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  1. Unforgiven has changed the match
  2. Rosie and Jamal Please Win!
  3. Smackdown ratings are in
  4. Vince Russo?
  5. Who was most responsible for the WWF getting so big circa 1998?ch of these people as
  6. The Jeff cheer on Smackdown!
  7. Bishoff in a no lose situation!!!!!
  8. Why Is The Ultimate Chain Game Closed?!
  9. Who Won This week.....
  10. why is brock lesnar
  11. SmackDown!
  12. Brooklyn Brawler charged in Bass Trial
  13. do you hate raw cause of bischof?
  14. Screw This They Got the Wrong Main Event
  15. Jeff Hardy's desire video
  16. If One of these ppl had to win the belt
  17. Have you ever had wrestling related dreams?
  18. Unforgiven Predictions
  19. raw will suck until the return of goldberg
  20. smackdown needs a stable! Here's a idea
  21. RAW is turning into WCW
  22. Useless trivia:Flair still has WCW championship belt
  23. Does Rocky s***?
  24. Gee, where's the red & yellow?
  25. Spare us Ric Flair - retire!
  26. Thoughts on Justin Credable being held Down
  27. When is WWE: The Music vol. 6 coming out?
  28. Who's watching Unforgiven this weekend!
  29. Yes or No About the Brand Extension
  30. Missed Raw and Smackdown! Someone fill me in
  31. Do You Need Help?
  32. Starting to effect Morale in WWE
  33. Raven support thread!
  34. 2nd Cataogry: Best New Rookie
  35. smackdown spoilers
  36. Kama Sutra In Wwe????
  37. Howard Stern to wwd!!
  38. Sheldon Benjamin
  39. Jeff Hardy got a "They Might Be Giants" music video clip on RAW.....
  40. Booker T needs a new finisher
  41. Nielson ratings are in
  42. Did Anybody Else Notice?
  43. Test and Christian to cut hair!!!
  44. WWE needs new bookers
  45. Would Missy Hyatt have a place in today's WWE?
  46. Updated WWE Unforgiven Card
  47. HHH's new Sleeperhold
  48. Eric Bischoff's stipulation at Unforgiven
  49. Ladies what do you think Of WWE Women and how they are used
  50. Just what is Nidia supposed to be?
  51. If you were a WWE creative writer, what would you do?
  52. Where was the surprise on Raw
  53. Bishoff says Raw's not PREDICTABLE?
  54. stupid dumbass diesel rumor
  55. I got scared watching RAW!!!
  56. Jeff Hardy should have Stayed home
  57. If Flair wins the I.C. title I am going to be sick
  58. Finally some payback
  59. Somebody Post the Raw Resuts
  60. Steph's rebutal....(Possible spoiler)
  61. This Un-American gimmick the WWE has going...
  62. Ric Flair Losing streak
  63. You fans are talking crap
  64. The first undefeated WWE champion
  65. wwe in need of some new crazy outlandish characters
  66. sorry to tell you people,BUT STONE COLD ISNT RETURNING!!!
  67. Confirmed matches for Raw
  68. Brand extension = WCW in disguise
  69. Is Kane really a "different" wrestler?
  70. PWF's 1st Ever Most Hated Worthless Wrestler Poll
  71. Forget Diesel bring in Shredder!!!
  72. Poor Vince
  73. Bischoff's disguise?
  74. HHH set to feud with Bubba after RVD
  75. Nitro return? Yes or No?
  76. GLAAD Gets Mad
  77. Anyone got the Summerslam song yet?
  78. You Know You're A Wrestling Fan When
  79. Bradshaw...
  80. Saw another piece of news too
  81. HLA is coming
  82. Eric's Shocking Announcement
  83. Which pro-wrestler do you look like the most?
  84. RAW and John Cena
  85. The Rock
  86. My Wrestlemania 19,you pick the winners, I picl the card (please read!)
  87. 3 matches for Unforgiven??
  88. There is one thing I don't understand
  89. Fuck You Crash Holly, You Aj Styles Rip-off!!!!!!!!
  90. PWI's Official Half-Year Grades. See How Your Favorite Wrestler Did
  91. Billy Gunn on the Smoking Gun
  92. I may be leaving
  93. who will beat the next big thing?
  94. kurt angel should be the wwe champion
  95. Did anyone see confidential?
  96. wcw title aka world champion title
  97. how far can rico go in the biz?
  98. Why did vince fire scott hall?
  99. the new shawn michaels?
  100. DAMN that was better than WWE
  101. the godfather?
  102. If you were Mr. McMahon, which wrestlers would you fire and...
  103. A new Rocky
  104. UnAmericans and heat in backroom
  105. *Vote for your favorite banner*
  106. I think the WWE is finally using storyline again.
  107. Would you rather see smackdown on another station
  108. Smackdown rating is in.....
  109. smackdown!
  110. What past faction in professinoal wrestling would you like to see reformed.
  111. Sports vs. Entertainment?
  112. GodFather's return...Will it last
  113. the old guys of the wwe.
  114. does anyone know vince personally?
  115. when did the rock first coin the term (peoples champion)?
  116. what would you do with the wwe right now?
  117. Sara is an Ugly Bitch!!!!!
  118. how
  119. Kurt Angle's funny quotes?
  120. LMAO Millions watchin on TV..a PACKED Arena
  121. Billy & Chuck wedding...R U Ready??
  122. Ok What happened to Brock's BROKEN LEG??
  123. Everyone Please Read This!!!!
  124. Favorite E&C moment
  125. Why all the hate for Test?
  126. Would u like to see the "Madness Return"
  127. Smack Down Tonite
  128. Wrestler Encounters
  129. The Next Young Superstar!!!!!
  130. favorite Foley Feud?
  131. Results for SD?!?!
  132. I know what Mondays suprise will be
  133. Hope your holding on to your keyboards
  134. My Thoughts on Raw
  135. After HHH's next Steriod related injury....
  136. Everyone Name your Two most dislike wrestlers.
  137. New gimmic for Big Show!!! Can't miss!!!
  138. Missed two days to post this, but......
  139. SodaGirl was at RAW
  140. I would fire.....
  141. how much of a whore do you reckon molly holly is
  142. why is triple hhh top rung?
  143. Bravo!!
  144. PTC on HLA
  145. Billy Chuck Wedding happenings **SPOILER***
  146. at what age did you realise that prowrestling was not so real ??
  147. Smackdown Tapings
  148. *Possible Spoiler for Smackdown!"
  149. Raw way too predictable
  150. HLA a disgrace
  151. TNN outraged with RAW
  152. royal rumble winner fights who??
  153. Is Vince deliberatly sabataging his own show??
  154. Tommy Dreamer's emotional response.
  155. What would you rate raw (spoilers for people who haven't seen it yet)
  156. colour commentary
  157. what u liked and disliked about RAW???
  158. i hate england!!!
  159. Bischoff-Love or Hate?
  160. Bubba Dudley's push
  161. Did u see that crazy fan on RAW?
  162. Raw!!!
  163. Is Anyone Else Sick Of The Island Boys?
  164. Hot Damn RVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  165. I would trade HLA for a GOOD storyline on RAW!
  166. Just when you thought the Pillow Fight was low....
  167. If you were Vince what would you make happen on tonights raw?
  168. who's gonna come out and break-up the wedding?
  169. which wrestlers would you like to see burn in hell
  170. Youngblood Stable
  171. Hardcore Holly being wasted.
  172. I real problem, at least for me!
  173. How bout another name change
  174. If I were a WWE writer, here's what I'd do tonight
  175. Something Big better Happen Tonite
  176. Wtf!!
  177. Was anyone else amazed by the "Hulking up" when u were a kid..
  178. WTF, WWE and Teddy Long....
  179. What should the WWE do with Kanyon?
  180. Whats Billy Gunn's best and Worst Gimmick?
  181. Lmao @ This!
  182. Wwe Prejiduce
  183. Summer Slam Song
  184. if any 1 has the wwe logo can u plz post it
  185. If you had the power who would you make the next raw champ?
  186. Got My Smackdown Tickets.
  187. The WWE refuse to make stars
  188. What should they do with the Tag Team division?
  189. Whatever happened to Nailz?
  190. What about Raven?
  191. The Icon
  192. House Show Results: MCI Center
  193. the cruiser weights
  194. Why the WWE could benefit from an off-season
  195. I've never seen Brock Lesnar does the Shooting Star Press...except in Kazaa...
  196. Lesner, & His Title Run.
  197. WCW/ECW wrestlers...
  198. Jeff Hardy album due?????
  199. New Age Outlaws Reunited?
  200. Rikishi And The Island Boys
  201. Raw title
  202. what the hell is a vertibreaker/vertabreaker???
  203. triple hhh is an asshole
  204. Holy Fuck!!!! I Saw British Bulldog!!! He's Still Alive!!!!
  205. Rhyno will be back for RAW on monday
  206. Golberg lovers may as well give up
  207. wedding-plans
  208. what about Rhyno?
  209. The Champ Is Hurt
  210. Starting your own Wrestling business
  211. When was entrance music first used in the WWF/E?
  212. Outkast's World
  213. All-Time Best WWE Heel
  214. How Many Wrestling Events Have You Gone To?
  215. this made me laugh
  216. Trish stacy and hollywood.
  217. RVD vs Triple H
  218. SmackDown was about 10 Times Better Than Raw
  219. Eddy's the Man!!!
  220. Billy & Chuck?!?!?!!?
  221. Brock Lesner Pics
  222. hi i am new here
  223. What would help WWE most right now? The answer's obvious.
  224. Am I seeing double?
  225. Give Booker T the push he deserves!
  226. Make your own unforgiven card
  227. Brock's injured
  228. Something to Ponder
  229. Who Deserves The Title
  230. Ratings need more then bandaids
  231. Top 5 Greatest Managers.......
  232. Where the fucking hell is every one?
  233. i got the summerslam song
  234. there is NO more Undisputed champion
  235. Your Champions!
  236. Best Wrestler!
  237. WWE's cruiserweight Div: will it ever be better then WCW's?
  238. Best matches of the year
  239. favorite quotes
  240. Most Extreme Tag Team Finish's
  241. Big Show
  242. when is the 500th episode of raw?
  243. This would be a cool storyline :
  244. LMAO Billy and Chuck get .......*Spoiler*
  245. Taz the human suplex machine
  246. Are you all gay, well I'm not though what do you think about Nidia?
  247. wcw vs wwf all over?
  248. No Spoilers???
  249. My opinion on HBK.
  250. smackdown tapings
  251. when should edge face brock
  252. should step bring back the us title
  253. how long should hhh be world champ
  254. what if this happen?
  255. Funniest wrestling quote
  256. To Many PPV.....
  257. Witch Wwe Superstar Would You Like To Se Become First Time Wwe Champion ?
  258. Poll: Raw or Smackdown
  259. Ironies
  260. ¿Cuándo es el 500o episodio para SIN PROCESAR?
  261. which wrestlers do you want to see come back to the wwe?
  262. WWE Women's Locker room was raided!!!
  263. RVD hit a beautiful 5 Star LO' DOWN last night
  264. The WWE should have given Jake the Tough enough 2 championship
  265. New Revolutionary African wrestler comeing to the WWE
  266. When is Vince coming back?
  267. 3 minutes
  268. message boards= no more pop-ups!!!!!
  269. Serious disscussion after Raw concearning Scott Stiener
  270. I Was Right
  271. At least the Story lines have been makeing us all think
  272. I hope The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels hunts Triple H and screws him at Unforgiven
  273. Is anyone else getting realy tired of Ric Flair
  274. rvd vs hhh?
  275. HHH does not deserve the WORLD title damn it!
  276. Is Eric Creating RAW into a Mini WCW?
  277. Omg!
  278. Thoughts on Raw Tonight
  279. Nice Chair Beating Tommy Dreamer!!
  280. Now with two world titles Taker WILL become a 10 time World Champion
  281. Please Don't Be Jeffy!
  282. My thoughts on Ric Flair's loss to Triple H
  283. HMM if the women grab each other by the hair....
  284. Sonny Siaki
  285. how do you get an av
  286. Where is the RAW infor for tonight??
  287. WWE titles
  288. Why Was Kane On A Smackdown House Show ??
  289. Is Hogan's Career Over
  290. Raw Prediction's
  291. Angle at the Olympics???
  292. Why don't WWE update thier rosters on the site??
  293. You fans can stop being fans for all I care YOU ARE SO DISRESPECTFUL
  294. Who Has The Best All-Time Finishing Move?
  295. Funniest Wrestler
  296. Taker better beat Brock Lesner of the title or else because I see a title win
  297. McMahon Report
  298. Hell In A Cell Question
  299. What do you think of 2 announce teams doing a Pay-Per-View
  300. would you make a raw title?
  301. Help
  302. Booker T
  303. When Does Booker get a push??
  304. Can we end all the defection Bullshit by making both shows as one?
  305. kane chokeslams bischoff @ houseshow
  306. WWE Videos!
  307. Rate You Best Diva
  308. Who is going to Raw
  309. Apa?
  310. could Mark Henry Beat the Big Show in a test of strength??
  311. NEW full length classic wrestling match available on Kazaa NOW!
  312. Have you ever bought a wrestling tape online?
  313. Hey.... Let's Post Funny Main Events For Any Ppv's.....
  314. If you were Vince McMahon witch Mid-Carder should you push to main eventer?
  315. "Hulk Still Rules" DVD
  316. bishof's hit men
  317. what happened to the stephanie contest
  318. MIRC - undernet
  319. Who can beat Brock?
  320. Hogan to defeat brock???
  321. Pictures jpg/gif
  322. Undertaker VS Brock Lesnar???
  323. They Need To Make Some More Matches For Unforgiven!!!!!
  324. NEW WWE SlTE!
  325. Best Match Ever
  326. on RAW will we see..........
  327. Jeriho will be back to his good ol' self
  328. Sunday Night Heat Sux
  329. Has Jeff Hardy actually ever won a ladder match?
  330. Important About Shane 'o Mac!
  331. DVon must be better than Jericho
  332. Im going to Rebellion ...
  333. Jeff Hardy weight change???
  334. Rhyno's Return
  335. this is weird
  336. Molly Holly was in WCW... who was she?
  337. I miss the old Tori (here's a pic)
  338. 100th post!!!!!
  339. Signs on wrestling's shows...
  340. Shawn Stasiac and Chuck Palumbo
  341. where is my avatar?
  342. Ever notice Goldberg sounds alot like Jesse the Body
  343. Who Would You Like To Have Sex With?!
  344. Mick Foley must really hate the WWE
  345. Question
  346. How do u get an avatar
  347. On Mondday Raw Did You See...
  348. When did Shawn Michaels face Bret Hart in a ladder match?
  349. where is shane mc mahon?
  350. wwe in need of some new main eventers
  351. Matt Hardy... wow!
  352. Where's Ken Shamrock heading to now?
  353. Possible opponents for the new champ
  354. New Idea of Stable / Invasion
  355. If you had the power what would u make the main event at unforgiven be?
  356. Dream Match
  357. lesnar will hold the belt til the return of GOLDBERG
  358. What's your favorite kind of match?
  359. Rank the Rookies
  360. What do you think of Chris Nowinski?
  361. Steve Williams to NWA-TNA?
  362. Who should Lesnar face at Unforgiven??
  363. The Missing Belts...
  364. I think Rock needs to choose wrestling or hollywood NOW...Heres why.
  365. Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth
  366. Wrestlers
  367. What If.....................
  368. What's Next For Eric Jerkoff
  369. help me out please
  370. who do you think was the best heel?
  371. Is Kane Fake??
  372. Goldberg in Japan
  373. Part 2
  374. Wwwwwwhhhhhhoooooooaaaaaa
  375. Undertaker to smackdown=A good thing
  376. Technical Matches = Dead?
  377. The WWE has screwed all of us over
  378. UnAmericans
  379. Hottest Diva today
  380. Tag Team Division
  381. RVD may not have the I.C. belt for long
  382. Who Is the best announce team??
  383. ??? Does taker get the Shot next Week on Smackdown or at Unforgiven??
  384. What was the first wrestling match you ever saw?
  385. best ever
  386. The Benoit promo/commercial
  387. Satrun and Morris!!??!!
  388. kane having a push and facing Brock
  389. Brock is exclusive not the belt
  390. Whats the point of Chain game??
  391. The Blame The Shame The Game
  392. hulk hogan
  393. Raw Vs SmackDown! PBP
  394. I love the way Benoit screams...
  395. Smack down is way better than Raw.In the talent area
  396. The Way WWE are....
  397. Smackdown(spoiler)
  398. Raw vs Smackdown..a comparision..
  399. Raw vs Smackdown a real war that can keep fans happy
  400. What would you do with Chris Jericho?
  401. RVD or Edge....Who should be first
  402. Will the I. C. title become something new
  403. *Chain Game 2*
  404. Brock cannot beat Big Show
  405. Ralphus, Fink, Curtis Hughes
  406. The Undertaker Suks.....
  407. Would You Want Stone Cold Back In The WWE!
  408. Should HBK Still Wrestle?¿?¿
  409. WWE to steal TNA-NWA Talent
  410. The brand extension isn't necessary
  411. What I think of the WWE
  412. Who should be the one to beat Brock?
  413. Lex Luger coming 2 WWE?
  414. Push Booker Now!!!!!!
  415. What about the small guys?
  416. Too soon Brock Lesnar!!
  417. Will the WWE come up with new ideas?
  418. Do you Boo or Cheer The Rock?
  419. Vince doesn't knwo how to run his own company anymore!
  420. wCw Return?
  421. Harkore Brand=Volocity
  422. Summer Slam HBKvs HHH music video?
  423. free PPV's
  424. smackdown coverage
  425. uggggllllllyyyyyy
  426. SS theme song
  427. Whats the point of the IC title?
  428. Kane's Return...
  429. They keep showing up
  430. Eliminating titles bullshit!!