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  1. NYC Assures IOC It Can Handle Olympics
  2. RIP Reggie Roby
  3. What are the Seahawks thinking?
  4. Boozer traded to the Lakers?
  5. Coles out in DC
  6. God I Don't Believe That!....
  7. Fuck that Motherfucker!
  8. This is what we've come to in sports
  9. Urbina's Mother Rescued....
  10. NHL season could be back on today!
  11. NBA All-Star Weekend
  12. Patriots LB Bruschi hospitalized with headaches
  13. F1 season strating soon: what are you're toughts?
  14. Dallas Cowboys Free Agency and Draft choices
  15. Quin Snyder sings Eye of the Tiger
  16. Faulk: The Class Of The NFL
  17. NHL Season Cancelled
  18. Pick a Cinderella.
  19. NCAA Bracketology
  20. Westminster Dog Show
  21. Browns cut Garcia
  22. Vikings sold
  23. Pro Bowl Discussion.
  24. Did anyone here about UNLV's ungodly comeback?
  25. Saunders out as T-Wolves coach
  26. Karl Malone calls it quits
  27. In hockey they have this stat...
  28. Interesting poll on espn
  29. Olajuwon mosque gave $80k to terror fronts
  30. Washington Nationals
  31. NBA All-Star game reserves announced
  32. NHL Fans Are Sick, Tired
  33. Nascar fantasy group on yahoo join now
  34. NASCAR season is coming up
  35. Duke/UNC is tomorrow.
  36. Best Superbowl commercial?
  37. All This Dynasty Talk....
  38. Your 2004 NFL World Champions!!
  39. **The OFFICIAL Super Bowl Discussion Thread**
  40. Cool Baseball Uniform site
  41. So...
  42. My last shot at winning some money
  43. 2005 Pro Football HOF members
  44. Six Nations Rugby
  45. All-Time NBA team
  46. Bill Simmons is like the greatest
  47. RIP Max Schmeling
  48. Fox rejects Super Bowl ad from
  49. NBA All Star game voting results
  50. Skydome! Noooo!
  51. National signing day
  52. Rudy T already out?
  53. cya later, Emmitt
  54. Friday Night Lights
  55. Sosa about to be traded to the O's
  56. What would you do to get to the Superbowl?
  57. Winter X-Games
  59. George Karl: New Nuggets coach
  60. Marlyland/Duke. Best rivalry in college basketball?
  61. Superbowl time.....this is it folks.
  62. Foreign Sports
  63. Doctors Will Not Clear TO To Play In Super Bowl XXXIX...
  64. Lewis sentenced to four months in jail for drug deal
  65. Anybody watch the Illini-Wisconsin game last night?
  66. Standings after the conference games
  67. Rank the commissioners from best to worst
  68. Who has done the most for their sport?
  69. Another Year Another New England Super Bowl Appearance
  70. Attention Mods/Admis my Super Bowl Bet...
  71. Pre Super Bowl Discussion
  72. Michael Vick = the Jordan of football?
  73. Wilkens steps down as Knicks head coach
  74. Bad Weather Games
  75. Clemens Becomes Highest-Paid Pitcher in History
  76. Hockey fans...
  77. Cut that meat?
  78. Conference championships pick'em......60 mins from the superbowl
  79. Atlanta at Philly... let's start the predictions early.
  80. Mike Nolan to be Niners next HC
  81. Standings after the divisional playoffs
  82. Robbins critical after struggle with police
  83. New England!!!
  84. Sports Poster of the year
  85. Rams vs. Falcons: you're prediction.
  86. Jets vs. Steelers: you're prediction.
  87. game
  88. Leinart stays in school....
  89. Sports Trivia thread
  90. MLB to institute tougher and more frequent Steroid policies
  91. Post season week 2.....Divisonal Playoffs time
  92. Sporting News top 50 Quarterbacks
  93. Don King Sues ESPN for Billion
  94. Lions to possibly cut or trade Joey Harrington?
  95. Sports that....aren't sports
  96. Kings deal Christie to Orlando for Mobley, Bradley
  97. World Series of Poker
  98. NBA players wives pictures
  99. Moss likely to be punished for 'moon'
  100. Will Brett Retire?
  101. Kobe Bryant Jersey news
  102. NFL Playoffs Discussion
  103. NBA All-Star game
  104. Red Sox want their ball
  105. McNair Not Injured in Car Crash
  106. Last chance for glory NFL Postseason pickem
  107. I need your help, guys...
  108. Since it looks like no one else is doing something like this...
  109. OU/USC Discussion Thread
  110. National Championship Crystal Football Trophy
  111. FINAL STANDINGS PWF NFL (includes week 17 results)
  112. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
  113. Rams and Saints, please help.
  114. Junior World Cup of Hockey... just about over.
  115. Sage Rosenfels
  116. 15-1 Steelers
  117. I have to go through another half a year...
  118. week 17. Go for broke
  119. Randy Johnson to New York
  120. Something that annoys me with announcers...
  121. Vanderbilt running back killed over 'trash talk' about cars
  122. Do the Chargers have any chance in the playoffs?
  123. Darren Woodson retires
  124. Nuggets fire Bzdelik after lackluster start
  125. Week 16 Results and standings
  126. Former NFL Star Reggie White Dead at Age 43
  127. Former Texas manager Oates dies
  128. Saban, Dolphins Execs Discuss Job Offer
  129. Player Salary Discussion
  130. Dave Wannstedt new Pitt coach
  131. Michael Vick: Richest contract in NFL history
  132. O'Neal has suspension cut, Artest doesn't
  133. Week 16 (early friday game)
  134. $15 for parking?!
  135. How about settling the lockout over a game of poker?
  136. wtf Parcells!!!
  137. Bill Simmons compares Kobe Bryant to Hulk Hogan.....
  138. Dodgers pull out of Johnson deal.
  139. AP wants out of BCS
  140. Shaq on Kobe: 'He's a Corvette, I'm a brick wall'
  141. Week 15 Results and standings
  142. Dolphins upset the Patriots
  143. Shootouts in NHL
  144. Anaheim signs Cabrera
  145. Ricky Williams 60mins Interview
  146. Red Sox Nation
  147. Pinkston The Pussy
  148. World Junior Hockey Championship
  149. If you were a college basketball coach...
  150. TO injured
  151. Urlacher the most overrated player in the NFL?
  152. Vince Carter traded!!!
  153. Championship League group of 16
  154. Fact or Fiction
  155. Week 15 baby....and the finish line is in sight
  156. Randy Johnson to the Yankees
  157. thats odd...
  158. Expos' Move to Washington May Falter
  159. Week 14 results and standings.
  160. NHL, NHLPA Reject Proposals
  161. Fantasy Football Playoffs
  162. Pedro to Mets?
  163. NHL rejects union proposal
  164. Raiders re-sign Janikowski
  165. Which do you like better? ( NFL )
  166. Miami and San Fran
  167. Kobe Bryant/Karl Malone feud
  168. 3 coaching vacancies filled
  169. Week 14 Discussion
  170. Does not having a championship ring somehow diminish an all time great.
  171. Las Vegas Marlins?
  172. Wow, We think racism is bad here.
  173. Peach Bowl Predictions...
  174. Just a funny stat I want to share...
  175. College Football Betting Line?
  176. Hockey Jersey Customizing question
  177. Five Pacers, five fans charged in brawl
  178. Sports Memrobilia you own
  179. Week 14 (booyah)
  180. How good was liverpools victory in the champions league.
  181. 5 Heisman Finalists
  182. College Football Bowl Game Pick em' Challenge
  183. Sprewell suspended one game for comments made to fan
  184. The Official Asterisk..No Asterisk..Or Something Else thread..
  185. PWF standings after Week 13
  186. Monday night football.
  187. Memorable Superbowl Moments
  188. The BCS Matchups Are Official.
  189. The Colts Offense....
  190. Dammit All
  191. Late PWF NFL standings.....(been busy)
  192. Urban Meyer may Spurn ND for UF
  193. NFL Week 13
  194. Ricky Williams will remain retired.
  195. Giambi testified he used steroids
  196. NHL and NHLPA to talk finally
  197. What are the D'Backs on?
  198. Where are good sites...
  199. college football betting line
  200. Seattle Supersonics...
  201. America vs australia today.
  202. Browns Fire Butch Davis
  203. Will the Eagles beat Favre and The Pack?
  204. 200
  205. 3
  206. College Football Job Vacancies
  207. Raiders vs Broncos, an instant classic?
  208. Good ol' fashioned smashmouth, sloppy weather, football....
  209. I wish the Bills would stop fuckin winning....
  210. Battle For Ohio
  211. Are the mighty falling?
  212. Debate - Do you believe in the term 'skill position'?
  213. With The Cowboys Recent Slide..Who Is Americas Team Now?..
  214. Which Player do You Hate The Most?..
  215. What is the toughest conference in college football?
  216. Let's hear your power rankings...
  217. Why are people saying that there's no way that Pittsburgh will win the Superbowl?
  218. Ricky has been reinstated...
  219. A Question For ALL of You NFL Fans..
  220. Official Boston/New England sports thread
  221. College Football Betting line
  222. PWF NFL Week 12 (early games this wek)
  223. PWF NFL Week 11 and Standings
  224. Indiana vs Detroit Brawl
  225. College vs Pro
  226. Mistakes...
  227. What does Kobe have to do for the Lakers to be a contender?
  228. Will Peyton break Marino's record?
  229. God damn Kurt Bush...
  230. Detroit and Indiana's Brawl Has a Little Competition..
  231. Washington Nationals
  232. Here's How the BCS Bowls Will Work Out People..Mark it down.
  233. Detroit v Indiana... RIVALRY
  234. Potential Blockbuster NBA Trade: Raptors/Blazers
  235. What teams do you consider to be a dynasty?
  236. Spurrier to South Carolina?
  237. Favorite Rivalry games
  238. I need some help
  239. MNF KC v New England
  240. Pwf Nfl Week 11
  241. Hey Opie, tell your aunt bee to make me a pie!!!
  242. Am I missing something?
  243. Eagles are like their WR TO, OVER-RATED....
  244. Holy shit, people are fucking prudes:rolleyes:
  245. For all that miss hockey
  246. PWF NFL week 10 results and standings.
  247. College Football Betting Line
  248. Stupid Canadians Shouldn't Take Their Football That Serious
  249. Booing your own players
  250. The Greatest Race on Earth
  251. Young QBs
  252. Your Dream Superbowl
  253. The Ultimate Player...
  254. Holmes out, so Blaylock starts?
  255. Oh F^<&, NBC does it again!
  256. Why Bill Parcells coaching style doesn't work anymore...
  257. Minnesota football is cursed...
  258. Travis Henry... what is next for him?
  259. The greatest reciever of all time...
  260. Sports dream job
  261. Sports Dreams...
  262. Ron Artest....rap star
  263. Johan Santana Cy Young winner
  264. PWF NFL Week 10
  265. MLB offseason
  266. College football betting line
  267. Maurice Clarett: OSU gave me cars and money
  268. PWF NFL. Week 9 results and standings
  269. Harrison, best receiver in history?
  270. Manning to Harrison is just plain EVIL....
  271. What to do.....What to do?
  272. Jets are going to go on a losing streak.
  273. Mid Season NFL
  274. Miami....What the fuck happened to you guys?
  275. My first NFL football game
  276. The Cowboys are done.
  277. Is this week as painful for everyone else?
  278. Mutu says sorry to Chelsea fans
  279. No 6th tour for Armstrong?
  280. Emmit Smith nearing 18,000 career yrds
  281. Something to confuse you...
  282. Sergei Zholtok dies
  283. What would save hockey in the USA?
  284. Best Coaches
  285. Wekk 9 picks and dicussion
  286. Why would I want to help them win a title? They're not doing anything for me.
  287. Player rivalries...
  288. Post your jersey collection....
  289. How will your NBA team do this season?
  290. WEEK 9 Tipping
  291. PWF tipping after week 8
  292. Mr. Olympia Results...
  293. Leftwich out indefinently
  294. College Football Betting Line
  295. Utah
  296. Compare and Contrast The Steelers..and The Eagles..
  297. The Indianapolis Colts..
  298. TO doing Ray Lewis dance
  299. Ken Caminiti autopsy
  300. Heisman contenders
  301. ESPN Men's B-ball Coaches Poll
  302. Which NFL team has made the most improvements sice Last year
  303. The Carolina Panthers
  304. Are the Miami Hurricanes overrated?
  305. Bend Over Pam Oliver So I can Spank You
  306. Philadelphia Eagle Could Go Undeafeated This Season....
  307. Michigan vs Michigan State
  308. Daunte Culpepper owes me money
  309. Fantasy Football
  310. This pains me to report this....
  311. Yep, its officially fixed.
  312. Week 8 Games
  313. An apology
  314. Do you think Ichiro Suzuki was the regular season MVP?
  315. I called it way back in August....
  316. Broncos lose Griffin for season
  317. Who to take? Oh, who to take!?
  318. Joe Paterno: You make the call!
  319. PWF tipping after week 7
  320. Emmitt Smith washed up?
  321. Talk about upsets!
  322. Ron Zook/Joe Paterno
  323. World Series Discussion Thread
  324. Red Sox win causes uproar; and death
  325. New Way Too Lose
  326. Week 7 picks
  327. Another Betting Line
  328. This Could Be The Year That Ruins the BCS..
  329. NFL Trade Deadline
  330. PWF tipping standings after week 6
  331. Old Man Rice traded!
  332. Carlos Beltran, best player in baseball...?
  333. Biggest Sports Blunders...
  334. Time to put the asterik by Bonds' record?
  335. More players ripping Kobe?
  336. hopes of contraction are ruined
  337. College Football Betting Line
  338. Week 6 NFL picks
  339. Its Opening Night In The NHL!
  340. Barry Larkin's Cincinnati Career Over
  341. Two-dimensional athletes...
  342. Packers 1-4?!?
  343. Tipping pool after 5 weeks
  344. Wanna Know Why The Red Sox Keep Losing? Their Fans Are Pussies....
  345. MLB League Championship Series Discussion
  346. Manning Family Reunion....
  347. PWF BOTB Event #10
  348. Ken Caminiti dead
  349. Ice has a fantasy basketball league....
  350. Favorite Sports Shows...
  351. Jamal Lewis is going to jail.
  352. Jerry Rice to the Lions?
  353. Week 5 NFL Picks
  354. Looking beyond week 5...
  355. College Football Betting Line
  356. One of the best ever... to retire?
  357. Ricky wants back in already?
  358. MLB Division Series Discussion Thread
  359. Dont you just hate it...
  360. NFL Week 4 Discussion...
  361. Are athletes role-models?
  362. Junior losing points in the standings for cursing?
  363. Packers trade McKenzie to Saints...
  364. Portis After 4 Games....
  365. Duke cancels football pep rally
  366. Baseball Postseason Is On...
  367. Can The Chiefs or Packers Make The Playoffs?..
  368. Overrated/Underrated athletes...
  369. Players you can't stand to watch...
  370. AL/NL West Winners Are Set
  371. Sports that don't belong...
  372. Kobe Police Interview...UNEDITED
  373. Whose your pick..?
  374. Ichiro is in the record books...
  375. Gasol signs 6-year extension with Grizzlies...
  376. Karl Malone is not ready for the season, but also not retiring...
  377. Peja wants out of Sacramento?
  378. PWF Fantasy Basketball...
  379. Week 4 picks
  380. Usual College Football Thread
  381. The Dallas Offense Is In Trouble....
  382. How much plastic surgery has Linda Cohn had?
  383. NFL Week 3 Infirmary
  384. Anyone see what Randy Moss did Sunday?
  385. NRL Grandfinal
  386. Jacksonville
  387. Proline Pools
  388. Jones is KO'd AGAIN...
  389. NFL - Favorite Players To Watch...
  390. What do you watch sports for?
  391. The Draw Play - Useless or Effective?
  392. What is more impressive?
  393. NCAA National Championship game predictions...
  394. Eli Mannings NFL Baptism
  395. Ricky ordered to pay up...
  396. Nrl
  397. Are the Lions for Real?
  398. PWF Football Picks Week 3
  399. Maddux wins 15 for the 17th time....
  400. Seattle or Atlanta
  401. Bonds' Guaranteed Through '06
  402. I'm ending Wannstedt's career...
  403. College Football Betting Line Week, uhhh week #'s not important
  404. AFL Grand Final
  405. Rice streak ends at 274 games, are people over-exaggerating?
  406. $15M ransom for pitchers mother...
  407. Week 2 injuries...crazyness
  408. New Nike Hockey Commerical
  409. Damn...Cowboys lose Jones
  410. Chase for the Championship
  411. Trade Rumors
  412. Crybaby Kellen Was Hit By A Bullet In Combat
  413. NFL Week 2
  414. I have lost all respect for The Score
  415. Is Jason Kidd worth his contract?
  416. Week 2 NFL Power Rankings...
  417. Soriano likely done for the season...
  418. What rules would you like to see removed?
  419. Tiga...
  420. Bonds did it...
  421. Francisco suspended for remainder of season...
  422. Hey Glue...
  423. Lynch fined $7,500...
  424. Salary Caps - For or against?
  425. Oscar De La Hoya versus Bernard Hopkins...
  426. NBA postpones preseason Jazz game in Russia...
  427. Panthers lose Davis...
  428. NFL Pregame shows
  429. Kobe police interview transcript
  430. PWF Football Picks Week 2
  431. NFC East week 2 Treble
  432. R.i.p Nhl
  433. College Football Line Week 3
  434. TO, Portis, their debuts....
  435. NFL Improvements...
  436. Football Fantasy Team...
  437. Steve Spurrier
  438. SkyCam
  439. Game One, Week One
  440. Dennis Franchione/Texas A&M
  441. Joe Paterno/Bobby Bowden
  442. Does Deion still have it?
  443. How do you guys think the Gators are going to do this year?
  444. FSU Vs. Miami..
  445. NFL Week 1
  446. So I seen Todd Bertuzzi the past couple of days...
  447. Who's going to win the AL East?
  448. College Football Betting Line Week 2
  449. No Lose Pool
  450. Ichiro hit record
  451. Doofus who broke his hand punching a wall vows to return...
  452. NFL 2004-05 Super Bowl winner
  453. What. The. Fuck....I Max?
  454. Hey Norm
  455. PWF Football Picks
  456. Where do you get your sports news?
  457. Woodson out 6 weeks!!!
  458. NHL, NHLPA end 19 hours of talks
  459. NFL preseason week 4
  460. Coder...get in here.
  461. Indy Vs New England
  462. Kobe off the hook.....
  463. Indians 22, Yankees 0
  464. Wayne Rooney
  465. WC of Hockey thread
  466. So stupid
  467. Vikes Cut Lesnar
  468. Jags release Douglas
  469. AFL Finals Week One: Port Adelaide Power vs. Geelong Cats
  470. AFL Finals Week One: Sydney Swans vs West Coast Eagles
  471. AFL Finals Week One: Melbourne Demons vs Essondon Bombers
  472. AFL Finals Week One: Brisbane Lions vs. St. Kilda Saints
  473. Fantasy Football
  474. Betting on football..pools... and other stuff
  475. BCA Classic...Virginia Tech Vs. USC..
  476. Colege Football Betting Line
  477. AFL Finals betting: Coming soon...
  478. Niiiiiiice....
  479. NFL No1 Draft punchbag
  480. Champions League
  481. in ten days, the USA basketball team....
  482. NFL looking at Anaheim?
  483. It's going to happen...
  484. What the hell?
  485. PWF's 2 Year Anniversary Party!!!
  486. Women's Beach Volleyball
  487. Carter signs with Jets
  488. Post your fantasy football team!!!!
  489. steroids
  490. Cy Young/MVP Predictions
  491. NBA: Suns/Celts trade.....
  492. Adewale Ogunleye Traded To Bears
  493. favorite sports relatives
  494. McGahee unhappy with the Bills?
  495. ESPN Insider
  496. Deion Sanders
  497. Just gaining some points
  498. U.S. Shotput
  499. Fantasy Football League (Not PWF OR AP)
  500. Avalanche sign free agent Damphousse