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  1. GWOAT Round 4: Mick Foley vs. Randy Savage
  2. GWOAT Round 4: Masahiro Chono vs. Keiji Mutoh
  3. GWOAT Round 4: Brock Lesnar vs. Shawn Michaels
  4. GWOAT Round 4: Bret Hart vs. Kurt Angle
  5. GWOAT Round 4: Chris Jericho vs. Curt Henning
  6. GWOAT Round 4: Bruno Sammartino vs. Steve Austin
  7. GWOAT Wildcard Matchup: Sting vs. Ted Dibiase
  8. GWOAT Wildcard Poll Round 3
  9. Notice Wildcard Round starts this afternoon
  10. GWOAT Round 3: Buddy Rogers vs. Ric Flair
  11. GWOAT Round 3: Rick Rude vs. Arn Anderson
  12. GWOAT Round 3: Eddie Guerrero vs. Randy Savage
  13. GWOAT Round 3: Dr. Death Steve Williams vs. Keiji Mutoh
  14. GWOAT Round 3: Vader vs. Ultimo Dragon
  15. WWE Brand
  16. GWOAT Round 3: Dean Malenko vs. Jushin Liger
  17. GWOAT Round 3: Kawada vs. Mick Foley
  18. GWOAT Round 3: HHH vs. Mashahiro Chono
  19. GWOAT Round 3: Jimmy Snuka vs. Raven vs. Shawn Michaels
  20. GWOAT Round 3: Harley Race vs. Kurt Angle
  21. NWA Wildside TV Report in depth
  22. Special Grudge Match: Captain Kangaroo vs. Mr. Rogers
  23. GWOAT Round 3: Curt Henning vs. Owen Hart
  24. GWOAT Round 3: Steve Austin vs. Shane Douglas
  25. GWOAT Wildcard: Roddy Piper vs. Sting
  26. Suggestions for the Smarks forum.....
  27. The New Era of wrestling.....
  28. GWOAT Round 3: Ted Dibiase vs. Brock Lesnar
  29. GWOAT Round 3: Bret Hart vs. Lou Thesz
  30. Special Grudge Match: Just Don't Give A *uck!
  31. Backyard Wrestling Special Grudge Match Poll
  32. GWOAT Round 3: Mark Callaway vs. Chris Jericho
  33. GWOAT Round 3: Hulk Hogan vs. Bruno Sammartino
  34. GWOAT Wildcard Poll Round 2
  35. GWOAT Round 2: Booker T vs. Ric Flair
  36. GWOAT Round 2: Yuji Nagata vs. Arn Anderson
  37. GWOAT Round 2: Tommy Dreamer vs. Randy Savage
  38. GWOAT Round 2: Christopher Daniels vs. Keiji Mutoh
  39. Round 3 Notice
  40. GWOAT Round 2: Kerry Von Erich vs. Buddy Rogers
  41. GWOAT Round 2: Rick Rude vs. Rey Misterio Jr.
  42. GWOAT Round 2: Eddie Guerrero vs. Ken Shamrock
  43. GWOAT Round 2: Dr. Death Steve Williams vs. Mike Rotundo
  44. GWOAT Round 2: Ultimo Dragon vs. Glen Jacobs
  45. GWOAT Round 2: Jushin Liger vs. Sean Waltman
  46. GWOAT Round 2: Ultimate Warrior vs. Mashahiro Chono
  47. GWOAT Round 2: Dusty Rhodes vs. Mick Foley
  48. 12 Year Old Suspended For Bringing a SI...
  49. Notice about voting
  50. GWOAT Round 2: Andre the Giant vs. HHH vs. Michael Hayes
  51. GWOAT Round 2: Vader vs. Jake Roberts
  52. GWOAT Round 2: Dean Malenko vs. Davey Boy Smith
  53. GWOAT Round 2: Kawada vs. Chris Candido
  54. GWOAT Round 2: Shawn Michaels vs. Sting
  55. GWOAT Round 2: Kurt Angle vs. Dynamite Kid
  56. GWOAT Round 2: Diamond Dallas Page vs. Owen Hart
  57. GWOAT Round 2: Tazz vs. Shane Douglas
  58. GWOAT Round 2: Jimmy Snuka vs. Raven
  59. GWOAT Round 2: Paul Orndoff vs. Harley Race
  60. GWOAT Round 2: Curt Henning vs. Terry Funk
  61. GWOAT Round 2: Steve Austin vs. Ricky Steamboat
  62. GWOAT Round 2: Barry Windham vs. Brock Lesnar
  63. GWOAT Round 2: Bob Backlund vs. Chris Jericho
  64. GWOAT Round 2: Lou Thesz vs. Brian Pillman
  65. GWOAT Round 2: Bruno Sammartino vs. Lance Storm
  66. Greatest Commentator Ever
  67. mastercard=free downloads
  68. mastercard=free downloads
  69. GWOAT Round 2: Ted Dibiase vs. The Rock
  70. GWOAT Round 2: Bret Hart vs. La Parka
  71. GWOAT Round 2: Chris Beniot vs. The Undertaker
  72. GWOAT Round 2: Hulk Hogan vs. Scott Hall
  73. GWOAT Wild Card Poll for Round 1
  74. Round 1 Winners
  75. Round 2 begins
  76. GWOAT Round 1: 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Keiji Mutoh
  77. GWOAT Round 1: Chris Kanyon vs. Randy Savage
  78. GWOAT Round 1: Jacque Rougaeu vs. Ric Flair
  79. GWOAT Round 1: Arn Anderson vs. Pedro Morales
  80. Wild Cards
  81. GWOAT Round 1: Sgt. Slaughter vs. Yuji Nagato
  82. GWOAT Round 1: Terry Taylor vs. Booker T
  83. GWOAT Round 1: Nikita Koloff vs. Tommy Dreamer
  84. GWOAT Round 1: Sabu vs. Christopher Daniels
  85. GWOAT Round 1: Mike Rotundo vs. Dr. Wagner Jr.
  86. GWOAT Round 1: Buddy Rogers vs. William Regal
  87. GWOAT Round 1: Scott Steiner vs. Rey Misterio Jr.
  88. GWOAT Round 1: Ken Shamrock vs. Dan Severn
  89. Attention Everyone about the tourney and it's voting!
  90. GWOAT Round 1: Kerry Von Erich vs. The Sandman
  91. GWOAT Round 1: Rick Rude vs. Kevin Sullivan
  92. GWOAT Round 1: Eddie Guerrero vs. Stan Hansen
  93. GWOAT Round 1: Dr. Death Steve Williams vs. Yokozuna
  94. GWOAT Round 1: Mick Foley vs. Goldberg
  95. GWOAT Round 1: Sid Vicious vs. Kane
  96. GWOAT Round 1: George Steele vs. Sean Waltman
  97. GWOAT Round 1: Jerry Lawler vs. Masahiro Chono
  98. Grammy's
  99. GWOAT Round 1: Ultimo Dragon vs. The Honky Tonk Man
  100. GWOAT Round 1: Dusty Rhodes vs. Jerry Lynn
  101. GWOAT Round 1: Jushin Liger vs. Taka Michinoku
  102. GWOAT Round 1: Rob Van Dam vs. The Ultimate Warrior
  103. GWOAT Round 1: HHH vs. Michael Hayes
  104. GWOAT Round 1: Jake Roberts vs. Abdullah the Butcher
  105. GWOAT Round 1: Davey Boy Smith vs. Billy Graham
  106. GWOAT Round 1: Chris Candido vs. Konnan
  107. GWOAT Round 1: Vader vs. Larry Zbysko
  108. GWOAT Round 1: Dean Malenko vs. Great Sasuke
  109. GWOAT Round 1: Kawada vs. Dory Funk Jr.
  110. GWOAT Round 1: Tully Blanchard vs. Andre the Giant
  111. GWOAT Round 1: Sting vs. Tiger Mask IV
  112. GWOAT Round 1: Dynamite Kid vs. The Big Show
  113. GWOAT Round 1: Owen Hart vs. Ron Simmons
  114. GWOAT Round 1: Shane Douglas vs. Dustin Rhodes/Golddust
  115. Ringside Radio--New online Wrestling radio show
  116. In case of a tie
  117. Eat my shit fuckers
  118. GWOAT Round 1 Shawn Michaels vs. Steve Corino
  119. GWOAT Round 1 Kurt Angle vs D'lo Brown
  120. GWOAT Round 1 Diamond Dallas Page vs Jim Garvin
  121. GWOAT Round 1 AJ Styles vs Tazz
  122. I am gone, bye bye, hope you miss me
  123. i gotta question
  124. GWOAT Round 1 Juventud Gurrera vs Raven
  125. GWOAT Round 1 Ron Garvin vs Harley Race
  126. GWOAT Round 1 Terry Funk vs Jesse Ventura
  127. GWOAT Ricky Stemaboat vs Low Ki
  128. Who is your pick to win the GWOAT Tourney?
  129. GWOAT Round 1: Paul Orndoff vs. Jeff Jarrett
  130. GWOAT Round 1: David Von Erich vs. Jimmy Snuka
  131. GWOAT Round 1: Curt Henning vs. Edge
  132. GWOAT Round 1: Steve Austin vs. Terry Gordy
  133. GWOAT Round 1: Don Muraco vs. Brock Lesnar
  134. GWOAT Round 1: Tajiri vs. Brian Pillman
  135. GWOAT Round 1: Chris Jericho vs. King Kong Bundy
  136. GWOAT Round 1: Lance Storm vs. Antonio Inoki
  137. The contest is clearly RIGGED.
  138. GWOAT Round 1: Lou Thesz vs. Devon Storm
  139. GWOAT Round 1: Barry Windham vs. Kevin Nash
  140. GWOAT Round 1: Bob Backlund vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
  141. GWOAT Round 1: Bruno Sammartino vs. Rowdy Roddy Piper
  142. Only 1 hour till the polls close for 4 matchups.
  143. GWOAT Round 1: The Rock vs. Hector Garza
  144. GWOAT Round 1: Lex Luger vs. La Parka
  145. GWOAT Round 1: Undertaker vs. Super Crazy
  146. GOAT Round 1: Scott Hall vs. The Iron Shiek
  147. PWF's Greatest Wrestler Tournament DiBiase vs Steiner
  148. PWF's Greatest Wrestler Tournament Hart vs Colon
  149. PWF's Greatest Wrestler Tournament Benoit vs Credible
  150. PWF's Greatest Wrestler Tournament ROUND 1 Hogan vs Bossman
  151. feedback on my graphic before I destroyed the thread somehow.
  152. Muta
  153. SUCCESS!!!!! I have found the address for our invasion.
  154. thugganomics on RAW and Possibly taking ASSberg's spot?
  155. Gerneral Wrestling Mods Read!!!
  156. WWE RAW going off the air soon.
  157. Lets Mess around with the list, replacing 5 guys for another 5 guys........
  158. $5.00 Wrestling Tapes A Must Read
  159. Evil-Ryan
  160. Six man tag team titles.
  161. Should junior tag team titles be brought in?
  162. Well Well....Truth Was Right
  163. PWF LAte Nite
  164. PWF Late Nite
  165. Sidenote:
  166. PWF's Daylight In Aussieland
  167. Da Man Bill Goldberg Will Walk Out Of Survivor Series Your World Champion
  168. haha
  169. movie rant(the crap posts)
  170. who ruined pwf....
  171. SC...this is your life
  172. i am new here and i am from the other board too
  173. New Forums
  174. what does lmao mean?
  175. wwe fighting
  176. HHH Haters Thread
  177. LOL @ mini Kidd and mini Iverson
  178. HHH Haters Thread
  179. wwe forum stuff
  180. Wrestling Forums Neesd HUGE Renovation....
  181. Oh Kevin!!!
  182. If you were a Superhero
  183. wls
  184. die
  185. i want some pussy
  186. i dont know who did it...
  187. lol......
  188. Official Delete Thread
  189. test
  190. sucking yo dick
  191. id suck yo dick fo sum crack
  192. anybody have an crack?
  193. EB and Star's stupid wate of Kurts time thread
  194. Your All Gay!
  195. LBC Sent Me A PM
  196. Let Me Bring You To The World Of Fantasy
  197. EWW Attitude Results
  198. every white girl...
  199. wow...
  201. this forum....
  202. An E-Fed...
  203. um.....
  204. Has blood ice killed himself yet...
  205. I bring peace, and a website..
  206. I bring peace, and a website..
  207. Title Frickin' Banners!
  208. What Cartoon Character would Hardy most likely sleep with?
  209. Pwf Sucks Says Pwf Sucks!
  210. aNERCHY IN tHE pWF
  211. Wtf!?!
  212. Moderator Evaluation
  213. pic of my friends girlfriend
  214. torrie wilson wwe
  215. diva terri
  216. pic of jennifer love hewitt
  217. pic of mandy moore
  218. hey hey hey hey
  219. ***spoiler*** for vengance
  220. want a good fourm
  221. hhh haters read this
  222. i need some info on the rock
  224. my forum
  225. Fate or Choice?
  226. i tricked ya Hollywood...
  227. Yes!!!!!!! Im The Next Super Mod
  228. How to flush 2000 posts down the drain
  229. Spam...lets fight it together
  230. Da or straight
  231. Future Games?
  232. Stop Deleting My Threads You Spam Hater
  233. Favourite Kind Of Spam
  234. Favourite Kind Of Spam
  235. Post Your Favourite Spam Pic
  237. Make Me Ot Mod
  238. Now Who The Hell Moved My Thread?
  239. Wls I Calling You Out!!!!!!
  240. THE PHENOM666 Comes......
  241. this is a test, to see who the first person to reply to this thread is.
  242. Its Time For Me To Leave Pwf
  243. my thread
  244. Where The Hell Did My Thread Go?!
  245. Do You Eat Rice?
  246. this camp dude thats moderator of wrestling history?
  247. Hey Kevin. I got a question....
  248. LMAO. Wassup Kenny Banya!
  249. Someone do me this favor and I'll be your BITCH
  250. who here got HAIR in there ass?
  251. Stone Cold I See You
  252. This isn't gonna happen...
  253. Warning...Marbles rant...warning....
  254. I Fuck Crackas Up
  255. The Ultimate Hotseat, Part III
  256. Ebonics Trizeah, For shizzle my nizzles
  257. The Ultimate Hotseat, Part II.
  258. who here thinks im white?
  259. Brock Lesnar Gets In Car Accident; Shows Signs Of Road Rage?
  260. So how big is Santa Claus' dick?
  261. The secret ingriedient in KFC is Russian people.
  262. Ever cover yourself in liquid Latex, dance around in tight speedos and sing BSB?
  263. Nwa-tna
  264. im getting tired of it
  265. What does Too far too fast mean??
  266. What kind of shampoo do you use??
  267. What kind of mouthwash do you use??
  268. would would you like to see billy gunn do?
  269. I wounder when we are going to see another elimanation chamber match !!
  270. Announcer for RAW Poll
  271. What are you looking at right now?
  272. IF you wanna have sex with me...
  273. Hes Coming
  274. Stone Cold
  275. What The Fuck
  276. Breaking News
  277. Breaking News
  278. Breaking News
  279. Rebellion
  280. Raw Vs Smackdown
  281. Fucking Jerkoffs!
  282. Your all a bunch of desperate lonely sick freaks!
  283. Suggest Some Really Good Names For Babies
  284. Try To Reply For What I'm Saying
  285. Myself, Mr. Marbles, would like to announce.....
  286. Me and Kevin would like to announce.......
  287. marbles and blitz
  288. Me and Hardy would like to announce......
  289. Me and KAM would like to announce....
  290. Me and STICK would like to announce.....
  291. Me and TRUTH would like to announce.....
  292. Me and Sodagirl would like to announce.......
  293. Russian Prostitudes
  294. Request
  295. Useless ass Graphic mod FAGGOTS
  296. How do fish have oral sex?
  297. Ever eaten one of your mother's tampons before?
  298. Hey, I was just sniffin' nail polish,,,,,
  299. Hi Starscream.
  300. Ice cream sandwiches taste best with.......
  301. What do you think of Geraldo?
  302. Guess Whos Back?
  303. Just Know Your Role And Shut Your Mouth!
  304. Ever went up to a captain and said "Hey buddy, I got some semen for ya."?
  305. Ever went up to a blowfish and try to give him a blowJOB?
  306. Ever poop in someone's mouth while they sleep and have your friend take a picture?
  307. you think I'm insane?
  308. Ever went up to a captain and said "Hey buddy, I got some semen for ya."?
  309. Ever went up to a blowfish and try to give him a blowJOB?
  310. Ever poop in someone's mouth while they sleep and have your friend take a picture?
  311. Just Know Your Role And Shut Your Mouth
  312. My Dad My Dad Yeah ARNOLD'S DAD!
  313. To The Rock
  314. More On Goldberg/Jericho Fight; Wrestlers Already Against Goldberg
  315. raw and smackdown
  316. Who The Hell Changed My Custom Title?
  317. I mock you and your closing of my thread
  318. Petition to....
  319. Spolier Holy Shit What A Spolier
  320. Most talented poster?
  321. The return of...
  323. your april hate list
  324. The Revolution...
  325. Help!
  326. Random starscream moments
  327. Kevin!!!!! Damn You!!!!!
  328. Bad news
  329. Yay! My 1923rd post
  330. Name my avatar
  331. Party time! My 1922nd post
  332. Hi Shifty Aria
  333. Are you gellin'
  334. Spam...its whats for dinner
  335. I like white and purple too
  336. What is you favorite color?
  337. Hi Edge! How is it hanging?
  338. Whatever happened to Warning Points?
  339. Hello, Twist my fate!
  340. I'm getting an X-box
  341. We got a lot of useful gifts
  342. Life is good, Johnny Blitz
  343. Single stuffed oreo would be fine,Johnny
  344. Hey...where did everyone go?
  345. Johnny Blitz...thanks for the cookie
  346. Hi Johnny Blitz
  347. What happened to my threads...
  348. check out this sick wwe related site
  349. The Dynasty Presents: Why I am cranky today
  350. Mods unite!
  351. This isn't miserable
  352. I'm tired...
  353. The Dynasty Presents: Carmen is a skanky slut
  354. Delete this asshole
  355. Delete me
  356. Delete me
  357. Why won't they delete me?
  358. The Dynasty Presents: Truth can suck it
  359. Screw off Kevin PWF
  360. REGULATORS: Marbles is a Jackass, eh?
  361. Happy Thoughts
  362. PLEASE WELCOME Whacko Jacko,KAM And SargeantHeartman
  363. What would you do for a Klondike Bar?
  364. Jewish people created oral sex
  365. Hey guys!! THROW YO FORESKIN IN THE AIR!!!!!
  366. Favorite Marbles butt-cheek?
  367. Favorite Blu Angel moment?
  368. Sign MY petition....
  369. Holla if you hear me
  370. i broke a pwf record!
  371. Someone fix this please.
  372. for the love of god
  373. Weirdest people you've met on PWF?
  374. It's green...
  375. It's melted...
  376. Woooooooo
  377. I'm sick...
  378. Spammmmmmmm
  379. fuck you crackers fuck you crackers fuck you crackers fuck you crackers fuck you crac
  380. Hey!,Its Me Sweeth Tooth
  381. im hungry
  382. give me a kiss
  383. guess what
  384. "the Prince Speeks"
  385. Everyone has a little.............
  386. Send A Random Porn Link Pm To The Person Above You.
  387. Say Something Extremely Horribly Mean About The Poster Above You.
  388. Guess What
  389. I Swear This Is Real
  390. me and my girlfriend 2003...
  391. discrimination on
  392. I am the king of!
  393. This Just In:solar-star Eats Dick!!live On Cnn!!!!!!!!!
  394. What the fuck???
  395. hardy why was my thread closed
  396. suck my dick...
  397. why im back for the real last time....
  398. Like my new name?
  399. a muppet
  400. i cant be banned!
  401. if you click this thread.....
  402. crackers!
  403. hey levins girlfriend has big tits!
  404. please, dont read this thread
  405. kiss my damn ass...
  406. Move This Thread You Bitch Sheep!
  407. weeeee
  408. yeah!!!!!!!!
  409. kevinpwf where art thou???
  410. kevin you aint my hero...
  411. kevinpwf is my hero!!!!! YEAH!!!!!
  412. kevinpwf is my hero!!!!!!
  413. kevin pwf is my hero...
  414. kevin pwf is my hero
  415. kevinpwf is my hero....
  416. Hot Naked Lesbians!!!
  417. Stick! Oh Stick!! Stop Sucking Dick!!!!!
  418. Spamming At Its Finest
  419. Lick My Nutsack
  420. Fuck You Stick
  421. you
  422. im the original spammer
  423. gimmie a hug
  424. Sodagirl Fake Christian????
  425. Serious Subject!!!!
  426. nOW
  427. Not
  428. Reason for Thread being Closed: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!
  429. Reason For Closing
  430. Reason for Thread being Closed: Spam by a fudge packin homo.
  431. Im telling the truth!!!
  432. Im a Homosexual!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  433. I ain't not no gay
  434. I Got A Confession
  435. Guess ?
  436. Yo Yo Yo
  437. Check It Out
  438. Truth Is Gay
  439. Nude Lita Pics
  440. Reply To: Gay People Bother You Thread
  441. Wazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Upppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
  442. Cyrus
  443. stupidity
  444. Idiodic mods
  445. Im leaving
  446. NWO what is really means
  447. Hey
  448. Undie Takie Calloway
  449. Im pregnant
  450. John Lennon is returning
  451. Is it true?
  452. Why?
  453. Fuckin
  454. Backward-Backward compatibility *merged*
  455. Did you know?
  456. Edge
  457. Yes Yes Oh Baby!
  458. Money
  459. Masterbation causes blindness! ABC NEWS!
  460. Spam
  461. Up The Ass,pass The Fudge, In The Gay Tunnel Of Love
  462. Remember??
  463. Check This Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!
  464. Why did you ban me?
  465. Hello! AGAIN!
  466. Official Delete Thread
  467. Stupid newb question
  468. Bush Delcares War!!! No Joke!
  469. i came i saw i conquered!
  470. Ok Ok My True Self Revealed
  471. Ok Enough Is Enough
  472. Show Me Some Hate??
  473. I Own This Place And Im Ruining It!
  474. Im Taking Over
  475. Miss Me???
  476. guess what?
  477. Listen up Monkeys
  478. Add a new discussion area..
  479. i got mypay cut
  480. Why the fuck...
  481. Happy Birthday Berlyn
  482. 1000
  483. We are gathered here today to mourn the loss of PWF........
  484. Stone Cold What He Looks Like
  485. Ima Save This Place
  486. I can't stand fake ass bitches I can't stand fake ass bitches I can't stand fake ass
  487. Official Delete Thread
  488. Fecal Thoughts by Rick Hemor'rhoid
  489. Once again.
  490. So whose bright idea was this?
  491. Stone Cold...
  492. Hey To Eb, Clean Out You Pm Box
  493. Fuck!
  494. Stone Cold!!!!
  495. What did you do to my threads, you FAGGOT?
  496. SODAGIRL, check your PM's please
  497. I'm fucking through with you, STICK
  498. Kevin, delete the Prithenzio thread please
  499. Official Delete Thread
  500. have my babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!