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Its not like this stuff is dangerous....
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Default Its not like this stuff is dangerous....

It's a good thing that there is no terrorist threat or else This might really interfere with the police's ability to, you know, hunt for bombs and shit.

Police move slow, so move quickly and in a large tight group. Occasionally running in a coordinated manner will help to keep the police always behind you. Countdowns will not only intimidate the police but they get you all charged up before running. Moving the wrong way down one-way streets my thin out the demonstration (as people have to make room for stopped cars) but it makes it very difficult for large groups of police to follow.
1) Look outwards from the crowd. If someone is being administered first aid, face away from them.
2) Form cordons around anything the police want. (buildings, sound equipment, etc.)
3) Sitting down is good for dissuading police charging but only in large numbers. Sometimes sitting is not really worth it. Horses are unpredictable. Particularly violent cops, especially those employing gases or rubber bullets, may be dangerous to sit in front of.
4) Throwing is a defensive act. It may not be wise to throw stuff at the best of times - that will only provoke them and make them want to hit you harder. If you want to throw, do it defensively, strategically, and en masse - a constant hail of debris will create a 'sterile area' where the police will not want to go. Remember: don't throw to attack or cause injury. Throw from the front and then disappear into the crowd. Only jerks throw from the back. Gas canisters can be thrown or kicked away from the crowd before they explode. Be careful! Don't pick up with your bare hands, as they can be very hot. They will explode.
5) Barricades can be more hassle than they are worth. Impassable blockades may be an inconvenience to you when you need to run. The best barricades are random material like newspaper boxes, dumpsters turned on the side, and road or construction material, strewn all over. One or two affinity groups can lift small parked cars and place them in the street with out damaging them.
6) The best defense is chaos. If situations change constantly they cannot keep up. Keep moving. Change your appearance. Open new directions and possibilities. Be unpredictable.
And what if the pigs manage to overrun the ramparts and grab one of your comrades?

De-arresting: The best time to do this is as soon as the snatch has happened. You need a group of people to break the police's grip and some people to act as blocks. An important and low risk role in the de-arrest involves simply placing your body between the police and there target. This is sometimes called the pick or pick and roll. Once you have your person back, all should link arms and disappear into the crowd. The police may try to snatch back or arrest one of the de-arresters. Bear in mind that the de-arrester may end up with heavier charges than the original arrestee if caught. Surrounding police vehicles containing arrestees and preventing them from moving has in the past led to them being released. Cars don't move very well when they have flat tires, but keep in mind that when tires are punctured they can be loud.
And what if that doesn't work? New York magazine has the answer:
[The NYPD is] well aware of the kinds of tactical weaponry protesters have used in recent years: marbles and bolts spread out on the ground for cops to slip on. Slingshots used to launch batteries (and the marbles or bolts). Fishing line to trip horses and dogs. Molotov cocktails. Tiki torches to set nuisance fires. Super-soakers filled with vinegar, gasoline, or urine. “At other events,” Kelly says, “protesters have also sent out scouts with walkie-talkies to find weak spots in police formations or in the protection around certain potential targets.”

Disruptions have been achieved using the “sweeping dragon,” a formation where dozens of protesters lock arms—which they protect and make difficult to unlink by covering them with PVC piping—and block traffic. This general tactic is called “swarming,” and it is also accomplished with large numbers of people on bicycles. Havoc can be created by flooding the 911 system with calls. “Demonstrators have also used the tactic of faking injury after arrests,” Kelly says, “so they can bog down ambulances.”

Particularly frightening in the current climate is the use of hoax devices—suitcases or backpacks or other items that look like bombs and are left at various locations around the city. Simply phoning in bomb threats is a commonly used variation of this.
More good stuff via the RNCNotWelcome "Direct Action Handbook" ("Since the police are the violent face of capitalism--in other words, the guard dogs for the rich--they are on the frontlines when the anarchists show up to pursue our class war against the rich.") and, especially, Here. Priceless!

And, of course, there are posters at their site as well. I wonder: When it's all over, just how many new Republicans will these people have created?

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Now I am in no way, shape, or form a supporter of the Republican party however this is disgusting. The police are simply trying to do their job...there's no need to cause more of a hassle for them. Hell, I bet a good amount of them don't even support the Republicans themselves.

Please don't think all liberals are like these douchebags.
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