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Redemption Month 17 Week 4 October 29, 2007
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Default Redemption Month 17 Week 4 October 29, 2007

*The show opens with the video screen as Miss A comes up on it*

Miss A: Welcome to Redemption live from the IWO Arena...tonight is the last stop before the Dogpound PPV next week in Spokane, Washington...With Mr. Smith returning in two weeks, I have decided that the final PPV should be an outstanding show...also I want to give you fans here at the IWO Arena a show to remember.

*fans cheer*

Miss A: So tonight, four title matches, plus two rivalry matches including the man who booked tonight's card, The Solar Con!

*Fans chant for the Solar Con*

Miss A: And to make sure things go smoothly, I have sent every superstar who is off this week to the airport to go ahead and fly to Spokane for next week's show....So sit back and enjoy the IWO at its finest.

*pyro goes off as we zoom out to see the crowd going crazy, and we get ready for the first match of the night*

*Can’t Stand the Heartache hits as Don ‘The Solar Con’ Smith comes out to the ring with his guitar*

M: Here comes Smith who whilst was unsuccessful in his match up last week at Pain and Suffering he did manage to make an impact in his ongoing rivalry with Dragon costing him his match up and sending him out on a stretcher.

T: Now here comes Dragon who will no doubt be up for some redemption here tonight in this match.

M: If there is any type of match where one will find redemption it’s a first blood match Tater, lets see how this one pans out.

*Bell rings. Smith charges at Dragon with his guitar looking to smash it over Dragon’s head but Dragon ducks out of the way and hits a super kick to the back of Smith’s head making him stumble forward over the ropes and drop the guitar. Dragon goes over and pulls Smith’s legs out so that he is arms are supported by the ropes and Dragon has his feet. Dragon then gets in between Dragons legs and flings him over onto the mat with an Alabama slam manoeuvre planting Smith in the middle of the ring. Dragon waits for Smith to get up and nails the fists of fury on him sending Smith stumbling around. Dragon comes over and nails him to the mat face first with a reverse Russian leg sweep. Smith rolls over clutching his head as Dragon steps back goes off the ropes and hits the Backlight elbow drop on Smith’s sternum.*

T: Dragon has taken firm control over this match early on but the only way to win it is to bust open your opponent. But wait Dragon has got Smith’s guitar as Smith staggers up. Retribution could be only a moment away!

*Dragon raises the guitar up high and comes in but Smith drops down and hits a drop toe hold on Dragon sending him stumbling forward resting on the middle rope and dropping the guitar to the outside. Smith then goes over and vaults over the top rope with a leg drop on the back of Dragon’s head sliding him through the ropes to the outside. Smith up again and moves the mat away from the floor, he then picks Dragon up and rests his feet on the ring apron and pulls him out and nails a double arm spike DDT on Dragon sending his skull crunching into the concrete as the audience lets out a gasp. Dragon rolls over as the ref checks him for blood but he some how isn’t bleeding from the move. Smith goes over and picks him up again and chucks him into the ring he then climbs up onto the apron and waits whilst Dragon gets to his feet. Smith vaults up using the top rope and hits the Midnight Tornado on Dragon perfectly. Dragon staggers back as Smith quickly gets up again and comes over looking to toss Dragon back to the outside onto the concrete but Dragon reverses it sending Smith through the middle rope and landing awkwardly head and neck first on the exposed concrete on the outside in a crumpled pile. He rolls over and despite taking a nasty fall has not been opened up. Smith slowly staggers to his feet as Dragon comes charging in looking for a suicide dive. Dragon leaps through the middle rope at Smith who quickly grabs his guitar that is still on the outside and swings for Dragon. Dragon smashes straight through the guitar as it shatters and crashes into a heap on the concrete as he rolls over the ref sees blood cascading down his face and calls for the bell.*

M: Smith and his guitar does it again busting Dragon open. I’m sure Dragon isn’t looking forward to the Norman Bates shower he is going to need after this one.



*backstage Hugh Miller is knocking on DC's dressing room door, DC finally answers*

Hugh: DC, I wanted to know if I...

*DC slams the door in his face as Hugh just looks at the door*

T: Here comes Thugged Out Marv who last night were on the end of a huge upset losing their tag titles to Team Earthbound, but tonight they have a chance to win them back in a tornado tag match.

*Breaking Benjamin by Polyamorus hits as Team Earthbound come out to the ring*

M: Here are our new tag champs and the crowd is lapping these guys up. They are a high flying, non stop, high light reel of a tag team and we couldn’t ask for anything more in a tag team.

T: Both teams are incredibly impressive and this match is way too hard to call. Let’s see what happens.

*Bell rings. Exo goes after Ness spearing him to the ground and getting him in a head lock and punching away at his skull whilst Stick charges at Jeff but Jeff jumps up and hits a hurricarana on Stick sending him through the ropes to the outside. Jeff comes over to Exo who is still wailing on Ness and he pulls him up and hits an inverted DDT taking Exo down. Ness staggers up as Jeff pulls Exo up and gets him on his shoulders he then signals to Jeff who climbs the turnbuckle and leaps off hitting the doomsday device on Exo. Ness covers as Jeff stumbles back up. 1…2………………………*

M: Stick breaks it up just in time. Thugged Out aren’t going to be taken out that easily.

*Jeff comes over to Stick and tries to irish whip him but its reversed and as Jeff goes off the ropes Stick runs up and springs off the opposite ropes connecting in the middle with a reverse springboard elbow sending Jeff to the mat. Meanwhile Ness goes to pull Exo up but Exo hits a low blow and then choke slams Ness to the mat. Both members of Team Earthbound are down and Stick and Exo high five. Exo goes and pulls up Ness as Stick does the same with Jeff and they both hard irish whip the men at each other causing them to collide in the middle of the ring with a sickening crunch before falling back to the mat. Exo then goes over and picks up Jeff and chucks him shoulder first into a steel ring post. Both men then turn their attention to Ness. Stick pulls Ness up as Exo goes up top. Stick hits a spinning back breaker on Ness as Exo comes off the top with a leg drop as Thugged Out hit The 88. Exo covers. 1….2………………………………………………..Jeff jumps across the ring just in time to make the save.*

T: That was a close call as Thugged Out has turned this match up right around.

*Stick runs over going for a clothesline on Jeff but Jeff drops down and hits a drop toe hold bouncing Stick’s head off the mat. Exo then comes over to Jeff and both men start exchanging blows. Exo is getting the advantage but Ness is up and comes from behind hitting a back cracker on Exo. Jeff then picks Exo up and hits a scoop slam on him dumping him on top of Stick. Stick and Exo are both on their backs in the middle of the ring as Jeff and Ness ascend opposite turnbuckles. They jump off at the same time with Ness going for the shooting star press on Exo and Jeff going for the 450 press on Stick but both Stick and Exo roll out of the way at the last minute and Team Earthbound crash and burn badly. Exo gets up and goes over to Ness pulling him up into gorilla press position. He then walks him over to the edge of the ring and chucks him over the top rope. As Ness falls to the outside his head clips the guard rail which instantly busts him open. He rolls around on the outside in pain. Both men look across at Jeff who is slowly getting to his feet and they both grin. Exo goes over and lifts Jeff into the standing suplex position as Stick goes up top. Stick leaps off and they hit the Nightcap on Jeff. Stick covers as Ness manages to stumble back into the ring. Exo gets up and runs over clothes lining Ness over the top rope to the outside, Exo goes over as well with the momentum. The ref counts on Stick’s cover. 1…2……………………………………*

M: 3! They did it! Thugged Out have won back their tag titles despite an impressive showing by Team Earthbound. I’m sure this feud isn’t over though, not by a long shot.



*backstage Chad stops Stick and Exo*

Chad: Guys, you just won the world tag team titles for a second time, how do you feel?

Exo: Shit bra, we feel like yo moms felt last night, when she got Thugged Out!

*Stick turns to the camera and tosses up a peace sign*

Stick: Hey Ms. Willard, we'll holla!

*They walk off as Chad looks stunned*

*Jamiroquai’s Canned Heat hits as Cryptic makes his way to the ring holding the Hardcore Title above his head.*

T: Here comes the recently re-crowned hardcore champion, the peace loving, Cryptic! The fans love this guy. But here comes someone who they aren’t the biggest fan of.

M: Oh come on. Fair game Tater just because Juice does whatever it takes to win doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy. Your just jealous cos you can’t speak gangster like Juice.

T: Yeah that must be it. Anyway he is here for another shot at the hardcore title which he lost at Pain and Suffering last week in an epic falls count anywhere match against Dragon and Cryptic. This time though he won’t be able to rely on Gritz as he has been banned from the arena.

M: What yo talking about Seven!

T: Hey Marv.

M: Yes?

T: Shut up.

*Both men square off as the ref raises the hardcore title before passing it to the outside and signalling for the bell. Both men waste no time and go after each other brawling around the ring. Juice comes over to the turnbuckle and smashes Cryptic’s head against it and then Cryptic returns the favour. They continue to brawl over near the ropes and Juice hits a boot to the gut and grinds Cryptic’s face across the top rope a bit before pushing the rope forward and letting it fly back flinging Cryptic to the mat. Juice goes over and starts viciously stomping at Cryptic and then lays off a bit as he gets to his knees. Juice charges over looking to punt kick Cryptic in the head but Cryptic catches his boot stands up and this a dragon twist on Juice bringing him to the mat with a thump. Cryptic then jumps on Juice and starts choking him banging his head against the mat several times.*

M: These men really hate each other. They have no time for words anymore and are all about beating the living shit out of each other here tonight.

*Cryptic finally stops the choking and goes over climbing up the turnbuckle. He waits for Juice to get to his feet and jumps at him with a cross body but Juice catches him and hoists him up over one shoulder. He then walks over to the corner and uses one hand to untie the covering from the top turnbuckle whilst the other holds Cryptic in position. He then drops Cryptic face first on the turnbuckle as Cryptic staggers around slightly opened up from the attack. Juice walks back over to him and spins him around and begins savagely bashing Cryptic’s head repeatedly into the exposed steel this opens Cryptic up properly. Juice finally backs off as the crowd boos and Cryptic slumps down in the corner. Juice charges in at Cryptic in the corner but Cryptic suddenly gets to his feet and hits a drop toe hold on the charging Juice and with full force Juice’s skull is sent careening into the exposed steel opening him up. Cryptic stumbles around and falls face first onto the mat with a sickening squelching sound as his bloodied head hits canvas. Cryptic then slides to the outside and grabs Juice’s legs and pulls him hard nailing Juice’s crotch into the steel post as Juice yells out in pain. Cryptic then goes under the ring and chucks a garbage can, a steel chair and a barbwire wrapped two by four into the ring before climbing back in himself. Juice staggers up to his feet as Cryptic gets the barbwire two by four and hammers it home into Juice’s gut causing him to double over in pain. Cryptic then brings it up and nails Juice in the back with the ratchet sending him to the mat again. Cryptic then gets the garbage can and stands it up in the middle of the ring. He signals to the crowd that its time for The 3B as they all cheer and Juice staggers up yet again his face a picture of bloody pain. Cryptic comes over and this a boot to the gut and hooks Juice’s arms, looking to spin him around and smash him into the garbage can but Juice reverses it flipping Cryptic over his back and onto the mat. Juice goes over and gets the garbage can this time waiting for Cryptic to get to his feet, when he does Juice puts the can over Cryptic’s head as Cryptic staggers around blinded. Juice then gets the steel chair and begins to nail it into the can’s sides as Cryptic staggers from side to side in pain. Juice finally drops the chair and hits a leg sweep on Cryptic taking him to the ground still in the garbage can. Juice goes up top looking for The Chaser and to smash the can into Cryptic in the process. He flies off the top.*

T: Cryptic moved! Cryptic rolled out of the way and Juice has just crashed and burned big time. This is the opportunity the champ needs to capitalise on.

*Cryptic chucks the garbage can off his head and stumbles over covering Juice. 1…2……………………………………………..*

M: Kick out! Juice kicked out! This one is not yet over.

*Cryptic goes to pull Juice up but Juice with a low blow bending Cryptic over. Juice goes off the ropes looking for The V8 but Cryptic staggers back and slides out of the ring avoiding contact just in time.*

T: Cryptic trying to regroup after that near loss not a bad idea but here comes Juice looking for a suicide dive!

*Juice comes through the middle rope but Cryptic side steps and Juice crashes hard into the guard rail. Cryptic wastes no time and goes over picking Juice up into a gorilla press and dropping him chest first onto the rail. Cryptic then picks Juice up again and this time scoop slams his back onto the rail. Cryptic then goes to irish whip Juice into the steel steps but Juice reverses it and Cryptic gets smashed into the steel steps. Cryptic staggers back up as Juice sees someone talking on a mobile phone in the front row of the crowd. He goes over and grabs the phone of the fan and then puts it up to his ear for a second before turning to Cryptic and telling him “it’s for you bitch!” and then chucking the phone at Cryptic’s head. It shatters upon impact and Cryptic stumbles over using the ring apron to hold him up. Juice comes over to him and feeds him back into the ring and then follows him in and covers. 1….2………………………………………….*
M: Cryptic kicks out this time! The champ wants to hold onto his newly won gold more than anything.

*Juice slides out of the ring again and goes and grabs the Hardcore title off the announce table and comes back into the ring as Cryptic gets to his feet...Juice comes out him and tries to hit him with the gold, but Cryptic grabs it...both men holding onto the title, and a kick to the gut from Cryptic, the belt drops and Cryptic grabs Juice and hits the blissful end onto the title...*

M: Juice just landed on the belt

T: The hippie going for the cover

*the ref counts the pinfall.....1.....2......3.....Cryptic retains the Hardcore Title*

M: He did it, he beat Juice again, and I tell you something Juice can't be happy with this loss

T: Juice needs to do something if he wants to win gold again Marv, the question is what can he do?

*Cryptic rolls out of the ring holding the title and climbs into the crowd and they mob him...he begins to celebrate with his fans*



*The Vanilla Gorilla is led out from backstage by Peabody to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Joker is in the ring, waiting for his opponent.*

M: Wow. Not a lot of support for Peabody or Vanilla Gorilla here tonight.

T: The kind of support they need doesn’t really come from a crowd…more like a cage and some tazers.

Joker shifts back and forth from one foot to the other as Peabody halts Gorilla before he gets to the ring. Peabody gives his wrestler some instructions before motioning him into the ring. Gorilla slides into the ring but Peabody calls out to him.*

M: Peabody sharing his game plan with The Vanilla Gorilla before letting him loose…

T: I doubt that cretin even understands what he’s being told.

*Turning, Gorilla listens intently to what Peabody is telling him from outside the ring. Peabody finishes and Gorilla turns around. Gorilla turns around and there’s a flash of flame around Gorilla’s face as something impacts with it. Gorilla flops to the ground shrieking in mortal fear and agony, clutching at his face. Peabody stands dumbfounded outside of the ring.*


*The Joker blows off his smoking left hand and laughs. Joker quickly rolls Gorilla up in a pin, hooks a leg, hooks his tights and puts his legs on the second rope behind him as the ref counts 1………….2…………..3!!*


T: Holy shit, there really is a first time for everything!!!

*Peabody is still stunned from what happened and doesn’t really seem to be reacting…until slowly he moves his eyes up the line to Joker’s. Joker is staring back at Peabody, laughing hysterically. Joker then slides out of the ring…walks past Peabody and then walks backward up the ramp, smirking derisively, as all the while his are eyes focused on Peabody.*

M: What else can you say about that but “what the fuck was that?”

T: I think that was Joker, sending a message.



*backstage EMTs are checking on Gorilla who is trying to fight them off...Peabody is screaming, as finally security comes and handcuffs Gorilla...they finally get him in the ambulance and drive him to the hospital*

*Remember The Name hits and Troy makes his way through the plumes of smoke to the ring. Oozing confidence the challenger slides into the ring as the crowd pops.

M: The challenger Troy Alston getting a rousing ovation from the crowd who are primed to watch what is certain to be a hard fought match.

T: The Epitome’s looking a little cocky tonight Marv…well…a little more cocky than is usual anyway. I hope for his sake he hasn’t overlooked anything in his preparation for this match. Force appears to be out of his brief funk and he is going to bring a lot of intensity tonight.

M: While Troy is often arrogant and cocky, I would doubt he’s forgotten exactly how hard Force can come, given the history…the storied history between these two.

*King of Kings hits and Force comes out slowly. Force pauses at the top of the ramp and looks out at the crowd which happens to be popping like crazy for him. Force gives a few approving nods and begins to walk to the ring, eyes locked on The Epitome Troy Alston.*

M: And here comes the new TV Champion, The Unstoppable Force. Fresh off that incredible victory over Judge in a match I consider to be a candidate for match of the year, Force is looking to brush back all the naysayers that have cropped up in recent weeks and reestablish his legacy as the TV Champion.

T: Marv, people will hate on winners. That’s what happens. You see it in places like New England, but to Force’s credit, he’s not a cheater. The point is that when you’re on top and encounter a slump, the haters come out of the woodwork. Troy’s a great competitor but Force is looking to silence the critics who’ve remained despite his decisive victory last week at Pain And Suffering, and he’s going to be wrestling with a chip on his shoulder tonight.

*The two wrestlers stare at each other from opposite corners of the ring as Force takes off his belt and hands it off to the ref, eyes never leaving Troy’s. The ref displays the belt to the fans before attaching it to a harness. The harness is pullied up twenty feet over the ring where it hovers as the ref calls for the bell.*

M: The bell rings and we’re underway.

*Force and Troy lock up and struggle briefly until Troy swiftly grabs Force’s right arm and twists it behind him in an armlock. Before Force can attempt a punch, Troy hits a clubbing blow with his forearm to Force’s shoulder joint, jolting him. Troy brings his arm up and bludgeons Force three more times in succession. Force recoils and Troy deftly pulls in close and hits a Russian Leg Sweep.*

*Troy jumps on top of Force as he lies and grinds his elbow viciously into the bridge of Force’s nose. Force yells as Troy hits a front forearm to his face and then goes back to grinding his elbow into Force’s nose viciously.*

M: Troy using moves with a lower impact but greater threshold of pain to subdue Force who has quite a bit of size on the youngster.

T: Classic Alston…he’s quick, he’s powerful, he’s pretty…but he’s also smart, playing the game like chess.

M: Did you just say that Troy was pretty?

T: Wh-wha—Muhammad Ali said he was pretty…it’s an expression.

M: Mmm’kay.

T: Just shut up, blowhard.

*Troy jumps up and delivers a series of boots to Force’s head and picks him up. Troy scoops Force up and hits a snapping Backbreaker.*

M: There’s a display of power for The Epitome. He wants to mix it up in his approach to The Unstoppable Force but that’s a definite power move there.

*Troy picks Force up and whips him to the ropes. Force ducks under the clothesline and hits the far ropes. The two wrestlers rebound to each other and Troy ducks Force’s clothesline attempt. They hit the ropes and rebound again but Force launches himself into Troy and hits a kidney wrenching Spear, leaving both Troy and himself flat on their backs.*

T: Holy shit, I hope we have organ donors on site tonight.

M: That impact was incredible. I don’t know how that felt for Troy, but I’m guessing it was well below average.

*Troy and Force both stagger up and turn to each other. Troy hits an overhand right to Force’s head, who reciprocates with an overhand of his own. The two exchange blows until Force hits a gutkick to Alston. Force positions himself, grabs Troy’s chin and snaps him down to the mat for a Standing Neckbreaker. Force picks Troy up for a hard scoopslam and then begins delivering boots to his chest and head.*

*Force picks Troy up and slings him to the ropes. Troy ducks the initial clothesline attempt but rebounds to Force’s boot hitting straight in the abdomen. Force shakes his head and says “ALL DAY” to Alston before pulling him in and spiking him with a DDT. Force gets up to a huge pop from the crowd and pumps his fist a couple of times.*

M: Force is getting some good energy from this crowd. Let’s see if he can capitalize.

*Force picks Troy up, who immediately hits an eye rake on him, backing Force off. Troy then steps into a low blow, stopping Force dead. Eyes wide and sucking wind, Force falls to the mat. Every male fan in attendance gasps and grabs for their balls in sympathy pain.*

M: And that’s two straight cheap shots from Alston, both of them hit home and certainly that puts Force at an unfair disadvantage.

T: This is a freaking Ladder Match! How is anything unfair?!

*Troy picks Force up and whips him into the ropes, hitting a Spinebuster. Force rolls to the right as Troy gets up and slides out of the ring. Alston goes under the ring and pulls out the 15 foot ladder. The crowd pops as he nods cockily at them and picks up the ladder. Troy is going to slide it into the ring when Force rebounds off the far rope and hits a spectacular baseball slide into the ladder and Troy. Troy somersaults backward and splays on the arena floor after the insane collision.*

M: That looks like it sucked for Troy.

T: Really.

*Force slides out of the ring and goes right up to Troy, hitting a Scoop Slam with good follow through. Troy’s back smacks into the floor audibly. Force picks Troy back up and pulls him closer to ringside, then slings Troy with a whip into the ring steps. The steps both become dislodged as Alston rockets into them.*

*Force goes right back over to Troy, picks him up and slams his forehead into the ring post.*

M: It appears to be raining shit on The Epitome right now.

T: I’ll say. Jesus, here’s hoping he remembers who he is after this.

*Force picks Troy right back up and slams his face down into the canvas on the ring apron. Force then pulls Troy across the outside of the ring to the other post, dragging Troy’s face across the coarse canvas the whole way. Force discards Troy at the other side, and he falls to the ground clutching at his face.*

M: Well Tater…your mancrush on Troy might just come to a halt as he’s probably going to have lost some of his “pretty” in that last exchange.

T: Just…just shut your hole before you catch a whipping yourself.

M: Ooooooh…I’m scared.

T: You should be.

*Force walks over to the announce table and starts clearing out the monitors and laptops. As he’s doing this he jeers, “How’s your face, pretty boy? How’s that grille feel?” Force picks Troy up and brings him to the front of the announce table. Troy breaks out of the grip and hits an overhand right to Force’s face. Force throws a haymaker and Troy responds with his own. Troy hits a gutkick and goes for Alston 3:16, but when he turns around, Force pushes him with all his might into the apron.*

*Troy hits the apron hard and rebounds to Force who locks his arms in a vice around Troy’s waist. Troy grabs at Force’s hands in vain as the 280 pounder vaults Troy back over his head, hitting a crushing German Suplex, sending Troy crashing into the announce table, which is destroyed in the collision*

*HOLY SHIT chants fill the arena.*


*Force walks over to the other side of the ring and Troy stirs in the rubble that was once a very nice table. Force picks up the ladder and slides it into the ring. Force then slides into the ring and begins to set the ladder up beneath his title. The ladder is standing rather precariously as he goes to mount it, and it falls to it’s side.*

M: Force is getting a little ahead of himself here. He needs to make sure the ladder is set up properly before he tries to climb it.

T: I think those ladders are only certified for 225 pounds, so absolutely he does, and he’s showing a little frustration as he sets the ladder up again.

*Ladder firmly on the canvas, Force goes to mount it but Troy comes up from behind him with a chair and drives the steel seat home, sending Force to the mat. Force gets up a little slowly, turns to Troy and gets a boot into his gut. Troy spins and grabs, successfully coming down with the Alston 3:16. Troy springs up and begins yelling at Force, sprawled on the mat right next to the ladder.*


M: Troy is just seething tonight, this has been a back and forth battle and if he can bring himself to stop berating Force, we may see a New Champion!!!

*Troy mounts the ladder and begins to climb, albeit slowly due to the beating he’s sustained. On the mat below, Force clears the cobwebs and sees Troy approaching the halfway point of the ladder. Force kicks both feet with everything he has into the legs of the ladder. The bottom of the ladder shoots out from under Troy, who catches a rung to the face as he falls back to the canvas.*

M: I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Force is still coming, Troy is still coming, how are either of these two conscious at this point?

T: I dunno…looking at them right now, they might not be.

*Both men stagger up and Troy quickly comes with an overhand right. Force blocks it and hits a thorough clothesline, dropping Alston. Force picks Troy up and hits a vicious jackknife Powerbomb. Force goes to the ladder and sets it up below the title. Force then goes over to Troy and picks him up, but Troy hits an uppercut to Force’s jaw, staggering him. Troy takes a half a second to compose himself and Force capitalizes, hitting a scoop slam.*

*Force goes to the ladder and mounts it. Troy gets up and goes to the other side of the ladder and begins climbing as well. The two meet at the peak of the ladder, 15 feet above the mat. Force and Troy exchange blows, both wrestlers clearly gassed and running on fumes. Force hits a right and Troy grabs Force’s head and slams it down into the mini platform at the apex of the ladder.*

*Force is staggered and trying to remain on the ladder while Troy goes up one rung and leaps/flips over Force’s back, grabbing him and pulling him down for a Powerbomb off the top. The two men hitting the canvas rocks the ring and the ladder collapses to the mat as the crowd renews it’s “HOLY SHIT” chants.*

M: OH MY GOD!!!!!!

T: At this point…I’ve really got nothing to say that the fans aren’t saying right now.

*Troy is the first up and goes to the ladder. Staggering and clearly hanging onto consciousness by a thread, Troy sets the ladder up mid ring. Troy goes to climb the ladder but Force has gotten up and hits a clubbing blow to the back of Troy’s head. Troy shoots an elbow back that connects with Force’s jaw. Troy turns and the two exchange blows until Force hits another gutkick. Force quickly grabs Alston and shoulders him for The Unstoppable Drop as the fans jump to their feet.*

*Force hits the sitout and Troy is not moving, utterly spent. Force stands up and rolls Alston out of the ring.*

M: Troy's rally looks like it might have run out of steam as the incomparable champion appears poised to retain!!!

T: This has been fairly exhausting.

*Force begins to climb the ladder. At the top he pauses to look at Troy, lying still on the arena floor before taking down his belt. The bell rings as Force slides down the ladder and backs into a corner, exhilarated by his win despite having just used the last of his fourth wind. The crowd screams raucously as Force raises the belt in victory.*

M: Ladies and gentlemen, after an incredible display from these two exceptional athletes, The Unstoppable Force remains...your IWO TV Champion.



*Blue on Black blasts through the PA as DC comes out to the ring to huge boos. He makes his way up to the ring flipping off a few audience members and ripping up the odd ‘DC sucks’ signs as he goes.*

T: Here comes a man who finds himself in a rare position tonight…that of the challenger for the IWO World Heavyweight Title. He finally lost it last week to Corey at his Pain and Suffering super show.

*Duality by Slipknot hits and the crowd pops hard. A few bars rock in before Corey comes out with the title around his waist as the crowd pops massive. Corey makes his way slowly to the ring keeping his eyes on DC the whole time. He slides in and gives the belt to the ref who shows it to both men before ringing the bell*

M: This match should be intense.

T: When is an inferno match not intense Marv? The only way to win this match is by setting your opponent on fire. I guess this match is right up Corey’s ally but DC has shown before that he can hold his ground in any type on environment. This will be close that’s for sure.

*Both men lock up for a bit with neither being able to get an advantage. DC breaks the hold and waves Corey off turning his back to him. Corey comes over and goes to grab his shoulder but DC spins around and shoves Corey hard sending him back into the turnbuckle on his arse. DC quickly charges in looking to rub his boot right against the face of Corey but Corey rolls out of the way and DC’s boot goes through the corner and he gets caught. Corey comes up behind him and ties DC to the tree of woe and then proceeds to stomp away at him a bit before climbing up the turnbuckle and jumping off nailing suicide stomp square on DC’s sternum as he bends up trying to untangle himself from the turnbuckle. The force of the move pulls DC’s leg out of the turnbuckle. DC slowly gets to his feet as Corey charges in again looking to knee DC in the face but DC stumbles out of the way and Corey ends up smashing into the turnbuckle chest first and staggers back first into DC who nails him with a big german release suplex flipping Corey all the way around and landing him on his stomach. Corey rolls over clutching his stomach in pain as DC goes up top and leaps off hitting the Dog Catcher Elbow on Corey who yells out again. DC raises his arms in the air getting arrogant and the crowd boo so he moons them whilst smacking his arse signalling that perhaps the audience would like to kiss it. Their reaction suggests that they would not.*

M: That’s disgraceful and not only that its allowing Corey time to get to his feet.

*DC turns back to see Corey on his feet staring at him intently. DC realises he is in trouble and starts backing away but DC grabs his hair and comes in and nails a big time head but on DC sending him staggering around the ring. Corey comes up to DC from behind and locks in the Subliminal Stretch as DC yells out in pain.*

T: What a great submission move but you can only get the win in this match by burning your opponent. But this will certainly weaken DC.

*Corey finally lets DC out of the hold but pulls him straight back between his legs and hoists him up nailing him with a power bomb. DC goes to crawl out of the ring but as he approaches the apron flames shoot up and DC realises there is no escape. Corey comes over and pulls DC up by the hair. He then goes to push his had closer and closer towards the flames as they start to burn higher and higher. But DC nails Corey with an elbow to the gut then turns around and rakes his eyes. DC then hoists Corey up and hits The Leash on him planting Corey in the middle of the ring.*

M: What a move! But once again the only way to beat your opponent is to burn them but it looks like that’s what DC is looking to do now.

*DC picks up Corey and irish whips him towards the ropes as the fire leaps up, but Corey stops himself just in time. DC charges in from behind but Corey spins around and hits a boot to the gut followed by the Duality Driver on DC as the crowds pops. Corey then drags DC by the arm over to the apron and the fire. Corey tries to put DC’s hand in the fire but DC pulls it away at the last second and climbs to his feet as Corey watches. Corey grabs him and then goes to chuck him against the opposite ropes but DC stops himself just before being burnt again. Corey charges from behind now and DC drops down hitting a drop toe hold on Corey. Corey heads straight for the flames but rolls out of the way just before he goes into them landing himself on the mat just inches away from the fire.*

T: That was a close call and both these men are just so evenly matched.

*DC picks up Corey again and shoves him into the corner and climbs up hitting ten mounted punches whilst the audience boos at each punch landed on Corey. DC finally drops down and looks to whip Corey across to the other side of the ring. He does but Corey stops just in the nick of time again. DC comes up from behind and looks to hit a double axe handle to the back of the head on Corey sending him into the flames but Corey ducks a little bit and is only glanced by the blow sending his head down but DC’s hands swing out and straight through the fire! DC pulls them back sharply in pain as the ref rings the bell and turns off the flames. Corey quickly climbs out of the ring and grabs his title and starts backing up the ramp before DC even realises what has happened. DC sees Corey walking back up the ramp with the title and swears loudly before leaning over the top rope pointing at him signalling that he will wear the belt again.*

M: What a way to end Redemption. I have to say Corey got a bit lucky on that one with DC barely getting burnt at all. But none the less Corey is still our champ. Will he be as lucky next week at the Dog Pound PPV where I’m sure DC has something hellish in store for him? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

T: What a second Marv, it's Thugged Out

*Stick comes up behind Corey and levels him in the back of the head with a steel chair, knocking him face first to the ground..Corey dropped the gold, and Thugged Out grabs him and drags him down the ramp towards the ring*

M: What are they doing out here, they have no business here.

T: Wrong Marv, they are DC's boys, and DC looks like he might be orchestrating this whole thing

*DC walks over and tells them to roll Corey in the ring and they do, all three men get in the ring, and they begin stomping on the champ...Exo picks Corey up as Stick heads up the turnbuckle...Exo lifts him up, and Stick comes off the top rope as they nail the Nightcap...the crowd boos, as Corey is laid out in the ring...DC tells them to pick him back up...they do and DC kicks Corey in the gut then lifts him up on his shoulders...he spins and nails Corey with the Bust in the center of the ring...he covers him as Exo drops and counts the pin...1.....2....3....DC asks Stick for the mic as the crowd boos...Stick gets a mic, and hands it to DC....*

M: Come on this is enough

*DC has the mic and on the mat he moves close to Corey's face...DC looks down at him and begins to speak*

DC: Corey, this is just a preview of what you can expect next week in Spokane.....*crowd boos*....Next Week Corey I will take back what is mine!....Corey next week you defend the World Title against ME!....and Thugged Out! *crowd boos* a Dogpound Cage Match!...

M: That is huge, a handicap match for the championship next week!

DC: So see you next week Champ!

*DC nails Corey with the mic and gets up, Blue on Black plays as DC and Thugged Out leave the ring to boos from the crowd....*

*end show*


Thanks to Sly for the Redemption banner, and Exo for the other banners

Also thanks to Glue for writing the TV Title Match and the Gorilla/Joker match

Finally thanks to DrDoom who wrote all the other matches for the show

Good work guys, and remember feedback is always appreciated.
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Holy shit, those were some long matches, but honestly, when they get too long, it's hard to follow, but maybe it's just me. Nice work. Reclaimed the gold Next week should be a good one. We comin for you Corey!

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Thugged Out back on top

Corey gonna get his ass Thugged Out next week
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I read some of this earlier when it was posted and just recently read the rest. Thought you all did a great job, some entertaining promos, i'm not sure how you guys do it and the matches are awesome. Looks like Thugged Out claimed back they title, a very dominate team and that hippie character also retained his gold. Great matches all round. Good work.

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Originally Posted by 571CK
Thugged Out back on top

Corey gonna get his ass Thugged Out next week
Bring it on fuck sticks.

Thanks to David for the Orton banner...

Join the EFED you fucks!
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