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  1. *spoiler* smackdown results for people with no patience
  2. Its Shaping up okay... Not Great
  3. Pirate Paul Burchill
  4. Kurt Angle's height and weight
  5. *news* Immigration Blacklists Foley?
  6. The Raw thread for Match 6th, 2006: Wrestlemania Rewind?
  7. the future of edge...anyone read this?
  8. It's time for a change! Name change that is.
  9. Who's gonna beat MNM for the belts
  10. What happen to Money in the Bank?
  11. *possible Spoiler* Undertaker's WM record
  12. If Batista hadn't got hurt
  13. *news* Jannety/WWE Done with each other again
  14. *Spoiler* Randy Orton's new theme
  15. *news* First Superstar confirmed for ONS 2
  16. *news* New Movie announced starring Triple H, Other WWE Movie news
  17. A couple funny WWE flash segments
  18. My Triple H Custom titantron
  19. I think I figured out what bothers me about Cena
  20. saturday night's main event looks good
  21. The Raw thread for february 27th 2006: Will Marty Jannetty Join the Kiss my Ass Club?
  22. In your Opinion...A wrestler who can really shoot a good promo..
  23. *possible Spoiler* Possible Storylines for Kane
  24. Crisis overseas~!
  25. *news* Helms re-signs contract
  26. chances of various stars coming back?
  27. Since the general opinion on the forum...
  28. why doesn't the wwe care about tag teams?
  29. Vote for Stacy in Dancing with the Stars Finals Tonight
  30. The Rattlesnake?
  31. A Historic Night
  32. WWE returns to NBC
  33. *news* JBL Injured
  34. LMAO at the wwe poll of the day
  35. *breaking* The Dicks Released
  36. Mr.Benjamin
  37. HHH/Cena double turn
  38. SmackDown Tapings [Spoilers]
  40. Orndorf Calls HOF "a Bunch of Crap"
  41. *News* Ashley Injured
  42. The WWE question of the day...
  43. The Boogeyman is on the rise
  44. Triple threat at WM22 for WHC!!
  45. Where was Mark Henry?
  46. RAW thread
  47. Audio
  48. NWO discussion thread.
  49. WM 22 Plans...Contains No Way Out *SPOILER*.
  50. HBK...Face or Heel?
  51. WWE Presents ECW "One Night Stand"
  52. *news* heat on Dreamer for Punk working an ROH Show
  53. LOD
  54. *possible Spoiler* Matt hardy's possible partner for No way out
  55. *news* Tazz to Make Big announcement tommorrow night
  56. The Final Moments of Owen Hart (youtube)
  57. [Possible Spoiler] SD! Main Event next week.
  58. Smackdown thread last stop before NWO
  59. LMAO, Ref Bumps....
  60. Transitional Champ.
  61. Rey could win this sunday!!
  62. I miss the Rock
  63. RIP Johnny Grunge of Public Enemy
  64. Time to Remask Kane
  65. WHO'S THE MAN?
  66. The Hitman or Showstopper?
  67. those damn pony tits I tell ya!
  68. *News* Bob Orton Released
  70. Raw Spoilers For Tonight's Raw which will air thursday on USA
  71. and you thought Grisham calling someone a retard was gold
  72. So Raw is thursday for the US this week right?
  73. Breaking the norm...
  74. Top 5 overrated/underrated wwf/e stars ever!!!
  75. Who makes it this year?
  76. What's your Favorite WWF/E feud of all time?
  77. Who's had the better career between Michaels and Taker?
  78. Favorite Eddie Video
  79. No Way Out Vbookie
  80. (Not so) Breaking News: Heart Throbs fired
  81. Last Angle or Swerve That Shocked You?
  82. Inoki at WWE Headquarters
  83. I have never said this before
  84. Smackdown spoiler.....few details
  85. Raw is disappointing
  86. Favorite Wrestler Entrance Music
  87. Need Wrestling Info
  88. Shelton's mom
  89. Should Eddie turn heel.
  90. angle's greatest rivalries
  91. Pillpoping son of a bitch.
  92. WWE announces new DVDs for 2006
  93. Dr. Pepper Colour Pee???
  94. Michael Cole Drops The "Michael"
  95. Vince Seeking a Divorce? (an update on the Tanning salon scandal)
  96. Rey Mysterio is greatness!
  97. At WM 22 your king returns...
  98. The road to wrestlemania tournament
  99. Raw General Manager
  100. Smackdown results *spoiler*
  101. *News*..Vince Charged with Sexual Harrassment...
  102. Rey Rey to RAW?
  103. Question regarding your thoughts on spots
  104. *news* Angle once again suffering from his neck problems
  105. HHH Return at Madison Square Garden.
  106. Royal Rumble PPV Download
  107. THe Raw thread for January 30th 2006: The night after the Royal Rumble
  108. HHH/Cena feud
  109. Royal Rumble Discussion Thread
  110. MAC...on the Shaq Attack
  111. Wrestlemania 22 theme revealed
  112. Somebody bid a million Bucks for Ashley's Bra and panties
  113. New match added to the Rumble PPV for sunday
  114. *Mini Spoiler*..How much do You read into this?..
  115. *news* Trips Pissed
  116. Royal Rumble Undercard Matchups
  117. Royal Rumble final 4
  118. Royal Rumble winner vbookie
  119. ** Smackdown spoiler **
  120. *news* Latest on Jericho,
  121. Vince to draw numbers for the Rumble
  122. Anyone remember GTV?
  123. Batista, Angle and Smackdown
  124. Rumor: Taker infected with Hepatitis?
  125. Spirit Squad (Spoiler if you missed Raw)
  126. *News/SPoiler* New gimmick tag team debuts on Dark match
  127. The Raw thread for January 23: Pick a Partner, Plus HBK/Shelton, and more
  128. Favourites...
  129. Fit Finley
  130. Should Flair retire?...stupid iceshock thread (enter at own risk)
  131. With Batista gone...
  132. *Possible spoiler* No way out Main Event
  133. Orlando Jordan............. Bisexual
  134. This is what happens when I don't pay attention to RAW
  135. Warrior Sues wwe.....with a special announcement from the warrior for everyone
  136. *Video* Triple H mouthing off at the crowd
  137. Heindenreich released
  138. *news* New info concerning Drug policy
  139. *Major Rumble Spoiler*
  140. Heat On Joey Styles
  141. While I don't like Edge, he did prove something last night.
  142. The Feud You Most Want to See in 06..
  143. The Raw thread for January 16th 2006: HBK/Angle, Plus Edge/Flair in a TLC Match
  144. Smackdown Spoilers for This Weeks Show.
  145. Cena and Batista losing Titles Same Week, Ironic
  146. I am confused
  147. 1/13/06 SmackDown! Discussion Thread
  148. WWE Title Chaos!!!!!!!!!! *Spoiler*
  149. McMahon Upset at Cena
  150. Vince's Devils
  151. Who should be the next Smackdown champ? **spoiler**
  152. So is the WWE gonna start an animal division now?
  153. Goddammit, WWE, trash the Spinner Belt!
  154. Can someone helpme out here? [Money in the Bank question]
  155. the Raw thread for January 9th: The Edge Era begins
  156. New Year Revolution Thread
  157. Ridiculous "Worked" Injuries
  158. SmackDown! Thread
  159. I want to see them return!!!!!!
  160. Great WWF Tribute video
  161. Someone help me out here...
  162. New Year's Revoltion... Revolution... Predictions...
  163. Who is Palmer Canon actually?
  164. The Raw thread for january 2nd 2006: First blood
  165. The tim white videos thread
  166. Bring back that move...
  167. When will he retire?
  168. Micky James
  169. New age outlaws whingathon
  170. If I were Vince at Survivor Series 97
  171. If Benoit quits...
  172. Royal Rumble winner
  173. Mark Henry
  174. *video* JBL's Year end awards
  175. Which one is cooler?
  176. How will this Years Elimination Chamber Compare to the Other three?
  177. I want their Blood...
  178. Dead Weight
  179. *video* Undertaker Was Kane?
  180. Yea... so about Edge...
  181. John Cena's New move
  182. RAW Thread that NOBODY cares about Dec 26 2005
  183. 12 months as champs.....
  184. When did this come up
  185. Talkin' Smack
  186. PWF Award: WWE Tag Team of the year
  187. PWF Award: WWE MVP of the Year
  188. Raw Discussion thread for December 19: Holiday tribute to the Troops
  189. Free Agents
  190. Armegeddon thread
  191. PWF Award: WWE Rookie of the Year
  192. PWF Award: WWE Superstar of the Year
  193. SmackDown! 16 Dec 2005
  194. watch this weeks byte this
  195. Chris Masters
  196. Guys, don't hate me on this
  197. Raw Thread Monday Dec 12 2005
  198. Let there be love
  199. Who Deserves one?
  200. The Boogeyslam???
  201. months later who had the better draft?
  202. Tag team division..
  203. SmackDown! 9/12
  204. The Counter Game
  205. Val & Vis
  206. RAW: The McMahons Take Out the Trash!
  207. Remember this?
  208. Benoit is a fuckin PSYCHO.
  209. Wrestling Pet Peeves....
  210. It's funny what Surgery can do..
  211. Junes PPv?
  212. Uhm....Ewwww...
  213. Wait a minute...
  214. Off the Top of My Head
  215. What happened to "The Cutting Edge?"
  216. RAW General Manager!
  217. Surviver Series (Upped)
  218. HBK Champ?
  219. WWE Radio.
  220. RAW: The Survivor Series Fallout
  221. So...RAW vs. Smackdown means what?..
  222. Survivor Series
  223. Hemme
  224. Title changes on raw or smackdown!
  225. Boogeyman(Marty Wright) is Great
  226. Undertaker and Kane
  227. Irrational hatred towards cena thread by a moron
  228. Coach Blows
  229. The super duper raw thread
  230. Chavo thread *merged*
  231. RIP Eddie Guerrero... *merged threads*
  232. No more Chris jericho?????
  233. Bobby Lashley
  234. Will it Work?
  235. Raw bumped in Canada?
  236. The reason I like HHH so much
  237. WTF indeed...
  238. WTF...
  239. WWE Pushing HBK for Title Match?
  240. Stone colds situation.
  241. Christian quits
  242. Do any of you actually enjoy this (WWE) crap?
  243. WWE Taboo your vote and discussion thread
  244. David's WWE thoughts
  245. The United McMahons...
  246. Old raw threads
  247. RAW Invasion 'teaser'
  248. WWE RAW thread 17/10. Kanes return...Does anybody care????.
  249. I'm the BOOGEYMAN~! :@
  250. I need some help on something...
  251. Do you smell it?
  252. This happens @ WWE Events all the Time
  253. Vince is turning me off to WWE
  254. My questions.
  255. Two Questions.
  256. Jim Ross vs. Eric Bischoff, FIRING?
  257. WWE Unlimited
  258. Does anyone remember....
  259. RAW 10th october thread. Whos ass will be fired?????
  261. RAW Ratings up 48% from last week
  262. WWE Homecoming "Backstage"
  263. Apply Within...
  264. RAW Homecoming Discussion thread
  265. Favourite Gimmick Matches
  266. No respect
  267. Its plain Shit
  268. Favorite current wrestler
  269. most short lived gimmick that you actually liked
  270. What a waste of fucking talent
  271. WWE Fantasy League Season Five
  272. Kerwin has a caddy
  273. Old raw threads
  274. Unforgiven Discussion
  275. Ow, my head.
  276. WWE 24/7
  277. So I'm gonna buy a title belt...
  278. Rey Mysterio a legend?
  279. Ahhh gotta love USA Network
  280. Smackdown's Move To Fridays: Good or Bad?
  281. The next world champ After Batista (contains a Smackdown Spoiler)
  282. Chain Gang Is Tha Click! Reprasent! Word Life!
  283. Raw Discussion Thread: 9/12/05: Handicap Hijinx
  284. Proof the Guys making T-shirts are running low on ideas
  285. SmackDown! 16 Sept
  286. I am a Cena fan, but I must admit......
  287. The official Bring Back Mr. McMahon thread
  288. Hardy vs. Edge streetfight
  289. You gotta be shitting me...
  290. if you ran raw or smackdown, what wrestlers would you have doing a program together.
  291. WWE Championship or The World Heavyweight Championship?
  292. Why John Cena is WWE's main man
  293. Waltman to WWE?
  294. Old raw threads.
  295. :drool: gimme!
  296. What should No Mercy's main event be?
  297. Who do you hate most?
  298. Nightmare Matches
  299. Where to for the WWE title now?
  300. Have you ever met any WWE superstar?
  301. Raw Discussion Thread, August 22nd: Fallout from Summerslam
  302. SummerSlam Discussion
  303. Angle: Complete Wrestler?
  304. **POSSIBLE SPOILER** Plans After SS
  305. Orton/Batista Feud After SS? **POSSIBLE SPOILERS**
  306. Stacy vs. Victoria on
  307. Christian Face Turn?
  308. Is it just me, or is the music getting worse?
  309. RKO's Picks: SS '05
  311. Has Kerwin wrestled at all??
  312. 1997 "Screw Job"
  313. Anyone miss HHH?
  314. Raw Discussion Thread, August 15th: Stacked Deck
  315. Who do you see turning in the near future?
  316. Random WWE Thoughts
  317. WWE merchandise that you would like to buy
  318. Two Old guys get in each other's faces Raw thread 8/8/05
  319. The history of WWE Ratings
  320. I think Im gonna Vomit....
  321. Do you watch wrestling anymore?
  322. Favourite moments involving IRS, Iron Sheik and doink
  323. No I.R.S, Doink or Iron Sheik.
  324. WWE Future Comparisons
  325. Boogeyman already injured
  326. Worst injury you have seen
  327. Raw Discussion Thread, August 1st: Will Cena be cooled off?
  328. Best Crowd Moments
  329. If you could....
  330. SmackDown! 28/7 Thread
  331. I can't get no Stratusfaction?
  332. The Future of Muhammed Hassan
  333. Raw discussion thread: Battle of the bands, Kane/Edge Stretcher match, and more
  334. WWF desire
  335. Immediate job opening for on air talent.
  336. The Great American Bash
  337. Garrison Cade and Mark Henry
  338. Is Edge Watching ... US?
  339. Earl Hebner fired
  340. Raw Discussion Thread, July 18 :Will Hogan accept HBK's challenge?
  341. *SPOILER PIC* What the boogeyman looks like
  342. LISTEN BraTha
  343. Hassan's Lawyer...
  344. LMFAO, those stupid "Attention Grabbing Links"
  345. Lita on Byte This!
  346. Hassan pushing buttons is great
  347. Would anyone use it?
  348. Matt Hardy "return"= Real or fake? *Possible Spoilers*
  349. HBK Superkick 2....Legends 0
  350. tHHHe real reason behind tHHHe releases...
  351. Raw Discussion Thread, July 11: Will HBK have an explanation?
  352. Question about GAB
  353. USA Network (Possible spoiler?)
  354. Brock Lesnar Return?? *Updated*
  355. Still More roster cuts expected
  356. WWE name game
  357. July 5 / 05 - WWE Releases 6 Superstars
  358. John Cena vs Kurt Angle
  359. HBK + Hogan=Summer Slam
  360. Stupidest WWE Storyline / Angle / Gimmicks
  361. The whores are coming the whores are coming WWE RAW Thread 7/4/05
  362. Is it important for HHH to get the first title shot?
  363. Eddie / Rey fued
  364. Rate The Superstars:
  365. Who needs a new Finisher?
  366. Not Likely but....
  367. Just shut and and get naked!!!
  368. *Spoilers* Comparing Draft Lotteries 04 and 05
  369. What happens with Money in the bank now?
  370. John Cena's debut (v/s Kurt Angle)
  371. LMFAO, JBL yet again proves why he's GOLD!
  372. Triple H on RAW
  373. Raw Discussion Thread, June 27: Hell in a Cell- The day after
  374. "Give Trips His Props" thread.
  375. WWE Fantasy
  376. Does anyone know?
  377. Matt Morgan on color commentary = GOLD.
  378. The MexiCools *Spoiler if you Missed Smackdown*
  379. He never stops bitching
  380. World/WWE Title Situation *Spoiler*
  381. Everything vengence related in this thread since its over
  382. Trish Stratus....
  383. IC Champ ***Spoiler if you haven't seen Raw***
  384. WWE Pushes Matt/Lita/Edge saga to new low
  385. Velocity
  386. WWE This or That....
  387. Should ECW have a future?
  388. Lowblows....
  389. Old Raw Discussion threads. In order I think
  390. WWE needs to sign some big stars soon.
  391. ECW one night stand thread
  392. Is it just me...
  393. JBL and Benoit feud = gold
  394. What do you think of Batista's new theme song?
  395. United States Champion Orlando Jordon now Smackdowns top guy....
  396. Here's a Thought
  397. TRADE TALK THREAD .......yes those capital letters are meant for you chadeley
  398. Triple H/CM Punk relationship.....
  399. Raw discussion Thread: June 6th, 2005: The First Draft Pick, HIAC Contract Signing
  400. Where Does The Animal Go From Here?..
  401. Melina
  402. I am so out of the loop, fill me in on....
  403. Kurt Angle/Tazz
  404. Is this who he has become?
  405. Daniel Puder update....
  406. Wasted Talent
  407. Victoria (Spoiler if you missed RAW)
  408. When did Morgan start his stuttering problem?
  409. Interesting WWE Merch
  410. ECW One Night Stand Matches so far....
  411. The surreal segment from Raw...
  412. Brock Lesnar F5 >>>>>>>>>>>>> Matt Morgan F5
  413. A brief look at the tag team division
  414. Y2J's apparent new gimmick
  415. Fuck Triple H!!!!
  416. Edge
  417. Raw Discussion Thread: May 23rd 2005. Batista Vs Edge, Lita's Explanation, More
  418. Is the Big Show a BITCH now??
  419. Smackdown vs. Raw
  420. The Rock do we want him back are not!
  421. Rey's Return at Judgment Day
  422. Anybody watching smackdown?
  423. Christian = Over-rated
  424. Intro and Question
  425. Rosey Injuring Triple H
  426. tag team titles are a joke
  427. state of the WWE 2005
  428. Crossface or masterlock
  429. Judgement day
  430. Because you think its cool....
  431. *merged* edge, matt, lita threads
  432. If Edge wins the World Title after his first title shot...
  433. Eddie Guerrero attacks webmaster.
  434. Who Would you Rather have as whc
  435. When is Rob Van Dam coming back
  436. Matt Hardy thread even though hes not a wwe wrestler
  437. Raw Discussion thread, May 16th 2005: The Gold Rush Finals Flair Vs. Christian, more
  438. judging on workrate?
  439. Who has more musical talent?
  440. Weight divisions dont mean squat.
  441. Here's a thought
  442. Smackdown Thread
  443. I forgot he left....
  444. Draft time is near
  445. What happend to Snitsky?
  446. Luther Reigns released by WWE
  447. Lack of stars hurting the WWE.
  448. WHOOOO, Flair
  449. Interacting with the crowd.
  450. The reason sports entertainment is more importatnt than the actual wrestling.
  451. Who was more important to the buisness?
  452. hottest diva
  453. greatest wrestler of all time
  454. Second Run at Champ for...
  455. Cena's CD
  456. Raw discussion thread: April 9th, 2005: The Gold Rush Torunament Continues
  457. sickest finisher
  458. Powermark 101:- todays subject matt morgan
  459. Who's Worthy To HHH's Spot?...
  460. Hollywood Hulk Hogan wil not retire.
  461. Smackdown thread
  462. best entrance music/theme
  463. WWE forum message.
  464. which TNA wrestler do u want in the WWE?
  465. Should the WWE redefine the characteristics of faces and heels?
  466. Gangrel's Return
  467. Better Story Lines
  468. better show? raw or smackdown
  469. Mordecai
  470. Game Over
  471. worst wrestler ever WWE
  472. 2nd Taboo Tuesday Confirmed
  473. Problem with smarks views.
  474. WWE could learn from The Hulkster.
  475. If Smackdown was live...
  476. Maven
  477. Raw Discussion Thread: may 2nd 2005: The Backlash from Backlash
  478. Christian >>>> Cena
  479. Raw Presents Backlash Discussion Thread.
  480. The casual fan...
  481. most popular = Batista!
  482. Draft Thinking...
  483. booker and Wife
  484. **RVD Update**
  485. Chris Masters = the greatest wrestler
  486. Anyone Seen Stone Cold????
  487. What happens if HHH goes to Smackdown in the Draft Lottery
  488. Is WWE the BEST Spectator sport?
  489. Where is Luther Reigns
  490. Should There Be A Wcw Or Old Skool Wwe Reunion Show
  492. Since they do a Sunday Night Heat before Raw PPVs...
  493. All About The Game
  494. Downfall of the roster split.
  495. This is disturbing...
  496. Great entertainers or workrate guys.
  497. What would happen....
  498. Paul London is boring.
  499. Heidenreich
  500. Fleetcenter