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Tim Ross and The Converts Character Thread
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Wrestling Name: Tim Ross
Real Name: Tim Ross
Nicknames: TR (as in JR)
Height: 5’ 11”Weight: 235
Hometown(s): San Francisco
Born: San Francisco
Age: 37
D/O/B: May 6

Entrance Music: Megadeth, Blackmail The Universe
Entrance Style: Benoit like, the old Benoit, Acknowledges nothing, walks to the ring looking semi-pissed.

Appearance: Built like Benoit. Black short hair, slicked back, some gray in the front. Grey goatee. Somewhat pale skin. Size 14 shoes.
Wrestling – Black long tights. Black Boots with letters “T” and “R” on them like Ric Flair’s.
Entrance – Black Vest, Gold Necklace with Cross added to normal attire.
Backstage – Suits sometimes, entrance attire plus sunglasses for others.
Tattoos: None.

Style: Brawling and Technical, will pull a high flying move out of his ass for a random finish on occasion.
Finishing Moves:
1) Backdrop-Chokeslam (Mark Of Excellecnce)
2) Ross of Pain (Brock Lock)
3) The Pounce (Variation, always whips into ropes and pounces almost without moving)
Other Moves: Suplexes… lots of them. Backdrops, uses ropes against opponents, for momentum. Uses minimal effort to win. If ever in a squash, rarely moves in ring. Uses Bradshaw style clotheslines.
Favorite Weapon: Announce table, Chair. Doesn’t use weapons much.

Alignment: Heel, but I want to switch a lot like Angle.
Gimmick: No Gimmick Needed.
Movement – His finishers and lack of movement, occasionally talks shit in ring.
Quote – “Christwagons” “DAMN. YOUR. EYES.”
Abode (where he hangs out backstage): In his black Lincoln Town Car or basic locker room. Rolls down car window for some interviews, is often rude to interviewers.
Biography: Could give two shits about the business, switches between loving and hating the fans. Thinks he’s above most IWO employees. I dunno what division to be in… you tell me. Ross is independantly wealthy. He doesn’t go overboard in flaunting it, but its obvious.

I’ll elaborate if I need to… I know what I want to do for promos and stuff tho… PM me if you need to talk…

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Wrestling Name: Kyle Walker Now known as Convert One
Real Name: Micheal Walker
Nicknames: Kyle
Height: Weight: 6'8 280pounds
Hometown(s): Atlanta, Georgia
Born: Houston, Texas
Age: 25
D/O/B: 4/29/1979


Entrance Music (give title and artist if possible): Akon, Locked up
Entrance Style: come out in and walks with a litte hip hop style when in the ring poses while pyro goes off


Appearance: Hair with like Paul Lodon
Attire: White tank top with black pants
Wrestling – White tank top with black pants
Entrance – black coat and sunglasses
Backstage – a white tee with a open jearsy with dark blue jeans
Tattoos- HBK on the upper left arm

Style: Powerful, submission, a little rule breaker and X division
Finishing Moves
1) X point (sweet chin music)
2) Spinout ( A spinout chokeslam)
3) crossfire
Other Moves: Spike ddt, Elbow drop, brainbuster, Widow's peak, powerbomb, walls of Jehrico, Shy High Superplex, Taka driver,
Favorite Weapon: Biker chain


Alignment: face
Gimmick: The One Like Aj styles
Trademark: The one the fan's like
Movement - Has it planed normal
Quote – The Champ is here so get ready
Abode (where he hangs out backstage): In the lockeroom
Biography: Kyle has been tranning hard for his big debut in a big company he grew up on the streets where he leared how to fight so he is a streetfigher then he want's a title and he is ready for one so watch out you will e brushed by greatness.

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Wrestling Name: the joker Now known as Convert Two
Real Name: Tony Fisher
Nicknames: jokester
Height:5 foot 8 inches Weight:
Hometown(s): Avalon, NSW, Australia
D/O/B:25 november 196

Entrance Music: Faint-linkin park(without words)
Entrance Style: smoke like edge's, then kane like fireworks on stage and sprints down the ramp high five-ing the fans on the way. jumps in between the two bottom ropes and does a forward roll into the ring. runs over to the ropes and bounces like scotty too hotty then sits on the top rope waiting for opponent

Appearance:build like spike Dudley(not too impressive but okay) medium length dark brown hair that curls up on the sides
Attire: flouro green shorts and a t-shirt
Wrestling – flouro green shorts with joker logo(yellow J in a red triangle)
Entrance – green shorts,tshirt,bright coloured hat of some sort
Backstage – same as entrance minus hat
Tattoos: none

Style: luchador high flying/technical
Finishing Moves:
1)the punchline (Dudley dog into a stunner)
2) chartbuster (mark jindraks “mark of excellence)
3) five star frog splash
Other Moves: swanton, enzuguiri, the goodnight (like a vandaminator but a dropkick),table top (when your friend crouches behind somebody and you push them) fame-asser(running), sharpshooter, top rope cross body, eye of the hurricane, the fish drop(a superfly dive from the ropes west coast pop style),lionsault, missile dropkick
Favourite Weapon:ladder(to frog splash off)

Alignment: super duper face
Gimmick: hyperactive comedian
Trademark: yellow J in a red triangle
Movement – excited looking walk
Quote – "hey knock knock....(after a silence) yeah thats what i thought"
Abode (where he hangs out backstage): with
Born in the late eighties, and raised in the close village like town of Avalon, nobody really expected much from tony fisher.

After he left his job at a local video shop, he didn’t know where to go. This was when he figured he had to do something with his life.

He fisrt tried standup comedy, where he was very successful but didn’t quite become a household name but made a lot of money.

He had watched wrestling since he was four and was interested in training to become a wrestler himself.

He found a junior training course and trained in his spare time and totally loved it. After a year of training, his stamina had greatly increased and although he wasn’t the biggest in his class, he more than made it up with his speed and agility.
It wasn’t long until he was wanted by a few of the local wreslting federations.

He debuted under the name of andy hill in the NSW wrestling federation, tagging with his best friend from school, phill hobbes.
They eventually won the tag titles and were very popular among the crowds.

After his tag partner attacked him backstage, he immediately regreted it because a month later, phil hobbes was severely injured in a ladder match after he was frog splashed by his ex best friend who also won the match while the EMT’s tended to hobbes.

He has accomplished all this and he isn’t even 18 yet.
Fresh out of the NSW wrestling federation, fisher is ready to make an impact as the joker. With his innovative finisher, the punchline, he is expected to make an impact in the IWO

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Bear with this one the music is slow to start but interesting to say the least.

Also remember that Tim Ross and these two have reformed and are now spreading the word of the lord through wrestling as the one and only Converts of the Church of the Latter Day Saints. The Mormons.

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