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Cutlips Character Thread.
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Wrestling Name: Cutlip
Real Name: Victor Mooney
Nicknames: Clamminator,Clam,
Height: Weight: 6’4”, 326 lbs.
Hometown(s): Los Angeles,CA
Born: Victorville,CA
D/O/B: 8.26.76

Entrance Music (give title and artist if possible): Finger 11 - Sick of it all
Entrance Style: Fast paced,yet stylish

Appearance: Built like Batista, medium,trashy black hair like that of Raven in wwe,except black and half the size.
Wrestling –Black jean-type shorts just above knees.
Entrance – ^same as above,just add a black tank-top
Backstage – leather jacket,with jeans
Tattoos: None

Style:Straight out powerhouse,brawler
Finishing Moves:
1) lift in suplex form,and then while in the air,turn it in to a powerbomb/razor’s edge just really fast paced, call it the Clamma’ Bomb
2) same as above,just reverse.
3) Get in position of a lex luger type back breaker,and do that for awhile,bout 25 seconds tops,if the opponent don’t tap,then same thing as an f-5 but reversed.
Other Moves: Spinebuster, top rope spinebuster, hard clothesline, powerslam,belly to belly,michinoku driver,in corner turnbuckle with opponent completely out of it, Cutlip runs fast driving his shoulder right into that persons ribs,which after stes up for one of his finishers.
Favorite Weapon: Hammer,and a metal pole

Alignment: heel
Gimmick: Beats people so bad,they don't want to fight him when he gets in the ring with them,he basically beats the tar out of you,and then again after he either gets dq'd,or wins.
Trademark: Arrogant man,who no one likes,not even the heels,because he is just there for one plain,simple reason……to kick ass and capture IWO Gold.
Movement – Really strong powerhouse-kinda-walk,spits a lot.
Quote – “I will clam your crap into your throat”
Abode (where he hangs out backstage): By himself somewhere in the arena,refuses to be with a bunch of simpletons.
Biography: Cutlip’s past is not that of your average IWO star,a few years before he started wrestling, his mom got cancer and on her last day a random guy who Cutlip is still searching for,comes in and shoots his mom to a horrible,painful death.A week later, the same with his dad,except his dad got shot in a drive by,who Cutlip thinks was the same person that killed his mom. The day before his birthday, his closest brother and sister die in a drive by. If you piss cutlip off enough, you don’t want to be in his way because he will get you and crush you, even if he gets dq’d, he still beats on you. He takes his anger out on you as if you were the people that killed his family and fears no one,not one soul. He basically doesn’t care if he gets fired for severely beating his opponents. He’s been known, in another fed, for being fired, and coming back and beat the crap out of security, walked into his boss’s door and beat him so bad the, but a superstar came in and smacked a glass right on his face, which cut his lip severely and now has an atrocious looking scar on his lip, thus the name Cutlip.

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Cutlip is done now too.

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