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Pain and Suffering Supershow from Iowa October 20, 2007
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Default Pain and Suffering Supershow from Iowa October 20, 2007

*Camera opens to on over head view of the crowd. Many many fans are wearing Corey like masks and slipknot shirts. The entire place is screaming...COREY! COREY! COREY! After a quick run through the crowd the camera zooms in on the huge poster for Pain and Suffering.

M: I am not sure if you can hear us but here we are live in Corey's hometown of Des Moines, Iowa as the IWO presents Pain and Suffering.'

T: This is fucking amazing Marv. I have never seen so many people behind the maniacle Corey.

M: What the fuck did you think they were going to do? Boo him?

*The lights in the arena suddenly go out and the crowd erupts to an entirely new level. The arena lights up in red as people begin to chant Corey's name even louder.*

T: I think the damn building is shaking Marv!

*Duality blares over the the PA system and the crowd continues to chant Corey's name...COREY! COREY! COREY! COREY! A huge blast of pyro erupts at the ramp and out comes the GM for tonight Corey. Corey looks more pumped than ever as he is eating up the crowds ovation and waiving for them to be louder. Corey for once is slapping fans hands as he heads down the ramp towards the ring. One fan shoves Corey positively and Corey shoves him right back as they both scream in each other's faces.

M: Good god I have never seen anything like this.

*Corey jumps up to the apron as another blast of pyro fires from the four corners of the ring. Corey enters the ring and climbs to a middle turnbuckle and raises a single arm in the air. Security is having trouble keeping fans behind the barricades. Corey jumps down and yanks the mic. from the announcer and chases him out of the ring. Corey raises the mic. to speak but the fans will not stop going insane for their hometown hero. Corey tries to get the crowd to quiet down but is unsuccessful. Finally the crowd dies down a little as Corey raises the mic.


*Crowd pops again hard.*


*Crowd pops even harder.*


*Corey goes to a middle turnbuckle again.*


*Crowds erupts in Corey chants again as the fans are going so nuts that the barricades are starting to sway and security is using all their strength to keep the crowd contained. Finally the crowd settles a little and Corey brings the mic. closer to his face again.*

Now to all the matters at hand. Great fucking crowd equals great fucking card. I have perosonally designed this show to suit these great fans and of course myself's taste. I guaren fucking tee that every wrestling fan will remember this night for the rest of their lives! There will be gore. There will be blood. THERE WILL BE FUCKING MAYHEM! EVERY IWO SUPERSTAR'S CAREER WILL FUCKING CHANGE AFTER THEIR VERY OWN PAIN AND SUFFERING! All the fucking big boys are here. Troy, Force, Cryptic, Judge, Thugged Out, Earthbound, Demon, Jason, Josh,.....
*Corey pauses and laughs a little before naming his last superstar.*

I even brought the "champ" DC. The "future hall of famer".

*Crowd erupts in boo's which turns into a FUCK YOU DC! Corey walks around the ring holding the mic. out towards the crowd as the chant continues....FUCK YOU DC! FUCK YOU DC! FUCK YOU DC! FUCK YOU DC! Corey stops and leans forward with both arms on the top rope that sits in front of the aisle.*

Yes folks that is right I even added our has been hack of a cham...I mean hell of a champ the this fucking amazing card. I just thought who else would make a better adverysary for our great champion than the most insane and dominant superstar in the IWO. I have even went further into the depths of my demented and fucked up mind to create a first time ever match here in the IWO . There is going to be a fucking cell around the ring to keep those little Vanilly Ice faggots out of the ring. For weeks I have been saying how you cannot do things on your own anymore DC and finally I am truly putting you to the test as I am caging you with an animal. I know your fucking listening Juice and Thugged Out. You will have to sit there and watch as I take your leader apart. You will watch him bleed crimson and then you will watch my hand be raised when I am crowned the new IWO Heavyweight Champion. Did you three little faggots really think you could soften me up for the "champ"? If you think the little beating you gave me last week did you one bit of good YOU HAVE ANOTHER FUCKING THING COMING! YOU WILL NOT BE A FACTOR IN THIS MATCH AND FOR ONCE THE "CHAMP" IS GOING TO HAVE TO FEND FOR HIS FUCKING SELF....IF HE FUCKING CAN! What do you think Des Moines? Does DC have a fucking chance in hell against me alone?

*Crowd starts screaming DC SUCKS! DC SUCKS! DC SUCKS! DC SUCKS!]

Just as I fucking thought! You my friend will be trapped in side of solid steel with me, But thats not fucking all "champ". I've also decided to put another one of my best fucking friends around the ring for just an added fucking twist. THE FUCKING RING IS GOING TO BE SURROUNDED BY BARB WIRE! Ask anyone who has stepped into the squared circle with me when barb wire was present. It wasn't a fucking pretty sight. People tend to go to the fucking Emergency room when this happens. Just ask your fucking former best buddy Judge. You know the one you fucked out of the TV title but yet he still won it back against fucking Thugged Out. You all are a fucking joke to me! Judge regaining the TV title is just the beggining. Soon Thugged Out will drop the tag titles. But tonight DC....tonight is the night that your reign of deceit ends. Tonight your joke of a title run will finally be put out of its misery. Finally the true champion of this company gets what is rightfully his! TONIGHT DESTINY IS GOING TO BE FINALLY FULFILLED WHEN I TAKE THE IWO WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP FROM YOU DC!

*Crowd pops hard again.*

Still that isn't all though boys and girls. For my final stipulation I have decided that fire will shoot up through the barb wire. A nice final touch to fucking heat things up a little bit. I know DC is fucking back there in his locker room thinking about how this is the end of his era. The days of him screwing people out of the title and ruining people's careers is over. His amazingly long title reign will finally come to a close and there is absoulutely nothing he can do about it. He is also pondering about what it is going to feel like as I run his bleeding face all over that cell while all his little fucking friends watch in horror. DC is cringing at the thought of me wraping barb wire around his face and fucking neck while blood gushes from every part of his fucking head. Then he will finally stare down at his championship in regret as he can envision himself going up in flames. His flesh will burn to a crisp as I stand over him laughing in utter bliss. There is nothing more I would rather do than to make him feel undeniable and unexplainable pain. Then....when that bell finally rings. DC will be flat on his fucking back watching me celebrate the dawn of a new era with all of you fucking people! DC is envisioning the birth of the days of Insanity. The effect of all of this will bring him into a state of utter saddness as he will cry like a little fucking bitch! When the EMT's finally carry his sorry washed up ass out of here he will look up to find support from his allies and they will be nowhere to be found. There will be no Thugged Out or Juice. They will give up on his sorry ass and finally realize that they are above him and that they do not need him anymore. Everything that he holds dear will have been taken from him. As they carry his stupid ass to the top of the ramp....

*Corey rolls out of the ring and stalks up the ramp. The crowd seems a little confused on what he is about to do. Corey gets to the top of the ramp and looks at the huge banners on each side. One containing a picture of Corey...The other of DC. Corey walks over the banner with DC on it.

He will look up to see this last instance of him as champion. He will be looking to see this banner that is the last representation of his dwindling credibility. He will want to cling to this pathetic remanints but will only find...this.

*Corey pulls out a lighter and lighter fluid. He begins to spray the lighter fluid all over the banner and lights the lighter. Corey holds up the lit lighter and uses his other hand to raise the mic. again.

Nothing...Nothing is what DC will find. His last piece of glory with be nothing more than some black ash. I will have reduced the so called legend to a shell of a man. The one thought of as the most dominant and deceitful champion will be a fucking bruised, battered and beaten....NOBODY...A WORLD CLASS FUCKING BUM! EVERYONE FUCKING JOIN ME AS WE BURN THIS MOTHER FUCKER DOWN!

*Crowd once again erupts in Corey chants and nearly everyone in the arena is holding up lit lighters. Corey takes in the response and lights the banner aflame. The crowd is going literally insane as they keep their lighters lit and start to chant....BURN DC! BURN! BURN DC BURN!*

M: This is insane Tater....

T: Of course it is...It is Corey you dumbass!

*Crowd is still chanting BURN! as Corey throws his lighter to the crowd. Two fans begin beating each other trying to get it. Corey sits on the edge of the ramp.*

DC is too proud to admit that anything I am saying is the truth. Deep down he knows his fate though. He has never beaten me and there is no way that is going to fucking change now. Even in his fucking prime over a year ago he could not contain me when I went on to win my first IWO Heavyweight Championship. Since then I have grown bigger, stronger, crazier, and more talented than he can even fathum. What the fuck makes him think he has a chance in hell against me? After tonight DC will finally be brought back down to earth. The table is set...The stones are in place...and DC's career as we know it will be flushed straight down the fucking tubes tonight. Right now I know he is back there crying and pleading for people to bail him out of tonight....but there is no possible way. ONCE AND FOR ALL DC YOU WILL DO THIS ALONE AND YOU WILL LEARN THAT NOT EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS GOING TO TURN OUT THE WAY YOU WANT TO! YOU ARE ALSO GOING TO FIND THAT KARMA ALWAYS EVENTUALLY COMES BACK TO HAUNT YOU! AFTER ALL THE PEOPLE YOU HAVE FUCKED OVER IT WOULD BE AMAZING IF YOU EVEN FUCKING MADE IT OUT OF DES MOINES ALIVE TONIGHT DC! YOU ARE GOING TO PAY FOR YOUR SINS DC!

*Corey looks over at the flaming banner.*

And all of your dreams...goals...accomplishments will go...up in flames.

*Duality hits over the PA system as the crowd erupts in an even bigger COREY! chant as Corey chucks the mic. into the crowd and walks to the back with a raised arm. The camera zooms in and fades on the burning banner which is burning at the bottom of DC's face.*



Originally Posted by Tag Team Ladder Match for the Tag Team Titles: Thugged Out vs. riot Makers vs. Strictly Business vs. Team Earthbound

M: Well welcome back folks and in the ring are the Riot Makers, and Tater what a match this should be.

T: Marv, a fatal fourway ladder match for the tag team titles, eight men in the ring at one time and the winner will be the first team to get the gold belts that are hanging high above the ring.

M: As you see Team Earthbound make their way to the ring and the rookies wanting to prove themselves tonight.

T: Yeah but these have to be the smallest guys I have ever seen.

m: And here comes Strictly Business out.

T: This is my pick Marv, if anyone could beat Thugged Out it has to be these guys. They are the veterans and they have a plan.

M: And listen to the boos as Stick and Exo come to the ring.

T: They hating on my boys here in Iowa.

M: This is a pro-Corey crowd, and since Thugged Out are associated with DC, this crowd is not very fond of them.

*crowd chants you suck at Thugged Out as Stick and Exo taunt them...the bell sounds, and Team Earthbound with stereo dropkicks to the Riot Makers taking them down...Schmo and Public go after Thugged Out...exchanging blows, and Ness heads to the top rope as does Jeff...Ness is perched, and he leaps and comes down on Exo and Public...Jeff leaps and lands on Stick and Schmo as all six men down in the ring*

M: Already the action has gone crazy

T: And the Riot Makers are up first

*Jeff gets up and gets nailed with a clothesline from Sledge...Kage comes flying and hits a dropkick to ness that knocks him down and outside the ring...Kage goes out and continues to assualt Ness...Sledge picks Jeff up and whips him into the ropes..Jeff bounces off and hits a sunset flip over Sledge, and tries to pull him down...Sledge is too strong and reaches down and grabs Jeff by the neck and lifts him upward...Exo is up and runs and hits a big boot to the back of Sledge's head...he goes forward and both Jeff and Sledge go flying out of the ring to the outside...meanwhile, Kage tries to whip Ness, but Ness reverses and causes Kage to go into the steel steps, with his knee hitting them and he flies right over them to the floor...Stick is up and him and Public exchanging Exo goes over and pushes Joe into a corner...he lowers the shoulder on Schmo ramming him hard.*

T: Thugged out are so 1337

M: Tater what did you just say.

T: I said Thugged Out are so 1337

M: I didn't catch that last word.

T: The last word I said was 1337

M: Something must be wrong with your mic Tater it is cutting out....folks we got to take a break when we come back we will have more from Des Moines, stay with us!

*commercial break*


M: And Stick and Exo are in control right now with a hurt Kage in the ring

T: Kage's leg is badly hurt, I can't believe he is even trying to stand.

M: And Public pushes that ladder into the ring

T: And so does Sledge

*as they get in the ring with the ladders, Exo and Stick go after them..Ness is bleeding on the outside after recieving a chair shot, and he laid out...Schmo is beating on Jeff, and has him on the announce table..*

M: get him off of here!

T: Schmo looking for the DDT, but Jeff just hit a lowblow to him

*Schmo falls down grabbing his nuts as Jeff hops off the table and tries to catch his breath...Meanwhile in the ring both ladders are up as Exo and Stick want to climb up them..Kage is trying to get up but Public sees him and kicks him in the gut, he then hits the Executive Order on him*

M: Shades of MVP with that Playmaker type move on Kage.

T: What a move Marv, what a move.

*Sledge climbing up the ladder on the other side of Stick and he gets up there, and both men throwing punches...Public begins to climb up the ladder on Exo...*

M: All four of these men on the top of those ladders and what a dangerous place to be

T: And look Jeff has a bat in his hands

M: This doesn't look good

*Jeff cracks Schmo in the head with the bat making him fall to the ground from the table...Jeff then slides in the ring as Public rakes the eyes of Exo and hits a sidewinder from the top of the ladder and both men hit the mat hard, and are out in pain*

M: Oh my god what a move

T: And both men down, and look Jeff with a bat

*Jeff tosses the bat at Sledge hitting him in the back of the knocks him off balance, and Stick with a punch knocks him off the ladder...Jeff then begins to climb up as Stick is trying to reach for the belt*

M: Stick almost has it...

T: If he gets the gold, then Thugged Out will retain

M: But Jeff is up there with him now

*Jeff trying to punch at Stick...but Stick manages to block it, and hit a punch of his own...Jeff manages to spit in Stick's face, and Stick looks pissesd, Jeff then hops up the ladder and tries to hit a hurricanrana on Stick..he wraps his legs around Stick's head, but as he falls backwards, Stick holds onto the ladder, and reaches over to grab the other ladder for leverage*

M: Stick has countered and is trying to hold on

T: they are teetering on that ladder

*Stick uses both hands to grabs Jeff and lift him back up in the air, with Jeff above his head, Stick endures two punches to the head, before slamming Jeff down on the other side of the ladder...Stick still holding onto Jeff, lifts him again and this time hits a last ride on Jeff that sends him to the mat almost breaking him in two*


T: That was so fucking 1337

M: What Tater.

T: That was awesome

*the crowd is going crazy chanting Holy Shit, as Stick is trying to come to his senses after what just happening..Stick steps up another rung and reaches for the gold...a bloody Ness is in the ring and he pushes the ladder over, it falls to the side and Stick tries to grab the other ladder but only manages to make it fall as he comes crashing hard to the mat...Stick on the ground in pain, as Ness sets the ladder back up...he begins to climb...*

M: Ness going up the ladder, and we might have a new champion

T: He is at the top Marv, and reaching for the titles

*Ness grabs the belts, and jerks on them to pull them off, before finally getting them free, the bell sounds as a bloody Ness begins to climb down in front of a shocked crowd*

M: What an upset, Team Earthbound just became the new tag team champions

T: I can't believe this.

*Ness gets to the mat and gets out of the ring and helps Jeff roll out...Jeff falls to the mat, as Ness holds the titles still bleeding...the ref raises his hand*

M: We just witnessed history as Thugged Out's long reign just came to an end.

T: This is not going to set well for DC and Wilma, Marv.


Originally Posted by Singapore Cane Match: Jason vs. Josh

M: It’s the king of battle for all times the Josh! He’s charging to the ring with a Singapore cane for this next match. A Singapore cane match against his nemesis, Jason. As usual he has our very own April with him.

T: And now here comes the despicable man he faces tonight with his even more despicable girl friend Stacy. Jason has a cane as well and I’m sure he won’t hesitate to use it, this man has no remorse and has been kicking Josh’s arse all over the shop recently.

M: Yeah perhaps Josh should change his moniker to the king of getting his arse kicked at all times!

T: Marv.

M: Yes Tater?

T: Shut up.

*Bell rings. Jason charges in and goes for a cane shot to the head of Josh but Josh ducks around it and drops his cane and locks Jason up and hits the three German suplexes on him. Josh then goes over and gets his cane. He waits for Jason to get up and comes in from behind with a big cane shot to the back of the head which sends Jason back to the mat. Josh proceeds to then nail the crap out of the back of Jason with the cane. Jason eventually manages to roll to the outside where he receives a massage from Stacy. He then goes to climb back in the ring but Josh comes over and pulls him over and into the ring landing on his back. Josh waits for Jason to get up to his feet again and comes in from behind this time locking in the Check Fire using the cane. Jason is taken by surprise and looks like he is about to tap out.*

T: This is it! Josh is finally going to get some retribution he’s going to tap! He has to. There is no way….what the hell is that tramp Stacy doing up on the apron?

*Josh sees Stacy up on the apron and breaks the hold. He goes over to her and talks some shit allowing Jason to get back to his feet and grab his cane. Josh finally turns around and gets smashed in the face with a cane shot busting him wide open and sending him to the mat. Jason covers the ref counts. 1….2………………………….*

M: What the hell now April is up on the ring I guess she is showing two can play at this game.

*The ref stops counting and goes over to tell April to get off the Apron. Jason stops covering and goes over to the ref and turns him around telling him to do his expletive deleted job. Josh comes up and rolls up Jason from behind. The ref counts. 1…2………………………………………………..*

T: Kick out just in time by Jason.

*Josh gets up and waits for Jason again and then grabs a cane and nails him in the gut and then over the back bringing him to the mat again. He is about to go over to him but Stacy grabs his foot from behind and he turns around. He points at her and then at the cane and then points at the crowd. They cheer. He grabs Stacy by the hair and pulls her up onto the apron and then over into the ring. He waits for her to stagger up and she pleads with him on her knees to not cane her but he raises the cane up high and Jason leaps up from the ground and hits the JKO on Josh. He covers. 1…2…………………………………*

M: 3! No revenge for Josh and Jason picks up yet another win. Josh really needs to get his head back in the game and stop being so easily distracted.

T: and it's not over with yet, as April is in the ring and Stacy goes after her

M: it's a catfight and this crowd is cheering..

*April gets the upperhand and tosses Stacy off of her, she gets to her feet only to recieve a JKO from Jason...the crowd booing loudly at this, as Jason yells something at Stacy...Jason then goes and picks Josh up...Josh out on his feet, and Jason kicks him and then lifts him up and nails the vertebreaker on him*

M: A vertebreaker and come on enough is enough

T: What does Stacy have Marv

M: It looks like it might be a can of spray paint

*With Josh's back exposed..jason takes the can from Stacy and begins to spray orange spraypaint onto him...He spells out WWECW*

M: Is this a message?

T: I think it is Jason's way of saying he doesn't give a damn about Josh or any other company for that matter.

*Jason drops the can and kisses Stacy as they leave the ring laughing*


Originally Posted by Boiler Room Match: Death Shock vs. Troy Alston
T: We have just received word that Troy is making his way into the boiler room now for our next match up. The boiler room brawl between Troy and Deathshock.

M: Yes and I heard earlier today that Deathshock has been in the boiler room for a while now scouting it out and getting ready for this match that is about to take place.

T: Well Troy does not yet know where in the room Deathshock is but I suspect we are about to find out as we now go live to the boiler room where we have a camera man ready to try and follow the action as best as he can.

*Titantron cuts to the outside of the boiler room door which Troy is in the process of opening. Troy walks into the darkened room as the camera man follows, he goes down a small section of steps holding the rail has he goes and steps into the boiler room proper, he looks around but can’t see Shock anywhere.*

M: This match will only officially be under way once both men make contact.

*Troy walks around looking for Shock he ducks under a pipe and walks deeper into the room with boilers on both sides of a corridor type section of the room. Troy yells out for Shock to come out and stop being a cowardly cunt. Shock still does not appear. Troy walks a bit further before waving his hand as if to say fuck this and going to turn around but then all of a sudden Shock swings into view on a bit of cable that hands from the ceiling he has a monkey wrench in one hand and swings at Troy screaming “Wait and bleed mother fucker!” he jumps off the cable and lands on Troy with a senton type move and proceeds to hammer the shit out of him with the wrench. Troy manages to push him off but not before he is busted open by the wrench. Troy stagers to his feet as Shock charges in again but gets a hip toss from Troy sending him back first into the concrete floor of the room. Troy goes over and picks Shock up and chucks him into some steel pipes resting against one of the boilers which collapse as Shock falls into them. Troy walks further into the room looking for weapons and sees a section where there is a dumpster and a few trash cans. He goes over and grabs a trash can as Shock stumbles up behind him. He turns around and smashes Shock in the head with it causing him to stumble around even more uncontrollably. Troy grabs him and brings him over to the dumpster. He lifts the lid of the dumpster and puts Shocks head under it before bringing the lid down on Shock’s skull several times before chucking him back to the ground.*

T: The carnage has already begun as Troy is busted open and it won’t be too long before shock is either by the looks of things. The only way to win this match though is to escape the room though I don’t think either man is thinking about that yet.

*Troy picks up a broom stick from near one of the trash cans and brings it over to Shock who is up on his knees trying to shake away the cob webs. Troy snaps the broom stick over Shock’s head which busts him open from the top of his skull and he slumps back to the ground. Troy laughs and goes to walk back towards the entrance of the room but Shock reaches out and grabs his foot pulling it back and causing Troy to fall right into the camera man sending both men out of focus.*

M: We apologise for the technical difficulties but a boiler room is hardly the ideal spot for a camera set up hopefully we will get an image back….yes here we go again.

*The image comes back as we see Troy in the middle of receiving a low blow from Shock. Troy staggers around holding his nuts as Shock gets back to his feet. Shock grabs Troy by the hair and leads him around the corner further into the boiler room. Here there are a whole lot of storage boxes on wheels near a garage door which is partially open. Shock chucks Troy against one of the boxes and goes over and wheels another one around so it faces Troy. He then runs it in squishing Troy between the two boxes causing him to double over in pain and fall to the ground. Shock pulls Troy up and brings him over to the garage door and chucks him half under the door. He goes over to where a chain is that can be used to open and close the door and pulls it so that the door falls down jamming into Troy’s midsection causing Troy to start spitting up blood. Shock laughs sadistically and then starts walking back towards the entrance to the room. He turns back round the corner into the corridor section shoving the camera man out of the way as the image cuts out again.*

M: More technical difficulties folks we apologise.

T: Oh no we are back again and here comes Troy!

*We see Troy race out from around the corner behind Shock and runs up and hits his signature 23 move. Shock falls forward onto the concrete floor. Troy goes over to where 2 wooden pallets are resting up against one of the boilers. He picks them up and brings them over to near where Shock is stumbling back to his feet. Troy grabs Shock and sets him up for The Trendsetter which he hits smashing Shock through the two wooden pallets as splinters go everywhere. Troy then staggers forward ducking under the pipe he did on the way in. Shock crawls to his feet and manages to stagger after him. The camera men loses both men for a bit in the darkness but then manages to focus on Troy as we see him climbing up the small lot of stairs in front of the door using the rail to pull him up them. Then we see Troy come up behind him and turn him around as both men start exchanging blows on the stairs...Shock knocks Troy down...he goes to the top of the staris and goes for the door handle but Troy is up...Troy grabs Shock and turns him around, but Shock leaps and hits a spear on Troy sending him and Shock down the stairs to the concrete floor below*

M: both men on the ground, and Troy might be hurt.

T: And Shock is back up and slowly making his way up the stairs.

M: he is at the door, and it is open and Shock wins this thing.

T: What a huge upset for the rookie, he just beat one of the best in the game today.

M: I think Troy was out of his element here Tater.


*The cameras are backstage as Death Shock is yelling...we get a closeup and see him attacking Demon Alexander*

Shock: You aren't bad! You don't have shit on me boy!

*He continues to kick on a beaten Alexander who is bleeding at this point..finally security breaks it up and Miss A comes running up to the scene, she yells for Shock to leave, and security shows him the way out...EMTs come to check on Demon.*

M: Wow, what an attack, first he wins agaisnt Troy and now for some strange reason he attacked Demon Alexander.

T: I wonder if Demon will be able to compete later on.

M: I'm wondering the same thing Tater.

Originally Posted by Hardcore Triple Threat Match for the Hardcore Title with Pinfalls count anywhere in the building: Juice vs. Black Dragon vs. Cryptic

*She Builds Good Machines by Velvet Revolver hits and Black Dragon comes out to the ring.*

T: Its time for the triple threat hardcore falls count anywhere match up for the hardcore title as Dragon comes down to the ring and he is always ready to compete. He hasn’t been doing great lately and winning back the hardcore title would certainly be a great way to get back on track.

M: But here is another man who will be looking for a definitive victory and that man is Cryptic, a man who has proved that he is willing to bring peace through violence, a formed hardcore champion as well and a man also looking to get back on track by getting a big win in his rivalry with Juice of late.

T: Speaking of Juice here he comes now. The current hardcore champ and you can hear from these fans that they don’t think much of Juice at all and its hard to blame them after he sold out to DC recently.

M: Oh come on it was a smart career move and I’m sure it will pay off.

T: Yeah sure, just like it did with Judge…

M: Yeah but Judge is an idiot Juice is smart he knows his place and I think we are going to see just why he won’t be fucked with here tonight.

*Bell rings. Juice and Cryptic approach each other and Cryptic throws up a peace sign right up in Juice’s grill but Juice is all like nuh uh I’m not having none of dat shit right there and shoves Cryptic. Cryptic shoves back. Dragon looks confused and comes up to both men spinning them around. Cryptic and Juice don’t take kindly to this and bring him over the top with to the outside with a double clothesline.*

T: Cryptic and Juice are more interested about their personal rivalry than Dragon as they are going at it exchanging rights in the middle of the ring now.

*Juice gets the advantage and hits a snap suplex on a groggy Cryptic but Cryptic gets right back to his feet and hits a snap suplex on Juice who gets up and they both face off again. Cryptic goes to kick Juice in the gut but Juice catches his leg but Cryptic spins around and hits a dragon whip on Juice sending him the mat. Cryptic then waits for Juice to get up and hits a boot to the gut and goes to irish whip him but Juice reverses it and sends Cryptic hard into and over the ropes where he crashes into Dragon who is just getting up on the outside. Cryptic and Dragon stumble up to their feet on the outside as Juice looks over at them and jumps up onto the top rope and does a full back flip before landing on them both taking all three men to the ground.*

M: Holy shit what a move and now Juice going for the cover on Cryptic on the outside.

*1…..2…………………………………..kick out by Cryptic. Juice goes over and covers Dragon. 1…2………………………………kick out by Dragon meanwhile Cryptic gets to his feet and as Juice gets up Cryptic turns him around and drop kicks him hard sending Juice stumbling back onto the guard rail. Dragon gets onto his hands and knees and Cryptic sees it and runs back and comes up using the back of Dragon as a springboard and flies at Juice with a high cross body taking both men over the guard rail and into the crowd. Dragon gets up to his feet and sees both men getting up on the other side of the rail. He quickly goes under the ring and pulls out a steel chair and sets it up. He signals for the crowd to clear out and security pulls them all back. He runs back and up and uses the chair as a springboard to jump onto the guard rail and from the guard rail he jumps up and hits a big time whisper in the wind on Cryptic who has staggered to his feet.*

T: What an athletic move! Will it be enough? He covers Cryptic. 1…2………………………………….*

*Juice is up and pulls Dragon off the cover. Juice goes over to a fan who has a sign saying ‘Juice sucks’ he grabs the sign off the fan and tears it in two as Dragon gets up to his feet and the crowd boos. He then grabs another fans beer bottle and drinks from it before teasing at giving it back but he doesn’t and instead swings round and smashes the half full glass bottle over Dragon’s head. Dragon stumbles around as blood starts trickling from his forehead. Juice goes over and gets Dragon and brings him up to a section of plaster board wall with a poster advertising Pain and Suffering on it. He spins Dragon around and puts him head first through the poster and the wall as the fans chant ‘Holy Shit’. Cryptic meanwhile has gotten up and has grabbed a steel chair from a fan. He comes up from behind Juice and taps him on the shoulder. Juice turns around and Cryptic hammers the chair into his gut and then drops it on the ground. He signals for the 3B as the crowd cheers and he hits it plastering Juice’s skull into the chair and causing him to be busted wide open from the nose.*

M: Juice’s nose might have just been shattered upon impact there what a move by Cryptic who wants this title badly!

*Cryptic rolls Juice over and lifts his leg for the cover. 1…2……………………………………………………..*

T: Dragon breaks it up. Dragon has somehow willed himself back into this match up!

*Dragon pulls Cryptic up and hits the Fists of Fury on him stunning Cryptic. He then brings Cryptic over to the guard rail and chucks him over it back into the ring side area. Juice is still layed out and bleeding profusely in the crowd. Dragon goes over to pull Cryptic up again but Cryptic with a low blow gets back in control. He goes to hard irish whip Dragon into the steel steps but Dragon counters sending Cryptic hard into and over the top of the steel steps. Dragon goes over to the announce table and pulls off the covering and grabs one of the monitors. He waits for Cryptic to get up and levels him with it, this busts Cryptic wide open. In the crowd Juice has managed to get to his feet, he grabs a fan by the shirt and wipes his bloody head all over the fans shirt. He then heads back slowly towards the ring side area whilst Dragon has managed to pull Cryptic up onto the announce table. Cryptic staggers to his feet as Dragon symbols for him to get up. Dragon hits a boot to the gut on Cryptic and hits the Smashing the Spotlight on Cryptic putting him through the announce table. Meanwhile Juice has climbed over the guard rail and is in the ring side area again. Dragon raises up his arms after taking Cryptic out but all of a sudden Don ‘The Solar Con’ Smith comes out from under the ring with his guitar. He comes over to Dragon who has his back turned and taps him on the shoulder. Dragon turns around and his jaw drops. Smith swings hard with the guitar smashing it over the head of Dragon opening him up even more as Dragon collapses to the floor. Smith then grabs Cryptic’s lifeless corpse and pulls him over Dragon before nicking off through the crowd.*

M: Smith just got some big time revenge for last week and is going to cost Dragon this match. Dragon is completely out.

*The ref counts. 1….2……………………………………..*

T: No! Juice breaks it up! The hardcore champ is willing himself on with an amazing desire to retain that belt. But I think this could be all for Dragon who has lost an insane amount of blood.

*Juice pulls Cryptic up and chucks him into the ring whilst the ref checks on Dragon and throws up the X signalling for medics. Medics come down to the ring and cart Dragon off on a stretcher whilst in the ring Juice goes for the cover on Cryptic who is still lifeless.*

M: Juice wants to pin Cryptic in the middle of the ring just to make a statement and with Dragon out there is no one to break it up. Can he do it? 1….2………………………………………….

*Cryptic kicks out just in the nick of time as the crowd pops huge. Juice looks upset and bitches to the ref a bit before going over and trying to pull Cryptic up but Cryptic fights him off with shots the midsection and then whips Juice against the ropes and charges at him hitting a high knee taking Juice over the top to the outside landing just short of the steel bit of the entrance ramp. Cryptic looks down at Juice as he staggers to his feet on the outside and then looks to the crowd who cheer. Cryptic bounces off the ropes and comes charging towards Juice and dives through the ropes hitting a suicide dive on him. Cryptic covers. 1…2………………………………….kick out by Juice. Cryptic goes to pull Juice up but Juice with rake to the eyes and both men exchange blows as they make their way up the entrance ramp. They get to the top and continue brawling over onto a stage that is set up on one side of the entrance with a large pillar of scaffolding that connects on one side of the set. Juice manages to nail Cryptic’s head into the steel pillar with authority sending Cryptic stumbling back and collapsing onto the stage. Juice goes over and starts scaling the scaffold. He gets about half way up when Cryptic manages to get to his feet and starts climbing after him at a rapid rate. Cryptic catches up with Juice at the top of the scaffold...Juice delivers a few kicks to Cryptic on the scaffold and he is just about to fall of when he grabs Juices foot and pulls Juice off the scaffold and falling a stupid distance onto the stage cracking it a little.

M: This is not looking good Tater

T: Look Cryptic is going for...he can't be...

*Cryptic leaps with a moonsault, and the stage breaks as Cryptic lands on top of him...the ref comes over as the crowd is in awe...the cover..1......2.....3.....*

M: Cryptic just did it, he finally won back his hardcore title

T: I got a feeling that these two are not done with each other by any means Marv

*The Iowa fans clap as Cryptic is helped off the stage by EMTs, but is clutching his newly won hardcore title*


Originally Posted by Battle Royal: Funeral Holmes vs. Don Smith vs. Vanilla Gorilla vs. Ricky Thunder

M: Here comes Vanilla Gorilla who is scheduled to compete in our next match up here at Pain and Suffering. It is a 4 way elimination battle Royal between some of the IWO’s toughest rookies.

T: Now here comes our second competitor in Funeral Holmes who has yet to win a match here in the IWO. Perhaps tonight will be the night Marv?

M: Not if our next competitor, Ricky Thunder has anything to say about it.

T: Finally our last competitor is making his way to the ring. Don ‘The Solar Con’ Smith. All four men are in the ring and its time to get this one under way.

*Bell rings. Smith and Thunder start to get into a heated debate at the start of the match and push leads to shove but both men then turn around to see an incoming Gorilla who hits a double clothesline on both men. Holmes comes up behind Gorilla and hits a double axe handle to the back of his head but Gorilla is hardly affected and slowly turns around. Holmes backs away but Gorilla grabs him by the throat and hits a choke slam on him. Holmes rolls to the outside. Gorilla turns around and Thunder grabs him and sets him up for a DDT but Gorilla fights out and hits a snap suplex on Thunder. Smith then charges in with a clothesline but to no effect on Gorilla who grabs Smith’s arm and pulls him into a clothesline. He keeps his grip and pulls Smith up again and clotheslines him a second time and then repeats the move a third time this time turning Smith inside out. Thunder up again and charges over to Gorilla who spins him around slamming him into the mat. Cover. 1…2…………………………………..*

T: Kick out by Thunder but Gorilla is still firmly in control in the early goings of this match up.

*Holmes has climbed back into the ring and ascended a turnbuckle. Gorilla gets up and turns around and gets hit with a missile drop kick from Holmes sending Gorilla staggering back into the corner. Smith is up and runs into the corner nailing Gorilla with a high knee. He then pulls Gorilla up and goes to set him up for a superplex but before he can do that Holmes is up and comes over and gets under Smith then Thunder runs over and gets under Holmes and they hit a tower of doom spot out of the corner with Gorilla taking the brunt of it. Thunder is first up followed by Holmes and Smith. All men start conversing and pointing to Gorilla and nodding. Don goes up top and signals for the Solar Flare whilst Thunder goes up the other turnbuckle signalling for the Triple X. Holmes stomps his foot on the mat and signals for Gorilla to get up which he does. Holmes goes over and hits The Coma Over on Gorilla and then Thunder comes off the top with the Triple X followed by Smith who hits the Solar Flare. Holmes then slides in and steals the pin before Smith can crawl over and cover. 1…2………………..3. Gorilla is eliminated.*

M: Some nice team work going on there and they take Gorilla out but it doesn’t look like Smith is happy about Holmes stealing that cover.

*Holmes gets up and Smith shoves him and he shoves back sending Smith staggering right back into the corner. Holmes smirks but then Smith charges in out of the corner hitting a huge spear on Holmes from nowhere and he covers. 1….2…………………………………………………………..*

T: 3! Out of nowhere Smith hits his spear and hets a pinfall. Holmes cockiness cost him big time there. Now it’s down to Smith and Thunder who is going to add another win to their IWO career?

*Holmes gets up and Thunder charges over going for the Breaking Edge but Smith pushes out of it bouncing Thunder chest first off the ropes and then hitting a Russian leg sweep on him as he comes back. Smith climbs over onto the apron and waits for Thunder to get back up and hits the Midnight Tornado on him. He covers. 1…2……………………………………….*

M: Kick out by Thunder. This rookie is showing why he could easily be a main event player some day.

*Smith goes back over to the corner and signals for another spear as Thunder stumbles up. Smith charges in but Thunder side steps and Thunder spears steel post and then stumbles back out of the corner where Thunder steps forward and hits the Thunder Kick on Smith sending him staggering right back into the corner. Thunder comes over to Smith in the corner and pulls him up looking for the Breaking Edge out of the turnbuckle but Smith somehow again manages to counter pushing Thunder off the top and out into the middle of the ring. Smith then follows up with the Solar Flare and the cover on Thunder. The ref counts. 1….2……………………………….*

T: 3! Smith gets the win. Smith gets the win! What an impressive show by these four superstars here tonight.



*Crusher is in the ring with a mic*

Crusher: Now it seems that my opponent tonight, has well been taken out...and that pisses me off. Not only has he had to forfeit the match, but the man that took him out has been kicked out of the building.

*crowd boos*

Crusher: So that leaves me without a match on the card tonight, so what I want is for anyone in the back that has the guts to come out here and take me on!

*Crowd is cheering*

Crusher: Come on there has to be someone back there!

*From out of the crowd comes Joker*

M: It's Joker, what is he doing out here?

T: He is attacking Crusher for starters

M: He doesn't even have a reason for being here tonight!

T: I guess he heard Crusher's challenge

*Joker pounding away and he whips Crusher into the ropes..Joker tries a clothesline, but Crusher ducks under and then Crusher grabs him and hits the Angle Slam*

M: Angle Slam on Joker, and now Crusher goes for the ankle lock

T: this is not a match Marv, but I don't think Crusher cares!

*Joker is tapping out on the mat as finally Crusher lets go as his music kicks and the crowd cheers loudly for him...Crusher raises his arms in victory and heads to the back*

*backstage Hugh Miller is with DC and Wilma*

Hugh: champ, tonight we saw Thugged Out lose their belts and...

DC: And Huge, it's people like you that need to know when to shut the hell up..

*crowd is heard booing loudly*

DC: Go ahead you peasants, go on and boo me, because tonight, you will be booing from start to finish, from the time I get in the ring, to the time I leave with the World Title...tonight Iowa, you all get to see what the Dogpound is all about!

*DC and Wilma walk off in disgust*



Originally Posted by TV Title First Blood Match: Judge vs. Unstoppable Force

*The arena lights dim and fire burns at the top of the ring’s entrance ramp. The fans rise to their feet and cheer as King Of Kings hits and The Unstoppable Force makes his way out of the flames and to the ring.*

M: And here comes Force, the challenger for the title Tater

T: Marv, what did you say

M: It's Force, he has a title match tonight

T: I can't hear__________________

M: You _________________

*Tater and Marv's mics mess up..they try talking but to no avail...they motion for a some ring crew member to go back and tell someone in the truck of the problem as they sit in silence watching Force in the ring*

*Force slides into the ring and goes up to the corner. Force is screaming at the fans who are screaming back, feeding each other energy. Force hits the opposite corner for an even bigger pop. Force begins hopping back and forth between feet, rolling his head clockwise and pumping his arms in shadowboxing motion as he keeps up the intensity. Force focuses his stare to the entrance platform as he waits for his opponent.*

*The fans stay on their feet and stay popping for Metallica’s Dirty Window as it jumps off and IWO TV Champion Judge makes his way to the ring, staring intently back at Force, face expressionless aside from focused determination.*

*Judge jumps up to the apron and gets in the ring, first continuing to stare down Force, then turning to the crowd, who pops as he raises his arms and points to his supporters in a subdued exhortation.*

*The two men stand facing each other, each just off ring’s center, arm’s length away, each one sizing up the other. Force says something to Judge, to which Judge only betrays half of a smirk before nodding his head. Judge moves his right foot back a half step and gets his arms into a ready position. Force nods, shakes out his arms and goes right in.*

*The two giants lock up and struggle for purchase, dead center ring. The men buckle and push against each other for a few moments, each trying to use their leverage to move the other. Neither budges, and after 30 seconds the ref gets in there to break it up. The two men part clean, and again stare at each other, perpetuating the standoff.*

*Force nods again, more vehemently this time, and again speaks to Judge, only this time he as more to say. Again Judge smirks and gets into the ready position, speaking a short, unheard sentence to Force as the two again surge into each other, locking horns.*

*The two men continue to struggle for leverage. Neither can seem to budge the other in the opposite direction. The two seemingly conjoined men circle simultaneously, looking to change the angle of their approach. The two men continue stalemated and the ref goes in to break the lock up again. Force however, brings his large right knee up into Judge’s gut, clipping the ref on the upswing.*

*Judge is doubled over and the ref chastises Force, who turns and screams audibly at him, “YOU’RE JUST HERE TO CALL FOR THE BELL!! GET OUT OF MY WAY!!”*

*Knowing time is passing, Force swings viciously into a standing double axe handle on the back of Judge, sending him to the mat. Looking down, Force briefly ascends and thus descends, bringing a big leg drop down onto Judge’s back. Force pulls Judge up off the canvas and hits another couple knees into Judge’s gut, slams a forearm into the back of Judge’s head and then hoists him up into a Gorilla Press.*

*Force only quivers under Judge’s girth ever so slightly for half a second, and then continues to hold him up with confidence and strength for three more seconds before dropping him to the mat. Judge hits like a ton of bricks and doesn’t appear to respond. Force picks Judge up and just levels him with a cleansing clothesline.*

*Yanking Judge up quickly, without allowing more than a half second for him to lie in rest, Force leans backward and pulls all his weight into slinging Judge into the far corner. The impact can be seen visibly moving through Judge’s body as his arms shoot up and then drape over the ropes as he slumps on the turnbuckles, spent.*

*Force walks over to Judge and then mounts the second turnbuckle, pinning him in the corner. Force’s right hand is held up with the middle finger jacked out more than the others, ever so slightly. With his left hand, Force pulls back Judge’s head and begins to pummel his forehead with hard blows, stiffening the skin’s elasticity. The fans, who haven’t really stopped popping since the first riff of Motorhead, count off with the punches as Force goes along.*


*Force’s punches become swifter and heavier, his arm movement becoming shorter and more precise.*


*A look comes to Force’s eyes that goes beyond intensity and into a realm of disturbance. Judge tries to get his hands in front of his head, but Force’s left arm and right lead punches prevent him from covering up. Force’s punch pick up just that much more exuberance and snap.*


*Judge slams both of his fists in pseudo short hooks into Force’s kidney area, bringing all of Force’s offense to an immediate stop. Judge slams his fists into Force’s kidneys again, and then begins to alternate large, crushing short hooks home as Force recoils in agony. Judge then clamps his arms around Force’s torso, lifts him from the ropes and brings him down in a thunderous powerbomb. The ring shudders as Judge throttles Force’s 280 pound frame down.*

*Judge backs up to the rope and catches his breath as Force lays in a human “X” in the center of the ring, trying to come back to the moment that he’s been momentarily knocked from.*

*Upon taking his second deep breath, Judge gets immediate elevation and hits a jarring elbow drop, driving all of his weight through his elbow to Force’s sternum. Judge gets back up and begins to rattle Force with a series of well placed boots to the head. Judge then picks Force up and wheels him into the far ropes. Judge springs off the ropes behind him and explodes into the rebounding Force with a spear.*

*Judge turns and mounts Force and begins to batter Force’s forehead with his fists. Alternating punches between right and left, each punch draws the wounded skin tighter and tighter. The fans begin to count with Judge but are soon lost as Judge’s punches become frequent as a drumroll’s snare. Judge hops off Force and breaks his usually stoic calm, screaming at the crowd, gaining inward momentum.*

*Force rolls 45 degrees and twitches, slowly pulling together and pulling himself up. Judge sees this and goes to the far turnbuckle. Reaching behind the corner, Judge begins unlacing the top turnbuckle’s cover, taking a bit every couple of seconds to look over at Force, then going back to the unlacing.*

*Force has his hand braced on the second rope and pulls himself to one knee. Judge drops his untying and takes two strides before jumping into the air and bringing his boot sole onto the back of Force’s neck and head, sending him right back into the mat. Judge hurries over to the corner and resumes uncovering the turnbuckle in a more hurried fashion.*

*Force shakes his head a couple of times firmly, clearing the cobwebs. While lying down, Force takes a moment to gather himself, knowing full well what Judge is working on. Having regained just enough energy, Force hauls himself up in a fluid motion, pushing himself off the canvas. He drops into a three point stance as Judge finally pulls the cover off the turnbuckle, exposing the metal elbow hook beneath.*

*As Judge begins to turn around, Force pushes through his hips into his cocked left and then his braced right leg and almost literally launches himself, a human missle of pain into Judge, who crashes backward with penultimate authority into the corner, and into the exposed metal turnbuckle. Judge lets out a yell and his elbows surge in behind him in reaction to the blow.*

*Force stands up, freeing him from Judge’s body, which slumps to the mat. Judge rolls around slowly and awkwardly, clutching for the middle of his back. Force puts his hands up and leans on the top corner for just a couple of moments, gathering himself. Looking down at Judge, Force levels his oversized boot into the middle of Judge’s back, in the same area that was crushed into the metal elbow of the ropes. Judge tightens up and Force takes another couple of cleansing breaths.*

*Force quickly jerks Judge up and into a powerslam, and then in just as quick and fluid a motion, he does it again. Force appears to be about to take another breather when he begins instead to stomp his boot into Judge’s forehead over and over as he lay sprawled before him. Judge eventually puts his hands up and begins to grab at Force’s boot strikes, causing Force to back off. Force goes into the corner opposite the exposed metal turnbuckle and crouches again into a pseudo three point stance, watching Judge as he pulls himself up.*

*Grabbing the top rope for leverage, Judge has pulled himself up, only to see Force launch himself at him from the far corner, AGAIN. Judge’s eyes and nostrils flare to full alert as he deftly sidesteps the human rocket and guides Force, fully steamed and shoulder first, between the ropes and into the steel ring post. Force screams and crumples in the corner, lodged awkwardly with his head and shoulders hanging over the ropes, out of the ring.*

*Judge drops and rolls out to the arena floor…he walks around to the corner where Force is still hanging somewhat suspended, and inspects the situation. Force’s eyes are closed and his breathing isn’t rapid at all but drawn and smooth, almost as if he were dozing off. Judge springs back up to the apron on the outside of the ring and takes three good sized steps back from the corner where Force is, his head leaning ever so slightly in Judge’s direction.*

*Judge takes two powerful strides and brings his boot up, sole colliding with Force’s face and forehead in what can only be described as blunt force trauma, sending Force through the other side of the ropes, spilling out him to the floor with Judge. The cameras jostle for position and strafe around to Force’s side of the ring, and as he rolls over and begins to raise himself up we see that he is in fact, not bleeding after that vicious kick.*

*The camera jostles more and is thrown out of position as Judge shoves the cameraman out of the way and grabs Force. He levels a drawn right cross to Force’s forehead and quickly wheels Force 180 degrees, slamming his head into the ring apron. Keeping on the move, Judge wheels Force 180 again and hits a scoop slam to the arena floor. Judge takes a half step, half stagger backward and looks at the corner ring post. He considers it for just a second and then turns to pick up Force.*

*Judge claps Force’s head into his oblique, grabbing him into an underhand headlock. Judge gets the angle right so that he is staring directly at the ring post with a 45 degree approach. Judge strides powerfully toward the post, only for Force to put both feet down, braking his approach. Force uses his left hand to pushoff Judge and the momentum sends Judge full speed, chest first into the unmoving post.*

*Force staggers a bit and then comes up to Judge and quickly grabs the back of his head, slamming it into the post, forehead first. Judge falls to the ground and rocks back and forth, clutching at his forehead. No blood is visible to the ref or the cameras. Force loses his balance and careens into the fan barricade, where he remains for a few moments, catching his breath.*

*Gathered, or at least as gathered as he’s able to be, Force picks Judge back up and hits a measured right cross to Judge’s forehead. Force grabs Judge’s head and slams his forehead again into the post, sending Judge once more to the floor. The ref comes up to check and gets slapped away pretty roughly by Judge, who didn’t seem to know he wasn’t Force. Getting up, the ref signals that Judge is not yet bleeding.*

*Force goes over to Judge and picks him up, locking him into an underhand headlock, similar to the hold he had found himself in just a few moments earlier. Force drags Judge over to the other end of the ring’s outside, punching him in the forehead as they go. Force stops when he’s got Judge in front of the Announce Table.*

*Force brings Judge up to execute a grapple, but Judge throws out a quick jab and connects with Force’s jaw, which Force responds to with a decisive knee to the gut, doubling Judge over. Force maneuvers Judge onto the announce table and then hops on and stands the both of them up as Marv and Tater abandon their seats at the Announce Position.*

*Judge breaks out of Force’s grasp and hits a form right overhand to Force’s face. Force reciprocates, and soon the two are standing on top of the announce table exchanging blows with swift alacrity. Judge rakes Force’s eyes, bringing his punches to a stop. Judge pulls Force into him, positioning the 280 pounder for a DDT into the tabletop.*

*The crowd pops even louder and Judge is nodding curtly. As he begins to shift his weight for the DDT’s initial upswing, Force’s left forearm comes up between his leg with strength and speed, nailing a low blow so brutal that it would gag a Urologist. Judge’s eyes are nearly bulging out of his head and his mouth hangs open in a silent scream.*

*Force straightens himself and quickly grabs Judge, hauling him into position for the Unstoppable Drop. Force slings Judge over his shoulder and into position, gives the crowd a Thumbs Down gesture and hits the sit out. Upside down and helpless, Judge is spiked into the table with nearly 700 pounds of force.*

*The announce table shatters in what looks to be a million pieces as the crowd chants “HO-LY-SHIT” over and over again. Force gets up, brushing shards of what used to be the announce table off of his frame and yelling in triumph. The refs and the cameras peer around Force who is making way for them. Sifting through more shards of table, soon enough the ref and camera uncover enough to see Judge’s face, a crimson mask of blood. The ref calls for the bell and begins to try to help Judge up.*

*Force staggers back a bit, incredulous, and then is handed the IWO TV Championship Belt. Shaking his head as if to clear it or wake up, he looks long and hard at the strap in his hands. Force slides into the ring and goes up to the corner, mounts the second turnbuckle and holds his hands and his new Title Belt up to the screaming crowd, letting out a primal cry of triumph and relief.*

*Force gets down and moves over to the other corner, which he mounts in turn and celebrates with the fans on that side of the arena. After a good amount of flexing, slapping the Title that was slung across his shoulder and pointing to the rafters, Force gets down and turns around. He finds himself staring at Judge, forehead trickling blood across the ring from him, staring at Force and what used to be his TV Title.*

*Force straightens up and slaps the belt a few more times. He says a few words with the air of someone who still has more gas in the tank. Judge stares him down for several more moments. Judge then nods and extends his hand. Force shifts his weight to the opposite of his position and stares back at Judge and his hand from a slightly different angle. Force then reaches out and clasps Judge’s hand in his own, shaking it firmly and clapping him on the shoulder.*
*Marv and Tater head to the back as we go to break*


*backstage Marv and Tater are fussing with Miss A and some other people*

M: The mics don't work and we have no backup

T: What kind of business are you trying to run

Miss A: look it was a mistake and the person that failed to remember the backup equipment has been fired as of right now...listen guys just go back to the hospitality room and enjoy some food and watch the main event just like everyone else.

M: do we still get paid

Miss A: yes.

Tater: Heck yes, come on Marv, I'm starving!

*they walk off*

*a hell in the cell cage is being lowered, as barbwire is now in the place that the ring ropes were...a ref is messing with a valve that controls the gas that goes to the fire...the crowd is pumped*

Originally Posted by World Title Match inside Corey's Manaical Creation: DC vs. Corey Taylor

*Duality hits as the crowd goes nuts...Corey walks out to the stage and the crowd erupts with cheers as they chant Corey, Corey!...Corey has a snicker on his face as he slowly approaches the cell...he enters the door, and then heads up the steps...he climbs up the turnbuckle to avoid the barbwire and on the top turnbuckle Corey looks out at the cell and the fans..he hoists an arm as the crowd cheers for him...Corey climbs over the turnbuckle and stands in the center of the ring looking towards the stage*

*Corey's music ends, as Blue on Black plays as the whole crowd immediately begins to boo...DC and Wilma walk out and the crowd letting the World Champ have it...DC shakes his head, and then him and Wilma walk down the aisle...he gets to the end of the aisle and looks at Wilma, she kisses him on the cheek for good luck as he walks in the cage with the belt around his waist..Corey not taking his eyes off of DC...a ref on the outside puts a chain and lock around the door, and then puts the key in his pocket...DC watches realizing he is now locked in with the monster, Corey Taylor...the crowd still booing as DC looks under the ring...he finds a singapore cane that wasn't used earlier...he takes the cane and touches the barbwire, and flames come flying up from the wire...the crowd likes what they see, and chant that DC is going to burn...DC then goes and drops the stick before climbing up the stairs...he too goes up the turnbuckle and standing on top of it, he looks at Corey and both men are staring at each other...DC takes the belt off his waist and shows it to Corey pointing at him then at the belt...DC hops into the ring, and the ref calls for the bell...both men looking at each other, neither man wanting to look away as the crowd is chanting for Corey*

*DC holding the title in his hands he then runs at Corey and tries to nail him with the belt, but Corey ducks it..Corey with a right hand and another knocking DC back...DC drops the title as Corey unleashing some fury on him..the crowd cheering like crazy...Corey grabs DC by the arm and whips him towards the barbwire ropes..DC slides on a knee to stop himself...he turns to get up, and Corey charges and hits a kick in the mouth on him almost knocking his teeth out..Wilma trying to yell instructions to DC, but the crowd is too loud..Corey drops down on top of DC and begins punching him in the back of the head...the ref can do nothing about it, as Corey finally stops and gets to his feet, he looks down and flips DC the bird as the crowd cheers...Corey picks DC up and kicks him in the gut he lifts him up on his shoulders and tries for the Duality Driver, but DC floats over him..DC with an elbow to the back of Corey's head..Corey stammers forwards and DC runs and pushes Corey right into the wire, causing a huge flame to come up and burn part of Corey's chest..Corey flings himself backwards off the wire, and falls to the mat in pain frmo the flames that leave a red mark on his chest..DC looks at him then drops down for the cover...1....2.....kickout...DC gets on top and begins to pound away at Corey*

*the crowd booing as DC is now choking the challenger...DC gets up and then kicks Corey a couple of times...he picks Corey up and DC with a kick the gut, and he lifts Corey on his shoulders...he begins to spin and get ready for the Bust, but Corey floats over, and hits a reverse DDT on the champ...Corey makes a cover, but only gets two...Corey rolls off of DC holding his chest...Corey cussing under his breath as the crowd chants "Let's Go Corey"....Corey sits up, and then gets to his feet...DC is now on all fours, and Corey runs and drops a knee to the head of DC knocking DC flat on the mat...Corey then goes for a camel clutch as he gets on top of DC...he locks it in, and DC in pain...the ref asking the champ, but he won't quit..Corey yelling as the crowd is cheering..Wilma going nuts on the outside telling DC not to give up...DC won't quit as he shakes his head no...finally Corey gives up and lets go but not before clubbing DC across the face with a forearm...DC on the mat, and Corey goes and climbs over the turnbuckle to the outside of the ring...he walks over and grabs the singapore cane and tosses it over the wire...he looks under the ring, and finds a table and pulls it out...he then reaches under it again and finds a barbwire 2X4...the crowd cheers as Corey looks at the board and smiles...Wilma yelling for DC to get up...DC crawls over and grabs the singapore cane, as Corey comes back in the ring over the turnbuckle...he walks over towards a downed DC, but DC was playing possum and swings upward at Corey nailing him in that burnt chest of his...Corey lets out a grunt as he drops the board...DC to a knee and a shot to Corey's gut with the stick...he then gets to his feet and begins to whack Corey in the chest again..Corey clutching his chest, as DC then nails him in the head with the cane...Corey is rocked..DC with another shot, and another, another shot sends Corey back into the wire, as the flames shoot up and burn the back of Corey's can smell the singed hair as Corey gets caned again in the head and again, the flames not going off as Corey is stuck in the wire...the crowd is booing*

*DC continues to pound on Corey with the cane...finally DC breaks the cane over Corey's head..Corey with that mask on his face, looks like blood may be coming from his head...the wire making Corey bleed in his back...DC begins to unload with punches on the face and head of Corey who is stuck in the wire...DC walks over and grabs the 2X4 and looks at it as the crowd boos him...Corey gets himself out of the wire, and bleeding and in pain, stammers over towards DC...DC turns around and Corey with an eye poke to the champ..DC drops the board as Corey then kicks him in the gut and then hits a double arm DDT on him...both men laying on the mat in pain*

*commercial break*


*DC is bleeding profusely from his forehead as Corey is standing there watching DC crawling on his hands and knees as the crowd chants for Corey...Corey holds that board in his hand and he goes over and stands over DC...he then begins to ram the wired board into DC's back over and over again as Wilma screams on the outside...Corey finally stops as DC lays motionless bleeding from his back now...Corey still bleeding from his face and back, with drops of blood coming from his mask drops the board on the mat...he then picks DC up, and locks him in a front face lock...he slowly brings him over positioning him so that his face is over the board...Corey looks to go for a DDT, as he looks at towards the crowd, but on instinct DC nails him with a lowblow and both men fall over...*

*DC on the mat bleeding while Corey holds himself...DC trying to shake out the cobwebs, as he slowly gets to his pain he can hardly stand as he yells for Corey to get up...DC picks up the barbwire 2X4 and Corey tries getting to his feet...Corey is up and turns around and DC levels him in the top of the head with the board making Corey fall to the mat...DC's momentum carries him to the mat as well...He then chunks the board to the outside hitting the barbwire ropes and making flames shoot up as it goes over them...DC wipes the blood from his face, and then slowly crawls over to Corey...he drapes an arm over him and the ref counts...1.....2...kickout by Corey...the crowd cheering for Corey, as wilma on the outside can't believe it...*

*DC gets to his feet and picks Corey up, he nails a chop to Corey's burnt chest, and then kicks him in the gut...he then locks him up and hits the Leash on Corey...DC with a cover...1.....2....2 1/2....kickout...Corey barely gets a shoulder up and DC can't believe it...DC sitting up in disgust for the slow count as he yells at the ref...he then gets up and gets Corey up and backs him into the corner turnbuckle..he begins to kick Corey in the midsection a few times, before delivering some hard chops that make Corey start bleeding from his chest from the raw spot where he got burnt...DC with a hard right hand to the face of Corey, and then he grabs Corey and whips him into the other corner...DC runs at Corey, but Corey gets a boot up...DC runs into it, and then stammers back...Corey then nails a spear on DC as both men hit the ground...Corey rolls over and covers...1.....2....DC with a shoulder up and the crowd booing...Wilma clapping and yelling for the champ to get up*

*Corey crawls over and grabs the world title that has been in the ring the whole time...he waits for DC to get up...Corey now motioning for him to get to his feet and bring it..DC is up and his back and stomach in pain, DC turns as Corey charges him...DC falls to the mat with a droptoe hold tripping Corey..Corey goes flying with the belt flying into the wire and heading to the outside...the flames go off right before Corey lands face and chest first into the wire, just missing him....Corey yells in pain as the wire cuts him deep...*

*DC is up and goes and steps over the legs of Corey...he grabs Corey's legs and lifts them up for a Boston Crab with Corey stuck in the wire still.....DC with the crab as the ref trying to ask Corey who is just yelling in pain with his face and chest in the barbwire....DC has Corey suspending in the air with the Crab....finally DC lets go and then proceeds to pull Corey out of the wire...Corey is bleeding as DC locks in the Putdown*

*The fans booing and trying to clap to get Corey back into this thing..Corey trying to fight off sleep as DC locks the hold in...Corey struggling and starts backpeddling pushing DC towards a corner..he manages to ram DC into a turnbuckle...and again..and again and DC lets go of the hold...Corey turns around and tries to hit DC, but DC blocks it...DC kicks Corey in the gut, and then grabs him and tosses him through the middle ropes, where the wire cuts Corey on the arm and the flames shoot up burning his arm as he tumbles to the outside floor..DC catches his breath*

*commercial break*


*Corey running DC's face against the Cell, as Wilma watches...Corey yells at her to watch this bitch....Corey then ramming DC's head against the cage as the crowd cheers for him...Corey then whips DC into the steel stairs...Corey walks over and pass DC who is just laying near the stairs bleeding...Corey near the front of the cell, gets the table from earlier and sets it up....he then goes and picks DC back up, but DC with a kick to the groin makes Corey clutch himself and slump over...DC then rams Corey's head into the stairs...and again...DC then grabs Corey and rams him up against the cage...Corey falls to the ground...DC grabs Corey's legs and locks in the cloverleaf...DC has Corey in a bad positon as Wilma comes over and yells for him to give it up...the ref from outside the cage is checking to see if Corey gives..Corey won't quit...finally DC lets go*

*DC picks Corey up and whips him into the stairs...DC wiping the blood from his face then goes up the stairs grabbing Corey by the head...he brings Corey to his feet, and then DC grabs him in a front face lock..DC puts one arm around his neck and looks back towards the table...DC then suplexes Corey and Corey goes crashing through the table on the outside...DC looks to be in pain as his back hit the floor while Corey lays in some debris..Wilma motions up the ramp...Thugged Out come running down the aisle, and they attack the ref on the outside....they toss him into the cage wall...They look for the key...when Force and Judge come running down the aisle...they attack Exo and Stick and the four men begin to brawl...Wilma runs out of the way as DC looks outside the cell to see Thugged Out head into the crowd fighting Force and Judge...DC looks in disbelief as his backup plan goes away...DC then goes after Corey kicking at him...he picks Corey up and slides him under the wire, causing flames to shoot up on Corey's back and also burning DC's hand...DC pulls his hand back and drops to his knees on the outside shaking his hand off as Wilma tries to check on him...she finds the key from the ref's pocket and opens the cage door, she goes inside and checks on the champ...she then reaches into her dress and pulls from her bra a pair of brass knuckles and hands them to him...*

*She runs over and finds the valve that controls the fire and cuts it off...DC then rolls in under the wire into the ring...the crowd booing as DC has the brass knucks on his hand...Corey is trying to stir...He is slowly to his knees as DC just waiting...Wilma yelling at DC to get him....Corey is up to a knee, then he gets to his feet, he tries to keep his balance...Corey looks and sees Wilma outside the ring...he then turns around, as DC goes to punch him, Corey ducks...DC turns around and tries again, but Corey blocks it...he clotheslines DC to the ground as Wilma can't believe it...the crowd cheering for Corey as both men on the mat...Corey feeling his second wind gets to his feet, he lets out a yell*

*the crowd cheering like crazy as Corey is waiting for DC to get up...DC with the knucks still on his hand rolls over and gets on all fours...Corey is waiting as DC gets to his feet, Corey comes over and Corey kicks DC in the gut as he gets to his feet, He then lifts him up on his shoulder and nails the Duality Driver on the champ....Corey makes the cover hooking the leg as the ref counts.......1........2......3.....*

*Wilma is in shock as Corey rolls off of DC...the crowd erupts as Corey has just won the world title...the ref calls for the bell and they announce the winner of the match and new World Heavyweight Champion, Corey Taylor...DC lays in the Corey rolls under the wire...the ref goes and gets the belt and brings it to him...Corey takes the title as Wilma gets in the ring to check on DC...Corey walks out of the the crowd is cheering and chanting his name...he walks up the ramp where his bandmates from Slipknot are waiting...he gets up there, and someone begins to play the opening chords to Duality..they hand Corey a mic, and with the World Title in his hand, he hoists it in the air, and begins to sing the song...the crowd erupts and jumps over the barricades heading up the ramp to where the new champ is...and they play Duality and the show goes off the air with the new World Champion celebrating the only way he knows how*
*end show*


Thanks to Corey for the Show Banner

Thanks to Exo for the title banners

Thanks to Doom for writing the Singapore cane match, the hardcore title match, the battle royal, and the broiler room match.

Thanks to Glue for writing the TV title match

feedback would be appreciated.
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Great show and congrats to Corey.

Thanks to Monica for the banner and the avatar

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Originally Posted by Sinestro Corps Oath
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Beware your fears made into light
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kick ass show. and also congrats to Corey, tis been along time coming bro. I'm suprised over my own win on troy..I'm sure thats not my last match with him either..oh well, bring it.
Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post
If I wanted stupid illogical booking I'd watch TNA.
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I still have to question the purpose of a PPV if you have commercials.
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Originally Posted by Nick Saban
I still have to question the purpose of a PPV if you have commercials.

It's a supershow not a's like Saturday Nights Main Event or something...this show is televised which is why there are commercials.
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Originally Posted by Nick Saban
I still have to question the purpose of a PPV if you have commercials.
Cracka I's question da purpose o' y'all questionin' da purpose.

Essept fo one...maybe two thangs I'd'a done diff'rnt...da show waaa off da chiiizzzy. Word.

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What the fuck? Earth Bitches beat us? That's horseshit

Juice lost his hardcore title? That's horseshit

DC lost his heavyweight title? That's horseshit
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Somebody's gonna suffer for this outrage...


People who use the words "Internet Bullies" are the most pussiest form of pussies you'll ever find. Chances are better than not that any girlfriend they've ever had cheated on them multiple times, probably right in front of them, laughing at their pitiful punk asses the whole time while they sat there and cried. If you or someone you know has been caused grief by an "Internet Bully" then you and/or that person is nothing but a little punk ass bitch, and the world would be a better, more manly place if you'd just jump off a fucking bridge already. Late.
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Nice very cool lots of title changes complete shake up hardcore. Didn't think that would happen at a Supershow but break work exciting stuff. Can't wait to see where this all goes. Mad props to Glue for the TV title match that shit was off the chain and mad props to DC as usual.

Props to Sly as Hell for the banner.

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Great show.
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Great show and thanks for all the props guys. This was a fucking blood bath of a show.

Thanks to David for the Orton banner...

Join the EFED you fucks!
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Good show, everyone. A pleasent, yet peaceful surprise as The Peaceful One has gold.
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Awesome show guys.

WWECW? What was that all about?
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Originally Posted by 571CK
DC lost his heavyweight title? That's horseshit
I beg to differ

Thanks to David for the Orton banner...

Join the EFED you fucks!
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