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Redemption 18.2 November 17, 2007
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Default Redemption 18.2 November 17, 2007

*Fireworks explode as Marv and Tater are at ringside here at the IWO Arena.*

M: Welcome to Redemption, and we are two weeks away from The High Risk PPV live from Denver, Colorado, and Tater we have new tag team champions.

T: Marv, we sure do, the reign of Thugged Out may have ended, and tonight Cryptic and Demon team up in what is going to be a heck of a 10 man tag.

M: But that's not all, because the main event will feature the World Champ DC and his partners Thugged Out taking on the odd team of Corey Taylor and Team Earthbound.

T: I tell you what, I don't know if Team Earthbound can trust Corey.

M: We will find out tonight Tater

*cult of personality blares in the arena as the video screen lights up and Mr. Smith is seen sitting in his home, the crowd pops*

Mr. Smith: Good Evening everyone, as you can see I am not in the building tonight, thanks in part to an attack from Josh and Jason.

*crowd boos*

Smith: However, I want to make an announcement regarding the upcoming High Risk PPV....You see this PPV will be a little unique as we will have not one, but two scaffold matches.

*crowd cheers*

M: Did you hear that Tater?

Smith: That's right, a six foot wide, 25 foot high scaffold will go across the ring at the PPV, and the World Title, and Tag Team Titles will be defending in two separate matches.


Smith: The first match will see the World Champion DC taking on Corey Taylor.

*cheers from the crowd*

Smith: The second match will see the Tag Team Champions, Cryptic and Demon Alexander teaming up to take on...well you see that is the problem...and that problem will be solved next week when we have a number one contenders match for the tag team titles, so make sure you tune into that....As for Josh and Jason, well I haven't forgotten about you two, and I will be here next week to address that situation...enjoy the rest of your night folks!

*Crowd cheers*

M: Wow, a huge announcement Tater

T: Yeah, and I can imagine that DC is not happy about this.

*an ad runs showing a wild boar running through a jungle...the words "In the Jungle it is the survival of the fittest" come across the screen..the boar is crashing through leaves and shrubs, before it runs into something and the screen goes black...words then appear saying "In the IWO only one man will survive"...the words "The Beast Coming Soon" flash across the screen.*



T: This next match is going to be huge, literally and metaphorically.

M: What does metaphorically mean Tater?

T: Never you mind. It’s a ten man tag team match up pitting some of the IWO’s greatest future main event level stars against each other.

M: Here comes Alli Sabbah who looks like he doesn’t really want to be here, last week he made it clear he wanted to compete whenever and wherever he wanted but Smith had other ideas.

T: Now here comes Death Shock who suffered his first loss last week but it took 8 other men to give it to him and he early walked out as the no 1 contender. He will be looking to get to his winning ways.

M: Here is one of the most despicable teams in the IWO. The devious Jason and Josh who, we discovered last week, faked a bitter rivalry and were in cahoots in taking out our very own commissioner.

T: Last but not least for this team we have Juice making his way to the ring. The hardcore champ who proved he has got what it takes by retaining his title against Judge and Schmo last week.

M: Now for the opposing team. Here comes Strictly Buisness comprising of Schmo and Public.

T: Teaming with these guys is also the tag team of Demon and Cryptic who make their way to the ring now. They are the new tag champs as of last week in an epic upset. What a mismatched pair but they have showed they can work well together.

M: Last but not least. We have the Judge. Last week he claims to have had victory snatched out from underneath his nose by Juice in their hardcore title bout and he claims that his final step before becoming a main event level star is to prove he can work as part of a team. Will he prove that tonight? We are about to find out.

*Bell rings. Josh starts off facing up against Demon. Josh and Demon lock up and Demon gets a waist lock take down and starts paint brushing the back of Josh’s head with slaps. Josh eventually pushes him off and gets back to his feet and they start exchanging rights in the middle of the ring. Demon gets the advantage and starts hammering away at Josh. Demon decides to go for a haymaker blow and winds back and swings but Josh ducks it and hits the three German suplexes on Demon as the crowd boos. He then covers Demon. 1….2……………kick out by Demon. Josh waits for Demon to get up and then rakes the eyes and hits a DDT on him and then stomps on his face and then on his chest flexing his muscles in an arrogant cover. 1….2…………………kick out again by Demon.*

T: Check out the nerve of Josh just making a mockery of the new tag champ Demon with that cover. But Demon isn’t going to go down that easily.

*Josh grabs Demon by the hair and yanks him up and then spits right in his face and then signals for the Call for Fire. He goes for it but Demon counters pushing him into the corner which Josh hits with force and falls back to the mat but not before Jason takes the blind tag. Demon tries to compose himself but doesn’t realise Jason is tagged in. Jason charges over and goes for a clothesline on Demon but Demon reacts just in time and ducks down and back body drops Jason to the mat. Jason quickly stumbles to his feet but Demon waits no time capitalising and hits a boot to the gut and his version of the stunt puller, exercising your demons, on Jason. Demon then pulls Jason up and comes over to his corner and tags in Cryptic who comes in. Demon then whips Jason against the ropes and connects with a clothesline whilst Cryptic kicks Jason’s legs out from him at the same time. Demon is told by the ref to leave and he does but whilst that is going on Cryptic goes over to Jason and tries to climb on top of him for some mounted punches but Jason kicks him straight in the nuts and Cryptic staggers back as Jason gets to his feet. The ref turns back around having witnessed none of it.*

M: What the hell was that? Jason and Josh are despicable and are totally disrespecting the tag team champs here tonight.

*Jason charges over and hits a shining wizard on Cryptic taking him down the mat. He then goes up top and jumps off hitting a frog splash. Jason then covers Cryptic. 1…2……………………….*

T: No! Judge comes over and makes the save and then gets back on the apron. Well Judge certainly showing his willingness to work as a team there Marv, lets see if it continues.

*Jason pulls Cryptic into a sleeper and tries to make him pass out. The ref lifts and drops Cryptic’s hand once. Then twice and finally…….no, Cryptic keeps his hand up the third time and battles back to his feet with elbows to the gut. Jason keeps the hold locked in though as he is now on Cryptic’s back. Cryptic backs up and rams Jason into the corner, then again, and a third time finally breaking the hold. Jason stumbles around and Cryptic goes to nail him with a boot to the gut but Jason catches it and spins Cryptic around and then goes for the JKO but Cryptic pushes Jason away and he staggers around again and this time gets a boot to the gut from Cryptic who then spins him around and nails him shoulder first into the ring post. Cryptic goes over and then pulls Jason up the turnbuckle and hits a superplex.*

M: Wow huge superplex which has taken a lot out of both men. Both men going for the tag who is going to get it?

*Jason gets to the corner first and tags in Juice who charges over ad pulls Cryptic back into the corner stopping him from hitting the tag on Judge who desperately wanted in. Juice starts stomping away on the right leg of Cryptic. He then rolls Cryptic over and pulls his leg up and nails it back down, hammering Cryptic’s knee into the canvas. He repeats the move another two times. Juice then goes and pulls up Cryptic who is starting to limp on his right leg. Juice gets him up and nails a few rights and lefts to his head to make sure he is still out of it. Juice then bounces off the ropes and hits a drop kick to the legs of Cryptic which turns Cryptic inside out before he hits the mat. Juice then locks in a single leg Boston crab on Cryptic on his right leg. Cryptic in a lot of pain tries to make it over to the corner where Judge is clapping him on to make the tag.*

T: Can Cryptic tag out to the hungry Judge?

*Juice sees what is going on and pulls Juice back into the middle of the ring and rolls him over and locks in the Figure Four Leg Lock on Cryptic! Cryptic fights the urge to tap out and slowly but surely crawls to the ropes and grabs the bottom rope causing Juice to break the hold but not before waiting for the full four count. Cryptic staggers to his feet only to get his right leg kicked out from under him by Juice again. Juice then grabs the leg again but this time Cryptic turns around and kicks Juice off and jumps over and makes the hot tag to Judge.*

M: Judge is in and he looks pissed off!

*Judge wastes no time and charges in nailing a clothesline on Juice and then another and a third. He then signals for Juice to hurry up and get the fuck up and when he does he charges in and nails a massive spear on Juice. Judge then hoists Juice up into The Excruciator torture rack submission move. Juice looks like he might just tap but at the last minute gets a rake to the eyes and drops out the back and jumps over and tags in an unwilling Sabbah who wasn’t even paying attention. The ref has to tell him to come in as he was tagged. Sabbah finally does so and charges over looking for a clothesline on Judge who is stumbling around shaking out the cobwebs. At the last minute though Judge gets his boot up and hits a big boot on Sabbah sending him to the mat. Judge looks down and sees what he’s done and grins. He points to the top rope and to the fans and they cheer. He climbs up the top and comes off with a huge Guillotine leg drop smashing into the skull of Sabbah. Judge covers. 1….2…………………………*

T: Juice breaks it up! Now what is he doing?

*Juice pulls Judge up and levels him with a big right hand and Judge collapses seemingly lifeless to the mat. Juice then goes back to the apron whilst tucking something that looks awfully like brass knuckles back into his trunks.*

M: What the hell was that? I’ve heard of power of the punch but that was ridiculous, how could the ref not see that?

*Sabbah still groggy comes over and covers Judge. 1….2……………………..*

T: Public breaks it up! Thank god, Judge is not going to get screwed tonight!

M: I hope I am though Tater!

T: Shut up.

*Sabbah staggers up and looks at Judge and comes over and starts stomping at him viciously. Sabbah pulls Judge up and looks to hit a DDT but Judge counters with a knee to the gut and then whips Sabbah against the ropes and nails a big times spine buster on him. Judge then hoists Sabbah up and pushes him hard into the turnbuckle where Shock makes a blind tag. Judge doesn’t see it as Sabbah bounces out of the turnbuckle and Judge hoists him up in a gorilla press and chucks him to the outside where Sabbah bounces off the entrance ramp as Shock climbs into the ring. Sabbah staggers up and waves Judge off and then starts walking to the back.*

M: What the hell Sabbah has had enough and is calling it a day? I guess he turned up and now he can do what he wants….Not good news for his team though.

*Shock comes in as Judge turns around and nails him with a lariat clothesline. Judge sarts getting to his feet and then gets nailed with a running knee to the head from Shock taking Judge back to the mat. Shock then hoists Judge up and goes for the Shock Box but Judge counters with two well placed elbows to the side of the head on Shock who stumbles back but then comes around and charges again going for the Spear, though Judge sidesteps and Shock eats steel. Judge comes over and pulls Shock up onto his shoulders as if looking for an electric chair drop he then tags in Public who goes up top and hits a cross body on Shock as Judge falls back hitting the electric chair on Shock at the same time. Judge gets out of the ring and Public covers. 1…2………………………..kick out by Shock just in the nick of time. Both men to their feet and exchanging blows with Public getting the better of it. Public goes off the ropes and comes back looking for a clothesline but Shock ducks and Public off the opposite ropes….Shock catches Public slapping on a choke and then hitting the Shock Box on him. Judge sees it and sneaks into the ring and comes up behind Public before he can capitalise and hits the Final Sentence on Shock. Juice then charges in as Judge steps back. Juice gets back body dropped over the top rope to the outside. Jason and Josh both come in but so does Cryptic and Demon. They both charge each other and Jason hits the JKO on Demon and Cryptic charges in and gets a boot to the gut on Josh and hits the Blissful End on Josh. Meanwhile Judge goes over and picks up Public with a gorilla press and chucks him on top of Shock in an effective splash pin manoeuvre. Public has the cover and the ref is paying attention for once. 1…2…3. It’s over.*

M: What a match Tater

T: I tell you something, you can get action like that in TNA

M: No sir you cannot.

*The camera goes to a beach with the waves crashing against an ocean...a girl in a string bikini is seen walking away from a man sitting in a beach chair...the camera moves in to reveal Troy Alston laying there with a fruit drink and a umbrella in his glass*

Troy: Ah, the life of a superstar...or at least the life of Troy Alston...that's right ladies, The Epitome is out here working on his tan, and well doing what I do best, and that is live the life of a rockstar...But don't worry too much, because soon, Troy Alston will return to give all you ladies what you have been waiting for, and for the superstars of the IWO, will be your worse nightmare...So keep on beating each other up chumps, because soon the Epitome will come back for what is his, and that is the World Title...As for now, well, it's five o' clock somewhere!

*Troy takes a sip of his drink and lays back as the camera fades*



*Glass Shatters hits and Crusher makes his way to the ring. Crusher is not playing to the crowd or putting himself on airs, rather he looks focused and stoic.*

M: Crusher, making his way ringside.

T: He seems to think he’s in for an ass whipping this week and Marv…I have to say that I agree.

*Crusher is stretching himself out in the ring when his music stops and Motorhead starts. King Of Kings plays its familiar opening drumbeat and The Unstoppable Force makes his way out to the ring. There is a smirk on his face as he walks through the roaring crowd, staring right at Crusher.*

M: These two have a bit of a history, and Tater it is one sided.

T: Crusher’s a great competitor but just look at Force. The guy’s a mammoth, and it’s really hard to understand how he doesn’t hold every title IWO offers.

*Force climbs in the ring and hands his TV Title to the ref, who displays it to the crowd. The ref calls for the bell as the match begins.*

M: We are underway here and a seemingly desperate Crusher has said he’s going to change his stuff up in an attempt to finally get a win over IWO’s premier big man, The Unstoppable Force.

*Force and Crusher lock up and Force easily applies a headlock to Crusher. Force then clubs Crusher on the back with a forearm, sending him to the mat. Force looks down on Crusher and then picks him up. Force scoop slams Crusher right back to the mat, shaking the ring. Standing over Crusher, Force points to himself and talks a little smack, none of which is audible outside the ring.*

M: Folks tonight we have a TV Title match and The Unstoppable Force is the favorite to win. This match has a 20 minute limit, but may be won in a shorter period of time.

T: I’m looking forward to seeing what Crusher has for this match. He clearly knows he has to go above and beyond, so we’ll see what kind of preparation he’s done.

M: Near as I can tell, his preparation began and ended with watching a movie about a White rapper battling and winning against a few Black rappers in Urban Detroit.

T: Boy that Steven Speilberg…he can work wonders on the Silver Screen.

*Force and Crusher lock up again and again Force applies a headlock. Crusher however shifts his weight and hits a backdrop on Force. Crusher gets up and hits the ropes. On the rebound he tries a shoulder block on Force who stands there and absorbs the entire blow. Force is staring at Crusher as he hits the ropes and tries the shoulder block again, only for Force to absorb that one, too.*

M: Crusher changing his approach and it doesn’t really seem to faze Force in the least, Tater.

*Crusher hits the ropes again but Force slips his shoulder block attempt and hits a sidewalk slam that drops Crusher immediately. Force stands over Crusher and flexes his biceps. “Unstoppable, Rabbit!! Hear me??! Unstoppable!!” Crusher gets up again and the two lock up one more time. Force goes for the headlock once again and Crusher hits a gutkick. Crusher then grabs Force’s arm, twists it back and jumps over him, taking them both down into a rollover armbar.*

M: Here we go, this is Crusher at his game. He can’t match brute strength with Force, so he’s using his mat skills. Very nice.

*Crusher is leaning back on Force’s right arm and grips Force’s torso in a leg scissor. Force is fighting through the pain as he reaches for the ropes, which are just about a foot away from his grasp. The ref asks Force and he shakes the ref off, stretching out. Crusher leans back farther and Force tries to use his free hand to club at Crusher, but to no avail. Force then reaches back out for the rope, and shifts his weight trying to slide closer.*

T: Well Force is genuinely in pain here as Crusher applies the pressure…just look at the way he’s pulling back on Force’s arm…this is not a position we’re used to seeing Force in and it almost hurts to watch.

*Force’s face squints as he’s clearly affected but he continues to inch closer and closer to the rope. Crusher tries to pull him back toward the center of the ring but when he shifts his weight up, Force (who was anticipating the move) yanks himself forward and grabs the bottom rope. The ref calls for the break but Crusher leans back harder, causing the ref to count 1…2…3…*

M: Crusher needs to let it go here.

*Crusher releases the hold and stalks to the other side of the ring yelling “Son of a bitch!” Crusher hits a boot to Force’s head and then hits a couple of more. Crusher drops an elbow on Force, gets right up and drops another. He then backs off and stalks Force as he staggers up.*

M: Crusher is taking it to Force right here…today might just be his day.

T: Yeah, but it’s a 20 minute match and this is the Unstoppable Force we’re talking about here…so try not to crap your pants, Marv.

M: Shut up, asshole.

*Force gets up and Crusher immediately hits a spinning leg sweep on him, sending the big man right back to the mat. Crusher picks Force up and gets in a suplex position but Force bears down and Crusher can’t lift him.*

M: And a mistake by Crusher could be costly.

*Force reverses, holding Crusher up in the air for three seconds before bringing the suplex down with a jolt. Force springs up and pulls Crusher with him. Force whips Crusher into the ropes and hits his own shoulder block on the rebound, flooring Crusher. Force picks Crusher back up and whips him hard into the turnbuckle. As Crusher is draped in the corner, Force flexes again and yells, “This…is what it means!”*

T: Force apparently not taking kindly to Crusher here today.

*Force goes to the ropes and mounts the second turnbuckle for some punches, but Crusher slides down and uses his grip on the rope for leverage, bringing his legs up behind Force in a Pele style bicycle kick to the kidney area. Crusher’s boot hits Force’s back with a very loud smack and Force is sent over the turnbuckle to the outside of the ring, where he collides with the fan barrier. Crusher springs to the top rope as Force pulls himself up and hits a flying cross body drop off the top onto Force on the arena floor.*


*Crusher pulls Force up and hits a gutkick to set up a DDT to the arena floor. Wasting no time, Crusher slides Force into the ring and follows immediately. Picking Force up, Crusher hits a swinging neckbreaker mid ring. Then Crusher picks up Force’s right leg and screams as he spins and applies the Indian Death Lock.*

M: Crusher with the infamous Indian Death Lock!! This submission move is brutal and has ruined many a knee in this business! Again, Crusher is taking it to the Champ here tonight!

*Force struggles as his legs are in extreme pain. He tries to swipe at Crusher but Crusher deftly dodges him and then rolls the hold over to apply more pressure. Force is mid ring and reaches out only to see the ropes as they appear a mile away. The ref asks Force if he submits, to which he replies “FUCK YOU!” Crusher leans into the hold more and Force closes his eyes and drops his head.*

T: Oh my g…g…Crusher is really doing well here. I don’t see Force being able to get to the ropes for this one.

*Force looks up and grits his teeth. Force rolls over in the opposite direction, and while Crusher tries to bear down to prevent that, Force’s superior bulk gives him the edge as he rolls the hold over completely and effectively reverses it. Crusher is screaming and flailing but realizes how close he is to the ropes and grabs on. The ref breaks the hold and Crusher slides out of the ring to gather himself.*

M: Once again, we see why Force is who he is. Great reversal in a seeming no-win situation.



*Force pulls himself together and gets up. He turns and sees Crusher on the outside of the ring and holds his arms out. “Where you goin, son? Get back in here!” Crusher waves him off and looks to other corners of the ring for opportunity but Force follows his gaze and jumps into his sightline every time. “Let’s go…twenty minutes isn’t forever.”*

T: Crusher now in a situation where he needs to find a safe way back into the ring.

*Crusher goes to the stairs and climbs them, looking cautiously at Force as the ref admonishes him to let Crusher into the ring. Crusher steps his foot through the ropes only to withdraw it immediately after Force takes a step toward him.*

M: The ref is yelling and Force is laughing but Crusher’s about to draw a count here if he can’t get back in the ring.

*The ref backing Force off, Crusher tentatively makes his way through the ropes and into the ring. As soon as Crusher’s left foot is through the ropes, Force charges him. Expecting this, Crusher slips Force’s move and sends him shoulder first into the corner. Force collides with the post in a smack. Crusher takes two steps back and then hits a running dropkick to Force’s back as he’s draped from the second turnbuckle.*

*Force falls to the mat but Crusher picks him right up and hits a spike DDT. Crusher picks Force right back up and hits a standing dropkick. As he gets up, Crusher yells “Rabbit, motherfucker what?” Crusher goes in and grabs Force’s ankle for the Ankle Lock but Force rolls him up and propels Crusher out of the ring. Force tries to bring himself together in the ring as Crusher gets up immediately and slides back in.*

M: Crusher is on the up tempo, maybe realizing that he can win this fight.

*Crusher hits the ropes, but Force catches him on the rebound and hits a spinebuster. Force mounts Crusher and begins punching him in the face, the ref eventually breaking it up after 5. Force picks Crusher up and hits a big delay suplex, then picks him up again and hits another. Force picks Crusher up and whips him into the corner hard, and follows up with a spear that connects emphatically and sends Crusher to the ground. Force falls over Crusher for the cover as the ref counts 1…….2…….*


T: That’s a lot of resilience from Crusher. That spear from Force would fold most IWO Superstars like an old wallet.

*Force stands Crusher up and hits a standing clothesline. Force stands Crusher up again only for Crusher to break out of his grip and land an overhand right to Force’s face. Crusher then jumps up and headbutts Force, staggering him. Crusher leaps up into a standing dropkick and Force is down. Crusher scrambles behind Force and applies the Ankle Lock.*


*Force grabs the rope and the ref breaks the hold. Crusher pushes the ref aside and goes back for Force’s leg only for Force to kick him in the face with it. Force then gets up and hits a spinebuster on Crusher.*

T: Got some good back and forth going on here right now, this match is better than Crusher thought it’d be.

M: yeah but look at the time, there is only 2 minutes left

T: I guess Crusher needs to force a comeback.

M: That was an awful pun.

*Force tries the cover, but Crusher gets a shoulder up*

M: Force thought he had the pin, and now he gets to his feet and picks Crusher up, but wait a small package!

*The ref drops down and counts...1....2...Force kicks out...Force to his feet quickly, as crusher is slow to get up..Force charges at him, but Crusher hits a drop toe hold and Force goes down...Crusher slaps the Ankle lock on again*

T: Ankle Lock, and Force in the center of the ring

M: this could be all and the time is counting down to a minute, listen to this crowd Tater!

*Crusher holding onto to Force's foot, as Force is trying to head to the ropes..Crusher drops down and applies the hold and the ref asking Force*

M: force is going to tap, he's going to tap

T: Crusher has the title in his sights Marv

*Force is in pain and refusing to give up...Crusher is pulling back on the leg jerking it, as there is 15 seconds left*

M: Force refusing to give up

T: He might get his leg broken, but he won't relinquish this title

*the crowd going nuts as they count down from 10........9.....Crusher trying his damnest to make Force give, but Force is literally pulling his hair out to not tap out...the ref asking again..5.......4......3.....*

M: It's over, the bell has sounded and this one is a time limit draw

*the ref makes Crusher break the hold, and Crusher thinks he has won...Force lays on the mat holding his leg in pain...the ref tells Crusher that time is up and Crusher seems pissed, the crowd is booing as the official decision is made*

T: He had Force beat but the time limit held up

M: That is the stipulation with this title, and unfortunately tonight it paid off for the champion

*Crusher is upset and leaves the ring pissed off as the ref checks on Force*



*Backstage Crusher bursts into Miss A's office*

Miss A: Excuse you!

Crusher: No excuse you, now you look here...I have busted my ass for this company, and tonight I should be the TV Champion.

Miss A: Well I am sorry but the time limit ran out.

Crusher: And that is bullshit and you know it!...I had Force beat, and all that stopped me from winning that title was time...I want a rematch!

Miss A: Well, maybe you are right, but I already have an opponent next week for Force.

Crusher: Oh come on now!

Miss A: But....but, I tell you what, you can have a match for the TV Title at High Risk...and it will be a no time limit submission match, how about that.

Crusher: You just made my day!

*Crusher walks out of the office as Miss A stares at the door*

M: well there you go, Crusher will get a title shot at High Risk and in his type of match

T: Things are starting to look up for the boy Marv

M: Indeed they are.

T: Time for the triple threat hardcore rules match up Marv as Dragon makes his way down to the ring.

M: Now here comes a man who Dragon has been systematically getting destroyed by recently and would love some revenge on tonight. Its Don ‘The Solar Con’ Smith, and the fans love him.

*Bat Country by A7X hits and M Shadows makes his way to the ring*

T: Now here comes the rookie Shadows in his first match in the IWO should be interesting to see what this guy has got and he certainly has his work cut out for him against two other tough rookies here tonight.

*Bell rings. Smith and Dragon go straight at each other exchanging rights as Shadows looks on. Dragon hits a vicious head but to Smith which sends him staggering back against the ropes. Dragon then comes over and hits a super kick on Smith sending him over the top rope. He turns around with his arms raised only to get a kick to the gut from Shadows followed by a double arm DDT. Shadows quickly pulls Dragon up again and shoves him into the corner and then climbs up and starts delivering mounted punches as the crowd counts with him. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9….Dragon suddenly slides out from under Shadows and pulls Shadows’ legs out from under him causing his head to connect with the top turnbuckle, Shadows then staggers around and Dragon whips him against the ropes and hits a big boot on him. Dragon feeling it and goes up top and signals for the Dragon Twist on Shadows who is on his back in the middle of the ring.*

M: This is not the kind of debut Shadows was thinking about I’m sure but things are not looking good as Dragon is about to hit that deadly corkscrew moonsault of his and….

T: Smith! Smith from the outside smashes a guitar over Dragon’s back and Dragon falls lifeless into the ring! He got taken out again by Smith!

*Smith discards the busted guitar and jumps onto the apron as Shadows finally starts to stir. Smith then slings himself up to the top rope and flies off nailing the Midnight Tornado on Shadows. Smith then backs up and signals for Shadows to get to his feet waiting to hit the Spear on him. Shadows staggers up and Smith charges but Dragon jumps up and runs over hitting a shoulder block from the side sending Smith off balance and over the top rope again to the outside. Dragon then turns his attention to Shadows just in time to get hit with the Death Drop!*

M: Wow what a hard hitting RKO! Shadows calls that the Death Drop and it could well spell the beginning of the end for Dragon!

*Shadows covers Dragon. The ref counts. 1…2…………………….*

T: Smith breaks it up with a steel chair to the back of Shadows!

*Shadows staggers up as Smith batters up for another chair shot. He goes for it but Shadows ducks and delivers a hard left right combination to Smith’s kidneys causing him to double over in pain and drop the chair. Shadows then whips Smith into the corner and charges in hitting a spear in the corner. Smith stumbles out of the corner as Shadows gets into it and turns Smith around jamming him between his legs and pulling him up into powerbomb position. He then nails the Shadow Bomb off the middle rope on Smith!*

M: Now Smith is down but Dragon is getting to his feet and has grabbed that steel chair Smith brought in earlier.

*Shadows climbs up to the top turnbuckle this time and comes off and connects with a missile drop kick on Dragon nailing the chair into his face in the process. Dragon goes down dropping the chair. Shadows wastes no time and rolls Dragon over and locks in the Clutch of the Night stf on him. Dragon looks like he is about to tap. Smith slowly staggers to his feet and dives over to try and break it up but Dragon taps out a second before Smith gets there and Shadows picks up the win.*

T: An impressive showing by M Shadows who came from being in a great deal of trouble and managed to win this match with an arsenal of devastating manoeuvres.

*a promo runs with yet again a bird flying across the screen, with Freebird playing in the background*



*Duality blares over the loudspeakers as Corey and Team Earthbound come out. Corey and Ness are looking as intense as ever as Jeff appears to be stoic and focused.*

M: Well this will certainly be interesting Tater, as we appear to be witnessing the strangest grouping in Six Man Tag Match history here.

T: That’s right, while DC and Thugged Out are fairly dominant and work very well as a team, on the other side here we’ve got the psychotic masochist Corey, teamed with…with…well, I’m not afraid to say it…Corey’s teamed with two kids that look like they could be in a Nintendo game.

M: Definitely a contrast of styles between Corey and Team Earthbound, and it’ll be interesting to see how it pans out.

*Blue on Black hits as DC, Wilma and Thugged Out make their way to the ring. Thugged Out is focused on whipping some ass while DC takes some time to deflect and return some of the crowd’s gestures.*

M: Thugged Out look like they’re ready to stomp someone here tonight and DC looks like he always does, very confident.

*Jeff and Ness are on the apron as Corey is in the ring, goading DC and making title belt gestures. Exo, STICK and DC confer in their corner and STICK steps out to the apron. DC points at Corey and makes a title belt gesture of his own. Exo laughs derisively and makes a gesture like he’s dusting something off DC’s collar. Corey continues to goad DC who makes a motion like he’s going to go after him, then steps back and out of the ring to the apron, leaving Exo to start the match. Corey claps at DC and voices disdain for the move.*

*Exo steps right to Corey and inititates a lockup.*

M: And Exo is in no mood to continue taunting, he gets right to it.

*Corey muscles the lockup into a headlock and wrenches tight a couple of times. Exo backs him up to the rope and ducks under the headlock, setting up an Irish whip to the ropes. Corey ducks under the clothesline and on the rebound hits a running clothesline of his own. Corey picks Exo up and hits a standing suplex. Corey springs up and points to DC, continuing to berate him. DC waves him off, but STICK jumps into the ring and hits a running clothesline on Corey, flattening him.*

*STICK stands over Corey talking shit. The ref tries to restrain him but STICK flinches a punch at him and the ref crumples to the mat like an injured soccer player.*

T: STICK made as if to punch him and that ref went fucking fetal! There’s a sight.

*STICK is still talking shit as Ness comes flying in from the turnbuckle, hitting a dropkick to STICK’s face. Exo delivers an elbow to Jeff, sending him falling off the apron. As Corey is getting up, Exo comes up behind him and hits a reverse DDT. Exo goes over to Ness and hits a big delay suplex on him. STICK goes to the apron and accepts a tag from Exo as he gets back in the ring. Jeff is getting back up on the apron as Exo and STICK pick up Ness and hit a double powerbomb. Ness rolls out of the ring slowly. Exo and STICK turn their attention to Corey, picking him up and sending him to the ropes with an Irish whip.*

M: Double team action by Thugged Out here, Tater and it’s effective…going for a double armed clothesline and COREY DUCKS UNDER IT!! Corey rebounds and hits a double clothesline of his own!!

*Corey staggers a bit and gets up, going to tag Ness’ outstretched hand, but DC clubs him in the back of the head with a forearm. The ref is yelling at DC as he picks Corey up and executes a shivering standing neckbreaker. Corey is staggered but gets up as DC is backed out of the ring by the ref. Corey turns and gets a great view of STICK’s boot as it collides with his face full force, sending him right back to the mat.*

M: Oh my! That smarts, Tater.

T: Corey’s going to have that bootprint in his face for a week, I think.

M: Corey’s got to get a tag here soon Tater.

T: STICK against one of those Vanilla Midgets?? You’re absolutely right. Corey’s got to get a tag, I want to see that.



*STICK picks Corey up and hits a powerslam that rocks the ring. STICK tags Exo in and holds Corey from behind as Exo approaches and delivers a sharp gutkick. Exo walks up to Corey as he’s doubled over and hits a gutwrench bomb. With Corey on his back, Exo backs up to the corner, then advances and hits a knee drop to Corey’s forehead. Exo backs to the corner again and goes for another knee drop, only for Corey to roll out of the way.*

*Grabbing his knee in pain, Exo works hard to get up quickly and picks up Corey. Corey breaks Exo’s grip however and blasts his knuckles directly into Exo’s face. Corey hits a scoop slam and staggers a bit. Then he picks Exo up and whips him to the ropes, hitting a spinebuster on the rebound.*

M: Could be a turn of the tide here Tater, but Corey’s got to capitalize and get a tag.

*Corey and Exo are on the mat, both staggering to get up. Corey is slightly quicker and gets a tag to Jeff, who adjusts his belt and climbs the ropes. Exo is getting up as Jeff hits a flying hurricanrana, sending Exo to the mat and the crowd into a frenzy. Exo, more stunned than anything gets right up and goes after Jeff only for Jeff to hit a baseball slide takedown. Exo falls to the mat face first and can’t get up before Jeff springs up and hits a knee drop to the back of Exo’s head.*

T: WOW! That’s actually a pretty brutal move that little guy just did.

*Jeff picks Exo up and Irish whips him to the ropes as he hits the opposite rope. Jeff is running full speed on but Exo uses his reach and hits an overhand right to Jeff, knocking him right to the canvas.*

M: And there goes that.

T: This is where the fun begins.

*Exo picks Jeff up and hits a big powerslam on him. Exo picks Jeff right back up and hits another powerslam on him, and stands over him. Exo looks to the corner and tags in DC. DC steps through the ropes and picks Jeff up for a backdrop. DC holds Jeff at the backdrop’s pinnacle for what seems to be ten seconds before forcefully slamming his back to the mat. DC immediately picks Jeff up and hits a German suplex. Jeff is close to non responsive as DC Irish whips him to the ropes and hits a thunderous clothesline.*

M: I think Jeff has taken all he’s fit to take.

T: And here’s DC in the ring, rubbing it in Corey’s face.

*DC is making belt gestures and laughing as he points at a motionless Jeff. Corey goes to get into the ring, but the ref backs him off. DC picks Jeff up and gets him in position for a piledriver. DC is staring at Corey and nodding with a smirk as he hits the piledriver, and Jeff slumps over on the mat, unmoving. DC gets up and brushes himself off as the crowd boos.*

M: The fans showing the Champion what they think.

T: Like that matters.

*DC grabs Jeff’s legs and wraps him into the Sharpshooter. DC leans back on it and Jeff is flailing on the mat. Jeff appears about to tap and Ness jumps up to the top rope and hits a missle dropkick to DC’s face, breaking the hold.*

M: Here we go, folks.

*STICK and Exo get into the ring. Corey gets into the ring and goes for DC but his attacked from the side by STICK, who takes him to the corner. Exo clotheslines Ness. He picks Ness up and slams him to the mat hard. Jeff comes up behind him and delivers a forearm to the back. Exo turns around unfazed and grabs Jeff and chokeslams him. Ness comes over to help but gets clotheslined by DC. STICK is working Corey over, but gets caught with a gutkick and a suplex. Corey hits a knee drop to the forehead and regroups right quick.*

*Exo hip tosses Jeff over the ropes and slides out of the ring after him. Corey clotheslines STICK out of the ring and turns to see DC throwing Ness over the ropes and out of the ring. DC turns around and Corey is staring at him.*


*The crowd is popping as Corey brandishes his fists and screams. DC starts yelling back at Corey, only for Corey to charge in to him. DC hits a quick drop toe hold and slides out of the ring. DC is looking at Corey in the ring and doesn’t see Jeff jump up on the barricade and run over to him. DC, sensing movement, turns to see and gets a spinning heel kick to the face as Jeff flies off the barricade at him.*


T: That’s dynamite insight there, Marv…those correspondence courses are really paying off.

*Ness and Jeff grab each other’s hands and start spinning in a circle. DC is only a little slow to get up but Ness slings Jeff into DC’s midsection in a torpedo-esque spear. Jeff gets up and is clubbed down from behind by STICK. Exo comes in and hits a boot to Ness’ face, sending him to the arena floor. STICK powerslams Jeff to the floor and Team Earthbound is taking a beating.*

*Corey has slid out of the ring and picks up DC. Corey goes to sling him into the barricade but DC reverses it and sends Corey’s back smack into the barrier. Corey is hung up on the barricade and DC stomps a few boots into his chest. DC turns around and picks Jeff up, sliding him into the ring. DC points to STICK and Exo, saying “Let’s finish this!” *

*DC gets in the ring and sets Jeff up for The Bust. Before he can get it off, Corey runs in and hits a hard running clothesline. Corey shakes off the Ref and picks up DC, quickly hitting the Duality Driver as the crowd pops.*


*STICK gets in the ring, only to get a clothesline from Corey. Exo gets in the ring and is greeted by a flying elbow from Jeff that stuns him and a flying dropkick from Ness that knocks him down. Both STICK and Exo get up and Corey surges toward them for the double clothesline, sending them over the ropes and out of the ring.*

T: How did that happen?? Thugged Out are ringside and DC is isolated!!

*Corey motions to Jeff and Ness, each of whom jump up to the top rope of opposite corners. Together they hit The Earthquake on DC and Jeff covers. The ref slides down and counts…1….2….3!!*


*Corey, Jeff and Ness clap each other on the back and walk back up the ramp. Looking up at DC and Thugged Out in the ring.*

*end show*


Thanks to Glue for writing the Main Event and the TV Title Match

Thanks to Doom for writing the 10 man tag, and the hardcore match

Thanks to Sly and Exo for the banners

Feedback appreciated and welcomed.
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damn it sabbah you piece of shit you fucked our team throwing me into my 2nd like to request a match with him for next week..
Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post
If I wanted stupid illogical booking I'd watch TNA.
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Now thats peaceful. Good show and good job to everyone involved. Could Crawford be making a return?!

Peace and love
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Great show...I really liked the TV title match.

Thanks to David for the Orton banner...

Join the EFED you fucks!
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A draw

I was expecting to be destroyed. Great show guys!

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