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Redemption Month 17 Week 1 October 6, 2007
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Default Redemption Month 17 Week 1 October 6, 2007

*We see a video clip of DC and Thugged Out reigning supreme last night at the Thugged Out PPV...then the scene cuts to Crusher becoming victorious in his match tag match, we then go live down to Marv Rome and Tater Inberg at ringside as fireworks boom from the stage*

M: Welcome to Redemption and we are one week removed from one of the most dominant performances I have ever seen at a PPV.

T: Ever seen? marv you were only there for one match.

M: Shut up Tater, let's try and get through this.

T: Whatever.

M: Anyway, tonight Crusher gets his turn at running the show and he has challenged DC in a World Title Match inside of what he calls his "den."

T: That's right you look up into the rafters and you see that Elimination Chamber type structure hanging above the ring, and tonight that will be where the blood of both men will be spilled.

M: But first tonight, as you can see a Hell in the Cell has been constructed around the ring, and the ring ropes have been replaced by barbwire.

T: Marv, we are about to witness two of the IWO's biggest superstars get inside that cage and do battle.

M: It has been a war of words between two former Heavyweight champions.

T: And let's get to it, as we are ready to start the show with Force taking on Troy Alston!

M: One more thing Tater, if you manage to escape the cell, though how one does that when it is tightly locked, I don’t know, security will throw you back into the ring.

T: Yes the security pretty much get front row seats to the match and will probably be about as useful as a fugly chicks phone number.

*Remember the Name by Fort Minor hits and Troy makes his way down to the ring to a mixture of cheers and boos.*

M: Here comes the first competitor who got an impressive victory for his team the other night in a brutal parking lot brawl, Troy.

*King of Kings by Motorhead hits and Force comes out to the ring to massive cheers*

T: Despite losing, largely due to Thugged Out interference, last night Force still has big fan support and I’m sure he’ll be looking to get a win and get back up into the top three in the IWO power ratings this week. Both these men are as tough as nails and they will need to be as they make their way into this demonic structure. This match is called a Hell from Home match and it is about to start right now.

*Force and Troy square off and the ref rings the bell. Both men exchange rights n the middle of the ring with Force getting the better of it leaving Troy reeling. Force goes for an irish whip on Troy but Troy reverses it sending Force speeding towards the barbwire ropes, but Force manages to stop himself just before going into the ropes. Troy sees it and comes up behind him and jumps over the top barbwire rope pulling Force down into the barbwire with a bulldog as he does so. Force springs back off the barbwire onto the mat and his upper chest has been cut up quite badly and is already bleeding. Troy slides under the bottom rope and comes over to Force. He hits a leg drop on Force and then a body splash pin. 1….2…………………………………………………

M: Kick Out by Force who has a lot to prove here tonight.

*Force on his feet as is Troy and both men lock up with Force getting the advantage with a headlock on Troy. He winches it in and then hits a headlock take over on Troy bringing him to the mat. Force lets go of the headlock and then climbs on top of Troy and begins mounted punching to Troy’s face. Troy eventually manages to push him off and gets to his feet as Force is on his knees trying to get to his. Troy runs up and hits a punt kick to the side of Force’s head rolling him back onto the mat. Troy covers. 1…2………………………………………….kick out by Force. Troy goes to pull Force up but Force fights back with shots to the gut and then hits a boot to the gut on Troy and hoists him up above his head in Gorilla Press position.*

T: Look at that strength by Force who is now in complete control of Troy.

*Force walks Troy around the ring a bit displaying his strength and then walks over to the barbwire ring ropes and drops Troy chest first onto the barbwire. Troy stumbles around and his chest is also punctured and bleeding now. Force hits a knife edge chop on Troy’s raw chest sending him to the mat but Troy quickly stumbles up again so Force hits another huge knife edge chop sending him down. Troy up again and a third knife edge chop sends him down. Troy rolls under the bottom rope to the outside. Force wastes no times in following him. Force goes to pull Troy up but Troy with an eye poke. Troy then hits a basic suplex on Force nailing his back into the steel mesh wall of the cell. Troy then pulls Force up and brings him over to the steel post on the outside, bounces Force’s head off it and feeds him back into the ring. Troy climbs in and goes for a pin but Force gets a possum pin on Troy. 1…2…………………………………………………*

M: Kick out just in time from Troy. Force with a smart move there but he need to do more damage to Troy before he can get the pin.

*Troy and Force both up again and exchanging blows. Force gets the advantage again and starts reigning down blows on Troy to the midsection and the face and the odd knee thrown in to the gut backing Troy up against the barbwire rope. Force then spins Troy around and starts to rake his face against the top barbwire rope causing blood to start cascading from Troy’s head as well. Troy finally manages to fight Force off with an elbow to the gut sending him staggering back. Force runs over and hits a high knee on Force sending him back to the mat. Troy takes some time out to wipe the blood out of his eyes whilst Force gets back to his feet. Force charges in at Troy and levels the unsuspecting Troy with a clothesline turning him inside out. Force goes up to the top and signals for the Hell from Above leg drop. He then hits it perfectly on a bleeding Troy. Force covers.*

T: That has got to be it. Great move by Force. 1…2……………………………

*Kick out by Troy just in the nick of time. Troy staggers up to his feet but Force wastes no time and goes right after him chucking him through the middle rope and into the steel mesh wall of the cell before Troy slumps to the ground between the cell and ring apron. Force slides out and goes over to Troy’s legs and uses them to sling shot Troy into the steel of the cell. Force then chucks Troy back into the ring. Force goes after him and pulls him up by the hair in the middle of the ring and hits a basic tombstone pile driver on him. The cover. 1…2………………………………………..*

M: Another kick out by Troy! What does Force have to do to put Troy away here tonight?

*Force looks angry but doesn’t waste time as he goes up top signalling for another Hell from Above. He is just about to leap off when Troy jumps up and knocks him causing him to lose his balance and crotch himself on the barbwire ropes in the corner! Blood is seen seeping through the crotch area of Force as he bellows out in pain. Troy follows up with a superplex off the top on Force. Troy now goes up top and signals for The Blueprint. He jumps off and hits The Blueprint on Force. He covers.*

T: Three seconds till Troy wins this match. 1….2……………………………

*Kick out by Force just in time. Troy doesn’t believe it but readies himself signalling for Force to stumble to his feet which he does...Force gets to his feet, and Troy goes for a kick to the gut, but Force grabs his leg...Force spins him around but Troy hits a roundhouse kick that sends Force backwards...Force stumbles back and falls to a knee...Force gets up and troy this time hits the kick and then hits the Alston 3:16 on Force which sends him flying back and stunned...he falls towards the barbwire ropes and falls into them..the pain hooks him and he pulls himself quickly out...Force is disoriented, and turns around stumbling, Troy grabs him and hits the Trendsetter on him...he covers......1......2.....3*

M: The kid did it, Troy just upset Force.

T: What a match, and the crowd is loving it.

*the crowd cheers and Troy manages to get to his feet and have his arm raised*

M: This match could have went either way, and tonight it turned out to be a victory for Troy Alston

T: I have a feeling that both of these men will meet again in the near future Marv.

M: Hey I would pay to see a match like this again between these two.

*the ringcrew comes running in the cage, as they begin to take the barbwire off...other members of the crew begin trying to figure out how to get the cage undone*

M: Now we have the task of taking down the structure.

T: Look at the crowd they are heading to the toilet like crazy.

*an ad runs for Pain and Suffering*

*ad for the new Gritz and Gravy dvd "Seven Bitches" is shown*

*backstage we see DC and Thugged Out in their locker room with Wilma*

DC: Tonight, the celebration continues as tonight, the greatest stable in the history of the IWO will once again be victorious

*the door bursts open*

Gritz: Seven! What you know bout seven?

Stick: Nigga what the fuck you doin in herre?

*Juice and the Guro Girls come in after him(

Juice: eazzy mayne we com to show da respects

Exo: Damn straight you will

DC: Well we appreciate that.

Gritz: Look mayne, my boy Juice, he helped you out last week, threw a seven on that Judge, done got down with his bad self, you feel me.

Stick: yeah dawg we feel ya.

Juice: Mayne DC, you be a man of words and tonight you owe me mayne.

Gritz: That's right, Juice commin to collect homie, a playa got to get that cheeze!

DC: Collect, and what is it you want?

*Just then Jack Crawford kicks open the door*

Exo: Can a motherfucka not knock? Dayum!

Crawford: Knocking should be the least of your worries, because tonight, The Beast is going to claim gold, your gold!

*he points at Juice*

Gritz: Seven homie, you ain't got nuthin on Juicey mayne!

Crawford: Can you guys not speak English? Damn! But you better be ready, because not only will that hardcore title be mine, but next week, I am running the show, and DC if you are still the champion, be damn sure that Jack Crawford will be coming after you next...

*Crawford turns to Gritz*

Crawford: SEVEN! How do you like that?

*The Beast leaves the locker room as an ad for The Dogpound PPV runs*


*Strictly Business is in the ring as the lights go out...the video screen lights up and we see a mountain near a pleasant little town*

T: What the hell is this?

M: It looks like a town with a mountain

T: No shit.

*All of a sudden you hear a crash as bright lights come on the video screen, the light in the arena come on, and two boys slide in under the ropes...Joe and John are caught by surprise as Ness and Jeff run and hit stereo dropkicks on both men taking them down..the ref calls for the bell...and the boys are up on the turnbuckles looking for crowd support but not getting any*

M: Well Team Earthbuond is making its debut and right now they are in control

T: They need to stay focused quit worrying about these humanoids

M: Who are you suppose to be Bobby Heenan?

T: The Brain has nothing on me!

*Jeff and Ness get down as Public and Schmo get up..Team Earthbound bounce off the ropes, and hit dropkicks again taking both men down...Jeff goes outside the ring and looks for a table...Ness runs and tries to hit a lionsault on Public, but John gets his knees up and Ness comes down hard on them*

M: that had to hurt Tater

T: What a rookie mistake

*Public gets to his feet and Jeff puts the table in the ring..Schmo is up and Schmo with kicks To Jeff who tries to get inside...Public picks up Ness and whips him into the corner..Public charges, but Ness flips up and hooks him around the neck with his legs...he then flings himself and does a whirlybird to sling Public..Schmo turns and comes and Ness..Ness hits a droptoe hold causing Schmo to hit the middle rope...Jeff is up and Jeff runs and hits a 619, that flings Schmo backwards...Schmo on the ground...and both Jeff and Ness waiting...Public is getting up, and they run and hit a double dropkick sending Public backwards into the ropes..Public gets his arms caught up in the top and middle rope and is stuck*

M: Public in trouble with now where to go

T: things not looking good for Strictly business right now

*Team Earthbound sets the table up...they then begin to punch at Schmo...the get him on the Jeff goes and climbs out of the ropes behind Public...he grabs Public and gives him a noogie as the crowd laughs*

T: how fucking stupid.

*Jeff then slings himself up on the top rope and comes flying at Schmo on the table with a leg drop..he nails it but the table doesn't budge and Jeff falls off backwards on his head*

T: What a dumbass

M: Jeff might have just hurt himself

*Ness is confused...he then runs up the turnbuckle and sets himself..Public gets his arm free, and pulls to get the other one...Ness leaps and hits a swanton that lands on Schmo and causes the table to break and Public is too late...the bell sounds*

M: Team Earthbound just go the victory in this table match

T: yeah but look at both of them, they took themselves out...they can't even celebrate their win, morons!

*ad runs for Pain and Suffering*


*The Beast by Tech N9ne hits and Jack “The Beast” Crawford makes his way to the ring, knuckle bumpin and hitting up the popping fans on the way down. Beast slides on into the ring and jumps right up on the ropes, screaming at the crowd.*

T: Crawford is already to the ring and on the ropes, inciting the crowd…boy I tell you, Jack’s got a lot of energy tonight.

M: Yeah, he’s really pumped up for this one. This ladies and gents is a Ladder Match for the Hardcore Title. It’s been a long road for Crawford to get to this point.

T: Yeah, I know. He was buried on a beach last week. How that gets him a title shot is beyond me but here it is.

*Crawford’s music ends and Juice (Know The Ledge) by Erik B. and Rakim hits. Gritz N’ Gravy comes out to the ramp, talking on and on and on in full bravado as Juice comes out, Ayana and Kaori on his arms, berating the crowd for the boos they reign down on him. Juice continues confidently toward the ring as Gritz continues his ranting. Juice slides into the ring and the Guro Girls hold their hands up clapping ringside while Juice continues to berate the disagreeable crowd from the second turnbuckle.*

M: Juice not making any friends here tonight, Tater.

T: Yeah, I’ll bet you know what that’s like, don’t you?

*Juice hands the IWO Hardcore Title over and the referee displays it to the fans. A rope is lowered down from the rafters and the ref attaches the Title to the harness. The ref signals with a thumbs up and Juice and Crawford watch as the title is raised 20 feet above the canvass. The ref calls for the bell.

M: Crawford presents a host of matchup problems for Juice here tonight, Marv. He has four full inches on Juice…and weighs only 5 pounds more, which gives Crawford an advantage of leverage and strength, while his speed and quickness remain comparable to Juice. This could be a tight one.

T: (stares gape jawed at Marv) Wh…what?? Did…did you…did you just drink a Red Bull?

M: Three of them, baby. Shotgun style.

*Juice and Crawford lock up and after an initial moment or two of struggle, Crawford throws Juice into the corner. Juice comes immediately off the turnbuckles and locks back up with Crawford immediately. Again, there are a few moments of struggle and Crawford thows Juice back to the corner. Juice looks both angered and annoyed as Crawford flexes his biceps emphatically with a scream, showing him up.*

*Juice runs at Crawford to lock up again but Crawford delivers a swift kick to the gut and doubles him over. Crawford immediately pulls Juice into Powerbomb position and screams at the crowd as they rise to their feet with a pop.*

T: Here we go, son!!

M: The Beast is going for the quick ending setting up the Bell—

*The crowd’s pop dies out as Juice reels his head down and then jacks the back of his head up quick, straight into Crawford’s package. Juice quickly extricates himself from Crawford and shoves him to the ground as The Beast lets out a long and continuous howl of agony.*

M: How quickly they fall, Tater.

T: That looked rough…couldn’t have been pleasant for Juice…but there’s no DQs for a low blow in Ladder Matches and Crawford sure got the wrong end of that one.

*Juice backs up and leans against a far corner as the Guro Girls hop up to the apron. Ayana rubs his shoulders as Kaori speaks encouragingly in Japanese to him. Crawford sees the conversation and ignoring the pain, jumps at the chance.*

*The Beast surges toward Juice in the corner, but Juice does a lightning quick front roll to get out of the way. Crawford pulls up hard to avoid slamming into the Guro Girls who are holding their hands up and shrieking with fear. Crawford holds his hands out to show he’s not going to hit them…and Kaori reaches out and gouges her thumb into his eye!*

*Crawford screams and grabs his eye as the Guro Girls hop down from the mat, giggling and congratulating themselves as Gritz N’ Gravy continues to rant at a feverish pace behind them.*

M: What a complete hose job, Tater! That little Chinese girl raked Beast’s eye!!

T: I’m pretty sure she’s Japanese you idiot.

M: She’s still a Jezebel!

T: Oh Christ, here you go.

*Juice kicks the already doubled over Crawford in the gut and hooks his arms behind his back. Juice reaches in and hoists Crawford up, whirling him around and bringing him down on his knee for a high impact backbreaker. Crawford is yelling in pain as he falls to the mat.*

M: A show of power by Juice as I think that’s his first offensive move tonight.

*Juice drops a quick knee to Crawford’s face and stands up looking out at the crowd. Boos fill the auditorium as Juice smiles and nods vigorously, pointing his right index finger to his temple.*

M: I guess Juice is saying that he’s smarter than everyone in this arena, which I highly doubt Tater.

T: Maybe not but he’s got at least 50 IQ points on you, dumbass.

*Juice claps twice and Kaori and Ayana both grab steel chairs and throw them into the ring. Gritz rants rabidly as he goes under the ring apron to look for a ladder. Juice picks up both chairs and lays one in front of the north turnbuckle. He carries the other chair in his left hand as he walks over to Crawford and bends down to pick him up. Crawford lunges at Juice but this was apparently expected as Juice slides a half step backward and brings his chair down on Crawford’s back several times in quick order. Crawford’s body falls to the mat, limp.*

*Juice carries Crawford over to the corner and sets his head and shoulders on top of the chair laying on the mat. Juice delivers another quick chair shot to Crawford’s gut and begins to climb the ropes. The crowd gets to their feet booing as Juice holds up the chair and slaps it again and again, taunting the fans.*

M: NO!! Someone’s gotta stop this, Juice may just KILL Crawford if he does what I think he’s going to do!!

T: You can’t stop it unless you want to try to get between them, Marv. I say you be a man and go get in there right now!!

M: Yeah, nice try buddy.

*Juice leaps up for a top rope knee drop, holding the steel chair under his knee as he decends. Crawford rolls out of the way at the last minute and Juice lands knee first on top of two chairs. Juice immediately begins rolling on the mat and screaming in agony as he clutches his knee*

M: This could be the opening Crawford’s looking for…Juice tried a high, high risk maneuver…

T: …and he got owned by a guy that was staggered by a beach ball last week.

*Outside the ring, the Guro Girls look distressed however Gritz N’ Gravy looks thrilled with himself as he pulls a 15 foot steel ladder out from under the ring apron. Meanwhile in the ring Crawford lunges at Juice and delivers several hard boots to Juice’s knee as he writhes on the mat. Crawford is asking Juice if he likes it while he continues to pound away at Juice’s hurt knee.*

M: Smart of The Beast to go to work on that knee…it’s gotta be pretty sore after that colossal impact.

*Crawford picks Juice up and quickly slings him into a snap suplex. Crawford picks Juice up again and whips him to the ropes, but Juice’s knee buckles and he stumbles through the ropes, landing hard on the arena floor. Crawford screams and pumps his arms as the crowd pops. He jumps up to the second rope and flexes for the crowd. He then points at the Guro Girls and Gritz N’ Gravy as they move over to tend to Juice. Crawford hops down from the turnbuckle and stands in the ring, watching the four of them outside on the apron. Rather than rush and attack, he waits.*

T: Marv, I gotta think this is the intelligent move by Crawford, not going out into that tangle where Gritz and those Guro Girls can interfere. The title’s in the ring and Juice can’t retain if he doesn’t get back in.

M: I don’t like you stealing my thunder with the talk of Crawford’s intelligent move.

T: Well, if someone’s going to tell these fans what is smart, that person should at least know what the fuck “smart” is, right?

M: You know…screw you, spudboy.

*Gritz N’ Gravy is ranting encouragingly to Juice as he stares down Crawford from outside the ring. Juice walks around to the adjacent side of the ring but Crawford circles to face him, preparing for his re entry into the ring. Juice looks up at Crawford maliciously and yells something derogatory at him. The Beast just smirks and motions for Juice to come and get into the ring. Juice continues on to the next side of the ring, Crawford turning to face him from that angle as he moves. Juice points at Crawford and begins a mini tirade, to which Crawford holds his hands up while yelling his retort.*

*Crawford suddenly turns to the right and gets in a striking position as he’s seen Kaori come up to the apron. Kaori holds her hands up and speaks timidly in Japanese to Crawford. Crawford then spins 180 degrees around and catches Ayana hopping up to the apron across from Kaori. Ayana holds her hands up in a similar defensive stance. Crawford begins to chastise her, then turns to Kaori and hops back into a striking position as he sees Kaori trying to get into the ring. Kaori resumes her defensive stance and continues to negotiate in Japanese as Crawford yells at her to get off the ring.*

*Suddenly Crawford wheels hard right and sticks his boot up, kicking a charging Gritz N’ Gravy directly in the face. Gritz drops to the mat immediately. The Guro Girls get down from the mat directly to avoid the carnage. Crawford grabs Gritz up off the mat and shoves him into powerbomb position as the crowd gets to it’s feet, popping wildly.*

M: That meddlesome thief is finally going to get what he’s got coming to him!!

*Crawford reaches down to hit Belly of the Beast on Gritz N’ Gravy but a steel chair is brought down hard on the back of his head as Juice jumps him from behind. Crawford and Gritz both fall to the ground, Gritz rolling to a corner. Juice yells for Gritz to go outside the ring, which Gritz does, shaking his head to clear the cobwebs.*

M: Tater, Juice just called for the ladder!! And a table!!

T: Juice has gambled and lost already a couple of times tonight…I think he should just focus on getting out of there with the title.

*Gritz slides the ladder into the ring while Juice directs the Guro Girls in setting up a table on the outside of the ring. Crawford is slowly pulling himself up the ropes as Juice picks up the ladder and turns to face him. Crawford gets up to the third rope and is almost upright as he looks toward Juice. All Crawford can see is the peak of the ladder as Juice slams it directly into his face with a force that sends him toppling over the ropes and onto the floor below.*

*Gritz is jumping up and down with his arms raised in a V as Juice sets the ladder up near the middle of the ring. As soon as the ladder is secured to his liking, Juice grabs the steel chair and slides out of the ring, joining Gritz and the Girls…and of course a near incapacitated Crawford.*

*Juice approaches Crawford and pulls him up. Juice measures The Beast and lifts the chair for a headshot only to have Crawford shoot a quick kick to his gut. Crawford hits Juice with a forearm to the back of the head but then gets kicked in the groin from behind by Ayana!*

M: One of these days, Juice is going to have to fight in a match all alone, and he’s going to get his ass kicked!!

T: Well he seems to be in control right here and now.

*Gritz pulls and holds Crawford up as Juice measures him again and hits a thunderous chairshot to The Beast’s head. Crawford goes to fall down apparently out of it but Gritz continues to hold him up and Juice hits another headshot with the chair, equally as hard. Juice yells some to Crawford and then slams three more quick headshots home and discards the now deformed steel chair. Juice motions to the table and the Guro Girls help Gritz hoist Crawford’s knocked out frame onto the table as Juice slides back into the ring and climbs the ladder.*


T: Actually I don’t think so.

*Juice turns around on the second to last rung of the ladder and measures where Crawford is on the outside of the ring. He then ascends to the peak of the ladder, still sizing up Crawford. He yells quick to Gritz, who motions the Guro Girls to grab onto Crawford’s legs and hold him down. Gritz picks up the mangled chair and whacks Crawford several times and then slaps the chair on top of The Beast’s face. Gritz then kneels down and holds down Crawford’s shoulders.*

*Atop the ladder in the ring, Juice is extending both middle fingers to the crowd that has risen to their feet in booming protest. Juice spits into the crowd and then leaps off the ladder in a Frog Splash, hitting The Chaser. Juice comes down from 15 feet in the air, slamming all 235 lbs onto the chair and into Crawford, through the table that nearly explodes in plywood splinters.*

*Gritz continues to jump around in his victory rant, and the Guro Girls hold their hands up clapping, though they’re unable to conceal their looks of concern for the Hardcore Champion.*


T: Settle the fuck down you homo. Crawford’s still breathing…but that’s a lot of blood coming out of his mouth…damn.

*Gritz and the Guro Girls pull Juice up out of the wreckage and bring him back to a state of somewhat consciousness. Crawford is nearly motionless as they roll Juice into the ring. Gritz slides in and begins prodding Juice, pulling him up. Juice grabs onto the ladder and begins to climb.*

M: Crawford isn’t moving!! Juice is going up the ladder!! What an awesome and despicable way to win this match!!

T: Not really…it’s for the Hardcore Title and it’s a Ladder Match. Everything’s legal.

*Crawford slowly stirs and somehow begins to pull himself up and into the ring as Juice is just past the halfway point up the ladder. The Guro Girls appear at each of his sides and begin to rub his chest and back seductively, but Crawford shoves them away which sends them running.*

*Crawford rolls into the ring and delivers a stopping forearm to Juice’s back. Juice is held up as Crawford hits the small of his back with another forearm. Crawford takes a quick rest…and then looks up to see Gritz N’ Gravy bring the other chair down on the far side of his head. Crawford falls to the mat and Gritz rolls him with his foot out under the ropes and to the floor below. The Guro Girls run up to him and kick him a few times before running for cover to the other side of the apron, anticipating another shove. The shove doesn’t come as Crawford continues to lay bleeding on the arena floor, motionless.*

*Juice meanwhile has ascended to the peak of the ladder again and calmly unbuckles the IWO Hardcore Title from the harness it’s in and drapes it across his shoulder in relief as the bell rings three times signaling his victory. Juice slides down the ladder as the Guro Girls and Gritz surround him in celebration.*



*backstage we see Miss A with Jason and Stacy*

Miss A: You must compete

Jason: Or what you will suspend me? Right now you can't afford to do that.

Miss A: But that is the match that is made.

Stacy: I don't care, I will not take off my clothes, and I will not have some stupid man try and strip me, I am not a whore

*You can hear the crowd chant "whore, Whore"

Miss A: Well, then if you are forfeiting, then I guess you should leave the building.

Jason: With pleasure, come on Stacy, let Josh have this win, because it will be the last one he gets for a long time.

*Jason and Stacy walk out of the room*

M: I guess Josh and April win their match tonight by forfeit.

T: Dammit, I wanted to see some tits.

M: You have issues Tater.

T: If you only knew Marv...if you only knew.

*The Riot Makers are already in the ring as Johnny Blade is introduced*

M: An interesting Match as Thugged Out will compete against four men with both the Tag Titles and The TV Title on the line.

T: Yeah but the rules are if the Riot Makers win they become the tag champs, and if Judge or Blade pins Exo or Stick then they would win the TV Title.

M: And here comes the former TV Champion

*Dirty Window plays as Judge comes down the aisle...Stick and Exo come running out and nail him in the back of the head with a belt...Judge hits the mat, as they run and slide in the ring dropping the gold...the ref calls for the bell and here comes the opponents..Blade and Exo pairing off as the Riot Makers getting an advantage on Stick...Blade with kicks and Punches to Exo and he backs him agaisnt the ropes..meanwhile stick in the corner being attacked*

M: And the numbers game starting early

T: Yeah but Judge might be out cold, so that is one man out of the match

*Exo is whipped into the ropes...Blade nails a Yakuza kick on on him and takes him down..Blade covers....1....2....kickout....The riot makers whip Stick to the opposite corner..they come running but Stick comes out of the corner with a double clothesline to take them down..Blade is on top of Exo punching away...Stick is up and runs and hits a kick to the face of Blade taking him down..stick yelling at Blade, and picks him up...he punches him then chokes him on the ropes*

M: Stick looks upset

T: He has to defend to different titles of course he is upset

*Sledge and Kage are getting up..Exo is up and hits a boot to the face of Sledge taking him down..he grabs Kage and tosses him to the outside of the ring...Judge is stirring and begins to come down the aisle...Stick whips Blade to the ropes...and Exo joins him as they hit the Last Call on Blade...Stick covers, but Judge is in the ring and runs and breaks up the count..Exo and Judge pair off with right hands...Stick gets up and joins him...they have Judge outnumbered and whip him to the ropes..they try a double clothesline, but Judge ducks it...Exo then runs and hits a knee to the gut of Judge..Judge stammers over, and Stick nails him in the head with a scissors kick...Sledge is getting up, and Exo runs and clotheslines him over the top rope and he falls down beside Kage...Kage is up and trying to get his partner up...Blade beginning to get up and Exo runs over and begins attacking him*

M: Thugged Out in control right now, and look at Stick

*Stick sees the Riot Makers and runs and does a plancha over the top rope to take them down..but he hits himself against the barricade*

T: A high risk move and all three men are down

*Exo has Blade up and hits a forearm to the face...he then nails an elbow..he whips Blade, and blade bounces off the ropes..Exo lowers his head..and blade kicks him..Exo comes up, and Blade hits a chop, he hits another chop, and then Blade hits a dropkick...Exo goes down...Blade feeling it, he waits for Exo to get up...Blade goes for a yakuza kick...but Exo recovers in time and dives at Blade's standing leg...he nails it and Blade falls down in pain clutching his leg*

M: Exo takes him out, and Blade in some pain Tater

T: He might have just injured his leg, and Blade is down on the mat

*the ref throws up the X sign as blade is in pain..the ref trying to check on him as Exo gets to his feet...from behind Judge grabs Exo and hits the Final Sentence*

M: The Final Sentence and Judge goes for the cover

*the ref turns and counts.....1.....2........3...*

T: Judge just beat Exo to win back the TV Title

M: He has reclaimed his gold, but Thugged Out keeps the tag team titles

*Stick gets back in the ring, and Judge is handed the belt as the ref checks on Blade..stick comes in and nails a lowblow from behind on Judge...Judge falls to the the crowd boos..Stick grabs Judge and picks him up...he kicks him in the gut, and then hits a DDT on top of the TV Title..Judge is out cold as Stick helps Exo to this feet, Thugged Out get their Tag titles and leave the ring to boos from the crowd*

M: They lost one title, but once again Thugged Out are the only ones still standing.



T: Here comes Funeral Holmes for this next match at Crusher’s Redemption. It is a three way elimination Last Man Standing match whereby the winner will be the only person that doesn’t go down for a ten count.

M: Holmes realises that you will need to do a lot of damage to your opponents in this match to pick up the win as he has brought a shovel out to the ring with him.

*Wait and Bleed by Slipknot hits and Death Shock makes his way to the ring with a steel pipe*

T: Death Shock has come prepared as well with that steel pipe and he is coming of a big win at the Thugged Out PPV just the other night. I wonder whether he can go three for three here tonight.

M: Now here comes our final competitor, a man who has been on a bumpy ride as of late due to the repeated appearance of a mysterious women in his matches. That man is Demon Alexander who comes to the ring with no weapons here tonight. Not sure if that is a display of confidence or stupidity but we are about to find out.

*Bell rings. Shock and Holmes both look at Demon seeing he is without a weapon and go straight for him. Holmes goes for a shovel shot but Demon ducks it and then stands up to take a steel pipe to the head from Shock levelling him. Shock raises his arms in celebration for a moment which allows Holmes to smack him in the gut with the shovel and then follow it with a shot to the head with the shovel which busts Shock wide open and sends him to the mat. Holmes goes over to the corner an rams the shovel into it so that the metal bit is sticking out of the bottom of the turnbuckle. He then goes over and gets the pipe of Shock who is out cold on the ground as the ref has started to count him and Demon out. 1…2….3…..4. Holmes goes over to Demon and pulls him up to sitting position and starts to smash into his head with the steel pole opening him up. He then pulls Demon up and over to the turnbuckle with the shovel at the bottom, this breaks the count on Demon but the ref is still counting for Shock. 6….7… Holmes pulls Demon up to the middle rope and signals for The Nail In The Coffin which he hits off the second rope bouncing Demon’s head off the steel bit of the shovel at the bottom. Holmes then turns around to see that Shock is up. Shock has the steel pipe again and hammers Holmes in the gut with it and then drops it and hits a DDT onto the steel pipe on Holmes busting Holmes open whilst the ref has begun counting out Demon and has reached 4.*

T: Things already getting ultra violent as all men are now bleeding profusely.

*Shock slides to the outside and goes underneath the ring and chucks a garbage can and a table into the ring and slides back in whilst the ref continues to count out Demon. 6…7…8. Shock sets up the table and goes over to Holmes who is staggering to his feet. He grabs Holmes by the hair and pulls him over to the garbage can and hits a huge baldo bomb on Holmes crushing the garbage can but just after he hits the move Demon jumps up and levels Shock with a clothesline. Demon then goes over to Shock who is in a lot of pain and picks him up and brings him over to the table. Demon pulls Holmes up and hits the Demon’s Dance on him sending him through the table. The ref starts counting out Holmes as Shock uses the ropes to pull himself back to his feet after the clothesline. Demon and Shock take some time to recover from the action as the ref counts out Holmes. 3…4…5….6….7. Demon and Shock both slide to the outside on opposite sides of the ring and go looking for weapons. Demon pulls out his signature golden cross and Shock pulls out a Singapore cane. Both men climb back into the ring and eye each other up whilst Holmes is still lifeless in the ring and being counted out. 8…9…..10. Holmes is eliminated from the match up and is rolled out of the ring by the ref.*

M: Finally an elimination and we are now down to Demon and Shock which one of these two men will come out on top?

*Demon runs at Shock with the cross, but Shock nails a cane shot to the gut of Demon making him drop the cross...Demon is hunched over, and Shock grabs him around the neck using the cane...he is choking him, and he nails a backcracker to Demon taking him down*

M: What a weird combination of moves

T: And Now what is he doing?

*Shock rolls out of the ring and finds a table...he slides it back in and gets in the ring...Demon on the mat in pain, turns to his stomach and is trying to get up...Shock sets up the Demon is getting to his feet slowly...Shock waiting, and Demon is up and turns around...Shock kicks him in the gut, and then lifts him up and powerbombs him through the table...the ref makes the count...1......2...*

M: A huge powerbomb and Demon might be out

T: Hell he is out

*9.....10...Shock is declared the victor as the crowd boos him*

M: I bet his wish that Holmes would have agreed to that suspension.

T: Yeah no one is going to do that.

*Shock laughs at Demon who is lying in the rumble as the crowd continues to boo*

*backstage we see the mysterious woman of Demon looking at a monitor...she shakes her head in disgust and then clicks the monitor off as she walks out of the room she is in*



T: This next match is a crazy first blood elimination tag team match where even more blood is guaranteed to be shed tonight.

M: Yes indeed as Joker is already in the ring and now here comes Gorilla.

T: Now we have the third member of their team making his entrance. Black Dragon. These guys haven’t been doing so well as of late and will really want to get a win and get back on track here tonight.

*Who the Fuck Killed John Lennon by Eighteen Visions hits and Ricky Thunder charges to the ring. Then Can’t Stand the Heartache by Skid Row hits and Don ‘The Solar Con’ Smith hits the ring doing his full entrance to big cheers.*

M: Only one more man left to hit the ring. Probably the most established man in this match. He got Thugged Out the other night at the PPV and I’m sure will be looking to get another win back into his column tonight. Here he comes. That crazy peace lover. Cryptic!

*Cryptic comes down to the ring to his music high fiving everyone and then climbing in and shaking hands and throwing out peace signs to everyone in the match.*

T: Right lets get this one started.

*Bell rings. Dragon goes straight for Thunder and clotheslines him over the top rope to the out side where they get up and begin brawling on the outside whilst Smith hits a drop kick on Gorilla sending him into the corner and then Smith starts working Gorilla over in the corner with punches and kicks. Joker charges at Cryptic who ducks and flips Joker over the top rope to the outside sending him back first hard onto the steel entrance ramp. Cryptic goes to the outside after Joker and pulls him up and hits the 3B on Joker nailing his head into the steel entrance ramp. Cryptic then picks Joker up again and gives him the peace sign before hitting the Blissful End on the steel ramp on him busting him open. The ref sees it and Joker is eliminated from the match.*

M: That didn’t take long. Thanks for coming Joker see you later.

*Meanwhile Smith is still beating on Gorilla. Smith delivers a big time DDT on Gorilla and then goes up top signalling for the Solar Flare.*

T: This move can’t get an elimination for Smith but it can certainly weaken his opponent.

*Meanwhile on the outside Dragon drops Thunder head first into the guard rail sending him staggering back and falling over. Dragon then sees what is going on with Smith and Gorilla in the ring and goes under the ring and gets a chair. He slides the chair over to Gorilla who picks it up and chucks it in the face of Smith as he goes for the Solar Flare. Gorilla then gets up and pulls Smith up and locks in the Bear Hug. He squeezes the life out of Smith causing Smith to start bleeding profusely from the ears and the nose. The ref tells him to release the hold and Smith is eliminated.*
M: What a brutal elimination by the Vanilla Gorilla there as Smith goes bye bye. Its now two on two as Cryptic slides into the ring and goes after Gorilla.

*Gorilla and Cryptic exchange blows in the middle of the ring whilst on the outside Dragon has a garbage can and is waiting for Thunder to get to his feet. Thunder gets to his feet and Dragon goes to nail him with the garbage can but Thunder hits the Thunder Kick nailing the garbage can back into the face of Dragon sending him stumbling around. Thunder then comes over to him and grabs his head and nails it repeatedly into the steel ring post on the outside and then into the steel ring steps. Dragon still not bleeding though and still staggering around on his feet so Thunder picks up the steel steps and puts them down just in front of Dragon. He goes over to Dragon and hits the Breaking Edge on Dragon bouncing his skull off the steel steps and busting Dragon open. Dragon is eliminated.*

T: We are down to a two on one situation with Thunder and Cryptic versus Gorilla.

*In the ring Cryptic is peacing up and hits an eye poke on Gorilla he then bounces off the ropes and looks for a clothesline but Gorilla manages to recover and get the chair that’s in the ring he then nails Cryptic in the head with it sending Cryptic stumbling back over the top rope and to the outside. Gorilla sees Thunder climbing into the ring and sets up the chair in the middle of it. Thunder comes charging in and gets a boot to the gut from Gorilla who hoists Thunder up into powerbomb position but instead of hitting a powerbomb he falls backwards dropping Thunder face first onto the set up steel chair busting him wide open. Thunder is eliminated.*

M: We are down to two this could be close.

*Gorilla gets up and turns around to see Cryptic in the ring. Cryptic hits a spine buster on Gorilla crushing what is remaining of the set up chair. Cryptic then pulls out a set of knuckle dusters from his tights and starts to punch away on Gorilla but Gorilla eventually manages to push him off before being busted open. Cryptic gets up and gets levelled with a huge clothesline turning Cryptic inside out from Gorilla. Gorilla goes to the outside and pulls out a sledge hammer. He comes back in and goes for a sledge shot on a stumbling Cryptic but Cryptic ducks around and hits a boot to the gut and then grabs the sledge and uppercuts Gorilla with it making him fall back on his arse on the mat but not busting him open. Cryptic then brings the sledge up high and snaps it in half over Gorilla’s head causing blood to trickle from the top of his head. Gorilla is eliminated and Cryptic takes it out.*

T: Cryptic really starting to show that he is not afraid to be violent and fight to bring about peace here in the IWO as he is the only one surviving this match and getting the win for his team of himself, Ricky Thunder and Don ‘The Solar Con’ Smith.

*Backstage Crusher is standing by with Hugh Miller*

Miller: Crusher you are moments away from stepping in the ring and competing for the World Title, what are your thoughts?

Crusher: Simple, to win and become the next World Heavyweight Champion!

*Crusher walks off*

*ad for Pain and Suffering runs*


T: This next match is our main event for this weeks Redemption run by Crusher. Here comes our special guest referee who has made it plain that he will take no sides and will not be screwed around tonight, Corey.

M: Yes for once we should have an interesting title match unlike the last few weeks with DC and Thugged Out triple teaming their opponents.

T: I wouldn’t go against those guys Marv unless you fancy getting Thugged Out yourself.

M: Anyway here comes the challenger for the IWO Heavyweight Title tonight, our GM for the night, Crusher!

T: I really hope he can pull off the upset here tonight against that despicable DC.

M: He is tough as nails and if anyone can knock off DC its him. Speaking of DC here comes the champ now and he is without Thugged Out and Juice as Corey has banned them from interfering in tonight’s match.

T: This match is going to be particularly brutal Marv and I suspect will be the most violent of the evening and that’s saying something. It is a Crusher’s den match where the competitors are about to face off in an elimination chamber without the cells but with weapons attached to its walls.

M: I can’t wait I hope DC bleed like the son of a bitch he is…

T: Ixnay on the shut the fuck up aye. Anyway this one is about to get underway.

*Bell rings. DC and Crusher lock up. DC with a headlock takeover bringing Crusher onto the mat. DC brings Crusher back up to standing position in the head lock and then chucks him against the ropes and hits a shoulder block on him followed by a leg drop. DC waits for Crusher to get up which he does and then Crusher suddenly charges at DC looking for a spear but DC counters with a big knee to the face of Crusher sending him falling back to the mat. DC drops a series of three quick elbows on Crusher and then starts choking him for a bit before letting up.*

M: DC is looking great early on I have to admit. He is finally giving us some reason to believe he is a credible champ.

*DC pulls Crusher up and then whips him across the ropes and looks for a clothesline but Crusher ducks and comes back at DC who this time successfully nails a drop kick on him sending him to the mat. DC picks up Crusher again and sends him shoulder first into the turnbuckle and then rolls him out of the corner with a school boy pin. Corey counts. 1…2………………………………………………………………kick out by Crusher. DC goes over to Corey and tells him to do his job and count properly. Corey shows him his referee shirt and tells him he’ll do whatever the hell he wants. DC snarls at Corey and goes back over and covers Crusher again. Corey counts. 1…2……kick out by Crusher again. DC covers a third time. 1…2 kick out by Crusher. DC with a small package pin. 1…2 Crusher reverses into a small package of his own. 1…2……………………………

T: Kick out just in the nick of time there by an unsuspecting DC!

*DC gets up and squares off with Crusher again and this time they start exchanging rights in the middle of the ring. Crusher starts to get the advantage and goes off the ropes but DC goes for a big boot which Crusher rolls through and comes back hitting a bull dog from behind on DC taking him to the mat. Crusher starts stomping on the right leg of DC and then pulls his leg over the bottom rope and jumps up and down onto it a few times nailing it into the bottom rope as DC yelps. Crusher then locks in a figure four leg lock on DC. DC manages to swing around and get to the ropes but Crusher doesn’t break the hold and Corey doesn’t make him telling DC it is a no DQ match so it doesn’t matter whether DC makes it to the ropes or not. DC flinging himself up and punching Crusher in the head eventually making him release the hold. DC gets up and goes over to Corey and starts getting into a more heated argument with him as Crusher gets up and comes in with a chop block on the right leg of DC taking him to the mat again. Crusher rolls DC over and pulls up his right leg and slams it back down into the mat a few times. Then he signals for the Ankle Lock.*

M: Smart move here by the challenger who has started to work on that right leg of DC and is now looking to finish it right here.

*Crusher goes to lock in the Ankle Lock but DC kicks him away hard sending Crusher through the ropes and onto the steel of the chamber floor. DC climbs over the ropes to go after Crusher. He grabs a steel chair off the wall of the chamber and starts working over Crusher’s ribs with it. He then places the steel on top of Crushers gut he then goes over and pulls a ladder off the wall of the chamber. He sets it up near Crusher and ascends it whilst Crusher gets back to his feet and starts climbing the other side of the ladder with the steel chair in hand. Both men reach the top and Crusher tries to use the chair on DC but DC grabs it and uses it to smash Crusher in the head several times causing him to fall off the ladder onto the steel chamber floor below. DC then signals for the Dog Catcher Elbow and dives off with the chair hitting the move into the chair, onto the gut of Crusher and nailing Crushers back into the steel chamber floor as well. DC covers. Corey counts. 1…2……………………………………………………………………..

T: Kick out by the challenger! Impressive stuff there he might just have what it takes to take out the gold here tonight.

*DC is mighty pissed with the counting and goes over to Corey again this time he shoves Corey. Corey shakes his head sadly and then hits a boot to the gut and pulls DC up and hits a huge time powerbomb on DC nailing his back into the steel chamber floor! Crusher sees what’s happened and goes over and covers. Corey counts. 1…2……………………..

M: Kick out by the champ who is showing just why he is the champ here tonight. Though I’m not sure he wants to keep messing with Corey cos no one can take too many moves like that onto the cold steel.

*Crusher gets up as does DC who charges at Crusher but Crusher side steps and chucks DC through the ropes back into the ring. Crusher goes up top one of the turnbuckles as DC gets up and then hits a missile drop kick on DC sending him staggering back and over the ropes to the steel floor on another side of the chamber. Crusher goes over to DC on the steel chamber floor again and then goes over to the side of the chamber and grabs a kendo stick off it. He then proceeds to work over DC’s right leg with the stick hammering it into the steel of the chamber floor. Crusher then drags DC’s right leg over the bottom rope again and this time brings down the kendo stick with such force that it breaks over the right leg of DC as DC yells out. Crusher covers. 1…2…………………………………………………

T: Kick out again by the champ and now Crusher is looking a bit annoyed with Corey’s counting.

*Crusher starts bitching to Corey about the count but Corey warns him not to lay a finger on him and he doesn’t whilst this is going on DC staggers up and limps over to the chamber wall and pulls of a two by four wrapped in barbwire, he also pulls off some lighter fluid and douses the weapon before pulling out a match from his tights and lighting it on his boot and setting the two by four wrapped in barb wire on fire all whilst Crusher is still having a heated debate with Corey. Corey tells Crusher to keep his eyes on the prize and look behind him. Crusher turns around and gets a flaming barbwire two by four shot to the gut courtesy of DC, Crusher drops to his knees and DC drops down behind him and rakes the flaming barbwire bat across Crusher’s head busting him open in a huge way. DC then stands up and smashes Crusher in the side of the head with the bat finally putting it out and causing Crusher to fall sideways, lifeless, to the floor. DC covers. 1……2………………………………………………………………………

M: Another kick out by Crusher how the hell is he doing this?

*DC goes over to the chamber wall again and this time pulls off a garbage can he goes over to Crusher and waits for him to stumble to his feet and goes to level him with it but Crusher hits a low blow causing DC to drop the can and then ducks behind DC and hits the Olympic Slam into the can crushing it on DC’s back. Crusher covers. Corey counts again. 1….2……………………………………………………………………..

T: Kick out yet again by the champ! He really is proving why he is the champ here tonight. But what’s this? Crusher is arguing again with Corey about the count that’s really not a good idea in your position Crusher.

*Crusher finally lets his frustration get the better of him and slaps Corey across the face. Corey goes on his knees like he is begging Crusher not to hit him again but then smiles sadistically and hits the broken dreams low blow on Crusher who’s eyes roll into the back of his head in pain. DC is up and grabs a steel chain of the chamber wall and comes up behind Crusher and uses warps it around Crusher’s neck and locks in The Putdown using the chain. Blood is pouring out of Crusher’s head as he rapidly fades. Corey checks on him once and his hand falls. A second time and his hand falls. A third time and……

M: His hand falls a third time! Its over, the carnage is finally over and DC has prevailed again and Corey comes across loud and clear with a message of his own, don’t fuck with me or you will get hurt.

*Corey then grabs DC, and nails him in the gut...he picks him up and holds him on his shoulders as he looks to crowd*

T: He is going to try and send DC a message as well

*Corey hits the Duality Driver on DC, and Corey stands up...he looks down at both men, and laughs as the screen goes black*

*end show*


Thanks to Sly as Hell for the Redemption Banner

Thanks To Exo for the championship banners

Thanks to Jeezy for the card

Thanks to DrDoom for writing the World Title Match, The first blood match, the hell in a cell match, and the Last man standing match

Thanks to The Glue for writing the hardcore championship match

any feedback is always appreciated

next up Jack Crawford/SKill with his card..the next promo thread will be up by Monday.
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Wow...def a HOLY SHIT when DC came with the fire......very good as always.


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Fuck yeah bitches. Judge is TV champ again you best believe it.

Props to Sly as Hell for the banner.

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Oh booo
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We forfeited the match

Good show.

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3-0. very nice.
Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post
If I wanted stupid illogical booking I'd watch TNA.
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Fuck you, Corey

But above all else people, fucking excellent job. A-Grade work again.

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Originally Posted by Jeezy
Fuck you, Corey

But above all else people, fucking excellent job. A-Grade work again.
Don't fuck with Corey bitches.

Thanks to David for the Orton banner...

Join the EFED you fucks!
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Nice show. Loved all the matches, especially the Juice match, TV and DC match and of course i fell in love with my match.

Peace and love
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we got jobbed.

Click to subscribe to the podcast feed or Download Episode 33 and give your feedback in the KPWF room.


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