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Deadly Survival PPV Feb. 5, 2007 from South Africa
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Default Deadly Survival PPV Feb. 5, 2007 from South Africa

*Fireworks explode as the crowd is going wild...we join Marv and Tater at ringside*

M: Welcome to Deadly Survival and tonight four championship matches with the big one, the match for the World Title between Judge and Blade

T: Five title matchs

M: What Tater?

T: Five title matches. The Tag Titles will be defended twice tonight and $25,000 is on the line.

M: That's right Tater and...

*We see Mr. Smith on the video screen*

Smith: Excuse me, excuse me, Tater, Marv, guys sorry to interupt. I just wanted to let all these great fans here in South Africa.

*Crowd pops*

Smith: That we have enjoyed the stay here and look to put on a great show tonight. Also I have a little surprise for the crowd and you will find that out later in the show!

*The screen goes black as the crowd goes crazy*

Originally Posted by Tag Team Semifinal Match: Thugged Out vs. Strictly Business vs. Freebird Express

M: Welcome back to ringside as we get ready for what’s sure to be a spectacular event, ladies and gentlemen, in the Tag Team Championship Tournament, we have a three team brawl between Strictly Business, Freebird Express and Thugged Out. The winners move on to the final match!

T: And here come Joe Schmo and John Q Public…Strictly Business.

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*Schmo and Public are talking to each other on the way down the aisle, moreover Schmo is talking to Public as Public stares at the ring, apparently focused. The two men get in the ring and begin to stretch themselves out.*

M: Things have been a little rigid between Joe and John here lately in the IWO…here’s hoping they can patch up their differences and come out effectively tonight.

T: Well, I have two reasons why that’s easier said than done, and here’s the first…

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*Gordy and Morton come half charging out from the back, clearly pumped up as they march to the ring with the pop of the crowd.*

M: The Freebirds have seen some tough times early on in their tenure with IWO but they’re two tough kids and tonight that’ll be put to the test.

T: I hope for their sakes that they’re not too wide eyed. I know they sampled the PPV atmosphere last month at Holiday Havoc, but coming into Deadly Survival, your first PPV match with title implications…there’s a lot of pressure there.

*Come Gangsta hits and Thugged Out make their way down to the ring. The crowd boos at them as Exo and STICK have their attention focused on the ring and the two tag teams in it.*

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M: Thugged Out is out for blood here at Deadly Survival. They’re on a mission to regain the tag team titles that they held so dominantly.

T: Marv, I really think these two guys are unstoppable when they want to be. It’s going to be very tough for either Strictly Business or the Freebird Express to beat these guys tonight.

*To ensure fairness, the match starts out with a representative from each team in the ring…Schmo and Morton are both in the ring, eyeing Exo and STICK as they stand in their corner, discussing the issue of who to start. The two men simultaneously nod, bump forearms and Exo goes out to the apron. As soon as Exo hits the outside, the ref calls for the bell. Public and Morton rush STICK and get the drop on him.*

M: The two underdog teams seem to be taking a similar approach in the early goings of the match as they’ve got STICK on the mat and they’re taking it right to him.

*Schmo and Morton are stomping on on STICK and Morton picks STICK up and holds him prone for Schmo. Schmo sees this and hits the ropes to get a running attack going, but Exo sticks his foot in from outside the apron and trips Schmo up. The ref chides Exo and he holds his hands up in the air, pleading innocence. Schmo gets up and turns to Exo, visibly upset. Exo’s facial expression goes from diplomatic to disdainful and he begins talking trash to Schmo, who smacks him dead in his face.*

M: Schmo striking back!!

T: What the…Marv – you don’t slap a man!! You just don’t do it!!

*Exo grabs Schmo’s skull and brings him in for a vicious headbutt, then he jumps down off the apron, still holding Schmo’s skull and snapping his throat into the ropes. Schmo is staggered as Exo grabs his ankle, drops him to the mat and pulls him out of the ring and begins to go to work. In the ring Morton whips STICK into the ropes and hits a shoulder takedown. Morton cinches in a standing armbar and puts his knee into STICK’s shoulder blade, twisting the arm unnaturally.*

M: STICK could be in trouble here as Public comes over to aid Schmo on the outside!!

*Public pulls Exo off of Schmo and begins exchanging rights with him. Schmo is slow to get up and as the other two men exchange fists on the outside of the ring, Gordy comes over to the corner and hops up to the top rope, moonsaulting off. Gordy comes down hard on both Public and Exo as the crowd pops. Schmo is clearing his head, but is still down as Gordy attempts to get up and taunt for the crowd.*

M: That was insane! Gordy is willing to harm himself if it means getting a good blow in on his enemies!!

T: Sounds stupid, not crazy.

*Morton whips STICK to the ropes and momentarily shifts his eyes to look out at his partner on the outside of the ring. When his gaze comes back to STICK, all he can see is the sole of STICK’s boot as it collides full bore with his face. Seeing stars, Morton falls to the mat like a tree being cut down in the forest. STICK slaps himself in the side of the head a couple of times and picks Morton up in a chokehold, bringing him down in a crunching powerbomb. He hooks the leg and the ref slides in to count…1…..2…….*

M: Morton kicks out!!

T: That bomb was sick. He’s lucky he’s still got feeling in his legs.

*STICK gets up and begins stomping on Morton but then Gordy runs in from outside the ring and hits a double axe handle. STICK turns around and grabs Gordy by the face, shoving him clear across the ring. Morton then jumps on STICK’s back and attempts to apply a sleeper hold as STICK twists and bucks, trying to shake him off.*

M: The Freebird Express showing some mettle and good teamwork here!

*Outside the ring, Schmo and Public are stomping on Exo. Schmo picks Exo up and hits a gutkick. Schmo signals for Public to get behind him for a kick or boot. Public gets into position and Schmo goes to Irish whip Exo over but Exo reverses the whip and sends Schmo careening into Public’s unwitting boot. The crowd laughs as Public looks down at a knocked out Schmo incredulously. Exo rushes in, trampling Schmo and flooring Public with a clothesline. Exo picks Public up in a bear hug position and runs him back first, full speed into the steel corner post. Exo discards Public and grabs Schmo, hauling him over to a cleared area outside the ring and then vaults Schmo with a vicious shoulder block, back first into the ring apron. Exo discards Schmo and climbs in the ring.*

*STICK gets sick of fighting with Morton and just backpedals into the turnbuckle as fast as he possibly can. STICK rears and does it again, and Morton completely loses his grip. STICK is ready to do another but he sees Gordy running at him and dodges, sending Gordy into Morton with a sick clothesline that floors him. Gordy turns around and STICK comes across his chest with a singing chop.*

M: Oooh!! That hurt!!

T: Not as much as…

*Exo comes in and delivers a big boot to Gordy’s face, flooring him. STICK and Exo both pick him up and hit a double spinebuster. Gordy lets out a yell of pain and winces as Exo rolls him out of the ring. STICK goes up to Morton and suggests that he and Exo finish him Old School style. Exo nods and backs to the far ropes while STICK holds Morton up in an elevated bear hug. Exo slings past them and into the far ropes. He rebounds and hits a thunderous clothesline on Morton for a Thugged Out version of the Hart Attack.*


T: That’s a little tribute to the Hart Foundation there…I think…here comes the count…1….2…..

*Public flies in from the top rope and lands on STICK, breaking up the three count. STICK is in pain as Exo wheels and rushes in and starts stomping on Public. Schmo however comes up from behind Exo and hits a reverse DDT. He hooks Exo’s leg and Public hops up on top of Schmo’s back to hold Exo down!! The ref slides in and begins to count….1……2…….*


T: That was sick there, STICK came in like a battering ram and just bowled over Strictly Business, breaking up the count!

*STICK is thumping his chest, recognizing that he’s just leveled a tag team with one blow. STICK pulls Exo up, but Gordy comes flying in with a double clothesline that floors both members of Thugged Out. Morton slides in the ring behind him and the two of them ascend to the top turnbuckle of opposite corners as Thugged Out get up. Gordy and Morton each launch missle dropkicks at STICK and Exo respectively. STICK gets knocked over the top rope and out of the ring while Exo hits the mat and Gordy recovers from his kick to STICK and covers Exo for the count…*

M: Could be a fall here…..1……2…….NO!!! Joseph Schmo came out of nowhere to break up the three count!!

*Gordy gets up and begins asking Schmo what he’s doing. Schmo laughs and scoffs at the idea that the two of them are on the same side. Gordy gets animated and begins to point at Schmo, but Public interjects and shoves Gordy out of the way. The three men are yelling at each other as Morton comes in from the blind side and double clotheslines both Schmo and Public.*

M: And this is a turn of events!

*Public rolls out of the ring as Gordy and Morton pick Schmo up and call for the Double DDT. The crowd gets to their feet as the Freebird Express yank Schmo up and bring him down with authority for the finisher. Morton rolls around to “cover” the ropes as Gordy rolls in and hooks Schmo’s leg. The ref counts 1….2….but the count is broken up as Morton is literally thrown into Gordy and Schmo, stopping the count.*


T: STICK and Exo aren’t about to let either of these teams get the drop on them.

*STICK pulls Gordy and Morton up and grabs each by the scruff of the throat. Exo comes in behind them and together they execute a double chokeslam on the Freebird Express. Morton and Gordy both roll out of the ring and flop hard to the arena floor. Exo and STICK bump chests really quick. Exo ducks but STICK doesn’t as Public comes flying in from off screen with a double shoulder block attempt and STICK hits the deck and rolls out of the ring.*

M: The action never stops!

*Exo wheels on Public and plants his size 15 boot directly in his face as he tries to get off the mat, putting him right back down. Exo quickly hauls Public in and hits a big jackknife powerbomb. Behind Exo, Schmo is climbing the ropes, but as he gets to the top rope, STICK has seen him and rushes up from behind, shoving him end over end to the mat below. Exo turns around and sees Schmo, winded and on his back. He looks up to STICK who is giving the Thumbs Up sign.*

M: STICK calling for The Nightcap!!

*Exo hauls Schmo up in position and STICK leaps off the top rope, connecting and bringing it all down with a crash. Exo stomps Public out of the ring as the ref hits the mat and counts out….1…..2…….3!!!!*

M: And that’s it!! Amidst a match full of chaos from the opening bell, Thugged Out perseveres and gets one notch closer to regaining the IWO Tag Team Titles, defeating Joseph Schmo in this three team tag match!!

T: And look at Thugged Out…they wipe some of their sweat off on Schmo and then promptly leave the ring. Those guys know they’ve got another big match coming up and they’re going right back to the locker room to get prepared.

*In the ring, Public rolls back in and helps up his partner, Schmo. As Schmo gets up he’s a little staggered, but Public takes a little time with him to make sure he’s okay. They begin to walk to the corner stairs as the crowd applauds their team effort. Public gets to the ropes and turns. Public goes to hold the ropes up for his partner and the crowd pops. Schmo smiles, both grateful and relieved. He steps to go through the ropes and Public brings his foot up full speed into Schmo’s crotch! The crowd is stunned as Public’s face turns to a mask of anger. Public pulls Schmo up from the mat and hits The Playmaker on him, leaving Schmo flattened in the middle of the ring.*

M: What’s going on here? John Public has just ambushed his own partner!!

*Public grabs a chair and a mic from the announce position and slides back in the ring. Schmo staggers up but Public measures and absolutely levels him with a heartless chairshot to the forehead. Schmo is again flat on his back and Public begins raining chairshots down on Schmo’s head in the middle of the ring. The timekeeper is ringing the bell and the ref goes for the chair but Public swings at him, sending the ref running for cover. Public discards the chair and grabs the mic.*

P: JoooooooooooooooooooSEPH!!

*Public slaps Schmo several times in his now blood spattered face.


*There’s a digital pop as Public throws the mic down to the mat and swiftly takes leave of the ring. The crowd is largely unresponsive, not quite knowing what to make of the brutal assault they just witnessed and the resignation that followed. Schmo remains unmoving in the ring as Public hits the curtain.*
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M: Wow, what a shock, Public just quit.

T: Unbelievable. So much for Strictly Business.

Originally Posted by Hardcore Title Match: Cryptic vs. M Shadows vs. Jeff vs. Ness

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T: Jeff, one of the outside chances for winning tonight’s hardcore title, fatal four way match, is making his way to the ring.

M: Now here comes his brother Ness. These guys have not been doing well at all of late, but if they can work together for a bit here they might be able to turn things around.

T: I doubt it Marv. Besides which this is about a singles title, eventually they are going to have to turn on each other.

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M: Now here comes a man who really has a chance at taking the Hardcore Title here tonight. M Shadows. He has been nothing short of incredibly impressive of late and the one thing it seems he has left to do, is take out some gold. Tonight could well be his night.

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T: Not if this man has anything to say about it! Sorry to use another tired wrestling cliché Marv but I really want to get to calling the action.

M: I can’t blame you there. Cryptic has been in several great hardcore title matches and I’m sure tonight’s match will be no different.

*Bell rings. Cryptic and Shadows both look over at Ness and Jeff who look a little intimidated. Cryptic and Shadows run over and clothesline Ness and Jeff to the outside. They then turn back to each other. Cryptic goes to whip Shadows into the corner, but Shadows reverses it and Cryptic goes into the corner. Shadows follows him in with a high knee, followed by a bull dog. Cryptic staggers to his feet and Shadows goes for the Death Drop but Cryptic quickly counters, pushing Shadows away. Shadows turns back around and Cryptic hits a spine buster on him. Cryptic then goes up top. He turns around and looks to nail a moonsault, when he gets hammered with a Singapore cane shot from Jeff on the outside. Cryptic falls off the top, and to the outside. Jeff starts working over Cryptic with the cane on the outside as Ness slides into the ring with a steel chair.*

M: We now have Ness and Shadows in the ring as weapons start to play a role and things start to get interesting.

*Ness comes over to Shadows with the chair. Shadows suddenly jumps up and nails the chair back into his face with a drop kick. Ness staggers back and drops the chair. Shadows picks up the chair and sets it up. He then grabs Ness, and DDT’s him into the set up chair. Cover by Shadows. 1….2……………..*
T: Kick out just in time by Ness who is already in a great deal of trouble.

*Shadows looks to the outside. He sees Jeff and Cryptic now exchanging blows. Shadows charges across and vaults over the top rope with a cross body, taking both men out on the outside. Ness staggers up in the ring, his head now bleeding, and looks to the outside. Jeff, Cryptic and Shadows are now all trying to get to their feet. Ness grabs the steel chair and sets it up near the ropes. He then uses it to hit a triple sec shooting star press to the outside, sending all men to the floor.*

M: First man to his feet had the advantage who is it going to be?

*Cryptic is the first man up. He comes over to Jeff and gets him up, whipping him hard into the steel steps on the outside. Cryptic then chucks Jeff into the ring, with his head hanging out over the apron. Cryptic gets on the apron and drops a leg on Jeff’s head, bringing him back under the ropes, and to the outside. Shadows now staggers to his feet, as Cryptic goes under the ring, and pulls out a sledge hammer. He comes over to Shadows, and nails him in the gut with it. He then uses to side Russian leg sweep Shadows back to the floor. Cryptic chucks the sledge hammer into the ring and then grabs Ness and rolls him into the ring, as he starts to stir. Cryptic climbs into the ring. He comes over to Ness, but Ness thinks quick and hits Cryptic with a hurricanrana, leaving Cryptic hung over the middle rope. Ness then grabs the sledge hammer, and slides to the outside. He swings the sledge upwards, connecting with the skull of Cryptic who staggers back, and falls into the middle of the ring. Now busted wide open as well. Ness slides back in, and nails a springboard moonsault on the prone Cryptic. Ness with the cover. 1….2………..*

M: Shadows pulls Ness off the cover and to the outside. Smart move there.

*Ness is pulled to the outside, where we see Shadows has pulled aside the floor’s protective padding. Shadows then nails Ness with the Death Drop, on the exposed concrete floor! Shadows gets in Ness’ face and doesn’t see that Jeff is now up, and has slidden into the ring. Cryptic is ready for him though. He nails him with a boot to the gut and hits The 3B on Jeff!*

T: My god! Pay attention Shadows, you slow witted oaf!

M: Cryptic with the cover. 1…2………

*Shadows comes in and goes to break it up, but slips and falls awkwardly on his right leg. The ref counts to 3 and Cryptic retains the Hardcore Title.*

M: I don’t know what happened there to Shadows but the ref is throwing up the X and Shadows is clutching that leg in quite a bit of pain.

T: Well that’s what you get when you go diving around delivering moves with chairs and concrete floors.
*video package of Judge/Blade airs*


*Chad Willard is with Joseph T. Schmo in the back*

Chad: Joseph, you just...

*Schmo pushes him away and walks off with his head down.

M: Schmo not real happy.

T: Would you be if you just lost a chance at $25,000 and your partner?

Originally Posted by Singles Match: Jack Crawford vs. Elix West

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M: Here comes Jack ‘The Beast’ Crawford to settle his feud with Elix West once and for all. This should be a real monster mash.

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T: Yeah, but at the end of the day we know that this man, Elix West, will walk out the winner. He is the true beast of the IWO.

M: I don’t think you can say that yet, but the winner of this match will certainly be able to say, beyond doubt, that he is the undisputed beast of the IWO.

*Bell rings. Both men lock up and then Crawford quickly slips behind West and takes him down with an inverted DDT. Crawford then goes up top as West gets back to his feet. Crawford comes off the top and hits an elevated clothesline on West. Crawford then goes over to West. He pulls him to his feet and whips him against the ropes. West comes back and Crawford scoops him up, and nails him with a side slam. Crawford goes off the ropes and nails a splash pin attempt on West. 1…2…………kick out by West.*

M: Crawford taking it to West in the early going. It is interesting to note that Crawford’s fiancé is here tonight. I was talking to Crawford earlier and apparently the two got engaged just recently.

T: Wow isn’t that touching. I just hope Crawford can keep his focus on the match, cos I don’t think anything is going to make West take it lightly on him here tonight.

*Crawford goes to pull West up again but West fights back with shots to the gut. West goes off the ropes and looks for a clothesline, but Crawford ducks it. He comes back nailing a hurricarana on West. West stumbles quickly back up to his feet but Crawford wastes no time and charges over, nailing a big time spear. Crawford looks to ring side, and blows a kiss to his fiancé before signalling for the Belly of the Beast.*

M: Things not looking good for West here, and I must say, If Crawford got the win here tonight, I think it could be considered a bit of an upset.

*West staggers up and towards Crawford who hits a boot to the gut and goes for the Belly of the Beast and…..*

T: He nails it! I can’t believe it! Crawford is going to pick up the win!

*Crawford doesn’t make the cover though. He goes up top and signals for The Blackout. He dives off the top, but suddenly West rolls out of the way and Crawford crashes and burns, landing awkwardly on his neck. The camera pans to a shot of his fiancé who looks on in horror.*
T: YES! Now we get to see Elix West do his thing as Crawford is in serious trouble.

*West gets up and comes over to Crawford. He sees that his neck has been damages and drags Crawford’s head over the bottom rope. West then steps down on Crawford’s neck, pushing it into the bottom rope. The ref counts. 1…2….3….4…..West breaks the hold just in time. West pulls Crawford up and whips him across the ropes. Crawford comes back and West nails a flap jack, which bounces Crawford, neck first, off the top rope. Crawford comes staggering around and West turns him inside out with a vicious clothesline. West then jams his boot into the neck of Crawford and pushes down. The ref tells West to break it up and starts counting. He gets to 4 before West stops the choke. West then drags Crawford into the corner. He sits him in the corner and steps back. West lets out a cry and charges in. West spins around, just before impact, slamming his arse into the skull of Crawford.*

M: What a huge move and Crawford’s head is jumping around like a bobble head figurine, that can’t be good for his neck.

*West pulls Crawford out of the corner and into the middle of the ring. West then ducks behind him and nails a vicious German suplex bridge pin. The ref counts. 1…2……………………….*

T: 3! It’s over. West has proven himself the dominant beast and he didn’t even need to use his finisher to do it. He is just that damn good.

*The ref goes to raise West’s hand but he chucks him aside. He then signals to his manager Jay Smith on the outside. Smith goes under the ring and slides a chair to West. West grabs the chair and turns it vertical. He then smashes it into the neck of Crawford repeatedly as Crawford starts spitting blood. Suddenly Crawford’s fiancé, sitting at ringside, climbs the guard rail and enters the ring. She screams at West to stop but he just looks at her and laughs. Then Jay Smith slides in from behind her with a pair of handcuffs. He handcuffs her foot to the bottom rope and slides back out of the ring. West looks at her for a bit, like maybe he should show some compassion, and then smashes the chair into the neck of Crawford again. Crawford’s fiancé screams and tries to run over and stop West, but falls over, as she is stopped by the cuffs. She realises what has happened and tries to get the cuffs off, but to no avail.*

M: I know I say it a lot, but this is truly disgraceful! West is a despicable man.

*West finally throws the chair aside and picks Crawford up. He then nails him with The Cyclone as Crawford’s fiancé starts to cry, forced to watch. West goes to leave the ring, but stops and turns back. He goes over and pulls Crawford’s lifeless corpse over to his fiancé. He rubs Crawford’s blood covered face all over his fiancés’ face as she screams. Crawford then finally leaves the ring. He makes it half way up the ramp, before turning back and signalling for a mike. West grabs the mike off a staff member as medics rush the ring to attend to Crawford. Jay Smith is at ringside now and West hands the mic to him*

Jay Smith: Oh, and one more thing Crawford, I don’t know if you can hear me, but I heard you got engaged recently. Well, I guess I’m a big softie, but I just wanted to wish you all the best for the wedding and have a nice honey moon!

*West and Smith laugh as the crowd boos and they leave the ring*
*ad for Redemption next week*


Originally Posted by Tag Team Semi-final for the Tag Team Titles: DC & Juice vs. Josh & Jason

M: Ladies and gentlemen, we have here a very intriguing match tonight. Former IWO Champion DC and former IWO Hardcore Champion Juice take on the current IWO Tag Team Champions, Jason & Josh.

T: This is a tournament match, Marv and Jason and Josh are competing for their belts tonight. The winner will move on to the final.

M: And here come the challengers right now.

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*DC, Wilma, Juice, Gritz N’ Gravy and The Guro Girls all come out to a cacophony of boos as the crowd really wouldn’t like this match to end any other way than a double count out. DC and Juice seem to let it all just bounce off as they look confident and even cocky heading down to the ring. They get in the ring and the crowd’s disdainful jeers become even louder, but neither wrestler nor any of their associates seem to notice.*

M: And here come the champions.

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*The crowd’s temperament gets no better as Josh and Jason come down the aisle with April and Stacey respectively. Both wrestlers also appear to be confident to the point of arrogance, and as they get in the ring and hand the belt to the ref, they both point to the Tag Titles and make belt fitting gestures around their waists, pointing at DC and Juice. The ref displays the belts to the crowd and then calls for the bell.*

M: We’re underway here and DC will start against Josh. DC and Josh go to lock up and ooh, Josh gets a gutkick in.

*Josh reaches in and hits a quick DDT On DC. Josh immediately goes into some boot stomps, then drags DC to his corner, tagging in Jason. Jason leaps over the top rope, landing a leg drop on DC. Jason hooks a leg, but DC’s other leg goes up on the ropes even before the ref can hit the mat, making it no pin. Jason stomps on DC and pulls him up. Jason hits a gutkick and then an uppercut elbow that turns DC around. Jason grabs DC and hauls off with a German suplex. Jason goes for the cover but this time the ref only gets to one.*

M: Jason looking to get DC and Juice thinking more about the cover than the moves.

*Jason pulls DC back over to his corner and goes to tag Josh. Jason holds DC up as Josh steps through the ropes, but Josh is speared by Juice who rockets over from the corner. Josh falls backwards and out to the arena floor. Jason drops DC and moves in on Juice, who plants his elbow in the side of Jason’s head. Juice brings a hard left hook to Jason’s jaw and then grabs his head and drops him to the mat, bulldogging him. Josh scrambles back in the ring but DC clotheslines him and he gets sent into the corner.*

*DC gutkicks Josh, who staggers over to Juice. Juice slaps a quick roundhouse kick into Josh’s temple, spinning him around. DC picks Josh up and hits a huge spinebuster. DC goes for the cover and the ref drops down. Jason runs in and shoves Juice out of the way, hitting a hammer drop to break up the count. Juice charges in on Jason but Jason hits a sacrifice throw, and uses his legs and Juice’s own momentum to toss him over the top rope and out of the ring. Gritz N’ Gravy and the Guro Girls immediately go to Juice’s aid as Jason and Josh both begin to attack DC.*

M: DC could be in some trouble here…he’s isolated and at Jason and Josh’s mercy.

*Jason and Josh stomp DC out a bit and then pick him up, hitting a double suplex. They then pick him up again for another, which hits. They then send DC into the ropes but miss the double clothesline. They duck under DC’s rebound clothesline attempt and DC stops himself at the ropes. Jason and Josh take a moment and point to DC in a threatening manner, when suddenly from behind Juice wraps his arms around their necks, hitting a double reverse DDT.*

T: And here we go.

*Juice and DC stomp Jason and Josh now. They each pick up an opponent and they Irish whip one into the other. Juice and DC then come in from either side, latch on to each other’s forearms and lift Jason and Josh up, simultaneously dropping them to the canvas. DC hooks Josh’s leg and the ref counts 1….2….*

M: Josh kicks out!!

*The ref somehow ushers Jason and Juice out of the ring as DC applies a headlock to Josh. After a few moments of wrenching pain, DC hits the ropes and slings to the other side, coming back in to Josh with a shoulder block. DC then runs to the far ropes and Josh ducks completely under him on the rebound, bringing his legs up. Josh’s feet catch DC in the abs as he springs back and executes a monkey flip. Juice claps from his corner for the tag as Josh gets up.*

M: Josh taunting Juice right now, Tater.

T: That’s not a good proposition, if you ask me. I mean the champions are in control right now, but you don’t show up a guy with three people in his corner.

*Josh stomps DC and picks him up. Josh goes to lock in a grapple, but DC clotheslines him. DC picks Josh up and slams him to the mat…and then turns to get the tag. Jason runs in from his corner but DC makes it and tags in Juice. Juice hops to the top rope and hits a flying clothesline on Jason, keeping him off of DC. Juice gets up and sees Josh running in; he counters with a spinebuster. Juice slings himself to the top rope but Jason grabs Josh and rolls him out of the way.*

M: Jason making the smart mov—


*DC comes barreling into Jason and Josh, knocking Jason clean out of the ring. Josh rolls over in the corner and DC goes out of the ring after Jason. DC begins stomping on Jason, then picks him up and begins slamming Jason’s head into the barrier. In the ring, Juice is stalking Josh as he gets up. Josh pulls himself up by the turnbuckles and then sees Juice rushing in. Josh hits a drop toehold and Juice’s face slams into the turnbuckle. Josh springs up and begins slamming Juice’s head into the turnbuckle. After the tenth time, Josh lets Juice up and puts him in the Call For Fire.*

M: The Champions looking to end this here!!

*Josh hits the Call For Fire and hooks the leg. Before the ref can drop to count, Ayana and Kaori are on the apron, yelling at Josh. The ref gets up and tells them to beat it, but Ayana and Kaori continue cursing at Josh in Japanese. April and Stacey come over and yank the girls off the apron by their ankles and a catfight ensues on the outside. Josh allows himself to watch for a second, and turns back to find Juice gone. Josh looks up and doesn’t see anything. However he feels the hair on the back of his neck stand and he wheels in time to see Juice’s somersaulting body falling on top of him from at least ten feet above the mat.*

M: OH! Juice comes down with a crash and can he capitalize? Wait…he’s…he’s leaving the ring….

*Juice slides out of the ring and goes over to where Jason is starting to get a drop on DC. Juice just hits a front kick right into the small of Jason’s turned back and he falls to the floor like a brick. Juice begins to stomp on Jason on the outside and then DC gets up and stomps as well. DC points at the barricade and he and Juice both lift Jason up and drop him neck first into the most narrow portion of the gate. Jason flops on the ground, holding his neck as Juice and DC slide into the ring after Josh.*

M: My Lord!! Jason could be in serious trouble…I don’t know if we have EMTs standing by, but his throat just got hammered!

*Josh is getting up and DC walks right up to him, throwing a boot into his gut. DC reels Josh in and hits The Leash. The crowd is agape as Juice ascends the top rope and hits The Chaser, hooking the leg. The ref counts….1….2….3!!*

M: We have new champions!! Jason and Josh looked like they had something in the early goings, but age and treachery win out against youth and vigor tonight as DC and Juice make their cheap shots count and take home the IWO Tag Team gold!!

T: There’s still one match left in the Tournament tonight, Marv. It’s going to be very interesting to see how it all pans out.

*DC and Juice are celebrating with their crews in the ring, when....*

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M: What it's Thugged Out, what is this about?

*DC and Juice and company look up the ramp as Exo and Stick come down the aisle...they get in the ring and shake hands with the champs, then Exo gets a mic*

Exo: DC, Juice, look homies, we know we have to face ya tonight, but we don't want to if you think you is ready, we want to fight right chere, right now!

*Crowd goes crazy*

T: Heck yes!

*Exo hands the mic to DC*

DC: You want to go, then let's do it!

*Crowd is going wild, as Juice tries to talk to DC about the decision, but DC patting him on the chest telling him it's okay*

M: Right here, they are going to go right now Tater

T: I have been waiting for this.

Originally Posted by Tag Team Finals for the titles and $25,000: Thugged Out vs. DC & Juice

M: There's the bell and it looks like it will be Stick and DC starting out.

T: You can tell the crowd doesn't know what to do, who do you cheer for.

M: Neither one of them if you ask me.

*Stick and DC circle each other...DC goes for a right hand to Stick but Stick blocks it, Stick answers with one of his own but he misses but DC falls down anyway...DC is laying on his back on the mat like he is out cold*

M: What the hell, he didn't even nail him.

*Stick quickly drops down as Exo and Juice both look on in shock..the ref goes for the count....1.....2....3....he rings the bell, and Exo comes in to celebrate with his partner..Juice climbs in with a confused look on his face, as DC is getting up*

T: DC just threw the match, Thugged Out are the champs again Baby!

*The titles are handed to Thugged Out as Wilma and Juice's crew get in the ring...DC high fives Thugged Out as Juice is still shocked...they turn and look at him..Juice is saying what the hell just happened...DC smiles at him, then a smile comes on Juice's face, as the four all celebrate in the ring while the crowd is now booing*

T: It was a setup Marv, they were all in on it.

M: Damn you DC, Damn you!
*ad runs for the next PPV Fandamonium*


Originally Posted by Hell in a Cell: DeathShock vs. Alli Sabbah

M: I can’t wait for this match up, you don’t see hell in a cell matches very often, but when you do, you know they are going to be brutal.

T: Damn straight and what better feud to settle in a cell than the one between Alli Sabbah and Death Shock. For weeks Shock has been trying to disgrace Sabbah and for weeks Sabbah has kicked his arse. But after this match, I don’t think even Shock will be able to doubt, Sabbah is the better man.

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M: Here comes your so called better man now. Alli Sabbah. I don’t know what feud you have been watching but I seem to recall Shock making Sabbah look like a clown every time it has counted.

T: That’s because, to use one of your words Marv, your memory is a disgrace.

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M: Now here comes Death Shock who is getting a huge reaction from these fans. This is nothing like the controversial reaction that some annoyingly over pushed guy like Cena in the WWE gets. All these fans are cheering Death Shock and so am I.

T: Your cheering a Corey rip off? Didn’t you see what happened to Corey last week? He was put back on the injury list. If he is the guy that Shock is a lesser version of, how the hell is Shock going to win tonight?

M: For the thousandth time Shock is his own man and if you don’t believe that you can just wait and bleed mother fucker.

*The cell is lowered over both men. Bell rings. Sabbah runs over and delivers a vicious low blow to Shock who falls to his knees and then gets a DDT, planting his head into the canvas. Sabbah then takes off the dark green sash he wears around his waist. He pulls Shock up into sitting position and wraps the sash around his neck. He then begins to choke him out with it, pulling Shock back into his knee in the process. The ref asks Shock whether he wants to quit but Shock tells him ‘fuck no’. Sabbah pulls back harder and Shock’s face starts to go bright red. The ref asks Shock if he wants out again. Shock can’t reply but simply shakes his head, no. Sabbah realises he isn’t going to get the win without doing more damage first and puts the sash back around his own waist.*

M: Why the hell is Sabbah wasting time putting that sash back around his waist when he could be inflicting more damage on Shock?

T: Because it’s not just about beating your opponent, its about looking good whilst doing it. That’s something you will quite clearly never understand.

*Sabbah waits for Shock to get to his feet and runs over, taking him back down with a high knee. Sabbah then goes off the ropes and nails a big leg drop on Shock and makes the cover. 1…kick out by Shock.*

M: Shock still has a lot in the tank, but he really needs to hit some offence if he wants a win in this match.

*Sabbah goes to the outside and goes under the ring. He pulls out two steel chairs and throws them into the ring. He gets back in and grabs one of the chairs as Shock staggers to his feet. Sabbah takes a big swing with the chair and….*

T: Sabbah connects with a brutal chair shot! What a beautiful chair shot that was, I think I might have creamed my pants.

M: You creamed your pants over a wrestling spot?

T: Well if PWF poster Jason can jerk off when Cena returns to the WWE ring, why shouldn’t I get gratification from that beautiful move of Sabbah’s?

M: You really need to get laid.

*Shock staggers around as Sabbah sets up the chair in front of him. Sabbah then drop toe holds the stumbling Shock, head first, into the chair. The chair is broken by the move. Shock rolls over and we see blood beginning to ooze down, from the top of his head. Sabbah rolls Shock up into a cover, grabbing the tights. The ref counts. 1…2……….*

M: Kick out! Shock still yet to get any serious offence on Alli though and if this keeps up its only a matter of time before Sabbah will pick up the pin.

T: And claim his rightful place at the top of the IWO.

M: I wouldn’t go that far.

*Sabbah goes over and picks Shock up. He then chucks him unceremoniously, over the top rope, to the outside. Sabbah slides under the bottom rope and pulls Shock up on the outside. He goes to grate Shock’s skull against the steel mesh of the cell, but Shock counters with an elbow to the gut, then another one. Sabbah stumbles back. Shock then turns around and grabs Alli and points at the steel mesh as the fans pop. Shock slams Sabbah’s head into the mesh repeatedly as fan’s count the times. 1…2…3..4…5…6…7…8…9…10. Sabbah has now started to bleed from the top of his head. Shock then starts raking Sabbah’s face across the mesh, opening him up further.*

T: How dare Shock brutalise Sabbah like this! He won’t be getting any discount prices from the masterful merchant if he keeps this up.

M: Quite frankly, I don’t think he gives a damn.
*Shock then pulls Sabbah up onto his shoulder. He runs along the outside, towards another steel mesh wall, looking to use Sabbah as a human dart. But Sabbah falls out behind him at the last minute and pushes Shock, face first, into the steel mesh. Shock stumbles back and Alli rolls him up with a school boy pin on the outside. The ref counts. 1…2……………………*

M: Kick out again by Shock who is not going to go down to a cheap move like that.

*Shock and Sabbah both to their feet and Sabbah goes for a drop kick to the knees of Shock. Shock moves so Sabbah lands on the mat. Shock then grabs the legs of Sabbah and rocks back, catapulting Sabbah, face first into the opposite wall of the cell. Sabbah staggers back and Shock nails a back cracker on him, before he lets him fall to the mat. Shock with the cover now as the ref counts. 1…2…………*

T: Kick out by the uncrowned champion!

*Shock picks Sabbah up and feeds him back into the ring. He then goes under the ring and pulls out a trash can and a barb wire board and throws them into the ring. Shock comes back into the ring and sets up the barb wire board in the corner closest to Alli. Sabbah staggers to his feet and Shock grabs the trash can. Shock comes over and nails Sabbah with the can, putting a sizeable dent in it, as Sabbah staggers around and falls, face first, back the mat. Shock then steps back and signals for the Shock Absorber as the fans cheer!*

M: This is all going to be over if he hits this move. Sabbah very slowly getting to his feet, he is a bloody mess. Shock charges in and…..

*Sabbah moves at the last second and Shock spears himself straight through the barb wire board set up in the corner! Fans chant holy shit as Shock’s chest and back are slashed up by the wire! Sabbah crawls over and makes the cover. 1…2…………………….*

T: He kicked out again! How does he do it! That was a real shocker…pardon the pun.

*Sabbah cannot believe it as his eyes bulge out of his head! Sabbah makes the cover again. 1…2……kick out again! Sabbah with a third cover. 1…kick out. Sabbah realises he is not going to get the pin fall yet and rolls to the outside. He grabs the steel ring steps and goes to bring them into the ring.*

M: Sabbah looking to use those steps now, but Shock has somehow managed to get back to his feet, and he sees what Sabbah is doing. This could be bad!

*Before Sabbah can get into the ring with the steps Shock charges over and dives through the ropes nailing the Shock Absorber on Alli and the steps! Sabbah goes flying back into the steel mesh and the steps sandwich in between two bits of solid metal! Shock is also hurt though, as in the move, his head connected with the steps. Both men are laid out on the outside!*
T: Holy mother of god what an insane move. Now Shock is in no position to make the cover, and Sabbah is in no position to sell his cut price goods!

*Shock slowly crawls over to Sabbah, and drapes his arm over him. The ref counts. 1….2…………………………*

M: Kick out! What the fuck! This isn’t the main event, but it could well go all night, these two men will not say die!

*Shock is the first man up and gets the steel steps and feeds them into the ring. He then goes to get Sabbah, but Sabbah hits a merciless low blow and Shock falls to the ground. Sabbah goes up top and signals for the Inflation and….*

T: Sabbah going for his own variation of the shooting star press here will he hit it….

*Sabbah connects with Inflation on the laid out Shock! Sabbah hooks the leg into a cover. 1…..2………………………..*

M: Kick out! Neither man has an ounce of quit in them!

*Sabbah goes over and picks the steel steps up and waits, as Shock gets to his feet very slowly. Shock up and Sabbah nails him upside the head with the steps! Sabbah then places the steps to the side and signals for The Closing Deal. He picks Shock up and brings him over to the steps. He goes to get Shock up for his finisher and….*

M: Shock fights it off and slaps on a choke!

*Shock signals for the Shock Box and…..*

M: Shock nails the Shock Box, planting Sabbah, back first, onto those steps. The cover. 1…2……………

*3! Shock picks up the victory and the ref helps him to his feet, raising his hand.*
*Backstage we see Miss A talking to Mr. Smith

Miss A: So Crawford is hurt pretty bad, he might be out for a while.

Smith: And Shadows?

Miss A: His injury not so much, he should be okay in a few weeks.

Smith: Fine.

Miss A: So what is the big surprise?

Smith: Don't worry you will see.

Originally Posted by Two out of Three Falls for the TV Title: Crusher vs. Force

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M: Here comes the submission master, and TV champion, Crusher. He looks ready to go in this best out of 3 falls match up.

T: Yeah, I might not like either of these guys much, but they sure can put on good wrestling matches.

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M: Wow, the roar of the crowd is deafening, as Unstoppable Force makes his way to the ring. Will he have what it takes to regain the TV title here tonight at Deadly Survival? I can’t wait to find out.

*Bell rings. Force and Crusher circle each other for a bit as the crowd cheers in anticipation and ‘let’s go Force’ and ‘let’s go Crusher’ chants start up. Both men lock up centre ring and try and get the advantage. Neither does and they break it up. They lock up again, but once again, neither man gets the edge, they break it up. Crusher bounces off the ropes and comes in, nailing a shoulder block on Force. Force steps back, but is barely affected. Crusher goes off the ropes again and comes in, nailing a clothesline this time, but it just bounces off Force. Crusher again off the ropes and comes in, but Force shoves his elbow up into the face of Crusher, who goes down.*

T: Force is too powerful for Crusher who is going to have to be quicker than a Mexican border jumper to avoid the brute power of Force.

*Crusher stumbles up and Force picks him up and hits a scoop slam. Force signals for a choke slam as Crusher gets to his feet again. Crusher stumbles around and Force slaps on the choke. He goes to lift him up, but Crusher counters with a boot to the gut. Crusher then picks Force up and nails him with an inverted atomic drop. Force drops to one knee as Crusher goes off the ropes and nails him with a shining wizard.*

M: What a move by Crusher who now makes the first pin attempt of the match up.

*1…2……..kick out, with authority, by Force. Crusher quickly goes against the ropes as Force gets up and jumps on him with a cross body take down. Force rolls through though and gets back to his feet, hoisting Crusher onto his shoulders, and nailing him with a Samoan drop. Force with the cover now.*

T: 1…2………

M: Kick out by Crusher now after an impressive counter move by Force.

*Force picks Crusher up and goes to irish whip him against the ropes. Reversal by Crusher and Force goes against the ropes. Force comes back and gets nailed by a Horseman Style Spine Buster from Crusher. Crusher then goes over to the right leg of Force and starts stomping away at it. Crusher then goes to lock in a figure four leg lock but Force counters pushing Crusher, chest first, into the ropes. Crusher staggers back and Force gets to his feet. Force lifts Crusher up onto his shoulders, from behind, and nails him with an electric chair drop. Force pulls Crusher to his feet and whips him into the corner. Force comes over and nails a few shoulders to the gut in the corner. Force then steps back, and charges in, looking to spear Crusher in the corner.*

T: Force going to spear Crusher right into that steel ring post.

M: But Crusher moves and Force goes shoulder first into the steel!

*Force staggers out of the corner and Crusher comes up from behind him and hits a chop block to the right leg of Force. Force goes down. Crusher grabs the legs of Force and twists them around and then steps over him, locking in a sharp shooter. Force yells out in pain.*

M: Sharp shooter locked in and Force needs to consider tapping out and saving some energy for the next fall.

*Force in a lot of pain tries to make it to the ropes and….*

T: Force gets his hand on the bottom rope and….wait! Crusher just pulled him off the rope and back into the middle of the ring!

*Force screams in agony and slowly goes for the ropes again. Force just about to grab the bottom rope again and…..*

M: Force taps out! He was not able to make the ropes in time! Crusher goes up one fall to zero. Things looking good for the TV champion!

*Crusher breaks the sharp shooter and steps back, signalling for the Olympic Slam! Force staggers up and Crusher comes in, he goes for the Olympic Slam and…..*

M: Crusher gets Force up….but Force lands on his feet!

*Crusher turns around and Force slaps on a choke and nails Crusher with a huge choke slam! Force then goes up top, signalling for Hell from Above. He is in position and…..*

T: Crusher jumps up and knocks the ropes from under Force. Force straddles the top rope like I sometimes enjoy straddling an Asian hooker!

M: I didn’t need to know that Tater.

*Force falls off the turnbuckle to the outside. Crusher walks back as Force gets up on the outside. Crusher charges up and leaps through the middle of the ropes, looking for a suicide dive. Force dives out of the way, and Crusher crashes into the guard rail!*

T: That looked painful! Crusher just crashed and burned in a major way. Force needs to capitalise.

*Force goes up and picks him up, feeding him back into the ring. Force then climbs up top again and jumps off, nailing Hell from Above on Crusher. Force hooks the leg now. 1….2……………………..*

M: 3! Force picks up the second fall evening things up at one fall a piece. The next person to pick up a pin fall will be the winner folks, and the TV Champion.

*Force rolls off Crusher, clutching his right leg which he used to nail his finishing manoeuvre.*

T: What an idiot! Force used his already worked on leg to take Crusher out for that fall. Now he has a huge disadvantage going into the final fall.

*Crusher is up and comes over to Force, still holding his right leg. Crusher puts his hands on Force’s right leg and swings in, nailing the leg with his knees. He then repeats the move another two times. Crusher then locks in the figure four leg lock on Force. Force yells out in pain again.*

M: Uh oh! This isn’t good for Force as his right leg really being exploited here by Crusher.

*Force tries to pull himself to the ropes, he gets within a hands reach of the bottom rope and…..*

T: Crusher is a smart man and pulls Force back into the middle of the ring. Force should just tap and accept defeat right here.

*Force looking like he is going to tap out and……*

M: No! Force going for one last push as he tries to turn Crusher around and reverse the pressure of the hold!

*Force manages to turn Crusher around, reversing the pressure, and Crusher quickly breaks the hold. Both men up to their feet with Force limping slightly. Crusher quickly nails a drop kick to the right knee of Force, taking him back to the mat. Crusher then signals for the Ankle Lock as he walks around to the right leg of Force. Crusher gets the leg up and comes to lock in the Ankle Lock and…..*

M: Force spins around and kicks Crusher off saving himself from certain demise!
*Force and Crusher up and Force charges over and takes Crusher down with a lariat clothesline. Force then goes off the ropes and runs over, nailing a splash pin on Crusher. The ref counts. 1….2………………….*

T: Kick out by Crusher but Force is starting to get some momentum here.

M: Yeah and at this point of the match every cover or locked in submission could be the last of the match.

*Force brings Crusher to his feet and nails a big delayed suplex on him, keeping Crusher in the air for a good five seconds, before slamming him back. He makes the cover again. 1…2……………………………..kick out again by Crusher. Force picks Crusher up again and whips him against the ropes. He goes for a clothesline but Crusher ducks it and goes off the other ropes. Force spins around and levels Crusher with a big boot as he comes back. Crusher goes down hard and Force signals for the Unstoppable Drop. Crusher staggers up and Force gets him in position and…..*

M: Force nails the Unstoppable Drop on Crusher and makes the cover….Crusher’s foot just fell under the ropes though, but the ref is counting anyway!

*1….2………………………..3. Force picks up the win, not seeing that Crusher’s foot was clearly situated under the bottom rope.*

T: That was a controversial three count to say the least and I’m sure we haven’t seen the end of this rivalry thanks to that ending.

M: But for now we have a new TV Champion in the Unstoppable Force.
*Ad runs for Fandamonium*

*video package of Blade/Judge is shown*


*Chad Willard is standing by with an irate Crusher*

Chad: Crusher you just lost the TV Title and...

Crusher: Shut up, don't you think I know that you moron.

Chad: Yeah but...

Crusher: I was robbed. Force didn't beat me, I had my foot under the rope and everyone saw it. That ref was on the take.

Chad: But Crusher..

*Crusher pushes Chad and takes the mic*

Crusher: Shut up! Now listen to me, I am tired of being pushed around and cheated around here. I want a rematch next week. My rematch, and Force I know you will say that you beat me over and over again, so I will make a deal, If I win, then I win the TV Title...If I lose, then I leave the IWO. Title vs. Career. Next week!

*Crusher tosses the mic at Chad and walks away*

M: Wow, what a match that will be next week.

T: Yeah but this next match is going to be worth talking about

Originally Posted by World Title Match: Johnny Blade vs. Judge

M: That's right Tater because this is the main event!! Johnny Blade, recently returned from injury is here tonight to challenge for the IWO World Title!! Listen to this crowd as he makes his way down the aisle.

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*Johnny Blade gets in the ring and goes up to the top rope, earning a pop from the crowd.*

T: Didn’t think it’d quite be like this tonight…but nevermind…

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*The crowd pop goes from good to insane as Judge comes down the aisle, polishing the title around his waist. The Champion is supremely confident and slapping up the fans who are marking out in the ringside aisle.*

M: Judge is here tonight to defend his title and after going through the likes of DC and The Unstoppable Force in recent weeks, he’s sure to keep the intensity level high tonight here at Deadly Survival in South Africa.

*The ref is handed the IWO Title and displays it to the crowd before handing it off to the timekeeper. The ref then calls for the opening bell and the two men circle each other. Johnny Blade makes as if he wants to lock up with Judge at the outset, which Judge is slightly surprised by. The two men lock up.*

M: Odd play by Blade here….

*Judge immediately hauls Blade up and brings him down with a slam. Blade turns and stares at Judge who flexes at him and then begins to tell him about how much he thinks Blade needs to bring.*

M: Judge taking a moment to taunt his opponent here tonight…

*Blade gets up but Judge charges in with a clothesline, flooring him. Judge grabs Blade by the scruff of his neck and throws him into the nearest turnbuckle. Judge begins to hit closed fists to the forehead until the ref gets in there and breaks it. Judge then mounts the ropes and begins to hammer away at Blade’s forehead with more closed fists as the crowd counts off the punches. Judge hops down at 10 and grabs Blade, Irish whipping him into the opposite turnbuckle.*

M: Judge is firmly in control here, Tater.

T: Oh you noticed.

*Judge charges in but Blade brings his boot up and catches Judge on his chin. The Champ staggers and Blade hops up to the second rope, flipping over Judge’s head and hitting a flying flip neckbreaker. Blade springs up and waits as Judge lumbers off the mat. Blade measures and delivers a standing spinning heel kick. Judge’s head is rocked back as Blade’s boot seems to jolt through his entire jaw and Judge just falls to the mat.*


*Blade hops on to cover and the ref slides in….1……Judge uses his size to roll out before the count gets to two. Blade springs back up and quickly whips Judge to the ropes. Blade hits the far ropes but sees Judge coming at him and ducks Judge’s aggressive pre counter clothesline. Blade hops up on the second rope and springs himself backward at Judge, hitting a spinning cross body drop. The ref slides in to count again but Judge kicks out before the ref could get one out. Judge slides himself out of the ring to regroup.*

M: And Judge is on the defensive here…the challenger is definitely here to compete and he knows what’s at stake tonight.

*Blade holds his arms up in a beckoning gesture as Judge paces shortly outside the ring. Judge makes his way over to the other side of the ring, looking for a wide berth. Judge gets up to the apron and goes under the top rope but Blade comes blazing out of his corner to hit a running knee lift. The knee connects with a dull thud and Judge collapses into the ring. Blade quickly hops to the top rope and the crowd gets up with a pop.*


*Blade lauches himself off the ropes but Judge reaches up and catches him in a single hand choke. Judge stands to his full height and hits a bludgeoning headbutt. Blade looks as if he’s going to crumple to the canvas but Judge holds him up and then hauls him back first into the corner. Judge charges in with a shoulder block and then hits a clothesline. Blade comes off the turnbuckles only to be swept up to Judge’s shoulder. Judge gets a little running start and then jumps up and brings Blade’s body down to the mat with all of his weight.*

M: POWERSLAM there and Judge hooks the leg as the ref counts….1……2…….

*Blade kicks out but Judge hauls him right back into position and hits a belly to belly suplex, slamming Blade down to the mat with as much velocity as possible. Judge yanks Blade off the mat immediately and hits a jackknife powerbomb, then slides in for the cover. The ref counts 1……2……and Blade kicks out again. Judge gets up and measures a couple of stomps to Blade and then picks him up, whipping him to the ropes. Judge backs against his ropes and rebounds with a devastating spear.*

T: Judge just absolutely leveled Blade there with that move. Blade has to come with some kind of counter or he’s going to get beaten senseless tonight.

*Judge whips Blade to the ropes and lowers his head for a backdrop but Blade stops short and gets a stiff shin kick off to the solar plexus. Judge stands up and Blade hits a roundhouse kick to the side of the head. Judge staggers and Blade goes for a standing spinning heel kick; Judge however blocks the kick as it comes around and counters with an elbow to the face. Judge hits a quick gutkick, and leans in for the grapple as Blade doubles over.*

M: Could be all here…

*Blade however pulls a standing somersault and brings his back and legs down on top of Judge. Judge takes a hit and loses his balance; tumbling through the ropes and out to the arena floor. Judge pulls himself up and as he does, Blade slings himself over the top rope and flips down to Judge. Blade gets up and stretches out his right calf. Judge rolls over and gets up looking for a quick kick from Blade, but he’s not there. Judge looks behind him and sees nothing. He turns his head back forward and a stiff shin meets his face with the force of a baseball swing.*

M: Good Lord! That can dislodge someone’s brain!!

*Judge is temporarily out of it and Blade unleashes a torrent of kicks. Starting with each of Judge’s quadriceps, Blade flurrys his shins into Judge’s sides and then one each to the head, before spinning and hitting a straight kick directly to his midsection, bending Judge in half before he hits the floor.*

M:…God. I’ve never seen a kick like that.

T: That’s because it’s a kick from Pradal Serey, a Cambodian martial art, and that might be it. That kick can be deadly when delivered correctly. Here’s the pin and the count…..1………2………

*Judge just edges his shoulder up, saving the count. Blade hits the ropes and goes for a spinning heel kick, but Judge sidesteps and Blade careens to the corner, hitting the turnbuckles. Judge goes in and stomps Blade for a bit and then stalks him as he gets up. Blade staggers to his feet and Judge hits a running knee lift, and then pulls Blade into a swinging neckbreaker. Judge hooks the leg and the ref drops down….1……2…….*

M: And Blade kicks out again!! There’s been some back and forth but both men are fighting hard tonight!!

*Judge pulls Blade up into an abdominal stretch. Blade tries to move to the ropes, but Judge’s weight and center of gravity have Blade stuck. The ref asks and asks, but Blade refuses to tap. Judge leans back and increases the torque of the hold, but it makes no difference. Blade will not give yet.*

M: Blade taking enormous punishment here…I don’t know how much longer he’ll be able to go with this.

*Blade accidentally smacks the ref, as he flails in the hold…the ref getting too close to ask for the tap. Blade uses the change in gravity to pull Judge down and rolls him into a cradle pin. Blade has Judge locked in but the ref doesn’t see the pin…by the time the ref does see the pin, Judge kicks himself out of it and slides out of the ring to regroup.*

*Blade jumps to his feet, asking the ref what’s happened. The ref starts yelling at him for hitting him but Judge slides in and hits a running clothesline on Blade, sending him to the mat.*

M: Lots of confusion and possibly frustration showing on the part of the challenger here.

*Judge pulls Blade up but he hits a Russian Leg Sweep and quickly Blade goes to the top rope.

M: Blade looking to increase the tempo and capitalize…

*Blade braces and gets himself up to the top rope when Judge just runs right in with a big right hand to the grille. Blade is stunned up on the top rope. Judge goes to grab onto him but Blade rocks his body left, swimming his arms around to the right and Judge gets knocked off balance and over the top rope. Judge holds on and avoids falling to the concrete, but Blade is kicking at him and kicking at him. Judge shoots the knife edge of his hand in there and gets a chop jab right into Blade’s throat!*

M: That’s a little questionable there…

T: Compared to the things Blade’s done to get this match??

*Judge steadies his perch on the apron and goes up to the outside of the second rope, where Blade is sitting, struggling for breath. Judge turns behind him and sees the announce table. Judge points to Marv and Tater and admonishes them to abandon their posts.*

M: Get out…what’s he thinking, Tater??

T: Fuck you, moron, he’s thinking bad things—get the fuck out of your chair, now!!

*Judge hoists Blade up and hits a superplex off the top rope. The two men travel across the marked floor of the arena and crash through the announce table.*

M: OH MY GOD!!!!

*The crowd erupts in a “Holy Shit” chant as the table literally is blown to bits. Splinters rocket out in all directions and the table collapses and explodes. Papers are everywhere and the front row audience is pointing as they cheer ferociously at what just happened. The ref’s count is inaudible beneath the continuous howl of the crowd, but by his hand signals, it’s apparent that he’s gotten to 6 as Judge stirs and slides himself to the apron.*

*Judge is pulling himself up and sticks his head beneath the ropes as the ref gets to 8. His powerful arms hoist his torso into the ring for 9 and Judge frantically rolls his legs up sideways through the ropes as the ref counts to ten and signals Judge the winner, with Johnny Blade still not moving in the rubble that used to be IWO’s Announce Position.*


T: This is ridiculous. For fuck’s sake, this is my job. My fucking job!!

*Judge is hardly able to stand as he gets to his feet, EMTs rush out to check on Blade, as Judge is handed the title..he clutches it and slowly gets to his feet...just then the lights go out and....*

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M: Oh my God, it's...

T: It's John Cena!!!!

*The crowd pops as an exhausted Judge turns and looks up the aisle...Cena comes walking down the aisle to a huge ovation in South Africa*

M: What is he doing here.

T: This was Smith's surprise, and it's right here on PPV!!!

M: Well someone is going to get their money's worth tonight as the former WWE champion has paid a visit to the IWO.

*Cean gets in the ring and tosses up word life, before going and getting a mic..Judge is catching his breath just watching as Cena talks*

Cena: Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo!

*Crowd cheers as Cena points at Judge*

Cena: It looks like the!

*Crowd applauding as Judge pats the title*

Cena: Yeah that was a real good job you did out here tonight, but son you still can't touch me!

*Crowd cheers for Cena, and chants his name as Judge looks at him confused*

Cena: See I was invited here tonight to do a little rap for the fans

*crowd cheers*

Cena: So I thought what better time than now.

M: A rap?

T: Heck yes, bonus!

Cena: Let me see if I can remember this..oh yeah, they call you the Judge and you were a robe.
You just became a champ, but I'm not completely sold.

*Judge looks at him to argue*

Cena: Your moves are whack, you as a big as tree
Even without camo, you still can't see me!

*Crowd cheers as Judge just shakes his head*

Cena: I came here for a reason, and I'm going to let the world know.
If we had a match, I would take your title, just like I took your ho!

*Judge has had enough and gets in the face of Cena, who drops the mic...*

M: These two are nose to nose

*Cena tosses his hat, and then takes off his shirt and throws it to the crowd..he's begging Judge to hit him..*

M: I don't think Judge wants any of Cena

*Judge waves him off and begins to leave, but Cena picks the mic back up*

Cena: See I knew you were afraid of the John Cena attack
Probaly because you just don't have a sack!

*Judge losses it and drops the belt, he charges Cena and they begin to exchange blows*

M: Here we go

T: Judge with the upperhand

*He whips Cena into the ropes, but Cena bounces off and hits the flying shoulder block..Cena going crazy as Judge gets to his feet..Judge tries to throw a punch, but Cena ducks it and grabs Judge and hits a backbody drop on him...Cena pops up and looks down at him and tells him you can's see me, before hitting the ropes, he bounces off and brushes off his shoulder and nails a fist drop to Judge's head*

T: Five Knuckle Shuffle

M: And Cena looks like he is...and yes he just pumped up his sneakers

*The crowd going crazy right now, as Cena is waiting..Judge slowly to his feet, and Cena waits, Judge is up and turns and Cena grabs him and lifts him on to his shoulders*

M: Cena has the big man up

*Cena looks to the crowd and delivers the FU to Judge*

T: What an FU, a huge FU

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*Cena gets up and is pumped as his music plays...the crowd is going crazy, as he points to them and then tosses up word life, before leaving the ring and heading back up the ramp to the cheers from the crowd*

M: What a night we have had, and next week is going to be just the same

T: I guess Judge just got taught a lesson in Basic Thuganomics

M: Well folks for Tater Inberg, I am Marv Rome saying see ya next week!

*Cena is standing at the top of the ramp with his hands in the air as the screen fades to black
*End show*


Thanks to Glue and Exo for the banners

Thanks to Glue for writing the two tag semifinals, and the World Title match

thanks to Doom for writing the hardcore, tv, HIAC, and the West match

Sorry for the delay, shit happens, PWF was down, and it took a while longer

feedback much appreciated

long live TOWC:JC
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Now, even sexier!
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I cannot believe you did that for us DC. I'm speachless bro. I thought, there's no way that tag thing is going to work out. We owe you for life.

And then you bring in Cena. Greatest...PPV...EVER. Anything you ever need, you let me know.

Click to subscribe to the podcast feed or Download Episode 33 and give your feedback in the KPWF room.


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Fucking John Cena this isn't the last of this. Not by a long shot! Cena, I will have my revenge!

Props to Sly as Hell for the banner.

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lol, John thats peaceful. Good show and well done to everyone involved. The Peaceful One's quest is still on track.
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nice jobs everybody
Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post
If I wanted stupid illogical booking I'd watch TNA.
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Good show guys.

J&J no longer tag champs Congrats to Thugged Out and nice swerve there DC.

T: Well if PWF poster Jason can jerk off when Cena returns to the WWE ring
That made me laugh

OMG Cena showed up and owned Judge
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