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Dan Mitchells Character Thread
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A picture is in my sig. But i also have these.

Wrestler's Name: "The Assassin" Dan Mitchell
Real Name: Daniel Walker
Gender: Male
Language/Dialect: English
Height: 6'5
Weight: 274
Hometown: Manhatten NY (but born in Middlesborough, England)
Age: 23
Alignment (Heel/Face/Tweener): Heel
Gimmick (explain your character): The basic c0cky and arrogant heel, that always talks the talk and can also walk the walk. He hates America, and always says that Britain is the real superior country.

Strength: 9
Speed: 6
Vitality (energy): 9
Brawling: 8
Weapon Use: 9
Technical Skill: 8
Charisma: 8

Wrestling Attire: Black boots, black knee pads, greyish tape on knuckles and whrists, Black trunks with Red/Blue/Orange tribals on the side and a Mitchell logo on back the same colour.
Entrance: Same but wears a leather, sleevless jacket for entrance, same colour as tribals and logo.
Backstage: Smart shirt (Red Herring, or Ted Baker), faded jeans

Head: Short back and sides brown hair with blond streakes
Face: Rene Dupree's facial features. Clean shave. Blue eyes.
Body: Heavy Build, Rene Duprees.
Tattoos: Shoulder to elbow, tribal, with faded blue X in the middle. (Right Arm) Tribal sign (like the one on the sides of Orton's trunks) with skull in the middle (Top of Back, under nech, Stretches all the way across Shoulders)

Theme Music/Entrance: A slow beat begins to play. The arena lights begin to flash on and off. A RVD style pyro explodes and "Halo" by Soil begins to blast through the PA system. Dan Mitchell then walks out and taunts the crowd. He gets into the ring and continues to throw verbal abuse at the fans.

-Boxing Combinations
-Strong elbow strikes
-European Uppercut
-Knife Edge chops
-Axe Handle
-Stiff Lariets
-Knee Lifts
-Elbow Strikes
-Toe Kick
-Forearm Combos

Front Grapples:
-Powerbomb (sit-out, corkscrew, package, running,normal, tigar)
-Piledriver (Normal, spike, tombstone, Cradle, Package, Package Tombstone, Double Underhook)
-Scoop Slam (Normal, sit-out)
-Suplex (Northern Lights, Snap, Stalling, Belly To Belly, Exploder, Double Underhook, Fisherman)
-DDT (Normal, Evenflow, Double Arm, Underhook, Dragon)
-Ace Crusher
-Brain Buster
-Electric Chair Driver
-Death Valley Driver
-Gunn Stinger
-Back Breaker
-Face Crusher
-Shoulder Breaker
-Tight Headlock
-Yesterday Driver (for all that dont know, thats a Brainbuster onto the attackers knee)
-Standing Crossface

Back Grapples:
-Suplex (Back,German, Inverted, Tigar/Dragon)
-Reverse DDT
-Russian Leg Sweep
-Burning Hammer
-Back Suplex to Back Breaker
-Dragon Sleeper
-Inverted Train Wreck
-Back Suplex to Bulldog
-Spin Out Powerbomb
-Spin Out DDT
-Blue Thunder Driver

-Knee Drop
-Elbow Drop
-Leg Drop
-Mounted Punches
-Reverse Chin Lock
-Dragon Clutch
-Figure Four Leg Lock
-Triangle Neck Lock
-Harley Race Knee Drop
-Running Fist Drop
-Wheel Barrow Hold
-Queen Angelito Stretch
-Stretch Muffler
-Texas Cloverleaf
-Texas Deathlock
-Texas Deathlock to DDT
-Russian Neck Drop

-Shoulder Block
-Knee Attack
-Stiff Lariet
-Fame Asser
-Tornado Flatliner

-Sidewalk Slam
-Spine Buster
-Hip Toss
-Samoan Drop
-Shoulder Back Toss
-Tilt-A-Whirl Sideslam
-Drop Toehold

-Super Backdrop
-Super German
-Super Fall Away
-Top Rope DDT
-Tornado DDT
-Tornado Reverse DDT
-Diamond Dust
-Super Northern Lights Suplex
-Super Tigarbomb
-Hangman Chokehold
-Hangman DDT
-Hangman Reverse DDT

Tope Rope:
-Flying Clothsline
-Missile Dropkick
-Flying Elbow
-Flying Leg Drop
-Diving Fist
-Diving Knee Drop
-British Senton (Side Senton, can be used as an alternitive cross body)

-Powerbomb onto open chair
-British Senton while opponent is sitting in a chair
-A leg submission (Texas Deathlock, STF, Sharpshooter, Cloverleaf) using a chair
-Capitization (The ankle crush thing with the chair)

Favourite Moves:
-Sniper Shot (Superkick)
-Downfall (Top Rope Piledriver)
-Northern Lights Suplex
-Dead Level (DDT liftinging a inverted emerald fusion)

Finishing Maneuver/s:
Primary: The Assassinator (Dominater to DDT)
Secondry: Death Rate (Modified Sharpshooter)

#1- Union Jack faded around the edges (Front) "Made In The UK" (Back)
#2- "Dan Mitchell" and Skull (Front) "Feed Your Own Fears" (Back)
#3- Mitchell logo (Front) "Welcome To My World" (Back)
#4- Mitchell with dark green backgrough with faded pictures of people resieving the Assassinator (Front) "Fell The Fury" on back in dark green,

Manager: Lydia (looks like Katie Price aka Jordan)
Weapon of Choice: Black Steel Chair
Trained By: Doug Williams, Dyanmite Kid, Big Daddy, Robbie Brookside
Abode (where he hangs out backstage): Locker Room
Biography: Growing up, Daniel Walker loved the art of wrestling. But since it was Britain and wrestling wasnt as popular there as it was in USA, people taunted him about it. Even his mother hated wrestling. But his father loved wrestling, and his uncle also loved wrestling, infact, his uncle wrestled with people like Dynamite Kid, Big Daddy and Rob Brookside in the old ITV World Of Sport. At 11 he began training with his uncle. And because he uncle knew all these British wrestling legends, Daniel got first class training, and combined with the boxing training his father gave him who was a retired boxer, he became a fine fighter. Ofcause when his mother found out, she was angry. She never spoke to her son again. She threw him out and he went to live with his uncle. At the age of 15 he made his professional debut. He rivaled, and partnerd with Robbie Brookside, son of Rob Brookside. At 18 he debuted in America were he gained overness from great CZW and RoH matchs. Now, at the age of 23, a 8 year long career so far, he is looking to make a bigger name for himself. In the IWO.

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