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The VP debate
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Default The VP debate

I intended to do live commentarry on it last night, but I can't do that kind of thing. I get carried away listening and watching the body language and think that if I start typing, I'll miss something important.

My humble opinion? Cheney squashed Edwards like a bug.

I didn't understand both men scribbling furiously on notepads before the debate started. If they didn't have their shit in one sock by then, it was too late to fix it now. Cheney began pretty mellow, and Edwards came out of the blocks swinging brass knuckles. I think that tactic was a mistake.

Cheney HAD all his shit in one sock and bowed up his own back in response. My favorite line--- Edwards' track record in the Senate. "Senator gone."

"I preside over the Senate. I'm there almost every Tuesday when they meet. The first time I met YOU was tonight, on this stage." (The quotes may not be exact, but they're pretty damned close.)

Edwards looked like a boy fighting a man. Of course, I wanted Cheney to win, so maybe I filtered some of what I saw and heard. Edwards attempted a typical trial-lawyer tap-dance around the "global test" issue (Kerry fucked up when he said that crap-- and Edwards didn't drag Kerry's chestnuts out of the fire with his obfuscating last night). Cheney pounced right away and went for the jugular.

Look at the records. YOUR votes. HIS votes. We can't afford such waffling, anti-defense people as Commander-in-Chief when we're at war.

Edwards harped on the 9-11-Iraq connection, big mistake when you don't have ANYTHING to back it up. Edwards threw up the Haliburton Defense, which basically said Haliburton is EEEVILLL and France, Germany and the UN are not. What utter bullshit. I negotiated a lot of contracts with Haliburton when I worked in my chemical plant. Haliburton is a good company, capable of doing reliable work. They did a lot of jobs for me and they never fucked up. They weren't cheap, but everything was on a flat-dollar bid--- none of that cost-plus shit-- and they always delivered.

I don't see "evil" in that kind of performance. I see competence instead. Of course, most people who scream about Haliburton don't have a fucking clue about what that company does. I DO.

And I thought the line about how Howard Dean scared both Edwards and Kerry into changing positions on Iraq was a killer. How can you wage a war on terror when you can't stand up to Howard Dean? Ouch!

Cheney put John Edwards' head on the curb and kicked the back of his head. That's my two cents worth.

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I will spare people the details of my opinions, but suffice it to say....

I agree with Trev.

Also, I had no idea CHeney was the Junkyard Dog that he was as it pertains to debates. He ripped out Edwards Heart and showed it to him....

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I am against Bush-Cheney, but I am also against Kerry-Edwards, which makes me a swing voters and this is my interpretation.

I believe that Cheney really saved Bush's mediocre performance from the 1st prez. debate. Many people said they supported Bush's ideas, but though Kerry was stronger. Now, with this VP debate the other night, I was disappointed in Edwards. The media (usually wrong) depicted him for months as an energetic young senater, son of a mill worker, with a somewhat experienced background. He came out last night, yes energetic, but he was incredibly bland on the variety of defenses and offensive statements he said. If he started off a question, he immediatly bashed Bush and Cheney, and said no more. No facts, just nice sounding words. Cheney then gave facts in defense and plowed over his verbal messages. Cheney was very calm and collective and gave me more than what I was expecting from him. I was thinking he would have a very arguementative sounding voice, yet he calmy gave incredible facts to back up Bush-Cheney's work so far. Overall, Edwards was to scattered and bland, and Cheney was calm, collective, factual, and gave good incite on many issues domestically. Winner for most punches: Edwards; Winner for knck downs: Cheney.

If this rambling has made no sense to you, the reader, please respond now.
DISCLAIMER: These are MY opinions. They are, in no way, meant to reflect on the board, moderators, family members, pets, manatee, or plants. If you don't like my opinions, kiss my ass. I can have them, just like you can. Have a nice effin day.

Allways Feeling so uncomfortable, and the situation tends to be predictable.
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