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Redemption 18.3 November 24, 2007
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Default Redemption 18.3 November 24, 2007

*Fireworks blast off as Redemption begins and we see Marv and Tater at ringside*

M: Welcome to Redemption and next week we head to Denver for the High Risk PPV.

T: That's right marv, but tonight here in the IWO Arena, two title matches, and a special challenge match that has been issued by the World Champion.

M: Tater, last night on the debut edition of Miller Time, the new talk show with Hugh Miller, DC was humilated by a fan of Corey Taylor's. DC has challenged the fan to a match tonight at Redemption.

T: I feel sorry for that kid.

M: Take a look in the ring Tater, there is Don Smith.

*Don Smith is playing a lead on his guitar in the ring when his amp cuts out and King Of Kings by Motorhead blares over the speakers. Don stops playing and looks to the entrance ramp as The Unstoppable Force comes out from behind the curtain. Force has an air of confidence around him as he makes his way to the ring, rubbing his TV Title with his palm and smiling.*

M: Force is on his way down to the ring looking almost cocky as Don Smith appears to have lost all cockiness.

T: That happens when you’re in the presence of The Unstoppable Force. Especially if you’re his opponent.

*Force slides in the ring and preens briefly for the crowd before taking off his TV Title and handing it to the ref. The ref displays the belt to the crowd as Force smiles at the Solar Con and looks at his wrist as if a watch was there. “Fifteen minutes,” Force says to Smith and holds up his hands in a “what are you gonna do” gesture.*

M: Force is defending his belt in a 15 minute match this week after going 20 minutes with Crusher last week.

T: Last week you could either say Crusher played over his head or you could say that Force let him stay in it, but the match went the entire 20 minutes. Let’s see what he can do this week in 15 against The Solar Con.

*The bell rings and Smith goes in to lock up but Force delivers a front kick and sends Smith to the mat. Force stalks over to Smith and hits a gutwrench suplex on him, sprawling the Solar Con in the middle of the ring. Force delivers a single boot to the chest and walks to the other end of the ring and pauses while Smith collects himself and gets up.*

M: Smith is getting up and Force appears content to take his time.

T: Why not?? Force likes to fight. Why shouldn’t he try to get everything out of this 15 minutes?

*Smith makes to go in to lock up but comes up with a gutkick to Force as he does. Force grabs Smith’s foot and Smith holds up his hands for mercy but Force takes him down with a dragon screw. Force gets up and immediately hits a leg drop to Smith’s midsection, doubling him up on the mat.*

M: Twelve minutes left, Tater.

*Force picks Smith up and whips him to the ropes. Smith ducks under the clothesline on the rebound, hits the other side and comes back to a BIG Spear from Force. Smith is flattened mid ring as Force gets up and just looks down at him for a moment. Force then holds his arms up to the crowd and looks at his wrist, nodding at the watch that isn’t there as the crowd pops.*

M: Smith has some crowd support but these people are overwhelmingly in Force’s corner here.

T: And why not? The masses love a winner and Force certainly is that.

*Force turns around and is taken down by a surprise clothesline by Smith. Smith waves his hands in the air, looking like a drunken parody of what Force just did. Smith throws a couple of boots at Force and picks him up and locks up for a suplex. Force however pulls down on his center of gravity and Smith can’t get Force up.*

M: Force is reversing the suplex here and WOW! He brought Smith down to the mat with a lot of power there!

*Smith is grimacing as Force picks him up and hits another big suplex, leaving him in the middle of the ring. Force picks Smith back up and whips him to the ropes. Force runs after Smith and when he rebounds off the ropes, Force delivers a huge clothesline, sending Smith end over end over the top rope and out to the arena floor.*

M: Nine minutes left here, Tater.

*Force slides out of the ring and Smith is retreating. Force goes after him and Smith comes across his guitar, which he picks up and brandishes at Force. The ref yells at Smith through the ropes as Force stops and then flinches at Smith as if he’s going to punch him. Smith recoils, putting the guitar in front of him as a faux shield.*

*Force grabs the guitar from Smith’s grasp and smashes it into a million pieces against the corner ringpost. The guitar is obliterated and Smith sinks to his knees yelling, “Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!” Force rears quick and delivers a dropkick to Smith’s face, sprawling him on his back.*

M: Smith’s new guitar just got trashed by Force!!

T: He shouldn’t have tried to use it as a weapon if he didn’t want it broken. At least now we know what the Solar Con wants for Christmas.

*Force hoists Smith up on his back and then runs his back right into the ringpost. Smith falls to the floor, clutching at his back and screaming as Force continues to smirk from above him.*

M: It looks like Force is just playing with Smith here.

T: Smith should only be so lucky.

M: Coming up on six minutes left Tater and Smith really has yet to show anything in this match.

T: Absolutely, Force has just dominated Smith here tonight and it looks like it’s going to be back to the drawing board for The Solar Con.

*Force yanks Smith up and rolls him into the ring, sliding after him. Force gets up and delivers a powerbomb and then plays air guitar in the middle of the ring while the fans pop. Force whips Smith into the ropes and then flips him off his back. Smith gets huge air and comes down with a thud, knocking the wind out of him.*

M: And Force is in total control here tonight, Tater. He’s just taking the wood to Smith and Don’s never really had a chance to get into this match.

T: Force has got Smith completely off his game and you could see that from the first moments. Smith talked a good game but when you’re face to face with the 6’8” Unstoppable Force, you start to rethink some of the things you said. Also, what you said emboldened and with confidence now looks a little like cocky and arrogant and asking for an ass kicking.

*Force has Smith up in a delay suplex and then applies a seated headlock. Force wrenches down on Smith’s head as the ref checks Smith for reaction time. Force leans back into the headlock and Smith seems to be waning. The ref shakes Smith’s right hand and it appears loose, so Force springs off of Smith, not wanting to end the match just yet.*

*Smith is yanked into a backdrop and Force is holding Smith up in the air before the moment of impact. >BOOM< Smith hits the mat and Force mounts the turnbuckle.*

M: Force goes up to the top….

T: …and hits Hell From Above!! Smith’s out!! The ref is down to count and this should be it!! 1…..2…..

*Force pulls Smith’s arm up, breaking the pin. The ref yells at him and Force smiles as he picks Smith up and hits a pumphandle slam. Force picks Smith up again and hits another pumphandle, this one harder.*

M: Three minutes left Tater and the clock is winding down. It looks like Force has this one in the bank.

*Force whips Smith into the ropes and hits a spinning sidewalk slam, covering Smith as the ref counts 1……2……..*

M: Force pulls back again, breaking up his own pin!

T: I never understood why the refs would always yell after that. It’s not like it’s illegal or something.

*Force keeps an eye on the clock as he works Smith over. Boots to the head, a standing headlock and a series of german suplexes get Smith looking like he’s about to pass out as the clock winds down to one minute. Force whips Smith into the ropes and hits a boot to the face, effectively knocking the Solar Con into the next day. Force flexes and preens for the crowd a bit and then calls for his title belt. Ringside personnel hand it to him and he displays it to the crowd before laying it on the mat near the ropes.*

M: Force taunting here. Looks to be getting ready for the finishing touch.

*Force picks Smith up into piledrive position as he holds his thumbs up to the crowd. The crowd pops and Force turns his thumbs down before hitting The Unstoppable Drop and covering Smith. The ref slides down to count…1……….2………….3!!!*

M: And the Unstoppable Force gets the win, beating Don “The Solar Con” Smith soundly here tonight at Redemption.

T: Force looked to be just toying with Smith most of the match. He hit a lot of high impact moves but he seemed to have a bead on everything the Solar Con was going to try and he had the counter for it before it even happened.

*Force picks up his title and slings it across his shoulder. He climbs out of the ring and walks victoriously to the back, paying no mind to Don Smith, a heap of knocked out in the middle of the ring.*



M: Crusher slides into the ring as his music plays. Right now he’s staring down his opponent, IWO rookie M Shadows as we’re almost underway tonight at Redemption.

T: Crusher’s been really making people notice him lately, his mat skills and experience should net him an easy win tonight, although I wouldn’t underestimate this Shadows guy, being that he’s Death Shock’s brother.

*The bell rings as Crusher circles around Shadows. Shadows reaches in but Crusher rolls away. Shadows turns and Crusher catches him with a knee lift. Shadows is jerked up for a hard scoop slam by Crusher who then rolls into an armbar.*

M: Crusher using the mat skills here could be a great strategy against M Shadows.

*Despite trying to leverage to the middle, Crusher is pulled by Shadows to the rope where the ref breaks the hold. Crusher complains to the ref and as he turns back, Shadows hits him with a big clothesline. Shadows picks Crusher up and whips him into the ropes only to run a shoulder block into him, sending Crusher down. Shadows hits a leg drop and then another.*

M: Shadows impressive thusfar keeping up with Crusher.

T: Yeah Crusher wrestled to a draw with Force the other week and that isn’t something that most people in the IWO can hope to do.

M: And if Crusher can withstand the strength of Force…

T: Then he should’ve already plowed through this rookie.

*Shadows picks Crusher up and hits a sidewalk slam. And the ref slides down as Shadows makes the cover…1….2…..Crusher kicks out. Shadows picks Crusher up and whips him to the ropes, but Crusher ducks underneath the clothesline attempt. Crusher then reaches back and hits a snap neckbreaker on Shadows. Crusher goes to the corner and up…and hits a moonsault!*

M: And out of nowhere!! This could be it!! Crusher’s got the cover and 1…2…

T: Aaaaand the kickout. Maybe this M Shadows kid isn’t that bad after all…that was a pretty big moonsault there.

*Crusher stomps on Shadows and goes up top again...Crusher leaps for it but Shadows rolls out of the way, leaving Crusher to impact hard with the canvas. Shadows picks Crusher up and brings him to the corner. Shadows climbs the second turnbuckle and then moves Crusher into powerbomb position.*

M: I was talking with this young man and he said he calls this move the Shadow Bomb.

*Crusher is jerked up and Shadows brings the two of them down in a powerbomb off the second rope. The ring shakes with the impact as Shadows slides over for the cover.*

M: And the count 1………2…………3!!!! M Shadows impressive in victory tonight. He was seemingly overmatched with Crusher but he pulled out the W.

T: And we’ve got to wonder about Crusher. He’s not even a month removed from going toe to toe with The Unstoppable Force and couldn’t pick up the win here tonight. He’s got to spend some time looking in the mirror before his next match.

*We see a bird flying in the air over some trees, you then hear chants of "Freebird, Freebird,"...the screen continues to show the bird, and then the words "Coming to Redemption in 2 Weeks" appears*



M: And all the tag teams are in the ring for this tag team elimination match

T: The winning team will get a shot next week against the Tag Team Champs for the titles

M: Remember the rules, once a man is eliminated, then his team is out.

*Exo and Schmo start off, locking up and Exo getting the drop on him. Exo hits a snap suplex and then yanks Schmo up and hits another. Schmo scrambles up trying to get the upper hand but Exo hits a hard clothesline on him. Exo tags STICK in as he holds Schmo up. STICK mounts the turnbuckles and hits a flying double axe handle on Schmo, dropping him. Exo and STICK pick Schmo up and hit a double spinebuster.*

M: And Strictly Business is in trouble early, Tater.

*Exo steps out and STICK pulls Schmo up and applies a bear hug, mid ring. The ref is asking Schmo about submitting when Ness runs in and delivers a forearm to STICK’s back. STICK drops Schmo and hits a staggering front kick to Ness, who is shot back and rolls out of the ring.*

*Schmo is trying to get up and Exo clubs him on the back from the apron. Schmo turns around and punches Exo, knocking him from the apron. STICK pulls him in from behind and hits a backdrop powerbomb on Schmo. STICK goes down for the cover and the ref counts. 1……….2…………*

*Public runs in for the save but gets a facefull of boot from Exo, who’s gotten into the ring looking for a piece of Schmo. Public careens back over the top rope and out of the ring. The ref drops the 3 count on Schmo, eliminating Strictly Business. Exo picks Schmo up and throws him over the top, too as Ness and Jeff come charging in.*

M: Team Earthbound moving in as Strictly Business is eliminated.

*Jeff takes Ness’ hands and swings him around once before launching him at STICK and Exo, who duck under his dropkick attempt and watch him sail overhead. Exo picks up Jeff and decks him right in the grille. He then whips Jeff to the ropes and he and STICK hit the Last Call.*

*Josh blind tags STICK and gets in the ring, covering Jeff. The ref slides down to count but STICK delivers a sharp boot to Josh’s head, breaking up the pin before the ref could even count 1. Exo and STICK start wailing on Josh as Jason mounts the turnbuckles and hits a flying body press on both of them. Ness and Jeff both get in the ring and suddenly everyone’s fighting everyone. STICK and Josh exchange blows as Exo works over Ness with a full nelson and Jason is chasing Jeff around on the outside of the ring.*

M: Total chaos is ensuing as the match totally breaks down here!

T: This is what we do here in IWO. Total chaos is our job.

*Jason catches up to Jeff and slings him hard into the steel stairs to the ring. In the ring, Exo and STICK hit concurrent powerbombs on Ness and Josh respectively. Exo hoists Ness up in suplex position and STICK launches off the top rope, hitting the Nightcap and the pin….1….2….3!!*

M: Thugged out eliminates Team Earthbound!

*Jason grabs STICK’s leg and pulls him down and out of the ring. Jason takes STICK’s head and slams it into the steel steps, sending STICK to the mat. Exo, in ring, turns to see what Jason’s doing but before he can make a save, Josh hits a quick reverse DDT. Exo staggers up, more stunned than anything, and Josh hits him with a gutkick. Jason slides in the ring and hits the JKO and the cover…1…..2……3!!!!!*

M: Jason and Josh have done the unthinkable!! They delivered a loss to Thugged Out and two other tag teams here tonight!!!

T: Exo and STICK are going to be coming and looking for a piece of these two. Josh, Jason and Thugged Out have a history and typically Josh and Jason have come out on the business end of it, even when Jason was teamed with them once or twice. This can only mean more animosity between these two teams who often find themselves working with each other.

M: It will certainly be interesting to see how this plays out next week, Tater.



*Blue on Black plays as DC and Wilma come to the ring, DC gets a mic*

DC: Last night, some punk kid got an attitude and thought he could get a cheap shot on me.

*crowd boos*

DC: So now he gets his chance.

*Before I Forget by Slipknot plays and the fan comes to the ring, the crowd cheers him as he is wearing a Corey Taylor T-shirt*

M: And here comes this kid, who tonight faces the champ

*DC gets in his face*

DC: SO I never did find out what your name is?

*He goes to put the mic in front of the kid, but then levels him with a clothesline, Wilma tells the ref to call for the bell, and it sounds*

T: What a cheapshot

M: And this match is officially underway

*DC grabs the kid and gets him in the corner leveling him with punches...he then whips the kid hard into the opposite turnbuckle causing him to bounce off of it, and fall to the mat..DC picks the kid back up and kicks him in the gut, before lifting him up and nailing the bust on arrogant cover and the ref counts to three, Wilma grabs a chair and slides it into the ring*

M: ANd this one is over, but wait a chair is in the ring

T: Surely he won't do this

*DC gets the chair, and holds it as the crowd boos, he then nails the kid across the ribs with it...and another shot, and another...DC then drops the chair and positions it*

M: This is ridiculous, he has to stop this

T: He is going to try and teach this kid a lesson

*DC gets the kid up and looks like he is going to piledrive him onto the chair, but the crowd pops as Corey Taylor hits the ring..DC tosses the kid aside, as him and Corey exchange blows...*

M: Corey in the ring, and here we go

T: We don't have to wait for next week Marv

*Corey with the advantage, and whips DC but it is reversed...Corey bounces off the ropes and nails a shoulder block to the champ taking him down...he is up and the crowd goes nuts...Corey waiting for DC to get up..but Wilma jerks DC by the leg and pulls him out of the ring...Corey runs to the ropes and is telling him to get back in*

M: And wilma saves DC

*Crowd is booing*

T: That could have ended bad for the champ

M: I tell you what Corey Taylor just saved that kid's ass Tater

*DC and Wilma head up the ramp, as Corey rips his shirt off and tosses it into the crowd...he points up at DC...he then checks on the kid who is hurt, and gets him to his feet, he lifts the kid's arm as the crowd cheers, and Duality begins to play*

M: I can't wait for next week Tater

T: It will be one heck of a match marv



T: Here comes Dragon and he can’t be happy after hearing who his opponent is tonight.

M: Yeah, but this is also a big opportunity for Dragon to pull out an upset and get himself back in the….

*Duality by Slipknot blasts through the speakers interrupting Marv as Corey comes out to an epic pop. Corey runs down to the ring and climbs in and goes straight for Dragon as the ref calls for the bell.*

T: Corey wasting no time and he is looking intent on destroying Dragon here tonight. This is a hardcore match and Corey can get as extreme as he likes on Dragon.

*Corey charges in and nails Demon with a spear and then pulls him up quickly and levels him with a big right hand. Corey bounces off the ropes and jumps up and lands the pointy part of his elbow right into Dragon’s sternum. Dragon quivers around in the mat on pain and then tries to clamber to his feet but Corey is waiting and comes over and hits a turn around neck breaker on him. He then pulls Dragon up and hits a side Russian leg sweep on him rolling it all the way back into a roll up pin. 1…2…………………………………………………………kick out by Dragon who quickly gets up to his feet. Dragon throws a right at Corey but Corey catches it and chucks a right back straight into the gut of Dragon with authority as Dragon doubles over and spits out a little bit of blood.*

M: What a brutal blow and that’s caused some internal bleeding right there. This is brutal and Corey’s only weapons are his fists.

*Corey wallops Dragon again and then finally a third time hard in the gut and Dragon now starts to cough up significant amounts of blood but Corey has no remorse. He goes over and hoists Dragon up and delivers a big running power bomb to him. Corey covers. 1….2………………………..Corey breaks up his own pin! He gets up and yells out very clearly ‘You see this DC? Your next you son of a bitch!’. Corey waits as Dragon staggers up and he comes over to him again and hoists him up and hits the Vertebreaker. The cover. 1….2…………………..Corey breaks up his own pin again. He yanks Dragon up by the hair then pulls him up into a fireman’s carry and goes over to the corner. He climbs up to the top rope, still with Dragon on his shoulders, and he lets out a primal scream before nailing a huge Duality Driver on Dragon off the top. Corey jumps down and covers a lifeless Dragon. 1…2….3. Corey easily picks up the win. Paramedics rush to attend to Dragon who is unconsciously coughing up blood.*

T: Well I certainly wouldn’t want to be DC right now as Corey has made his message abundantly clear tonight.

*backstage we see Mr. Smith with Miss A*

Miss A: Glad to have you back.

Mr. Smith: Glad to be back

*Just then Death Shock interrupts*

Shock: Hey listen up!

Mr. Smith: Can I help you?

Shock: Yeah I asked for a match with that stupid son of a bitch Alli Sabbah, this week and you didn't give it to me.

Mr. Smith: So what's your point.

Shock: My point is I want a fucking match with Sabbah, and I want it tonight.

Miss A: Sabbah, as well as you are already booked in a match.

Shock: fuck that.

Mr. Smith: Hey, you watch it boy, let me tell you what, if you want Sabbah so bad, you got him, next week at High Risk.

Shock: good.

Mr. Smith: Now don't you have a match to get ready for?

*Shock leaves with a pissed look on his face*

Miss A: I hate that guy.

Mr. Smith: Yeah, well he will hate me when he learns that next week he takes on Sabbah, Juice and Judge in a hardcore title ladder match.

Miss A: You are so sneaky.

Mr. Smith: I know.



T: Here comes the other half of the tag team champs Marv who is set to go one on one against one of the most impressive rookies the IWO has ever seen, Death Shock.

M: He has been doing well for himself the last two weeks winning the tag titles and then being on the winning side of a huge ten man tag match last week, but will he have what it takes to take down Shock who has only two losses to his record and has only actually been pinned once?

*Wait and Bleed by Slipknot hits and Shock charges down to the ring and slides in and hits the Shock Absorber on Demon as the ref rings the bell.*

T: Obviously his two losses recently haven’t sat well with Shock who has already hit the Shock Absorber on Demon! The cover!

*The ref counts. 1…2……………………………………………*

M: Kick out just in time by Demon, he nearly lost this one before it got going Tater!

*Demon staggers to his feet but Shock comes in and nails a big boot to the side of Demon’s head sending him staggering back and falling into the ropes. Shock runs over and nails a drop kick on Demon that sends him through the middle of the ropes and with a sickening thud onto the floor below. Shock then takes a few steps back and charges up vaulting himself over the top rope, he comes bearing down on Demon who realises just in time and gets his knees up. Shock’s gut goes full force into Demon’s knees and he bounces off and starts rolling around in pain as Demon gets back up to his feet. The ref starts counting both men out. 1…2…..Demon goes over and pulls Shock up and turns him around so his stomach, which he is still clutching, is facing the ring apron. Demon then shoves Shock front first into the apron, then spins him around and does the same thing with his back. The ref’s count is up to 4. Demon then gets Shock and goes to whip him into the steel steps but Shock reverses it and sends Demon shoulder first into the steps. Demon is resting against the steps in pain and Shock sees his opportunity. Shock comes charging looking to nail a knee into Demon’s head but Demon rolls out of the way at the last minute and Shock’s knee meets steel as his momentum carries him over the steps. The refs count is up to 6 as Demon staggers up and picks Shock up and rolls him back into the ring, following him in.*

T: These men are so evenly matched. I have no idea who is going to take this one out.

*Shock slowly sits up but Demon runs over him with a knee to the face sending him back to the mat. Demon then stands over Shock and pulls him up with both hands and then hits a boot to the gut and the Excercising Your Demons on Shock taking him back down. Demon covers. 1…2………………………………….*

M: Kick out by Shock this time!

*Demon covers again. 1…2…..another kick out. Again. 1…Kick out. Demon now waits for Shock to get to his feet and when he does comes over and hits a single arm DDT on Shock. Demon then signals for The Purifier as Shock gets to his feet. Demon comes over and goes to nail a boot to the gut but Shock catches it and spins Demon around and then slaps on a choke. Shock begins to choke the life out of Demon who slowly but surely fades.*

T: Shock has just turned this around and he has nearly completely choked out Demon! What deadly grip! Now we all know what coming next.

*Shock sees Demon is weakened and lifts him up for the choke slam. Suddenly Demon lashes out with his left hand and knocks the arms of Shock away, Demon falls down and lands on his feet and then jams his fist sharply into Shock’s gut doubling him over. Demon then hoists him up and nails the Demon’s Dance on Shock!*

M: Demon’s Dance, Demon’s Dance! Out of nowhere!

*Demon covers. 1…2……………………………….*

T: Shock shoves Demon off the cover with authority. How the hell did he do that? This rookie is amazing!

*Shock quickly gets up and charges at Demon who ducks down and flips Shock over the top rope. But Shock lands on the apron as Demon gets up. Shock grabs Demons head and jumps off the apron to the floor pulling Demon’s neck into the top rope with such authority that Demon is actually flipped over the top rope and lands hard on his back on the outside as the ref starts the count again. 1…2…. Shock goes to pick Demon up but Demon with a leg sweep takes Shock down. Demon starts to stomp away on Shock but Shock grabs Demon’s leg and pulls up sending Demon back first to the ground. The ref continues to count. 3…4…. Shock comes over and pulls Demon up successfully this time and pulls him over to the steel part of the entrance ramp. He then nails a double arm DDT onto the ramp which busts Demon open. The refs count is up to 6. Shock pulls Demon up again and goes to feed him into the ring but Demon stops himself using the apron and sends an elbow back into Shock’s face. Demon then grabs Shock and runs up and sends him over the guard rail into the crowd. The ref continues to count 7…8. Demon stumbles back towards the ring and is about to climb in. 9….Demon starts getting onto the apron but Shock suddenly jumps over the rail and charges over hitting a clothesline to the back of Demon’s head bringing him back to the mat. Shock slides in as the ref counts 10*

M: Shock wins this one barely

T: I don't think he is done yet Marv

*He rolls out of the ring...Shock pulls Demon up and nails a right hand but Demon fires back with a right of his own and both men start to brawl up the entrance way, slamming each other into the guard rails as they go. Finally they fight up and through the curtain into the backstage area out of sight.*

T: I think we could have just seen the beginning of a bitter rivalry there Marv, I wonder what the future holds for those two stars.

*We see a bear slowly walking through the woods...the trees are covered in snow..just then the bear grabs a tree a begins to shake it, tearing it from it roots and pushing it over, the bear gives out a loud roar...the screen then says "The Beast Returns!".....*



T: Here comes the despicable Alli Sabbah who walked out on his team last week but now he might be getting his just desserts as he finds himself in a match with the peaceful one.

M: It’s Cryptic! One half of our tag team champions Tater and the fans love him. Personally I think he’s a bit of a joke but for some reason people get into him.

T: That’s because he’s honest and just likes to have fun and can put on a classic wrestling match to boot Marv. I sure hope he beats some sense into Alli here tonight.

*Bell rings. Cryptic and Sabbah circle each other and then lock up. Cryptic over powers Sabbah and shoves him face first to the mat. Cryptic then begins stomping away on Sabbah who rolls out of the ring to catch a breather but Cryptic comes right after him and chases him around the ring. Sabbah scampers back in and Cryptic tries to follow suit but Sabbah stomps away on him as he gets in gaining the advantage. Sabbah rolls Cryptic over and climbs onto him and begins nailing him with mounted punches as the crowd boos. Sabbah reigns down with lefts and rights and then finally pulls Cryptic’s head up and delivers a devastating head but before getting back to his feet and raising his arms as the crowd boos. Cryptic then bows and mouths ‘thank you’, ‘thank you’ to the crowd who apparently think that he likes playing the meat flute.*

M: Sabbah is trying to win over the crowd but I don’t think its working Tater.

T: Sometimes I wonder whether Sabbah has problems with his hearing Marv.

*Cryptic gets to his feet and Sabbah goes over and goes to nail a right hand but Cryptic catches it and nails Sabbah with a left, but then Sabbah fires back with a right and the two begin exchanging blows. Sabbah suddenly hits a boot to the gut getting the advantage and then hits a snap suplex on Cryptic followed by three quick leg drops. Alli pulls Cryptic up into a sleeper and starts to wear him down. Cryptic starts to feed of the crowd and they start chanting his name, Sabbah hears it and tries to get them to chant his name by yelling ‘Sabbah, Sabbah’ at them. They ignore him. Cryptic starts getting to his feet and nails a few elbows to the gut of Sabbah breaking the hold. Cryptic goes off the ropes and hits a flying forearm on Sabbah taking him down. Cryptic then nips up as the crowd pops big. Sabbah staggers to his feet and Cryptic comes over and nails a boot to the gut and then hooks Sabbah’s left arm behind his back, then his right, setting up for ‘The 3B’.*

M: This could be it, just like that Sabbah is in serious trouble and if Cryptic hits this one it will be all over red rover.

*Sabbah suddenly pulls his arms out of the hold and drops down on his knees and delivers a blatant low blow to Cryptic who doubles over in pain as the ref signals for the bell.*

T: What the hell was that? Sabbah just took advantage of Cryptic cos he knew he couldn’t beat him! What a disgrace!

M: Come on Tater, you’ve got to do whatever it takes, you would know that if you’d ever stepped into the ring.

T: Yeah…hey wait that sounds like its straight out of every Smackdown Vs Raw game since they began.

M: *Marv goes red in the face* Yeah, I’ve been playing too much of it and the annoyingly repetitive commentary really gets in your head.

*Sabbah raises his hand and tries to get the ref to hold it up but the ref tells him no. Sabbah shrugs and pushes the ref out of the way. He goes to head towards Cryptic, but then Cryptic suddenly jumps to his feet and steps menacingly towards Sabbah who quickly flees the ring and walks quickly back up the entrance ramp.*



T: It’s time for our main event which tonight is a hardcore title match between two men with a vicious grudge to settle.

*Dirty Window by Metallica hits and Judge makes his way to the ring to a solid pop.*

M: Here comes the man who believes he was cheated out of winning the hardcore title when Juice took the pin over Schmo rather than try and pin him.

T: Yes and Judge is also looking for vengeance after Juice cost him the TV title a while back against Thugged Out, taking sides with Judge’s now arch enemy, and our current IWO Heavyweight Champion, DC.

*Know the Ledge hits and Juice makes his way out to the ring and up the ramp, he gets about half way up before he is met with running high knee from Judge taking him down. The ref rings the bell.*

M: Judge wasting no time laying into the hardcore champ and pin falls count anywhere under hardcore rule Tater just to remind everyone at home.

*Judge rips the hardcore title off Juice’s waste and holds it up to the fans as they cheer. Judge then starts whipping the crap out of Juice with the belt, before wrapping it around Juice’s neck and pulling back, choking Juice. Juice fights it and starts to get to his feet, he then suddenly, in one swift move, flips Judge over him causing Judge to land back first on the entrance ramp and drop the belt. Juice gets up and gets the hardcore title and waits for Judge to get up. Judge staggers up and Juice comes in and levels Judge with the title. Juice wastes no time in covering Judge. The ref comes over and counts. 1…2…………………………..*

T: Kick out by Judge. Who is not going to go down that easily.

*Juice pulls Judge up by the hair giving him a knee to the gut for good measure and then drags him towards the ring. Juice comes over to the steel ring steps and nails Judge face first into the steps. Juice then spins Judge around and sends him head and neck first, hard into the steps as Judge lets out a grunt and is left upside down with his legs hanging over the steps. Juice comes over and jams Judge’s left leg into the gap between the steps and the ring post, securing Judge who is essentially tied to the tree of woe against the steps. Juice then takes a few steps back and runs in nailing a base ball slide to Judge’s head, hammering it back into the steel, Judge’s leg becomes untangled from the steps and he collapses to the mat.*

M: Juice is all business here tonight and already showing why he is the hardcore champ.

*Juice picks Judge up and rolls him into the ring so that just his head is sticking out over the ring apron. Juice climbs up on the apron and hits a leg drop on Judge’s exposed head which pulls Judge under the ropes and to the outside again. Juice then starts removing the protective covering on the outside. He takes away two of the mats exposing the concrete floor and goes over to Judge who is on one knee trying to get to his feet. Juice grabs Judge but Judge hits a head butt to the gut of Juice, then another, and feeds Juice into the ring and follows him in. Juice gets up quickly and both men lock up in the ring. Judge hits a standing switch and then goes for a release German suplex but Juice lands on his feet behind Judge and drops down and delivers a low blow from behind and Judge doubles over in pain. Juice goes off the ropes and comes in from behind and leaps over Judge hitting a modified neck snap on him (think Cena’s throwback move) which bounces Judge’s head off the canvas as he rolls over onto his back. Juice goes over to the ropes and hits a springboard corkscrew moonsault on Judge into the cover. 1….2………………………………………*

T: Another kick out by Judge, who desperately needs to hit some offence in this match up.

*Juice wastes no time and goes up top signalling for The Chaser. Suddenly Judge jumps up and over to the ropes shaking the top rope causing Juice to lose balance and crotch himself on the top rope. Judge then climbs up the turnbuckle delivering a few shots to Juice’s head and looking to superplex Juice off the top. He goes for it but Juice blocks it. Judge goes for it again but Juice blocks it again. Judge tried one last time but Juice blocks it and this time shoves Judge off the top, Judge goes back to the mat and Juice jumps off hitting The Chaser on Judge. Cover. 1….2…………………………………………*

M: Judge kicks out with authority and Juice can’t believe it! What’s he doing now?

T: I think he’s looking for a weapon Marv, and Juice now bringing a steel chair into the ring.

*Judge staggers up as Juice has the chair at the ready. Juice smashes Judge in the skull with the chair and then drops it down and goes off the ropes and hits The V8 on Judge nailing his skull into the chair and busting him wide open. Juice starts yelling out ‘Now dis shit be over! Who the fuck is da better man now biatch?’ he gets right up in Judges grill but Judge hits a huge vicious head butt on Juice out of nowhere sending Juice staggering back as Judge climbs to his feet.*

M: Oh my god! Judge still has something in him and it’s like the taste of his blood has given him a second wind.

*Judge comes over to Juice and hoists him up in a Gorilla press and walks Juice over to the side of the ring where the entrance ramp is and the concrete was exposed by Juice earlier. Judge lets out a war cry and chucks Juice over the top landing him gut first on the concrete. Juice rolls over in pain and Judge goes back and grabs the chair from the middle of the ring. Judge runs up and vaults over the top rope putting the chair under his legs and hitting an Arabian skull buster with the chair on Juice on the outside. Juice spasms around in pain. Judge chucks the chair back into the ring and then pulls Juice up and feeds him into the ring. Juice staggers up as Judge climbs into the ring and tries to charge Judge who just levels with him a right hand. Judge then pulls Juice up and whips him across the ropes. Judge grabs the chair again and chucks it up into the air as Juice comes back off the ropes, and Judge nails a big boot with the chair into the skull of Juice who goes down to the mat and is busted wide open. Judge gets the chair again and wedges it over the skull of Juice and goes up top and hits the Guillotine leg drop on Juice causing the chair to break into two and nearly snapping Juice’s neck. The fans pop as Judge covers. 1….2……………………………………….*

T: Kick out! How the hell did Juice kick out of that? This is intense!

*Judge, instead of looking frustrated, just smiles and nods at Juice. He picks him up and gets him in The Excruciator torture rack. Blood cascading down Juice’s face and he looks about ready to tap.*

M: He’s going to tap, there is no way out!

*Juice starts fighting the hold with elbows to the head of Judge, but Judge just locks it in tighter.*

T: He has to tap if he wants to live to see another day…..

*Rake to the eyes by Juice who drops out the back and pushes Judge against the ropes. Judge comes staggering back into Juice who grabs him and signals for the Final Sentence.*

M: Juice can’t do that, that’s the Judge’s finishing move!

*Juice nails the Final Sentence and collapses exhausted and bleeding onto Judge. The ref counts. 1….2………………………………………..3. It’s over and Juice retains his hardcore championship.*

M: And here comes the Guro Girls to congratulate their man...

T: And that annoying Gritz and Gravy

M: Regardless next week these two will keep the rivalry alive when they step into a fourway ladder match

T: That will be a hell of a match.

M: For Tater Inberg, I am Marv Rome, saying goodnight everybody!

*End show*


Thanks to Sly and Exo for the banners

Thanks to Glue for the first three matches and Doom for the last four.

feedback is appreciated.

And people don't worry, sometimes we have to roll with storylines and everything will tie together in the end, give it time.
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That main event was pretty slick.

Nice of DC to make it in on his week off...

Very cool.


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Nice Josh and I taking over the tag division Sorry Thugged Out

Great show fellas.

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Good show and well done to everyone involved. Loved the main event. Can't wait to see what this eFed is gonna come up with next week.

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<option>BOSTON (x5)</option>
<option>Dan Mavrick</option>
<option>afficial (x4)</option>
<option>2Gangsta (x2)</option>
<option>StarScream (x2)</option>
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Thanks for the props on the main event. loved the rest of the show too. great work everyone. keep it all up.

Props to Sly as Hell for the banner.

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great show, great work to everyone involved. always great matches, never a dull week in the IWO, keep up the great work i cant wait for next week
Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post
If I wanted stupid illogical booking I'd watch TNA.
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booooo booooo hisssssss booooooo

Click to subscribe to the podcast feed or Download Episode 33 and give your feedback in the KPWF room.


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