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Promo Thread for Pain and Suffering Supershow
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Default Promo Thread for Pain and Suffering Supershow

Promos due by Friday October 19 @ 7PM EST

Pain and Suffering Supershow from Des Moines, Iowa hosted by Corey Taylor

Fatal 4 way ladder tag match for the Tag Team championship.
Team Earthbound vs Strictly Buisness vs The Riot Makers vs Thugged Out

Singapore Cane Grudge match
Jason vs. Josh

Boiler Room match
Troy vs. Deathshock

Hardcore 3 way dance w/ falls counting anywhere for the hardcore title
Juice vs Black Dragon vs Cryptic

Fatal Four Way Elimination Battle Royal
Don smith vs funeral holmes vs Ricky Thunder vs Vanilla Gorilla

Singles Match
Demon Alexander vs Crusher

First Blood TV title match
Judge vs. Force

Corey's Maniacle Creation Match for the World Title
Corey vs DC
-A Hell in the Cell with Barb wire ropes and flames shoot up through the wire.
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Jason is fat like a planet.Jason is fat like a planet.Jason is fat like a planet.Jason is fat like a planet.Jason is fat like a planet.Jason is fat like a planet.Jason is fat like a planet.Jason is fat like a planet.Jason is fat like a planet.Jason is fat like a planet.Jason is fat like a planet.
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*Jason and Stacy are shown walking together backstage*

Jason - I'm so sorry about what happened out there last week

*They stop walking*

Stacy - I told you it's okay because I know you didn't mean to and the doctors here stiched me up and then I had the make up girls cover them up...see?

Jason - Yeah it looks like nothing happened

Stacy - See what did I tell you? Nothing to worry about hunny bunny

*She clutches to him and kisses him on the cheek as they start walking again towards the ring area as Jason's music plays over the sound system when the boos from the crowd begin,the jobbers in the ring stop what they're doing to see what's happening as the couple walks to the ring as Jason grabs a mic*

Jason - Okay you guys are done now get out of the ring

*The two wrestlers just look at him visibly upset*

Jason - Maybe you didn't hear me...I said get out!

*One of them grabs another mic*

Jobber - Look man were just out here trying to do our job and entertain these people

Jason - Entertain? More like boring them to death

Jobber - You think you can do any better?

Jason - Are you seriously asking me that? Do you have any idea who am I kid?

Jobber - Yeah you're the guy who wasn't able to defeat Judge for the TV title

*Jason gets irritated look on his face as he turns his back,a smirk grows on his face as he turns around and delivers a devastating superkick to wrestler*

Jason - Is that any better for you? What about you? You going to be hero like your buddy here?

*The other wrestler quickly gets out of the ring*

Jason - That's what I thought...can you get me a chair please sweetheart?

*Stacy gets out of the ring to grab a chair and slides back into the ring to Jason*

Jason - Thanks sweetie

Stacy - Anything for my hunny bunny

*Jason picks up the wrestler and delivers a Vertebreaker right onto the chair causing blood to begin pouring from the back of his head*

Jason - Now that's what I call entertainment

*The crowd boos as Jason and Stacy laugh*

Jason - Josh you see this? You better be ready for tonight when we face each other in a singapore cane match,and just when you thought you were done getting your ass kicked by me.I know that fat cow April is tired of seeing me humliate you each week,and eventually she's going to get sick of it and drop your sorry ass just like I did...and just like I will tonight when I hit the singapore cane right across your head splitting you open and knocking you right on your worthless ass in a pool of your own blood

*The crowd boos some more as Jason drops the mic he and Stacy leave the ring where EMTs run in to check on the wrestler,the couple laughs as they walk back up the ramp*

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*Joker is seen in the shadows*

Joker: Corey, you feel that I don't deserve a match, well let me assure you that you have not seen the last of me...your future involves me Corey, and I will do everything to make sure that you pay!


*Schmo and Public arrive at the airport in Des Moines*

Schmo: I can't believe that we are going to wrestle for the tag titles again.

Public: What I can't believe is that we have to do it out here around a bunch of corn.

Schmo: Oh come on John, it's not that bad.

Public: You're right it's worse.

Schmo: Regardless of the location tonight we have a chance to climb up the ladder of success and accomplish what we set out to do so many months ago, win the Tag Team Titles.

Public: Exactly, only tonight we have our hands full, I mean the Riot Makers are the only team to beat Thugged Out.

Schmo: That is true, but John, they have been in a major slump since then.

Public: But what about these new guys, Team Earthbound, I haven't seen a team like that in the IWO since...In fact I don't know if I ever have.

Schmo: The midgets? Don't worry about them, their stocks might be up right now, but soon they will come crashing back down to pun intended.

Public: None taken, but still we have to deal with Thugged Out.

Schmo: Yes we do, I have been waiting for a while to do that.

Public: As have I, and tonight we get that chance, tonight we are going to prove to all three of these teams just why we are Strictly Business!
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*Camera opens to on over head view of the crowd. Many many fans are wearing Corey like masks and slipknot shirts. The entire place is screaming...COREY! COREY! COREY! After a quick run through the crowd the camera zooms in on the huge poster for Pain and Suffering.

M: I am not sure if you can hear us but here we are live in Corey's hometown of Des Moines, Iowa as the IWO presents Pain and Suffering.'

T: This is fucking amazing Marv. I have never seen so many people behind the maniacle Corey.

M: What the fuck did you think they were going to do? Boo him?

*The lights in the arena suddenly go out and the crowd erupts to an entirely new level. The arena lights up in red as people begin to chant Corey's name even louder.*

T: I think the damn building is shaking Marv!

*Duality blares over the the PA system and the crowd continues to chant Corey's name...COREY! COREY! COREY! COREY! A huge blast of pyro erupts at the ramp and out comes the GM for tonight Corey. Corey looks more pumped than ever as he is eating up the crowds ovation and waiving for them to be louder. Corey for once is slapping fans hands as he heads down the ramp towards the ring. One fan shoves Corey positively and Corey shoves him right back as they both scream in each other's faces.

M: Good god I have never seen anything like this.

*Corey jumps up to the apron as another blast of pyro fires from the four corners of the ring. Corey enters the ring and climbs to a middle turnbuckle and raises a single arm in the air. Security is having trouble keeping fans behind the barricades. Corey jumps down and yanks the mic. from the announcer and chases him out of the ring. Corey raises the mic. to speak but the fans will not stop going insane for their hometown hero. Corey tries to get the crowd to quiet down but is unsuccessful. Finally the crowd dies down a little as Corey raises the mic.


*Crowd pops again hard.*


*Crowd pops even harder.*


*Corey goes to a middle turnbuckle again.*


*Crowds erupts in Corey chants again as the fans are going so nuts that the barricades are starting to sway and security is using all their strength to keep the crowd contained. Finally the crowd settles a little and Corey brings the mic. closer to his face again.*

Now to all the matters at hand. Great fucking crowd equals great fucking card. I have perosonally designed this show to suit these great fans and of course myself's taste. I guaren fucking tee that every wrestling fan will remember this night for the rest of their lives! There will be gore. There will be blood. THERE WILL BE FUCKING MAYHEM! EVERY IWO SUPERSTAR'S CAREER WILL FUCKING CHANGE AFTER THEIR VERY OWN PAIN AND SUFFERING! All the fucking big boys are here. Troy, Force, Cryptic, Judge, Thugged Out, Earthbound, Demon, Jason, Josh,.....

*Corey pauses and laughs a little before naming his last superstar.*

I even brought the "champ" DC. The "future hall of famer".

*Crowd erupts in boo's which turns into a FUCK YOU DC! Corey walks around the ring holding the mic. out towards the crowd as the chant continues....FUCK YOU DC! FUCK YOU DC! FUCK YOU DC! FUCK YOU DC! Corey stops and leans forward with both arms on the top rope that sits in front of the aisle.*

Yes folks that is right I even added our has been hack of a cham...I mean hell of a champ the this fucking amazing card. I just thought who else would make a better adverysary for our great champion than the most insane and dominant superstar in the IWO. I have even went further into the depths of my demented and fucked up mind to create a first time ever match here in the IWO . There is going to be a fucking cell around the ring to keep those little Vanilly Ice faggots out of the ring. For weeks I have been saying how you cannot do things on your own anymore DC and finally I am truly putting you to the test as I am caging you with an animal. I know your fucking listening Juice and Thugged Out. You will have to sit there and watch as I take your leader apart. You will watch him bleed crimson and then you will watch my hand be raised when I am crowned the new IWO Heavyweight Champion. Did you three little faggots really think you could soften me up for the "champ"? If you think the little beating you gave me last week did you one bit of good YOU HAVE ANOTHER FUCKING THING COMING! YOU WILL NOT BE A FACTOR IN THIS MATCH AND FOR ONCE THE "CHAMP" IS GOING TO HAVE TO FEND FOR HIS FUCKING SELF....IF HE FUCKING CAN! What do you think Des Moines? Does DC have a fucking chance in hell against me alone?

*Crowd starts screaming DC SUCKS! DC SUCKS! DC SUCKS! DC SUCKS!]

Just as I fucking thought! You my friend will be trapped in side of solid steel with me, But thats not fucking all "champ". I've also decided to put another one of my best fucking friends around the ring for just an added fucking twist. THE FUCKING RING IS GOING TO BE SURROUNDED BY BARB WIRE! Ask anyone who has stepped into the squared circle with me when barb wire was present. It wasn't a fucking pretty sight. People tend to go to the fucking Emergency room when this happens. Just ask your fucking former best buddy Judge. You know the one you fucked out of the TV title but yet he still won it back against fucking Thugged Out. You all are a fucking joke to me! Judge regaining the TV title is just the beggining. Soon Thugged Out will drop the tag titles. But tonight DC....tonight is the night that your reign of deceit ends. Tonight your joke of a title run will finally be put out of its misery. Finally the true champion of this company gets what is rightfully his! TONIGHT DESTINY IS GOING TO BE FINALLY FULFILLED WHEN I TAKE THE IWO WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP FROM YOU DC!

*Crowd pops hard again.*

Still that isn't all though boys and girls. For my final stipulation I have decided that fire will shoot up through the barb wire. A nice final touch to fucking heat things up a little bit. I know DC is fucking back there in his locker room thinking about how this is the end of his era. The days of him screwing people out of the title and ruining people's careers is over. His amazingly long title reign will finally come to a close and there is absoulutely nothing he can do about it. He is also pondering about what it is going to feel like as I run his bleeding face all over that cell while all his little fucking friends watch in horror. DC is cringing at the thought of me wraping barb wire around his face and fucking neck while blood gushes from every part of his fucking head. Then he will finally stare down at his championship in regret as he can envision himself going up in flames. His flesh will burn to a crisp as I stand over him laughing in utter bliss. There is nothing more I would rather do than to make him feel undeniable and unexplainable pain. Then....when that bell finally rings. DC will be flat on his fucking back watching me celebrate the dawn of a new era with all of you fucking people! DC is envisioning the birth of the days of Insanity. The effect of all of this will bring him into a state of utter saddness as he will cry like a little fucking bitch! When the EMT's finally carry his sorry washed up ass out of here he will look up to find support from his allies and they will be nowhere to be found. There will be no Thugged Out or Juice. They will give up on his sorry ass and finally realize that they are above him and that they do not need him anymore. Everything that he holds dear will have been taken from him. As they carry his stupid ass to the top of the ramp....

*Corey rolls out of the ring and stalks up the ramp. The crowd seems a little confused on what he is about to do. Corey gets to the top of the ramp and looks at the huge banners on each side. One containing a picture of Corey...The other of DC. Corey walks over the banner with DC on it.

He will look up to see this last instance of him as champion. He will be looking to see this banner that is the last representation of his dwindling credibility. He will want to cling to this pathetic remanints but will only find...this.

*Corey pulls out a lighter and lighter fluid. He begins to spray the lighter fluid all over the banner and lights the lighter. Corey holds up the lit lighter and uses his other hand to raise the mic. again.

Nothing...Nothing is what DC will find. His last piece of glory with be nothing more than some black ash. I will have reduced the so called legend to a shell of a man. The one thought of as the most dominant and deceitful champion will be a fucking bruised, battered and beaten....NOBODY...A WORLD CLASS FUCKING BUM! EVERYONE FUCKING JOIN ME AS WE BURN THIS MOTHER FUCKER DOWN!

*Crowd once again erupts in Corey chants and nearly everyone in the arena is holding up lit lighters. Corey takes in the response and lights the banner aflame. The crowd is going literally insane as they keep their lighters lit and start to chant....BURN DC! BURN! BURN DC BURN!*

M: This is insane Tater....

T: Of course it is...It is Corey you dumbass!

*Crowd is still chanting BURN! as Corey throws his lighter to the crowd. Two fans begin beating each other trying to get it. Corey sits on the edge of the ramp.*

DC is too proud to admit that anything I am saying is the truth. Deep down he knows his fate though. He has never beaten me and there is no way that is going to fucking change now. Even in his fucking prime over a year ago he could not contain me when I went on to win my first IWO Heavyweight Championship. Since then I have grown bigger, stronger, crazier, and more talented than he can even fathum. What the fuck makes him think he has a chance in hell against me? After tonight DC will finally be brought back down to earth. The table is set...The stones are in place...and DC's career as we know it will be flushed straight down the fucking tubes tonight. Right now I know he is back there crying and pleading for people to bail him out of tonight....but there is no possible way. ONCE AND FOR ALL DC YOU WILL DO THIS ALONE AND YOU WILL LEARN THAT NOT EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS GOING TO TURN OUT THE WAY YOU WANT TO! YOU ARE ALSO GOING TO FIND THAT KARMA ALWAYS EVENTUALLY COMES BACK TO HAUNT YOU! AFTER ALL THE PEOPLE YOU HAVE FUCKED OVER IT WOULD BE AMAZING IF YOU EVEN FUCKING MADE IT OUT OF DES MOINES ALIVE TONIGHT DC! YOU ARE GOING TO PAY FOR YOUR SINS DC!

*Corey looks over at the flaming banner.*

And all of your dreams...goals...accomplishments will go...up in flames.

*Duality hits over the PA system as the crowd erupts in an even bigger COREY! chant as Corey chucks the mic. into the crowd and walks to the back with a raised arm. The camera zooms in and fades on the burning banner which is burning at the bottom of DC's face.*


Thanks to David for the Orton banner...

Join the EFED you fucks!

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Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.Spear should cut his own throat and bleed to death.
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*Hugh Miller and April Century are talking backstage when Don Smith and the two girls from last week burst through the doors. April and Hugh seem stunned for a second, then Hugh tells April that he has this one, and rushes up to Smith.*

Hugh: Smith! Con! Don!

Smith: Smith Con Don?

Hugh: Was just trying to get your attention.

Smith: Well you have it.

Hugh: You haven't been around as of late. What's been going on?

Smith: I've been trying to write an album. It was coming along pretty damn well too until that bastard Dragon busted my guitar. Seriously what was that? Attacking a man backstage. Not to mention, one of my girl's here could have been hurt. Only lowlifes like him do something like that.

*crowd pops*

Hugh: Strong words. Anywho, you're in a fatal four way match tonight.

Smith: Yeah? What about it?

Hugh: Well do you have any comments on it?

Smith: Yeah I do actually. It's yet another stupid match where I face multiple people. Seriously I'm getting sick of these random matches.

Hugh: You do pretty well in them though.

Smith: Doesn't mean I like them. One good thing about them though is they give me good material for my new album, which I could work on if Dragon didn't break my god damn guitar.

Hugh: Back to Dragon. Any words for him?

Smith: Hell yeah. Dragon, you're probably sitting there in the back. Smiling. Thinking you've come out on top. Thinking that you're all smart because you attacked me knowing you weren't going to face me. Knowing that you're in a different match than I am. You're probably like, "oh, I'm going to attack him out of the blue because I'm a coward...and guess what! I won't have to suffer any consequences because I don't even face him next week!" Well Dragon, you better be back there shaking in your boots. If you don't think I have it out for you then you're a moron.

Hugh: So how are you going to get back at him?

Smith: Well there's good news and bad news with that. The bad news is that I won't get a chance this week. Good news is, I control Redemption next week, and he can definitely expect a match with me, *crowd pops* and it won't be a god damn six way tag or a fatal four way or anything like that. It'll be one, on one. Him against me, and he'll PAY for delaying work on my album. *crowd pops* Come on girls. We've got to get ready.

*Smith slaps one girl on the ass as they walk off.*

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Red face


*A commercial break showing a preview of Corey and DC's match tonight has just taken place and the camera is focused on Tater and Marv from their announcement table.*

Tater: Welcome back folks to the IWO Pain and Suffering Supershow and tonight Corey finally gets his chance to take on DC for the IWO.

Marv: Not to mention that hippie, Cryptic will also be in action tonight for the Hardcore title.

*The camera angle changes to show the crowd cheering, many wearing Corey masks, many wearing Cryptic t-shirts, some wearing both, some wearing neither, but everyone hyped.*

Tater: But before that we have two up and coming talents to face off in whats classed as a dark match.

*Suddenly Cryptic's music hits!!!*

*The crowd go crazy as Cryptic comes down to the ring in a frenzy of cheers from the crowd*

Tater: Well Cryptic is not exactly an up and coming talent, but hes coming down to the ring anyway.

Marv: And what a reception The Peaceful One is recieving from his hometown supporters.

Tater: I could hardly hear myself think, let alone speak.

Marv: Thats a good thing.

*Cryptic steps into the ring with a massive grin on his face as he throws up the peace sign at each corner of the ring. The crowd proceed in throwing up peace signs towards Cryptic as their continue cheering.

Cryptic pulls out the peace mic from his pants and stares at the crowd in admiriation as they cheer and chant Cryptic's name, "Cryptic, Cryptic".

Moments later Cryptic puts the peace mic towards his lips to speak..*

Cryptic: Hello, my peaceful brothers and sisters...

*But before Cryptic can say another word the crowd erupt with cheers once more and continue to chant Cryptic's name. Cryptic looks on overwhelmed by the love of the people. Cryptic smiles at the people and signals for them to calm down. The crowd calm down as he puts the peace mic back towards his lips to speak to the people...*

Hello, my peaceful brothers and sisters, The Peaceful One has arrived right here at the Pain and Suffering Supershow and has returned BACK to Iowa, back...Home!

*Crowd pop!!!*

And i must say its good to be back amongst so many peaceful brothers and sisters. Today as i woke up from my tree house i felt a fantastic surge of happiness overwhelm me as the day that The Peaceful One returns back home to Iowa was finally here, but then my smile became even bigger once i got told from my dear mother that i had a match for the Hardcore title. The day has been good, i'm back home, had some home made apple juice, ate some brownies and later on i claim back my title.

*Crowd cheer as Cryptic rubs his palms together and smiles in the most peaceful of ways.*

Now Juice..

*Crowd boo*

Juice, i bet you thought this day won't come, i'm sure in the midst of all the times you attacked me while my back was turned and when you had the numbers in your favour that you thought "Oh, luckily for me as long as i remain as one of DC's lackey's i'm sure to be safe from the wrath of mother nature", well Juice you were wrong, because tonight mother nature has placed a cloud over head, a cloud that you can not run from and soon hailstones, not rain, hailstones shall fall from above hit you wham bam right on the head because tonight you take on, the saviour, the hero, the slayer of those who are unpeaceful, tonight you take on The Peaceful One in a falls count anywhere three way dance for the IWO Hardcore Title!!

*Crowd pop like crazy as Cryptic stands in the ring smiling like a man filled with happiness*

Now Juice speaks a hefty amount of drivel week after week, which i must say i find it rather dreary.

*Cryptic begins to act out like he is yawning*

He comes out each week talking big talk , he speaks like a tough guy, like a brave solider who is about to go to war, claiming to be this and that, but for one who claims to be so much, he requires the aid of two escorts he found in a back street Tokyo brothel and the aid of a man who is nearly as mentally ill as himself, if not more so.

You see, ladies and gentlemen, Juice just can't face his own battles, though he talks big, he is actually a little boy in a man's body screaming for help, so what did Juice do? He seeked the help of DC. Wow, because hes such an idol.

*Crowd and Cryptic laugh*

Juice has joined an alliance where he is nothing but a pawn, almost a dog that barks to DC's every command, last week Juice felt the need to join DC and Thugged Out in attacking me, Troy and my opponents that night and in the midst of all that mess Juice ran around in circles and then attacked me, but i tell you now, Juice, no matter how many times you ambush me, no matter how many people who aids you in your attacks whether it is your escorts, DC or Mr. "i can say seven, hand me a badge", The Peaceful One shall always rise back up due to the aid of mother nature and i shall keep coming back because i am a man that does not say "quit", i am a man on a mission to restore peace back into the IWO and i shall not stop, because i'm quite simply a resilient, iron-willed and ambitious man...ah, did i say ambitious, something you appear to lack. Last while you ran around disturbing my match like a pet off a leash i couldn't help but notice something that i found rather strange. Last week you went and fetched DC's belt from the announce table, now a man with ambition would surely not want to fetch the IWO title for another! But it appears that you are more than content of being follower, a tag-along and a replacement to Judge, a mere downgrade to your predecessor, well Juice i can not say i expect anything less from a man such as yourself, from a man who is not on the side of peace.

*Cryptic shakes his head*

But, Juice, last week you held the IWO title in your hands, in your bare hands, you felt the gold when you fetched it for DC, a title that i and many want and i am sure that each week while DC is telling you what commands to act out and you jump up to claim your scooby snack as a reward, you take a glance at the IWO title that currently rests upon DC's waist, so i wonder where is your pride, Juice? Where is your desire, where is your ambition? It appears that because of your fears to face the cold World alone and on your own two feet you have decided to place yourself under DC's cold two feet as a mere unpeaceful lackey, well Juice such a man who is as unpeaceful and un-ambition as yourself does not and is not fit enough to be the Hardcore Champion, or even fit enough to hold onto any belt. You've held onto my belt for long enough, i handed it to you as a way to help you, but since then you have chosen the wrong path, you have chosen the unpeaceful path and tonight you realise first hand what happens to those who are unpeaceful, as tonight i Cryptic shall become the two time Hardcore champion!

*Crowd pop as Cryptic jumps around throwing up the peace sign.*

Tater: The Peaceful One is ready, he gonna throw some flowers in Juice's eyes!

Marv: And Black Dragon, but then that just won't be peaceful.

Tater: Ah, yes, Black Dragon, i nearly forgot about him.

Cryptic: DC, don't feel for a moment that i have forgotten about you, because the time will come in which The Peaceful One shall claim that belt that Juice recently fetched for you and it shall happen by the hands of mother nature...but then thats if you some how get past that unpeaceful looney Corey, because DC, your "associates" won't be able to help you and even if you some how manage to escape with that belt, then mother nature shall exact full punishment upon your head once our paths cross, because YOU are not peaceful and all your unpeaceful acts has upset the balance of nature and DC, you shall pay the MAXIMUM penalty!

*Crowd cheer!!! Some brutish looking guys from the crowd can be heard shouting "Yeeeaaah!" in a disgruntled voice*

But now I must say although Juice is riddled with faults after faults, one can not be surprised, because lets remember ladies and gentlemen, Juice is after all mentally handicapped.

*Cryptic's goes from happy face to that of a caring and sympathetic look and then speaks in a soft and soothing voice*

He comes out talking each week and at times i feel a warm feeling inside, because its like hearing a baby talk, he can not pronounce the most simple of words such as "this" and he speaks like a man who has a bad case of lisp.

*Cryptic's goes back to normal and he begins to mock Juice*

"I's gone be rough kid, I’s ain’t gone lie ta ya. I’m predicting pain. Don’t worry though, I’s is a merciful champion"

*Crowd laugh*

But the peaceful one has taken the liberty to go out and learn Juice's so called "street" slang, The Peaceful One met a man named Mike Tyson who appears to have a similar issue and i studied the way he spoke, and i feel now i can communicate with Juice in a way that he may understand me, similar to the way that he understands his fellow mentally handicapped buddy Gritz 'N Gravy...

*Cryptic smiles and then puts on the voice of someone who is mentally challenged*

Yo, Juic, me going to wiiiien in our tribble thret matc toooonight and i be tha twooo tiiiimeee Hardcooo Campion, belieeed tat! You fee me, my peeacfoo bruuuutha?!

*Crowd erupt with laughter*

*Cryptic stands in the middle of the ring smiling from ear to ear and admires the crowd as they chant his name*

Marv: Oh, man, that impression was hilarious, the crowd can't get enough.

Tater: And he was so precise. The peoples' champion of peace has learnt something new.

Marv: The art of how to speak like a retard?

Tater: Yep, you feee mee, yo!

*Tater and Marv laugh*

*Cryptic smiles and then suddenly sees a down syndrome boy holding crowd sign saying "Tha fuck ya know bou seven". Cryptic grins slightly and puts the peace mic back towards his lips to speak once more..*

Cryptic: Ah, Seven. Lucky number seven. This very number appears to be an obsession for our gravy loving friend and why not?! Seven is a special number.

Seven. Seven is the amount of spots a common ladybird has and i like ladybirds, they so pretty. Seven is also a lucky number to many, maybe it is to the Gravy man as well, this may explain why he is so obesessed with this number, or maybe its because seven is the only number he knows and is in need of a numeric lesson? If thats the case i shall help him tonight once i claim victory tonight. We can set up classes for every Sunday, because its the seventh day of the week at 7:00pm, as that would be an easy number to recognise on his watch and an easy number to remember. Seven. Seven is said to be the minimum amount of hours of sleep needed for me and my fellow peaceful human beings each day. Seven. Seven Harry Potter have been made, i have six, i'm going to get the seventh once i claim back my Hardcore title as a way to celebrate!

*Cryptic jumps around smiling and clapping*

Seven. Seven minutes is how long it'll take our friend Juice to get from the Iowa mental ward to the IWO arena for our match tonight. Seven. Seven minutes is how long it'll take before i become the new IWO hardcore champion when you Juice and Black Dragon step into the ring tonight against the peaceful one!

*Crowd erupt with cheers as Cryptic stares at the people in the crowd with a massive grin on his face*

*Cryptic pulls out an apple from pocket and bites into it*

And of course, *gulp, (Cryptic just swallowed the bit of the apple he bit)* seven is the amount of times you were dropped on your head when you were a itty bitty seven year old, right Juice? Yes, it was, wasn't it, oh yes it was, you poor thing you. Which may explain the problem you face today with your mental and speech impediment issue, but i shall not judge your unfortunate no loving mommy and papa bear for being imcompetent parents, no, no, i won't, i shall help, because that is just the peaceful thing to do. And with my help and of course your close "friend" Mrs. Juice...i mean Mr. Gravy holding your hand at evey step of the way, this problem shall be corrected, whether it takes seven weeks, seven months or seven years, this curse that has been placed upon your empty casket of a head SHALL BE REMOVED!!

*Crowd burst out laughing as the down syndrome boy turns the crowd sign around to reveal a sign saying "If you ain't peaceful, you ain't nothing"*

Marv: Daaaamn, Juice just had his momma and "papa bear" dissed.

Tater: Don't be surprised if that was actually the truth and not a diss!

*Cryptic smiles and struts around to each corner of the ring, throwing up the peace sign to the people*

Cryptic: Before i can help you, Juice i will have to claim back the IWO Hardcore title. It appears that you do not have any intention of releasing the title and i can understand that. You want to represent to all those little boys and girls who are also mentally handicapped that they can achieve success in life no matter how different he or she may be compared to everyone else, but you see there is a problem. As the peaceful one it is my duty to claim back the IWO Hardcore title and to restore peace within the Hardcore division, you can still represent to the mentally handicapped youngsters as a former IWO hardcore champion though, but as of now the peaceful one shall claim back the IWO hardcore championship title and i shall restore peace and serenity back into the IWO's hardcore division, why? Because i am of course The Peaceful One, you silly thing, you.

*Crowd pop and giggle!!*

But now i move on to another opponent that is involved in the match tonight, the man i am talking about is..Black Dragon. Now Dragon, you don't know me too well, but i know enough of you, two weeks ago you caught a glimpse of The Peaceful One in action, you felt an aura of serenity from The Peaceful One and just when you felt the storm had stopped and the calm was near, from out of no where Ricky Thunder struck and eliminated you from the match in the name of all that is peaceful, but TONIGHT...we meet again and should you attempt to become a thorn in my side then you shall be eliminated, not by the hands of Ricky Thunder, no. But from I..Cryptic!

*Crowd pop and throw up peace signs as Cryptic smiles and focuses on the camera*

Now i'm not sure how you got into this title match, but you are quite simply an inconvinience. However The Peaceful One is a man of respect and integrity so i shall grant you the same amount of respect as i grant the peaceful people, the trees and the environment and that is a lot of respect, Black Dragon and if you treat me with respect, maybe we can become friends! We can play Monopoly, trade Yu-Gi-Oh cards, we can even play some SNES, i have Super Mario, how cool is that?!?! Like totally, totally cool!!!

*Cryptic looks up and smiles, like he is day dreaming and then looks back at the camera moments later*

You haven't been on a good streak as of late, but tonight as you find yourself in another match against The Peaceful One, see it not as punishment, but as a blessing because i can help you, if you change your ways and believe in mother nature then she shall show you the light and the losing streak may change, i'm sure this may interest you, so consider it, its a good offer and rather...peaceful. Don't be like Juice because his reign shall come to a halt tonight by the hands of mother nature. Be like me and then with hard work and determination you shall rise, just follow my ways and everything will be ok.

*Cryptic pulls of a cheesy grin and does a thumbs up towards the camera*

But if you choose to grant The Peaceful One with no respect and try and prevent me from claiming back my title then you shall seal the same fate as Juice. Dragon, just stay back, watch and witness first hand the peace being restored into the hardcore division. Remain a pretender, if not only for tonight while i challenge tonight as a contender because it is my duty, my resposiblity and my destiny to retrieve what is mine and to restore the peace back into the hardcore division and should Juice resist while you persist in preventing the inevitable then neither of you are peaceful and if you ain't peaceful...

*Cryptic pause for a moment and looks at the people as the arena goes dead silent. Cryptic puts the mic back to his lips in a slow, peaceful manner as the people look on in anticipation*


*Cryptic's music hits*

*Crowd erupt as Cryptic gets outta the ring and jumps over the crowd barrier like some rockstar with the people mobbing Cryptic with hugs and pats on the back.*

Marv: The Peaceful One is well and truly home.

Tater: But one thing is for sure and that is tonight won't be peaceful, especially when Corey is in charge!

*Camera fades as a commercial break advertising IWO merchandise is aired*
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DC , get a rope and a stool and a REALLY solid beam.  Fatso.DC , get a rope and a stool and a REALLY solid beam.  Fatso.DC , get a rope and a stool and a REALLY solid beam.  Fatso.DC , get a rope and a stool and a REALLY solid beam.  Fatso.DC , get a rope and a stool and a REALLY solid beam.  Fatso.DC , get a rope and a stool and a REALLY solid beam.  Fatso.DC , get a rope and a stool and a REALLY solid beam.  Fatso.DC , get a rope and a stool and a REALLY solid beam.  Fatso.DC , get a rope and a stool and a REALLY solid beam.  Fatso.DC , get a rope and a stool and a REALLY solid beam.  Fatso.DC , get a rope and a stool and a REALLY solid beam.  Fatso.
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<param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350"></embed></object>

*The camera pulls back and we see sitting in a strip club, Exo and Stick along with Wilma*

Exo: What the hell was that?

Stick: Man that nigga Corey is fucked in the head yo.

Wilma: Guys, how much longer do we have to be here?

*Just then DC comes up*

DC: I'm about ready to go, hey what are you guys watching.

Exo: It seems that all they show on TV around here is that nigga Corey's band.

Stick: Yeah SnatchCock or whateva the hell da called.

DC: I'm about sick and tired of hearing about that psycho.

Stick: Shit, I'm bouts tired of seeing these fat ass farmer's girls.

Exo: Let's blow this shithole dawg!

Wilma: that is the best idea I have heard all day.

*They exit the club, as Stick refuses to tip the bitches...they get in the hummer but DC stops*

DC: You know, I think I will just walk around and bit and clear my thoughts, you go on ahead without me, I'll catch up.

Wilma: I don't know DC, last time you and the camera man went out you beat up a hotdog vendor.

Exo: yeah mayne you put a hurting on that bitch.

Stick: And you gots to be at the show tonight.

DC: Don't worry I'm not going to attack anyone, but I will see you guys later.

Wilma: Well alright, but stay out of trouble.

Stick: Peace out nigga!

*Exo hits the gas and the hummer pulls off, as DC turns and heads down the sidewalk looking at the buildings..he turns to the camera*

DC: Corey, this week is what you have been waiting for...for months now you have been trying to climb back into the world title picture...and yes I know that it's my fault...

*DC kicks a stone and watches it fall into the road*

DC: See Corey, you are just like that stone...and tonight I will kick you around just like I have done everyone else...months and months have went by since you got beat by Troy inside that cage...The night I took the World Title and started the most successful run ever in the IWO...and Corey you think that you can change that.

*DC looks into an old town store*

DC: How appropriate they you chose Iowa as the spot for your supershow...your hometown, a place that I know I will get booed in...but Corey these fans don't mean anything to me...and neither do you...I made a deal with the devil, I put you on my team at Absolute Power...and you delivered...unfortunately that meant you get to call the shots for one week, and this week you have decided to challenge me for the World Title..but see Corey you have made a mistake...

*DC gets closer to the camera*

DC: You thought Corey, that you came up with the perfect plan, the perfect situation...just like in the movie, you believed that if you built it, that he would come...well damn it Corey, I'm here, and tonight, we step inside that cage, that hell in the cell...Tonight, you try to redeem yourself, you try to do what no one else has done, and that is take the World Title from me.

*DC moves back, and looks over to see the arena*

DC: In that building Corey, me and you go to hell...wire, fire, steel, whatever you throw at me, I will overcome..because you see Corey I have a backup plan, and tonight you thought of almost everything...but it won't be enough...It won't be enough to stop me from walking out with the gold..Corey me and you we have traveled different roads in the IWO, but we began at the same place...the night you stole the World Title from my hands, the night you befriended Mr. Smith and you become the luckiest man alive...but you see Corey, Smith isn't here...there is no equalizer...and Corey lets face it, you are not the same man you used to have fallen into the depths of have tolled around jerking curtains, and losing matches...while I have saved the company, and led it to the highest ratings ever.

*DC heads towards the arena*

DC: Tonight Corey, your creation is my dogpound, and tonight only one man is walking out, and that man will be...ME!

*DC walks into the arena*
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**camera moves around the arena observing the crowd**

**all the lights go out except for the lights leading up the ramp and at the top of it**

all the small spotlights trailing the ramp facing each other illuminating the ramp, 5 on each side**

**suddenly the bottom lights go out, followed by the second pair, now increasing speed the third, fourth fifth then red fills the arena and a loud BOOM with sparks falling from the ceiling above the ring**

**wait and bleed booms through the arena as a red spotlight drops down dead center of the ring**

**a man in a long black trench coat and a large hood is lowering from the rafters in the spot light**

**he hits the floor and unhooks himself and throws back the hood**

**its deathshock!**

** death shock walks around the ring taunting the booing crowd for a minute then drops out of the ring and goes over to the announce table for a mic**

**he grabs one then pushing the bell ringer off his chair and grabs it, folding it shut then sliding into the ring he demands his music be stopped**

shock: cut the damn music!

**shock walks around in the ring as the crowds boo's die off and he looks ready to speak**

shock: lets cut right to business, so i can get the hell out of Americas shithole, also known as des moines Iowa.. its about damn time i got a match with a real competitor, troy. but there is one minor setback. see i live by a code...fear the unknown, and take comfort in the i had an easy start here in the IWO, taking on the likes of funeral Holmes, who I'm familiar with. i could come to this ring and say Holmes, I'm going to royally fuck you up, and i knew i was right, i was indeed going to fuck him up, but not this time. see I'm entering the unknown, a blind spot if you will. see Ive never taken on troy before, and ill admit not knowing what to expect is a bit nerve racking..or atleast i t was...but then it dawned on me, boiler room...a place i take great comfort in. troy, i dont know you, and you dont know me, but i wanna let you know dont take ease in the fact im a rookie, cause troy i feel as much fear as i do remource in this life, wich is absolutely none, troy i ahve every intention to beat your ass from heaven, all the way to my home in the depths of hell, troy tonight, two beasts are getting shoved into one cage, and being forced to battle to a possible death, and troy, nothing gets me pumped like no hold barred boiler room brawl, where i have the freedom to torture, beat and mutilate your ass into a dirty raunchy rotten pulp of human flesh and blood...**deep breathe and a Long pause** just thinking about it makes my mouth water. troy the fact your even walking into this match with me, after what Ive done the past 4 weeks, proves sher stupidity. troy, much like what i did to funeral Holmes...I'm going to take the man you think you are, the many you carry yourself as, and I'm going to twist you...I'm going to break and bend you, I'm going to fuck with your mind and body troy. take the man you are now troy, and kiss him good-bye, because after enduring the carnage and mutilation, that I'm going to put your ass through, you will never be the same again my opening statement to the IWO, i promised to make a god damned impact..i promised that the IWO would never the be same, troy, your number 2 on my list...I'm going to take the IWO from the bottom up and shake down the industry, I'm comin to the top, and Troy your the next step on that ladder to my destination. troy the beating I'm going to put on you tonight, i will have no remorse for, infarct i wont think about it twice, and troy a bit of advice, dont make te same msitake holmes did, after i prove my dominance over you tonight, dont stay ni teh way jsut to recive another beating, make life easier for yourself, and get the fuck out of my way...and troy, if you think im jsut out here talking from my ass, and if your not scared right now, then the only thing i can say is, sjut wait and bleed troy..just wait and bleed..

**another man in a trench coat with a hood over his head starts to lower from te ceiling with a steel pipe in his hand**

**the man stops, dangleing a foot above the ring mat**

**shock walks over and grabs the pipe, laughing the flips back the hood**

**its a dummy, with a mask that looks exactly like troys face is on its head**

**shock laughing disturbingly and insane, takes a few steps back, then charges at the dummb smashing the head with his steel pipe, about 7 hits and the head explodes off the shoulders and shock picks up the head**

** shock jams the steel pipe in the bottom of the head and holds the pipe in the air with the troy face on the end, wait and bleed hits with te red lights filling the arena, shock tiltingback his head with his arms out holding up the head of troy, laughs insanely like last week**

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If I wanted stupid illogical booking I'd watch TNA.
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The_One should go home and get his fuckin' shinebox.The_One should go home and get his fuckin' shinebox.The_One should go home and get his fuckin' shinebox.The_One should go home and get his fuckin' shinebox.The_One should go home and get his fuckin' shinebox.The_One should go home and get his fuckin' shinebox.The_One should go home and get his fuckin' shinebox.The_One should go home and get his fuckin' shinebox.The_One should go home and get his fuckin' shinebox.The_One should go home and get his fuckin' shinebox.The_One should go home and get his fuckin' shinebox.
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After last week...After another hellacious war..Only one thought came to my mind..What can the IWO do next. Structure after structure..Gimmick after gimmick..I didn't know when it would stop, or where. Quite frankly...I love it. Gets me motivated..Gets the fans motivated. And of course..It didn't stop..In fact..At least for myself..It just went up 10 notches. Because out of all the matches that you could have put someone in..Out of all the gimmick matches in the world..There is not one more savage than the one I am in this week..First...Blood. See..First blood isn't savage because of a cage around the ring..Or because of barbed wire..First blood is savage because of the pure nature of getting the win. You can't pin your opponent..You can't submit him..You can't knock him out for a 10 count..You must..make him bleed..and make him bleed profusely. Every man has a bloodlust..And this brings it out. This match..This..defines real men..Throw the TV title in there..And you have one for the ages.

But this match is very special to me..Because it is for the TV title..And it is against..Judge. Ever since Judge left me out to dry a month ago..I went on a downward slope..I faltered..And I attribute that to Judge. See Judge..I don't except failure..It isn't in me to do so..And you forced that failure upon me. You took my fate out of my own hands. And there has not been a day that has gone by since then.. That I have not dreamed about making you bleed..That I have not dreamed about making you suffer for it..Because you haven't had to suffer like me Judge..You still had your title..Still had your glory. You tried to rip that away from me..And now..I will rip it from you.

It does something to a man when he sees his own blood Judge. I think you know that..You've been in enough bloody battles to realize that. It ignites you..You realize you have become a wounded animal..And you always battle out of that corner like never before. It's an animal instinct in all men. But in a first blood match..Once you see that blood Judge..Thats it..It's over. That sense of feeling..That sense of rage you get when you see your own blood..It means nothing. The only feeling you'll have...Is despearation. Desperate to wipe the blood off..Desperate to stay in the fight..Because you think deep down in your heart..That you can still actually win. I want you to feel that desperation Judge..I want you to feel what its like to be stepped on..Like you stepped on me.

Look at these hands Judge..Look at them..These are not the hands of a man that does not know what he is doing. Do you realize how many people I have made bleed in my career?..Do you realize how many times I've gone backstage with another man's blood covering my body?..It's a rush Judge..It's a rush like none other. It's a rush to know that you can take a part of a man's inner being. The part that keeps his mind,body, and soul complete...The blood. I've made a lot of people bleed Judge..But believe me..And you take this word to heart..The bloodletting I will inflict on you..Will be nothing like that. I'm not looking to open a gash on your forehead...I'm not looking to open a gash in your arm. I'm looking for a red cross bloodletting. Judge..Once I do make you bleed..Once I see it..Once the bell rings..And I am the new TV champion..It's not going to stop there. I am going to take that cut..wherever it is..And I am going to beat it. I am going to dig my fingers in it..I'm going to slam it with my boot. I am going to leave a permanent scar. Thats what I want Judge..I want you to look in the mirror every morning of your pathetic life..And see that scar..And think of me. You may not like me..But with that scar..You will never..Ever..Forget me.

I've barely even scratched the biggest issue at hand. That TV title of yours Judge. See..The fans..The company..They're looking for something fresh. A fresh title holder. See Judge..While you hold that title with my pride..And I know you cherish it..You do not put it in the spotlight like it needs to be. Look Judge..Look how far down the card our match is. Why do you think that is?..Who is the cause of that?..It damn sure isn't the Unstoppable Force. Like it or not..I am STILL..The biggest name in this damn company...You on the other hand..I wouldn't even put you in the top 5. That TV title on your shoulder..It needs a new home..It needs to be seen in the main event...Not wallowing around in the midcard. Judge..Think of this as a sacrifice that you'll be making. Every drop of blood you spill..Every moment that you spend in the hospital..Barely able to move..It will all be for the good of that title on your shoulder right now. It will be for the good of the show..You Judge..You'll be taking one for the team son.

Yes I know Judge..You'll have a rematch clause after this..And yes..I'm sure you will most likely invoke it. Thats fine with me Judge. I am willing to lay you out as many times as you are willing to get up. What you don't understand Judge..Is that this may just be my last stand. I mean come on..The world has seen the chinks in my armor..When is the last time I have won a title match?..I have had shot after shot..And I just have not been able to come through. Thats not like me Judge..I'm due. If I lose this..Whats next?..Whats next for the Unstoppable Force then?..How can I hold my head up high backstage knowing that I lost again?..I don't want to feel that way Judge..I refuse to feel that way. I will pass that losing feeling onto you. You will feel it every time you see me with that TV title..And I will take every oppertunity..To rub it into your surely mangled face.

So...Are you ready folks?..Are you ready to see the Unstoppable Force with a title again?..I know I am..I've been ready for it for months. I won't let any of you down. I will beat Judge in this match...I will mangle him. I will do it for myself..I will do it for you..the fans..Because you deserve..A great TV champion. I deserve to be TV champion. And once I get that title..There will be no stopping me..I will once again rise up..And live up to my name...The Unstoppable Force. IWO..Judge..You're looking at the next TV champion..Right here. Pain is Mandatory..For all Of You.
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*The setting takes place at a concert where screaming fans pour out of an arena. A Slipknot chant is heard, revealing the event that has just occured. Through a massive circle of fans, Troy Alston casually walks in the middle, along with about 4 beautiful women, possibly groupies. The erratic fans then start chanting the Epitome's name, as Troy whispers something to the groupies and stands alone, facing the camera.*

Troy: You know. I used to think this was the last event I'd be at, listening to the last type of music I would hear, and be watching the last band I would ever watch. Now, you've all been aware of my storied rivalry with Corey and how we could ever understand each other. While no man may ever experience the life like mine, I knew for a fact Corey would never live anything like it, and knew he would never care to find out.

But I, being the bigger man, took the first step to seeing what he really is talking about. Before, I thought he was just a pussy ass bitch who cried and hurt people for attention. It took me too long to realize the very man he was trying to portray. Slipknot's very own, Corey Taylor. After watching this show, I can finally see some similarities. That's good I guess Corey. Looking up to someone and modeling your entire persona on him.

But me. As unique as I am. As talented as I am. As incredibly good looking as I am. There is only one of me. And though others may try, they simply cannot be me.

But there seems to be a protege I am about to face. A protege of you Corey. Now, I've known you for quite some time, so it may take some time before this...guy is labeled your protege. He hasn't proved anything yet. You have. This guy...Death Shock.

(The crowd is silent because they may not have heard of the man. Troy looks confused and looks around, and picks up boos from the crowd with yells like "Fuck you Death Shock! You wannabe piece of shit!")

[His name doesn't scare me. His mask doesn't scare me. He does not scare me. I've seen it all and possibly the most dangerous of your kind, and that may be you, Corey. The way I see it is...I've beat you countless times, there should be no doubt in my mind I can walk over this guy. He's a poor man's Corey Taylor.

What he may have said or done is nothing I have not already seen. Pretty hard to believe that some people think they could still intimidate me, berate me, try to one up me in a battle of words. What some fail to realize and believe me, they someday do, is just does not work.

Death Shock, everything you've said is something I've already heard. Whether it be from Corey or somebody else, it's....quite frankly hard to believe anymore. You know how many times people think they can literally break me but come match time, are lying in a pool of their very own blood? Too many to count. And for those mathmeticians trying to reach that number, come Pain and Suffering, add one more to that.

Because, "Death Shock" may come as a shock to you, but come into the ring with me, like so many have, thinking they have gotten into my head, you'll find out first hand, rookie...that your so-called "intimidation" and "mind-fucking" as you put it, means absolutely nothing to a man of my status.

I also think it's hilarious. Hilarious how you can even use me and a man like Funeral Holmes in the same sentence. You really think that is motivation, better yet momentum coming into a match against me? Try coming off victories against Corey Taylor and the Unstoppable Force, two former World Champions and two of the best the IWO has yet to offer. I really think this is Corey's way of teaching you a lesson. Not just to eliminate a man who is trying to clone his untouchable legacy, but to show you first hand the brutal road he had to go through to get where he is today. And what better way than against his biggest rival, the Epitome Troy Alston.

They call me the Epitome for a reason. I've earned that very name. I'm truly sorry Death Shock, that you honestly think this is your breakout match, where you make a name for yourself. By the end of Pain and Suffering, which is exactly what you will feel, you will be absolutely nothing to anybody, and your persona you call Death Shock...will only be a failed attempt at mimicking Slipknot...

So go home, shine up that mask of yours, go jack off to old matches of Corey, continue hitting dummies that portray me, whatever it takes for you to get ready and makes you happy. I know little things like that make depressed faggots like you happy. Because, this is your very first chance to be like potentially beating me in a boiler room match. Your chances are, slim to none...and that's putting it nicely. I can only hope...after our match, go find some other guy to follow after, your time in the IWO as the man called Death already over.

*Troy walks off with the Slipknot fans chanting "Alston, Alston!" as the camera fades...*

Originally Posted by John Morrison on ECW, after CM Punk crashes into the announce table
.....I'd say he'd have to pay for that, but I don't think he can afford it.

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*The camera pans to Josh Dionio, who is watching this video*

Ah yes, the classic caning of Tommy Dreamer by the Sandman. You know, watching this makes me wish the WWECW did shit like this instead of some of the swill they shove down the people's mouths. It sickens me they could get away with some of the idiocy they do now, but then again I'm not Vincent Kennedy McMahon, insane owner of WWECW. I'm Josh Dionio, IWO wrestler and US solider. You all know me, the guy who came out and was imitating the Rock. Well, those days are over. Now, I'm going to be my own man. Now, I'm going to kick ass and not get laughed at by my opponents.

*Josh pauses as he lights up a cigar*

Thinking back, I used to backstab my teammates. Just ask Judge and Chris Stunner. But there was one guy I was always had the back of. Someone that could ask me to help in any situation and that was that piece of shit Jason. Jason, you listen close. I'm done trying to apologize to you, I'm done with your insane woman if you can call her that, Stacy, and after our Singapore Cane Grudge match, I promise you, no, I guarentee you will regret betraying Josh Dionio. Playtime is over, Jason and if your bitch gets in the way, I'm not holding back this time.

*camera fades out*

Thanks to Monica for the banner and the avatar

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Originally Posted by Sinestro Corps Oath
In blackest day, in brightest night,
Beware your fears made into light
Let those who try to stop what's right,
Burn like my power... Sinestro's might!
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Never forget the name!
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*We see the camera focus on a closeup of Judge reading the card for tonight's pain and suffering, though we cannot see where he is. Judge scans down the card and when he gets to his name he looks across at his opponent and a smile spreads across his face as his eyes light up. The camera then goes to a portrait shot of Judge, once again not showing where he is, as Judge begins to speak*

Judge: Tonight I defend my prestigious TV title again against none other than....the....Unstoppable.....Force *we hear the faint sound of fans popping big*! I couldn't think of a better chance to prove myself than coming up against one of the greatest wrestlers the IWO has seen and in one of the most barbaric matches ever seen, a first blood match.

But this match is not going to go down the way out last big singles confrontation went down several months ago at End of the Road. A match where you treated me like a glorified jobber. A time where I had done nothing to prove myself any different. But times change, and so do I.

Your not in for an easy time of it this time Force. Oh no. Your in for a fight that will go down in the ages as one of the most historic, glorious TV title, nay, IWO title, nay, wrestling title matches of all time. This match will out do Steve Austin vs The Rock at Wrestlemania, will out class Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant, Triple H vs John Cena will pail in comparison to this match between Force and Judge. And at the end of it all I will raise the TV title above my head victorious, but then I will put the title down, I will pull a bleeding Force up by his arm and I will head but him with such viciousness that my own skull will be busted open, and then I will shake Force's hand knowing that history will have been made at Pain and Suffering.

Because you see Force you might think that deep down I'm still the same man, I'm still a guy that you have beaten time and time again. But I'm not. You might think that you are going to do something new to me and take away what I hold dearest in my TV title. But I have a news flash for you Force. I know what that feels like. When Thugged Out took my greatest asset so they could revert it, even if it was for only one night, into their own personal tag team title, so they could degrade all that I had done for that title and add a dark spot to my titles legacy, I felt that pain, I felt that loss. I felt it more than you could ever imagine and it changed me.

No longer would I take the easy way out. No longer would I avoid confronting my opponents. No longer would I crap on the fans who made me what I am today. See because I realised in doing all that I was degrading this fine buisness that I had worked so hard to get into. I was degrading my own dream. I was working against myself. But most of all, in avoiding confrontation, in cheating my way to victory week after week, I didn't really have to wrestle. I didn't have to go man on man with my opponents and out wrestle them. So I got ring rust. I lost alot of the ability I came into the IWO with. I was not at my full potential. But not now.

Now I'm on way to realising my full potential. I won't be stupid enough to say that I've got their yet. Because each week my opponents bring something else out in me, each week I improve and I never know what the next level will be when I step into the ring each week. But what I do know is that I've worked too hard to go backwards. I've fought through too much to let you ruin it for me now. I'm sorry if you thought this would be your Redemption Force, but there is no way I'm giving up my title.

But enough about me. See your journey over the last few months has been vastly different to mine. Sure, you still come out and cut long promos and bring an amazing diversity of moves and brutality to the ring each and every week. But people have seen it all before. Its the same long winded rant each and every week, the same tired cliches. Force, I know pain is mandatory for me this week, its also mandatory for you. Tell us something we don't know.

This week I will prove that I have surpassed you. That by taking my incredible journey, by making realizations, by taking risks, by trying to change things up each and every week I have become the new main eventer like you used to be, the new guy to beat.

If you think I need that blood to trickle down my forehead to light my fire, to get me to unleash hell. Your about to be proved dead wrong. All I need to take things to the next level this week is a match with an opponent that is willing to go at it with all his got and that's what I've got in you Force. See last week I took on Jason and destroyed him. Jason a man who I never really considered to be a main event player. Never really considered to be on my level. So I might have even held back a little. Pulled my punches. Did you see him and Stacy at the end of our match last week? The bloody wreck they were in? Well, if that's what I do when I'm holding back, imagine what I'll do to someone I know can take it, someone I have a great deal of respect for, imagine what I'll do to you....Force.

So stop trying to tell me about how pain is mandatory and how your going to get Redemption like you tell all your opponents week after week and start trying to answer a question that is much more relevant and much harder to answer. A question that at the end of this week you'll have trouble envisioning through the fountains of blood pouring down your face. What you gonna do...what you gonna do...when the Judge...comes...for you!

*Camera shot zooms out and we see Judge attached to a cable on top of a scaffold high above the IWO arena. Judge jumps off the scaffold and slides down the cable and lands in the middle of the ring on his knees as he lets out a blood curdling war cry*

Props to Sly as Hell for the banner.

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Whatchoo know bout seven?
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:::We fade in to see The Guro Girls, Gritz N’ Gravy and Juice stepping out of a door that has the words “Beach Girls” in neon lights above it. The Guro Girls look slightly put off and Gritz is brushing off his suit, aside from the stoic Juice, the look on their faces a mixture of relief and disgust:::


:::Gritz dry heaves a couple of times. The Guro Girls pat him on the back and speak Japanese encouragingly to him:::

Da gottdayamn muthaFUCK waa dat shiiii?? Nigga I thought da shiii sount a li’l suspect when da mufucka waa like…

:::Gritz straightens up in a very faux uptight manner, gives the whitest Thumbs Up Gesture you’ve ever seen and speaks in a deep set, honkey voice:::

It’s all good, brother. You can bring your own booze.

:::Gritz’ posture resumes it’s normal relaxed state and he rolls his eyes in disdain:::

Maaaaaain, fuck alldat bhuullshiii. Dem beeitches in dey look like dey ass need ta be hookt ta da milkin machine down on Fahmah Cotton’s dairy…ugh. I’s mean…dayammmmn…DAYAMN!!!

:::Gritz shivers visibly with a disgusted look on his face:::


:::From the door an unseen person says something to Gritz that is barely audible but not discernable, and Gritz wheels around to respond:::


:::Gritz turns back around:::

…nigga shou fuckin sue some honkeys fo dat shiii…fuck dat shit.

:::Kaori and Ayana look to their left and speak abbreviated Japanese and point in the direction of their gaze, finishing their mini conversation with “Foxy Rrrrady.” Gritz and Juice look to where the Guro Girls are pointing and Gritz immediately waves them off:::

Uh-uh, beeitches…dat place be some fucked up shiii…a mufucka i’in’t fuckin knowin what a mufucka gon be seein when he walk up in dat piece…fuck dat shiii, too.

:::All conversations halt as Gritz, Kaori and Ayana all turn to Juice, who finally speaks up:::
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Mowin mufuckas down.
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Yayah…diss some fucked up shiii riii heeeyah, dass wha diss shiii iiyah.

Ain’ shiii go roun up in diss beeitch. Ain’ nuffin buuu pigs an corn up in diss shiii. Dat shiii s’pposseta be a ghintleman cluuuuuh. Dat shiii riiii dey be muffin buuuu a mufuckin slophouse. Bitches had ‘nuff rolls an yeast up in dat piece ta start a mufuckin ‘Talian Bak’ry.

Diss fuckin place…disss shiii fuckin nasty’s all fuck. Nows we know why a mufucka like Corey be so fuckin pissed off all da tiiime. Nows we know why a mufucka like Cryptic be so fuckin stupid…his mamma waaa hii mamma…we jusss saw hiii mamma up in dey…

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Whatchoo know bout seven?
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:::Gritz covers his mouth with his hands defensively:::

Dayamn, man…dat waaa dat big fuckin peg leg beeitch wit dat shit on ‘er face…riiii?
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