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  1. Top 5 Guitarists of All Time
  2. Top 5 Drummer of All Time
  3. Your Soundtrack
  4. If you could make the ultimate CD, what would the lineup be for it?
  5. Favorite Commercial this year
  6. Do you play an instrument?
  7. Sideshow Freak Confronted by Police
  8. Favourite Def Leppard song?
  9. Does anyone here go onto Launch.com?
  10. Frank Miller Comic Being Brought to Film
  11. when your in your car...
  12. Are you in a band?
  13. "Yikes" Howard Stern's Show Suspended
  14. Kelly and Clay in Concert
  15. 'American Idol' special to air on Fox
  16. Punisher Soundtrack List
  17. Manager Of Ghetto Concept Murdered...Shit Is Fucked Up
  18. Hottest TV mom of all time
  19. The Passion Of The Christ
  20. Music and Emotion
  21. Eurotrip
  22. Favourite newer rock band
  23. Ok... we're gonna play a little game... name as many rock songs as you can that Em...
  24. Eminem Sues Apple...
  25. X-Men 3 News (superherohype)
  26. WB CONFIRMS BATMAN 5 CAST (superherohype)
  27. WWE Royal Rumble 2004...
  28. Favourite TV Theme Song?
  29. Puddle of Mudd Member Busted (VH1)
  30. More Batman news...new castings and possible title change.
  31. The Simpsons
  32. The Sopranos
  33. Favourite Music Station?
  34. Worst commercial
  35. So Dre and I are arguing...
  36. Did Jack Tripper ever score...?
  37. Is Nelly really that popular?
  38. I wanna know...
  39. The Spice Girls
  40. Well-Hung Asian Winning Fans
  41. Harry Potter vs. Lord Of The Rings
  42. Flack Over GNR Hits Album (VH1)
  43. Woman Acusses RIAA of Blackmail
  44. Attention Amine Fans: Appleseed Movie Trailer..
  45. Chappelle's Show
  46. Batman 5 Casting (variety)
  47. If Cliff never died, would Metallica be different?
  48. Greatest Album
  49. Last 3 CDs you bought?
  50. Mtv...
  51. Last 3 DVDs you bought?
  52. Muppets passed around more than that dirty ho, Syn.....(kidding!)
  53. Favorite and Worst of the...
  54. Hottest person right now....
  55. American Idol this week..
  56. Your favourite songs by your favourite bands
  57. Your Family's Musical Tastes
  58. What image is Linkin Park trying to keep?
  59. lmao...Conan is the man.
  60. Ryan's Heavy Metal Music Reviews: Mushroomhead - "XIII"
  61. Great Love Songs...
  62. When you were a kiddie...
  63. Soooo....what are they now?
  64. Richard is the greatest survivor castaway ever.
  65. How much T.V do you watch a week?
  66. Music Box Sets
  67. Most Watched Channels?
  68. Whats the Best Commercial On TV Right Now?
  69. Villan News for Batman 5 (Hollywood Reporter)
  70. what say we have a "greatest" tourney.....
  71. Angel cancelled....great sadness
  72. CBS Steps In It Again (AP)
  73. Goyer Talks Blade 3 (Superherohype)
  74. News On Ozzfest '04; Courtney: "I'm a Target." (VH1)
  75. What the fuck is a dutchie?
  76. What are you watching/listening to right now?
  77. Marvel's Merc With a Mouth
  78. Seinfeld appreciation thread
  79. Survivor All Stars this week
  80. Adema dropped by record label...
  81. Overplayed as a muddafucka
  82. A few groups listed for Ozzfest
  83. Music Videos
  84. What makes a good song?
  85. Britney Spears videos
  86. Is The Cable System Different In The U.S?
  87. Crossovers
  88. What are you watching right now?
  89. What do you consider the greatest album ever?
  90. Simpsons the movie close to coming true?
  91. Pure Audio Anarchy - Retro CD Review: Zwan - "Mary Star Of The Sea"
  92. Warped tour line up announced
  93. Does Everybody still love Raymond?
  94. Does Pink need to put a plug in it?
  95. Go over to your TV....
  96. The Great Superman Debate
  97. WCW, making a return?
  98. The Beatles
  99. Big Fish
  100. Something fishy about Nickelback
  101. nick @ nite
  102. Dharma and Greg
  103. Ryan's Heavy Metal Music Reviews: Iron Maiden - "Dance of Death"
  104. Cantrell to Work with Former Bandmates, Bennington Sick Again (VH1)
  105. Simple Life on the road?
  106. Dawn of the Dead remake
  107. Around the world in 80 Days
  108. The Batman
  109. Star Wars
  110. Adam Sandler Movies
  111. worst moment in entertainment for you in 2003?
  112. most memorably entertaining moment of 2003?
  113. guilty pleasures: tv shows
  114. guilty pleasures: movies
  115. guilty pleasures: music
  116. If you only like one type of music...
  117. What Bands have you seen live?
  118. Grammy's
  119. Must-see tv
  120. Movie releases for Feb 2004
  121. That 70's Show
  122. Beyonce and Superman
  123. The Simpsons
  124. Question
  125. We ride with kings on mighty steeds, across the devil's plain...
  126. Worst tv shows throughout the years
  127. Ernest Goes to PWF........
  128. Favorite tv series throughout the decades
  129. favorite Cartoon Character?
  130. movies with some schweet-ass soundtracks
  131. The Grammy thread
  132. Best Musician
  133. If you don't buy music...
  134. Favorite Solo Artist
  135. Pick your own Oscar nominees
  136. 'Barbershop' sequel makes cut at U.S. box office (more movie news as well)
  137. Conan O'Brien Takes His Show on the Road
  138. Top Movies at the North American Box Office
  139. Fox thrilled about Idol ratings
  140. What is it with blondes, sex and tapes?
  141. What are you listening to right now?
  142. When the Beatles hit America
  143. Jackson furor may hurt her CD
  144. Trump rehired for 'Apprentice'
  145. Snowboarder out of hospital after Letterman stunt
  146. Music Industry Raids Kazaa Offices
  147. Ad Opposing Online Music Piracy to Debut
  148. Grammys Try to Put Focus Back on Music
  149. Woman sues over Janets tit?
  150. Trump gets extended deal
  151. Fuckin A
  152. Movie series that went past three....
  153. Poltergiest the movies
  154. Favorite movie from each decade
  155. Favorite cartoon
  156. Favorite mascot?
  157. Where did a musician get their BIG break?
  158. The Darkness
  159. fav 80s band
  160. Velvet Revolver
  161. Cover Songs
  162. J.Lo's ass
  163. Album of The Year
  164. Beavis and Butthead
  165. American Idol
  166. PWF Court Is Now In session
  167. Alien v. Predetor Set Visit (Comingsoon.net)