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The Canucks Character Thread
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Wrestling Name: The Canuck
Real Name: Johnny Mathis
Nicknames: Dr. 'Nuck
Height: 5'11'' Weight: 225lbs
Hometown(s): Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Born: Detroit, Michigan
Age: 21
D/O/B: 08/05/1983

Entrance Music (give title and artist if possible): "Misty Mountain Hop" by Led Zeppelin
Entrance Style: Arrogant walk. Does a couple of things to piss of the crowd.

Appearance: Caucasion. Bowl shaped hair cut.
Wrestling Baggy white pants with the word "Canada" written on the left leg in black.
Entrance He'll wear a hockey jersey to the ring. Only Canadian teams, though. And then he'll take it off when he wrestles.
Backstage Jeans/Hockey Jersey
Tattoos: None

Style: Lots of power moves and submissions. Not too much high flying stuff.
Finishing Moves:
1) Stungun
2) Jackhammer
3) Second Rope Elbow
Other Moves: Piledriver, Sharpshooter, DDT
Favorite Weapon: Steel Chair

Alignment: Heel
Gimmick: Pure Canadian
Trademark: Umm......
Movement - See entrance, except without the crowd stuff. He moves really good in the ring. He's a natural wrestler.
Quote "I live to do what I choose"
Abode (where he hangs out backstage): In his lockerroom by himself. Preparing for his match and occasionally doing something else.
Biography: Johnny Mathis was born in Detroit, Michigan. And loved it there. But it turns out his father had relatives in Texas. So they visited there every summer. Johnny hated it, but his parents loved it. In 1991 his parents brought him to the living room to tell him something, it was that they were going to move to Texas. Johnny was enraged, but there was nothing he could do.

"Texas, what a pathetic state" was Johnny's general thoughts on Texas. No hockey, no snow, they now lived in a small city, and worst of all there was this "southern mentality" which he incredibly despised.

When Johnny turned 18 the first thing he did was move back to Michigan. He had been preparing since he was 16. At first walking 10 miles each day to work for 3 dollars an hour, and then finally buying a car.

Life was pretty good back in Detroit. Johnny was beginning to pursue a career in what he enjoyed most: hockey. He played for the local junior team. Great times, his stint lasted about a year. But then one day he found out he had been cut from the team. He couldn't believe it. Johnny wanted to have another try at a hockey career, but he was heart broken and just couldn't pull himself to go back.

So then he decided to give a shot at his second love... wrestling. He joined the local wrestling school, and pretty soon he became a local indy worker. He was known as "Bad News Johnny". Yeah, it wasn't too original, but this is the indys.

Johnny had a few good friends in his indy fed. And it turns out they were Canadian, and lived in Ontario. One day Johnny decided to visit their home, and god damn he loved it. He loved coming over every Saturday to watch Hockey Night in Canada. Toronto was such a great city. Infact, in the year 2003, he moved to Toronto.

Life was going great, but Johnny felt something was missing. He was living his life great, but working in the local indy fed wasn't good enough for him. He wanted to be successful in the wrestling business. He decided to put even more effort into working good matches, and he knew one day the big call would come.

In June 2004, Johnny got that call. It was the IWO, and they said they were interested in him. They told him to keep trying and if they needed him they would call later. He kept working as hard as he could. It had been nearly half a year since he had gotten that call, but he was determined and would not give up. He just kept working his ass off in the Indys. And then on November 14, 2004, a Sunday to be exact, the biggest moment in Johnny's life had come. He got the call from IWO. They were very impressed with his work, and they wanted to sign him to a contract.

Johnny was overwhelmed with joy and ended up signing the contract this very day. This was it, his time had come. He was now in the big leagues. There was only one thing left to do. Become the best entertainer in the world as IWO champion.

Stars were in his eyes as he signed the contract. He then had a little chat with the IWO owners. They knew he was from Canada, and they wanted him to have a Canadian gimmick. Johnny was so happy that they didn't know he lived most of his life in Texas, then he might've had to do a COWBOY gimmick.

And oh yeah, they wanted him to be a heel. This was awesome news to Johnny. As a kid he had always cheered the bad guy in comics, wrestling, and even hockey sometimes when there was a bad guy. He loved being bad. It was so much more funner than being a good guy.

Johnny drove home that night, and looked into the sky. The stars were so bright tonight, the sky was so beautiful. He was in paridise. He came home and opened the door. There was his dog, Growl-Unit. Johnny was so happy, he hugged his dog as hard as he could, and then cooked two steaks, one for him and his dogs. He was supposed to save those for tomorrow, but now he was in the big leagues, he didn't have to worry about money.

Johnny took a shower and then got into bed. Tomorrow he would tell his indy promoter that he was leaving, and then start to prepare for his first IWO show. My time has come, Johnny thought. This is where I want to be. Johnny was so excited that it was hard to sleep. But at around 1AM, he finally drifted away...

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- Jadakiss

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