 will be the future of wwe?
  18. Which Kind Of Cage Matches Are Most Interesting,STEAL CAGE,HELL IN A CELL OR ELIMINATION
  19. why do people still watch WWE?
  20. Here on wrestle answers are there more attitude era fans or pg or old days fans?
  21. why the wwe fans hate batista so much ?
  22. Professional Wrestling: What was your opinion on World Wrestling Entertainment's Monday Night RAW!?
  23. Should Brock Lesnar end Undertaker's winning streak at Wrestlemania?
  24. Should this lady be the new lead singer for 3MB?
  25. If the WWE Network is a success, will Vince McMahon be swimming in his money like Scrooge McDuck?
  26. how many Sam Shaw segments were on Impact Feb 20 2014?
  27. Chris hero to tna....?
  28. Should wwe go to TVG and move to Nickelodeon?
  29. Am I the only one who doesn't like the Wyatt family?
  30. Is it true the CM Punk fans who turned their back on him were the Punk bandwagon fans?
  31. Who is your favorite WWE stable ever?
  32. Why do people say tna copies wwe?
  33. Do you think some people over hype wwe?
  34. how many women has jory ryan boobplexed?
  35. Would you say chavo guerrero is in the top 20 most underated wrestlers?
  36. which match would you like to see more?
  37. Where is Theodore Long?
  38. Is anyone else sick of the wwe?
  39. do you think wwe has been using randy orton to hiss full potential?
  40. How did the Undertaker appear in the ring like that?
  41. Wrestling: Take a look at the shovel collection of Triple h...?
  42. Will the WWE Network replay ALL attitude era and aggression era Raws in their entirety?
  43. Did you know CM Punk hasn't left WWE?
  44. Wrestling: Who will win at Elimination Chamber 2014, The Wyatt Family or The Shield?
  45. Wrestling: Who has dominated more in WWE since day, The Shield or The Wyatts(all WS users...
  46. Why is Randy Savage not a WWE Hall of Fame?
  47. Are Greeko Roman wrestlers stronger than Free style wrestlers?
  48. Agree/Disagree: Daniel Bryan Is More Hard Working Than CM Punk In WWE .. !?
  49. what do you rate the casket match between undertaker vs chavo guerreo?
  50. At Elimination chamber it's finally The Shield vs. The Wyatts!!!?
  51. Professional Wrestling: Do you think it's Ironic that CM Punk fans have now started
  52. Are the BFFs on NXT a knockoff of the Beautiful People?
  53. Who else hates Emma she's so annoying?
  54. In your opinion which Professional Wrestling Promotion is doing Currently better WWE or TNA?
  55. Was WWE lazy to throw in JBL as a surprise entrant into the Royal Rumble?
  56. WRESTLING : What are your thoughts with BROCK LESNARS remarks after attacking a superstar?
  57. Wwe marks are so annoying?
  58. WRESTLING : Wouldn't you love to see HULK HOGAN as our new raw GM?
  59. Stone Cold, The Rock, and Triple H. Who accomplished more, and which one of these guys you...
  60. What I don't get about wrestling reporters?
  61. Is part of wwe legends deal is to talk crap about tna?
  62. WWE IWC Breaking news: Dave Hytmen moves out of his moms basement, finds girlfriend?
  63. WWE house show question.?
  64. has The Undertaker and John Cena ever tapped out to someone?
  65. WRESTLING : Have you ever had a DREAM wrestling match that is still possible to happen (BUT)?
  66. WRESTLING : IYO, Do you think the WWE NETWORK will be worth having?
  67. I have a question about 90s wrestling?
  68. WRESTLING : Why do ignorant fans wait till a certain superstar dies, then claim they are
  69. WRESTLING : Which superstars come's to mind when I mention these words/Phrases?
  70. WRESTLING : Who else do you want to see in the wwe HOF 2014?
  71. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion of Emma?
  72. WWE- Monday Night Raw or Smsckdown?
  73. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on this Statement?
  74. Professional Wrestling: Do you feel that Batista has improved since Royal Rumble 2014?
  75. What was the best thing to happen on smackdown, in your opinion?
  76. Professional Wrestling: Why do people focus on John Cena over Randy Orton so much?
  77. Is this the reason why Total Nonstop Action is better then World Wrestling Entertainment?
  78. Why do people hate John Cena so much?
  79. Why dies the elimination chamber theme sound like the Bromans theme?
  80. Professional Wrestling: Agree/Disagree: WarGames was World Championship Wrestling's most...
  81. Professional Wrestling: Can you spot the Irony of James (User) talking about Fanboyism?
  82. Professional Wrestling: Aren't people attempting to talk-up Total Nonstop Action Hilarious?
  83. Which Shield Member Do You Think Will Get Pinned In Their Defeat At Elimination Chamber This...
  84. Is smackdown on friday+BQ?
  85. Is it fair to Chris that WWE just erased him from it's history?
  86. Where in the world is Heath Slater?
  87. Who is in your Mount Rushmore of WWF/WWE?
  88. What happens if Sting sings to the WWE?
  89. Do people actually believe that "professional wrestling" is real?
  90. If wwe is so great...?
  91. Wwe does copy tna...?
  92. Is it true that The Undertaker will return next Monday Night Raw?
  93. WRESTLING : Don't you think DARREN YOUNG would be a great divas champion?
  94. Why doesn't El Torito ever get Los Matadores disqalified?
  95. Did you know that MVP changed his name to hassan hamin assad?
  96. Wwe fan boys/girls are so funny?
  97. who will undertaker face?
  98. wm30 shield vs wyatts or......?
  99. will undertaker return at ec?
  100. How can I make this better or funnier?
  101. Would it be cool if for wrestlemania30?
  102. Bray Wyatt Vs The UnderTaker?
  103. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion of World Wrestling Entertainment's
  104. Do you agree Zeb Colter is the best personality as a manager that wrestling has had in years?
  105. What are your Elimination Chamber predictions?
  106. Why did Cody Rhodes shave his mustache ?
  107. debut & wrestlemania in the same year?
  108. Is Batista's match with Alberto Del Rio just a filler match?
  109. What is the worst news for Bad News Barrett?
  110. Why do people think a Zebra is rip off of Bray Wyatt?
  111. Professional Wrestling: Professional Wrestling worse then everything else on Television?
  112. Which Celebrity should host raw after wrestlemania?
  113. What are your thoughts about Big Daddy V?
  114. are the Shield and the Wyatt family both heels going into the elimination chamber?
  115. Would The Rock vs HBK have been a good match? + TCW Midnight Madness results?
  116. Would CM Punk come back for a truck load full of WWE ice cream bars?
  117. Are any TNA stars coming to WWE soon ?
  118. What are your thoughts on Vicera/Big Daddy V passing away?
  119. Would you consider dean malenko to be underated?
  120. Do you agree that most of the people who hate cena loved him as the dr. of thuganomics?
  121. why is Roman reigns so overated?
  122. why do people boo Brock Lesner?
  123. What do you think about World Wrestling Entertainment's Contract Expiring with NBCUniversal...
  124. WWE Network 6-Month Commitment? BQ?
  125. Do y ou think that there are advantages for the Shield for wrestling with a bullet proof vest?
  126. WRESTLING : Is DEAN AMBROSE jealous because both ROLLINS & REIGNS is better than him?
  127. WRESTLING : Which top 5 wwe superstars do you think needs to RETIRE right now?
  128. WRESTLING : Do you think ROMAN REIGNS is becoming overrated?
  129. WRESTLING : Is DANIEL BRYAN worthy enough to be on the list of top 10 best wrestlers of all time?
  130. What is your all time favorite WWE Match +BQ?
  131. Is Sting going to the WWE or not?
  132. Why Sami Zayn always lose in good matches?
  133. Have the crop of talent today in wrestling got better than those in the past during the 80's and...
  134. Any chance Dean Ambrose turns on the Shield and aligns himself with the Wyatt Family?
  135. Miss Elizabeth, Alundra Blayze, and Sable: Will they ever be inducted in the WWE HoF?
  136. WRESTLING : Why do many wwe superstars pass away sooner more often than many other wrestling...
  137. Do You Think Ryback Is A Future WWE World Heavyweight Champion .. !?
  138. Any thoughts on Nelson Frazier, Jr.'s passing?
  139. Will Chris Benoit be in WWE network?
  140. Is the Undertker on twitter?
  141. Was monday night raw awesome or what?
  142. Who was\is the HBK of these tag teams?
  143. Are these Wrestlemania matches ever possible?
  144. how did jake the snake beat vader in 96 kotr?
  145. Wrestling: Would you rather face Viscera (Big Daddy V) or Yokozuna?
  146. Why did dean melenko retire early?
  147. Brock Lesnar Vs Kevin Nash in his Prime who do You think Would win?
  148. who wins steel cage match?
  149. Triple H in His Prime Vs Woflpack Sting Who would win this match And Why?
  150. Is there a Smackdown Taping Tonight?
  151. What is your Mount Rushmore of wrestlers?
  152. How would you react if Zack Ryder won the next Royal Rumble and made it to the main
  153. Do you think hhh played backstage politics when he face jericho for the wwf title?
  154. So... when and why did Cesaro drop his first name, and Big E drop his last name?
  155. Edge or The Rock, who had the better career?
  156. Who Is The Better Wrestler, Daniel Bryan Or Antonio Cesaro .. !?
  157. WCW Tower of doom? Who's idea was it?
  158. Who would win these wrestling matches?
  159. Why does Daniel Bryan always chant yes? How did the yes chants start? Yes what? lol?
  160. Who else was pissed off John Cena won last night?
  161. Why hasnt cm punk been on wwe in a while? Will he return?
  162. Should Total Divas be kayfabe?
  163. What was the major factor that brought down WCW?
  164. is Rowdy Roddy Piper still alive?
  165. who's the hottest diva of all time.?
  166. WWE fans please answer?
  167. Can I replace Darren Young to be part of PTP with Tidus?
  168. who the hell is this Chrisley fella?
  169. Why don't they change up the chants?
  170. Will Sheamus Not Win The Elimination Chamber Because He Is Ginger .. !?
  171. what is the biggest wwe character flop?
  172. Who = stronger: Shemus or Cesaro?
  173. Is John Cena hypocrite? He said Randy Orton clings onto the Championship, doesn't he as well?
  174. What do you think of Randy Orton admitting he to Cessaro lightly?
  175. What do you think of Goldust putting butterfly wings on his pet rat named Goldie to see if he could
  176. Did anyone find it funny how the Announcer table broke when Sheamus was getting put through it?
  177. Should Sheamus had lost by count out instead of continuing to fight Randy Orton before...
  178. Is it a shame that Rikishi didn't teach his sons discipline?
  179. Did Triple H and Randy Orton carry Batista in Evolution?
  180. Does Big E stand for Big embarrassment after Jack Swagger beats him on Elimination Chamber?
  181. WRESTLING : GUY'S, Which country/city are you from?
  182. WS Since WWE Usually Does A Dark Match After Raw Ends Wouldn't This Match Be Awesome?
  183. Anyone else glad Mark Henry lost to Roman Reigns?
  184. WRESTLING : Who are the top best 10 BLACK's African American's to step foot in the wwe?
  185. Anyone else rooting For The Shield to beat The Wyatt's?
  186. WS Why Doesn't The WWE Let Wrestlers Create Their Own Wrestling Gimmick?
  187. WRESTLING : Who do you think has a better LEGACY : STING vs BRET HART?
  188. Why didn't Triple H get mad at Batista for pushing an injured Alberto Del Rio?
  189. Why Do People Compare Daniel Bryan's Popularity With The Rock, Stone Cold And Hogan?
  190. Do you agree with JBL there are two sides to every story the truth and Michael Cole's Side?
  191. Did you think We would ever see The Wyatt's against The Shield in our life?
  192. Are Santino and Emma two car wrecks in one garage?
  193. Do you think if Christian would've won Kane would've faced Christian?
  194. Is it true that the average male thinks about Summer Rae nine times an hour?
  195. Razor Ramon looks like someone, someone help me?
  196. Who invited Christian to come to the ring?
  197. Did John Cena forget that Christian also doesn't have any momentum heading into Elimination Chamber?
  198. Do you think Cody vs Goldust will happen at Wrestlemania 30?
  199. Why did Jojo Offerman get demoted to NXT?
  200. WRESTLING : What does a superstar have to do in order to be the face of the wwe?
  201. What wrestler improved the most in the past year?
  202. Would it be funny if the Shield triple powerbombed el dorito?
  203. Does WWE have an app to make Raw enjoyable again?
  204. Who's a better at playing the cocky heel, The Rock or Shawn Michaels?
  205. Why Are The Shield Scared Of The Wyatt Family .. !?
  206. When was the last time Cena lost on Raw?
  207. And that's the fishin line...?
  208. Do you think Santino is mad at Emma for costing him the match?
  209. How many worms has the boogey man eaten?
  210. going for NXT training?
  211. How disgusting is Darren Young for being gay?
  212. If WWE studio makes a third 12 Rounds Movie who do you want to be the main character?
  213. Why don't WWE use Big "D" Johnson anymore?
  214. Pro Wrestling name ideas?
  215. What's the elimination chamber theme song?
  216. Who else thinks they screwed over CM Punk?
  217. Why are Los Matadores even on wwe?
  218. Attention: TCW and WWSE wrestlers?
  219. Has there ever been a match in WWE that's real?
  220. What match are you most looking forward tonight?
  221. Why doesn't Kane care that he has been DQ?
  222. Is this a dangerous Christian you're seeing?
  223. am i the only one who forgot that santino was still in wwe?
  224. WWE- Will The Shield break up this Sunday?
  225. WWE- How come Santino always gets to work with the hot girls?
  226. Do you think RVD will be at Raw tonight since they are in Denver?
  227. Do you think Emma can be the next divas champion?
  228. True or False- Emma is the best diva in WWE history?
  230. Is Wade Barrett still injured?
  231. From a scale 1 to 10,how excited do you get watching these in matches?
  232. Who are your top 5 favorite cruiserweight wrestlers, of all time?
  233. trade 5 wrestlers 4 1?
  234. New here, who's the smartest user?
  235. funny acronymns for wrestlers?
  236. Did CM Punk quit WWE because they didn't bring back WWE ice cream bars?
  237. What if Fandango and Summer Rae ordered a pizza and the pizza guy was?
  238. WWSE Night of Champions Match Cards?
  239. Who do you hope wins at elimination chamber- Wyatt's or the Shield?
  240. Dolph Ziggler and Miz next WWE tag team champions?
  241. WWE Universe Mode Fantasy PPV presents SuperBrawl at Toyko Dome (Rate the PPV) + WQ Inside?
  242. Fellow TCW and WWSE superstars?
  243. Wrestling Section: Follow The Buzzards or Believe In The Shield? (WWSE, SmackDown Ep.1)?
  244. WRESTLING : Do any of you like to watch WWSE live on the air ------->?
  245. What's a good name for a Wrestling Pay Per View?
  246. Attention TCW superstars?
  247. I need to write a college Observation Essay about going to a WWE show.?
  248. Ryback
  249. coke or pepsi or water?
  250. How many legends are usually inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?
  251. When you join the WWE do they give you a gimmick or do you make it up on your own?
  252. Golden era divas in the HOF?
  253. Do you agree that if wwe had more star power daniel bryan would be just another jobber?
  254. WWE vs TNA part 2 Who would win and why?
  255. What is your opinion on Naomi?
  256. Top 5 Divas in WWE right now?
  257. WM30 Matches u wanna c but wnt happen?
  258. Renaming wrestlers finishers?
  259. This really boils my biscut, Punk thinking he can just walk out?
  260. Which Match Was Better Undertaker Vs HBK Wrestlemania 25 Or Undertaker Vs HBK Wrestlemania 26?
  261. what do you think old school wrestling fans who havent seened wwe in a while think about wwe now? ?
  262. Do wwe think they are giving us there best product or do they even care?
  263. ideas on what I should do to suprise my boyfriend at his tournament?
  264. WRESTLING : Who do you think will be next to leave wwe like KAITLYN and PUNK?
  265. WRESTLING : Don't you realize how ZIGGLER have became a jobber in the wwe already?
  266. Who do you think should induct Lita into the HOF?
  267. So, what is the best way to censor Christian's face?
  268. Wow, what the hell has happen to TNA since Hulk Hogan has left?
  269. Wwe who will win? Wrestlemania 30 john cena vs taker I quit match?
  270. WWE- Does anyone else love the Bad News Barrett gimmick?
  271. WRESTLING : What is it about CENA that makes him so special to many fans?
  272. How much do you think a WCW Ring Masters Bret "Hit Man" Hart Action Figure would Sell For?
  273. Professional Wrestling: What 'Young Talent' is currently being ignored in World Wrestling...
  274. What if CM Punk returned like this?
  275. Has anyone puked after the Cesaro swing?
  276. WRESTLING : TRUE or FALSE : The more popular a superstar, the more hate comes from fans?
  277. WRESTLING : SO, i guess RYBACKS carreer is now officially over......RIGHT?
  278. WRESTLING : Which ULTIMATE COLLECTION of your favorite superstars do you own on DVD right now?
  279. is the wwe app currently available through the ps3?
  280. Will Christian be kicked out of the Elimination Chamber?
  281. The Miz isn't going to be at Elimination Chamber 2014, is he?
  282. Best Era in wrestling history? + TCW Aftermath results?
  283. Wrestling: Who is a better in ring perfomer, CM Punk or A.J. Styles?
  284. Wrestling: What kind of wrestler you enjoy watching the most, Brawler, Technical, High flyer
  285. WRESTLING : Wouldn't CESARO make a great wwe WHC?
  286. When HHH goes into the hall of fame will he induct himself?
  287. WRESTLER : Since BATISTA'S return, what difference do you see in him since 4 years ago?
  288. Why does TNA thing Magnus is so great?
  289. Did Aj Lee save the Divas division?
  290. Professional Wrestling: What do you remember most about Sherri Martel or Madusa?
  291. Professional Wrestling: Who do you care about more The Miz or Dolph Ziggler?
  292. what the hell is tcw?
  293. Isn't it ironic that Zeb Colter never talks about the "United States Championship"?
  294. At Wrestlemania 30 will The Undertaker Return as Ministry Of Darkness?
  295. Why did the 123 Kid turn Heel?
  296. This goes out to all the cena haters?
  297. What is with everyone chanting "Yes"?
  298. Wrestling Section: Who is the best jobber in the world?
  299. What are some famous atheist wwe superstars?
  300. Professional Wrestling: What is people's obsession with the Parental Guidance Era?
  301. Who do you think Undertaker will face at Wrestlemania?
  302. Why did Stephanie Mcmahon get Breast Implants and does she still have them?
  303. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about this T-Shirt 'Worst. Rumble Winner. Ever'?
  304. Professional Wrestling: What is your Professional Wrestling opinion of Randy Orton?
  305. Don't you think this should have been the cover of WWE 2K14?
  306. What do you think of my new profile pic?
  307. Are you proud of Cesaro?
  308. Honestly, do you even care about the elimination chamber this year?
  309. Professional Wrestling: Who is excited for Oculus?
  310. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on World Wrestling Entertainment's Friday Night...
  311. Professional Wrestling: Do you think Batista will prove Critics wrong at Elimination Chamber?
  312. who should be next for the cesaro;s spin and roman reigns spear?
  313. do you believe in the shield or would you rather believe in roman reigns spear?
  314. Are WWE fans not pro wrestling fans?
  315. When will Undertaker be in the WWE Hall of Fame?
  316. Wrestlemania 30 prediction?
  317. Is TNA doing better than WWE?
  318. can't WWE just fire Eva Marie?
  319. Why do marks complain about part-timers coming back and working wrestlemania but they
  320. When will the Daniel Bryan fad go away?
  321. WRESTLING : Is NATALYA the best diva currently in wwe with true wrestling skills?
  322. What do you think Fandango got Summer Rae for Valentines Day?
  323. Since Randy Orton is most likely going to win Elimination Chamber is having him lose all his...
  324. How do you think Zeb Colter felt getting rejected by Vickie Guerrero?
  325. What do you think of Darren Young's Nephew cutting his hair?
  326. What do you think of JBL wishing he could talk like Wade Barrett?
  327. What do you think of Titus O' Neil giving Michael Cole Tic Tac's?
  328. Is it true that Roman Reigns is the only one who does the Superman Punch because nobody else can?
  329. If Zeb Colter hates people of other Ethnicities why did he want to give Vickie Guerrero chocolate?
  330. Was Cessaro victory Against Randy Orton a career defining win?
  331. What do you think of Michael Cole saying Mark Henry could've won the U.S. Championship
  332. Were you surprised Mr. Anderson doesn't put a password on his phone?
  333. Who should induct Lita into the WWE Hall Of Fame?
  334. the shield or the wyatt family?
  335. who is your final two in the elimination chamber?
  336. Of nicknames, Shawn Michaels is regarded as Mr. WrestleMania but....?
  337. Professional Wrestling: Why didn't The Miz's 'Really?' go off like "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's...
  338. So. Why did all these Professional Wrestlers 'Accept' Their 'Racist/Stereotypical' Gimmicks?
  339. Are Eric Young And Abyss The TNA Versions Of Kane And Daniel Bryan?
  340. Professional Wrestling: Who comes to mind when you hear this statement?
  341. What do you think willow of wisp aka Jeff hardy to tna?
  342. Stone Cold Stunner, or Rock Bottom? (+BQ!)?
  343. Willow is not Jeff Hardy, Jeff Hardy isn't that crazy?
  344. Did anyone notice that MVP was looking at Velvet Sky backstage during Impact Wrestling?
  345. Will Samuel Shaw wash the hand that he shook Christy Hemme's hand with?
  346. Does anyone else think Eric Young is stupid and is to blame for the state Abyss is in?
  347. Is Abyss going to look for his former manager, James Mitchell?
  348. Professional Wrestling: Why do people seem to complain about Celebrities being involved in...
  349. Did Chris Sabin downgrade going from Velvet Sky to that new tall girl?
  350. Do you think Vickie was nice enough to give Zeb a gift?
  351. Who was responsible for Taz being buried in WWE after he had such a hot debut?
  352. Why didn't Mr.Anderson lock the door in his locker room?
  353. Will CM Schmuck so unhappy?
  354. What would be funnier?
  355. Did you find JBL and Jillian Hall cute together?
  356. Were you surprised to hear Magnus say the Manchester crowd makes him embarrassed to be English?
  357. Do you think Mr.Anderson's wife told his twins that "Daddy says goodbye"?
  358. Did anyone else get emotional when Mr.Anderson beat Bully and Mike Tenay said "This is for
  359. Are you surprised that Bully Ray is a Liverpool FC fan?
  360. Professional Wrestling: Do you see more Kids wearing John Cena Merchandise or Daniel Bryan...
  361. Professional Wrestling: Does this Image describe the Wrestling Section of Yahoo! Answers?
  362. Professional Wrestling: Who is getting tired of people act like Any of this actually matters?
  363. Professional Wrestling: Somebody brought up a good point, Where is Brock Lesnar?
  364. Professional Wrestling: Why do people unrate John Cena compared to Randy Orton?
  365. Professional wrestling: Who looked better in their World Wrestling Entertainment Debut CM
  366. What's the difference between the wwe word heavyweight title and the undisputed championship?
  367. Professional Wrestling: Is the issue lack of actual Connecting Storylines?
  368. What did Ron Simmons say after he watched this?
  369. What if Emma ordered a pizza and the pizza person was?
  370. Do you agree that Emma is the most talented diva in world wrestling entertainment history?
  371. Professional Wrestling: What is your Professional Wrestling Opinion of TAZ?
  372. Why did TNA fire Bruce Prichard?
  373. Does the Undertaker like cucumber salad?
  374. When will the Shockmaster be inducted into the WWE hall of fame?
  375. Why is Jim Cornette such a bitter hateful person?
  376. Professional Wrestling: Don't you laugh hysterically at people who think they know what's going on?
  377. Do you think Jerry Lawler, JBL, & Cole ever get mad & tired of Superstars breaking
  379. Why do people seem to not understand nor like Total Nonstop Action's Current Storyline Featuring...
  380. Professional Wrestling: Wait. Does anybody remember who Joey Ryan was on Total Nonstop Action?
  381. Do you think Mr. Anderson's wife looked at the casket match?
  382. What do you think Chris Sabin saw in Velvet Sky?
  383. Do you think Bully Ray crossed the line when he called his wife to tell the twins,
  384. What do you think of Jeff hardy returning to tna as willow?
  385. Did Dixie Carter take a shot at Hulk Hogan?
  386. What do you think of Chris Sabin saying Velvet Sky is nothing but a skank?
  387. What do you think of Taz saying Chris Sabin's protective cup is too small?
  388. Does anyone else think Talk is Jericho is boring?
  389. Has Jeff Hardy fallen of the wagon again?
  390. Did Rockstar Spud used to play for the Dodgers?
  391. Was MVP calling EC3 EC3PO kind of cute?
  392. Do you think Magnus bought Dixie Carter? if so did he get a discount?
  393. Do you agree with Rockstar Spud is MVP washed up?
  394. Why are people hating on willow?
  395. What is your WWE Elimination Chamber 2014 Match Card?
  396. 2014 WWE Elimination Chamber Predictions?
  397. Is Daniel Bryan a future WWE Hall of Famer?
  398. Is Daniel Bryan the future of the WWE?
  399. Should World Wrestling Wntertainment let Emma be undefeated for the rest of her career?
  400. When will World Wrestling Entertainment let Emma hold the divas title?
  401. Wrestling: WWE.COM showing The undertaker vs. John cena at WM a dream match. Why?
  402. How's my ALWA (Afterlife Wrestling Association) Wrestle-A-Geddon 2014 card?
  403. Professional Wrestling: Who is your favorite Professional Wrestling Managers?
  404. Professional Wrestling: What did you think of Total Nonstop Action's Impact Wrestling?
  405. In the United States Alone, If WWE Monday Night RAW! and ROH/NJPW where on at the same time?
  406. Professional Wrestling: Why are these Professional Wrestlers unrated by fans?
  407. Did u see that tna promo for willow?
  408. Why did they give titles to new age outlaws when people are behind the real americans?
  409. Why do you guys watch WWE?
  410. Would you be happy if antonio cesaro wins the wwe world heavyweight champion.?
  411. Whats your opinion Wwe?
  412. Why does WWSE even care about T.C.W?
  413. Lemme ax yous a question about the WWE!! BQ inside?
  414. Professional Wrestling: Should Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J be inducted in the WWE Hall Of Fame?
  415. Professional Wrestling: Can somebody Educate me with Footage on these 'Divas'?
  416. if kurt angle returns to wwe will his chants take over the 'Yes' chants?
  417. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on World Wrestling Entertainment's Main Event?
  418. Professional Wrestling: What if on World Wrestling Entertainment's Monday Night RAW This happened?
  419. Professional Wrestling: What's wrong with World Wrestling Entertainment's Booking?
  420. Professional Wrestling: What's wrong with World Wrestling Entertainment's Booking?
  421. What Would Happen If This WWE Attitude Era Wrestler Return?
  422. Why Is Everyone Calling CM Punk A Quitter When Stone Cold Also Quite The WWE?
  423. What's the best PPV event? + TCW SuperShow!?
  424. Do you agree with Stone Cold that WWE needs guys like Kevin Steen?
  425. How did The Rock get those Scars on his arm back when he was wrestling?
  426. Who is your favorite young WWE superstar?
  427. Should we the fans let go of the idea of Stone Cold Steve Austin ever wrestling again?
  428. Do you think CM Punk is jealous of Daniel Bryan being more over with the fans than him?
  429. In my list, which current and former WWE Diva have a beautiful and sexy abs?
  430. When Will Vince Mcmahon start The Script with No Heels And No More Faces?
  431. Would this be a good card?
  432. Wrestling section: Guys check this guy.
  433. Which current and former WWE Divas and Superstars with outie belly button?
  434. Professional Wrestling: What do you think of the possibility of CM Punk not being involved in...
  435. Professional Wrestling: Are people seriously starting to call WWE Hall Of Fame Class of 2014 This?
  436. Do you remember when Stevie ray call the female wrestlers yaks in WCW?
  437. Why is Owen Hart not in WWE 2K14?
  438. Professional Wrestling: Why do people pander to outdated Professional Wrestling Shticks from...
  439. Professional Wrestling: Why does WWE keep setting up matches for the focus to be elsewhere?
  440. Is Ryback related to Casey Ryback?
  441. Should World Wrestling Entertainment make Emma the longest reigning divas champion?
  442. Professional Wrestling: Are we seriously suppose to care about the 'The Miz is CM Punk' thing?
  443. Professional Wrestling: Contradictions in Professional Wrestling fans perspective of Commentary?
  444. If Toby Keith and Jeff Jarrett start a Professional Wrestling Promotion what would their...
  445. do you like the movie' from hell'?
  446. is it Good For Guys To Still Lust For Mickie James Even Tho Her And John Cena Hooked up before?
  447. Is Professional Wrestling the perfect example of people refusing to adjust with the times?
  448. In Which Type Of Match Would You Like To See The Undertaker Wrestle at Wrestlemania?
  449. Can Emma be World Wrestling Entertainment's longest running diva?
  450. Who Should the champions be in WWE?
  451. Do you think there will ever be an era similar to Attitude Era in WWE?
  452. Do people who say Steve Austin ripped off Shane Douglas and The Sandman even know the past?
  453. Professional Wrestling: Why are these Professional Wrestlers unrated by fans?
  454. Professional Wrestling: how many 'Made In' Extreme Championship Wrestling Roster Members...
  455. Professional Wrestling: CM Punk Vs Unprofessional?
  456. Professional Wrestling: If you ran World Wrestling Entertainment's Creative Team What would you do?
  457. How does Jeff Hardy paint his eyelids and what paint does he use?
  458. How does Jeff Hardy paint his eyelids and what paint does he use?
  459. Should Big Show retire now?
  460. Professional Wrestling: What is your Professional Wrestling opinion of Jack Swagger?
  461. has any single wrestler won all world titles from ROH WWE and TNA?
  462. What do you think of Micheal Cole and Jerry Lawler disrespecting CM Punk before RAW?
  463. So Is Kane Gonna Start Wrestling A Few Times A Year Like Triple H And Lesnar?
  464. Who do you want to win the Elimination Chamber match?
  465. Is Randy Orton gonna lose to everyone and still remain champ?
  466. Who is the Real face of the WWE in your opinion?
  467. Are you ready for the debut of Alexander Rusev on WWE?
  468. Which of these do you want to see back in WWE (you can pick more than 1)?
  469. WRESTLING: How to get more people into my e-fed?
  470. When is john morrison coming back ?
  471. Who will win between The Shield vs The Wyatt Family at the Elimination Chamber 2014?
  472. WWE: What would be your reaction if this was to occur?
  473. Will CM Punk sign with WWE again?
  474. did wwe let cm punk go?
  475. Is Stephanie Mcmahon and Triple H ruining WWE since their basically running the show?
  476. should john cena face undertaker at wm30 - yes or no?
  477. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion of Faaaan-Daaaaan-Gooo?
  478. Professional Wrestling: Does World Wrestling Entertainment have a fascination with Yellow?
  479. What is kurt angles entrence song on TNA?
  480. The Undertaker Vs. The Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania?
  481. Why the hell did WWE put Emma with Santino?
  482. Thoughts on Daniel Bryan?
  483. an idea on: WWE booking Batista's return?
  484. Is Daniel Bryan the new "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan?
  485. Professional Wrestling: Do people really think The Attitude Era would survive today?
  486. Professional Wrestling: Would a Brand Split work better now with One Champion?
  487. Professional Wrestling: Should Dixie Carter be in the 'TNA Hall Of Fame'?
  488. Professional Wrestling: How do you think ROH/NJPW would do with a Global Television Station?
  489. Professional Wrestling: What do you think is the main issue in World Wrestling Entertainment?
  490. So if WWE made a bunch of matches of mainly Rest Holds and Reversals on the Mat they'd be the...
  491. Does anyone remember the last time Stone Cold made an appearance on Raw?
  492. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion of 2010 - 2014 Christian?
  493. if tna ever became as big as wcw and changed to monday nights would wwe worry?
  494. Professional Wrestling: What is an example with footage of this Better Current Wrestling from...
  495. Professional Wrestling: What is the average Audience Attendance for these Professional...
  496. Professional Wrestling: What did you think about World Wrestling Entertainment's Monday Night RAW!?
  497. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about this Statement on Total Nonstop Action?
  498. Professional Wrestling: What's currently wrong with WWE/TNA and what makes ROH/NJPW Better?
  499. Does WWE realize that the fans boo Batista why haven't they turned him heel?
  500. What's The Point Of The YES Movement?