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Redemption 22.2 April 16, 2008
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Default Redemption 22.2 April 16, 2008

*fireworks explode as Redemption comes on the air, the camera shows the crowd, and they are going wild...We join marv and tater*

M: Welcome to redemption everyone, where tonight in the main event, we get to see two great athletes do battle one more time.

T: That's right Marv, it will be Force defending his TV Title against a man that well, last week snapped the ankle of Deathshock, and this week Crusher wants to do the same to Force.

M: This will be another classic battle to add to their already legendary rivalry.

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*The crowd boos as DC and Wilma head down to the ring*

M: Here comes the former World Champion, and he does not look happy.

T: He was robbed of his title last week, and you can tell he wants it back.

*DC hobbles into the ring and gets a mic as the crowd boos*

DC: I don't expect a lot from you people.


DC: But What I do expect is to be taken seriously. I expect to be treated like a champion and lately that hasn't happened.


DC: What I want is a rematch. I want my world title back and I am not leaving this ring until I get it!

*Crowd boos*

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M: Well here comes the commish of the IWO Gene Smith.

T: He better have the right answers or else DC might just beat his ass.

*Smith gets in the ring and takes a mic*

Smith: So you want your rematch do you.

DC: Damn right I do.

Smith: Well DC, you may get it, if you can prove you deserve it.

DC: What?!!!

*DC goes crazy in the ring*

DC: You owe me a rematch.

Smith: Maybe, but you see I am about ratings..I am about pleasing these fans!

*crowd cheers*

Smith: So next week it's going to be DC taking on Unstoppable Force in Argentina for the right to face the World Champion at Reckless Reunion.

DC: Force! Force! He cost me my title, and now he gets a chance to become number one contender.

Smith: That's what I said.

DC: Well Smith, mark my words, I will make Force pay, and I will get back my title, and when I do, you are the first person that will bow down at my feet!

*DC slams the mic down and him and Wilma leave the ring*

M: DC not happy one bit.

T: Smith better watch his back.



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M: here comes Alli Sabbah, A guy who last week said the fans dislike him.

T: Listen to the boos you can tell they do.

*Sabbah gets in the ring with his security team and waves to the crowd.*

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M: What an entrance from one of the most deadliest guys in the IWO.

T: Yeah and that Jay Smith is a smart guy, but the real question is what kind of condition is West in this week.

M: You see the bandage on his face from that incident last week.

*West jumps on to the apron and pyro goes off, he climb through the ropes as Alli's security team attacks him..*

M: The bell hasn't rung yet and those goons going after West.

T: Yeah but he is fighting back

*West throwing haymakers, and then a huge clothesline to one of the security team members..He then knees the other one in the stomach and dumps him over the top rope..Jay Smith starts kicking the guy on the ground..West picks up the other guard, and tossing him through the ropes and then looks towards Sabbah...the lights go out*

M: What the heck, the lights just went out.

T: Oh my god, did you see that.

*A flash is shown in the ring..the lights come back on and we see West again holding his the ring stands Sabbah, and Joker*

M: It's the Joker...Joker is back.

T: He just burnt West.

*Smith gets on the apron and Joker knocks him off of it, he climbs out of the ring and begins to beat down Smith...The bell sounds to start the match at Sabbah's command...Sabbah locks on his camel clutch finisher as West is bleeding from his face....the ref rings the bell as Sabbah continues to hold on to the move*

M: Sabbah has won this match but he is trying to send a message

*Finally Sabbah lets go and he raises his arms, as his security team comes in and puts the boots West..they then leave the ring and walk up the ramp along with Joker*

M: What a return.

T: I have a feeling that West is going to be pretty upset he gets up.


*Josh and April walk down the hall...they come up to Jason and Stacy who are looking in a box of some sort*

April: What are you guys doing?

*Jason and Stacy turn around*

Jason: Glad you guys are here. Look we got some new J & J Enterprises merchandise.

*Jason pulls out a visor with J & J printed on it*

Jason: Check it out, for all the Jason fans out there, I got this spectacular visor.

*He puts it on his head*

Josh: that's sweet dude, what else did you get?

Jason: You are going to love this, check it out, just for you.

*Jason pulls a camo colored helmet out of the box and it has the words "The Gump" on the front of it.*

Jason: An army helmet with The Gump on it...I heard that radio interview you did the other day, and figured you would like it.

*Josh looks at Jason and then at the helmet in Jason's hands...Josh rears back and slaps the helmet from the hands of Jason*

Josh: What are you thinking? The Gump? I am tired of being treated with disrespect...Look tonight we go out there and we get serious, Tonight, Playtime is over!

*Josh and April walk off as Jason turns to Stacy*

Jason: I told you it would piss him off, now we are ready to win those tag team titles.

Stacy: Yeah.

*He puts his arm around her and they walk off down the hall*

* break*


M: Well folk we have recieved word that right now we have Quezell Washington via satalite and Quezell, how are you tonight?

*Up on the video screen we see Washington wearing a doo rag, and having several gold chains around his neck..he looks into the camera with his sunglass covered eyes and speaks*

Q: Fuck you nigga!

M: What? I'm sorry....

Q: Yeah you is...Sorry motherfuckers, look here Quezell Washington is his own man, on his own time..and you wasting it cracker!

*Tater begins to laugh*

Q: Shut the fuck up Tater, you fucking honky

T: What? Why you....

Q: What? Nigga please, you don't want to get yo fat ass handed to you now do ya? That's what I thought bitch! Look this is my fucking interview, and I call the shots round chere ya heard? So let me put it to you like this...I got a job to do at Reckless Reunion...I am going to finish off that bitch nigga Garvin once and for all...Then when I get paid and make dat chedda, I am going to dip out of this you hear what i'm sayin'!

M: I think we have heard enough, cut this guy!

*The screen goes blank as the fans sit in awe...*

T: What the hell Marv?

M: I just don't know Tater, folks we apologize for that.

*Judge's music hits and he makes his way to the ring with the Championship slung over his shoulder. He grabs a mike and starts to speak.*

Judge: I did it. Like I said I would. I put my anger aside, made everything about the title again, and I got the win. I am, once again, your IWO Heavyweight Champion! *crowd cheers*

But I still feel like something is missing. I still can't shake DC's words from my head. DC's claims that I am just a transitional champion, who has gotten lucky, who wasn't really proved himself, and never will.

I hoped to prove DC wrong by defeating him last week and winning back the gold, but whilst I defeated him, I don't feel that I've proven myself, and thats thanks, to one man....

Unstoppable Force! *crowd pops* I had that match in hand, I had everything in control, and you came down and tainted my victory. You got the win for me, allowing me to win the title, but not to win what I valued the most. What I needed the most. The respect of all the guys in the back.

I've been thinking about it for a week now and I think I understand why you did what you did. It pains me to think this, but the more I think about it, the more I think it must be true. You have lost faith in me Force.

You don't believe in me as champion anymore. You don't think I have what it takes to defend this strap on my own anymore. You might even think that what DC said about me holding the championship, is true.

You think that you can beat me now. That as long as I have the strap, its ripe for the taking. So you went about making it happen, you went about helping me get the strap back, thinking that I would mistake this for an act of compassion. Thinking I would be so happy with your actions that I would give you a title shot.


I thought I'd earn your respect. I thought we had shed blood and sweat and tears together, I thought that counted for something. After all the respect I have given you....this is how you repay me? YOU SON OF A BITCH! YOU THINK I'M FUCKING STUPID? DO YOU?

Well, I can tell you this. You can have your damn title shot or DC can invoke his rematch clause. I don't give a shit. Because I'm going to prove that I am no transitional champ, and I don't care who I have to go through to do it.

Force, DC, and any other smart arse in the IWO locker room, take a mental picture of this, cos if you ever fuck with me again, it is the last thing you'll see!

*Judge climbs out of the ring and walks up the entrance ramp with his championship held high above his head*

*Judge is turned looking at the fans when out from the back someone attacks him...*

M: oh my god, it's Corey Taylor!

*Corey nails Judge with a barbwire bat and begins to pound on the champ...Judge is on his hands and knees on the entrance ramp and Corey takes the bat and grinds the wire right into Judge's face...Judge is bleeding like crazy at this point*

T: he is trying to give Judge a facelift the hard way!

M: Someone stop this maniac

*Corey lets go then smashes Judge in the head with the bat...Judge lays motionless on the ramp as the crowd is booing...Corey goes over and picks up the World Title, he holds it in his hands...and lifts it up at the crowd as they boo him*



T: Here comes Garvin, the newest member of the Freebird Express, who, last week, got a big surprise as his former tag partner returned with a new name to give him a beat down.

M: Yeah and I bet Garvin has a message to send to him tonight in this match up.

M: A shame for Garvin that he has to go through this man to do it. The former Hardcore Champion, Cryptic!

T: Cryptic can’t be happy at losing the Hardcore strap last night either, after putting so much effort into walking out with it at Fandamonium. I’m sure he will be looking to prove that he is still a guy to be messed with in this hardcore bout tonight.

*Bell rings. Both men lock up and Garvin gets the advantage, taking Cryptic to the mat with a scoop slam. Garvin nails a leg drop on the prone Cryptic, and then pulls him up to his feet. Garvin whips Cryptic into the corner and charges in after him. Garvin about to nail Cryptic in the corner, but Cryptic elbows him in the head. Garvin staggers back as Cryptic goes up top. Cryptic dives off the top, looking for a double axe handle blow to the head. Garvin counters with a shot to the gut and Cryptic doubles over on the mat in pain.*

T: Garvin has been surprisingly competitive in the early goings of this match.

M: I wouldn’t count on it staying that way though. Cryptic has showed his ability to come back from far worse situations than this.

*Garvin slides to the outside and gets a steel chair, bringing it into the ring. Garvin sets up the chair near Cryptic and drags Cryptic’s head onto it. He goes off the ropes and comes running forward.*

T: What is Garvin thinking here?

*Cryptic moves off the chair and drop toe holds the charging Garvin into it.*

M: Whatever Garvin was attempting there just back fired.

*Cryptic pulls Garvin up and whips him against the ropes. Garvin comes back and Cryptic lifts him up with a flap jack, dropping him head first into the set up steel chair again! Garvin rolls over, and we see he is busted wide open. Cryptic makes the cover. 1….2……………………..*

T: Kick out by Garvin!
*Cryptic pulls Garvin up and sits him the steel chair. He then faces it towards the corner and goes up top. Cryptic goes off the top with a moonsault. Garvin jumps off the chair at the last minute though and Cryptic lands gut first on the chair, causing it to snap in two! Fans chant ‘Holy Shit!’ Garvin rolls over and makes the cover.*

M: What a crap way to spend an evening! This has to be the end for Cryptic. 1…2………………

*Kick out just in time by Cryptic. Garvin can’t believe it. Garvin quickly slides to the outside. He gets the ring bell from the time keeper and brings it back into the ring. Cryptic staggers up to his feet, clutching his gut. Garvin comes in, looking for a ring bell shot, but Cryptic ducks it. Garvin turns around and gets a gut kick, causing him to drop the bell. Cryptic then nails an impaler DDT on Garvin, nailing his head right into the ring bell! Cryptic makes the cover. 1….2………………………………kick out by Garvin again. This time Cryptic is in shock.*

T: Garvin, Garvin, he’s our man! If he can’t do it, I hope someone else can!

*Cryptic quickly goes to the outside and chucks a black bag full of something and a trash can into the ring. Cryptic climbs back in and raises the trash can above his head as Garvin staggers to his feet. Cryptic goes to nail Garvin with the can, but Garvin snatches the can away from him, just in time. Garvin then wedges the can over the head of Cryptic. Cryptic staggering around in the ring as Garvin comes up top and comes off with a missile drop kick, straight into the canned head of Cryptic! Cryptic falls over and the can dislodges itself from his head. Garvin comes over and makes the cover. 1….2…………………………….kick out by Cryptic!*

M: Again the former Hardcore Champion showing his resilience in this match up. What does poor Garvin have to do to put him away?

*Garvin goes over to the black bag and empties its contents into the ring, thousands of thumbtacks! Garvin says this one is over as Cryptic staggers to his feet. Garvin hits a gut kick on Cryptic and gets him up, looking to power bomb him into the tacks and…*

M: Cryptic jumps over the head of Garvin, landing behind him! What an incredible counter!

*Cryptic spins Garvin around and hits a gut kick and a knee buster on him. Cryptic then drags Garvin into the middle of the tacks and goes to pull him over into the Walls of Peace and…*

T: He gets the Walls of Peace locked in! This is not good!

M: What are you talking about? It’s great. Garvin has nowhere to go and is being pushed into the tacks, whilst being stretched out by the hold! He has to tap out!

*Garvin taps out frantically and the ref gets Cryptic off him.*

T: Cryptic with another win. Oh well, at least he’s not Hardcore Champion anymore.



M: Brooklyn! Brooklyn!

T: Um… wrong tag team Marv. But here come out tag team champs Thugged Out for this tag team title match up!

M: Now here come their challengers for tonight. The newly crowned Hardcore Champion, Jason, and Josh.

T: These guys have been hot to trot the last few weeks. Can they continue their blazing trail and win the tag gold tonight? Let’s find out.

*Bell rings. Josh starts it out with Stick. Stick comes in looking for a clothesline, but Josh ducks behind him and goes for a release German suplex. Stick lands on his feet behind Josh though. He jumps forward, looking for a bulldog on Josh. Josh counters again, pushing Stick onto his arse. Stick gets up quickly though and turns around, only to be taken down by a DDT from Josh. The fans clap in approval.*

M: I can already tell this is going to be a close one Tater.

T: Yeah, I don’t know who to go for.

*Josh turns Jason onto his stomach and locks in a texas cloverleaf submission manoeuvre. Stick tries for the ropes, but Josh pulls him back into the middle. Stick trying to fight it but is in a lot of pain.*

M: That submission move will take you out in a manner of seconds.

T: Well anything can take you out in a few seconds Marv, but yes, it is a very strong submission move being applied expertly by the Josh.

*Jason distracts the ref on the apron by going to climb in the ring just as Stick makes it to the ropes. The ref is distracted though and this gives Josh time to pull Stick back off the ropes, into the middle. The ref turns around again and asks Stick if he wants to give up. Stick shakes his head ‘no’. Josh continues to apply the pressure. Suddenly Allison, Thugged Out’s driver comes running to the ring. She climbs in, but the ref is quick to confront her. Exo sees the ref arguing with Allison and comes in, breaking up the hold by nailing a boot to the face of Josh. Exo climbs back onto the apron as Allison finally climbs out of the ring and waits at ringside.*

M: That devious Allison might have just saved this match for Thugged Out!

T: All is fair in love and war Marv. It’s not like Stacy and April can’t get involved in this match Marv.

*Stick manages to limp to his feet, it is evident the damage has already been done. He limps over and makes the tag to Exo. Josh is still on the mat, clutching his head. Exo comes over and pulls him up. He whips him into the corner. Exo then charges in, hitting an avalanche on Josh in the corner. Josh staggers out and Exo hits a spinning powerslam on him. Exo with the cover.*

M: Now April is up on the apron! This is disgraceful!

*The ref goes over to April and tells her to get down. Exo sees what’s happening and stops covering Josh. He picks Josh up into a fireman’s carry position and brings him over to where April is standing on the apron. He then swings him around, causing his feet to smash into the side of April’s head! April is sent flying off the apron into the guard rail. April staggers up holding her back and Exo dumps Josh to the outside, right on top of her!*

T: I’m sure Josh loves being on top, but not like that!

*Stacy comes round and helps Josh and April to their feet. Exo is going around the ring flexing and showing off for the crowd, whilst Stick climbs up the turnbuckle looking out over April, Stacy and Josh on the outside. Just as all three of them get to their feet Stick hits a moonsault to the outside, taking all three of them down! Exo looks out over them and laughs. He signals for Stick to get up and feed Josh back into the ring, which he does.*

M: Some nice team work from Thugged Out could mean the end of April and Stacy in this match.

T: Not to mention Josh is in a bad way as he has just been handed, as if on a silver platter, to Exo!

*Exo pulls a nearly lifeless Josh to his feet and nails him with a huge chokeslam! Exo turns around to the ref to tell him to get ready to count the three. Suddenly Jason charges in and takes Exo down with a Spear! Jason quickly goes back to the apron and reaches out, signalling for Josh to make a tag. Josh and Exo both crawling towards their corners, looking for tags.*

M: If Stick gets the tag in first there could be serious trouble for Josh. Everything could hinge on this tag.

*Josh tags out first, quickly followed by Exo tagging to Stick. Jason and Stick charge at each other, taking each other out with clotheslines. The ref counts for both men. Both guys get to their feet at the count of seven. They both lock up. Stick backs Jason into the corner and delivers a knee to the gut. Jason clutching his gut in the corner. Stick pulls him up to the top rope and looks for a superplex, but Jason blocks it. Jason with a few shots to the gut, he sends Stick flying off, onto the mat. Jason then leaps off the top, hitting a shooting star press on Stick. He makes the cover. But Allison gets up on the apron again.*

M: How the hell is anyone meant to get a pin with all these managers at ring side?

*Jason looks for the ref and sees what’s going on. He breaks his cover and charges over, spearing Allison off the ring apron!*

T: Well, there goes Allison, and I don’t think any of these entourage members are in a position to help their teams anymore!

M: Let’s hope not.

*Whilst Jason is looking down on Allison clutching her ribs on the outside, Stick gets to his feet. He comes up behind Jason and nails a back cracker on him. Stick then goes for a roll up pin on Jason. 1….2…………………..*

T: Kick out by Jason!

M: Oh my! That kick out just sent Jason flying back and right into Exo, who is sent flying off the apron!

*Stick runs over and looks down at Exo, apologising profusely. Jason sees his opportunity. He spins Stick around and goes for the JKO and…*

T: Counter by Stick who pushes Jason away!

*Jason turns around and Stick hits a gut kick. He then spins Jason around and throws him right at Josh. Jason’s head smacks into Josh’s gut, who falls off the apron as well!*

M: It’s all down to Jason and Stick now!

*Jason staggers back and Stick rolls him up with a school boy, grabbing the tights for extra leverage. The ref doesn’t see it and counts. 1….2…………………*

T: 3! Thugged Out retains in a hard fought bout here tonight!



*The video screen shows a jungle with a man running hard through it, he is breathing hard, and keeps looking over his shoulder...he falls down on the ground, and quickly hides behind a tree, trying to catch his breath...leaves are hard rustling in the background as the man closes his eyes...silence....he opens his eyes and looks around and sees nothing...he gets up to his feet, shaking and looks around the other side of the tree, just then he screams, as the screen goes black*

*Then the words "He Returns This Month at Reckless Reunion" appear*

*backstage we see Hugh Miller with Mr. Smith*

Hugh: Mr. Smith next week you are promising a huge announcement at the supershow can you let us in on what it might be?

Smith: of course not Hugh, but I will say this next week my announcement will shake up the very foundation of the IWO...guys are going to have to step up their game, because the competition is going to get a whole lot harder.

Hugh: one more thing Mr. Smith, earlier we witnessed the attack by Corey Taylor on Judge, what are you going to do about that?

Smith: Simple, I am giving Corey his rematch for the World Title next week against Judge in a barbwire ring match, now I have some other things to attend to so excuse me Hugh.

*smith walks off leaving Hugh with a puzzled look on his face.*



M: well it's time for the main event Tater, and this is going to be a good one.

T: Two guys with a history and a lot is riding on this match tonight.

M: And here comes the challenger, and folks last week Crusher proved his point by snapping the ankle of Deathshock

T: He wants to be champion again and he proved last week that he would do whatever it takes to once again be at the top of the mountain.

M: We wish Shock a speedy recovery, and also best wishes to Shadows who is at home tending to his brother.

T: What an entrance!

M: The TV Champion better be ready for Crusher Tater, and not looking ahead to his match with DC next week.

T: Force is a professional, and you better believe that he is prepared for this match.

*The crowd is going nuts as Force gets in the ring, he hands the belt to the ref and both Force and Crusher get in each other's faces...they are nose to nose talking smack as Crusher rears back and lands a punch to Force, they begin exchanging blows in the center of the ring as the bell sounds*

M: He we go and both men going at it.

T: Force has the advantage now Marv

*Force with a whip to Crusher..Crusher bounces off the ropes, and Force tries a huge clothesline but Crusher ducks it...Force waits for him, and Crusher with a flying forearm to the chest of Force knocks him back...Force into the ropes to hold his balance as Crusher gets up...Crusher charges and Force ducks and back body drops him over the top rope..Crusher manages to land on the apron on his feet...Force turns around and Crusher lowers a shoulder and nails him in the gut..the sunset flip over the top rope on Force, and he has a pin...the count..1...2.kickout...*

M: A close call there

*Crusher is up and hits some shots to Force...he tries to whip him into the corner, but Force reverses...Crusher hits the turnbuckle, and Force charges at him..Force with a splash but Crusher moves..Force stunned and Crusher tries for the Olympic Slam..Force gets out of it and grabs him from behind..he hits a reverse X factor on him..the pin....1....2...kickout...*

M: Force almost had it

T: yeah but almost doesn't count

*the crowd is going nuts as Force gets to his feet, he motions to the crowd that it is about to be over..he turns back towards Crusher but DC is in the ring with a chair..he nails Force right in the head with it and the ref calls for the bell..Force falls to the ground and DC drops the weapon..the ref yelling at DC as he exits the ring to boos from the crowd*

M: What the hell, he just nailed Force with that chair.

T: I guess he is sending him a message

*Force is announced the winner as DC heads up the aisle...Crusher gets up and sees DC at the top of the ramp, and looks at the ref..the ref is reaching down and raising the hand of Force..Crusher loses it, he can't believe what just happened, that he got DQed..he argues with the ref, as the crowd is still booing*

M: Crusher is not too happy right now

T: of course not, DC just cost him the match and the TV Title.

*Force is to his feet and pissed off..Crusher begins to yell at him..and Force nails him with a clothesline*

M: What a clothesline from Force, and Force is about to take his frustrations out on Crusher

*Force stomps on Crusher then picks him up...he lifts him and hits the unstoppable bomb on him..he then picks up the chair and begins to wail on Crusher as the ref tries to stop him...Force levels the ref with a punch...*

M: that is going to cost him Tater

T: I don't think he cares right now

*Force lays the chair down and then picks up Crusher readying him for the unstoppable drop...just then Mr. Smith comes out to the stage*

Smith: Whoa, whoa, whoa...hold on there Force...don't you do it.

*Smith walks down the aisle as Force is still holding Crusher*

Smith: There is no reason for this..this match is over, and you have already gotten yourself into trouble by hitting the let Crusher go, or else you will be punished severely...

*Force looks at Smith, then at the crowd...he motions to the fans, then points at Smith...Force then lands the Unstoppable Drop on Crusher on the chair...Crusher is out, as Smith calls for security*

Smith: That's of right now, I am stripping you of the TV Title!

*The crowd boos Smith*

Smith: You are no longer the TV Champion...someone bring me that you get out of my ring or else, you will lose your number one contender match next week.

*Force looks at Smith then climbs out through the ropes..he walks up the aisle towards Smith..he stares at him, then walks off towards the top of the ramp as Smith watches...Smith has the TV Title and puts it over his shoulder as the show ends*

*end Show*


Thanks to Sly for the banner

Thanks to Doom for writing the Tag Team match, and the cryptic/Garvin match

Feedback is always appreciated
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Is Corey actually returning or is this another fake return?

Props to Sly as Hell for the banner.

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Awesome show as usual guys.
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