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  1. Sticky: Moving Forward
  2. Obama finds new low...stoops to it...
  3. Bill Clinton Doesn't Understand Biology
  4. Religion of peace keeping families together.
  5. Suspended Foreclosures
  6. the Cult of Obama
  7. Our Recession's Timeline
  8. hey Tri....
  9. God Damn Brits..Jesus Christ.
  11. I say We Go Down And Fuck This Bitch Up..
  12. Communist Manifesto and you
  13. more unions ftw
  14. Obama the war monger.
  15. Obama's Gitmo decision paying off for Al-Qaeda...
  16. Democrats are stupid.
  17. Obama kills babies
  18. Advancement in terrorist rights
  19. Obama is a Moron.
  20. Tips for inauguration
  21. Israel Should Burn. Yup.
  22. Trampled guy at Walmart
  23. Gates stays
  24. The country ends soon...
  25. 45 Years Ago Today.
  26. I want my money today!
  27. This Country is Finished.
  28. It's Time...
  29. Yeah...So Obama's Grandmother Just Died.
  30. The Plot to Overthrow the Country
  31. Homeless Registration Goes One Step Further
  32. For the older posters here...
  33. I'll be sending my town mayor an e-mail.
  34. Skinheads plotting to knock off Obama,....LOL.
  35. My political diatribe
  36. Biden's a bitch...
  37. Why are obama fans so worried?
  38. Exo unbiased, here's the proof
  39. Mmmm...Pork
  40. The Debate:WOW....Sarah looked hot, but she got raped.
  41. The Obama National Anthem
  42. Unbiased media? Forget it. Unbiased debates even???
  43. CNN's Cafferty Rips into Palin..
  44. Pelosi goes crazy, so blame the republicans
  45. Listen to me you fucks
  46. First Presidential Debate Discussion Thread: Foreign Policy.
  47. Buchanan Nails It.
  48. Palin 2012
  49. Mccain picks Palin...She's a milf
  50. McCain Passes Obama In Gallup Poll For The First Time..
  51. Obama Picks Biden
  52. Concentration Style Camps Set Up at DNC.
  53. Cold War 2
  54. Biggest Douchebag special award
  55. Typical results of lazy assed border control.
  56. Why does Congress get so Many Vacations?
  57. Who's playing the race card?
  58. Supreme Court Rules 5-4 that Child Rape is Not Punishable By Death..
  59. Summing Up Obama
  60. There goes any hope for you Ron Paul supporters.
  61. PWF's Presidential Election
  62. We're better...and here's another reason why...
  63. Democratic Party in Schism...LMAO.
  64. Anyone Here Thinking About Voting Third Party?
  65. Hilary Clinton's ridiculous comments.
  66. My Hat's off to Obama
  67. Bush Blasts Congress
  68. Jeremiah Wright
  70. The Texas Child Abductions
  71. !?!? Free Tibet !?!?!
  72. The official 9/11 timeline
  73. Shhh… I see Black People!
  74. What's worse?
  75. Judicial Watch Releases It's List of the "Ten Most Corrupt Politicians"...Guess Who..
  76. McCain Campaign in Big Trouble..
  77. Serbia: US the "cluprit" of Kosovo revolution.
  78. Rule by fear or Rule by law?
  79. All the Clinton's Dead Friends
  80. Rupert Continues to take over all media
  81. Moving Forward.
  82. Mitt
  83. Super Tuesday, the end is near
  84. "Truthers" call out Green Idiots
  85. Mitt Lets The Dogs Out
  86. Florida Debates..
  87. Pay no taxes, get a tax refund
  88. Video of Iraqi Soldiers Being Trained.
  89. The "Real ID" no longer Conspiracy theory
  90. Huckabee: Constiution should be amended to suit God's Standards.
  91. Mitt Takes Michigan
  92. Mitt Romney's Defining Quote
  93. The Debates: SC Edition
  94. Got My Absentee Ballot Today
  95. The Experience Myth
  96. LMAO...I'm voting Huckabee
  97. Who Should You Be Voting For?
  98. New Hampshire Primary
  99. Fox Noise Exposed For Being The Pieces of Shit They Are..
  100. Mitt Romney Ad: Ocean
  101. POTUS '08 Preference List
  102. Iowa Results
  103. PWF End of Year Awards Nomination Thread
  104. Mainstream Media Finally Recognizes Ron Paul as Canidate
  105. Can we finally stop with the AIDS thing now?
  106. The Chinese gov't just needs to shut the fuck up
  107. The Nobel Peace Prize...
  108. About the Supreme Court...
  109. Iraqi death toll down by half...
  110. UAW calls strike against GM
  111. God Sued By Lawyer In Nebraska
  112. How can you foget your child in a car?
  113. Recalls of Chinese Products
  114. Speed of Light possibly broken.
  115. Homeland Security Doles out Millions for street camera
  116. Dogs Being Used As Shark Bait
  117. The Official Roster of North American Union Supporters?
  118. Noone voted against the Iraq War...
  119. Reasons you don't believe in God
  120. Islamophobia?
  121. An inconvenient ticket
  122. Peacefull situations around the world
  123. Peacefull protests in the land of peace
  124. Blazing Car Crashes Into Glasgow Airport
  125. London Car Bomb.
  126. Teacher Fired For Using Wrestling Holds On Disabled Student
  127. A Gay Bomb
  128. Ford topples Toyota.
  129. Crazy Sheehan pwned, quits being a camera grubbing whore...
  130. Considering Mother's Day
  131. Seung-Hui Cho
  132. Because nothing was learned from Vietnam...
  133. The pig quit.
  134. What do you put on a polish pizza?
  135. We're still gonna die (more BBC)
  136. BBC, Unbiased!
  137. Gun Owners in PA may soon be treated like criminals
  138. Nappy Headed Bitch
  139. Al Gore contradicting?
  140. Nappy Headed Ho's, lmao
  141. The Truth, What Really Happened To The Titanic
  142. BBC, bias exposed
  143. Holocaust being buried by The Left...
  144. Al Gore officially a moron...
  145. Taliban fail to impress...
  146. What Lucas Doesn't Want You To Know
  147. Al Gore, The Prophet
  148. McDonnell, pwned by Popular Mechanics.
  149. New Breed of Slavery
  150. Protesters, non-mainstream converage
  151. Coincident or Shifty Stuff
  152. Many faggots for you.
  153. Coulter Calls Edwards a Faggot
  154. ACLU, kiddie porn and you.
  155. Prince Harry to fight in Iraq
  156. Episode VI: The Dems Strike Back
  157. Criminal or Just Cause?
  158. Who's the Odds on Favorite for President in 08?.
  159. Pelosi's ego, too big for your average jet.
  160. So..Who is Scooter Libby..And What Did he do?
  161. Mr 2 Americas brand new home
  162. I'll see Exo's Gay Sheep and Raise You This
  163. Cure for gay sheep
  164. A thought...albeit a disorganized one
  165. Holy shit our money is spying on us!
  166. Texas Detention Center
  167. A question of ethics
  168. Pat Robertson predicts terror attack in 2007
  169. U.S. Military thinking about recruiting foreigners
  170. Top 10 reasons to impeach the president
  171. Let's talk torture
  172. What the hell are we thinkin'?
  173. O.J. TV Special Cancelled and replaced by Bush 9/11 Special
  174. Cool, new directions for the country!
  175. Let's meet our new Secretary of Defense
  176. Election Day is finally here!!!
  177. 2006 PWF End of the Year Awards Nomination Thread MOTM Forum
  178. Merging US,Canada, Mexico ?, When did we vote on that?
  179. Book On Bannned Books To Get Banned?
  180. One-third of U.S. kids are out of shape, study finds
  181. Movie on Assassination of President Bush being released
  182. America needs it's balls back...
  183. The illusion of safety...
  184. Schools now drug test
  185. Original and Unedited Footage from 9/11.
  186. Bohemian Grove Protest this Saturday
  187. Israel, anyone?
  188. You're shitting me, right?
  189. Dear MOTM posters
  190. Wanna bet?
  191. Should America hit N.Korea's Missiles on the Launch Pad?
  192. a few thoughts on North Korea, WMD, and the war on terrorism
  193. is anybody here catholic?
  194. Because I enjoyed our last debate so much...
  195. On the alleged sanctity of marriage.
  196. Bible Debate
  197. So..The government releases a tape of the Pentagon attack..
  198. Is God trying to tell you something??
  199. Not all Nazi's are bad
  200. Kennedys
  201. who really won? America or Moussaoui
  202. Teacher Fired For Making Porn Movie 11 Years Ago
  203. George Bush Resume
  204. *breaking news* Dems out of touch with reality...
  205. Hans idiot.
  206. Uh-Oh...Osama better watch out!!!
  207. To impeach or not to impeach?
  208. Uhhh...who's the victim here??
  209. Immigration Walkouts
  210. Americans won't vote for Atheists
  211. Rummy Quotes of the Day
  212. Gay Marriage?
  213. More Communist Oppression...
  214. Since when...
  215. Hillary's latest dirty secret...
  216. Blame the Students
  217. Discuss stupidity in South Dakota.
  218. Nagin throws Bush under the bus...
  219. Court rules in favor of Free Speech...
  220. What's your opinion on the port issue?
  221. Republicans vs. Democrats
  222. I want a Parliamentary government.
  223. China censors Internet -or- why Communism sucks...
  224. Cartoon Rioters: God Bless Hitler
  225. Racist Statement?
  226. Lets just nuke 'em.
  227. My lack of understanding...
  228. Cartoon Riots
  229. Domestic Spying: Necessary Evil or 1984 Realized
  230. American Government Test
  231. Looks like the conservatives are in power now...
  232. Direct effect
  233. Houston Murder Rate Skyrockets
  234. So, what about that patriot act?
  235. Your First Amendment Rights Don't Extend To Protesting Funerals
  236. Hate messages dressed as messages of family values
  237. Interesting...
  238. An idiot in the city that never works
  239. Bankruptcy
  240. Harassment in the workplace
  241. Do you believe in Demonic Posession?
  242. Canadian Government Toppled...
  243. would you take advantage of the govt?
  244. No, let's really argue.
  245. Alright, let's argue.
  246. More DeLay stuff...
  247. Natural Disasters
  248. Would they do this if it was Michael Moore? (AP)
  249. Harriet Miers
  250. Just wanted to get your opinions on this issue...
  251. Just a general debate
  252. And the blame game begins
  253. Sexual Offenders
  254. Chew on this: Books vs. video games
  255. Why Wanderer Sucks.
  256. US Chief Justice Dead
  257. Examples of Liberal Media Bias...
  258. Swearing in school ???
  259. Don't hurt Fatties feelings!
  260. The Crazies Aren't Just Liberal.
  261. Cindy Sheehan, what a tool.
  262. An Interesting question.
  263. Delays in confirmation...again:rolleyes:
  264. A question for Christianity Scholars
  265. Paranoia or madness - maybe more London attacks
  266. Supreme Court Candidate Named
  267. Memo from the National Affairs Desk 3
  268. Freedom of the Press? What's That?
  269. a thought spawned by LIVE 8
  270. Why San Francisco is the Nation's Laughing Stock...
  271. I had to do it......Politics this or that?
  272. Pondering the Question...
  273. The Price We Pay
  274. If Bush is Hitler...
  275. Ten Greatest Americans
  276. memo from the National Affairs Desk #2
  277. Race and Racism
  278. Town forms militia to combat illegal immigration (AP
  279. Know the enemy...
  280. Keep your eyes on the damn ball...
  281. Memo from the National Affairs Desk
  282. I Forget Which Rap Music They Played in Schindler's List
  283. Nader's very unpleasant N-gagement
  284. DU post of the day.
  285. The issue of racism or why whites don't get it.
  286. Missing white women and the media
  287. Taking Boston's advice...
  288. Boston's Views.....a sneak preview
  289. The Cost of Prohibition
  290. Michael Jackson verdict: Your predictions
  291. Religious idiots strike again.
  292. Deep Throat Revealed?
  293. The Dead Zone
  294. The Glue's Manifesto: interview...
  295. The Runaway Bride
  296. American Tax Dollars at Work..
  297. Death sentences at lowest point since the 70's...
  298. Tom DeLay will bring down the GOP
  299. Crybaby protestors...
  300. Filibusters...
  301. Fonda Spit On...
  302. Anti War Protester gets blown up
  303. We Have Pope
  304. Protestor Of The Week
  305. Can't anybody make up their mind?
  306. Broke school system
  307. Lincoln Was Gay
  308. Former wrestler accuses Uconn of "Queering"
  309. And The Blind Shall See Once More...
  310. Tasteless
  311. It's time to let the Pope die
  312. Terri Schiavo dies after 13 days.
  313. You've almost won.
  314. Assisted suicide: yes or no?
  315. China Tiwan War?
  316. Wall Street Journal rates the governors
  317. the US goverment created and endorse America's Army.
  318. Shhhhhhhit.....
  319. China: the next premium power of the world?
  320. A broad education vs. education for a specific job
  321. election 2008 jesse vs. the presdetinator.
  322. We had a fake journalist on the white house???
  323. Sun vs. CC(The new debate).
  324. Hunter S. Thompson just took his last trip
  325. And now.... Ambassadorships for sale. White house turns into a high end flea market.
  326. Diabetic?
  327. my thoughts on our beloved president,.
  328. The Tsunami Song..
  329. My Opinion for Sale...
  330. Pi to 50,000 places.
  331. Happy Birthday Martin Luther King
  332. North Korea: U.S. a 'nuclear criminal'
  333. Abu Ghraib Guard Convicted
  334. Foreign Aid....... We're really not that generous.
  335. The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: Will Karl Rove Have To Be Suicided?
  336. Funnier And Funnier
  337. Ontario Smoke-Free?
  338. A question (possibly considered a rant)
  339. Dr. Feelgood
  340. More "Church and State" Hub-bub
  341. Gay Marriage recognized by the Supreme Court of Canada:It's perfectly legal now, kids
  342. Stumbled across this quote
  343. How can you decide between right and wrong?
  344. Post-Election Selection Trauma
  345. Dino Rossi/The Washington Governor's race
  346. JFK Video Game: Has The Line Been Crossed? (
  347. We don't have a constitution... Our moral values tore it apart.
  348. Canada's Crime Problem...
  349. Metric Time
  350. How disgusting some Republicans can be
  351. No Big Surprise
  352. Fahrenheit 9/11....and a half
  353. Fuzzy math
  354. Yasser Arafat Dead at 75
  355. Exorcism
  356. Army Vet Sues Over Call-Up
  357. Unbelievable
  358. My Hometown is full of nuts...
  359. Abortion; for or against?
  360. I'm proud of the Democrats
  361. John Thune beats Tom Daschle
  362. DOOM At the DU!
  363. Election predictions
  364. Holy shit, Mr. Hostility's got an idea!
  365. Osamas New Message
  366. Interesting Speculation
  367. I just read this and had to post it...
  368. The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: It's Ok To Run Over Her With Your Car,
  369. Outsourcing Jobs
  370. What Did You Expect?
  371. A NASTY message from the state department
  372. Not as Unnecessary as Your Presidency
  373. I Like Big Buts And I Cannot Lie
  374. A Letter to Senator Kerry
  375. Quote of the day, week, month, & ELECTION!
  376. Security adviser to first President Bush says Afghanistan, Iraq 'a failing venture'
  377. Anyone else see Jon Stewart rip CNN a new asshole on friday?
  378. Is the 2 term limit really neccessary anymore?
  379. Should The Presidential Term be lengthened?
  380. Round II: The Debates
  381. Democrat Calls Colleaugues Faggots
  382. Bush defends Iraq invasion despite new weapons report
  383. 402-2 (vh1)
  384. The VP debate
  385. Dick & John
  386. We should have let Germany take France
  387. Deny Felons The Right To Vote? You Bet!
  388. A Tale Of Two Polls...
  389. The State of the Nation
  390. Little Political Joke...
  391. The Global Test
  392. Debate Highlights
  393. John Kerry
  394. The Question
  395. So If Bush Is Hitler, Why Is He So Nice?
  396. The Great "What if?" volume 1
  397. Lovely.
  398. I'm voting Independant
  399. Fallacy of the "Hate Speech" Argument
  400. John Kerry On Iraq: Weathervane In A Windstorm
  401. If Public Schools Aren't Good Enough For The Teacher's Kids...
  402. We're All Gonna Die!!!
  403. Polls are never right.
  404. More politics via UN..
  405. Why I don't like George bush
  406. Campaign PWF
  407. A Bad example from the Republican Party... Dennis Hastert
  408. Should America Change it's Two Party System?
  409. What are your political views on...
  410. Can someone answer this for me?
  411. Democratic Thugs Bully 3-Year-Old Girl
  412. Who would the world vote for?
  413. Why?
  414. A Nation Remembers... yeah let's remember.
  415. Run that by me again?
  416. Liberals Want To Bring Soviet Canuckistan's Health Care Nightmare To The US
  417. Devils Advocate
  418. Pardon Me
  419. Oliver North's Open Letter To John Effing Kerry
  420. Assault Weapon Ban Expiring
  421. No Liberal Bias Here...
  422. Putting Our Losses In Iraq Into Perspective
  423. now that the death toll has reached 1,000...
  424. The Kerry Campaign Makes Me Sad
  425. GOP protestors get violent
  426. Do you really wanna know how I feel about religon?
  427. abortion
  428. the great Jimmy Carter debate.....
  429. the Kerry/Bush debate thread.....all debates go here.....
  430. This is just... stupid
  431. Friedrich W. Nietzsche
  432. the voids in our existence ...
  433. "All is fair in love and war" or is it? *cue omnious music*
  434. Playing God *mwuhahahahahahaha*
  435. Overtime...
  436. All this "War On Terror" jibba-jabba needs to be clarified...
  437. Oh, the irony.... the sweet sweet irony...
  438. Torture is acceptable WHERE?
  439. the ultimate John Kerry/George Bush debate thread.....merged....
  440. 4 different presidents for Mount Rushmore II
  441. Worst Americans Ever
  442. The War on Democracy?
  443. Alan Keys Steps On His Own Dick
  444. Suprise suprise...CBO reports Bush tax cuts placed the tax burden onto middle class
  445. NJ Governor McGreevey resigns
  446. When Stupidity Meets Politics
  447. Porter Goss claimed he is not qualified for CIA job
  448. Swift Boat Vets For Truth: Kerry's Many Lies About His Vietnam Record
  449. one of the more bizzare reasons for getting fired...
  450. Now that we've all had a good cry over the Christian war against Muslims...
  451. The Return Of Segregation At The University Of Colorado At Boulder?
  452. Its not like this stuff is dangerous....
  453. Ethics or Naivety?
  454. We interrupt our daily Iraq bullshit to bring you this....
  455. Swift Boat Quotes about John Kerry
  456. Marijuana
  457. The next election is irrelevant
  458. An interesting article I read today in GQ....
  459. hey
  460. Thank You.... Then Again Fuck You
  461. The Gang Of Four
  462. My weekly editorial. "Tom Ridge and his Terror Warnings"
  463. Mike Ditka....US Senator?
  464. Good Bill Cosby article
  465. what do you make of this?
  466. A Passing Friendhsip
  467. Electronic voting rides again
  468. Let Them Eat Yellowcake
  469. More US teenagers smoking Cannabis then Tobacco?
  470. Troops to see Fahrenheit 9/11
  471. Nick Berg's Father Bashes Bush and Co.
  472. Well all know about iraq..... But what about North Korea?
  473. This is what makes me believe that Islam...
  474. Double Standards, or Moore Speaks
  475. The LAPD "Strikes" Again
  476. Senate backs Pentagon press restrictions
  477. The Canadian Federal Election (Yeah it exists!)
  478. El Voto
  479. Paul Johnson beheaded
  480. How dmb is your area II?
  481. Ketchup lady says:
  482. Supreme Court Ducks 'god'
  483. Mr. President, Tear Down This Wall
  484. The presidential list
  485. Disrespect for the dead.
  486. N***a, Please
  487. Are Mentally Handicapped Parents capable Of bringing up "Normal" Children?
  488. Fun Facts About "The Gipper"
  489. Lets all be friends, oh, wait, you'd rather shoot me? I'll just bend over for you.
  490. Bush, Reagan, Clinton and Kerry politics
  491. President Reagan's Health Deteriorates
  492. I Don't Know Where To Put This.
  493. ^&$^%&@ Oil prices.
  494. Brown shirts... anyone?
  495. What the heck is wrong with this guy
  496. What the president doesn't want you to see.
  497. Newsweek Report Shifts Focus on Abuse Scandal
  498. Rumsfeld: Is he taking the bullets intended for Bush?
  499. Has the military become a private entity???
  500. American Decapitated in Iraq, taped by assasins