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Redemption 18.1 November 10, 2007
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Default Redemption 18.1 November 10, 2007

*fireworks go off as the IWO crowd is going nuts, we head backstage where April Century is standing with the newest IWO Superstar, M Shadows.

April: good evening everyone, I am standing here with the newest rookie to step foot in the IWO, M Shadows, and M, why are you here.

MS: Because April, I have come to the IWO to have a good time.

April: That's great, and next week Mr. Smith has said you will be in action, what are you thoughts on that?

*Just then security and Alli Sabbah step into camera view...Alli steps forward*

Alli: Hey Kid, amigo, compadre, here's a dollar go buy yourself a new haircut, I have something to say.

*Alli's security pushes M Shadows out of the way as he tries to protest to no avail*

Alli: Ah yes, April, my lovely, long time no see.

April: What do you want Sabbah?

Alli: Such hostility, my dear, I want to let everyone know that Alli's Emporium is back in business.

April: You interrupted and interview to shill merchandise.

Alli: Quite Frankly, yes my dear I did...but not just any merchandise, the right merchandise for our viewers.

*Miss A comes up in front of April and Alli*

Miss A: Sabbah, what are you doing?

Alli: Why must everyone question me?

Miss A: What?...Sabbah, I have a message for you.

Alli: Well tell it my dear, what is it now?

Miss A: Mr. Smith wanted me to tell you that tonight you will be participating in the battle royal match.

Alli: No, I am afraid I have explained that I have no contract with the IWO, and...

Miss A: Oh really, well then maybe you should take a look at this.

*She hands him a paper, and Sabbah reads it.*

Alli: What is this, a joke?

Miss A: No joke, that is a contract signed on your behalf.

Alli: But, this can't be!

Miss A: It is, maybe you need to go find the person that signed it, and settle your differences with him, but not until after tonight's battle royal..good luck!

*Miss A and April walk off as Sabbah yells at his security team.*

M: Well Tater, what a way to kick off tonight's show, and you know it is going to get better the later on into the night we get.

T: Marv, you are right for once, tonight four title matches, and a battle royal to determine the next number one contender for the IWO Heavyweight Title.

M: And we kick things off with the Hardcore Title Match!

*Dirty Window by Metallica hits as Judge makes his way to the ring. Judge nods curtly at the top of the ramp once but pays no further heed to his cheering fans as he focuses on the ring. Judge stares down Joe Schmo who is already in the ring as he approaches.*

M: Tater, that’s focus. That’s determination. Judge has had a run in or two with Juice in the past and I’m sure he’s looking at tonight as a double opportunity.

T: We know Judge would just love to beat the shit out of Juice, who has meddled and cost him a couple of matches since his recent introduction to IWO, but don’t sleep on him. Juice is one of the fastest rising rookies I’ve ever seen, you could call it meteoric even…and regardless what you think about his tactics or company, he wins.

M: That he does, and as such this should be a great match with not only these two but also Joseph T Schmo, stepping up to the plate solo this week, throwing his hat into the Hardcore Title Scene.

*(Juice) Know The Ledge hits as Gritz N’ Gravy ushers Juice and the Guro Girls out from backstage. The crowd boos and Gritz holds his nose as he continues to talk shit to the assembled.*

M: Well here comes Juice and his accomplices, two crackwhores and a pimp. With those three devious SOBs in his corner, Juice is able to get away with just about anything he wants in these Hardcore matches, and he wears the IWO Hardcore Title because of it.

T: Yeah, but that’s something that everyone knows before they get into a match with him, and honestly it’s nothing we should be complaining about.

*Juice turns to face his two opponents as the bell rings. They are both looking back at him and it only takes a half of a moment for both Judge and Schmo to rush Juice and pummel him with fists and forearms. The Guro Girls yell as Juice hits the mat, hands up to protect himself from the double team barrage of Judge and Schmo.*

M: Juice taking a pounding in the early goings here, Tater.

*Schmo and Judge pick Juice up and Irish Whip him to the ropes, hitting a two armed clothesline on the rebound. Judge moves in and picks Juice up, hitting a scoopslam. Judge waves at Schmo to back him off, who puts his hands on his hips and steps back. Judge picks Juice up and brings him to Powerbomb position immediately. He hoists Juice high over his head and brings him down with a measure of force to the canvas.*

M: And the Champion is in trouble here, Tater!!

T: Ouch…he sure is.

*Schmo taps Judge on the shoulder, and as he turns, Schmo levels a straight right cross right between Judge’s eyes, staggering him. Schmo pulls back to hit another, but Judge blocks his punch and hits an elbow to Schmo’s face. Schmo is stunned and pulled down into the powerbomb position as well. The crowd pops as Judge jackknife’s Schmo into the air and then back down again with a crash. Judge then picks Schmo up over his head in a Guerilla Press and drops him out of the ring to the arena floor.*


T: Wow. I’m glad I had my popcorn ready.

*Judge turns his attention back to the ring and receives a swift kick to his gut from Juice. Juice pulls Judge in tight and hooks Judge’s right leg and lifts him in a trap suplex, hitting with authority. Juice springs up and begins rattling Judge with a series of boots to the head. Picking Judge up, Juice quickly slings him to the ropes and as Judge rebounds, Juice hits a showy hurricanrana, sending Judge flipping over the ropes behind them and out of the ring.*


T: That’s impressive.

*Juice slides out of the ring and bends down to get a chair. As he does, he sees Schmo getting to his feet slowly. Juice takes a running start at him and then leaps in the air, delivering a chairshot dropkick to Schmo’s face, sending him cartwheeling to the floor. Juice gets up and grandstands for a moment, only for Judge to come up behind him and deliver a forearm to the back of the head.*

M: This is where the tide turns, Tater.

*Judge grabs Juice and slams him into the ring stairs, knocking them off their moorings. Wasting no time Judge goes in and gets Juice, slamming his back this time into the steel barricade in front of the fans. Juice crumples to the ground but Judge picks him up again and slings his back into the apron of the ring, this time. Judge picks Juice up and slides him into the ring, climbing in behind.*

T: Judge is looking to finish this thing off before it gets too crazy, Marv. This should be good.

*Judge hoists Juice up and hits a big delay suplex, jumping over for the cover. The ref counts 1………2……..Juice kicks out.*

M: Two count there.

*Judge picks Juice up and whips him to the ropes, but Juice ducks under the telegraphed clothesline and rebounds with a flying elbow to Judge’s head, sending him to the mat! Juice quickly grabs Judge and pulls him to the middle of the ring, where he applies the Figure Four Leglock.*

T: Great move by Juice, Marv!! One of the most excruciating holds in the business and Judge is in the middle of the ring! This is wrestling.

*Judge struggles for a time and is becoming fraught with pain when he uses his superior size to leverage Juice onto his chest, reversing and breaking the hold! Both men get to their feet and exchange blows mid ring. Judge hits a Gutkick and swiftly executes a Jackknife Powerbomb on Juice. Judge slides over him for the cover and the ref counts 1……2…….Juice kicks out!!*

T: Didn’t expect that, Juice is showing a lot of toughness here against Judge who many would say outmatches him by virtue of size alone.

M: But size isn’t all that matters here today, is it Tater?

T: Just shut up.

*Judge is preparing Juice for the Final Sentence when Juice hits a low blow, stopping him dead in his tracks. Gritz N’ Gravy is heard to yell, ”SEVEN!!” from ringside as he throws a steel chair in to Juice, who catches it and slams it across Judge’s forehead, sending him sprawling to the canvas.*

*The crowd boos as Juice holds the chair up and taunts them before hitting another chairshot to Judge’s exposed head. The Guro Girls hop up to the apron and cheer as Juice points at them in victory…only for Judge to bring his boot up and kick Juice in the balls, stopping him dead in his tracks.*

*Judge stands up and whips Juice into the ropes, the impact sending the Guro Girls flying off the apron, painfully to the floor below. Juice rebounds to a huge clothesline from an infuriated Judge. Sensing that Gritz N’ Gravy has just gotten up on the apron (which he has, chair in hand), Judge spins around 180 degrees and charges, nailing a rough shoulder block through the ropes, sending Gritz to the arena floor.*

*Judge picks up the chair and the crowd pops. He turns and sees Juice backing off, his left hand up in a STOP position. Judge begins talking to Juice in wrath and triumph and takes a run at Juice. Juice quickly hits a drop toehold and Judge’s face goes into the canvas like a dart. Juice plucks the chair out from his grasp and hits Judge with it three times in succession before sliding out of the ring, looking for more weapons*

*Juice is frantically looking around the metal and human debris around ringside and sees Schmo staggering and bringing himself up off the ground. Acting quickly, Juice hits a quick chairshot to the head of Schmo and then pulls him into position for the V8 before he can fall back down. Juice hits the V8 and the ref slides out of the ring to count 1…..2………3!!!!!!*

*Juice grabs the belt and rounds up Gritz and the Guro Girls to get out of dodge, still Champion!!!*

M: What a great match, and Juice manages to survive.

*a promo airs, with a man training in a weight room, the words on the screen read "Train like an animal, Wrestle like a Beast!"...*



*Canned Heat hits and Cryptic comes out to a huge pop.*

M: Just about everyone on earth thinks Cryptic got robbed last week by Juice and Gritz N’ Gravy…AGAIN…but tonight he’s got a chance to right Demon Alexander’s wronged ship and win the Tag Team Titles doing it.

T: Well, Juice has mentioned that as Hardcore Champion, under Hardcore rules everything’s legal, so I don’t really know what you’re talking about with Cryptic being robbed, Marv…and when it comes to the match?? Cryptic doesn’t really have a great history when facing Thugged Out, so he’ll have to overcome a partner in a funk and a dominant tag team to seize gold again. Good luck with that.

*Cryptic joins Demon who is already in the ring, and the two of them begin to converse. Demon’s gestures are fairly frantic while Cryptic appears to be trying to settle him down.*

*Come Gangsta hits and Thugged Out come to the ring, swatting away the boos and laughing at them at the same time.*

M: Thugged Out look to be a pretty safe bet to retain here tonight, Tater as there’s just too much Thug in that ring for Demon and Cryptic.

T: That was kinda creepy, dude.

*The ref displays the title to the audience and then hands it off as the bell rings and Exo and Cryptic lock up, mid ring. Exo quickly brings his knee up to Cryptic’s breadbasket and snaps him into a quick Tiger Powerbomb.*

T: Wow…a quick display of Exo’s power for you there, setting the tone for this match.

*Exo is flexing in the ring and pointing to Demon Alexander, who is clearly bothered by it.*

M: This could be good or it could be bad, I don’t know…either way Thugged Out may either “awaken the demon” inside Demon Alexander or send the demon back to the womb from whence it came!

T: Either way, Thugged Out’s in Demon’s head and that’s not good news.

*Exo grabs Cryptic and drags him to Thugged Out’s corner, hitting a quick tag to STICK. STICK comes in and Exo flips Cryptic up as in a jackknife Powerbomb, but STICK grabs Cryptic’s head like a standing neckbraker and brings that down with Exo’s powerbomb.*


*STICK runs for Demon’s corner and hits a HUGE boot to the face, sending him sprawling to the arena floor. STICK slides out of the ring after Demon as Exo picks Cryptic up, talking shit. Cryptic is stood up and Exo sends him right back down with a boot to the face. Exo then begins stomping on Cryptic, who reaches up and grabs the ropes, pulling himself over and under the ropes.*

*The ref backs Exo off, who looks to move in anyway. The ref chastises him and then backs him to a neutral corner. While the ref’s back is turned, STICK has come over to where Cryptic is resting and >WHAP< rabbit punches Cryptic in the head with a pair of brass knucks, then quickly stashes them in his boot. Cryptic slumps out of the ring to the arena floor and STICK goes to work on him with a series of boots to the head.*

*Exo is in the ring taunting the crowd who are giving him all they can in boos.*

T: Not really sure why this crowd is booing greatness, but these guys Thugged Out take care of business and these people are just not respecting that right now.

*Demon reaches in the ring and trips up Exo, who hits his face hard on the canvas. Demon hops up to the apron, jumps over the top rope and hits a leg drop on the back of Exo’s head. Demon picks Exo up and hits a scoopslam, then goes to pick Exo up again. Exo lashes out with a headbutt to Demon’s mouth, sending him to the mat. Exo picks Demon up and brings his knee swiftly to Demon’s mid section, doubling him over. Exo hits another Tiger Powerbomb, and motions STICK to get into the ring. STICK slides in and the two quickly lock Demon up and hit a double powerbomb.*

M: Goodness, that might be all she wrote for Demon Alexander, I know it would be for a lot of IWO competitors.

*Thugged out picks up Demon and whips him to the ropes. Demon ducks under the two armed clothesline but can’t avoid the double gutkick that Thugged out hits him with on the rebound. Exo and STICK grab on and hit a double spinebuster on Demon.*

*Cryptic gets to the apron and comes into the ring to aid his partner. Exo surges over to hit Cryptic with the big boot but Cryptic ducks and sends Exo’s leg over the top rope, hanging him up by his balls. Cryptic hits a form kick to Exo’s jaw, sending him over the rope, spilling to the floor below. Cryptic taps on STICK’s shoulder, who turns around and gets a thumb in his eye.*

*As STICK recoils, Cryptic hauls him up in the air and hits the Blissful End. The crowd jumps to their feet in disbelief as Cryptic slides over STICK for the cover and the ref counts 1……2………3!!!!!!!!!!! The Bell rings and we have new champions!!!*


T: This is crazy, the Peaceful One and the Demon are the champs, and Thugged Out can not be happy about this.



*a promo showing a bird flying in the air plays, with the song Freebird by Lynard Skynard in the background, at the end the words "Coming Soon" appear*

T: Are you ready for this huge 9 man number 1 contender battle royale tonight Marv?

M: You bet your arse I am I even brought a spare pare of pants in case I get too excited.

T: Sorry I asked. Well here comes Dragon a former hardcore champ who hasn’t done too well of late courtesy of Don ‘the solar con’ Smith.

M: Now here comes John Q Public who hasn’t been really heard of from late but maybe he can change that here tonight.

T: I doubt that. Now heres a man who made a shocking impact last night against the Judge after he won an 8 vs 1 handicap tables match.

M: It’s Jeff from Team Earthbound! His partner has a big title match here tonight for the world title and it could turn out that partners will face each other for the IWO World Title if all goes well here tonight for Team Earthbound.

*Josh’s music hits and he makes his entrance*

T: Josh who has been getting crapped on in his feud with Jason lately looks to fight back here tonight. But he has to do so once again with this man Jason as one of his opponents.

M: Both those men in the ring is always interesting as Death Shock now hits the ring and the fans love this impressive rookie. He may have suffered his first loss last night but technically he wasn’t pinned or made to submit so he is still personally undefeated here in the IWO. Will that remain the case tonight?

T: Not if he gets crushed by this man. The Crusher!

M: Crusher sure is tough but not as tough as the one man we now are waiting for….

*Duality by Slip Knot hits and fire explodes from the entrance ramp as Corey charges down to the ring and slides in and clotheslines both Josh and Jason, who are exchanging nasty words near the ropes, to the outside. He turns around and screams ‘who the fuck wants to be next?’*

T: What a way to make an entrance and the former champ obviously wants another shot at DC here tonight but he has some tough competition will he be able to get it done? Let’s get to the action.

*Josh and Jason get up on the outside and start brawling around ring side. In the ring Corey turns his attention to Sabbah and Public who are double stomping on Dragon in the corner as Crusher, Shock and Jeff start a three way punching exchange circle. Corey comes over to Sabbah and Public and spins them around hitting a boot to the gut on both of them then smashing their heads together as they both fall to the mat in pain. Corey goes over and pulls up Public and hits a big power bomb on him. He then goes and pulls up Sabbah and hoists him up in a gorilla press position and chucks him over the top into Josh and Jason who are still going at it and all three men go down on the outside. Corey turns his attention back to Public who is staggering to his feet. Corey walks over and hoists him up and hits the Duality Driver on Public. He covers. 1…2…….3. Public is eliminated.*

T: Corey making a huge impact early on eliminating Public.

*Corey runs over and delivers a big knee to Dragon who is still slumped in the corner. Corey then proceeds to work Dragon over in the corner. Meanwhile Shock and Jeff have decided to work together on Crusher and hit a double suplex on him. They then pull him up and Shock rests Crusher across his knee as Jeff goes up top and jumps off hitting a leg drop on Crusher flipping him off Shock’s knee. Jeff talks to Shock again and they both go up opposite turnbuckle and Jeff signals for the 450 splash whilst Shock watches on. Jeff jumps off with the 450 splash and then climbs to his feet signalling for Shock to come and attack Crusher. Shock leaps off but instead of targeting Crusher hits a missile drop kick on Jeff sending Jeff back into the turnbuckle.*

M: There really are no allies in this type of match up Tater and Jeff just found that out the hard way. This is not tag team wrestling!

*Shock goes over and pulls Jeff out of the corner and hits the Shock Box on him spinning him around and landing Jeff on top of Crusher who is still laid out from the splash. Shock covers Jeff first. 1…2………………………….3. Jeff is eliminated. Shock then turns his attention to Crusher as he waits for him to get up. Crusher staggers to his feet and Shock charges looking for the Spear but Crusher ducks down and hits a drop toe hold nailing Shock’s skull into the middle turnbuckle. Crusher then rolls Shock up with a school boy. 1…2…………………………………*

T: Kick out by Shock!

*Meanwhile on the outside Jason and Sabbah are putting a beating on Josh slamming him repeatedly into the guard rail and the ring apron. Sabbah comes over and gets Josh and hits a flap jack on him which lands him on the steel steps and busts him wide open. Sabbah then rolls him back into the ring and Jason climbs in as well whilst in the corner Corey takes Dragon off the top with the Iowa Drop. Corey covers Dragon. 1…2……….3. Dragon eliminated.*

M: We are now down to the final five competitors and things are about to heat up!

*Jason signals for Sabbah to pick up the bleeding Josh which he does. Jason signals for the JKO as the crowd boos. He comes in but Josh moves out of the way just in time but Jason doesn’t notice as his back is turned and his hands come up and end up wrapping around the neck of Sabbah! Sabbah cops the JKO! Jason looks down at what he has done and over at Josh who is bleeding profusely. Jason shrugs and covers Sabbah. 1…2…………………………3. Sabbah is eliminated.*
T: A surprise JKO for Sabbah there but the point is Jason knocks another competitor out and gets a step closer to getting a shot at the IWO Heavyweight Title.

*Whilst this is going on Crusher is continuing to fight with Shock and is working over his right leg with a variety of holds and slams. Corey is up and comes across to Jason who is laughing about eliminating Sabbah and spins him around and hits a turning neck breaker on him whilst Josh finally gets to his feet. Corey pulls up Jason and points to Josh as the crowd cheers. He chucks Jason into Josh who hits Jason with the Call for Fire! Josh covers. 1…2…………………………………….*

M: 3! Jason is out and Josh does the deed! Josh gets a little bit of pay back after all his beatings from Jason in the past! Maybe he can even win a title shot tonight as there are only four men left now.

*Corey helps Josh up and shakes hands with him before levelling him with a right hand. Josh staggers right back up though and both men start exchanging blows. On the other side of the ring Crusher is signalling for the Ankle Lock on Shock. He locks it in and Shock screams out in pain as Crusher pulls Shock out into the middle of the ring.*

T: If Shock taps out here his streak will be over! He needs to do something but not much can be done when someone like Crusher has that deadly ankle lock locked in!

*Shock looks like he is about to tap but at the last minute turns around and kicks Crusher into the corner and into the steel ring post shoulder first. Shock comes over behind Crusher and looks for a release German suplex to get Crusher out of the corner but Crusher hits a standing switch getting behind Shock and goes for the Olympic Slam but Shock lands on his feet and takes a few steps back as Crusher turns around. Crusher turns around just in time to get a huge Spear from Shock. The cover. 1….2……………………………….*

M: 3! Crusher is eliminated after a good effort.

*Josh and Corey are still exchanging blows and Shock comes over and levels them both with a double clothesline. He then goes and gets Josh pulling him up. He slaps on a choke but Josh knocks it off and bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline on Shock but Shock ducks and Josh comes back off the other ropes. This time Shock goes for a clothesline but Josh ducks behind him and hits the three German suplexes as the crowd pops. Corey is on the side of the ring sitting up on the ropes just watching the two stars wear each other out. Josh waits for Shock to get up and then comes in looking for the Call for Fire again but Shock pushes Josh chest first against the ropes and then hits a German suplex bridge pin. The ref counts. 1…2………………………..*

T: Kick out! Where is this coming from! Josh is letting it all hang out here tonight!

*Both Shock and Josh to their feet again and they lock up. Josh gets the advantage and hits a DDT and goes for the pin on Shock. 1….2………………….kick out by Shock. Josh waits again for Shock to get up. All of a sudden Jason makes his way slowly up the ramp again. Josh looks over and sees him and starts yelling at him as Shock gets up. Shock comes over and hits a back cracker on Josh and covers as Jason laughs. 1…2……………………………………..*

M: Another Kick Out! What the hell and Corey is just getting off lightly watching all this!

*Shock waits for Josh to get up signalling the Spear as Corey slowly gets up to his feet. Shock charges in for the Spear but Josh side steps and Shock eats steel ring post. Josh raises his hands in celebration but then Corey spins Josh around and hits the Duality Driver on the bloodied Josh. He covers. 1….2………………………………..*

T: 3! Corey just comes in and takes Josh out after a big battle between him and Shock. Corey sure knows how to pick his spots!

M: And we are now down to the final two! Will Shock keep his reputation for never having been pinned and never having submitted alive or will Corey take him out!

*Shock stumbles out of the corner towards Corey who hoists him up looking for yet another Duality Driver but Shock slides off the back and rolls Corey up with a school boy. 1…2……………………………….*

T: Kick out by Corey!

*Both men up and Shock slaps a choke on Corey but Corey slaps his hand away so Shock slaps a choke on Corey with his other hand but Corey with a boot to the gut. Corey hits a pump handle slam on Shock and goes for the cover. 1….2……………………………*

M: Kick out by Shock! Both these men really want the victory!

*Corey pulls Shock up by the hair and hoists him up looking for a power bomb but Shock counters it into a tornado DDT. Shock then goes up top as Corey staggers to his feet. Shock jumps off at Corey but Corey catches him mid air and hoists him into the fireman’s carry...Corey goes for the Duality Drive but Shock lands on his feet and stumbles around and Corey then nails a double axe handle to the gut and hits the vertebreaker on him for the win.*

M: Corey with a vertebreaker for the win, and that just goes to show that he will pull anything out of his arsenal to get a victory.

T: And Shock finally loses, but at the hands of 8 other men Marv.

*backstage Thugged Out are fussing at Miss A and Mr. Smith about their loss*

Mr. Smith: Look guys, I will think about it, but as of right now, I can't guarantee a rematch for the titles.

Stick: Bitch, you better reconsider, or some niggas goin' to get their heads busted fo sho!

*Thugged Out walk off pissed, as Mr. Smith and Miss A just look at each other*



*On the video screen we see a hosptial room with a nurse bending over, she leans back up from the bed, and turns around, and says bye to the patient..the nurse is hot and has red lipstick she leaves the room the camera turns to see Troy Alston in the hospital bed with lipstick all over his face*

Troy: Dammit man, can't a guy get some privacy?...aww what the hell, as you can see Troy Alston is laid up at the moment, in more ways than one

*troy smiles as the crowd pops for him*

Troy: But don't worry about the Epitome, I will be just fine..I am going to take a few weeks off to relax, and get my mind, as well as other things right.

*Troy puts his arms behind his head and leans back*

Troy: And then when Troy Alston returns to the IWO, I will do what I set out to do from the very start, regain the IWO World Heavyweight remember boys and girls, when it comes to greatness, their is only one Epitome, and you are looking at him!

*troy winks at the camera as the screen fades out*



*Don Smith is in the ring getting the crowd to clap for him when the lights dim, King of Kings hit, and the crowd goes nuts, as the TV Champion, Unstoppable Force comes out to the ramp....*

M: And here comes the champion and what a reception he is getting

T: You know Marv, there are few guys in this business that can get a reaction from the crowd like this guy gets week after week.

M: Nevermind the reaction, this guy is a monster, I mean he truely has been unstoppable since winning the TV Title.

T: I don't know if anyone can stop him

M: Well Don Smith is sure going to try Tater.

*Force gets in the ring and shows off the belt...the bell sounds and Smith quickly goes at him..Force hits a huge Spinebuster and the crowd is going nuts*

M: What a spinebuster!

T: He might have broke him in half, and Smith is out.

*Force gets up and is pumped...the crowd is cheering like crazy as Force picks Smith up...he lifts him in the air and then nails the Deletion on him*

M: And there is the muscle buster on Smith and Force with the cover

*the ref drops down for the count.....1....2....3...*

T: And Force with a quick victory over his opponent.

M: You know Force said he wanted to take all twenty minutes, but I guess he changed his mind.

T: Wait he is getting a mic

*Force gets the mic as the crowd is still cheering*

Force: thank you....I know you expected this match to be drawn out, but let's face it folks, this guy is not in my league, in fact I don't know if anyone in this company can compete with me one on one.

*Crowd cheers*

Force: But I am going to do something that might sound a little crazy to most people but for me, it will be just another day at the office...I am making a challenge to anyone in the back...I don't care who it is, next week I will put this title on the line against if you are man enough, then next week pain is mandatory...

*Crowd chants "for you"...*

*Force leaves the ring to cheers from the fans*



*Cult of Personality hits as Mr. Smith comes to the ring...the crowd is cheering the commish*

M: And finally we get to hear from Smith who has been gone for two months.

T: He said he knew who attacked him and this week he would expose that person.

*Smith is in the ring and has a mic*

Smith: First things first, thank you for the reception.

*Crowd cheers*

Smith: It's good to be back at the IWO Arena!


Smith: Before I get to my reason for being out here, let me go ahead and tell everyone that the next PPV will be a PPV called High Risk, and it will be from Denver, Colorado!

*Just then Jason's music hits and him and Stacy walk down to the ring...the crowd boos*

M: What is he doing out here?

*Jason gets in the ring and has a mic as well*

Smith: What do you want?

*Jason smirks*

Jason: I think it is pretty obvious why I am out here....I'm out here because I am the guy that attacked you!

*Boos from the crowd*

T: It was Jason!!!

Smith: I know that...but do you really think I would just let you come out here and steal the spotlight from my return?

Jason: I don't give a damn what you do, say or think, I'm just here to finish the job I started weeks ago.

*Josh's music hits and Jason turns around..Stacy rolls out of the ring, as Josh comes down to the ring area..he climbs inside the ring and goes and shakes the hand of Mr. Smith...the crowd cheers*

Jason: What the hell do you want?

*Josh asks for the mic from Mr. Smith*

Josh: Thank you sir...Jason I am out here for one reason and one reason only, to kick your ass!

*crowd cheers*

Jason: Well then, quit your bitching and bring it on!

*Josh drops the mic, and looks to go at Jason, but all of sudden he nails a superkick to Mr. Smith knocking him down*

M: What the hell Tater, Josh just kicked Smith

T: Swerve!!!!!!

*the crowd begins to boo, as Josh and Jason look at each other...Smith is on the ground, and then Josh picks Smith up...he holds him as Jason hits the JKO on him...more boos*

M: What is the meaning of all this? What is Josh doing?

*Jason and Josh hug each other as the crowd begins to boo hard...Josh flicks the fans off as they boo him some more..Stacy gets in the ring and has a can of spray paint with her...Jason takes off Smith's jacket and shirt, to expose his bare back...he then takes the can and Sprays a "J" on Smith's back...he hands the can to Josh who does the same*

M: Come on, this is uncalled for!

*Stacy gets in the middle and raises both men's arms...the crowd begins to throw trash into the ring as the sight of Josh becoming a heel*

T: I can't believe what we just saw

M: That bastard Josh, he just gave a big fuck you to all these fans.

*Josh, Jason and Stacy leave the ring to boos from the crowd and bottles being thrown at them*



*we see Mr. Smith being checked on backstage by some EMTs....*

M: I still can't believe what we witnessed moments ago Tater, take another look

*replay is shown of Josh and Jason teaming up on Smith*

T: I never saw it coming Marv.

T: I can’t wait for this next match up Marv as Ness from Team Earthbound makes his way down to the ring on his own tonight.

M: A ladder match for the IWO Heavyweight Title what could be more exciting?

*Blue on Black plays and DC comes out with the belt slung over his shoulder, he taps it with his knuckle twice and the fans boo loudly.*

T: No love for the new champ and I’m not surprised, the way he won the match was despicable. Not only did he use every weapon and every asset available to him but he kept Team Earthbound out of the match up by electrifying the cage Corey and DC were in at the PPV.

M: That is why Jeff is not here tonight after being zapped and falling off the cage to the outside he is unable to make it out to support his partner here tonight but I’m sure he’ll be watching wherever he is and rooting his partner on.

T: Well I’ll be going for Ness too tonight as I am over DC and his despicable actions, he doesn’t deserve to where the title. How about someone like Judge wearing the title? Wouldn’t that be awesome?

M: What the heck was the reason for that shameless Judge plug?

T: I dunno a strange desire to say it just came out of nowhere. Like someone put the words into my mouth. Anyway back to the match up at hand. This one should be interesting as the ladder match probably favours Ness’ high flying ways but DC is a power house who will do anything to keep that championship and that could be a huge problem for the young Ness here tonight.

M: Well we are about to find out as the ref signals for the bell.

*DC goes to lock up with Ness but Ness looks hesitant. He looks to the crowd who cheer and finally decides to lock up with the champ. They struggle around the ring for a bit until DC manages to pull Ness’ head under his shoulder and deliver a flag post DDT. DC then goes off the ropes and lands a big leg drop on Ness. DC goes over to the turnbuckle and removes its covering as Ness slowly gets to his feet. DC turns back around and grabs Ness and brings him over to the exposed turnbuckle and starts smashing his head into the steel. He cracks Ness’ skull into the steel ten times before letting Ness stagger back and drop to the mat. DC then climbs the ropes and looks down at Ness who is laid out in the middle of the ring. He laughs at him before diving off with the DC elbow but Ness rolls out of the way and DC crashes and burns on the mat as the crowd cheers. Ness slides to the outside and grabs a ladder and brings it back into the ring. He sets it up in the middle and starts climbing up towards the title. DC gets up and climbs up the other side. Both men exchanging blows at the top of the ladder and Ness starts to lose the contest.*

T: DC really dominating this contest early on and Ness needs to do something big here to get some momentum.

*Ness all of a sudden with a poke to the eyes on DC gets the advantage. Ness smashes DC’s head on the top of the ladder a few times and then jumps over DC with a sunset flip power bomb sending DC plummeting off the ladder and crashing hard into the canvas as the crowd cheers. Ness then tips the ladder so it collapses onto DC. Ness goes up top now and leaps off with a frog splash which nails the ladder into DC as he yells out in pain. Ness quickly sets up the ladder again, he climbs up and launches himself off the top with a moonsault which he lands squarely on DC’s chest. The fans cheer as Ness points to the title hanging just above the ladder. Ness gets the ladder and puts one part of it over DC pinning him to the mat. He then begins to scale it.*

M: What a change of momentum and now Ness about to claim the World Title I can’t believe my eyes! Could we have a new champ?

*Ness reaches the top and has both hands on the tile but then DC manages to push the ladder off him and tips it over. Ness is unable to keep a grip on the title and falls off the ladder all the way to the outside as the fans let out a big boo at DC. DC flips off the fans to an even bigger boo. DC sets up the ladder and looks to climb it but then has second thoughts. He goes to the outside and gets a table from underneath the ring and brings it back in and sets it up just near the set up ladder. DC then goes to the outside and picks up a limp Ness and chucks him in the ring. DC goes to pull Ness up but Ness fights back with a series of shots to the gut much to the surprise of the crowd. Ness then hits a few big head butts and lays DC out on the table. Ness scales the ladder once more. He signals for a shooting star press off the top of the ladder.*

T: What the hell this is suicide don’t do it Ness. It isn’t worth it!

*Suddenly Thugged Out come running down the ramp and climb into the ring. Ness doesn’t see them and leaps off the ladder with the shooting star press. Thugged Out pull DC off the table just in time though and Ness crashing and burns in a big way going through the table and landing awkwardly on his neck. The ref comes over and calls for medics and the medics try and rush the ring but Stick and Exo chuck them out.*

M: What is this? Enough already Ness is completely folded up like an accordion and in a lot of pain and Thugged Out and DC aren’t finished?

T: We’ve seen this before and it looks like nothing has changed with DC and his thugs Marv.

*Thugged Out pick up Ness and hit The Nightcap on a completely lifeless Ness. DC then picks him up and hits The Leash on Ness. Then not satisfied picks him up again and hits The Bust on Ness. Stick and Exo then hold the ladder for DC who climbs up and takes the title down as the ref rings for the bell and this time the medics come in and attend to Ness.*

T: What a disgraceful way to retain your title. DC you should be ashamed of yourself.

M: I guess at the end of the day he did get the win and sent a strong message to the IWO locker room. Don’t fuck with the champ.

T: What a show we have seen tonight Marv.

M: And it only will get better next week, for Tater Inberg, I am Marv Rome saying goodnight everybody!

*camera fades to black*

*after the show, Thugged Out and DC continue to beat up on Ness...Jeff comes running out to make the save but he gets tripled teamed...they continue to beat on him until Duality hits, and Corey comes out with a barbwire bat..he slides in the ring and Thugged Out and DC bail...the crowd is going nuts as Corey is trying to swing at them on the outside...Miss A comes out to the stage and announces that next week it will be DC and Thugged Out against Team Earthbound and Corey Taylor!...crowd pops huge for this as the night comes to an end*


thanks to sly for the redemption banner

thanks to exo for the title banners

thanks to Glue for writing the Tag Team and hardcore title matches

Thanks to Doom for writing the battle royal and world title matches.

feedback is appreciated.
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What the fuck?! We got beat by those bitches?! We're pissed
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damn...undefeated streaks over..5-1..
Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post
If I wanted stupid illogical booking I'd watch TNA.
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Jason was the culprit!! I had concluded that it would be Death Shock, 'twas a good surprise, never expect Josh to team with Jason again as well. Good twists.

Peace and love
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Yeah great swerve right there that was brilliance. That hardcore match was great too. Damn jobbers getting pinned....I'm not done with you yet Juice.

Props to Sly as Hell for the banner.

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You know I had this feeling it was gonna end up being me revealed as Smith's attacker

Great show.
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