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Dante Fatels Character Thread
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Wrestling Name: Dante Fatel
Real Name: Dante
Nicknames: Fatel or Dante
Height: 6'2
Weight: 225 Pounds
Hometown(s): Unknown
Born: Unknown
Age: Early 20's
D/O/B: 25 years ago, Maybe early march

Entrance Music: Weak & Powerless - A Perfect Circle
Entrance Style: Just walks out

Appearance: Pale Skin with light Blue Eyes, Has a 3 inch scar above his right eye, White Hair but Black Eyebrows.
Attire: Wears Black Pants, Boots and Wrist Taping (All Black)
Wrestling The Black Attire
Entrance Same As Backstage
Backstage The Black Attire but with a Un Buttoned Black jacket
Tattoos: A Swirling Dragon on the Right Arm, A Disfigured spiky Ying Yang on the Lower Left Forearm.

Style: Grapples to Strikes.
Finishing Moves:
1) Fatal Dousage - (RKO)
2) The Ace Of Spades - (Vertibreaker / Reverse backslide NeckBomb)
3) Straight Flush - A Senton Flip Van Terminator (Like Amazing Red's)
Trademark Moves:
Double Zero - (A Flying Roundhouse while springboarded off the Top Rope West Coast Pop Style)
Arm Wrech Side Kick, Dragon Whip
Complete Shot, Orton Backbreaker
Spinning Roudhouse Kick, Rock's Hurricane DDT
Spike DDT, Gunn Stinger
Climb Up Hurricanrana, Jumping Double Spring Kick
Thrust Kick, Outside Cresent kick
European uppercut, Spring Board Dropkick
Shoulderlock Takedown, STO

Favorite Weapon: Chair

Alignment: Tweener
Gimmick: Loner Goth
Trademark: Wearing Black & White
Movement: Quick Agile Movement
Quote: Life's pretty Dull in Black & White
Abode (where he hangs out backstage):
Biography: There is little known about his background, He is a loner brought to the IWO on sheer desire and anticipation to give meaning to his insignificant life. Abandonned as Child is was put into a Orphanage until he escaped ath the age of 12, Little is known after that. He doesn't like talking to many people and he doesn't like you. He wants to be feared, he wants satisfaction and he wants to win.....

A Side Note: Dante loves to Gamble....

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