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Holiday Havoc PPV Jan. 4, 2008
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Default Holiday Havoc PPV Jan. 4, 2008

*Fireworks go off as Sydney, Australia explodes with excitement for the first IWO PPV of the new year, we head down to Marv and Tater*

M: welcome everyone to Sydney, Australia for Holiday Havoc, and Happy New Year!

T: Thanks Marv.

M: Well I was talking to the fans Tater

T: Sure you were.

M: Anyway Tater, let's not waste any time and get to our first contest of the evening.

Originally Posted by Handicap Match: Elix West w/Jay Smith vs. Strictly Business

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T: Here comes Strictly Business who have got to like their chances against Elix West in this Handicap match, two against one, when both men are legal at the same time against West.

M: Did you just say you like their chances Tater? These men are the IWO’s biggest jobbers and they are up against one of the most dominant new comers the IWO has ever seen!

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M: Oh boy! Here he comes and things are about to get interesting!

*Bell rings. Schmo and Public charge straight at West who just levels them both with a big double clothesline turning both men inside out. Public is first to get back to his feet and West comes over and hits a boot to the gut, hoists him up into a fireman’s carry. He looks to nail The Cyclone on him but Schmo is now up and comes over and attacks West from behind with a double axe handle allowing public to escape. Schmo grabs the arms of West and pulls them back, holding West in position and telling Public to attack.*

T: Strictly Business is in control here and West has nowhere to go as Public comes charging in!

*Public charges in looking for a big double axe handle blow, but West slips out of Schmo’s grip and Public collects Schmo in the head dropping him to the mat. Public looks down at Schmo in shock and then over at West who is back on his feet grinning. Public charges over to West and starts hammering him with rights and lefts which West no sells as Schmo gets to his feet. Schmo comes over and grabs Public’s shoulder and spins around and starts talking smack to him about why he nailed him in the head instead of West.*

M: Strictly Business in an argument with each other now and they need to get on the same page if they don’t want to do another job here tonight.

*West just watches this in disbelief slowly shaking his head. He finally comes over to the two men and smashes their heads together with a sickening crunch! Both men stagger back. West goes for Public and gets him into a fireman’s carry and this time nails The Cyclone on him! West then goes for Schmo who is resting against the ropes. He pulls him out, gets him up, and nails another Cyclone on him! West lies back and hooks the legs of both Schmo and Public as the ref counts. 1…2……3. West wins.*

T: Well that didn’t take long.

M: Yeah, what a squash and West still dominant as Strictly Business just had their arses handed to them yet again.

*Backstage we April come up to Thugged Out in the hallway*

April: Hey guys!

Exo: Sup gurl!

Stick: Wat you doin over herre wit yo fine ass self?

April: Well I was looking for you two, I wanted to wish you luck tonight.

Exo: Shit we don't needs no luck.

Stick: Hell yea, we goin to beat the brakes off these bitches tonight fo sho!

April: i hope so, Josh and Jason need to pay, but anyway good luck guys.

*She leans over and kisses both of them on the cheek then heads back down the hall, as Exo turns to Stick*

Exo: We goin to beat the brakes off dat ass after the match.

Stick: Fo shizzle my nizzle

*They laugh and head off in the other direction*

T: Damn what I wouldn't give to be those guys.

M: Well I tell you who I wouldn't want to be right now and that is Crusher, who in a few moments steps inside a steel cage with a guy that has had his number for months now.

*a video package of the Crusher/Force rivalry is shown*

Originally Posted by TV Title Cage Match: Force vs. Crusher

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*Crusher comes out from the back, examining the Steel Cage as he gets in the ring.*

M: Tonight, the latest feud with Crusher and IWO TV Champion The Unstoppable Force will hit a high note for sure, as both men will fight for the Title inside a 15 foot high Steel Cage!!

T: Lately these two have been just at each other and tonight we’re going to see…well, I don’t know much other than we’re going to see a brutal, brutal match.

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*Force comes out from the back, title slung across his shoulder, staring Crusher down. As Force gets closer to the ring he begins to look at the Steel Cage surrounding the ring, but soon his stare goes back to Crusher as he gets in the ring and hands the belt to the ref. The ref displays the belt to the crowd, hands it off to the timekeeper and then closes the door as the bell rings.*

M: We’re underway here and both Crusher and Force are eyeing each other as they inspect and test the cage surrounding the ring.

*Crusher and Force tug on the fencing as they circle each other. They stop and then lock up mid ring. Force spins it into an armbar but Crusher spins under and reverses, locking in an armbar of his own. Force winces a bit and then reverses the hold, spinning under and reapplying his armbar. Force jerks down on Crusher’s arm twice but Crusher again tries to spin underneath. Force simply yanks Crusher into his body and clips him with a standing clothesline.*

T: And Crusher goes down.

*Force picks Crusher up and hits a scoop slam, backs to the ropes and hits a flying knee drop to the nose. Force gets up and delivers a few boots to Crusher’s head before picking him up and hitting a flying elbow off an irish whip. Crusher is pulled up again and sent into the corner hard…and soon Force mounts him and begins delivering punches to Crusher’s head.*

M: The crowd counting, but I think they’re all confused…

T: Yeah once you hit ten and run out of fingers, half these bozos are lost.

*Crusher quickly brings his forearm up into Force’s crotch, stopping the assault.*

M: Low blow is perfectly legal in this match and was probably all Crusher could do at that point!

*Crusher tries to lift Force up for a powerbomb but he can’t sustain him so he just brings Force down as hard as possible. Crusher staggers up and clears his head a little, then goes right into a split legged moonsault and the ref slides down as he covers….1…..2…….*

M: Crusher on the quick, but Force is able to kick out! This is a pretty strong sequence for Crusher here.

*Crusher comes in with boots to Force’s head, then he picks Force up and whips him to the ropes. Force rebounds and Crusher hits a DDT. Crusher then slides over to Force’s other side, locks up the leg and locks in a crossface. The ref asks Force a time or two, and Force eventually gets himself to the rope but Crusher doesn’t break the hold. The ref counts off but there are no disqualifications in a Steel Cage match. The ref admonishes Crusher that if Force taps under the ropes, it won’t score a win and Crusher releases Force. The ref looks to impart a few more nuggets of wisdom on Crusher but he shoves the ref out of the way and picks Force up.*

M: Crusher showing a bit of frustration here.

*Crusher kicks Force in the package, doubling him over and then throws Force’s face into the chain link of the steel cage. Crusher rakes Force’s face back and forth a few times, pulls Force back and hits a boot to the jaw. Crusher covers and the ref counts 1…….2………*

M: Force not going that easily, Tater.

*Crusher picks Force up and hauls him to the other side of the ring, throwing him facefirst into the cage and again raking his forehead across the chain link. Crusher then yanks Force over to the side of the ring adjacent and does it again. Crusher then takes him to the final side of caging and rakes Force’s face over it again and again, ripping it open. Force falls to the mat and Crusher takes up a springing position behind him, stalking as Force slowly gets up.*

M: Crusher looking to add surprise to insult to injury!!

*Force gets up and Crusher rushes in for the spear. Force however shifts his weight to the balls of his feet and gutkicks Crusher, shoving his oncoming body into position and hitting a delay jackknife powerbomb. Force hooks a leg and the ref counts 1…..2……*

M: Crusher kicks out, but Force showed that he can even the score just like that!

T: This is why he’s The Unstoppable Force, Marv.

*Force gets up and hits a pumphandle slam on Crusher, then picks him back up for an backbreaker into airplane spin into death valley driver. Force covers and the ref gets out another 2 count before Crusher kicks out. Force then gets up and grabs Crusher’s right leg. Force spins around and lays down, locking in the venerable Figure Four Leglock!! Crusher immediately begins flailing around in excruciating pain.*

M: Oh my God!! The Figure Four Leglock is one of the most painful holds in wrestling, and coming from a guy the size of The Unstoppable Force, that could damn near break Crusher’s leg!

T: Could break both of them.

*Crusher is flailing around and begins swinging at Force, who is too far away to hit. Crusher then realizes something and throws a hook that lands stiffly in Force’s lap. Force kind of goes limp and his hands reach for his testicles which have taken an incredible shot.*

*Crusher is shaking the cobwebs out of his leg as Force has really had them in the ringer.*

M: Crusher’s got to get up and take advantage or Force may just tear him limb from limb!

*Crusher goes over to Force and begins delivering boots to the face. Crusher delivers heel after heel to the face of Force and then goes to pick Force up. Force however breaks the grapple and seizes Crusher by his arms. Force drills a headbutt home and Crusher is dazed. Force hits another one and Crusher looks close to passing out. Force then hammers home 8 quick but hard headbutts. He lets go of Crusher who falls to the mat, his forehead bleeding.*

M: Is that Force’s blood or Crusher’s?

T: That’s Crusher’s blood, see…Force opened him up…shit…he opened him up with his head.

*Force picks Crusher up and hits a snap suplex. Then Force picks him up again and hits a jackknife powerbomb, hooking a leg.*

M: The cover and 1……2…… Crusher kicks out!!!

*Force picks Crusher up again and whips him to the ropes. Crusher throws a spinning heel kick on the rebound though and catches Force on his chin. Force staggers and Crusher hits a bulldog. Crusher rushes to the top rope as Force gets up and hits a missle dropkick to his chin. Force goes down and Crusher runs to the cage and begins climbing out.*

M: Pinfall, submission or escape…any way will win tonight and Crusher is scrambling to get out…

T: And there’s Force, right behind him.

*Force gets up and grabs Crusher’s heel, pulling him back down to the mat. The two men begin exchanging blows in mid ring, and Crusher temporarily gains the upper hand. Crusher hits the ropes and clotheslines Force. Force gets up and Crusher hits the ropes and lands another clothesline. Force gets up and Crusher comes in again but this time Force elbows Crusher in the face, stopping him. Force then whips Crusher into the ropes and hits a spinebuster.*

M: Force is feeling it right now and he’s going up to the top rope!!

*Force hits a double axe handle off the top rope and Crusher is down. Force then takes a second and begins climbing out of the ring. Crusher gets up and tries to grab at Force’s ankle, but he shakes Crusher off. Crusher then practically sprints up the cage just adjacent to Force, trying to beat him out. Both men get to the top and stand up, balancing precariously on the top of the cage.*

*Crusher is using his feet to shake the cage, taunting Force. Force swipes at Crusher but he’s too far away. Force inches in closer to Crusher as the two men jostle about on the precipice of the cage, 15 feet above the canvas, 20 above the floor. Force takes a couple of more swings that Crusher easily dodges while he continues to shake the cage with his lower body. Force however reaches out one last time and grabs hold of Crusher. The two men simultaneously lose balance and fall back into the ring, slamming down in unison on the canvas.*


T: I’ve never seen anyone try that shit before and now I know why.

M: Crusher saw only one way to stop Force from escaping and now both men are near unconscious in the center of the ring!!

*The ref begins to count as both men stir only the slightest. The ref continues and the men are too slow to get up. The ref is at 8 when Force just pushes him down to the mat and out of the way, breaking up the count. The ref begins screaming at Force who pushes him out of the way again as he gets up.*

M: Force is going to look to end it here, Tater!

*Force whips Crusher to the ropes, but Crusher ducks under the clothesline attempt, reaches behind him and pulls Force down for a standing Neckbreaker. Crusher then picks Force up and hits an Olympic Slam.*


T: What the hell?

*Crusher climbs to the top of the cage and then turns around. He looks down on Force and hits a moonsault off the top of the cage.*


*Crusher is practically knocked out but remains on top of Force as the ref slides to count 1…..2…..3!!!


T: I’m flabbergasted.

*Crusher is given the belt and celebrates in the ring as Force moves to the back, clutching his ribs and looking rather upset.
*Promo for the next PPV, Deadly Survival is shown*


Originally Posted by Emporium Match: Deathshock vs. Alli Sabbah

T: I have just received word that we are ready to start the Emporium match between Alli Sabbah and Death Shock. We now go live to the Emporium in Sydney where this match will be held.

*Camera cuts to the Emporium. We see Alli and Death Shock stretching as the ref stands between them. They are in the middle of the Emporium in a big open area. There is a fountain in the middle with wooden benches on two of its side. There are shops lining both sides of the foyer. Fans from across Australia have turned out to watch the match and stand at the two ends of the foyer space.*

M: Well both men look ready to go. This match can go anywhere, and will only end by pinfall or submission. It is an anything goes match, and what a way to settle this heated rivalry.

T: I bet Shock is just itching to get his hands on Alli after the last few weeks of Redemption, where, Alli has done everything to avoid Shock. Finally, there is no way for him to escape.

M: You make it sound like he needs to escape Tater. Alli just hasn’t felt like fighting recently, but now is his time to shine, just you wait and see.

*The ref signals for the start of the match. Both men lock up and wrestle around the foyer for a bit. Alli manages to lock in a headlock and wrenches it in. Shock tries to force his way out of it, but Alli nails a headlock take over. Alli then uses his other hand to deliver a few punches to the face of Shock whilst he is in the headlock, before letting go. Alli raises his arms as the crowd boos. Shock staggers up as Alli goes over to a fan wearing a wife beater, and drinking a can of Fosters beer. Alli grabs the can and takes a swig. Suddenly his face turns a shade of putrid green!*

M: I can’t believe what I’m seeing! Did Alli just drink Fosters? That’s the worst beer known to man kind! There’s no way he’s going to keep that brew down!

T: Careful Marv, this is a family show. Don’t use the ‘F’ word.

M: What Fost….shit…sorry.

*Alli staggers over to Shock and spits the foul tasting Fosters into his face! Alli then nails an impaler DDT on Shock, bouncing his head off the floor. He then rolls him over into the cover. 1…2………………….*

T: Kickout by Shock.

*Alli goes to pull Shock up, but Shock fights back with shots to the gut. Shock spins Alli around and pushes him backwards towards the fountain. Alli hits the edge of the fountain and waves his hands frantically, trying not to fall backwards into it. Shock then takes a few steps back and comes charging in. He goes for the Shock Absorber and he….*

M: Shock nails the Shock Absorber spear sending Alli splashing into the fountain! What a move, and now the cover.

T: 1…2…………………….

*Alli kicks out just in time. Shock climbs back out of the fountain as Alli rolls out of it to the floor. Shock goes over to a small male fan wearing a Steve Irwin T-shirt and grabs a steel sting ray souvenir he has. Alli gets to his feet and Shock comes over and rams the pointy part of the sting ray into the gut of Alli who falls backwards and starts convulsing violently, just like Steve Irwin no doubt did before his demise.*

M: Stabbed by a sting ray! That’s the last thing you want to happen to you!

*Shock climbs onto Alli and then proceeds to stab the shit out of his forehead with the metal sting ray. Alli is busted wide open and Shock makes the cover. 1…2…………………………………kick out by Alli.*

T: Alli manages to avoid death by a sting ray.

M: Yeah unlike Steve Irwin….

T: Enough now.

*Shock picks Alli up and brings him over to the glass front of a souvenir shop. Shock nails a few gut shots doubling Alli over and steps back. He charges in looking for another Shock Absorber, through the glass this time and….*

M: Alli thinks quick! He falls back lifting the leg of the charging Shock, and flap jacks him straight through the glass front of that Australian souvenir shop!

*Shock rolls over and we see he is now bleeding profusely as Alli covers. 1….2………………………………..*

T: Kickout by Shock again. Shock refuses to go down without a hell of a fight.

*Alli complains to the referee about the count as Shock crawls towards a display rack in the shop with several didgeridoos on it. Alli finally comes over to Shock, who quickly grabs a didgeridoo and turns around and blows loudly into it as Alli bends over. A large farting type sound comes out of the instrument straight into Alli’s ear, who jumps back in shock, putting his hands to his ears.*

M: Shock obviously not experienced in playing the didgeridoo, but it looks like he doesn’t just intend to play it as he gets to his feet and comes over to Alli now.

*Shock raises the didgeridoo high above his head and goes to smash it over the skull of Alli when Alli realises what’s going on. He drops down and low blows Shock. Alli then grabs the didgeridoo off Shock and cracks it over Shock’s head, causing it to break in two. Shock staggers around for a bit before crashing, face first, to the floor of the shop.*

T: No quality in souvenirs these days as Alli makes the cover.


M: Another kick out by Shock who just won’t stay down.

*Alli goes looking in the shop for another weapon. He finds a boomerang and as Shock staggers up he throws it at him. The boomerang swings around a few times and smacks Shock right in the forehead, knocking him over. The camera then goes back to a shot of Alli holding out his hand, the boomerang flies back into shot, and into Alli’s hand.*

M: Well I guess those things really do comeback, just like I wish my ex girl friend would *sighs*

*Alli chucks the boomerang away and covers Shock again. 1….2…………..kickout again by Shock. Alli gets frustrated and again argues with the ref which, again, allows Shock time to get back to his feet. Alli turns back to Shock and comes over to him, he grabs him by the hair, and pulls him back into the foyer of the Emporium. Suddenly Shock starts struggling and breaks free of Alli, and nails a boot to the gut and pulls Alli up for a powerbomb. Shock then nails a running powerbomb straight through the middle of one of the wooden benches on the side of the fountain! Shock covers. 1…..2………………………………*

T: Kickout by Alli. I can’t believe he just got put through a bench and still kicked out!

*Shock goes over to another fan in the foyer. A lady who is breast feeding a kola. He grabs the koala off her and brings it over to Alli.*

M: What the hell! Was that chick breast feeding a kola? That’s just not right.

T: I guess what happens in Australia, stays in Australia.

*Alli gets to his feet and Shock gives him the koala. Alli looks down at it like it’s somebody else’s baby that they think is adorable but is, in fact, hideously ugly. Suddenly the koala jumps up and latches itself onto Alli’s face, as Alli starts to yell and run around the foyer with the koala attached firmly to his face!*

T: The wild life in Australia sure ain’t friendly as Alli just found out the hardy way!

*Shock sees his opportunity and comes over to Alli. He nails a boot to the gut and then hits the Shock Box on Alli. Shock makes the cover and the koala is still latched onto the face of Alli. 1…2………………………….*

M: 3! Shock gets his vengeance here in Australia after what can only be described as one of the most bizarre matches I’ve ever had to call.

*In the arena the following is being heard as Shock celebrates back at the Emporium*

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*backstage we see Wilma standing outside the locker room of DC, with Thugged Out.*

Wilma: Guys, I want you to know we are behind you and we wish you the best.

Stick: Fo sho, we goin to whoop sum cracka ass tonight.

Exo: dats right!

Wilma: Well, there is no point in hanging out after your match, since you can't be out there with DC. I'm going to keep him company until the title match tonight, then I will come over and meet up with you guys.

Stick: Tru dat, sounds good lil mama

Wilma: Okay, well good luck.

Exo: Preciate it!

Originally Posted by Hardcore Title Match: Juice vs. Cryptic

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T: Cryptic got a big win last week and that has catapulted him into position for another shot at Juice, and more importantly, another shot at wearing the Hardcore gold.

M: Cryptic has shown that he knows how to get Hardcore before, and I’m sure he will do it again. He once again seeks to bring peace to the Hardcore division…through causing bloody pain.

T: I’m so confused. Cryptic is a mass of contradictions, but the fans love him, and I guess that’s all that counts.

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M: But to bring about peace Cryptic will have to go through this man. The Hardcore Champion Juice. As usual he brings his posse of Gritz n’ Gravy and the Guru Girls with him tonight.

T: Juice has come out on top of a series of tough title defences recently. Can he do it again tonight…I sure as hell hope not.

M: That’s because you wouldn’t know talent if it turkey slapped you in the face Tater.

*Bell rings. Juice and Cryptic circle each other for a bit and then lock up. Cryptic with a head lock take over, but Juice quickly gets out of it and back to his feet. Juice comes in and nails a shoulder block take down on Cryptic, who also quickly gets back to his feet. Cryptic charge over and looks for a clothesline, but Juice ducks it and, as Cryptic turns around, nails him with a super kick. Cryptic staggers back against the ropes and Juice charges over looking to nail Cryptic over the top. But Cryptic pulls down the ropes and Juice goes flying over to the outside. Juice staggers up on the outside as Cryptic vaults over the top with a flying cross body. Juice catches Cryptic mid air though and rams him side first into the ring apron, he then turns around, and does the same into the guard rail. Juice then hoists Cryptic into a fireman’s carry, but Cryptic struggles free and drops out the back, pushing Juice head first into the steel ring post on the outside.*

T: Both these men know each other so well as neither of them can get significant momentum going in this match.

*Juice finally on the mat, clutching his head as Cryptic goes under the ring. He pulls out an aluminium sheet. Cryptic waits for Juice to get up and then levels him with the sheet, bending it in two and sending a crashing sound echoing throughout the arena. Cryptic chucks the sheet away and goes under the ring again, this time he pulls out a table. Cryptic sets the table up and goes over to Juice. Juice is pulled up by the hair, but then drops down and delivers a low blow to Cryptic, and feeds him back into the ring. Juice goes under the ring now and pulls out a heavy looking bag. He comes into the ring with the bag, and empties its contents of thumbtacks onto the canvas as Cryptic staggers up. Juice comes over and lifts Cryptic up into suplex position. He holds him there for several seconds, as the crowd anticipates the plunge into the tacks.*
M: Things looking bad for Cryptic here and Juice is really showing off his strength as he delays this suplex into the tacks.

*Suddenly Cryptic starts to struggle and drops back onto his feet and suplexes Juice in the other direction, away from the tacks. Juice’s legs bounces off the ropes though, and he comes over and is dropped front first into the tacks! Tacks find themselves new homes in the chest, and forehead of Juice, as the crowd chants Holy Shit!*

T: Juice took too long there and he paid the price!

*Cryptic pulls Juice out of the tacks and rolls him over into the cover. 1…2………………………………kick out by Juice. Cryptic climbs out the other side of the ring and goes under it. He pulls out a trash can and throws it into the ring, and then gets a barbwire wrapped baseball bat and comes back into the ring. Juice is very slowly staggering up to his feet, his chest a bloody mess. Juice raises the barbwire bat high in the air, but gets a boot to the gut from Juice, who quickly grabs the bat and smacks Cryptic in the gut with it. Juice then raises the bat and nails Cryptic over the back with it, sending him to the mat. Juice climbs onto the back of Cryptic and pulls his head back using the barbwire bat. He then begins grating it across Cryptic’s forehead, as Cryptic screams in agony, and is busted wide open.*

M: Juice back in control now and really taking it to Juice with that bat.

*Juice finally chucks the bat aside, and rolls Cryptic over onto his back. Juice then goes over to the ropes and nails a springboard moonsault onto Cryptic into the cover. 1…2………………………….*

T: Kick out by Cryptic.

*Juice wastes no time and grabs Cryptic and drags him into the corner. He delivers a few boots to the gut in the corner for good measure, and then goes and gets the trash can. He brings it over and wedges it over the face of Cryptic. Juice then ascends the opposite turnbuckle as Gritz comes over and holds the trash can in place, so that Cryptic can’t escape. Juice dives off and goes coast to coast, hammering the trash can into the already bleeding skull of Cryptic as the fans boo. Juice pulls Cryptic out of the corner and into another cover. 1…2…………………….*

M: Again Cryptic kicks out.

*Juice pulls Cryptic up and manoeuvres him over to the thumbtacks. He nails a boot to the gut and goes off the ropes. Juice looking for the V8 and….*

T: He nails the V8 on Cryptic into the thumbtacks, as now Cryptic’s chest has been cut open by the tacks! This has to be it, as Juice makes the cover.

M: NO! Kick out. What the hell does Juice have to do to put the hippy away?

T: I don’t know Marv but he needs to find out if he wants to retain that title.

*Gritz n’ Gravy climbs into the ring with a steel chair and gives it to Juice, and signals for him to wait a sec. He pulls the nearly lifeless Cryptic up, and signals for Juice to level him with the chair. Juice takes a swing but Cryptic slides out from Gritz n’ Gravy’s grip and Juice’s chair shot connects with Gritz, who is instantly busted open and goes down hard, rolling to the outside, as Juice looks on in disbelief! Juice goes over and looks down at Gritz, as the Guru Girls attend to him. Cryptic sees his moment though and sneaks over and grabs the barb wire bat. Cryptic comes over to Juice from behind and wedgies him with the barbwire bat as Juice’s eyes open wide in shock and pain, as he falls back clutching his balls as the crowd pops. Cryptic signals for the Walls of Peace and rolls Juice over and locks them in!*

M: Walls of Peace locked in and Juice in serious trouble.

*Juice pulls slowly towards the ropes. He reaches out and his hand is just about to touch the bottom rope and…..*

T: Juice makes it to the bottom rope and Cryptic is told to break the hold.

M: But Cryptic isn’t breaking the hold. He seems to be asking the ref why.

T: I guess this is a no DQ match and Cryptic can do whatever the hell he damn well wants, and good on him. Finally Juice getting a taste of his own medicine.

*Juice holding on to the ropes for dear life, knowing that he can’t lose the match, as long as he holds on. Cryptic pulls forward hard though and manages to break Juice’s grip on the bottom rope. Cryptic pulls Juice back into the middle of the ring. Juice raises his hand about to tap and…..*

M: Juice is tapping out frantically and the ref…..

T: Is not paying any damn attention, as the Guru Girls have him distracted on the apron! God damn it!

*Cryptic sees the ref isn’t paying attention and breaks the hold, and comes over to him. Cryptic tells him to focus on the match as the girls jump off the apron, their job done. Cryptic goes back over to Juice and bends over and…gets powder thrown in his eyes by Juice!*

M: Juice had powder in his pants! What a smart move there in this anything goes match.

*Cryptic staggers back, trying to rub the powder out of his eyes as Juice slides back to the outside, and goes under the ring. Juice pulls out a bottle of lighter fluid and goes over to the table set up at ring side earlier in the match. He covers it with the fluid and pulls a match out from one of his boots, and lights it on the sole of his boot. He then chucks it onto the table, which goes up in flames. Juice slides back into the ring and grabs Cryptic by the hair and pulls him over to the ropes, just near the flaming table. He pulls Cryptic out onto the apron, and pulls Cryptic’s head out over the top rope. Juice steps back and runs in looking for the V8 again. He comes in and…..*

T: Cryptic pulls his head back avoiding the V8. Thank God!

*Juice stumbles around and Cryptic nails a shoulder block to the gut from the apron. Juice staggers back as Cryptic climbs into the ring. Cryptic grabs Juice and spins him around and sends him straight through the middle of the ropes and chest first onto, and through, the burning table! Juice rolls over on the outside, convulsing in pain, as Cryptic runs up and nails a springboard variation of The Chaser to the outside onto the convulsing Juice. He makes the cover. 1…2………………………………*

M: 3! Cryptic just beat Juice with his own finisher for the Hardcore Title! We have a new champ as much as it pains me to say it.
*video airs for Deadly Survival*
*package is shown of Troy getting hurt in his last match*

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*The crowd cheering as Troy comes to the ring, he gets in with a mic in hand and soaks up the cheers from this crowd*

Troy: Ah, it's good to be somewhere, where you know you are appreciated!

*Crowd cheers, and chants Troy's name*

Troy: I tell you one thing, I miss hearing that each week!

*Crowd gets louder*

Troy: But let me get to the reason I am here tonight. I have come out here to let you know that my injury is almost healed!

*Crowd cheers*

Troy: And in a few weeks I will be returning to the IWO, and when I do...

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*Jay Smith with Elix West in toe, come to the ring*

M: What the hell are these two doing out here.

T: Looks like Smith has something to say to Troy.

*they get in the ring as the crowd is booing, Troy looks at them both, as Smith has a mic in his hand*

Smith: Troy Alston, The Epitome, how you doin playa?

Troy: Do I know you?

Smith: Do you know me, look hustler, I'm Jason Smith, and this right here, this man is the greatest champion in the history of professional sports.

*crowd boos as Troy looks at West*

Troy: Really?

Smith: that's right playa, and the reason we are out here, is to tell you that it's over!

Troy: It's over?

Smith: Yeah, your career, because these people paid top dollar to see my man in action, and no one gives a rat's ass about your scrawny behind anymore!

*Troy rubs his chin, as he looks at Smith who is staring at him*

Troy: Is that so?

Smith: Yeah, that's so playa.

Troy: Well then, I guess I should leave, but first...

*Troy drops the mic, and hits the superkick to Smith's face..Troy pumps his arms as the crowd roars..He turns and West levels him with a huge spear...Troy hits the ground hard clutching his ribs...West picks him up, and lifts him up in the air upside down, and drops Troy's hurt shoulder across his knee..Troy kicks on the ground in pain as he clutches his shoulder*

M: This monster just manhandled Troy

T: He could have injured that shoulder even more

*The crowd is booing, as West helps Smith to his feet..Smith tells him something, and West goes over and starts stomping on the shoulder of Troy..he then picks him up, and takes Troy and tosses him shoulder first towards the turnbuckle, making him hit the ring post with that hurt shoulder..Troy falls back and is laying there on the mat holding his shoulder as he yells in pain..Smith pats West on the back and they leave the ring*

M: What damage has West done to that shoulder of Troy's?

T: I don't know, but I Troy may be out even longer thanks to that vicious attack.


*Backstage we see Josh and Jason with Stacy*

Josh: This is it, these scumbags think they can take our titles from us, but not tonight, not with our plan.

Jason: Quiet down man, you know how nosey people are back here.

Stacy: Quit worrying, I have it all under control, now just go out there and make me proud.


*EMTs are helping Troy to the back as the cage gets ready to lower down*

*a video package is shown of the last match between the Freebird Express and Team Earthbound*

Originally Posted by Cage Match: Freebird Express vs. Team Earthbound

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T: This next match is a steel cage tornado tag match pitting two of the newer teams in the IWO against each other.

M: What a great way to do it too Tater, a steel cage match! This is going to be crazy.

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T: Now here come Team Earthbound’s opponents here tonight, The Freebird Express.

M: Yes the deadly combination of two impressive old school wrestlers, Michael Gordy and Bobby Morton. The High Flyers versus the Old School, who is going to get the win here tonight?

*Bell rings. Morton goes after Ness and Gordy goes after Jeff. Morton and Ness exchange blows whilst Gordy and Jeff do the same. Gordy and Morton both get the advantage over their respective opponents. Gordy whips Jeff towards Ness as Morton whips Ness towards Jeff. Both members of Team Earthbound collide in the middle of the ring and stagger around. Gordy and Morton then simultaneously irish whip them against the ropes, and then hit simultaneous back body drops, sending both members of Team Earthbound to the mat. Gordy grabs the legs of Jeff whilst Morton grabs the legs of Ness and the Freebird Express nail a double catapult spot on Team Earthbound, sending both its members face first into the steel wall of the cage. Jeff and Ness stagger back and then both get spun around by the Freebird Express and sent head first into the opposite steel wall. Team Earthbound staggers back and falls to the mat, both Jeff and Ness now busted wide open.*

T: Some great teamwork being displayed by the Express here as both Morton and Gordy now going for simultaneous pins.

*Gordy goes to pin Jeff, but Jeff gets his feet up and wrapped around the neck of Gordy. Morton tries to pin Ness but Ness does the same as Jeff. Both members of Team Earthbound then start spinning around their respective opponents, building up momentum. Finally Jeff and Ness send the Freebird Express flipping out of the head scissors onto their backs. Jeff and Ness get to their feet and go over to Gordy. They pull him up and nail a double suplex on him. Ness then lifts Gordy up and into position for a back breaker as Jeff goes up top. Jeff leaps off and nails a leg drop on Gordy as Ness hits the backbreaker, Gordy flips around onto the mat. Morton has now manages to get to his feet and charges over to Team Earthbound who think quickly and lift him up with a double flap jack and plant Morton smack bang on top of Gordy! Gordy is convulsing in pain as Morton tries to stagger back to his feet.*

M: Team Earthbound firing back here with some great team work of their own!

*Jeff and Ness then pick Morton up and both double irish whip him hard into the steel wall of the cage. Morton staggers back and falls to the mat, we see he has now been busted open by the steel.*

T: Both members of the Freebird Express down and now Jeff and Ness scaling opposite walls of the cage.

M: Remember folks that this match can be won by pinfall, submission or when both members of a team escape from the cage. It looks like Team Earthbound could be going for the escape here. Or are they?

*Jeff and Ness both get to the top of the opposite walls of the cage and look to the outside, then look back over at one another, and then down at the laid out Gordy. They then look back up at each other and nod.*

T: What the hell are these crazy kids thinking about doing here?

*Ness and Jeff both stand up on top of the opposite cage walls and then dive down towards Gordy! Ness and Jeff nail the leg drop and frog splash combo they call The Earthquake!*


T: This has got to be it as Jeff makes the cover. 1…2………………….

*A bloodied Morton dives across and makes the save before Ness can get back to his feet and stop him. Ness comes over as Morton staggers up and goes to nail him with a right hand, but Morton blocks it and delivers a huge right of his own sending Ness to the canvas, then another big right taking him down and then a third, followed by a big time scoop slam. Morton starts getting the crowd pumped up!*

M: Morton looking good and….OH NO! A huge clothesline from Jeff just shut Morton’s momentum right down.

*Jeff then nails a bridge cover on Morton. 1…2………………………………….kick out by Morton. Jeff pulls Morton to his feet and goes to super kick him but Morton catches Jeff’s boot and spins him around, bounces off the ropes, and hits a flying forearm on Jeff who staggers back and trips over the laid out Gordy. He then falls back into the ropes, which wrap themselves around his arms, tying him up! Ness is up again and comes over to Morton who out of nowhere hits a big time dropkick sending Ness to the mat!*

T: What a huge dropkick, and that could be enough to end this match, but Morton not going for the cover as he climbs the wall of the cage.

*Morton gets three quarters of the way to the top when Ness manages to get back to his feet. He goes over to the wall Morton is on, looking to shake him off. Suddenly, Gordy is up again and spins Ness around, before he can shake the wall of the cage, and nails him with a DDT! Morton then gets to the top of the cage wall and wastes no time, diving off with a huge elbow drop from the top of the cage!*

M: What a huge move by Morton who’s elbow bounces off the sternum of Ness! I think Morton hurt himself with that move!

T: But it’s alright because Gordy is back in this thing and makes the cover. Jeff is still trying to untie himself from the ropes and can’t make the save. Can Ness kick out?


M: 3! It’s over! What a match, and the Freebird Express keeps on rolling here tonight.
*video package of Josh/Jason vs. Thugged Out fued is shown*

*backstage we see The Beast training by lifting weights as he prepares for his match against M Shadows later tonight*

Originally Posted by Tag Team Title Match: Josh & Jason vs. Thugged Out

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*Jason and The Josh are walking cheerfully to the ring with Stacey in tow when they stop dead, their path blocked by April, who has a rather cross look on her face.*

A: Well, “The Josh”…I guess tonight we see your swan song as an IWO Champion…

Josh: What the fuck is a swan song, you dumb bitch?

*Stacey steps forward*

S: April, you’d just better move out of the way before I move you. You tramp, you’re old news and the new is ready to just walk right over you.

A: Is that right?

*Stacey starts to respond, but Exo and STICK come out from behind a rack of luggage and bumrush Josh and Jason, sending Stacey scattering. Exo and STICK start out with forearms clubbed across the back of Jason and Josh’s heads, but eventually they move to kicks and whips into walls and stacked luggage. Eventually the ass beating makes its way down the ring as Thugged Out throw the Tag Champions to the floor in front of the ring apron and strip the titles off them, casting them to the side.*

M: Highly unusual beginning to a match as we’re apparently underway here, Tater.

T: Someone’s about to get their ass kicked.

*April waves at Exo and STICK as she walks to her corner outside the ring. Exo blows her a kiss and slides Jason in the ring. Exo rolls in after him and quickly hits a backbreaker across his knee. Exo goes for a cover but Jason kicks out almost immediately. Exo pulls Jason up and hits a scoop slam. Jason is then pulled over to the corner and STICK tags in, landing a kick to the midsection as Exo holds Jason up.*

M: Double team action by Thugged Out.

*STICK whips Jason to the ropes but he ducks under the clothesline on the rebound. Josh hits a blind tag and gets in as STICK hoists Jason up and hits a big spinebuster. STICK is talking shit over Jason when Josh comes in and hits a standing neckbreaker on the unsuspecting STICK. Jason rolls out of the ring as Josh goes to work on STICK with boots to the head and chest. Josh picks STICK up for a powerslam but STICK slides himself off Josh’s back. Josh whirls around and STICK hits a standing clothesline. Josh gets up and takes another strong clothesline and then a leg drop fromSTICK.*

M: Quick offense by the challenger here tonight, Tater.

T: The professionalism of Thugged Out. They know they’re perfectly capable of dominating this match and taking back their belts, but they haven’t underestimated Jason or Josh here tonight. They’re taking it right to the Champions.

M: That’s probably why they’re so dominant, they know who they’re up against.

*STICK is working on an armbar as Exo calls for a quick tag. STICK tags Exo in and holds Josh up in a side bear hug. Exo hits the far rope and nearly takes Josh’s head off with a big boot to the face. STICK rushes Jason in the corner and hits an elbow sending him off the apron. The ref slides down as Exo covers…1….2….*

M: Josh kicks out.

T: That’s like a modified version of the Hart Attack. Pretty badass.

*Exo is holding Josh up with his left hand and delivering closed fist blows with his right. The ref breaks it up and Exo pulls Josh into suplex position. Josh however blocks the suplex attempt and reverses the move into a suplex of his own. Josh whips Exo to the ropes and executes a perfect standing dropkick, sending Exo right to the mat. STICK gets in the ring but so does Jason who intercepts and then sends STICK out of the ring over the top rope. Jason dives after STICK as the ref breaks up Josh’s mounted punches on Exo. Josh ascends to the top rope as Exo slowly gets to his feet.*

M: I don’t know if the crowd’s ready to pop or boo…

T: Definitely an awkward moment in the history of kayfabe.

*Exo gets up and Josh leaps, hitting a perfectly timed bulldog off the top rope. Josh hooks a leg and the ref counts 1….2…..*

M: STICK in the ring to break up the three count!!

*STICK is stomping on Josh as Jason climbs in the ring. Jason rushes to STICK but Exo sticks his leg out and trips him up. STICK gets Josh in a belly to belly and drops him right on top of Jason as Exo ascends to the top rope.*

M: Business is picking up here tonight Tater…

*Exo taunts the crowd and then gets slapped Stacy, who’s jumped up onto the apron. Exo starts to laugh as he’s more stunned than anything but Stacy begins to shake the top rope, scuttling Exo’s balance. Exo falls from the top rope onto his back and STICK rushes at Stacy. Stacy, while completely petrified, has the presence of mind to pull down the top rope and STICK sails over her to the arena floor where he hits with a painful impact.*

*Exo has gotten up but he turns and sees Josh right in front of him! Josh quickly gets Exo into position and hits the Call for Fire. Josh gets up and begins to signal for Jason, who goes to the top rope and begins to taunt Exo. Soon however Jason is grabbing for purchase as April is up on the apron, shaking the top rope. Jason can’t establish balance soon enough and falls straight down, bringing his nuts squarely onto the unforgiving steel of the top turnbuckle.*

M: Look out here!

*Stacy pulls April down from the apron and confronts her. The two women begin to shout at each other but are soon pushed aside by STICK as he slides in the ring, hitting a swinging neckbreaker on Josh. STICK gets Exo to his feet and the two of them whip Josh into the corner like a rocket. STICK hits a furious running clothesline and then Exo does. Josh crumples to the mat and Exo and STICK begin just stomping on him. *

*Jason is up and hits a double clothesline from behind, sending Exo over the top rope and STICK to the mat. Jason slides after Exo and begins going at him with a flurry of punches. In the ring, STICK picks Josh up but Josh hits a quick headbutt and tries to get STICK into the Call for Fire. STICK pushes Josh away into the corner. STICK runs after with an avalanche, but Josh slides out of the way. STICK hits the corner with a crash and Josh jumps up on him to hit a reverse DDT.*

M: Josh is capitalizing on his momentum here!

*Outside the ring, Exo reverses an Irish whip attempt by Jason and slings the young man directly into the barricade. Exo moves in immediately, looking for maximum damage.*

T: Jason might have overplayed his hand right there.

M: And in the ring, the Champions are making their push!

*Josh has STICK in the Call for Fire and hits it, the crowd nearly silent in disbelief as he covers. The ref slides down and counts 1…..2….the count is broken up as Exo slides the ref out of the ring. The ref begins to berate Exo who pshaws him and steps to the side. Problem being that Jason had chosen this moment to rush Exo and instead clipped the ref into the side of the ring.*

M: Oh my god!! The ref is down!! Jason is beside himself.

*Jason is taking a moment and trying to revive the referee who appears at least temporarily incapacitated by the blow he just took. Exo however brings a steel chair over and taps Jason on his shoulder. The chair catches Jason almost exactly as his head was turning, creating a hollow smacking sound that is just short of disturbing. Jason crumples to the floor with the ref and Exo slides in the ring.*

M: Josh is in trouble here and he’d better turn around…

*Josh whips STICK to the ropes but STICK reverses. Josh ducks under the clothesline on the rebound but is caught with a chair to the face by Exo. The crowd boos as Exo adds a couple of chairshots, busting Josh up and getting a little blood on the mat. Outside the ring, Stacy is frantically trying to wake both Jason and the referee up.*

M: Stacy trying to get Jason and the ref back into the match here…

T: This is where Thugged Out is at their most dangerous. They’re constantly aware of the referee, and when he’s out, they usually get some crippling shots in that enable them to prevail.

M: You sound like you admire that about them, Tater.

T: Their record speaks for itself.

M: It certainly does, and Exo is here holding Josh up and STICK is calling April into the ring.

*April gets up on the apron and goes into the ring and begins talking shit to Josh. STICK holds out a chair and April takes it. She holds the chair up and then brings it down with a furious crack on Exo’s head.*


*Stick is stunned at what he just saw..April turns and kicks Stick in the balls as he falls to his knees...Josh is up and he takes the chair from April..he then comes down on Stick's head with it...Jason back in the ring now, as Stacy gets in too...Jason and Josh take turns beating Thugged Out with the chair as they lay on the mat helpless...the ref happens to get to his feet and sees this and calls for the bell*

M: it was a setup, I can't believe it.

T: That little bitch.

M: Tater!!!

T: Well she is, and now all four of them are stomping on Thugged.

M: Well Josh and Jason might have lost, but they kept their belts, and now they are trying to do some serious damage to the number one contenders for the gold.

*Jason gets Exo up, and flicks him off before nailing a JKO onto the chair...*

M: Now they are just disrespecting them

*Josh gets Stick up and hits the Call for Fire on him..J&J raise their arms in victory with April and Stacy, before all four leave the ring...the ref gets in to check on Thugged Out*

*Video package airs with Crawford returning last month and attack M Shadows in the battle royal*

Originally Posted by Singles Match: M Shadows vs. Jack " the Beast" Crawford

M: And now a match that is sure to be one for the books

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*M Shadows enters the ring! The crowd is on their feet!*

T: Shadows has had a rough couple of weeks, and it looks like things will be worse before they’re better as Shadows is facing Jack “The Beast” Crawford.

M: Crawford’s been on a tear since his recent return—

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*Crawford sprints out of the back sliding in the ring. Shadows is undaunted and begins delivering boots to the back of Crawford’s head and soon Jack can’t get up. Shadows hammers away until the ref breaks it up. Crawford pulls himself up but Shadows leaps at him with a cross body, hooking the leg but The Beast kicks out before the ref can even slide to the mat.*

M: Shadows is stepping up his game here tonight…

T: And he pretty much has to or he’ll get eaten alive tonight…The Beast is not one to play around.

*Crawford ducks under a clothesline attempt by Shadows but gets hit with a hurricanrana on the rebound. The crowd pops for Shadows, who runs to the top rope. Crawford gets up and Shadows launches himself into a missle dropkick, but The Beast sidesteps him and Shadows crashes to the mat.*

T: This is what I was just talking about…

*Crawford goes to work with a series of boots to the head. Crawford several times picks Shadows up only to club him back down with a forearm to the back of the head. The ref wants to break it up but Crawford goes for the pick up and club down on the 4 count every time. The ref begins to admonish Crawford that the match could be forefeit and Crawford relents.*

M: Crawford going to a neutral corner while the ref makes sure Shadows is still awake in there.

*Shadows staggers up and looks around, his posture not inspiring any confidence in his ability to continue. Shadows however shakes his head a little and signals that he’s good to go. Crawford comes rushing in and Shadows leaps over him, The Beast rebounds off the ropes and hits a shoulder block, sending Shadows back to the mat. Crawford hits the rope and rebounds with a flying knee drop, but Shadows rolls out of the way and The Beast’s knee hits the canvas hard.*

M: Crawford’s in a bit of pain here and we’ll see who benefits…

*Shadows comes down on Crawford with a leg drop and then hits the rope with another one. Shadows picks The Beast up and executes a belly to belly suplex, hooks a leg and the ref counts…1…….*

M: The Beast kicks out before the 2 count! You’re going to need more than that.

*Shadows whips Crawford into the ropes and The Beast slips under the clothesline attempt and hits a gutkick on the rebound. Crawford pulls Shadows in and hits a powerbomb that shakes the ring. Crawford covers and the ref counts….1…..2…..*

M: Shadows kicks out!!

*Crawford gets up smiling and hits a delay suplex on Shadows. He then picks Shadows up and whips him to the ropes, hitting a whirling sideslam. Crawford hits a scoop slam and then he whips Shadows to the corner. Crawford backs up and then charges the corner, connecting with his boot directly on Shadows’ jaw. The sound of impact is impressive, the crowd cringes in sympathy and Shadows stares at Crawford for a moment before falling forward to the canvas.*

M: Timber!! M Shadows may just be completely out right now!

*Crawford pins and the ref slides in to count….1…..2…..*

M: Shadows has his foot up on the ropes!! The ref breaks the count!!

*The Beast gets up, nodding and smiling. He hauls Shadows up and into powerbomb position. He flips Shadows up but Shadows continues around and brings The Beast down in a cradle pin and the ref counts….1……2…..*

M: And The Beast kicks out of the maneuver!!

T: Shadows is sliding out of the ring to regroup and I Crawford looks like he’s genuinely been given pause.

M: The youngster M Shadows may be building a believer in Jack Crawford.

T: Well let’s not crap our pants, Marv.

*Shadows gets back in the ring and he and The Beast lock up. Shadows spins it into an armbar and pulls it in tight, getting position behind Crawford. Crawford however yanks Shadows almost out of his skin and out from behind him. As Shadows moves forward of Crawford’s position, Crawford grabs his arm and uses Shadows’ own arm as the leverage arm of a headlock.*

M: Oh my!

T: This is hilarious! The Beast is using M Shadows’ own right arm to choke him out!!

*Crawford is choking Shadows out when he rams his head backwards, butting the back of his head with the front of Crawford’s. Crawford is staggered and Shadows repeats the move three times, breaking the hold. Shadows hits the rope and runs right into a gutkick. Crawford pulls Shadows in for another powerbomb, but Shadows swings his right heel up from the prone position and catches a good boot to Crawford’s grille. Shadows pulls himself up and hits a powerbomb of his own on the stunned Crawford.*

M: Shadows with the reversal…and the pin!! 1…..2…..and Crawford kicks out!!

*Shadows hits the rope and hits a leg drop. He then stalks behind Crawford as he staggers his way up. Crawford gets up and Shadows rushes in with the spear. The ref slides down to count, but Crawford kicks out immediately.*

M: Crawford still has a lot left in the tank tonight!

*Shadows delivers a series of quick boots to Crawford’s head and lifts him into a German suplex. Shadows gets up and hits the corner, ascending to the top. Crawford sees this and hits the ropes behind him. Shadows lands on two feet and quickly ducks under Crawford’s clothesline attempt. Crawford rebounds and Shadows attacks with what looks to be a hurricanrana, but he instead levels off up on Crawford’s shoulders and brings him down for a wicked DDT.*

M: And Shadows delivers a huge DDT and the ref is there to count……1…….2…….3!!! M Shadows is making his mark here in the IWO and tonight he scored a quality PPV win over Jack The Beast Crawford!!

*Shadows is celebrating as Crawford gets up. Shadows extends his hand and Crawford considers it.*

T: Uh oh Tater…what’s this?

*Elix West comes sprinting out from the back and spears both Crawford and Shadows simultaneously!! West yanks the two men off the mat and brings their heads together in a vicious headbutt. West lets Shadows fall to the mat while he hoists Jack Crawford into F5 position. West then steps calmly to the corner and up to the second rope, where hit hits a resounding F5 on Crawford. The impact reverberates through the crowd.*


*Shadows runs at West but Elix throws him out of the ring and slides out behind him. Shadows is quick to his feet and tries a few quick punches but West grabs his arms and then delivers a series of 8 straight on headbutts. After that, Shadows looks rather sluggish and West hoists Shadows into powerbomb position and bombs Shadows through the Announce Table without warning or even enough courtesy to remove the monitors.*


*West leaves the ring to a chorus of boos from the crowd as refs and EMTs converge on the ring, trying to revive Jack Crawford and M Shadows.*
*Backstage we see Judge walking through the arena as the crowd begins to cheer*

M: Well Tater, if there was any doubt, it is over, as Judge is in the building and ready for the match tonight.

T: yeah, but you have to do more than just show up at the arena if you want to win the World Title.

M: How true you are, and right now let's take a look back at how this match came about

*Video package airs*


*backstage we see Wilma in Mr. Smith's office yelling at him*

Wilma: it's not right, you saw what happen out there, now do something about it.

Smith: hey don't yell at me!

Wilma: I just want something to be resolved for once, and Thugged Out deserve another shot at those titles!

Smith: Let me think about, and I will have an answer next week.

Wilma: It better be the right answer, or else!

*Wilma walks out of the office*

M: Wow, she means business.

T: I like a woman like that, firm, hard...

M: What?

T: ummm..nothing...oh look time for the main event already huh.

Originally Posted by World Title Match: DC vs. Judge part one

M: Well Tater, what a night it has been so far.

T: Marv you can’t beat it, but right now the match we have all been waiting for.

M: You’re right, for months now these two have been building towards this night, and now with the most prestigious title on the line, DC and Judge will go head to head to determine who will start off the year as World Champion. Let’s go to Don Compass our ring announcer for the introductions.

*Fans go crazy as Compass stands in the center of the ring with a mic*

Compass: Ladies and Gentlemen it is now time for our main event!

*Loud cheers from the crowd in Sydney*

Compass: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the IWO Heavyweight Championship of the World!...Now per request of Mr. Smith, should anyone from the IWO roster interfere during the course of this match, they will be suspended or fired!

*The crowd is standing on its feet with anticipation*

M: That’s important Tater, because this match is truly one on one.

Compass: Now, introduction the challenger!

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*Judge comes out onto the stage with a huge pop from the fans*

M: listen to this crowd Tater!

Compass: From New York City, New York, standing six foot five and weighing in at 320 pounds, he is the Adjudicator, he is Judge Dredd!

*Crowd cheering loudly as Judge walks down the aisle, he stops and shakes hands with some fans halfway down before getting to ringside, he goes up the stairs and climbs over the top rope as the crowd roars. He gets in the ring and walks towards the ropes towards the camera side of the arena and raises his arms to huge approval from the audience, he then does the same on the other side…the music fades out and it gets quiet*

T: it’s almost like the calm before the storm Marv

Compass: And introducing his opponent!

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*The crowd is actually cheering and a huge pop goes up before some boos start to be heard*

M: A mixed reaction from the crowd

T: They do love DC here in Sydney, Marv.

*DC comes out to the stage as and stops listening to the sound of the crowd*

Compass: From Atlanta, Georgia he is the two times and current reigning IWO World Champion..he is the Dogcatcher, DC!

*DC Walks down the aisle with the title around his waist he points at the crowd as he heads to the ring*

M: I tell you what, this crowd is definitely split Tater.

T: If Judge was expecting the fans to be on his side, he was mistaken, as they like DC just as much as him.

*DC gets to the ring and walks up the stairs, he looks into the ring and tells the ref to get Judge out of it, Judge jaws at him as the ref tells him to step out..Judge climbs out the other side of the ring as DC enters through the middle ropes on the other side..DC walks over towards the nearest turnbuckle towards the camera side of the arena and points at the crowd who are mostly cheering him..he then climbs down and walks diagonally towards the other turnbuckle..he climbs up it and listens to the cheers, he takes the belt from around his waist and hoists it up to a louder ovation..he then turns and looks down at Judge who is standing there looking at him*

M: DC looking at Judge and these two are not at a loss for words

*They begin jawing as DC gets off the turnbuckle and heads to the other side of the ring..Judge climbs onto the apron and gets in the ring..DC hands the belt to the ref..The ref then holds the title up to signal that this is a championship match…Both men are standing on opposite sides of the ring as the ref calls for the bell, both
DC and Judge stand there as the crowd roars*

M: It is deafening in here Tater

T: This is what we have been waiting for all night long, and now these two are going to get it on.

M: This is the first time that DC has defended the world title against Judge, so you know he wants to make good on this opportunity.

T: Yeah but I have a feeling that DC is willing to pull out all the stops to keep that championship around his waist.

*Both men get in each other’s faces as they begin to jaw.*

M: And the trash talking continuing

*DC reaches back and slaps the hell out of Judge..Judge rubs his face before nailing DC with a right hand, the two begin to exchange blows as the crowd goes wild*

T: And it’s on!

M: Judge with an advantage with those huge haymakers…and he has DC against the ropes…the ref in between them now.

T: He needs to gain some control, DC is in the ropes

*DC trying to keep Judge off him, as the ref makes Judge break the punches..Judge begins to back off, but DC with a poke to the eye..the ref warning him as he laughs*

M: what a cheap shot

*DC then with a chop to Judge’s chest as the crowd goes WOOOOOO…DC then with a right hand to the head, and a left to the midsection, and another shot to the

T: Looks like hanging with Juice has rubbed off with those fists

M: DC with an irish whip on Judge

*Judge bounces off the ropes, and DC tries to take him down, but Judge rams his shoulder into him and knocks him down..Judge runs and bounces off the ropes, and DC drops to his stomach..Judge hops over him and off the ropes again..DC back up and tries a hip toss but Judge blocks it, and reverses it into a hip toss of his own as the crowd cheers. Judge motions for him to get up, and DC does..Judge with a hard shot to the head, and then he grabs DC by the arm, he tries an irish whip but nails a short arm clothesline to DC instead to take him down, he covers and gets 2*

M: Judge going for the win early on.

T: He can’t put the champ away like that.

*Judge locks in a chin lock to DC…he has him in a vulnerable position as the ref checks on the world champ*

M: Judge trying to keep DC on the ground.

T: this is a good move, because not only does it give Judge time to think about his next move, but it is wearing DC down.

*Judge delivers some elbows to DC’s head, and finally lets go of the hold..Judge picks DC up from off the mat, and kicks him in the gut, he then tries to go for a piledriver and the crowd cheers..Judge tries to lift DC up, but DC kicks his legs and goes back down..DC drops to his knees, and then hits a low blow right in front of the ref…the ref calls for the bell, as DC then rolls out of the ring*

M: What? A blatant low blow just got DC disqualified.

T: What a genius.

Compass: Ladies and Gentlemen the winner of this match as a result of a disqualification, Judge!

*Crowd boos at the result, as DC is on the floor outside on all fours, just then we hear*

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M: That’s Mr. Smith!

Smith: Hold on one second. These fans paid good money to see a world title match, and damn it they are going to see one!

*Crowd cheers*

Smith: So we are going to restart this match!

*DC looks up the ramp at Smith with a pissed off look on his face*
Smith: And from here on out, if DC tries to get himself DQed, he will lose the World Heavyweight Title!

*Crowd erupts*

M: The champ cannot be happy about this decision.

*DC gets to his feet and yells up the ramp..Judge is back up and goes and leans through the middle rope and grabs DC by the back of his head*

T: Judge has DC by his hair!

*Judge pulling DC backwards and trying to get him into the ring..he then pulls the champ onto the apron…Judge then stands up and reaches over the top rope and gets ahold of DC..he lifts him to standing on the apron, and then nails a clubbing blow to the chest of DC knocking him right back off the apron*

M: What strength by Judge

*Judge goes outside the ring as the ref begins to count..Judge grabs DC and picks him up..he hits him with a right hand, and then whips him into the steel post..DC with his back on the post, and Judge come charging with a clothesline..DC moves as Judge runs him arm into the post..Judge holds his arm, as DC then reaches around the post and grabs the arm, and slams it into the post again, as Judge falls down to a knee*

M: DC doing damage to that arm

T: What a stupid move from Judge

*DC then runs and hits a knee to the face of Judge taking him down on the mat..DC rolls in the ring and breaks the count and then rolls back out smiling as the crowd boos a little..he picks Judge up and then whips him into the steel stairs, with Judge nailing them with his knee and flying over the top of them*

M: DC trying to cut the big man down to size.

T: And doing a damn good job of it

*The ref trying to tell them to get back in the ring..DC walks over and stomps on Judge..he then picks him up and rams him head first into the apron..he then tosses Judge back into the ring..DC climbs up onto the apron, and looks at the crowd who boos..DC walks slowly over to the turnbuckle and begins to climb*

M: The champ going for a high risk move

*Judge gets to his feet, as DC gets to the top…Judge with a right hand, and another, he then hits DC in the leg, and DC falls, and straddles the turnbuckle*

T: that had to hurt Marv

*Judge begins to climb up the turnbuckle, and he gets to the top, and nails DC with a punch and another, he then hooks him up and Judge climbs higher, as he goes for and connects with the superplex from the top rope*

M: Oh my, what a move!

*Both men on the ground from that move, as DC lifts up in pain before falling back down..Judge holding his arm, he rolls over and crawls towards the champ, he puts his arm over his chest…1…..2…kickout!!!!*

M: DC kicked out, but how much did that take out of both men.

T: I think Judge may have hurt his arm and shoulder even more.

*DC gets up at the same time as Judge..Judge still favoring his shoulder, as DC nails a chop to him, he then throws and elbow to Judge’s shoulder stunning the big man..another chop and then the whip to the ropes..DC goes charging in with a knee to the midsection and Judge falls back against the ropes..DC then whips Judge again, and DC comes running at him with a clothesline, but Judge ducks under it…Judge runs and bounces off the ropes again, and this time DC nails a clothesline on him at the same time judge delivers one of his on, and both men on the ground again*

M: And here we go again

*Dc is the first to recover, and he reaches over and covers Judge..1…2..kickout*

T: That would have been too easy.

*DC seems upset and he rolls over and out of the ring..the ref telling him to get back in, and DC waves him off and begins to head up the aisle as the crowd boos*

M: Where the hell is he going?

T: looks like he is leaving

*DC turns back and waves off the ref again, and he calls for the bell*

M: DC just got counted out.

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T: That’s Miss A!

*DC looks at her, as she smiles*

Miss A: DC, Mr. Smith sent me out here to tell you that, this match has once again been restarted!

*DC loses it, yelling “What?”

Miss A: And from here on out, this match is no countout!

*She heads to the back as the crowd cheers, while DC grabs at his hair and yells*

M: The champ is furious

T: This is not fair Marv!

*Judge is standing up in the ring and runs and rolls out, he begins to run up the aisle, and DC turns around, Judge nails him with a huge boot to the head to take the champ down*

T: What a cheapshot that was!

M: What, that was a legal move

T: yeah Judge taking advantage of the situation.

M: like DC hasn’t

T: That’s not the issue Marv

*The crowd cheering as Judge picks DC up and tosses him down the ramp towards the ring..DC rolling down the ramp as Judge follows him..Judge gets him up and whips him into the barricade..Judge unloaded with punches to the head of DC..then a huge open handed chop to the chest of DC makes him fall to the floor*

M: What a shot that was, you could hear it from here Tater!

*The crowd going crazy as Judge gets DC and takes him back near the ring, he tosses him in and climbs in behind him..Judge with one arm getting the crowd to cheer, as he waits for DC to get up..DC to his feet, and Judge from behind goes for the Final Sentence, but DC rolls out of it, and looks to suplex Judge..Judge blocks the suplex attempt, but DC swings him and hits the Leash…DC goes for the cover…1….2..Judge gets a foot on the rope*

M: The Leash and Judge just got saved

T: That man has to be the luckiest guy on earth.

*DC upset with the count, and wanted a faster one…he then gets on top of Judge and pounds away before the ref pulls him off..DC up and stomps on the hurt shoulder of Judge, before reaching down and pulling him by the hurt arm towards the center of the ring..DC then drops a knee on the arm..and then locks in an armbar*

M: DC going to go to work on the arm of Judge

T: Great strategy by the champ

*DC with the hold and Finally with the crowd cheering for him, Judge starts to get some adrenaline going..he uses his power to get to his feet, as DC holds onto the move still..Judge standing up, and DC with a kick to the gut of Judge..DC grabs him by the arm and tries to lift him up for the Bust..Judge floats over it, and and tries for the Final Sentence, but DC ducks away and rolls out of the ring as the crowd boos..DC with a look of relief stares at the crowd, and points to his head, saying he outsmarted him…DC turns around and Judge does a suicide dive through the ropes to take out DC, and both men on the floor outside*

M: Holy Crap, the big man just took flight

T: That was crazy, he is truly an idiot because he probally just hurt himself.
Originally Posted by World Title Match: DC vs. Judge Part two

*Judge to his feet first, and he takes a kick to DC to keep him on the ground..Judge then picks DC up and wraps his arms around DC’s waist, he then rams him back first into the steel post..DC slumps to the ground, as Judge holds his arm..the crowd cheering, and Judge then drops a legdrop on DC*

M: Judge having his way with the champ right now

*Judge gets DC up and tosses him back into the ring..he then rolls in after him..Judge picks DC up and hits a punch and another, he whips DC into the corner, and runs and hits a huge splash on him…he whips him into the other corner, and Judge points to the crowd who cheers, he then charges in, but DC grabs the ref, and pulls him in front of him, and Judge splashes both men, taking the ref down…DC slumps to the ground as well, as Judge looks at the ref*

M: And there goes the ref

T: Judge is really an idiot now!

*Judge hearing the cheers, picks DC up…he then hoists him in the air for the Excruciator.*

M: It’s Judge’s version of the torture rack!

*DC is in pain, as Judge with one arm holding him in the air…DC’s back is hurting as he is motioning that he wants to tap out*

M: DC tapping!

T: Yeah but we don’t have a ref.

*Judge drops DC, and holds his arm..he looks over at the ref…Judge then signals to the crowd that he wants to finish DC…he picks DC slowly up from the ground with
one arm..DC is holding his back in pain..Judge has him to his feet, and then grabs him by the throat*

M: Here comes the chokeslam

*Judge tells him it is over, and goes to lift him, but DC with a punch to the arm, and then a kick to the groin, and Judge falls to the ground..DC then falls to the mat as well and rolls out of the ring as the crowd boos*

M: Another cheap shot from the champ

T: Brilliance

*DC on the outside, goes over and grabs the title belt..he rolls back into the ring..he waits with title in hand for Judge to get to his feet, as the crowd is booing loudly..Judge is up and he turns and DC levels him with the title, busting him open*

M: Judge is out cold and bleeding, and Now DC covers him

*The crowd booing as DC has the pin, but the ref is still out of it*

T: Why the hell won’t the ref get up!

*Another ref comes running to the ring, he slides in and looks, he makes the count…1…..2….kickout by Judge, and the crowd erupts, as DC is shocked*

M: He kicked out, I can’t believe it!

T: Me either!

*DC looking at the ref, and he gets to his feet, the ref telling DC it was only a two count..DC then kicks the ref in the stomach and lifts him up..he spins and hits a bust on the ref…he then gets up and tosses the ref over the top rope*

M: And this crowd booing, because that was not called for.

T: Stupid ref

*DC picks up the gold again, and waits for Judge..Judge bleeding uses the ropes to get up..he gets to his feet and turns and DC runs at him..Judge ducks the blow, and turns around..DC turns and a big boot to the face takes DC out of the ring and to the floor below..Judge bleeding leans against the ropes*

M: He dodged a bullet that time.

*Judge drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring..he then grabs DC and lifts him up and drops him chest first across the barricade…he then gets DC back up and puts him into the ring..Judge looks at the crowd and heads towards the turnbuckle..Judge climbs up it, and is at the top when the first ref is getting to his feet, the ref is using the ropes to get up, and accidently pulls too hard on the top rope, causing Judge to slip and fall from the top rope to the mat below*

M: What the hell, I can’t believe I just saw that.

T: thank god, it’s about time the ref quit fucking over DC

M: Tater, he didn’t mean to do that to Judge

*The ref looks shocked as the crowd boos and chants that “he screwed Judge”…the ref checks on Judge, as DC gets up..DC shoves the ref out of the way, and stomps on Judge..he then picks Judge up and hits a bodyslam on the big man..DC leans against the ropes and holds his back..he then scales the turnbuckle…the crowd boos as DC signals and leaps and connects with the dogcatcher elbow..he covers…1…..2…kickout*

M: Somehow, Judge managed to kickout

T: I hate this guy!

*DC hits the mat with his fist, and in frustration gets up..he picks Judge up and kicks him in the gut, he lifts him in the air on his shoulders..he begins to spin, but Judge again falls over the back of DC..he grabs him and hits the Final Sentence, but both men laying on the mat*

M: if Judge covers him we have a new champion

T: Fuck you Judge

M: Tater!

*Judge slowly crawls over, and makes the cover…1…….2….kickout*

M: Oh my god!

T: yes!!!!

*Judge can’t believe it, and with the blood dripping from his face, slowly gets to his knees, the crowd going crazy in disbelief..Judge picks DC up and whips him into
the ropes..he tries a clothesline but DC ducks it..DC reaches up and locks in the Putdown..*

M: The sleeperhold

*Judge trying to fight it off…DC jumps onto his back for more leverage…Judge trying to take a step with DC on his back..the ref trying to check on him…Judge moves backwards and finally makes a backwards run towards a turnbuckle..he rams DC into it, but DC still holding on…Judge moves forward and is going to try again, but DC lets go and pushes Judge into the ref..Judge catches himself, but DC runs and hits a dropkick causing the two to bump heads, and both men hit the mat*

M: And down goes the ref again

*DC goes and grabs Judge, he lifts him up and nails the bust on him..he covers but again no ref*

T: Smith should fire every ref on the payroll!

*DC then rolls out of the ring, and grabs a steel chair, as the crowd boos, he slides back in and looks at the crowd and then at Judge…he waits, and circles him..Judge rolls over and then slowly starts to get to his feet, he is on his knees, when the second ref is up and in the ring..he grabs the chair from behind..DC turns and fights with him over the weapon…the ref pulls it from the champ, and tells him no..the ref turns and starts to hand it to someone outside..DC moves in on Judge, but Judge has the world title in his hand…DC gets close to him, and Judge nails DC with the gold busting him open…Judge falls to the mat and slides the title to the outside..he pretends to act like he is still out of it, as the ref turns to see both men on the ground and seems confused*

T: See Judge is a cheater too, that bastard

M: what is good for the goose…

T: Don’t fucking say it Marv!

*Judge crawls over, and drapes an arm on DC…the ref with the count….1…….2….DC gets his shoulder barely up, and the crowd can’t believe it*

T: That’s my boy!

M: DC again kicks out, and neither man can put the other away

*Judge gets to his feet with disbelief..he picks DC up and slams him to the ground…he then goes and climbs up to the top rope..the crowd on its feet, as Judge looks at them, he leaps with the legdrop but DC moves..Judge lands hard and is in pain*

M: Judge missed that time

T: Come on Champ!

*DC to his feet, and bleeding he can feel it, he sees Judge get up..DC goes for a german, but Judge with an elbow to the head, and another..DC stunned lets go and stumbles around..he is holding his face, and Judge tries the boot, but DC ducks it..DC with a punch to the back of Judge’s head..DC then goes for Judge’s Final Sentence, but Judge so powerful, reverses it and hits the Final Sentence himself..Judge covers, and hooks the leg, the ref counts…..1……2……3….*

M: He just did it, Judge beat DC!

T:What the hell!

*The ref calls for the bell, as Compass makes the announcement*

Compass: Here is your winner and new IWO Heavyweight Champion, Judge!

*the second ref gets the world title and hands it to Judge and then checks on the first ref..Judge just sits in the middle of the ring bleeding holding the belt as he can’t believe he won it…DC rolls out of the ring, as Wilma comes running down to check on him*

M: What a night and a new World Champ.

T: This is such bullshit.

M: Aww poor Tater.

*Judge listening to the cheers as he clutches the title close to his chest…Dirty Window playing on the speakers as Judge is seen smiling..he puts the belt on the mat, and then uses his good arm to keep his balance, attempts to get to up..he gets to his knees, when from behind someone slides in the ring and hits a shining wizard to the champ taking him out*

M: What is this?

T: That’s Johnny Blade

*The crowd is stunned and shocked…Blade gets to his feet and looks at the new bloody champion laid out cold on the mat…Some fans are heard booing, as Blade sees the world title, he grabs it and looks at it..he then lifts it with one arm up into the air as the crowd is still shocked…*

M: Why Johnny, Why?

*Blade is still holding the title looking down at Judge as the show ends*


Thanks to Glue and exo for the banners

Thanks To Glue for writing the Tag Title, TV Title, and M Shadows match

Thanks to DrDoom for writing the hardcore title, the tag team cage, the emporium and the Handicap match

Please give feedback and let us know what you thought, anything is helpful.

Thank you all.
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yes! victory's for me and shadows, and judge takes the world title! all is perfect.
Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post
If I wanted stupid illogical booking I'd watch TNA.
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Wow that World Title match was unbelievably killer. I did not think I'd take it at several points there. Really didn't know what was going to happen. That was fucking awesome. Great work on that match DC and great work to the other writers as well. Good stuff. Your new IWO World Heavyweight Champion...the Judge!

Props to Sly as Hell for the banner.

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Very nice show, was well worth the wait. Loving the youtube videos of everyones' entrance music.
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Fuck Yeah! I fucking did it! Your new TV Champion, Crusher

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And still the IWO Tag Team Champions....Jason & Josh!

Great show fellas and I love the youtube thing with everyone's entrance music.
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This is bullshit

Click to subscribe to the podcast feed or Download Episode 33 and give your feedback in the KPWF room.


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