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Redemption 21.3 March 4, 2008
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Default Redemption 21.3 March 4, 2008

So I guess something happen to Glue and I didn't have time to write those matches, so below is the matches Judge wrote on the card, and what the results of those other matches were...this is a no frill Redemption, so sorry for it being up late and not as flashy as normal, but I figure you guys want to get to the PPV. So here it is....


*Fireworks kick off as Redemption begins...*

*The show started off with Joseph T. Schmo coming out to some boos and cheers...his opponent DC came out next...DC cut a promo talking about how he would win the world title next week and how it is an honor for Schmo to fight him tonight...the two exchange words, and the match begins*

*DC is in control near the end of the match, when Judge comes down the aisle, the crowd is going nuts, as DC sees him...Judge gets up on the apron and DC hits him and knocks him off of it...Schmo manages to roll DC up from behind, and get the three count in a huge upset...Schmo gets out of the ring as DC can't believe it...Judge laughs as he heads back up the ramp*



*DC is in the back outraged as Thugged Out try to calm him down...Hugh gets a word with him, but unsuccessfully, Thugged Out say that tonight they take care of the Birds and then they worry about Judge*

*Crusher's music hits as he heads down the aisle.

M: Ready to get Crushed Tater?

T: By you Marv? Don’t make me laugh.

M: No, I was trying to make a witty pun about Crusher’s name and…never mind.

*Juice's music plays*

T: Here comes Crusher’s opponent tonight, Juice.

M: This should be a close match and both of these men should know that win here tonight could have a big impact on the fans, and whether one of these men is chosen to challenge for the TV title at Fandamonium.

*Bell rings. Juice and Crusher get up in each others faces. Crusher goes to throw a right hand, but Juice grabs his fist and pulls his arm behind his back, into a hammer lock. Juice wrenches in the hammer lock a few times. He then pulls Crusher up and drops him back down, with a back suplex. Juice then climbs on top of Crusher and wails on him with rights and lefts. The ref admonishes him for closed fist blows and pulls him off. Crusher sits up and tries to shake out the cobwebs as the ref holds Juice back. Juice brushes the ref aside and runs over to Crusher. Juice runs over Crusher, smacking his knee into his face, and taking him back to the mat. Juice then spring boards off the ropes, swings round, and hits a leg drop on Crusher’s skull. Juice with the cover. 1…..2 kick out by Crusher.*

M: Juice with the early momentum in this match up and if Juice keeps this up Crusher is in a lot of trouble.

T: Yeah, Juice barely giving the mofo time to breathe, this is fuckin’ hood right bout here. bro.

M: How about you leave the gangster speak to Juice partner.

*Juice slaps Crusher about the head as he gets to his feet. Juice then hits a face breaker knee smash on Crusher who staggers back. Juice goes off the ropes and hits a spinning heel kick on Crusher, taking him down again. Juice pulls Crusher back up and goes to whip him against the ropes, he gets reversed. Juice goes off the ropes and comes back to the waiting Crusher. Juice hits Crusher with a swinging neck breaker, before he can react, taking him to the mat again. Juice stomps away at the gut of Crusher for a bit and then claims that ‘dis shit bout to be over’. Juice goes up top and signals for The Chaser and…*

M: Juice comes off the top with The Chaser and…

T: Crusher moves! Crash and burn for Juice, hopefully Crusher is smart enough to capitalise on this.

*Crusher rolls over on top of Juice for a pin. 1…2………..*

M: Kick out by Crusher who tried to steal one there.

*Crusher pulls Juice to his feet and then hits him with three joined, vertical suplexes (three amigos). Crusher then pulls Juice up again. Crusher whips Juice against the ropes. Juice comes back and Crusher hits him with a hip toss, sending him across the ring. Juice quickly back to his feet though and charges back in. Crusher is ready though, and nails him with a horseman style spine buster. Crusher with another cover. 1…2…….*

T: Kick out again by the ever resilient Juice. You just can’t put a good player down.

*Crusher to his feet and signals for Juice to get up. Juice staggers up. Crusher comes in from behind. He goes for the Olympic Slam and….*

M: Juice lands on his feet! Crusher stumbles around and Juice with gut kick, Juice off the ropes looking for The V8 and…

*Juice hits The V8 on Crusher and makes the pin. 1….2………..*

T: 3! Juice gets the big win heading towards Fandamonium.



*King of Kings hits as Force comes out to a huge pop*

M: There’s nothing quite as exciting as witnessing the entrance of Unstoppable Force!

T: I dunno, I think witnessing your death would be up there.

*we hear shock's music*

M: Now here comes a man who is rapidly becoming one of the IWO’s main event stars, Death Shock.

T: This kid and his brother have been nothing short of impressive, regardless of the illegal relationship they share with each other.

M: Would you stop being such a bitchy cry baby for once? Anyway, I can’t wait to get into this match up, so let’s get to the action.

*Bell rings. Force and Shock lock up and Force back Shock into the corner and delivers a knee to the gut. Shock is dazed. Force delivers a series of shoulders to the gut in the corner. Force then pulls Shock out of the corner and nails him with a short arm clothesline. Force goes off the ropes and slowly walks in and jumps up, nailing a knee drop the skull of Shock. Force then pulls Shock to his feet and whips him against the ropes. Shock comes back and gets a nailed with big boot. Force hooks the leg for a cover. 1…2…………….kick out by Shock.*

M: Force has the early advantage here and is using his power to dominate Shock.

T: Shock just might be enjoying the domination too…

*Shock slowly to his feet. Force comes over and goes to irish whip him but Shock reverses it. Force off the ropes as Shock lowers his head. Force counters the back body drop attempt with a face breaker knee smash. Shock staggers back. Force comes in and nails him with a running STO, taking him to the mat. Force goes off the ropes again and comes in, nailing a baseball slide, sending Shock under the bottom rope to the outside. Force raises both his hands as the crowd pops big for him. The ref starts to count Shock out. 1…2….3….4….Shock starts to get to his feet. 5…..6. Shock on his feet and makes his way back towards the ring. He gets back in at 7. Shock comes over and goes for a suplex, but Shock blocks it. Shock then gets Force up in suplex position and drops him face first to the mat. Shock goes up top as Force gets to his feet. Force staggers around and Shock nails a missile drop kick on him, taking him down.*

M: Shock fighting back and trying to stay in this as Shock has been dominating early on.

*Shock comes over and pulls Force up. He slides behind him and locks in an abdominal stretch. Force in pain. Shock delivers a couple of clubbing blows to Force’s exposed rib cage, and cinches in the hold some more.*

T: Force struggling but looks like he is losing the battle. Just like X- Pac struggled to get fan support, and is losing the battle with depression.

M: Not only was that tasteless it was unfunny.

T: Yeah well, Its X- Pac, who cares?

M: Good point.

*Force still in pain as Shock reaches out and grabs the top rope for extra leverage. The ref checking on Force and doesn’t see it. He finally looks up and Shock pulls his hand off the top rope. Ref looks back at Force and Shock puts his hand on the top rope again. Ref looks back and this time catches him. He tells Shock to break the hold. Shock holds for the full 4 count before breaking it. Force stumbles forward, but Shock comes right up behind him and nails a pump handle slam on him. Shock makes the cover. 1…2………..kick out by Force. Shock pulls Force into sitting position and locks in a sleeper hold. Force starts to fade.*

M: Shock is draining all Force’s energy here and Force could pass out right now as his face is going beetroot red.

*The ref checks on Force. He raises his hand and drops it, once, twice and…..*

M: Force keeps his hand up and stays in this match!

*Force feeding off the crowd pulls up to a standing position. Shock wraps his legs around Force, clinging onto his back, refusing to let go of the hold. Force runs forward and nails an electric chair drop on Shock, breaking Shock’s hold. Force drops to one knee, starting to get tired, trying to catch his breath. Force finally gets back up as does Shock. Force nails a head butt to Shock and then whips him against the ropes. Shock comes back and ducks a clothesline from Force. Force turns around and gets nailed by the Shock Absorber!*

T: What a huge spear from out of nowhere! That was just like a Super Cena come back!

*Shock with the cover. 1….2………………*

M: Kick out just in time by Force! This match continues!

*Shock pulls Force up and slaps on a choke! The crowd pops. Force brings up his hand and slaps a choke on Shock as well! Fans pop even louder. Force with a gut kick gets the advantage and choke slams Shock to the mat. Cover. 1…2……….*
T: Kick out by Shock again! This kid doesn’t know when to call it quits!

*Force does the cut throat taunt and goes up top. He is going for the Hell from Above and….*

M: If Force hits this, it will be all over, red rover!

T: He does! What a move! The big man bringing all his weight down upon the skull of Shock who’s eyes are glazed! The big man crawls over and makes the cover! 1…2…………

*Kick out! Just in time! Fans go nuts! Force can’t believe it. But he just stands up and smiles and shakes his head. Force goes over and helps Shock up, he shakes his hand firmly as Shock looks confused.*

T: What the hell is he doing? The match isn’t over.

*Suddenly Force pulls Shock over and clothesline him viciously, turning him inside out. Force goes off the ropes and jumps up, delivering a big splash to Shock. The cover again. 1….2……………*

M: Kick out again! Shock is insane. This kid is beyond impressive. He has a point to make and by god, whether he wins or loses, he has made it here tonight!

*Force pulls Shock up yet again, Shock can barely stand on his own two feet. Force gets him up in position for a pile driver. He goes to hit the Unstoppable Drop and….*

M: Shock slides out of the back door and rolls Force up with a school boy pin! 1…2…………….

*Kick out again by Force! Both men up and charge in, both nailing simultaneous clotheslines on one another! Both men laid out in the ring! The ref starts to count. 1…2…..3…..4…..both men start to stir. 5…6….7….Force is first to his feet. He goes up top. Shock staggers to his feet now and Force dives off the top, hitting an elevate clothesline on Shock. Force then quickly scales the opposite turnbuckle and signals for the Hell from Above again.*

M: If Force hits this huge move again it has to be over!

T: He’s going for it and….

*Shock grabs the leg of the referee, tripping him up and making him fall onto the top rope. This causes Force to lose balance and crotch himself on the top rope. Force’s eyes bulge out of his head as Shock gets back up. Shock comes over and nails a huge superplex out of the corner on Force. Taking both men to the mat.*

T: What a dumb move, now both men are out as the ref begins to count.

*The ref is counting out both men. 1…2…3….neither man is stirring…4…5…6…7…still neither man stirring…..8….both men start to stir…9 Shock manages to get to his feet and tells the ref to stop the count. Shock goes up top.*

T: Force has exhausted himself giving a pounding to Shock, and then that superplex appears to have been the final straw, now he has nothing left as Shock goes up top!

*Shock dives off the top, looking for a frog splash. Suddenly, Force nips up and catches Shock squarely on his shoulder! Force staggers around, getting his balance, and then drops Shock down, hitting the Unstoppable Drop! Force with the cover.*

T: This has to be it, it just has to be. 1….2………
M: Yes! This one is over and Force picks up a hell of a win here tonight. Both men have shown why they are worthy of being in the IWO main event picture here tonight.



*Backstage we see Juice celebrating with the Guro Girls and Gritz N Gravy, when Chad comes up to ask him how he feels about his upcoming TV Title match at the PPV next week*

*Juice replies that he is going to take the next step in his career and do things his way, Gritz says "SEVEN"*

*Mountain Song plays as Alli Sabbah is booed*

M: If you ever want to purchase goods that fall apart within hours of buying them, then this is your man, Alli Sabbah!

T: Come on Marv, he’s not only a fine merchant, but he also has proven himself in the ring. Did you see that match with Judge last week? He nearly beat him. I was on the edge of my seat.

*West's music hits and he comes down the aisle.

M: Well this man might just make you fall off your seat Tater. Elix West, certainly a force to be reckoned with in the IWO. Though recently he hasn’t been doing too well.

T: Yeah, well that’s what happens when you don’t promo for an efed.

M: What’s an efed?

T: I hear its something people do who have too much time on their hands.

*Cryptic's music plays*

T: Its time for the filthy one! Cryptic!

M: Don’t you mean the peaceful one Tater?

T: No I meant the filthy one. His stench is far more over whelming than his peacefulness.

M: Just like your far more annoying than you are clever Tater.

*the music of M Shadows is heard*

M: Now here comes his partner for this tag team match up. M Shadows.

T: Still on crutches I see, some partner he’s going to be.

*Shadows comes up to the ring, but he doesn’t get in. Cryptic comes over to him and asks him what is up. Shadows points to his crutches and shrugs. Shadows then signals that Cryptic will have to do this alone. Cryptic looks a little confused, but climbs back into the ring and faces off against Elix West.*

M: It looks like this has become a handicap match Tater and this does not favour the peaceful one.

T: Good. He sucks……what? I’m out of original ways of running a guy down for this show. So sue me.

*Bell rings. West comes charging over and turns Cryptic inside out with a clothesline. West then picks Cryptic up and chucks him, shoulder first, into the ring post. Cryptic staggers out and West nails him with a flag post DDT. West with the cover. 1…2…..kick out by Cryptic.*

M: Cryptic can’t go muscle for muscle with West. He is going to have to find another way to take the big man out.

*West gets Cryptic up again and nails him with a scoop slam. West measures Cryptic and then nails a big leg drop to his skull. Cryptic staggers over to the ropes and uses them to pull himself up. West wastes no time though and charges in looking to clothesline Cryptic over the top. Cryptic counters by pulling down the top rope. West’s momentums sends him careening over the top to the floor.*

T: That is the opening Cryptic needs but he’s probably too peaceful to capitalise on it.

*West staggers to his feet and Cryptic vaults over the top, taking West back down. Cryptic is up quickly and feeds West back into the ring, leaving his head hanging out over the ring apron. Cryptic rolls back into the ring and then vaults over the top rope nailing a leg drop on the exposed head of West, causing West to slide back under the ropes to the outside. Cryptic gets West up again, he pulls him over to the steel ring post on the outside and nails his head into it, before feeding him back into the ring. Cryptic clambers back in after West as West gets to his feet. Cryptic goes to kick West but West catches his boot and pulls him into a vicious short arm clothesline. Cover by West. 1…2…….kick out by Cryptic. West goes over and tags in Alli Sabbah.*

T: Here comes the merchant who’s prices are almost as impressive as his wrestling prowess.

*West goes up to the ref instead of leaving the ring and starts arguing with him. Meanwhile Sabbah sees Cryptic getting to his feet and runs over and punt kicks him right in the nuts! Cryptic goes into fetal position on the mat, clutching his balls as his eyes bulge out of his head! Sabbah makes the cover as West points it out to the ref and finally gets back on the apron.*

T: What a skilled move by Sabbah and now the cover!

M: That took about as much skill as it takes the great Khali to execute his moveset.

T: But that’s none at all.

M: Exactly.

*1…2……………….kick out by Cryptic. Sabbah pulls a now nearly lifeless Cryptic to his feet and then nails him in the skull with a beautiful drop kick. Sabbah says its over and goes up top. He is going for Inflation and….*

T: Sabbah going for his perfected version of the shooting star press on Cryptic, I’m sure he’s going to hit it and….

*Cryptic rolls out of the way and Sabbah crashes and burns. Cryptic gets to his feet and throws a peace sign to the crowd who cheers. Cryptic comes over and picks Sabbah up, sets him up, and nails him with a double under hook pile driver. Cover. 1….2……..*

M: Kick out by Sabbah! It takes more than that to drown this rat.

*Cryptic pulls Sabbah to his feet again and goes to whip him into the corner. But its reversed and Cryptic is sent hard into the corner. Sabbah comes in and sets Cryptic up on top, looking to hit a superplex. Cryptic fights him off with shots to the gut and then a big measure right to the head. Sabbah flies back, but lands on his feet. He charges in again, but Cryptic drops down off the ropes and drop toe holds Sabbah into the middle turnbuckle pad. Sabbah staggers back and Cryptic grabs him. Cryptic chucks Sabbah in the corner and then sits him up on the top turnbuckle. He then pulls him out of the corner in position for a muscle buster, and he nails it. Cryptic throws up two peace signs as he waits for Sabbah to stagger to his feet.*

T: Cryptic looking to nail something big here. Can he do it? I say no.

*Cryptic gets Sabbah up and in position for the Blissful End and….*

M: Cryptic hits the Blissful End this one has got to be over! He makes the cover!

*West tries to get into the ring which distracts the referee from calling the pin. West and the ref arguing again.*

M: Cryptic now goes over and tells the ref to pay attention.

*Cryptic now fighting with the ref about him not doing his job. As this goes on Shadows drops one crutch, and slides into the ring with the other crutch in hand. Sabbah starts to get to his feet and is nailed in the head with a vicious crutch shot from Shadows! The ref doesn’t see it, his view obscured by Cryptic! Shadows slides back to the outside and gets both his crutches back. Cryptic finally decides to stop arguing with the ref. He comes back over and sees Sabbah laid out. Cryptic looks a little surprised, as he didn’t see Shadows attack. But Cryptic shrugs and makes the cover anyway. The ref counts. 1….2……………*

T: 3! The hippy wins another one thanks to that devious, so called cripple, Shadows.

M: Good on him, he did what it took to win, isn’t it ok as long as you don’t get caught Tater?

T: Not when you’re a hippy and a punk Marv.



*judge is interviewed by Chad Willard about his handicap match tonight, and Judge says that he's not worried, because Justice will prevail.*

*The Express are in the ring when Thugged Out come out and quickly hit the ring and the four men brawl as the tag title match begins*

*Gordy attempted a DDT, but Exo managed to get in the ring and nail a big boot to his face...Morton flies off the top rope and Exo catches him..he runs and tosses him over the top rope to the floor...Thugged Out then pick up Gordy to hit the Last Call on him and win the match*



*the main event sees Josh and Jason working over Judge most of the match..Judge eventually blocks a chair shot, and uses it against Josh to bust him open..he looks to take out Jason when DC and Thugged Out hit the ring and beat down Judge...they Thugged Out hit the Last Call on Josh...and then work over Jason, when DC hits the Bust on Judge....Stick pulls Jason on top of Judge so that J & J Enterprises get the win in the no DQ Match...the show ends with Thugged Out and DC standing tall in the ring over the fallen opponents*


Thanks to Doom for writing the matches, and hopefully we make up for this at the PPV
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It's not like Glue to miss this stuff. Hope everythings alright. We were just talking about this stuff on KPWF so I dunno. Nice matches Doom. Looking forward to Fandamonium.

Click to subscribe to the podcast feed or Download Episode 33 and give your feedback in the KPWF room.


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Good show.

Looking forward to Fandamonium
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Good show. Really liked my match. I think Glue was a little busy this week, understandable with kids and all. Can't wait for the next show
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