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Default IWO REDEMPTION WK 2: Results

IWO Redemption countdown runs out as the Fireworks at the Ramp way light up the arena ia a mutitude of colours as the Fans fill the atmosphere and excitement as the New IWO Title Showcase tournment will comencee tonight. The Fireworks all end as the Camera pans around teh arena catching various signs promoting their heros...


**The camera focuses upon Alli and his group sitting backstage laughing as they throw darts at a dartboard.**

Alli- Gentlemen you know that tonights going to be OUR night. Those fools out there have no idea whats in store for them tonight. Chris you are in store to finish off that pretender Tim Ross. I think you know what to do.

**Ali Evilly Grins as he throws a dart.**

Chris Stunner- Oh yes. Dont worry Ross will never be a bother to us again after tonight.

**Chris, picks up and throws a dart as it hits the object with a harder force**

Alli-You Dante?

**Dante grins and throws a dart without looking.**

Dante-Trust me. Ravage will not be advancing anywhere unless it is in a stretcher to the the emergency room....

**Swinn hops up on a chair and throws a dart, then picks up a gun and fires at the wall for good measure**

Swinn-I know what Im doing boss and you can count on me.

Alli- Alright gentlemen lets get out there and show them that might makes right.

**The camera turns to reveal four faces on the dart board with darts sticking in them. Ross,Cutlip,Ravage and Jason.**


*camera turns toward the entryway stage, where stunner stands, waiting for the crowd to calm with their boos*

Chris: Tonight is the night people, the night, where I get my shot, to keep on going for the IWO title. A title that will be the only thing, that helps me get over my past. A dark past....but what am I telling you people for? You know of nothing I went though. How many of you grew up in allies, hoping and praying it was over? HOW MANY?...

*Chris pauses, and looks over the crowd with a far away, but intense, look in his eyes*

Chris:The IWO title represents all of what kept me going, through all of....that. Ross, there's no way you have a chance of getting past me. There's a man on this stage...who is your problem. A problem to strong...a problem to smart...a problem too willed, to let some snob like yourself take his dreams away.

As my partner in crime, Ali, represents...if you've got the brains, if you've got the skill, and if you've got the are unstoppable. I have that Ross, you've got nothing but a cigar and a match to light it up. I've got heart, you've got coal.

So tonight, at Redemption, right here...the red will glow, the drums will beat, and Stunner will walk out, moving on to round two. Thank you, and good night...


Chris Stunner is about to leave the Ring when TIm Ross's Music airs over the arena as he marches towards the ring ready to fight...

Stunner and Ross face off in the ring. Stunner holds up his hands to Ross daring him to match strength. They clentch hands only to have Stunner kick Ross in the gut as the crowd boos. Ross falls to his knees holding his belly as stunner boots him in the face knocking him to his back. Stunner goes for a quick pin but Ross kicks out. Stunner starts to step on Ross's throat as the ref counts to four. Stunner lets go at four and begins stomping Ross's chest. He pulls ross to his feet and goes to whip him but Ross reverses it sending Stuuner crashing into the turnbuckle. As Stunner bounces back Ross hits him with a shoulder block knocking him to the ground. Ross then locks a sleeper on Stunner and Stnner fades the ref lifts his arm 1.... and again 2... suddenly the crowd begins to boo as Ross lets go when he notices Alli Sabbah walking down the ramp. As Ross argues with the ref to get rid of Alli Stunner rols out of the ring and grabs something from under the apron. Rolling back in quickly as Ross turns around. Meanwhile the ref is forcing Alli backstage under threat of a disqualification. Ross goes to Pull Stunner up as the ref is bust with Alli but Stunner bashes Ross in the face with the brass knuckles he pulled from under the ring. Stunner throws the knucks out as the ref turns from Alli. Stunner then pins Ross for the 1...2...3.....

The match is over but Stunner is not. He goes out of the ring and grabs a steel chair. He climbs back in and pushes the ref out of the way. Then he opens the chair and clamps it upon Ross's neck. The crowd screams as Stunner climbs the turnbuckle obviously going to end Ross once and for all. Suddenly the screams turn to cheers as Scorpion hits the ring carrying his trademark black bat. Stunner chooses the better part of valor and leaps out of the ring hightailing it backstage while Scorpion helps Ross to his feet and assists him out. All the while keeping watch with his bat handy.

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What a stupid idea....

**The Camera fades into Dante sitting on a Fold up steel chair starring down teh barrel of the Backstage camera...**

A Tournement to prove who is the absolute best for a Title shot, Who is apprently is the best in the IWO, Its plan to see I am that MAN! I deserve that Title, I've been here waiting patiently but all I get is weight down by lead weights, people like Cutlip who think they're better then me but who are obvious a inferior breed of wrestler and absolute moronic nimkonpoops like "The Boss" Who are just a waste of ovygen and more importantly a waste of my time and effort...

**Dante strides around the locker room looking at thecelling as he thinks over what to say next...**

As for my match tonight, A Walk in the park, Ravange is a piece of trash compaired to a true hero, no champion, no God like me. He's not even worth my time and effort, What a way to treat such a bright star in me, Have me preform with such lower class trash. I do want the fans to do one thing, not blink because as soon as you do you'll miss one important thing, The Fatal Dousage, its quick, its sudden and Will take Ravange out like a Light....

So I'm telling you, I'll win and quite easily I might add....

Because I'm clearly the better man, Hell I'm the best man since everyone here has yet to prove anything....

Unstoppable Force you better pray that God himself will do something, because I am sent on a Mission to take you down and out for the count because you're just some Smuck that bumbled his way to the top like a retard stratching up 10 Million with Money that was given to him by his own Government....

So Back to tonight, I will win, I will win next, week and the week after that and it'll just be Me at the end of tat PPV with that Heavenly finally strapped around me gorgious waist...

Well it sseems it is time so I'll see you soon Ravange...

**Dante folds up the chair and heads out of the locker room, the Camera follows Dante out as he makes his way to the arena still clutching the Chair in his hands**


Dante comes to the ring accompanied by Alli Sabbah who takes a seat with the announcers.
Ravage and Dante lock gazes as Dante enters the ring. ravage slugs Dante in the jaw sending him reeling and follows up with a dropkick to the chest sending Dante crashing to his back. Ravage then flips Dante over and locks a front face lock on him. Dante manages to crawl to the ropes and Ravage backs off. dante staggers to his feet and they face off once again. Dante swings but Ravage ducks and coops him up into a bodyslam then proceeds to throw a headlock on the winded Dante. Finally breaking the hold only to proceed to stomp on Dantes chest gain and again. Dante finally manages to roll away and gets his leg around booting Ravage in the gut. Ravage staggers away from Dante and turns back only to receive the Fatal Dousage. Dante pins Ravage and the ref counts 1...2... Ravage kicks out. As Ravage tries to stand Dante kicks him in the small of the back several times.He then stands Ravage up only to have Ravage give him an uppercut and scoop him up onto his shoulders. Ravage runs forward and powerbombs Dante right over the ropes to land on the hard floor outside the ring. The ref and Alli rush to check on Dante as Ravage gloats in the ring. Alli and the ref are deep in discussion when out of the crowd from behind Ravage comes Chris Stunner. Stunner has a chair and cracks it over the back of Ravages skull. He then picks up Ravage and delivers a Death Valley Driver. The ref begins to turn but Alli stops him pointing at Dantes bleeding head. Stunner then throws Ravage out of the ring to land on top of the ref as alli scrambles out of the way. As Stunner retreats back into the crowd alli tries to assist Dante back into the ring. He almost has him in when the ref staggers to his feet and calls for the bell. as a stunned Alli turns the announcement is made double DQ neither man advances.

Dante stands amazed and furious as Ali just stares in disbelief as he realises he may get some actual competition for his title now as he tightly grips it in his arms as we cut to a break seeing Dante Blow up at the Ring Announcer and Referee at his side.

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*Breaking the Habit blares through the arena as Jason makes his way to the ring,the crowd goes wild as Jason gets in the ring and grabs a microphone*

Jason - Well at the last show I did get my hands on Chris but it's still not over and if it ends being you and me in the finals of the tournament, then I'll beat your ass and go after the IWO Title.

*Crowd cheers*

Jason - Now,as for Rusty,you've already had your chance at the IWO Title but you failed in your attempt to win it and when you meet me in the ring you will fail once again and you'll see me winning the IWO Championship,nothing against the champ but he better watch his back if I win this tournament.

*Crowd cheers again*

Jason - I don't care who I have to go through to get to the belt,I'm determined to get my shot,and remember Chris,like I said before.......the thing between you and I is still not over,so after this tournament and after I win the belt then I will face you again,even if I don't win the belt I still want to face you so you can FEEL MY PAIN!

*Jason drops the mic and leaves the ring as the crowd goes wild for him*


Jason enters with his IWO Tag Team Title in hand and stops along the way to pose with some children as the families snap pictures. Then he goes and drops off the belt to the announcers table and rolls into the ring where Rusty waits.

The Bells sounds and Rusty slaps Jason right across the mouth with Jason returning a slap of his own. Rusty staggers back as Jason charges him and the two of them lock up in the middle of the ring. Neither one can seem to get an edge till Jason changes tactics and whips Rusty into the turnbuckle. Rusty sags against it limply and Jason sets him on the top rope and performs a suplex. Rusty crashes to the mat and rolls around while Jason gets to his feet and closes in. As Jason nears Rusty manages to get to his feet and release a jump kick to Jasons chest. He then grabs Jason and whips him into the ropes clotheslining him to the mat upon his return. As Jason is lieing there Rusty signals for the Apathy and climbs the turnbuckle leaping into the air just as Jason rolls away. Rusty tries to compensate for his leap and ends up landing on his right arm badly. He rolls around holding his arm as Jason climbs the turnbuckle and leaps out performing a frog splash on Rusty. Jason lies on Rusty as the ref counts the three.

Suddenly there is a commotion outside the ring and Swinn is seen running up the ramp with Jasons title. Jason notices as Swinn disappears backstage and starts to follow. Suddenly Linkin Parks Runaway blasts through the arena and an unknown figure in Black Cargo pants and a white bandanna comes out. In one hand he holds Jasons title. In the other is a bloody barbwire covered stick. He walks to the ring and tosses Jason his title giving him a big thumbs up and walks away leaving Jason holding his title stunned. The crowd cheers as the unknown leaves.

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*A big explosion of pyro and then "To Awake and Avenge the Dead" hits the pa. Johnny Rage struts out to the ring*

Well here i am. In the IWO ring with a shot to capture what should have been rightfully mine since day one, The IWO heavyweight title. Forever your eyes will hold the memory of me defeating Cutlip, driving his head into the mat with an earth shattering Meltdown and my hand being raised in victory. Cutlip, why do you think you can even step in the ring with me? What have you done thats so great? Have you left peoples blood spread across mats all across the united states? Have you been feared by some of the most fierce competitors that wrestling has to offer? I think not. You are nothing to me. You can't even be compared to some of the worst I have faced in the crapiest highschool gyms in nowheresville,usa. When you are lying on the mat i really want you to immortalize that moment. I want you to just carve it in to your memory. I want you to be able to remember the exact moment that you and the world realized that you are nothing compared to me, Johnny Rage.

*pauses and gets round of boos*

Do you fans actually think he has a chance against someone like me? How can you even think that Cutlip even has a chance against me? Have you fans not seen some of my matches? Have you not seen how easily I can take out someone? Well here is the chance to see what I can, you millions of fans can watch how easily I will take out Cutlip and then later become IWO World Champion. And when I am Champion don't say I didn't warn you.

*Johnny Rage walks out of the ring as the camera fades to a commerical*

**A Video airs as we see The IWO champion sitting as a Backstage area with teh Gold over his shoulder as he gives the camera a cold icy stare**

Well..The Pinnacle of my Carrer..Yes..It truly is.. See..I've done a lot in my carrer..faced the best,beaten the best..and was the first ever AWF World Champion..But This World Championship..It's Special. See..This is the IWO..The Fed thats sweeping the world today..The best Talent from all over the World came here..and..The Old Guard Remains on Top...That being..Me.

Parity is something that is unavoidable..especially in the business..You can't hold a top spot for very long..Because they're just too many quality guys back there hunting you down..But You See..I've broken the Mold..for 3 Years..I've remained at the top of My Game...And Everyone knows that..Parity doesn't effect me..Because there is not one single person who can tell me I'm not the best in the World at what I do..because I have the Proof that I am..and it's on my Shoulder.

As Far As The Tournament..I have no problem with it..If it gives me my best opponent...Fine..Plus it gives me more of a Cahnce to scout my opponents for that Extra Edge..

But it all means nothing anyway..The Fact is none of them will beat me..The IWO is looking at a long championship reign By me..and the only way I'm going to be after I take my last Breath..So Boys..Have Fun in your Tournament..And May God have Mercy on whoever wins..


*The lights in the arena go out, only to have a blue glow come over the place, Kenny Wayne Shephard's "Blue on Black" comes over the PA. when at the top of the stage, an unknown appears, the only thing the crowd has to go on is the fact that the words dogcatcher are written on his wrestling pants. He spots a shirt that says "The Crew" on it and slowly makes his way to the ring, climbing through the second rope and asking the announcer for a mic*

I want to be very clear here, I am the Dogcatcher, and I am here to rid the IWO of the heaping pile of dog crap that is staining this organization. I have travelled the world all over, and never have i witness such a travesty as this place. Now I know what you all are thinking, who the hell is this guy, well the answer is very simple..I'm your worst nightmare, brought to life and multiplied by 10. You see this fed lacks imagination, the competition here is weak at best. So I came here to clean this place up, to neuter the unwanted dead weight that seems to be lingering around this hellhole. I don't want to keep anyone guessing, I have a very short agenda, and at the top of it is one thing. That is to be the IWO heavyweight champion. I understand that I am the outsider here, that I will have to work my way up to the top, which is fine with me. But everyone in the back, and all you fans in this building need to realize one thing, my second goal is to hurt people. I have no sympathy for little maggots like the wrestlers running around this place. Their little tourney you guys are having, means nothing to me. But do know one thing, working my way to the top will be very easy and very messy. Give me the bottom of this crap pile, and let me start there, I will show everyone what the meaning of pain really is. For the next few months, you will witness the greatest wrestler to ever step foot in a IWO ring. You will witness innovation like you have never seen before. With me, I bring some of the most innovative matches from all over the world, and from inside my sadistic head. Two things are going to happen, one I will work my way to the top, and two people will be visiting the hospital night after night. I plan to carve each and every superstar in this fed up like a christmas turkey, and leave your pitiful souls laying in a pool of your own blood. So anyone out there that wants to step into the Dogpound and witness what horror lies inside this head of mine, be my guest, you will be treated to not only the most innovative match you have ever seen, but you will also have a hospital bed with your name on it waiting afterwards. IWO you have been warned, prepare to feel the rage of the dogcatcher.

*Crowd stares in shock, as the dogcatcher leaves the arena to his theme music*


**Mercy Drive's Follow hits the arena as The man they call Cutlip comes out**

*Crowd cheers as Cutlip comes in the ring and quickly gets a mic*

"Dante, THIS IS FAR FROM OVER! I have had it with you, or the three sons of bitches you align yourself with. But among other things, Tonite I have a match with a man named Rage, You know, I find it kind of amusing that you say "Come on,Give it to me!" Now that "it" simply means anything you want it to be. For you, tonite the term "it" will symbolize the pain,agony,blood and destruction of Rage. Because you see Tonite, My match isn't with Rage, my match is with Dante, because Rage is going to symbolize the loss and defeats Dante's been causing me."

"Now the fact only one of my partners did some work in our supposedly "3 on 4" match wasn't good enough. That match, because I had an idiotic human being on my side of the ropes, turned into a 2 on 4 match. Now Jason and I can handle ourselves. But when one of your own teammates clotheslines you, and that was all he did, It obviously turns the tables on you. Jason and I had that match won, but because of TR clotheslined me, we lost. "

*Crowd boos*

"Now all the anger, all the frustration I have in my head will all be taken out on you, Rage, I don't even care about this whole round crap, it doesn't matter, all that matters tonite, I will clam your crapp down your throat!"

*Crowd pops*

*Cutlip is about to leave when Rage's music starts up again as he makes his way back tot he ring...*


Michael Spencer gets into the ring to anounce due to the Double Disqualification in the Dante Ravange match that Rage and Cutlip will automatically advance on, But due to the request and the accepted challenge from the two parties the match is still under way.

Rage makes his way back tothe ring as they already know they've advanced on as they start up a smash mouth brawl. Rage and Cutlip just begin with a huge fist fight as they continue to pummel each other with a barrage of fists and wlbows, Cutlip works Rage into the corner but Rage reverse Cutlip into the corner and begins with a heavy varrage of hooks to the head and gut. Cutlip fights his way out with chops and forearms when Rage knees him in the gut andplants him with a DDT! Rage hops back to his feet instantly and drops 3 hard elbows before he goes for a quick pin, 1....2.... and Cutlip rolls the shoulder off the mat. Both men get back to their feet as they start up again with a fist brawl this time with Rage knocking Cutlip down with 4 consecutive fists and a clothesline, Rage tries to mount Cutlip but Culip springs him off with his legs as Rage is sent flailling back onto the ropes, Cutlip dashes back and Clothesline him and Rage right over the Ropes to spill out onto the outside of the ring to the hard padding of the inch think black gym mats.

Both men stagger back to a vertical base as they continue to bralw outside of the ring, Cutlip throws Rage accross the announcer tables to spill out on the other side, Cutlip follows behind the Table when Rage swings savagely with a Steel Chair but misses and KO's the Commentator Steve Role, As Andy lays motionless besides Bazz who stands to the far left watchinging this out of hand fight escalate. Cutlip grabs Rage's head and bangs it against the Commentators tables then climbs teh tbales and clotheslines him right over the Barricade into the fans. They continue to fight away as Cutlip grabs a cup ful of French fries as he cleans Rage over teh head with it as an explosion fries splatter everywhere. They eventually make their way tot he side exits tot he backstage as they continue to throw each other into nearby ojbects just as Rage gets the upper hand after he brutually flings Cutlip into the canteen leaving a huge indentation...

Dante takes Rage out with a huge shoulder barge and waits for Cutlip to get back up as he tosses a Folded chair right to Cutlip who catches it and as Dante tries to boot it into Cutlip face but Cutlip Ducks and Decks Dante over the head with the Chair, Cutlip then jarrs the Chair right into the gut of Dante while he lays on the ground as a act of pure hatred and then mounts him and lays in furious right hadns rocking Dante rocking like a fish out of water when Rage gets back to his feet, Clubs Cutlip in the back of the head and lifts Cutlip off the floor and hoists him into his shoulders for the Meltdown and flings him into the pile of boxes full of equitment and wiring as the Refs finally get back there to get Rage away from the beaten Cutlip....

While Dante crawls away getting out of the carnage...

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*faint plays and the crowd cheers as tony fisher comes out of the mist jumping up and down milking the crowd*

*fisher runs into the ring excitedly and throws his tshirt into the crowd then poses on each turnbuckle*

*gets a mic from ringside*

"last week at redemtion i defeated "the boss" right in the middle of the ring 1...2...3. not only did i win i did something ive never done before. after i monkey flipped that jobber into the middle of the ring the adrenaline was pumping through me like bever before. i climbed to the top rope and i flipped and landed knees first in his chest. Im gonna call this new move the A-bomb nad youre gonna see it much more often. This was the first time i have performed this move and i am quite proud of myself. but i didnt do it to win the match. no! i did it because i wanted to show you..the IWO fans, something new and diffferent. another thing. im a nice guy so i didnt humiliate the guy. but....this week i am gonna humiliate justin sayne and put on the best match i can and im gonna do it for you guys."

*fisher runs around the ring slapping hands all the way around the ring and both sides of the ramp*

*gets to the top of the ramp and hesitates*

" ready now!! get out here now or im gonna come back there and make you come out here"

*the crowd cheers and then quietens in anticpation of tony fisher's opponent and next victim*

*total silence for a moment*



As Justin Sayne hops into the ring Tony Fisher stares him down as the Bell sounds for this Match up, Tony Fisher hits a Snap Suplex straight away to kick off the match. Tony Fisher raises Justin back to his feet but Justin tries to fight out but Tony hooks his arm, spings him around and plants him with a lSpike DDT! TOny goes for a Pin but Sayne kicks out, They both get back to their feet as they start up a big fist fight, Justin Sayne starts to wear away Tony but Tony ducks around one and hits a Back chest to the chest of Justin and Monkey flips him as he falls back into the turnbuckle. Justin Sayne however flips out just before he hits the mat but Tony Fisher hooks Justin up for a Backdrop when Justin switches positions and goes for a German Suplex but Antony flips out and lands on the top rope somehow and hits a hard missile dropkick right in the centre of Justin's back prepelling him across the ring on his face. Antony rolls back to his back and Nips right up to the approval of the Crowd as he stops to pose, However Justin rushes back to his feet as he wipes out Antony while he show boats for the crowd...

Justin starts stomping away at Tony in the corner with absolte furry but the ref eventually gets him away from the ropes, TOny struggles back to this feet but just as Justin goes for another kick Tony catches his feet spins him around as Tony spins the opposite direction and as they met again Antony hits a hard falling discus Clothesline; shades of Diamond Dallas Page. Tony fisher rolls Justin over for the pin, 1....2....Kick-out! Tony gets back to his feet as he signals for the end, Antony climsb for the Top rope when Justin Sayne claws hi way back to his feet using the ropes and knocks Tony off by putting him off balance, TOny lands hard on his back as Justin Sayne climbs to the top signalling for the 630 Senton Splash in and on\e quick movement snaps his body back then flings hismelf foward rotating like a top when Tony Fisher in a last ditch effort to survive raises his knees and Justin Sayne Literally Folds in half right over Tony from the sick Impact, Tony rolls over and pins the broken Justin for the easy three adn Medical Attention is brought to the ring after that Wicked manuvour and counter...

Tony Fisher is announced the winner of the Special Stipulation match as Ali Sabbah makes hi way out with his Belt over his shoulder and mic in his hands, "My, My Friend, Quite a Match you put on there and I'm quite impressed with your quick think but I'm here to tell you the fantastic news...."

The corwd wait in curiousity as Ali Sabbah looks around building sepences...

"You My Friend have teh honour of facing me Right now for My Middleweight Title!...."

**The Crowd boo**

"But no this won't be a normal singles match it will be a Three on One Handicap, NO DQ Match-up! The only way you can win is by pinning me...."

** Ali Sabbah begins to evilly laugh as The Crowd Boo Louder**


Dante and Chris Stunner walk out behind Ali Sabbah as they all March towards the ring, Tony Fisher tries to back away but Little Swinn has snuck in from the crowd climbed the top rope and hit a Flying Bulldog to Knock Tony Fisher to the Mat, Dante adn Chris roll intot he ring as they Stomp away at the Lifeless body of Tony Fisher exhausted after his match..

Chris picks Tony up and he tries his bst to fight out with a few lefts and rights but Dante swifty cuts him down with a swift kick to the groin and hits a Fatal Dousage as a add on, The ref at this point is powerless as all 3 men continue the assult as Chris Stunner picks him Back up and hits the Chris Stunner Burnout aas he hits not s he drives Tony face first into the canvas. Even little Swinn jumps up and down on Tony's body as Dante and Chris Raise him up again for Ali Sabbah hits the Closing Deal imediatly followed by the Inflation Aerial for the exclaimation point for the easy Win...

Ali Places a signle foot on Tony's chest as the Ref gets down to count the 3 count, 1...2....3!

Ali Grabs a mic and states to the audience and the rest of the World...

"That is just a taste of our power My Friend.... If you're not with us, You Have No Chance in the IWO! Because we're running things from now on!"

IWO Redemption Runs off the Air
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Great Job Dante if I didnt know better Id swear you had help with it. Shhhhhhh.
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I really enjoy the way our feud is going Dante.Great show, and great work man!
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Side Effect is Jeff Goldblum's first spoken line on film.Side Effect is Jeff Goldblum's first spoken line on film.Side Effect is Jeff Goldblum's first spoken line on film.Side Effect is Jeff Goldblum's first spoken line on film.Side Effect is Jeff Goldblum's first spoken line on film.Side Effect is Jeff Goldblum's first spoken line on film.Side Effect is Jeff Goldblum's first spoken line on film.Side Effect is Jeff Goldblum's first spoken line on film.Side Effect is Jeff Goldblum's first spoken line on film.Side Effect is Jeff Goldblum's first spoken line on film.Side Effect is Jeff Goldblum's first spoken line on film.

Good job, Dante and Al...erm...yah....

I enjoyed it.
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great show dante nice work
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