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IWO Redemption
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Exclamation IWO Redemption

The Countdown runs down as IWO Redemption is on the air, the crowd cheer as the colourful pyro spray although out the arena.

A Video Clip is then shown from Tough love highlight all those who were eliminated in the Battle Royal, One by one with the music Montague getting louder and louder as the music quickly deep when it comes to the final Four! Blow after blown is re-powered through deep bass thuds, Ali Sabbah is eliminated, The Tempo gets faster, Blow after blow the combatants fight harder and harder, Force getting the upper hand as he sets up for a Unstoppable Bomb when the silence of the music cut when Rusty soars over and knocks them both out. Rusty wins! Rusty Wins!

The Music quickly changes as the Shadowy boss appears at the entrance ramp, “Rusty, You will decide these two men’s fate for the IWO title at No Remorse when you ref their Last Man Standing Match!” The Camera catches the empty glares of all 3 men as the camera shot fades to black with a maniacal laugh.


The Camera focuses upon a locker room empty except for Alli Sabbah reclining upon a pile of cushions being attended to by several of his beautiful wives. There is a knock upon the door and a rather plain looking lady in business attire enters.

Secretary: Mr. Sabbah the owner of the IWO is now ready to see you.

Alli: Ahh I see it is time for a new business proposition. If you would excuse me my darlings.

He stands waving off his wives as he and the owner’s secretary walk out the door leaving the wives giggling as if at a secret joke.

The secretary leads him to a large set of double doors and motions towards it. Alli enters.

Inside the room is lavishly furnished and seated at the far end is a shadowy figure seated at a large desk.

Alli: Gretings Sir I hope the accommodations I have provided you have met your purposes.

Shadowy figure merely nods.

Alli: Also Sir have you had the time to go over the letter I had sent to you and considered my generous offer?

Once again merely a nod from behind the desk.

Alli: Well Sir I have had my attorneys draw up a contract that would allow us to solidify our agreement legally. I will sum it up for you. Basically it says here that as the new owner of this arena I am allowed under your current contract to disallow any threats to my guests from entering the building. The threats being all the other wrestlers. However in return for a small consideration which you may recall my other letter mentioning I am willing to at a great sacrifice to myself strike that clause from this current contract. Also if by any chance I am to hold a title in your federation for the length of my title run you shall be allowed to use my premises to host any of your wrestling shows at a mere half price of your previous price. Basically Sir we both win as you see.

Alli slides a paper across the desk which the shadowy figure grabs up and reads intently. The figure then signs it and hands it back to Alli.

Alli then walks from the room as the camera fades.


(Alli Sabbah comes walking out to the ring minus his usual bodyguards a to know music. The usually flamboyant salesman seems unusually somber as he walks to the ring with his head bowed. He puts the mic to his mouth without raising his head and begins to speak in a sad voice,)

My dear friends and customers... I have disturbing news. I have searched high and low for someone worthy of joining up with me to crush those two infidels Boss and Untouchable whose names leave a slimy film on my tongue.

(He spits in disgust.)

So far I have failed in my attempts although.....

(He raises his head and reveals a big grin.)

However dear friends being the resourceful businessman that I am there is a proposition I am prepared to make.

CHRIS STUNNER! Yes my friend I have been paying close attention to you and I have what you desire. Well at least I have what you desire to avoid at least. SWINN SHOW THE FOOTAGE.

(The titantron comes on showing Alli standing in front of a strange building. The Alli on the screen begins to speak.)

Does this area look familiar Chris? It should. There are a lot of people in there who would just love to see you.

(The Alli on the screen holds up a piece of paper and begins to speak again.)

Guess who just purchased this little piece of property? Oh yes I did. However if you would be willing to team up with me next week I might not shut down this building for one of my warehouses and let the inhabitants know it is because of your failure to comply. I look forward to our mutual partnership and expect you to be there in top form. Who knows maybe you will realize in the meantime just how beneficial a partnership with a man of means such as myself can be.

(The titantron goes off and Alli once again begins to address the audience.)

As a gesture of good faith Chris I have a gift for you.

(Alli claps three times and a bodyguard rushes out and hands him a pair of keys.)

These here are the keys to your new Mercedes Chris and you can pick them up at the arena at your leisure. Its the perfect car to assist in running away from er I mean forgetting the past.

(Mountain song begins to play as Alli walks back up the aisle as stunned silence from the surprised crowd follows him. After a minute boos fill the air again.)


(Arena goes intensely red, as the White America theme plays loudly to the fans)

(Stunner walks slowly through the curtain, yet stops as though he's thinking about an important decsion)

(There is a mic in his hand, the fans wait chanting 'Stunner, Stunner, Stunner'.)

(Stunner steps in the ring, walks to the center)

Stunner: "Oh my.."


Stunner: "I saw that footage, Alli. How you found out about MY past, is a question only you can answer. I'd like to know as soon as possible. That building is the Earth version...of HELL. You have no idea what goes on in there, all the plans..."

(Stunner pauses and looks worried as though he's said too much already)

Stunner: " Alli, I found the keys you left by my locker-room door. I went, I saw, and I thank you. But that Mercades is just another reminder, another bribe, to get me to do what you want. A reminder because it reminds of...that building, that hell, that prison..."


Stunner: "Alli, you've put me in a tough spot, do I look out for my past, or my future? I guess in this situation, if I look out for my past I protect my future, and if I look out for my future, I'm protecting my past. You, sir, are a true business man. You sir, are a sick business man. I suppose I must accept your offer, it's just the right thing to do...maybe."

(pause...takes a few paces towards exiting the ring)

Stunner: "One thing is for sure, though, The Boss and UnTouchable are going down, tonight"

(Arena goes intensely red and White America blasts through the ears of every curious fan).

The Tag Match is coming up NEXT!

Stunner and untouchable begin the match. Clothesline attempt by untouchable, but Stunner ducks the clothesline, and follows with a dropkick. Untouchable turns around. Attempted snap suplex by stunner. But untouchable powers out of it, and hits a hard ddt. Cover, but only gets 2. Tag to boss. Boss grabs the prone stunner, and hits a Diving power bomb. Cover, but this time Sabbah breaks it up. Boss picks up stunner, but this time Stunner low blows him behind the ref's back as the ref gets Sabbah back to his corner. Stunner goes for the tag, but Boss grabs his head, and hits a reverse DDT. Cover, only gets a 2 count. Tag back into Untouchable, who hits a flipping senton. He picks up stunner, and signals for the powerbomb, but stunner hits a hurricanrana in mid move. Tag to sabbah. Sabbah its Untouchable with a facebuster. And follows with a vertical suplex onto Untouchable. Then a headlock. but boss quickly breaks it. Stunner hits a springboard dropkick onto boss. sabbah then follows with an Irish whip into the corner. He hits the 10 punch maneuver. Kick to Untouchable's sternum and Sabbah attempts the closing deal, reversed in mid move by Untouchable. Sabbah turns around dizzily, and gets a Spike piledriver by Untouchable. 1.....2...... Stunner able to make the save before the 3. He drags Sabbah into his corner. Sabbah makes the tag, adn so does Untouchable. ddt by Stunner. cover, only a 2. Boss punches stunner in the stomach as stunner attemps to pick him up. Goes for the loaded weapon, but before he can drop him, Stunner slides behind boss. bulldog by stunner takes down Boss. Then follows with the lionsault. 1.....2.... Untouchable breaks it up. .Sabbah comes in and hits a series of rights, and sets him up for the closing deal, when he accidently causes Untouchable to hit Stunner from behind. Stunner is, well..... stunned. Boss hits the Silver hammer. 1..... 2.......Ali Sabbah makes a save, Ali Sabbah grab Boss and Untocuable’s heads and clash them together, Ali Sabbah grabs Boss’s head and tosses him over the ropes as Untouchable turns around to receive the Closing Deal, 1….2…..3!

Ali Sabbah and Chris Suntter are anounceced the winners.....

Writer: Forgotten Sin

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Ravage is sitting in his Crawl space, watching a taped version of Tough love.

"Tough love, a night that was supposed to be the crowning of my legacy in the IWO. a night where i would show the world my true Fury, My Anger, and the night that was supposed to be the night that showcased my Victory over all others, was taken away from me. taken away By Rage.

i look at the footage, and if it wasn't for you holding the Damn ropes, i would be holding MY championship, and you would have just resumed Jerking the curtain. However, now you have to suffer for your actions. I have some unfinished business with you, and at some point, somewhere down the line, i will make you suffer unfathomable agony. i will beat the ever-loving Shit out of you, and leave you a rotting Foul carcass, awaiting it's Trip to the morgue. Rage, I’ll make this warning now, no matter where you are. at home, at the airport, even in this arena, you better make sure you watch your back. Because I will be watching, waiting for my opportunity to strike. and when you are ready..........

Then come on, Give it to me!

Rage, I’ll be seeing you real soon........"

light fades

*Breaking the Habit blares through the arena as Jason walks out to the ramp holding his side, the crowd is on their feet cheering for him as he steps into the ring and grabs a mic*

Jason - first match was at Tough Love in the battle royal and I lost, no hard feelings towards the winner Rusty, who was the guy that elminated me,I'd like to say congratulations to Rusty.

*Crowd claps and cheers*

Jason - Now with all that aside I would like to talk about my match tonight, I have a match with the man known as Rage. I would just like to warn Rage that he's going to regret stepping into the ring with me, I’m going to do whatever it takes to win the match tonight.

*Crowd cheers*

Jason - Anybody who steps into the ring with me and after done with them will regret ever thinking that they will beat me. If I have to go through every superstar in the IWO to get to a championship, then like I said before, I will do whatever it takes.

*Jason stands silently for a moment*

Jason - Everyone will feel my pain!

*Jason drops the mic and leaves the ring as the crowd cheers for him*

*Camera cuts to a dressing that has been destroyed. Zooms in on Johnny Rage holding a chair with a crazed look in his eyes. *

Words cannot describe the rage that is building up in me right now. There I was about to make history, become the number one contender to the IWO Heavyweight Championship, then Ravage, goes and screws everything up. He screwed me over; I should be the number one contender right now. He screwed me over, so if he is going to screw me over, I thought I might as well payback the favor. So, Ravage you’re telling me that you will be seeing me soon. Bring it on; I am ready for anything that you got. I don’t think you know what you’ve gotten yourself into. And tonight Ravage you will see what I can do when I go up against Jason.

*Crowd Cheers*

Jason, tonight I am almost feeling sorry for you. You have to be standing in the ring opposite of me. You will be used to show Ravage and the world the power of me, Johnny Rage. I will stop at nothing to reach my goal and right now that is the IWO Title and right now you’re just a stepping-stone. I don’t care if I am swimming in pools of my own blood, or can’t even walk after the match as long as I beat you I will be a happy man. You will be thoroughly destroyed by me, and if that punk Ravage shows up I will embarrass the both of you by kicking both your asses. So tonight Jason, when you come to the ring be prepared to be staring at the lights come the end of the match. And Ravage you better watch where you step.

*Camera fades out as Johnny Rage tosses the chair on the ground and leaves the dressing room*

The Match is Up NEXT!

**Commercial break!**
Breaking the habit finishing playing as Jason looks up as Rage towers over him, the bell rings has Rage grabs Jason and tosses him into the corner and smacks him around, He hits stiff back elbows ramming hem repetitively into Jason’s head when the ref’s pulls him off warning him to get him off the ropes. Rage pushes the ref out of the way as he whips Jason all the way to the other side of the ring as Jason ricochets off the far corner and Rage hits a devastating clothesline to knock Jason clear off his feet. Rage goes for the cover, 1….2…kick-out! Rage picks Jason up off the mat and shouts “It’s over!” He goes for the Meltdown but Jason slips off his shoulders behind his back and lock in a sleeper hold, Rage flicks his body forward to Pull Jason off his feet but Jason counter acts and cups his hands around his head and nails a reverse X-Factor. Jason reaches over to Rage’s leg, 1…..2...Shoulder up!

Rage rolls back to his feet as Jason meets him with a high dropkick, Rage bounces off the ropes from the dropkick, stumbles back to fall into a Drop Toe Hold. Jason floats over to Rage to lock in a front headlock slowing the pace down. Rage seems to faded out as Jason continues the pressure but Rage works his way back to his feet to break Jason’s grasp, He breaks free and goes for a DDT on Jason, Rage falls back but Jason shrugs him off as Rage falls back with nothing, Jason gets Rage’s leg and using the leverage from the standing crab position slingshots Rage into the ropes behind him, Rage bounces back as Jason outstretches his legs and kneels for a quick pin, 1…..2…..kick-Out!

Rage springs up to his feet and attempts to big boot Jason, Jason’s grabs his foot and spins him around, Jason spins the alternate direction and as they re-met Jason hits a Hard Spinning Discus clothesline! Jason points to the top as he signals for the Frog Splash, Jason climbs the to the top rope as he fist pumps to the crowd, He positions himself perfectly and executes a high soaring Frog Splash, Jason is just about to make contract with Rage’s body as Rage at the last moment raises his knees to drive into Jason’s stomach wrenching his air born body over his knees. Jason rolls around in pain as Rage staggers to a vertical base.

Ravage walks down the ramp way with a chair in his hands as Rage grabs Jason off the mat angrily, Ravage puts the chair onto the ring apron and hops up into the apron as well. The ref comes over and yells at Ravage to get off the apron, Ravage mouths off at the ref when finally Rage marches and leaves Jason, Ravage kicks the chair towardsJason while he talks to the ref. Rage pushes the ref out of the way as Ravage latches onto Rage’s head and hangs him over the ropes, the ref slides out to the ring and send Ravage backstage, Ravage looks on innocently with his hands up distracting the ref. Back in the ring Jason Nails Rage in the stomach with the chair, tosses it to the side and loads up for the Brain Damage. Jason hooks up both arms and splash, Lands the Brain Damage right on the chair. Jason rolls Rage’s body over as he hooks both legs for the pin. Ravage finally walks out as the ref rushes back into the ring to administer the count, 1…..2…….3! The crowd erupt as Jason is declared the Winner.

Writer: RKO

After the match Ravage hops back into the ring and stalks the weakened body of Rage, Ravage picks up the chair and starts hitting him with it, repeatativly until he folds out in the center of the ring, Ravage picks rage back up to his feet, Holds his head and starts shounting "You Scrweed Me Over, Now You feel MY PAIN!" Ravage snaps Rage over onto his shoulders as he drives Rage into the folded out chair with a Ravage Driver....

Ravage then gets up and poses towards the crowd as he spits on Rage just before he leaves the ring satisfied.

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The guitar riff from Take me out hits the speakers as Dante makes his way out to the ring.

Wrestl of barbs plays as Psycho exits.


Psycho hits the first move which is a kitchen sink kick to the midsection of Dante. a hard knee drop by psycho to the Head of Dante. cover, gets only a 1. Dante gets to his feet. Psycho runs at him, and Dante turns it into a deep arm drag. he then picks Psycho up, and follows with a stiff dropkick. Psycho rests in the corner, and Dante hits a monkey flip. Psycho gets to his feet. Dante attempts a running enziguri, but Psycho ducks in time. Dante hits the ground with a thud. Psycho puts Dante in a headlock. it takes a minute, but Dante powers out. Dante gets to his feet, and breaks out of the headlock, and follows with an Irish whip, but Psycho reverse it. Psycho goes for the back drop, but it's reversed into a hurricanrana. Dante goes for the cover, only gets a 2. dante picks him up, and hits a spinning ddt, but It's reversed into a northern lights suplex. 1...2... kick out by Dante. Dante kicks Psycho, and goes for a second attempt at the Spinning ddt. this time it connects. Dante goes to the top rope, and hits a moonsault 1.....2.... Psycho kicks out. dant picks him up, but psycho Kicks him in the gut. Psycho attempts the kryptonite krunch, and connects. 1....2.... no! Dante gets the shoulder up. Psycho tries it again, but Dante blocks the attempt, and hits a complete shot. Cover, 1.....2.... Nope. only a 2. leg drop on the prone Psycho. cover, but psycho gets the shoulder up at 1this time. Dante picks him up, but Psycho reverses it into a cradle. 1...2... not yet. Dante hits a kip up, and hits a running eziguri. Picks him up, and hits a death roll. 1.......2.......... no! Psycho still gets the shoulder up. Dante gets to the ropes, and hits a Roll A 7 to Psycho. Cover again. 1......2....... 3. Dante wins. The match, Psycho starts to mutilate himself after the match. Dante just shakes his head and walks up the ramp.

Winner: Dante.

Writer: Forgotten Sin
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The arena is filled to the brim awaiting the action to take place tonight. Anxious to see the aftermath of Tough Love, the crowd is ready to go through the roof at any moment.

He walks down the ramp with a purpose. Down the ramp, onto the apron, through the ropes, and suddenly, he's there. The crowd is ecstatic, each trying to personally congratulate him on winning the Tough Love battle royal.

He has a microphone in hand, as he raises his left finger to calm the din of the crowd. They immediatly become quiet, as he pulls the microphone to his mouth.


The crowd cheers again, but Rusty cuts them off and continues.

It was all as I said. It was all as I said. At Tough Love, I won the battle royal, and subsequently, have recieved a number one contendor slot to the currently vacant IWO world title.

He pauses as the crowd begins to chant his name.

So what.

the arena gets silent.

So what.

3 cheers, I got a title shot.

I was reviewing Tough Love this morning, and I saw that Tony Morello had said something interesting. Something about how he is here for the world title.

What an empty existance you must lead.

The crowd is mildly confused. Rusty meanders around the ring, staring at the ground before him with every calculated step, face partially obscured by his long blue bangs.

Titles.... Titles mean nothing. You've seen one, or two in my case, you've seen em all.

After I won that battle royal, everyone screamed, "He must be here to win the title, he wouldn't tell us exactly why he was here last time, so that must be it." Well I hate to let you down, but that world title is not why I'm here.

The title is but a fringe benefit in something much more important.

I'm not gonna prove to you I can hold some fucking title over my shoulder every week, play it like a gawd damn guitar, and sit on my ass every week.

One thing I will prove though... Is my dominance in this sport.

Of course, I will leave that all to you, to speak of my accomplishments. To praise my accomplishments.

While I fucking do them.

The crowd cheers for this.

Before I go, I may as well address the number one contendor match to see who will be facing me for the title, Mr. Morello, and Mr. Force.

Quite frankly... I know exactly who i want to win that match... I know full well.

But which will it be?

Choice A? Choice B?

Which one of you will I let win?

The crowd is lost at this point.

Time will tell. Should be a good match, and I do hope you all stick around long enough to see it.

To see just how my mind actually works.

Choice A, or choice B, choice A, choice B...

Rusty repeats this over and over again as he gets out of the ring, and walks up the ramp to the back.

Choice A, or choice B. Choice A, or choice B. Choice A, or choice B. Choice A, or choice B. Choice A, or choice B. Choice A, or choice B. Choice A, or choice B. Choice A, or choice B...


Maybe I was wrong...Maybe my destiny wasn't to win the battle royal last week,Maybe,Someone,Somewhere,thought it wasn't right......

But thats fine..You see..I still belive in destiny,because destiny is all about how you take it. My destiny still is to be the World Champion,and trust me,that will happen,but to get to that goal now...It's just going to take a little more work..which is something I do more than anyone on this roster. I'm in that ring..Every Day..Working..To become the best..Do I have to?..Certainly Not..Anyone can tell you I'm the best this company has to offer..But it's about being at your highest level every match..And You all will see that this week..

First off,I would like to go back to last week..The Battle Royal..It was a superb match..and everyone who was in it..gave it their maximum effort..I'm sure..But..That wasn't good enough to outlast least for the majority of the Wrestlers..It was just..Morello..and Rusty...they were just a little better than me that night..Maybe I was a little off..that was the first match in a long while for me..But I'm never one to make excuses..I learn from mistakes..And I made the biggest of my life last week..I let the biggest oppertunity any wrestler can ever have..slip through my palms..

But thats OK...I've been granted with a second chance to prove my worth..I've been granted a last man Standing Match..with the man who outlasted me..And one day hasn't gone by this week..that I haven't thought of how I'm going to make him pay for what he did..Make him pay for taking my oppertunity...Make him pay for making everyone think...That he is somehow..a better man than me..

But You See...Tony...You didn't win that battle Royal also weren't the best man that night..You snuck around in that battle a snake..just slithering around..trying to just outlast everyone..and you did a great job...Hell..In the final even took it to me a little bit..and I did the same to you..But Like I outlasted me..But I don't respect you for that...Wouldn't that just be the customary thing to do?..Respect someone who stayed in the fight longer?..

Tony..You have to earn my respect..and until you beat me one on was nothing short of a fluke..Personally..a Last Man Standing all that I can ask for..and more..Throwing someone over a top's nothing..comapred to the satisfaction you get..of knowing you knocked another man Around..So Bad..that he can't even reach his feet..Knowing..that on that night..You were That much better than the opponent you were up against..Nothing...In this business..can compare to that..Except for the World Championship..

So..Now we're on to Rusty..The Wild Card in this whole thing..As much as I hate to admit it..he holds all the cards...he can make me or break me..and I don't like giving anyone else that Power..He won the battle Royal...and I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me...or Tony for that Matter..But..The Man seems like a fair human being..and I trust that he would call this thing right down the middle..But Rusty...If you don''ll never even see your title shot..because I will end your carrer so fast..your head will spin..

Tony..You're just another stepping stone On my climb to the top of the mountain..Just another rock..that my foot will land on..I used to respect you...but that all changed..The World title is more important than any kind of respesct you could give to anyone...Do I sound obsessed?..Maybe..Do I Sound Delusional?..Maybe..But You'll all see..that I mean business..And Tony..get prepared for a knockout...because that Unstoppable in fact...Unstoppable..


**Morello is seen backstage, getting a haircut with his barber, Joey. One of his 'boys', Pauly, is guarding the door. The crowd boos. Morello is talking to his barber.**

Morello: You know another thing that pisses me off Joey? These fucking lowlives that say to me, "Morello, you need to earn my respect." Gimme a break, y'know? They think that at Tough Love, I was wimpin' out and shit by taking it easy in that Battle Royale.

Joey: (mutters) Lowlives...

Morello: I tell you now, my friend, that is not a wimpy thing to do. It is a smart thing to do. I told the world last week, that what I bring to the table is the smartest gameplan of all time. I showed that last week. Anyway, that idiot says I haven't gained his respect? Then why did he say, "I used to respect you" right at the end of his little inspirational talk? What a moron!

Joey: Well why didn't you win last week, Tony?

Morello: Don't question me. I was about to get to that anyway... So anyway, I was in the ring, kickin' ass, takin' names, y'know, and anyway, in the crowd, I spot this hot dame in the crowd. Blonde hair, blue eyes, big baloogas, y'know, you can't get any better. I wave to her and, baddaboom, I'm eliminated! It's crazy, I tell ya, Rusty, that fuckin' lowlife, sayin' he won, man, later that night, me and that broad... I won, Joey.

**Door knocks**

Morello: Pauly, get that will ya?

Pauly: Yes Boss.

**Pauly answers the door. The woman Morello was describing is there.**

Morello: (to Joey, quietly) It's that dame, man... not that bad a looker, eh? *Clears throat* Ciao, bella, talk later OK? I got a match tonight.

**Pauly shuts the door**

Morello: I tell ya, Joey, she may be eye candy but that's all she's good for... dumb broad...

Joey: Tony, didn't you hear what Rusty said about your existance because you're here for the title?

Morello: I heard. What an idiot! He talks about how you don't need titles, and they're useless and shit, and how you need to prove your dominance instead? The moron didn't realise that the best way to prove your dominance in this industry is to be the World Heavyweight Champion - there's no better way - but no, that's not enough for that insecure little gothic princess.

Joey: Done.

Morello: Good work, Giuseppe. I love your work. **Slips Joey a $100 bill.** If Rusty knows what's good for business... he'll referee to my liking. Catchya later, Joey.

**Morello leaves. The camera fades out as Pauly shuts the door behind Morello.**
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Morello and Force stare each other down in the opposite corners, Rusty steps in the middle of the ring and calls for the bell as the Match is officially under-way. The both met up in the centre of the ring trash talking for a bit, Morello gets annoyed and shoves Force, Force steps back and shoves back harder. Morello stumbles back as Force grins evilly. Morello walks up and slaps Force right in the face and begins fire a flurry of right hands to his face sending Force back into the ropes, Morello quickly whips Force to the other side but Force reverses and hits a Big Power Slam! Force hooks the leg for a quick pin, Rusty stand over head shrugging and saying “It’s a Last Man Standing Match idiot!” to Force. They both spring back up to their feet, Force quickly attempts a standing clothesline but Morello ducks, grabs his hand and wrenches it behind his back, Force tries to reach around but Morello drops down and hooks in a inverted arm bar on Force as he lays stomach first on the mat. Rusty is standing in the corner shrugging; Force looks around look for a way out and catches Morello off guard with a elbow to the head. Morello stumbles back to his feet as Force jumps back to his and scores with a big boot to Morello as he holds his face from the surprise elbow.

Force mounts Morello and starts’ laying in stiff fists right to Morello’s temple, Rusty comes over and pulls Force off and gives him a mouth full. “Hey! Watch the clenched fists!” Force shoves Rusty down angrily and yells “You can’t do shit boy, Just count to ten when I’m done with him!” Rusty gets up with a clenched fist just about to hit Force when Morello comes from behind to double axe handle him in the back. Morello begins to stomp away on Force. After a while Morello walks around the ring with his arms on his hips looking out towards the crowd who in turn heavily boo as he passes by. Morello blows a kiss to a young lady in the audience as he picks up Force off the mat, nut that distraction cost him as Force lifts Morello and plants him back into the mat with a Spine buster. Force rolls onto his back side, “Count!” he shouts! Rusty begins to count…1…..2……Morello begins to stir…..3…..4…..Morello rolls onto his knees at 6…..Morello get up shakily. But out of nowhere Force hits a massive clothesline turning Morello inside out. Rusty begins to count both men out, 1…..2…….Force struggles back up and looks over at Morello, 3……Morello looks up and reaches for the ropes. 4…..5……6……Morello hoists himself back to his feet using the ropes. Morello sways a bit just as Force takes a swing at Morello but Morello hooks Force’s right arm with his arm, ducks under his body, twirls Force around him his arm and Nail a Implanter DDT! The crowd begins to count them both out with Rusty……1……2……3………4….Morello rolls onto his stomach…..5…….Morello gets onto one knees while Force just begins to come around……6…….7…….Force struggles to One Knee breaking the count. Both men groggily stand each other down exhausted and fatigued. Morello strikes first with a rocking punch to Force, Force returns it with a harder punch, Morello thrusts his weight into another brutal punch, Force staggers back, bounces off the ropes and using the momentum strikes back with another vicious punch. Both men continue to slug it out, punch after punch, the crowd slowly getting into it picking sides as they exchange punch after punch, eventually Force’s Height and Strength over come Morello’s spirit as Force successfully land 3 continuous punches in a row. Force grabs Morello’s head as he winds up for the Fourth, Force stretches back and let loose with a savage swing but fail to connect as Morello slips below his fist, dodges and darts behind him as he goes for His Test Drive Finish, Force reverses it into a standing DDT position but Morello capitalises with a snap Northern lights Suplex. Rusty counts again 1……2………Morello rolls back to his knees and slowly rises back to his feet. He floats over to Force’s body to break the count as he picks him up off the mat. Force struggles back to his feet and collapses to his knees as Morello tries to rises him. Frustrated Morello holds onto Force’s body to lift him again when Force blatantly low blows Morello right in front of Rusty who is powerless to this kind of situation. Force takes advantage of the remobilised Morello and sets up for a Powerbomb. Morello taunts Morello as he signals for the end with the throat cut, lifts Morello up and with tremendous force Morello’s Body explodes against the canvas as the loud thud echoes around the arena.

Force awaits the count from Rusty, But Rusty is silent and is standing there doing nothing with his arms crossed and his head turned away. Bewildered Force confronts Rusty and shouts “Count!” Furious Force decks Rusty, Rusty sits straight after the punch holding his jaw and stares at Force who is still scream at him to count Morello out. Rusty gets up and dusts himself up and kicks Force in the stomach and hits his Finisher. By now Morello has stumbled back to his feet facing away from the Action, Morello turns around to be dealt the same fate Force suffered. Rusty then counts them both out…..1….2….3….4….5…..6….7…Both Men stir a little…8…Morello rolls onto his stomach in pain…...9……Both men exhausted remain down as the count ends...10!!! Rusty calls for the bell as the Match is a ….Draw? Rusty grabs a microphone from Ringside, gets back into the ring and stands over the two men with the mic.

Winner: No Contest
Writer: RKO

Does this scene look familiar to anyone other than me?

*Rusty motions around him to the downed combatants, and points at himself afterwards.*

At Tough Love, I eliminated both these men, thus giving me the victory. And tonight, I have once again defeated both of these men. This is a trend that you may see happen more as the weeks go by.

By being given the position of referee of this match, I was basically handed the responsibility of choosing who would go on to face me for the title. Honestly, I don't find either of you very impressive, thus I would rather neither of you were handed the chance to become world champion.

As far as I am concerned... I'm the champ already.

I am the man to beat. I am the one you seek. I am the one guaranfuckingteed to be in the match for the world title. You two were mere options, choice A, choice B.

But I don't go by the choices handed to me, I go by the choices I make on my own. I went with choice X. Show you two exactly what you are dealing with, right now.

Which one of you will I be facing to fight for that world title? That hardly matters to me tonight. I have higher things on my agenda. And you just were made to understand who I fucking am.

Choice A, Choice B... either way... I win.

**Rusty toss the mic on Morello's body and kicks Force in the head as he leave...**

IWO Redmeption, runs off air...
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Alli the Guru
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Good job I look forward to more of the same.
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I do love feedback...

If any Feedback, please share them....
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Great show.
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Good job except for my name is Stunner, not suntter

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good show RKO. it's good to see this is still going well, and i'll still try to add even with my somewhat fucked cpu at home.

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Good jorb!!!
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