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Miller Time show 2
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Default Miller Time show 2

*Inside a Denver Television Studio a live audience is waiting as Hugh Miller walks onto the stage to applause*

Miller: Thank you Denver, how is everyone doing?

*Crowd is cheering*

Miller: Allright, well as you know this is the second ever edition of Miller Time, and I am Mad Hugh Miller

*crowd cheers*

Miller: And let me introduce you to my assistant, the lovely Miss April Century!

*April walks out and the crowd goes crazy for her*

Miller: Tonight folks what a show we have for you as our guest is the current IWO Hardcore Champion, Juice and his entourage!

*Crowd boos*

Miller: We will be getting to the bottom of what makes Juice tick, plus take your comments as well. As you can all tell we are here in the Mile High City where in just a short while the IWO will present the High Risk PPV, and let me tell you folks, we are going to witness two of the most dangerous matches ever concocted, the world heavyweight title match and the tag team title match both being contested on a 25 feet high scaffold.

*crowd cheers for this*

Miller: I have to say...

*Miller is interrupted as Troy Alston appears on the video screen*

Troy: Hugh, you old codger, what would you know about dangerous.

Miller: Well, if it isn't the Eptiome, Troy Alston

*crowd cheers and chants for Troy*

Troy: thank you Denver you are too kind, much like those two snowbunnies last week if you know what I mean.

*Crowd laughs*

Troy: Hugh, dangerous is not a scaffold match, dangerous is the life the Epitome lives each and every day son.

Miller: Do you have a point with this?

Troy: Watch is doughboy!

*Crowd laughs*

Troy: My point is this, no matter the outcome of the matces tonight, they will never compare to a Troy Alston match. Right now the IWO is being deprieved of seeing its greatest superstar, but rest assure, that soon the Epitome will return and when I do, watch out, because Troy Alston is a man on a mission, and will not stop until I accomplish my goal!

Miller: And what is this goal Troy.

*Just then the camera goes black..crowd moans*

Miller: Sorry folks, it seems we lost Troy, but right now let's take a break and be right back with the Hardcore Champ, Juice

*crowd applauds as we see a cutscreen of Juice with Gritz and Gravy and the Guro Girls*


Miller Time is brought to you by the Denver Transit Authority...If you need a lift let us take you there, with several routes available it makes sense to do Transit!


*Crowd is clapping as Hugh is standing in front of some chairs, he calms them down*

Miller: Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time is a multi-time IWWO Hardcore Champion, and one of the hottest rookies to come on the scene this year, and tonight he faces four men in a ladder match for his title...let me introduce to you being accompanied by the Guro Girls and his manager , Gritz and Gravy, a former boxer, and current IWO Hardcore Champ, Juice!

*Crowd boos as Juice shrugs it off, Gritz yells Seven at the members of the audience...Juice shakes hands with Miller, and the girls give him a kiss on the cheek...they take a seat as Gritz is still egging on the crowd...finally G&G comes up and gives a huge hug to Miller before sitting down*

Miller: Good to have you all here

Juice: Good ta be herr mayne.

Gritz and Gravy: Seven!

Miller: Um...yeah..anyways, let's get right to it, as we all know tonight you defend your gold in a fatal fourway ladder match against Alli Sabbah, DeathShock and Judge. I got to ask you since you have been in a heated fued with Judge lately, just how do you feel about your rivalry with Judge?

Riiivahry?? I guess. I mean, I thank it good...cuz y'know...people be seein me fight an upper tier wrassler. Not some clown who can't stay in da fed or some filthy hippie too stoned ta know where he is in da match.

I don' look at diss so much as a riiivahry as it iiiyah an opp'tunity. Ragahdless what I thank o his personalitization, Judge done some shit heeeyah in IWO. I's gets da opp'tunity ta show da strengf 'gainst him. Now, people see da freat I is. People start ta second guess theyseff. Dey start to know what fuckin time it iiiyah. Stated.

Miller: What about your other opponents in the match?

Who da fuck cares bouts those biotches! Wat dey knows bout SEVEN?!!!!

Miller: Do what? Regardless, tonight there are two matches that will be held on top of 25 foot scaffolds, are you disappointed that you were not included in a scaffold match?

Cracka pleeeeeeeeeaze. I gots mah own belt ta defend. DC right now, he holdin it down wit da whirl title. Ya gots ta give da man hiiiyah respect. My man been holdin it down for a minute heeyah in IWO and I's happy ta cheer fo 'im.

But I's gots mah own belt ta defend, an iss in a fo way laddah match. I's gots plenny opp'tunity ta steal da sho. Fo sho. Dey gon be plenny o danger, plenny o spills an plenny o blood when I represent at High Risk. Don blink, all y'all fatasses on yo couch...y'all might miss da greatness.

Das rights Juicy, you tell em mayne, SEVEN!

Miller: Speaking of, what is up with seven?

Bitch ain' ya evah play a game o dice?? Seven mah fuckin callin card cause I's heeyah ta take eee'rybody money. Fuck it iiiyah what it iiiyah. If I's gots ta tells ya...den ya juss don' know. Holla.

Miller: Well before we holler, let's take some questions, April where are you at?

*April is in the crowd but looks visibly upset..she almost looks to be crying*

April: right here hugh, and I have a question from this fan.

*She puts the mic in front of a fan*

male fan: So what is your deal with DC? Are you fuck buddies or something?

Hahaaaaa...heeeyah it iiiiyah. Firss of all...fuck you, punk. Fuckin fat slob mufucka makin a dolla twenny fiii bussin tables at da Chinese Buffet. Y'all's ain' half da man ya mamma was, so y'all's cain' know da fuck goin on up heeya wit da supastahs, so juss keep ya specolation to yaseff.

But wif regahd to da quession, I's speak on dat. Seem like since evah since I's been up in diss piece all y'alls beeitches be like..."hey man, what's up witchyoo an DC?" in biddness...ya cain' go it alone. If ya wanna have success in life an success in biddness, ya gots ta play yo cards right. Dat includes da comp'ny ya keep.

DC a man of respect. I's already toll ya dat he been holdin shit down in diss piece fo a minute. Ee'ry week, ee'ry man do what it take ta come out on top. Iss called 'ambition' beeitches. I gravitate to driven, successful individuals like DC, an in biddness an in life...dass help me acheive a level of success dat noone can step to.

An da shit be mutual, too. One hand washes da ofher, naameeeean? My man DC need someone ta get his back, I's available. Maybe I need someone ta get my back, DC available. Iss a win-win.

Same wit my boys in Thugged Out. Dem mufuckas be comin aftah it hard. An fo da moss part, dey be gettin theirs. Sho...riiii now dey been cheated an done wrong...but dey strong 'nuff ta ovahcome dat shiii an dey will...juss you watch. Men of respect always win.

An all deese ofher beeitches can suck mah nuts.

Miller: There you have it, April are you okay?

*She tries to calm herself*

April: Yeah I will be allright Hugh, anyways any more questions?

*A girl raises her hand and April approaches her with the mic, she stands up*

female fan: How do you get your abs to look that good?

Heh...well...I cain' lie...superior genetic got a lot ta do wit it, girl. But isss sumpin I work hard at...real hard. Keep ya fingahs crossed an someday I's brang ya ta yo boy Juice crib...ya might get lucky 'nuff ta see mah personal gym an I might juss show ya how it go down wif a personal workout, girl. Hold on ta dat dream, cuz it might come true fo ya someday.

*another female fan raises her hand screaming she has a question...April approaches the black female*

female fan: Can I blow on your dice?

Well now we's gots a screenin process fo dat. I'm'a hafta take an app'i'cashun ta see if y' qualify fo dat kinda audience wif me. Aftah all, I's an eight time world series o dice champeen. I's gots a rep ta protect an I cain' let juss anybody go blowin on mah dice. Shit might fuck up mah game.

Ya might get a chance, but off da cuff, I juss cain' be givin dat shiii away to anyone. But like yo boy Juice say...hold on ta dat dream, ho.

Miller: Any more questions from the crowd?

*A guy raises his hand and April goes over to him, she can hardly stand it anymore and just hands him the mic and runs off camera*

male fan: Are you running from Cryptic?

What da fuck kinda dumbass question is dat? Bitch, I's in da same arena ee'ry night. I don' set da matches up. Lass time I did set da matches up, I set mahseff up in a match wit...Cryptic.

So no...I's ain' runnin from dat hippie. I fuckin OWN his filthy ass. Look at diss belt, bitch. *holds up IWO Hardcore Title* I took diss shit away from dat bitchass while he lay bleedin in a pile o his own piss an tears. Cryptic cain' step ta me. An if he does...I'm'a fuckin beat his bitchass back down where it belong.

Fuck out my face wit dat shiii.

Miller: Well Juice, Gritz, and ladies thank you for your time, and we will be right back after these words from our sponsor.

*Hugh runs backstage to check on April*


Want to get your party on? Want to get wasted? Want to be the big deal in at your next party, then come on down to Kegs-R-Us, where we have an unlimited supply of Kegs in all shapes and sizes. Buy two kegs and get a third one free. Several beers to choose from, and all starting at very low prices. Kegs-R-Us where a party can be a party!


*As we come back from break we are shown footage of Miller trying to talk to April backstage to see if she is okay, we go live to Miller sitting in his chair*

Miller: If you don't mind at this time I would like to let April come out here to get some things off her chest.

*Crowd claps for April as she walks out wiping tears from her eyes...she takes a seat*

Miller: April, tell everyone what is wrong.

April: Hugh, I am upset.

Miller: But why?

April: Because of Josh, I can't believe that he would stoop so low and do the things that he did.

Miller: You mean the attack on Smith?

April: Not only that, but I haven't even heard from him, he just left me.

*She begins to sob as Hugh goes over and hugs her, the crowd is silent as the video screen behind them lights up and shows Josh sitting in a chair*

Josh: April, April, hey calm down.

*They turn to see Josh on the screen*

April: Josh.

Josh: Yeah it's me, I just came on here to tell you something.

April: What is it?

Josh: I just wanted you to know why I left. It's not you April, it's me. I just couldn't do it. I just couldn't bring myself to be with you anymore, since you are the biggest hoebag this side of the Mississippi River!

*crowd boos*

April: What?

Josh: That's right you little whiney bitch. All I have heard is how you believed I could do this and do that, but all you did was get me put in matches that tried to end my career. You were trying to get rid of me just like the gold digger you are, so you could get your greedy hands on my insurance money.

April: I don't know what you are talking about, Josh why are you....

Josh: Shut up, and this goes for the rest of those inbred coors light drinkers.

*crowd boos*

Josh: Just watch as tonight, me and Jason become tag team champions with the leadership of a real woman like Stacy, and not some skank hoe like you!

*Josh throws his mic off and walks off as the screen goes blank...April in tears runs off stage as Hugh watches and then turns to the crowd*

Miller: ummm, that's it for our show this week, we will be back next week live from the IWO Arena, good night folks!

*Hugh runs off as the crowd sits stunned and the camera goes black*
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This shit is great. Another solid episode. Keep it up. Judge wants on.

Props to Sly as Hell for the banner.

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Like sands in the hourglass...

Good stuff, DC.


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