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Cultural Influence
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Kurt Angle
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Default Cultural Influence

Who would you say has had the biggest affect on our culture over the last 100 years or so....give a top 5

please try to explain your answer, we don't need 20 of you people telling us "The Beatles"
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Oh, you didn't know?
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the biggest affect on US culture?.....

entertainers, mostly.....however.....

Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and John Wayne.....America swaggers a bit, and these three "cowpokes" were a popular part of that swaggering generation.....they were heroes to a nation of people that wanted to hold values dear to their heart.....John Wayne had the biggest affect of the three....

Elvis Presley.....Elvis had a larger impact than the Beatles during that time and still does.....last I knew, there were something like 4 million Elvis impersonators.....many of them professionals.....he spanned music more so than the Beatles, because he did so many different well as being a movie actor.....Elvis>Beatles.....

Madonna.....Madonna changed how we looked at music entertainers.....she spawned a new generation of female artists in a world where there were very few before.....her outspoken nature and willingness to do anything that was shocking to make headlines made her a pop culture many ways, Madonna created pop culture.....

Oprah Winfrey.....Oprah has empowered women that never knew they wanted to be empowered.....I can't stand the woman, but how many people has she influenced?.....millions upon millions.....

and Franklin D. Roosevelt.....because of him, the US constitution was rewritten.....we were involved in the largest world war.....women began working outside the home because their husbands were overseas in war......prohibition, social security.....I could go on and on.....
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Kurt Angle
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Originally Posted by Oeo
entertainers, mostly.....however.....

Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and John Wayne.....

Elvis Presley.....


Oprah Winfrey.......

and Franklin D. Roosevelt......

Excellent List

mine would have to be

Richard Nixon, he almost singlehandedly removed the trust we gave politicians....Watergate changed the face of politics forever.

Bill Gates, MSWindows is everywhere...even if you don't use it you know someone who does. His contribution to the computer industry has changed our lives...the way we work,the way we live, the way we communicate....

Elvis also makes my list, He did more to change music than the Beatles could ever hope to, he was the first rock and Roll star, he brought "black music'' to a white audience

Harry Truman, his decision to drop the bombs established America as a global superpower...a people not to be fucked with. His decision is one of the most important moments in history...forever changing the world.

Malcom X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, fought hard for civil rights...both in different ways but there efforts have changed our society. Truly 2 of the most importan men in history.

a set of people I fought hard with putting on there were
Woodward/Bernstein/Deepthroat...the men who exposed Watergate,...also responsible for chenging politics forever.
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