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  1. *MINI-spoiler if you didn't watch SD! last night.* Two big returns
  2. Just a thought
  3. So Kurt Punked Eddie....
  4. USA Chants Are Stupid.
  5. Blargh, another rant.
  6. You guys have a problem, let's settle it in a 3 on 3 tag match!!!!!!!!!!11
  7. Greatest Heel of All Time Tourney is Starting
  8. Simon Dean
  9. Rant: Piss Poor Booking
  10. How dumb do they think we are?
  11. Raw preview and discussion thread for 9/13....
  12. Vince=Retarded
  13. PPV's,Raw's,SD's etc.
  14. Official Unforgiven Thread
  15. Heidenreich gonna cry?
  16. Commentators/Announcers
  17. Parody Items
  18. Smackdown Discussion Thread
  19. Should Flair get one more run?
  20. Pointless Chain Game
  21. The newest shopzone items
  22. Maven and Benjamin
  23. Mark Henry
  24. UnForgiven Predictions
  25. Tommy Dreamer
  26. Raw discussion thread for September 6the 2004: Double Main event
  27. Evolution's 4th Man?
  28. Intercontinental Title Situation
  29. Angle vs Rey
  30. SmackDown! Discussion:
  31. Beniot: Chop Master
  32. A Look Back: The Lottery Draft.
  33. What's to be done with this tag team division?
  34. RAW Diva Search
  35. what do you guys think??
  36. Yet another move banned in the WWE...
  37. Raw VS Smackdown
  38. UnForgiven Betting Thread (Original System)
  39. Benoit's future?
  40. Raw Discussion Thread 8/30/04: What's next for Kane and Lita
  41. Official UnForgiven vbookie Thread
  42. Kurt/Eddie (Spoiler if ya missed SD)
  43. Thank you wwe.
  44. Who Would Win
  45. How do you Make the Company's Head title look like SHIT.....
  46. PWF's 2 Year Anniversary Party!!!
  47. SD Match Card for Deadman Tour In Australia
  48. Raw Discussion thread: Weddings, Diva's and Deception, oh my.
  49. They can still salvage the Orton/HHH program *Fantasy Booker*
  50. What can you expect from RAW this week?
  51. Luther Raines, your thoughts on him?
  52. The Big Show's Return to Smackdown
  53. RAW's Main Event scene
  54. Have you noticed?
  55. Name....
  56. Strengthes & Weaknesses
  57. The Devastating Boston Crab
  58. Trademark Moves?
  59. Toronto Bad for WWE? (taken from Insidewrestlingnews)
  60. the $1,000,000 Tough Enough, good or bad?
  61. Carlos Cool Carribean?
  62. So, who's gonna be Kane's bestman?
  63. Kane is the best worker in the WWE (right now)
  64. The Rules of the WWE Forum.....please read before posting.
  65. RAW discussion thread for 8/16/04
  66. What pissed you off the most at Summerslam?
  67. the Ultimate Randy Orton thread/merged....put your Orton thoughts and discussion here
  68. SummerSlam Discussion Thread
  69. Stupid WWE storylines...
  70. The Extreme Tag Team..Once Known as the Dudley Boyz..
  71. not that you care, but where the heck is ....
  72. WWE Unforgiven
  73. RVD: Putting It To Bed
  74. favourite summerslam Promo
  75. Is Batista Better than Orton?...And what about the Future?..
  76. Spike Dudley
  77. Smackdown loses a Diva
  78. Booker T vs John Cena: Best Of 5 Series
  79. this i don't get......
  80. RVD without a Match at Summerslam...
  81. How would you help Kane?
  82. Edge (Split Thread From Raw).......
  83. RAW discussion thread for 8/9/04
  84. Orlando Jordan..... JBL's Virgil?
  85. Should It Be John Cena vs. Rene Dupree at SummerSlam?
  86. Why Rene Dupree should stay in the WWE United States Championship Hunt
  87. Should it Be...Benoit vs. Y2J at Summerslam?..
  88. Why JBL shouldn't be more than a transitional champion.....
  89. Why Cena needs to stay in the US title hunt.....
  90. Why Benoit should keep the strap until December at least.....
  91. Why Batista shouldn't win the IC title....ever....
  92. Why Jericho shouldn't win the IC title....
  93. Why Edge shouldn't lose the IC title....
  94. Why Orton shouldn't win the title.....
  95. Anybody interested in a pair of raw tickets for the london show?
  96. Hmmmmmmmmmm (I can see what Kara Meant)
  97. Kane/Matt Hardy marriage match
  98. What is your favorite backstage/ parking lot fight segment?
  99. rate the belts
  100. Raw Discussion thread for August 2nd.....
  101. My SummerSlam Card Prediction
  102. Triple H/Orton feud
  103. Will SummerSlam Be the Best PPV of the Year?..
  104. Manager as a prize
  105. A Double Brand PPV?
  106. SmackDown! Review Thread
  107. Summer slam
  108. SummerSlam Betting Thread
  109. Assuming HHH vs Eugene is announced for SS....
  110. The Rumble from Raw.....
  111. Hard Knocks:The Chris Benoit Story
  112. Orton Vs. Benoit...Thoughts?..Complaints?..
  113. Raw thread for 7/26/04-
  114. When was the last time?
  115. So, Is it Dead?
  116. What Do You Expect From JBL/Taker?...
  117. Smackdown thread for July 22, 2004
  118. Does anyone have the RAW presale password for Fargo?
  119. Torrie Wilson picture (funny)
  120. Benoit/HHH ironman match
  121. Are you a little suprised that they had Lawler read the stuff about Foley and Hart?
  122. Pointless thread #688
  123. Batista = Monster
  124. Coalition against Tyson Tomko/Botchkick
  125. RAW Diva Search = RIGGED
  126. It's Raw, It's Live, and the discussion thread is here, baybayuh!.....Raw for 7/19
  127. The WWE: Not a Wrestling Company
  128. Who has In-Ring Character?
  129. Elimination Chamber 3
  130. HHH.....Is he really the best there is or is he a main event pig.
  131. John "little Johnny" Heidenreich
  132. Smackdown Thread for 7/15/04-Who gonna be the US Champ?
  133. Best TLC Match??
  134. Jericho, Flashes of Old?
  135. How can you be a Monster and not win any Matches?
  136. Matt Hardy Commentary, bashes the net
  137. Raw Thread for 7/12/04: Vengeance Aftermatch
  138. Vengeance Discussion Thread
  139. Pointless thread #687: Favourite Finishers
  140. This thursday ?!?!
  141. WWE Divas
  142. Has WWE turned the corner?
  143. London/Kidman New Tag Champs:Your Thoughts?
  144. HBK Vs. The Rock: Will It Ever Happen?
  145. Official Smackdown! Thread
  146. where is....
  147. Rfs
  148. Five Favorite Wrestlers from both shows
  150. Rico
  151. Raw thread for 7/5/ infinity and beyond.....
  152. Vengence Betting Thread: **Updated Weekly**
  153. Alright Vince, listen up.......
  154. We are being punished
  155. Fecal Fetish John Cena....
  156. Plan and simple, Do you Like JBL, Now?
  157. Boooooooooring!
  158. JBL/Eddie
  159. William Regal: Post-Eugene
  160. Chris Nowinski
  161. Miscarriage!!!!!!!!!!
  162. Sticky: The Official SD! Thread for July 1st 2004...
  163. Paul London
  164. Other sites? OT?
  165. Are there any Netflix-style companies that rent WWE DVDs?
  166. Paul London video I made
  167. Eugene: A Joke!
  168. Ric Flair: Overated!?
  169. Notes from a fan in attendance to Raw (me again durp) *Heat Tapings Included*
  170. Whoaaaaaaaa... We're Halfway There
  171. The most ironic part in the Lita/ Kane/ Matt Hardy love triangle
  172. The Official RAW Thread for June 28th 2004...
  173. How would you fix the WWE?
  174. How Big A Loss Was Kurt Angle?
  175. Notes from a fan in attendance at GAB (me durp)
  176. The Official GAB Disucssion Thread...
  177. Bad News for WWE/Smackdown
  178. JBL/Incident
  179. GAB Info...
  180. 3 Storylines For Kane, 3!
  181. Hardcore and Mordecai?
  182. The Best & Worst WWE Gimmicks?
  183. Your Favourite Desire Clips?
  184. Chavo, Jackie, Chavo, Chavo Classic, Rey....
  185. That Cruserweight Battle Royal
  186. Who do you miss and why?
  187. Wrestlers you liked before but don't like now...
  188. The Informer Column predicts Sting
  189. Does anyone else miss the days...
  190. Did I miss something...
  191. The Next Champions....
  192. Am I the only one liking this?
  193. Great American Bash Prediction Thread
  194. Triple H/Eugene....your thoughts on their match
  195. Can Kane and Hbk deliver a good feud?
  196. That cross-dresser on Raw (spoiler if you missed Raw)
  197. Is HHH getting fat?
  198. elimination chamber at summerslam?
  199. Make your feel like grabbing a toaster and jumping into a Bath!
  200. What Can Be Done With Hurricane?
  201. Kane's Mic. Skills
  202. List Your WWE VHS/DVD Collection
  203. posters
  204. The Undertakers appearences
  205. raw thread for june 21/04
  206. Pray For Mordecai
  207. When should they have Orton drop the IC title?
  208. is HHH worthy of another title shot?.....
  209. JBL vs. Taker.....where is this leading?.....
  210. a loss for words.....
  211. what do you do with Angle?.....
  212. who's the best tag team in the
  213. new life for the Dudleys?.....
  214. what's next for Edge?.....
  215. Orton/Benjamin.....could this be the next great feud?
  216. Botchkick Or Luther
  217. Favorite Entrances
  218. SmackDown! Review Thread
  219. GAB Card Shaping Up Nicely....*spoiler if you haven't seen SD yet*
  220. JBL(Spoiler if you didn't see SD)
  221. Heels
  222. eugene is screwed
  223. The Bigger Joke: Women's Or Cruiserweight Division?
  224. The Fate of the Cruiserweight Division.......
  225. David Batista......
  226. Now Seriously...This is Starting to Get Out of Hand..
  227. The Kane/Lita Baby Storyline..*MERGED*
  228. HBK's beating from Kane
  229. RAW thread for whatever day this is .....
  230. U.S Title Fatal Four Way Bets
  231. Your Official..Bad Blood Discussion Thread..
  232. site for bad blood?
  233. Is it me or Does kane actually have a chance now?
  234. naff finishers
  235. RVD a Heel?
  236. Cena good or bad?
  237. Taker
  238. That bow means squat
  239. Question regarding the champs:
  240. TNA Commercials on WWE Shows
  241. Halloween Havoc
  242. kenzo suzuki
  243. Summerslam poster released
  244. When All is Set and Done..will HHH and HBK's HIAC Match..Be Match of the Year?..
  245. Bad Blood Prediction thread
  246. Get JBL Fired !!!!
  247. Raw discussion about the evils of HBK.....Raw thread for 6/7/04
  248. Bradshaw incident at German house show/Bradshaw Fired from CNBC(Merged)
  249. What are Your Realistic Expectations for Benoit vs. Kane?
  250. LOL, And someone was asking was SD dieing.....
  251. Who Is...Pound-For-Pound...The Best Wrestler in the WWE Today?..
  252. Smackdown! Thread For June3rd
  253. Let's Take Some bets
  254. JBL's Stipulation for Great American Bash
  255. Has Randy Orton Restored the Integrity of the IC Title?..
  256. RVD, Good Or Bad?
  257. 1 year ago today....
  258. SummerSlam Coming To Toronto!!!
  259. wwe bringin back ECW
  260. wwe tour of defiance results
  261. Your Official RAW Thread..For Monday,May 31,2004...
  262. Triple H........... a Nazi?
  263. Where is Stephanie?
  264. if you had to choose.... which PPV will you order?
  265. Alright...Lets Just Say....
  266. Those entrances....
  267. WWE Auction
  268. Smackdown! Thread For May 28th
  269. Mordecai Fued With The Undertaker
  270. Cheating Death Stealing Life
  271. Sting/WWE
  272. Vengeance Poster!
  273. more and MORE WWE PPVs????
  274. how much longer is this going to go?
  275. Eugene's streak
  276. At This Moment..Is Shelton Benjamin..Better than Randy Orton..
  277. Raw discussion thread 5/24
  278. What do u think kanes question to Lita is?
  279. Your opinion on Mordecai
  280. Will Evolution work with HHH's Absence?
  281. Best Manager in WWE right now?
  282. Are We Seeing the death of Smackdown
  283. Rikishi
  284. The Undertaker
  285. Smackdown! Thread For May 20th
  286. Who Will Be Next for Eddie...After Bradshaw?..
  287. Who in your Opinion is the Best and Worse Wrestler in the Women's Division....
  288. What can be done with the Cruserweight title? (contains Smackdown Spoiler)
  289. Is Having A Title Made For Velocity and Heat..Really A Great Idea?..
  290. So..Did BradShaw Prove anything to anyone..with his performance at JD?....
  291. HHH vs. HBK
  292. Kane(spoiler if you missed Raw)
  293. Was it as Painful for you as it was for me?
  294. The Roll-Up Pin Finisher
  295. Eugene with a title
  296. RAW Thread For May 17th
  297. The NEW and IMPROVED and UNCAGED and UNTAMED Dudleyz!!!
  298. Compare John Cena To RVD...
  299. let's set the record straight.....
  300. Konnan To Wwe!!????
  301. *possible Spoiler* mordecai's J-Day Opponent
  302. Judgment day apparently DOES NOT sell out.
  303. champion Vs champion
  304. raw VS smackdown
  305. SD Rating
  306. Info on Possible plans for Kenzo Suzuki
  307. How many times do they plan to arrest Eddie Gurrerro?
  308. Judgment Day Card/predictions, discussion all go here.....
  309. Raws Tag Team Title Belts??
  310. GMS Replacment for The Battle Royal this Monday
  311. If You Could Fire 5 WWE Superstars...
  312. The song from the chris benoit segment
  313. Who Has the Best..Aerial Assault in the WWE?..
  314. SD "Spolers" from Reno Nevada
  315. A Message from JBL to his haters
  316. Changes to WWE Forum
  317. The Raw brand possibly going "Road Wild" in October
  318. WWE Worried about Judgment Day's Buyrate
  319. UPN to air Eddie Guerrero Documentary
  320. Raw Rating (Shocker)
  321. What is the Best Feud on SD?..
  322. What is the Best Feud on RAW Right Now?...
  323. Who's The Most Overated Wrestler in the WWE?..
  324. Hirohito Gimmick Dropped
  325. Participants for next week’s Raw 20-man battle royal revealed
  326. Wwe Releases Brian Christopher
  327. Is Booker T good enough to be the Top heel on SD?..
  328. the Raw throw it out there and discuss all that is good thread for 5/10/04
  329. Heat Or Velocity
  330. Bad Blood
  331. know I love him....
  332. this weeks raw
  333. Horror Movie Rip Offs
  334. What Are Your Thoughts...On the Tag Team of Rico,and Charlie Haas?..
  335. What are your opinons on the Whole Matt Hardy/Kane/Lita Feud?...
  336. How to make Heat and Velocity more popular
  337. Stephanie McMahon made call for Jackie to be IC champ
  338. Tommy Dreamer will no longer be a WWE Wrestler...
  339. Who are the top five people that would benifit most signing with the WWE?
  340. In Your Opinion how is Raw Doing
  341. SD Rating
  342. Smackdown! Or Velocity
  343. Raw Rating
  344. How big are TV Ratings,in measuring the WWE's Success?..
  345. smackdown/velocity spoiler
  346. Backstage pass...
  347. WWE planning on buying Stu hart's House
  348. WWE Signs Wife of newcomer Hirohito
  349. Does the CruiserWeight division need to be showcased more?..
  350. Thoughts on The Guerrero Heart attack angle set for SD.
  351. *****SPOILER**Bad Blood Main Event*****
  352. Tajiri vs. Triple H
  353. Does Eddie Deserve Better?..and Will it Get Better?..
  354. So Once The HBK/HHH/Benoit Saga Does End...Whats Next?..
  355. Fans Sitting on their Hands...
  356. Official Raw thread for may 3 2004.
  357. Scott Steiner...*MERGED* With RAW Thread...
  358. Whats The Stupidest Or Funniest Thing...
  359. Favorite SD Moments
  360. SD Rating
  361. Favorite Raw Moments
  362. Hirohito Revealed, a bit.
  363. Summerslam PPV location officialy announced
  364. Regal to wrestle again very soon.
  365. Recycling matches?
  366. Your Smackdown Thread for April 29,2004...
  367. The Biggest Mistake the WWE Has Made this Year..
  368. Angle to undergo 3rd surgery
  369. What Legend will end Orton's gimmick?
  370. Do you think Ric Flair was happy to see Harley Race........
  371. SD "Spoilers", Taping Results from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  372. JBL's Push Causing Serious Backstage Worry
  373. Update on the Eddie Guerrero DVD
  374. Raw Rating
  375. Rey mysterio Injured.
  376. Heels So Bad...That The Crowd Loves them..
  377. Does A Gimmick need to be added to the Eddie/Bradshaw match?..
  378. Lance Storm retires
  379. Official Raw thread for April 26 2004
  380. Should Eric Bischoff Be given a writing position for RAW?...
  381. How do House Shows Stack Up to the TV Shows?..
  382. El Gran Luchador None other than....
  383. Info Concerning New WWE DVDS
  384. What Can Help The WWE
  385. The Attitude Era
  386. WWE Getting Funked Up?
  387. Fuck You Too Flair
  388. JR Confirms interest in bringing back.....
  389. Rey Mysterio
  390. WWE Really Hates Me...***SPOILER*** (if you haven't seen SD!)
  391. Smackdown Thread for April 22
  392. Rush Limbaugh Talks about the WWE.
  393. Raw Rating
  394. Are you Happy with the WWE's Product so Far this Year?..
  395. When/or If Ultimo Dragon comes back...Should the Rey/Ultimo Feud take Place?..
  396. SD *Spoilers* Kelowna BC.
  397. Damn Tag Title...
  398. Interview with HHH and Batista,covering WM XX Main Event,And young talent..
  399. Hmmmmm..........
  400. matt hardy...
  401. Do you ever miss RAW?
  402. Shelton Benjamin.....
  403. Benjamin wins then misses Raw!!!
  404. "The Reflection of Perfection" Mark Jindrak
  405. Official Raw thread for April 19 2004
  406. Austin in The National Enquirer! In trouble.
  407. Whooo Rick Flair in trouble
  408. Ric Flair Speaks on Eric Bischoff..Eddie and Benoit..And The Airplane Incident..
  409. Official Backlash Thread
  410. What Wrestling Has Been Missing....
  411. Create A Feud for A Wrestler thats going Nowhere..
  412. Choose Your Wrestlemania 21 Card
  413. Another match between WWE/TNA talent pulled
  414. Smarks vs Marks
  415. What Do you wanna see repackaged?
  416. Austin Gone
  417. Best Spear
  418. Mordecai
  419. Rare WWE vs. NWA:TNA match scheduled
  420. Which WWE Superstar,is best at giving pure Entertainment to the Fans?..
  421. Is Christian Main Event Material?..
  422. Smackdown Thread for April 15,2004..
  423. Ultimo Dragon to Take Leave Of Abscence from WWE....
  424. Details on the WWE Experience TV Show
  425. Explanation For The New Hometowns
  426. Wrestlers You Find Entertaining but others don't
  427. If You Could Fire One WWE Superstar...Who would it be,and why?..
  428. WWE Smackdown! *Spoilers* (4/13/04) - Indianapolis, Indiana
  429. Backlash Predictions
  430. Raw Rating
  431. Just wondering, what happened to Shaniqua?
  432. Benoit after Backlash
  433. survivor series
  434. If Y2J loses to trish...
  435. 3 questions
  436. Your Official RAW Thread For Monday April 12...
  437. WWE Not Bringing Back ECW?; Working On WCW Trademarks
  438. WWE To Revive Old WCW Tradition; Great American Bash
  439. WWE stops match involving TNA star???
  440. elimination chamber and hell in the cell.
  441. A Step In The Right Direction
  442. William Regal To Release AutoBiography..
  443. SD Scores Low Rating..
  444. Jim Ross out as head of Talent
  445. bring back kotr as a special ppv.
  446. WWE Planning on cancelling confidential
  447. What happened to Vince's New Matches promise?
  448. My two cents.
  449. Official SD Discussion Thread for Thursday,April 8,2004....
  450. Rick Michaels signs with WWE...World Japan Star Possibly coming to WWE?..
  451. Does SD really need Brock Lesnar back?
  452. Backlash....
  453. Greatest Tag Team of All Time Tourney has Started
  454. Cruiserweight Division Fans....
  455. Foley v. Orton.....
  456. Johnny Nitro......
  457. Benoit or Eddie...Who's The Better Champion?
  458. Austin/ Vince 2 (our site)
  459. WWE 24/7 video highlight (WCW, ECW, AWA...) online
  460. Best SD Match for the Year 2004 So far..
  461. Best RAW Match of the Year for 2004 So Far...
  462. So when Benoit goes to Edmonton will he be booed....
  463. The Greatest Wrestler of ALL TIME RIC FLAIR
  464. *Spoilers* SD Tapings From San Antonio, Texas.
  465. A reshuffle in the Evolution ranks.
  466. Kanes a face... haha
  467. Raw Ratings.....
  468. Austin (spoiler if you didn't see Raw)
  469. New blurb for the V1 entrance.
  470. Is Lita still a good wrestler?
  471. This Awsome Trade for International Superstar Tajiri.......To fued with Caoch, WTF...
  472. Eugene Dinsmore
  473. stable for RAW.
  474. stable?
  475. Spoiler question.....
  476. Raw Preview/Official talk smack about HHH thread for Monday, April 5th
  477. WWE Signs Jimmy Snuka Jr.
  478. Name 5 Ways to Improve SD...
  479. Will The 2nd Edition of HHH/HBK/Benoit top the First?..
  480. I met Stacy Keibler!
  481. wrestler look alikes
  482. the long managing.....
  483. The Rock confirms Ownership of his name
  484. Two Superstars Leave WWE!
  485. SD Rating
  486. *RUMOR* Backlash Main Event!
  487. WHAT the HELL???? WWE is making a Bret Hart DVD???
  488. Brock Freaks on Live Radio (our site)
  489. Do You Think Raw Has Now Turned The Corner
  490. Lance Storm anyone?
  491. Are there to many PPV's.......
  492. Kane in 2004 Olympics???? is this real???
  493. *Spoilers* SD results from Columbus, Ohio.
  494. RAW's TV Rating Stay Pretty Solid....
  495. SEMI-SPOILER...Two Major SD Superstars Possibly Set to Feud..
  496. I must now burn out my eyes
  497. Jericho and Trish
  498. Who Needs a Gimmick Change?...
  499. "Franchise"......what does it mean?.....
  500. Rate Raw 3/29