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IWO Redemption Wk 2:
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Default IWO Redemption Wk 2:

The Countdown runs out for IWO Redemption as the colourful pyro lit up the arena as we pan accross the arena chatching the excitement and atmoosphere of the live crowd. A Video clip featurette was shown highlighting the Morello & Force Last man Standing Match as he revisit how Rusty couted both men out. The Crowd cheers as the Video ends with Rusty stating the obvious...Triple threat!

Mercy Drive’s Follow begins to play as a mysterious man,who no one in the IWO audience has seen before The man is CUTLIP!

picks up mic as fans are confused whether to boo him or cheer him

“I came here to kick ass.Dante if you want a challenge,i will give you a challenge of a lifetime, and kid this ain't going to be no walk in the park for you.Maybe for me,but I'm sure you already knew that.Everyone backstage is already saying 'cutlip won't make a good debut' and 'cutlip this' cutlip that' and i'm getting sick of it.I'm going to prove to the wor....."

Stops on his own word as he stands and thinks about it

"No, you know what, screw that shit, I don't have to prove shit to you dumb assclowns,I can clam each and everyone of yous crap down your throat in seconds if I wanted to. I'm going to win IWO Gold the minute I step into the ring with whoever wins it between the three of those ignorant remedial freaks.I could really care less who wins it, because I'm going to squash whoever it should be."

Turns to other side of audience

Now all you annyoing idiotic simpletons are here to see people get there ass kicked right?

waits for an answer from the audience but gets unpatient due to to noone responding


crowd cheers

Well, I'm here for just that.....and more

You see when I was let go from AWA, they let me go, not because I couldn't wrestle. Let's say it was more of a "behavior conduct" situation if you will.

But just to clarify that I am not only here to kick ass, and capture IWO Gold.I'm here to get fan reaction.......................................... ...FAN REACTION FOR BEATING THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF ANYONE THAT GETS IN MY WAY!You people are so in the head...You people are probably the most idiotic people I've ever seen.I really don't gi....

Crowd automatically cuts him off as they boo him and chant "CUTLIP SUCKS, CUTLIP SUCKS" and are no longer confused by this ignorant man they call Cutlip

“As I was saying, I don’t give a shit… no no no, I don’t give two shits….no screw that….I don’t even give three shits about making you people happy and making you cheer for me. As a matter of fact, I don’t care if you love me, or hate me. I don’t care if you automatically change your channel when you see me on your T.V. I’m not here for your “positive” reactions and what not. I’m simply here for one damn reason and one reason only……To capture IWO Gold in a “get-out-of-my-way-or-i-kick-your-ass” fashion. Because if you piss me off,even just a little bit, I will take you out of this world!!!!
begins to raise voice

I don’t give a damn who you are, I don't give a damn if you are ranting things like you're my first big test in the IWO.....give me a break.Better yet let me give you a break to your whole fuckin body. You get in my way, I beat the crap out of you…plain and simple….

Looks around at crowd,puts the mic down as if he’s done and acts very calm, but in less than 5 seconds,he picks it up with a very angry tone and yells his lungs out

“ COME TONITE, DANTE,I WILL TAKE YOU OUT OF THE WORLD OF WRESTLING,I WILL TAKE YOU OUT SO BAD, YOU'RE GOING TO WISH I NEVER JOINED IWO.SO EITHER GET YOUR SIMPLETON PATHETIC LIFE SOMEWHERE ELSE BECAUSE IF YOU GET IN MY WAY....better yet, i'll make you get in my way,just so i can have a purpose to beat the living shit out of you…plain and simple........You better begin to dig a coffin for yourself Dante, make sure it's in the middle of nowhere as well just so you don't annoy people with your annoying presence,TONITE I WILL CLAM YOUR CRAP DOWN YOUR THROAT!!!


The Searing burn of a lit cigarette once again lights up the dark room

Welcome.....Welcome to my House.....

A Dull click is heard as a Single light hovering just above Dante's head lights up the room like a Gold Christmas tree, We find Dante slouched over a rusty stool face away from the camera

The Carema zooms in as Dante, Takes the cigarette out of his mouth and face the Camera

Cutlip, A strange name for opponent but I have yet to see your work. Be asure my friend you stand little to no chance of coming out of your debut match a victor. I know a lot about pain, God knows I can take it and definetly diss it out but what you'll be experiencing will be sheer agony. Now listen here Rookie in the IWO you have to earn your stripes so you're first big test comes with me. Now really you only have two options get in the ring and lay on your back to aviod the imminent torture that will inflicted into your soft body....or....if you choose otherwise or you can try and fight back, Truth be told not many have succeed with Option B.

Dante drops and shakes his head with a manicial grin, Dante still grasping the half burnt away cigarette flicks it away to the side as he re-fouces back onto the camera.

Frankly lately my opponents have been somewhat unworthy of my greatness, Last Weeks match seemed like a cakewalk hell I've broken a sweat for less then that. But apprently now I'm just here as the welcoming commity for Green Rookies like yourself. Unworthy, talentless and just plain clueless smucks drain to the IWO with dreams of greatness and fame. Kinda like a sheep being led to the slaughter you have no idea what you're in for because I'm here to give you the biggest reality check you'll ever recieve, The only thing standing in your way is yourself. Its you that has dreams of being a star, its you that thinks you has\ve all heart needed but it also you that doesn't stand a chance here, You're self blindness will be your maker as you will be nothing more then a Blonde joke, Once you heard one you've heard them all. Now I've heard and seen all the talentless bums that have pasted through the IWO and buddy you're dancing on a thin line and just looking at somebody like you gets me so damn mad, Lord help me I just might hurt myself from the mere thought of your kind in the same ring as me....

I just wish I had more of a Challenge, That's all I ask! I guess a lowlife like yourself will atleast hold up a decent fight for the first 45 seconds....

Dante merely shrugs

You never know, Bigger Miracles have happened but you'll need God himself to stop me from the First Class ass whomping awaiting you, So I guess I'll see you soon, Oh and One more piece of Advice....

Dante step cloer towards the camera giving a cold death stare right down the barrel of the lens...

You better have a good dentist because he'll be pulling the teeth out of your throat after the Massacre.....

Dante steps back under the dull light bulb, raises his arm as the same click echoes through the room as it once again returns to darkness.....

- Commerical Break, When we come back the Cutlip Vs. Dante Match! -

As we reutn we find both men already in the ring as Cutlip's music dies away in the background.
Cutlip stretches his arms and legs in his corner of the ring as he stares down Dante, Dante lays slumped in the corner with a serious and sombre expression on his face. The Ref calls for the bell and the match is officially under way.

Cutlip stands inpatiently in the middle of the ring as Dante just gives him a cold dark glaze, Furious Cutlip launches as Dante's lack of Respect with a hellacious clothesline but Dante side steps Cutlip and prepells him into the corner, Cutlip bounces off sternum first as Dante locks in a waist lock and tosses Cutlip over his head for a Release german Suplex but Cutlip flips out and lands on his feet behind Dante. Cutlip shoves Dante in the back which also sends him chest first into the corner and gets on all fours as Dante falls back and topples over Cutlip's body. Cutlip quickly grabs Dante's legs as he lifts him to catipolt Dante into the ring-corner but Dante regains his sense of balance as he lands comfortably on the second rope, hops around and hits a Spring-board Hurricanrana. As Cutlips body slides accross the ring Dante hops up and handsprings accross the ring to hit a Moonsalt Splash, Dante hooks the Leg, 1....2..Kick-out! Cutlip angrily gets back to his his feet where as Dante has already bounced off the ropes and attempted a Spinning Wheel Kick, Cutlip immediatly drops down and falls onto his stomach as Dante sails over and completely misses. Dante rolls back onto his feet but Cutlip Runs Dante clear over with a Charging Big Boot! Dante hits the mat hard and flips onto his back from the Force, Cutlip dashes over and covers Dante, 1....2...Shoulder-up!

Cutlip still focused grabs Dante and Irish whips him into the far corner, Cutlip chrages at Dante but Dante hops up onto the second rope and rolls right over Cutlip's back, Cutlip Stops himself and turns around as Dante Springs backwards and pounces foward with a Lighting Quick Thrust Kick, Cutlip imediately Swats the kick away at the last moment but Dante swings his leg a full 360' to connect with the Double Zero! Cutlip falls through the ropes from the impact and collapses to the outside of the ring. Dante pushes the ref out of the way rolls out of the ring to capitalize. Dante starts stomping away at Cutlip's back as he lays head first on the black ring mats, Dante then grabs Cutlip's Head and raises him to his feet but Cutlip elbows Dante in the stomach and thrusts im head first into the ring apron. Cutlip lays in a few hard shots to Dante Body as he slumpes over the apron. Cutlip gets around 8 good punches in when Dante blocks one wrenches Clutlip's arm over his head and rhymically hook kicks him in the head.

Dante poses for the crowd as Cutlip staggers back to his feet. Dante watches Cutlip slowly return to his feet Dante attempts a Outside Cresent kick but Dante misses as Cutlip ducks out of the way, as Dante turns around he gets trapped in Cutlip's arms when he is tossed clear over Cutlip's head as he executes a perfect belly to belly suplex. Dante is then raises to his feet and tossed back in the ring to break the 10 count, Dante slowly gets back to his feet in the ring. As Cutlip hops back into the apron he is cut short when he steps halfway through the second rope when Dante swiftly kicks the second rope intensionally low blowing Cutlip. The Ref angrily gets in his face and shouts "You can't do that!" Dante shoves the Ref out of way and as Cutlip re-entered the ring kicks him in the groin again and hits the Fatal Dousage.....

The Ref calls for the Bell as Cutlip is announced the Winner via DQ, Dante drags Cutlip's lifeless body into the corner. Cutlip lays motionless slumped over in the corner as Dante climbs the Turnbuckle on the far end of the Ring, Dante Double Throat slices towards Cutlip as he mounts to the top rope as he prepells himself from one end of the ring to the other with the Coast to Coast Senton Van-Terminator he likes to call Dealer Busts. With one smooth motion Dante flips over and mule kicks him clean in the face as the Crowd gasp in Terror. Dante limps back to his feet using the ropes for support as he shouts to Cutlip as he lays unconscious on the canvus "WELCOME TO THE IWO, BITCH!" Dante Rolls out of the Ring and Leaves.

- Commercail Break -

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As we return Arena goes instensely red, redder than ever before

Slither blasts through the ears of the fans, who are certainly confused with Stunner

Stunner saunters to the ring

Stunner: Well...first off, last week...Alli, it was great to tag with you, despite your attitude about..well, about are truely a good partner to have in the ring.

Alli, truely a shame you can't be in my corner....but I'll manage. Jason, Khaos, your time is comming. Khaos, you wont bring chaos to my ring. I'll bring chaos to your face, and Jason, well...I've got your number tonight, so watch out. I'm going to eliminate both of you just like that. *snaps fingers* Can you say injuries? Doctors and medical bills? That's what you're going to have after tonight. Elimated and sent to the hospital, have fun.... Laughs mischieveously

Oh..Alli...I will not need you, Swinn, or any of your body guards in my corner....but...with everything that you forced me to risk, I accept Swinn. Swinn, I'll see you out here.

looks at watch

Well....I think I've been in the prescense of you fans long enough. Watch yourselves Jason and Chaos...Alli...I'll see you in the back.

slams down microphone and saunters to the back in the red while fans litsen to Slither


As the camera moves into a lockeroom we see Jason,all alone and quiet

Jason - Last week at Redemption I won my first match in the IWO by defeating Rage,now I will admit that Rage was a tough opponent and he did put up a good fight,but it wasn't good enough to defeat me,though there some outside interference but that didn't really bother me all that much.

Jason is quiet for a brief moment and just stares at the ground

Jason - Now tonight I will be in a Triangle Match with Chris Stunner and Khaos,two men I'm not really familiar with but I'm sure after I win the match they will be familiar with me,I sure did leave an impression on Rage,Stunner all I see is your mouth moving but no talking out of it,you're all talk and no walk,Khaos is no big deal either.

Crowd claps

Jason - After I win the Triangle Match tonight and leave Khaos and Stunner lying lifeless in the middle of the ring....they will know who I am and they will have fealt my pain.

Chris Spencer enters the Ring as Announces the Match will take place right now.....

Slither plays over the arena again as Chris Stunner makes his way out to the ring and Khoas follows shortly afterwards.....

Jason and Chris Stunner stare other other down in the centre of the ring, Jason extends his hand to Stunner....Stunner reaches out and shakes Jason's hand in a sign of respect, Both men grin where as Khoas the third men looks at them both and smurks and quietly mubles a derogatory remark about both men's sexual preference. Jason and Chris look at each other and both rush Khoas. Jason Splashes Khoas and starts beating him senseless with a flurry of Fists, lefts and rights causing Khoas to cower in the lower turnbuckle of the corner but Jason raises him back to his feet and irish whips him towards Chris. Chris locks him up sideways and hits Khoas with a hard Side Effect. They Boths raise Khoas back to his feet as they plant him head first back into the canvas with a Double DDT! Chris Stunner then crosses his arms as Jason climbs to the top rope. Chris Raises Khoas back to his feet and hoysts him onto his Shoulders back first, Flips him around to hit his Stunner Finisher, The Crowd erupt as Chris Flips Him over and as Jason takes flight with the Frog Splash off the top, Jason sores halfway accross the ring and connects with a huge Frog Splash....1....2.....3! Khoas is first eliminated in the Triangle Match.

Jason looks up at Chris Stunner after he rolls off Khoas's body as the crowd is electric, Chris Looks around and raises his hand Jason smiles as he mets hands with Stunner as they try out a test of strength in the centre of the ring. They battle back and fourth until Chris Stunner gets the upperhand with his height advantage over Jason, Chris lets go of the Greeko Knuckle lock with one arm but keeps the grip on th lft hand, jerks Jason towards him, hooks him up under the arms and tosses him over head with a T-Bone Suplex. Chris goes for a quick cover,1...2....Kick-out! Both men reutrn to their feet as Chris snaps in a headlock and takedown Jason, Jason scissors Chris's head to get out of the Hold, They both spring back to their feet as Jason Kicks Chris in the Stomach and hits a Neckbreaker, Jason rolls over for the Cover, 1....2....shoulder up. Gets back to his feet and as he raises Chris he elbows him a few times to the head and tosses him into the Corner, Jason runs full bore at Chris and take flight with a huge jumping calf kick, But unluckily Jason wipes out over the top turnbuckle as Chris Stunner ducks the Attack. Chris Stunner takes advantage of his position and climbs to the top turnbuckle where Jason Lays. Chris lays in a few shots to the head of Jason before he hooks him in a reverse suplex position. Chris Raises his arm to the Crowd as he lifts Jason for the ride. Jason's Body flips high over Chris's as hits a reverse suplex / brainbuster from the Top Rope! Jason bounces back to his knees from the sick impact of the manuvour and just slumps back to his side. Chris is rolling around clutching his head in pain as he see another replay from a different Camera showing Chris landing straight on his neck and Jason landing straight into his face and sternum. Chris rolls back over to Jason and places a single arm over his chest. 1.....2......Foot on the ropes.

The Crowd sigh in excitement as Jason breaks the Count. Chris pushes himself further over and covers Jason properly and Hooks the Right Leg....1.....2.......Shoulder up just as the Ref was about to slap the mat for 3. Chris rolls back to his stomach as he tries to push himself back to his feet as Jason crws his way back his feet using te ropes. Both men gingerly make it back to a vertical base as they both turn to met each other Jason boots Chris to the Gut and sets him up for the Brain Damage Finisher, Jason lifts Chris up but Chris sways in mid air and lands back into his feet, Chris Backdrops Jason over his body but still holds onto Jason's Legs while Backdrop. As Jason frantically dangles over Chris's back Chris snaps him back over his shoulders hitting a devastating Spinebuster, Alabama Slam style. Jason's body bounces clean off the mat to crash back down as Chris crumbles back to his knees from the impact, For some unknown the Reason the Crowd Heavily boo Ali Sabbah's Bodyguard that Accompanied Chris to Ringside, Never the less Chris shouts "That's it!" as He runs for the Ropes and hits the Lionsalt, Chris splashes over Jason's Lifeless body and Hooks the far leg as he seemingly collapses over Jason for the pinfall...1.....2.......3! As Chris Stunner staggers back to his feet as the Ref raises his hand in victory....

We take a replay of the final seconds of the match as we see Chris Stunner holding Jason over his shoulder but from the different camera angle we see Ali Sabbah's Body Guard Swinn pop up at Ringside lean in and Nightstick swipe Jason upside the head while he laid upside on Chris's Shoulders, The Arena again erupts with a wave of boos and swearing as Chris looks at the replay for himself as he watches Ali's Bodyguard return back to the dressing room, Chris with a look of concern walks over to Jason who finally comes to pushes Chris away in Anger, Chris tries to Apologize but Jason rolls out of the ring angerily....

Suddenly the Lights go out as the arena is pitch black, A Phone ring is heard over the speakers...Earie sounds and murmuring voices are heard through the silence as loud blood chilling scream of a woman is heard as the phone line goes dead...An Evil laugh is then heard there after, "....You Never know who's on the other end of the line....." More screaming and the sound of crying echoes through the arena as the evil lauging continues to bellow louder and louder through the arena when.....SCHZZZZZZ......Absolute Silence is heard as the Lights reutrn to power. Chris stands around confused in the middle of the ring looking all over the arena searching for answers, Chris looks striaght up as he sees the outline of a Scorpion tatooed onto the roof celling, the camera gets a good shot of it as the picture is shown over the titatron, the Crowd stand there confused but intrigued as we cut to a commercial break.
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I had this match won. My hand would have been raised in victory, as Jason would be unconscious, and staring at the inside of his eyes. But no, someone who thinks they can handle the rage. Someone who thinks they can take on the power of a Meltdown has to go and ruin things for me! I had that match won Ravage, it was over, and Jason was about to go down with the power of the Meltdown. But you, you son of a bitch had to make a mistake that you will be regretting for the rest of your life. You had to interfere and cost me that match.

*Violently throws TV down smashing it against the ground, leaving room barely lit*

Tonight will be a night that IWO will never forget. Tonight is a First Blood match. And Ravage I guarantee you that the first blood will be shed by you. You made me feel such rage last week when you cost me my first singles match here in IWO. Do you know what it feels like to lose your first match in front of millions of people because of some punk that thinks he can maybe step on over me? Well Ravage, it’s not going to happen. Tonight is the day you pay for what you did. Tonight Redemption takes on a whole new meaning. Tonight I finally make Ravage feel as I felt last week as his blood spills out on the canvas and my hand is raised in victory.

*Camera Zooms in closer, to his intense face. Cuts to video hyping up First Blood Match*

- Commercial break, Wehen we return the First Blood Match! -

Both men walk to the centre of the ring as the Ref has a quick run down of the rules with the combatants of the First blood before he rings the bell and the match is under. Rage Shoves Ravage as Ravage quickly reotrts with a hard slap, angerily Rage and Ravage close upon each other screaming in each others faces when Suddenly Ravage swings a fist at Rage hitting him with a series of punches staggering Rage backwards in the ring. Rage finally manages to avoid the constant punches by falling to the apron and rolling out of the ring. Ravage is not having any of that and jumps onto the ropes twisting as he goes into a flying moonsault with which he lands squarely upon Rage. However Ravage is down it appears he has landed on his head from the Replau short after and is rolling around in pain clutching at his face. Rage begins to rise and looks at Ravage with a look of concern on his face he motions for the ref to call the paramedics and goes to help Ravage up while the ref holds up the x sign signalling injury and also signals for Paramedics. The paramedics are coming from the back to help Ravage whom Rage is talking to trying to get a response from Ravage when suddenly he throws Ravage up onto his shoulders and viciously executes the Meltdown hurling him straight into the ringpost. You could hear the sick impact of his head slam against the dull shake of steel as his body completely twists the opposite direction of his head as Blood flys everywhere. Rage begins to celebrate his victory while the medics and ref attend to Ravage. Rage drops out of the ring and grabs the ref insisting that his hand be raised to the disgust of all the fans. The ref raises his hand and goes back to helping Ravage. The crowd sits in stunned silence wondering if Ravage will live as we see a deep gasp on the side of his face while the medic tend to him, Rage walks triumptantly up the ramp as smiles at his own Handywork.

- The Camera cuts away for a Commerical break -
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The Camera moves towards Ross' Town Car

Ross Rolls down the window

What? What do you want? Never a got-damn second of peace around here, eh?

Do you think I need this? Some special stipulation where I can't hit a man? What a load of crap. I don't need this, I don't need you, I don't need any damned adulation from the boatload of toothless, poor, hick bastards. Yeah, boo me...

The Crowd Boos

Oh yeah! I'm loving this... I am LOOOOOOVING this. You people will do EXACTLY, EXACTLY, EXACTLY, whatever I want. You can keep on wasting your breath.... the only issue I have is with the smell...

Now to you, Sabbah. Your offer is intriguing, but I work alone... for now. I will see you on the battlefield. I don't give a damn about you, this match, the welfare of this federation. I don't even care about the gold.

I have conquered everything I've wanted to conquer. You, Sabbah, are a stepping stone. This interveiw is over, get that got-damn thing out of my sight.

Rolls up window


The camera shifts to the locker room where Alli Sabbah is celebrating with his wives. Swinn is djing and the sounds of Kool and the Gangs Celebration is pumping from the speakers. Alli turns and sees the camera giving his winning smile.

Oh hello again my friends. I am glad you could arrive here for my wonderful occasion. I have just received a wonderful gift from the owner of the IWO and we are having a party to celebrate.

With that said one of his bodyguards walk in with a rather large package wrapped in multicolored paper with a bow on it. Alli rips it open and looks inside. He gasps in surprise and smiles. Reaching in he pulls out the IWO middleweight title to a chorus of cheers from Swinn and his wives. However the cheers are soon drowned out by the chorus of boos and chants of Bullsh!t,Buuuuulllllshit!!!!!!!!!

Oh my friends it appears that the owner is such a shrewd individual he sees the benefit of having an esteemed individual such as myself wearing the title.

People are heard shouting things like. You bought it, Fn liar, etc....

Oh yes and Chris I am glad that we won our match and I wish I could be there in your corner during your match next week unfortunately I have to prepare for my match against Tim Ross. However I shall not leave an investment like you to fend for himself. I will let you choose whom may accompany you to the ring. Either Swinn or one of my bodyguards will be in your corner with you if you so choose.

The crowd are still booing and yelling things like leave the poor guy alone and let him wrestle, he doesnt need your help, etc....

Ok and now to address my opponant. Mr. Ross I have heard about you in certain circles and I have an idea about you. I am wondering why two esteemed individuals such as ourselves even need to wrestle against each other. We should pool our resources and become The Conglomorate! With our money and wit the whole of the IWO could not stand the three of us. The third member being Chris Stunner of course even us men of means needs someone to do our dirty work sometimes. I do so hate getting my hands messy. I look forward to hearing you answer once we meet in the ring and hopefully we will have prosperous business relations in the future.

Alli turns to his celebration raising his title in the air as the crowd boos loudly. The camera fades out however the boos remain for quite some time after.

- Commerical break, The Ali Sabbah vs. TIm Ross Old School Rules Match is Next! -

As Sabbah is carried into the Ring while rubbing his shinny Middleweight Title he grins with satisfaction as he stares down T.R, TIm Ross stands there in the far corner checking his nails and running his hands through his sleek hair. Sabbah struts into the ring as the Ref calls both men to the centre of the ring. Ali and Tim stare each other down as the Ref does the quick run down of a Old School Match. Ali Sabbah gets right in the face of TIm Ross, Starts huffing and Puffing and starts running around screaming just running around the ring in some strange trance, He stops after a while and re-faces Tim who stands there confused, Ali steps a little closer then BAM! Ali sneakily Chops TIm Ross square in the throat, Tim Ross crumbles down to one knee as he supports himself up with one hand to prevent himself from falling. Ali Sabbah sweeps Tim Ross's hand from under him as he falls flat on his face. Sabbah quickly wrenches Tim Ross's Arm behind is back but Tim Ross looks around and snapmare's Ali over his shoulder into a Reverse Chin Lock, Sabbah stands back to his feet with Tim and positions his body around Ross's and Attempts a Backdrop but Tim blocks it into a snap headlock takeover and continues the pressure on the mat, Ali Sabbah wiggles his way out of Tim Ross's grip as he locks in a waist lock from behind, Tim Ross hooks Sabbah leg as he sweeps him off his feet and goes for a pin, 1....Tim quickly puts his feet on the ropes...2.....The Looks up and catches Tim in the act and orders him to get off the ropes. Tim does so and holds his hands above his heads saying "What? I didn't do Shit!" Tim Ross continues the the fight as he strides over to Ali Sabbah and starts clubbing away on Sabbah's back, Sabbah gets knocked down the fourth and sweeps Tim Ross's feet from under him. Sabbah Hooks both legs and attempts a Figure Four but Tim Ross gets a foot loose and pushes Ali Sabbah into the ref, Ali stops before he can hurt the ref but as he turns around Tim Runs runs him over with a Massive Clothesline, Tim Ross glides back over for the pin, 1....2....shoulder-up. Tim Ross gets into the ref faces holding three fingers up shouting, "IT WAS 3!"

Frustraded TIm Ross returns back to Ali Sabbah who quickly locks in a small package pin...1......2......Kick-out! The Match continues on with Ali Sabbah drop toe holding TIm Ross and floating over to lock in a Camel Clutch, While this is happening two Georgous looking Women hop up onto the apron and wave seductively at the ref. Distracted the Ref turns away from the Action as Sabbah takes off his Sash and starts choking away at Tim Ross, The Two Women run their fingers through the hair as Tim Ross's Face turns beet Red, Sabbah hops off Rosss back and drags Tim Ross accross the Ring as he tosses the sash over the top rope, gets to the outside of the ring and begins to rising Tim Ross as if he was Hanging him medievel style, Sabbah continues the pressure until the sash Breaks under the pressure, Tim Ross is rolling around the ring coughing and struggling to breathe. Still the ref is still dazed by the Two Women seductively rubbing their hands up and down his body. Tim Ross claws his way back to his feet, I stumbles around a little but Ali Sabbah spins him around, pokes him in the eye, kicks him in the groin and Drills him with the Closing Deal, The Crowd Heavily boo as the Women get off the apron and blow a kiss to the ref, Ali Screams "Count!" Alarmed the Ref quickly Slides over and administeres the 3 count, 1....2.....3!

The Bell sounds as Ali Sabbah is announced the winner, Ali Sabbah gets his hand raises as he rolls out of the ring. He walks over to the two young beautiful ladies that distracted the refeere at Ringside and hands them each a wod of Cash, the Crowd Heavily boo Ali Sabbah out of the Entrance way as he walks out proudly blowing kisses to his adoring fans. Ali Sabbah holds his Middleweight Championship up in the air as he walks out rubbing it nestled over his shoulder.

- Commerical Break -
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I am an enigma wrapped in flesh.

I am apathy incarnate.

Your wounds will never faze me.

The screen goes from dark to a shot of Rusty Cooledge, sitting on a streetside curb. Newspapers blow around, a car zooms by every few seconds, temporarily obstructing our view of the man no one can predict nor understand.

Morello and Force... I have wasted far too much time on you two. I am a man with a purpose. You two have nothing to do with it. You are obstructions in the path to my true beginning. You have delayed me long enough already. I hope you learned something from your last man standing match. When I was the last man standing, what were your last thoughts? Or were you left unconscious by me, uncapable of grasping or feeling the sensations of my world?

What was it like to look up from there, seeing me in all my never ending glory, above you both? You see, you two are a waste of my time. A waste of my breath, my energy, my senses, my brain power. There are greater things in store for me. You two, on the other hand, have nothing but mediocrity.

More cars zoom by now.

We will be having a match. A 3 way match. It should be rather delightful and entertaining. I myself can hardly wait for it. Though I suppose that is a saying which has no meaning. Hardly wait for it? As if I could jump up and say, I will not wait any longer, and suddenly we are at the match? Such a meaningless cliche. A useless phrase.

In that respect, it is similar to any claims of victory you two may make yet. I hate to be a spoiler, but neither of you are going to be winning this match. Only I, Rusty Coolest, the Aerial Anarchy, will be victorious.


Tony... your material possessions will matter not soon my friend. Your suave fashions, your impeccable style, all will be meaningless when the time of quantities with purpose comes.


You see, Tony, which is what I will call you whether you are bothered by it or not, I have something you don't. Know what that is?


I'll never tell.


You see my friend, the best tool of destruction a man can have is secrets. Unpredictability. All out insanity. You have none of that. You are just some piece of trash Italian mob boss wannabe. You are a fake. You are a joke. You are a loser.


And whether you like it or not...


I know your every motive. Your every move. Your every thought. You


...Are a formula that just needs to be plugged in.

Force... Unstoppable Force...


Quite the title to give yourself. Tell me, I've always wanted to know, who wins: The Unstoppable Force, or the Immovable Object? What if I am that immovable object, Force?


What if I am your natural born enemy that you can never break through, never beat, never get past? What if you are unstoppable, and I am unmoveable?


You will never get past me.

And if you are unstoppable... is it as simple as stepping aside, and watching you form your own demise, unable to stop yourself from destruction? Unable to stop yourself from defeat?

You are unstoppable alright.


Unstoppable isn't always a good thing though.


Come our meeting, all I have said will come true.


All I fantasize will become your reality.


And all I dream...


Will be your demise...


As the last car passes, Rusty suddenly is gone. The camera pans up to catch a glimpse of the crescent moon among the dark clouds, permeating them in brilliance borrowed from the sun. As we fade, we hear...



*Chuckles*...You Know the old sayin that you can't trust anyone?..Well I guess that works here..Rusty...I thought you would of given a fair decision last week...but I guess not...You had to make sure niether of us came out on boost your small pathetic ego..To get some sort of make yourself the "True" Last Man Standing...

But Here's the thing Rusty...your not a're nothing but a little runt...A disgrace to the industry itself..You do your little promos with cars zooming by and such...Trying to give the fans some sort of meaning behind the promo..To confuse your opponents..I guess...It would be Ring Psycology..*laughs*..But theres no such thing as that anymore..The Wrestling Business has advanced...your words don't strike fear in me..or anyone For that Matter...You're in the position you're in strictly because of luck..thats all..You Think you're really something because you hit two guys who had been through a tough match..and laid them out?..Yeah..Thats True Toughness Right There.

Belive Me..You are no unmovable object...Not At All..Let's see what you've done against me...Thats Right..Nothing..You kicked me after a match..Yay For You...That just gives you plenty of material for your little speeches...But..You need to remember..The Unstoppable force..Always beats the Immovable Object..Becuase I don't have to move You Rusty...I just have to pin your shoulders for 3 Seconds..Thats all anyone has to do to beat you...You're going to get knocked off that little high horse of yours soon enough..belive that...But the true test Will be when we go at it one on one..For that World Title..But I'll settle for my appetizer This Week..

Now Tony..Obviously you had no chance against me last week..Everyone in the arena knew who was going to when that Last Man Standing Match..including yourself..And It Was in a sense...Rusty saved you from getting embarrased..Kept me from exposing the Fraud You Truely..See..You cna have your fake Mob attitude...and it may scare some...but not me...As Far as I'm concerned..All You Are is A Sopranos Casting Reject who is just clinging on..trying to keep in the spotlight..

But Alas Folks...You still won't see my true strength...because this match isn't one on one..Which leaves the possibility of both of the pussies screwing me over to cover up their faults..But Belive me..The Time Will Come..My Plan is slowly..but surely taking it's course..Tony..You will be my first victim..then Rusty..I don't care if I beat you this week or not...Just as long as I pin one of you..But In the Ultimate chase for the Title..I will outlast tony...And I will pick you apart for that World Title..

For the first time in my carrer..I have something to prove..I have to show everyone that these two are not better than me..So You Could say..I'm in a new territory...An Unfamiliar Circumstance..But Thats all will see soon..I will prove myself...And I will take that next step toward the ultimate goal...just sit Enjoy the Destruction..

- The Camera Cuts away for the Final Commerical break! Next The Main Event! -
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Rusty gets into the ring with no music or without a care as the Crowd rally up to see these three men go at it, Morello volenteers to be the tag-In man as Force and Rusty start up the match, They stride around the ring keeping an opem eye for Morello as they lock it up with a collar and elbow tie up in the centre of the Ring. Rusty begins to get the upperhand when Force just grabs Rusty by the Troat with both hands and Tosses him clean accross the ring into the Corner. Force Walks patiently over has He Grabs Rusty's head, lifts him away from the Floor as he floors him with a Massive crushing Right hand. Force steps on Rusty's throat as he leans on the ropes for Leverage, Force begins screaming at Rusty. "YOu Worthless piece of Shit, You're nothing but a Fluke!" Force is forced to get off Rusty's throat as the Ref exceeds the 5 count and gives Force a stern warning. Force Backs away as he waits for Rusty to get to his feet, Rusty slowly but surely gets back to his feet clutching his throat as Force gurdles towards him but Rusty slides to the side and Drop toe holds Force spilling him straight into the Middle Turnbuckle. Rusty steps on Force's head further driving his head into the turnbuckle just before Rusty lays in some stiff right kicks to Force's lower Back. Force stumbles back to his feet as Rusty locks him up in a waist lock and attempts a German Suplex, Rusty Lifts Force but Force rolls over behind his back and Snap German Suplexes him, but Rusty flips over just above Force's head and locks his head in for a Reverse DDT off the German Spulex. Rusty quickly covers..1....2....shoulder-up!

Rusty sits up on his knees wondering what to do just as Morello gets a Blind Tag into the match and hops into the ring, Rusty confused is forced to the apron as he watches Morello start Stomping away on Force. Morello stand Force up and hits 3 huge right hands before Force knees him in the gut and Plants him with a Huge Spine tingling Spinebuster in the centre of the ring. he drops to his knees and covers Morello...1....2....Kick-out! Force tosses Morello back to his feet as he Whips him off the ropes to hit a Hit Spinning Powerslam, He hooks the leg again...1....2.....Rusty makes the save. Force stares Down Rusty evilly and tosses Morello into the Corner, "Tag In!" Force shouts at Rusty, Rusty Slaps Morello on the chest as he re enteres the ring, Rusty Hops in as Force attempts to punch Rusty but Rusty Block and Roundhouse Kicks him in the head, Rusty Rusty Whips him accross the rings to the Ropes and as He comes back hits a Flipping Hurricanrana. Rusty runs again at Force as he hops onto his shoulders and Lands a Tornado DDT! He covers him quickly...1.....2......Shoulder-up! Both men dart back to their feet as Rusty Hits a flurry of Elbows and tries to Kick Force but Force catches Rusty's Foot, Jerks him towards him and lays him out with a savage Clothesline counter. He attempts a pin...1....2......shoulder-up!

Frustated Force Mounts Rusty and begins laying in a barrage of Fists, left and rights right to Rusty's face in pure rage, The Ref is warning Force if he doesn't stop he'll DQ him, So Force dangerously inrage Rolls off. Force Signals for the end as He lifts Rusty off the mat and positions him in the Powerbomb Position, Force looks out to the Crowd as he straightens Rusty upright but Rusty sweeps hios Legs and tries to lock in the Trouble Breathing Submission, Rusty struggles to keep Force still as he squworms around trying to avoid the hold as much as Possible, Eventually Force wiggles his way to the ropes and holds them in desperation, Unwillingly Morello somehow again tags himself back into the Match and starts beating away on Rusty's back. Morello Lays out Rusty with a Huge Swinging Neckbreaker, Cover...1....2....Shoulder-up! Morello Lock Rusty up and lifts him back to His Feet as he executes a Snap german Suplex, After the impact he continues to hold on and Goes for a Second, Slam! He holds on furhter more as he goes for a Third and again Rustys Body Slams against the Hard canvas but Morello still refuses to let go as he raises Rusty back to his feet but he hooks his head going for the Omertá but Rusty elbows Morello repeatatively in the gut and Turns around to Hit a High Snap Suplex, Rusty swivels the hips to again Bring them both to a vertical base as Rusty Hooks Morello's Left Leg as he Executes the Fisherman Suplex with Bridge, 1....2......Force Sledge's Rusty in the Stomach to break the Count. Force returns back to his corner as Both men struggle to their feet. Rusty and Morello stagger back to their feet as they met once again sluging it out, Rusty gets the upperhand so Morello stumbles back as he rests on the ropes, quickly Force gets a Blind tag on Morello as he pats him on the lower back, as the ref calls Force in Rusty whips Morello to the otherside of the Ropes and Catches Morello with a Sliding Sidekick to kock him clear out of it. Rusty drags Morello to the corner as he signals for the Apathy, Rusty Climsb to the top rope as he sways a little to retain balance But Force shoves the ropes to knock Rusty off balance to send Rusty landing awkawdly on his groin on the top rope, Force dashes over and takes advantage of this as h slides Rusty's head under his arm where in one Quick Motion Force Spikes Rusty's Skull back into the canvas below with a Reverse Spike DDT off the Top! Force grins evilly as he pins Rusty...1.....2......3! Ding Ding, Force stands up as he announced the winner and his hand is raised.

Force climbs the far corner as he poses for the crowd with his hands around his waists saying "That Title is Mine!" The Crowd continue to cheer Force as IWO Redemption Runs off the Air.....
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Alli the Guru
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Awesome job.
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That was awesome aweosme work Dante,I was heavily anticipating it as well.Well kind of bummed I won my match by DQ but,the ending was pure friggin Gold.Once again good job man.
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Jason is fat like a planet.Jason is fat like a planet.Jason is fat like a planet.Jason is fat like a planet.Jason is fat like a planet.Jason is fat like a planet.Jason is fat like a planet.Jason is fat like a planet.Jason is fat like a planet.Jason is fat like a planet.Jason is fat like a planet.
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Great show Dante,though I did lose my match I will say that it was an awesome one,maybe this could mean that a feud between Alli and I could begin

Anyways,as I said before,great show.
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Alli the Guru
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Now why would anyone want to fued with me.
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Oh, you didn't know?
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fantastic job, Dante.....


"you never know who's on the other end of the line".......

edit.....I tried to rep you, but I can't as of can tell that you really worked hard on this one man.....great job.....
Originally Posted by STICK View Post

Maybe someone swapped your keyboard with Toof's. His always seemed broken too.
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Great great work Dante, you've been doing an awesome job. And Jason...I'd be the one you feud with
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Not half bad, Dante.
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