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Your all a bunch of desperate lonely sick freaks!
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Default Your all a bunch of desperate lonely sick freaks!

Your all a bunch of desperate lonely sick freaks!

Many of you may say this is bashing, but its not. That's just a scapegoat for you people because the truth hurts.

Its true. You all are a bunch of desperate lonely sick freaks.

Your Desperate Side.......

I cannot imagine going to one post where I see a female poster post and not have a male poster (Who lives thousands of miles away) engage or ask for sex over the Internet.

First of all the proves that you have serious sexual problems. The kind that needs to be handled by medical personal a.s.a.p. If you need sex over the Internet it proves your frustration with not getting it in real life or not getting it the right way.

I tried helping you in that matter with telling you how to have sex and give a woman an orgasm, which most of you men cannot do. What did happened? Sergeant Hitman have sex, online, with EB.

Your lonely Side.....

When you come here you certainly don't feel welcome. Its worse then real life. Hell in here its worse then military school. Your a bunch of insulting, ignorant, bashing, Spam calling, mean people. Why is it? I noticed its not because that's the way you are. Its because you lonely and have nobody. You want Internet people to believe in real life your a big tuff guy who has a billion friends and takes no shit. You don't want to relive the truth, that your nothing more then a Internet freak.

Your Side That Makes Me Sick and Conclusion

Along with everything I said above you have a side that makes me even sicker then the shit above. Everything! You people cannot read a damn post and reply in a civil manor. You have to bash everything a person says and then you wonder why Kevin is running around giving you mod jobs. Then you wonder why people are sick of you.

You think making fun of a person if funny. Funny? Hell, you people who think that need a good ass kicking. Although I don't live near you, I hope that someone near you kicks the living hell out of you.

You constant use of the word Spam. I realized why you do that. Your nothing but an ignorant... No wait. Ignorant means not knowing. Your nothing but a rude mean person. You don't care about other people you just want everything to revolve around you. In other words your an Attention Whore. You want everyone to listen to you and praise your being here. When you loose that attention and people start to look at other threads you call it Spam. When you don't like a thread and it doesn't apply to you and your life you call it Spam.

Your thoughts on how the forum should be run. Are you a mod? Are you an Admin? Then shut up and don't tell SC and Kevin how to run the damn forum. That's there job. The suggestion forum is for us to tell them what we would like to see not for suggestion on how bad of a job they are doing or what they should be doing. If the mod is not doing its job then Kevin or a Super Mod will take care of it.

Your bashing of Mod's and Admin's in posts and SIGs. Yes, you do bash your leaders. Why? Because your jealous that they lead the forums and not you. Your just a rude mother fucker, you cannot get your way so you bash them. I would like to know what the fuck you hate them so much for? (Rhetorical Question)

People that steal the role of a wrestler and make themselves believe they are bigger then the rest. You know who you are. Know its not the acting like a wrestler that pisses me off. Its the attitude toward other posters. You know why your an ass and that's all I got to say on that.

Spam, the kind that does happen. People repeatedly ask you to stop, but you don't. Why? Well, read what I say on constant use of the word Spam, but replace it so I am talking about spammers. (If you don't understand don't bother)

Your bashing on a person dream or love.

I can see why William never comes here.

I finally would like to give you all help. Listen to the next sentence and follow it.....


Now believe it or not, there is a few that act normal...

Here is just A FEW (Not all) of the normal people.

Chris Benoit
Takers Bad Girl
Crazy Beautiful
Stone Cold (Believe It Or Not)
Double H
Double K
The Bleak

The List Goes On, but you know if you should read this whole think because it applies to you or not.

Thank you for reading, my bitching is over.
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Shut your Bitch ass up

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