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The Joshs Character Thread
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Default Is it too late?

Here's my stuff if it's cool:
Wrestling Name: The Josh
Real Name: Josh Dionio
Nicknames: Dio, Josh D., or The Josh
Height:6'3" Weight:250
Hometown(s): Formerly Fremont, California, Now Vancouver, Washington
Born: Martinez, Califrornia
Age: 22
D/O/B: January 4th, 1983

Entrance Music: Not Falling by Mudvayne
Entrance Style: Lights are out except for a spotlight on The Josh while he's in the crowd.

Appearance: Short brown hair, small goatie, pierced lip and eyebrow.
Attire: Usually camoflauge
Tattoos: GBN 1944-1998 on right shoulder, Green Lantern logo on left shoulder, Red and blue YinYang on back of his neck and a phoenix on his back

Style: Technical, ala Dean Malenko/Bret Hart
Finishing Moves:
1) Check Fire (Vertibraker)
2) Fire Mission (Tazzmission)
3) Call For Fire (Dragon Sleeper)
Other Moves: Vertical, german, and tiger Suplexes, power slam, armdrag, sleeper, enzguri and cobra clutch.
Favorite Weapon: Chair

Alignment: Neutral
Gimmick: Soldier/Mercenary
Movement - post later
Quote If you smell what the Josh is Brewing!
Abode (where he hangs out backstage): A little office where he accepts contracts.
Biography: The Josh is a former soldier who came into the IPW to show that his skills in the ring are just as good as his soldier abilities. Recently, he decided to hire himself out like the APA of WWE fame. The only catch is that he will work for anyone, whether it be the lowest guy on the belt contention or the big man himself.

<embed src=""/>

Thanks to Monica for the banner and the avatar

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Heres more music.

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