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Promo Thread for Redemption Month 17 Week 1
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Default Promo Thread for Redemption Month 17 Week 1

Promos will be due by Friday Oct. 5th at 5PM EST

Crusher's turn to run Redemption

Strip Match
Josh and April vs. Jason and Stacy
(The only way to win is for the Men to strip the Women and the Women to strip the Men of the opposing team. Once both members of a team are stripped they are declared the losers.

Texas Tornado Match Handicap Match
TV Title and Tag Team Title Match
Thugged Out vs. Judge, Blade and The Riot Makers

(If Thugged Out pin any member of the opposing team they win. If Judge or Blade pin either member of Thugged Out whoever made the pin will win the TV Title however, if The Riot Makers make the pin they will win the Tag Team Titles as a team.

Table Match
Ness and Jeff vs. Strictly Business

First Blood Elimination Tag Team Match
Cryptik, Don Smith and Ricky Thunder vs. Vanilla Gorilla, Black Dragon and Joker

Hell from Home Match
Unstoppable Force vs. "The Epitome" Troy Alston

A Hell in a Cell match where the ring is surrounded by weapons, the ropes are barbed wire and outside the Cell are various bodyguards who will beat down whoever leaves the Cell then throw them back in.

Ladder Match
Hardcore Title

Juice vs. Jack Crawford

Last Man Standing Match
Demon vs. Death Shock vs. Funeral Holmes

Last Man left standing in the ring is declared the winner.

Crusher Den Match
IWO World Championship
DC vs. Crusher w/ Corey Taylor Special Referee

- Elimination Chamber with weapons hanging from the roof, but the smaller cages are gone. First man to pin or make his opponent submit is declared the winner.
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Ha...Love it. We could do alot with this.

Thanks to David for the Orton banner...

Join the EFED you fucks!
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*Camera opens in a bright white lab with the two boys from the weird Thugged Out video. The boy in the hat is hitting a speed bag while the boy in glasses is typing away at his computer.*

Ness: The time is almost here Jeff. Our first fight in the IWO is finally here. I have been training for the last 13 hours straight and I'm not going to stop until we leave. My muscles ache. I'm dehydrated. I havn't felt this alive since I was thirteen. The time for everyone to finally see our skills is at hand. I am growing tired of the world being oblivious to us. We risked our lives so many times and sacrificed so much and we have nothing to show for it. We saved this planet and no one even knows who the hell we are!

Jeff: Easy my friend. Soon enough everyone will know just what we are all about and the rewards will be more than fulfilling. Our first test is the team known as Strictly Buisness. By my calculations they are one of the least talented teams in the International Wrestling Organization. They have not been a team for too drastically long and they have fallen to Thugged Out plenty of times. According to my sources and studies we have a 95% chance of winning this contest. This is a perfect chance for us to stretch our legs and get a feel for the wrestling world. In terms of strength, skill, and wits they are no match for us so that means that you have to relax and keep your cool Ness. We certainly have the upper hand and there is no reason to be rash and make foolish decisions.

Ness: I'm sorry Jeff but I can't help myself. I am so pumped for this. I can't wait to put one of those phony buisness fools through a table. I mean get real, Schmoe's name says it best. He was nothing more than a stepping stone for everyone until he met up with his partner public. They just slapped on some cheap suits and gave themselves a corny name. They are not true partners like us Jeff. We have more teamwork experiance. We deserve to be at the top of the tag division with Thugged Out!

*Ness begins hitting the speed bag faster and harder and rears back and slams it hard one last time as the bag breaks out of the ceiling and falls to the ground. Jeff stands up in suprise.*

Jeff: Thats just great Ness. Just because my father is a rich scientist doesn't mean you have to break everything. We must start somewhere my friend. We are the new kids in town and we have to prove ourselves and climb the ladder. Yes the team we are debuting against is one of the biggest jokes in this company but there is no where else to go but up Ness. We will physically and mentally disect our competition and someday soon there will be no one left but Thugged Out. When that time comes Ness, we will prove our dominance.

*Ness lets out a groan and goes to the weights and starts doing some benches*

Ness: *Phew* What is the big deal about Thugged Out anyway? The team consists of an overweight man who looks like he should be a rapper and a skinny guy who is confused about his ethnic background. They usually win their matches in dishonerable ways with the help of the World Champ DC. As much as I do not like this Corey character...I really hope he gives that corrupt champ the beating he deserves. When do we leave Jeff?

*Jeff pulls out his smart phone and checks his schedule*

Jeff: As soon as Da...I mean Dr. Andonuts prepares the sky runner.

*An older balding man in a white coat comes through the mechanical slide open door.*

Man: It is ready son. Ness and yourself may depart whenever you wish.

*Ness darts up from the bench and wipes off his forhead with a towell as Jeff fixes his suit and straightens his glasses.*

Jeff: Thank you sir. In a moment we will depart for Redemption for our first ever match. Wish us luck Da...I mean Dr. Andonuts.

Ness: Let's go Jeff. It is time to make our mark. The future of tag team wrestling has finally arrived and dont worry Strictly Buisness. You are part of the launch of a legacy. I can't wait to see the look on everyones faces when two 16 year olds take out two full grown men. To Redemption we go!

*Ness and Jeff exit the room and get into a pod like creation known as the sky runner. They both flash peace signs as the sky runner lifts through the opening at the top of the lab and darts off thru the sky. camera goes back down to Dr. Andonuts who is standing under the opening looking into the air.*

Dr. Andonuts: Good luck Ness....Good luck son.


Team Earthbound

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*Joker is tossing stuff around in a dressing room...the camera man tries to focus in as Joker sees him*

Joker: You think you are sneaky? You think you can sneak up on me? Just like Gorilla did last week when he cost me and Masque our chance to pick up a win? Well let me tell you something mr. camera person, you come any closer and I will fuck your world up.

*The camera man backs up as Joker is breathing heavy*

Joker: Masque is gone, a man who retreated to the shadows to leave me alone...but that's okay, because the IWO has had it too good for too long...pain is coming, and the evil one will prevail...You see tonight, I team with that smelly beast Gorilla, and Black Dragon...One who crossed me the wrong way and the other who couldn't win a match if it slapped him across the face!

*Joker grabs a vase of flowers and tosses them against the wall shattering glass everywhere*

Joker: Shattered Dreams...that's what lays ahead for the peaceful one...the man who took forever to throw a punch and a man who lately has been beating like a choir boy week after week...and the Hardcore loser from Orange County..What a joke that a rich snobby little brat can come into this federation and claim to be hardcore...I'm the original hardcore legend...I have burnt men left and right, made them sleep at night in their own pools of blood, and I will do the same this week..especially to you, the man that calls himself Solarcane...what are you an aresol spray...You want to get rid of people with sunburns...well this week you will burn you will burn in hell when your team gets the ultimate mindfuck!

*Joker then pushes the cameraman down and walks out of the room*


*Strictly Business is in a board room sitting at a long table, Schmo turns to Public*

Schmo: I can't believe what happened last week John.

Public: I know what you mean Joseph...but we must put that behind us, because we have a difficult task ahead...We face a team tonight that I have no gameplan on...their is no scouting reports on these men.

Schmo: I hate newcomers, you never know what to expect. But look at it this way, we are seasoned veterans, and now that we are cleared of Smith's assualt, nothing will stand in our way of becoming the Tag Team Champions.

Public: Hold on, one step at a time, we must win tonight, and then we will talk about Thugged Out.

Schmo: I hate those guys.

Public: As do I, Joseph, but this new team they are an x factor, they are two small in stature guys, but from the rumors I heard, they are very quick and agile.

Schmo: Doesn't matter, we just stick to our routine, keep them on the ground and let our experience win the match for us...We don't need a plan to defeat a couple of green rookies.

Public: I don't know Schmo.

Schmo: That's right, and neither do they, ....they.

*Schmo gets up from the table*

Schmo: Let's go grab an expresso.

*they leave the room*
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*The camera opens up to a dark room. Bubbling noises and what sounds like muffled speaking are heard. A bright light shines in the centre of the room showing Crusher sat on a steel chair rubbing his chin. As the camera gets closer splatters of blood are shown on his mask and he has a slight grin on his face. The crowd pops*

A year on and i'm here again. Here running Redemption. My show. My rules. Whatever the fuck I want to do tonight I can do! So I took that oppurtunity. Just as I did last year except this year, i'm ready. This year my hunger, desire and need for gold has risen. So much so that I had to put my hatred for Cryptik to one side and focus on my one true aim. The reason I came to the IWO. The reason I have taken beating after beating, lost year after year of my life and the reason I have had to sit in the back and watch countless assholes step up and challenge me, only to see them fall at my own two hands and now DC. You're next.

I do believe we have never faced each other in battle. Never had a true one-on-one encounter. Ohhhh tonight DC this one is going to be a battle for the ages baby! Forget your heros, my heros. Forget the wrestling world! This is larger than life! I'm going to face you. The top dog of the IWO. The man. The IWO World Champion and tonight DC, this is good...

*Crusher's face drops and he faces the camera*

...I will destroy you.

*Crusher stands up and begins to pace the room*

Yes, DC i'm afraid that is how it has to be really. You're an egotistical prick with an attitude problem. You have two middle aged street thugs up your ass and a cheap ass slut hanging from your arm who isn't sure if she has woken up from her last hit of Meth. You play the IWO like it's your little game and you're the King. This is your chess board, right DC? Everybody else are your pawns. Wilma, your queen of course. Thugged Out, your trusty Knights and now, more recently, some upstart called Juice accompanied by some Eddie Murphy looking, 19th century, ass clown who can't pronounce the word seven without sounding like he's about shit his pants. I'm not going to lie to you DC. Your establishments a fuck up.

But I digress. Let's get back to tonights match right?

Tonight DC you stand inside my Hell. My Heaven. My....Home. You see this match is like no other. It's FUCKING brilliant.

*Crusher seems to be getting excited*

You see I have taken every aspect of my childhood. The robbery. The murder. Loneliness. Aggression....Fucking everything and crammed it all into one out of this world match! A match that has no rules, like the Red Hook section. A match where knowone can come and save you, just like the Red Hook Section. A match where you have to use everything and anything to survive and become the man and guess what DC, it's just like the Red Hook Section!

*Crusher flashes a grin at the camera as the muffled speech gets louder so it is clearly audible*

Will you not shut the fuck up! I'm fucking talking you insignificant fucking moron!

*Crusher reaches into the shadows and seems to pull something that makes the muffled speech turn into a loud muffled scream*

Yes, you don't want any of that do you? DO YOU?!?!? I didn't fucking think so now shut the fuck up other wise you WILL feel it.

*Crusher turns back around to the camera with a sinister look in his eye*

Oh that's right you haven't met my friend yet have you? Let me introduce you to.....good point I don't know his name! Fuck it, i'll name him George. DC this is George!

*Crusher clicks his fingers and a bright light shines upon a man hanging by his hands, which are tied to a winch, above a what seems like a jacuzzi full of boiling hot water. The camera looks at the masked half of Crusher's face which is splattered with blood*

Yes! His blood. I had to beat the shit out of this little piggy to ensure he came with me. He was a bit, critical at first. Didn't want anything to do with, wanted to go home, see his family, i'm business all of the normal bullshit but after I smashed his head on his car bonnet a few times he didn't disagree. Mind you he didn't agree either, nor did he make a sound......strange.

Anyway, DC, George hear is representing you. Say Hello to DC, George.

*The man seems to struggle harder as bllod trickles down his badly cut face*

Right have it your way....

*Crusher pulls the lever some more edging the man closer to the boiling water*

Fucking hot in here let me tell you!

DC this man is representing you. He's obvious well dressed. Was driving a Mercedes. Seemed to be a man on top of his game. Much like you but he was brought down by me. Much like you tonight but anyway, I digress further. DC he is hanging in the balance. He is a man on a downward spiral waiting for someone to end his misery. All you want is the love and admiration of everyone in the IWO but you do it the wrong way! You do it throught the short method, the cowards path. You cheat and steal your way to the top. You enlist help from other people to achieve your goals. Wait a second! JUST LIKE GEORGE!

George, tell everyone how you fired my Father when I was a kid because you "didn't like him". Tell that camera right there how you hired other people to take care of your business while you lathered pleasure on yourself and those closest to you. Tell them how you enlisted the help of thugs to beat the shit out of my Dad to stop him coming near you. Tell them! TELL THEM YOU FILTHY FUCKING DOG! TELL THE WHOLE WORLD WHAT TYPE OF STINKING PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT YOU ARE!

*Crusher hits the man hard in the chest causing him to let out a scream and gasp for air*

Worthless piece of shit. You see DC thats you! Are you not seeing the resemblence? Can you not see yourself in George? Can you not see your own actions in his? Let me just refresh your memory.

*A prjoected video appears on the wall that shows DC cheating his way up the ladder and using other people to destroy his opponents*

I know you remember now DC. What person you never ticked off your list was me. One person who never stood in your way and let you carry on was me. You wanna know why I did that? To let you think I would never be a problem. Let you think that no matter how many people you knocked off I would never force you into a situation where you had to take me out but above all else DC, ABOVE ALL-FUCKING-ELSE DC, I did it to let my hatred for you harbour. Mature myself both mentally and physically until one day I would have the oppurtunity, when I was at my best, to take you out. Put you on the shelf and forget about you!

Right now DC i'm in the best form of my career. Best physical shape but I should be wary of you. After all you are the IWO Champion and you didn't earn that with THAT much help from your, assosciates but i'm not really. Yes, I am wary that you are a top guy in the IWO and when it comes right down to it you can handle yourself against the best but the best just ain't good enough tonight. Tonight you have to face me, in my world. You ain't ever faced me. So how should you prepare you ask yourself? Shit, I ain't ever faced you. How the fuck do I prepare for you? I don't. Get the riddle? You see I should never prepare myself for you or anyone else for that matter because no matter how repetitive they get, no matter how many times they use that same fucking combo they could always hit you with something different that will throw you right off your gameplan. So you guessed it DC. I'm not preapred for you, I don't need to be. Your in my world now DC and you just don't know what I got ready for you.

But wait! There's more!

Corey Taylor! The IWO's resident pyschopath. The man who attacked me a few back for apparently no reason and in all fairness I should be facing you tonight to get some degree of revenge on you or at least, so people think. However, tonight I do get revenge in the worst way possible. I take the man you hate more than life itself, DC, I beat him to a bloody mess in my match, in front of you. The I take his title, in front of you and you have to count the pinfall! THAT IS FUCKING PERFECT! TOO FUCKING PERFECT FOR ANY OF THESE NUMBFUCKS AND INBREDS IN THIS COMPANY TO UNDERSTAND!

Corey! You count one, two, three and you watch your nemesis lose his title to me at your hands! That is simply fucking perfect. Revenge is a bitch right Corey!

*More mumbling is heard*

Shit! Shit! Shit! SHIT! I almost fucking forgot. Corey I got someone for you aswell.

*Crusher clicks his fingers as a man in a Doctors outfit covered in blood is shown on screen. Sat in a chair facing the man hanging from the winch*

You remember this guy, Corey? Remember? That one Doctor who seemed to take better care of you than the others? Remember him? Because I fucking don't! So you know what I think i'm going to call him........Phil! Yeah, Doctor Phil. Has a ring to it right? Anywho Doctor Phil hear is going to watch the demise of George over there and can have nothing to do with it guessed it, he's tied up. Bound and gagged.

*Crusher face drops and he looks deadly serious*

DC. Corey. If you think i'm not serious enough to hit that button and stop the Champ then let me demonstrate on George how serious I am....

*Crusher clicks his fingers and as it happens the light all go out and you hear the most terrifying scream and a splash. The screams are absolutely sickening and go on until only one can be heard. The screaming is that of the Doctor's*

*A light appears just covering the masked side of Crusher's face*

I will let you figure out where George's screams have gone.

*Crusher punches the camera sending it falling to the ground as he leaves the room. The light hits the floor and shows a wet hand covered in scalding marks as we go back to ringside*

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**the camera is going down a hall way then into the cell death shock was seen in last week**

**the camera man is in the middle of the room waving the camera around, to the cameraman ans utter shock and disgust, theres a corpse propped up in the corner, blood up the wall and pooled on the floor under him, its the camera man from last week!**

**in total fear he runs for the door, but it slams shut, the lights go out**

camera man: get me the fuck out of here this isn't funny!!

voice: its not supposed to be funny.

camera man: who's that! who's in here! show yourself!

voice: calm yourself, they can sence your heart beating fast and the heat of your fear, freaking out like that your sure to get bit....

camera man: what! what are you talking about, this isn't fucking funny! let me out!

voice: I'm telling you to hush the fuck up, its for your own god damned safety, take t or leave it, ahah.

camera man: hey fuck you man, let me out!

**hissing sounds drown in from all over, then a slight rattling, it gets louder and louder**

camera man: what the fuck! is that snakes? whats going on in here! this is fucking crazy man!

voice: shut up you puny fucker, your part of a representation now, you didn't do what i fucking said now your gong to end up like the other camera man, hahaha!

camera man: what? representation of what? I'm sorry ill listen!

voice: to late fucker! now you have to just WAIT AND BLEED! HAHAHA!

**a small light flips on and the camera drops to the floor , you can see the camera mans feet, then the feet of death shock walk up**

Death Shock: BOO!! HAHA!

camera man: please! no!

**camera mans feet get lifted off the ground, shock picks up the camera and aims it at himself holding up the camera man by the throat, one handed against the wall**

Death Shock: Holmes, i want you to watch every second of this video. i dont get whats wrong in your head, 2 massacre defeats and you keep coming back. theres a thin line between headstrong courage, and sheer stupidity, but youk new that because you saw the line when you crossed it. so like p promised 2 weeks ago, and like i promised last week, ill promise now, with a twist. Holmes, I'm sick if wasting my time on your gay ass, so i wanna send out a challenge to you, at the next IWO ppv, i want a match with you, one on one. not just any match, but an electric cell match. but lets make it interesting, lets say losers leaves IWO for ONE FULL MONTH! solid 4 weeks. now i waned to add that stipulation so i could have you out of my way for a few weeks, because I'm not here to fuck around with low level fucks like you, i got gold on the brain and i got power in my punch to get the hold out of my brain, and around my waist. no wether you choose to accept or decline, well thats up to you. and if you decline, then the next few weeks of your life, well....just wait and bleed motherfucker..

**cameram an starts to squirm**


**throws the camera man down by the snakes, he cowers to the corner as the snakes slither around**

death shock: remember what i fucking said! stay still calm and quiet, and you will be safe, from them at least, hahaha.

**shock turns his attention back to the camera**

death shock: now, as for you demon, i have no fear in this world, i dont fear demons, let alone little men using the name of a beast to cover the fear and insecurities that flow through their veins. Ive had plenty of demons in my past, that still haunt my conscious today, ims ure one more wont be a problem. demon, I'm a strong believe in treating everyone equal, so dont worry, ill whoop your ass and tear your apart the same i do every other man who looks my way, just you want and bleed mother fucker.

**shock dropps the camera to the floor, its facing the camera man, covering his mouth laying in on the opposite corner of the dead camera man froml last week, trying 2 breathe quietly and keep his heart rate down in fear of the snakes**

Death shock: good job kid, just keep that position for a few days, hahaha, ill be back for you!

**death shock walks out and slams the door**

camera man: WAIT! WHAT! NOOO!!!!

**hissing sounds can be heard, the rattling.....**

camera man: oh, god...god please no! ple....

**hissing then snapping sounds can be heard, the camera man screams in agony, death shocks foot steps can be heard walking down a long hall, then a slight evil chuckle can be heard as the footsteps drown out too far to hear**
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If I wanted stupid illogical booking I'd watch TNA.
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*Camera pans to Corey sitting in his locker room staring at his monitor. Clips of DC's title defenses throughout his career are shown.

DC...The so called Undisputed World Champion. A man in a position of vast prestige and great responsibility. When you are at the top spot in this fucking industry you are supposed you are what represents professional wrestling. You are supposed to be fearless, cunning, and unstoppable. You are the poster boy for this industry. YOU SHOULD ONLY HAVE TO RELY ON YOURSELF AND YOU SHOULD NEVER EVER HAVE TO TAKE THE HELP OF OTHERS! This is why you will not be remembered as a true legend DC. You are nothing more but the outcome of corruption and deception. When is the last time you actually put on a match that will always be remembered DC. I am by no means saying that you are not entertaining my friend but all of your successful title defenses have been won in a dirty fashion. You have never felt the satisfaction of doing something for yourself my friend. You can go all the way back to the IWO's reincarnation when me and you faced off to determine who would be the IWO World Heavyweight Champion. You were absolutely powerless against me. By yourself you had no chance in hell at beating me and just as I had said before hand, I become the top man in the industry. I went on to have one of the most successful title reigns in wrestling history. I beat the top names in the IWO. From Judge to Troy I have done it all DC. Most importantly, I did all of this on my own.

*Corey giggles a little bit and begins to see the clips of DC having security guards attack him at Thugged Out. Corey gets angry and clinches his fists.*

I know my success pained you. Watching me take victory after victory ate at you while you settled for the second rate TV championship. You then decided to toss out your credibility and dignity and enlisted the services of Thugged Out and Judge. You felt like you were in power and they were your little fucking henchman. You used them to catapult yourself into the main event scene and you now use Thugged Out to keep your spot at the top secure. I watched you rob superstar after superstar and it FUCKING MAKES ME SICK DC! FORCE IS DEFINATELY A GREATER SUPERSTAR THAN YOU BUT YOU USED YOUR CORRUPTION AND DECEPTION TO WRITE HIM OUT. THAT IS NOT GOING TO WORK ON ME DC! YOU CAN'T FUCKING JUST GET RID OF ME LIKE THE OTHERS. I WILL NEVER STOP COMING. NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO TO ME I WILL KEEP COMING AND KEEP COMING UNTIL I HAVE WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY MINE! There is no way to get rid of me DC. I am forever lasting and there is no quit in my soul. This is why I am destined to be the IWO Heavyweight Champion. You can't change destiny DC.

*Corey looks at the monitor to see clips from last nights TV title match.*

I bet you feel like a big man right now DC. Robbing our former TV champ and letting him surrender his title to that joke of a tag team. Why would you do this DC? Are you so afraid of facing me that your going to pick off your own until you feel better about your sad pathetic fucking self? I know deep down in the pits of your stomach you know that you are going to surrender the IWO World Heavyweight Championship to me. Is this the reason why as of late you have become so drunk with power that you have made Judge expendable? You guys robbed him of his title at Thugged Out. Be careful who you burn your bridges with DC. You will not always have the power you possess and the people you scorn will come back to haunt you. Your downfall is starting DC. At Redemption you will put your precious top tier spot on the line against a technically sound opponent in Crusher.

*Corey stands and stares at the referee shirt laying on the back of his chair. He giggles and cracks his neck.*


*Corey pulls a referee shirt off of the back of his chair and laughs while he drapes it over his shoulder.*

The same goes for you Crusher. Do not confuse niceness with circumstance. I have never fucking liked you but my hatred for DC by far outweighs my dislike for you. The same rules apply to you if you feel the need to get out of line with me. I will not hesitate to knock you the fuck out of this match you even think of putting your hands on me. This is a huge shot for you to finally be more than a 3rd rate champion. Take this opportunity and take full advantage of it. Do not waste this by letting your huge ego affect your decisions. I have no intention on fucking you over so don't fuck me over bitch!

*Corey blasts through his locker room door and is walking through the hallway. As he is walking he comes upon the new team known as Team Earthbound. Corey stops with a confused look on his face.

Who in the fuck are you kids? Does your fucking mommy know your here?

*Corey laughs as Ness and Jeff stare at him with evil eyes.*

Ness: Of course you don't know who we are. This goes back to what I was saying earlier Jeff. People need to be taught about us.

Jeff: We should be concentrating on our match with Strictly Buisness. As of right now my calculations state that we do not want to tangle with this one before our match. Please ignore him.

*Ness and Jeff walk away quickly as Corey is shaking his head negatively

Why are kids so fucking weird these days?

*Crowd laughs a little bit as Corey walks away.*


Thanks to David for the Orton banner...

Join the EFED you fucks!

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Red face


*Highlights of the IWO Heavyweight title match at the Thugged Out PPV is aired*

*After the highlights are shown the camera focuses on the IWO commentry team*

Tater: Those were a couple of highlight from the Thugged Out PPV and what a PPV it was a, Marv. Thugged Out announced a IWO title match right from outta no where!

*Marv nods his head*

Marv: It sure was a great PPV, Tater with everything going DC and Thugged Out's way.

Tater: And of course the champ retained his gold.

Marv: With the peaceful one getting jumped yet again. Looks like mother nature couldn't handle an army.

*Tater giggles a little*

Tater: Oh no, she couldn't.

*Suddenly Cryptic's music hits!!*

*Crowd pop and as Cryptic makes his way to the ring looking a little upset as he makes his way down*

Tater: Speaking of Cryptic here he is!

Marv: And he doesn't look too impressed.

*Cryptic steps into the ring and throws up the peace sign. The peaceful one pulls the peace mic out from his pants and addresses the people*

Cryptic: Well, well...

*Cryptic shakes his head in disappointment*

Cryptic: Well, well, it appears that your hero, your saviour, the peaceful one was attacked yet again but guess what?!?!?! I'm still here.

*Suddenly Cryptic begins to giggle*

It appears that DC is afraid. Yep, thats right ladies and gentlemen, the world heavyweight champion of the IWO is afraid of the peaceful one. From the moment i arrived in the IWO i had a mission, an objective to achieve something great, something fantastic, something implausible, i embarked on a quest to restore the peace within the IWO.

I have come close to achieving this ambition that i have twice. I have had two title shots for the IWO title and each time, before the match can truly begin, before the peaceful one and DC can go toe to toe, each time, the peaceful one has been ambushed by DC's followers, DC's...lackeys. What the deal DC has made with them is clear, "you scratch my back and pop my zits and i'll return the favour".

*Crowd laughs*

*Cryptic smiles and giggles a little more*

Now that i think about it, the peaceful one was a little upset, i went home and played some Super Mario Brothers to keep the peaceful one extra calm and composed and it paid off, i managed to rescue the Princess so i'm happy now!

*Cryptic smiles like a kid filled with pride*

But although i was attacked by DC's toys, the peaceful one still stands and i'm stronger, faster and better than ever, all credit to mother nature for healing my wounds. And now i'm no longer upset. I can fully understand why people like DC who cross my path have to resort to ambushing the peaceful one in numbers, why do they you wonder? Because i am obviously a far greater threat to DC's reign of unpeacedul acts than i first imagined, DC's knows my power, he knows that the force of mother nature is within me and he knows that because he is not peaceful, shoud he truly match the peaceful one in a battle for the title that he shall fall and he shall for all that is peaceful!!

*Crowd pop and chant Crypric's name, "Cryptic, Cryptic!!"*

*Cryptic smiles and throws up the peace sign*

Tater: Wow, maybe DC is afraid of taking on the peoples' peaceful champion.

Marv: Maybe! Juice proved he couldn't get the job done alone and now DC has proved on the last two defences against Cryptic that he would rather get DQ'd before ever taking on the peaceful one.

*Tater laughs*

Tater: And hes a hippie.

Marv: Correction! He is the peaceful one!

*Marv and Tater laugh a little*

Cryptic: Now tonight is not about DC, tonight is about my match against a gorilla, a self proclaimed joker and a "dragon", oh boy how did these three come together?

*Crowd and Cryptic laugh!*

Tater: Ha ha, makes the Vilage People look normal!

Cryptic: Ah, but tonight i team up with Ricky Thunder and Don Smith and we team up in a first blood match. Now the peaceful one is not afraid to lose blood, in fact last week i donated some blood and got me a really cool badge, here look!

*Camera zooms in on a badge on Cryptic's t-shirt, the badge reads, "Thank you for donating" and has a smily face imprinted*

Pretty cool, huh?! I gave some blood to help those who are in hospital and sick, because its just a peaceful thing to do and it made me feel good.

*Cryptic puts his hands on hips and nods his head with a big grin on his face like a man who is pleased with himself*

But however tonight my blood will not be donated, nope, tonight my opponents will try to make my bleed in an act of unpeacefulness.

*Cryptic shakes his head with a disappointed look on his face*

Now why would somebody want to make me bleed? How cruel can people get? Well if thats how they want to play then i shall play, i shall be peaceful but i shall still play the game.

So tonight Vanilla Gorilla, Black Dragon and Joker you take on the peaceful one along with my tag partners Ricky Thunder and Con Smith...i mean Don Smith in a first blood elimination match, well, thats not good for either of you, because in my group we have the hardcore kid who i am sure will have more than one way to give you a few cuts and then we have Don Smith who...urgh..who..anyway, and then we have the peaceful one, Cryptic and not to mention mother nature, so are the odds stacked against you three? Yes, yes its is.

*Cryptic walks up to the turnbuckle, climbs up and sits at the top*

Now Gorilla, i don't want to make you bleed, i'll much rather take you back home into the wild with the oher gorillas, but tonight in order for my mission to remain on track you will have to bleed in order for the peaceful one to win. But i'll try not to cause you a lot pain and to make up for it, i'll give you banana, maybe two if you're lucky.

*Crowd laugh*

Then there is Joker, now Joker, i'll much rather you tell me some jokes in order to make me laugh, rather than make you bleed, because laughter is a form of happiness and happiness is a form peace, but lets be honest, you're not a very funny guy now are you? You try, bless your little heart, but you're just not humerous, so you have only one use and that use is to lose tonight so that i can march on in my quest to restore the peace within the IWO.

So tonight, i'm sorry guys but..

*Suddenly Cryptic stops likes hes just remembered something*

Ah, yes we also have Black Dragon. A "dragon". Its unfortunate that a dragon has crossed my path, a dragon that stands in my way from reaching the castle that contains the Sleepy Beauty that is an IWO of peace and serenity, yes, Black Dragon, as the hero, as the saviour, as the peaceful one i will have to draw my sword that is mother nature and i shall hack you down because those who attempt to prevent the peace from being realised within the IWO shall feel the wrath that is mother nature and tonight Dragon, you shall feel such a wrath. However...

*Cryptic pulls out a hair pin from his hair*

However, i have a solution, a peaceful solution for everyone. I have a way for my opponents and team mates to avoid any bodily harm tonight. The hair pin that i have in my hand can be used to gently prick your finger which will result in blood being released from your body. This way the peaceful one's quest to restore the peace back within the IWO shall remain on track which can only please all those who are peaceful within the IWO and of course this way they'll be no need for any unnecessary violence, sounds good, huh?! A fantastic plan.

*Cryptic smiles likes he just found a winning lottery ticket!*

Marv: Sounds like a deal. Very peaceful.

Tater: Wonder if Vanilla Gorilla, Black Dragon and Joker would keep things peaceful and accept?!

Marv: Probably not.

*Tater laughs*

Tater: Well here in the IWO expect the unexpected!

Cryptic: However, Gorilla, Joker and Dragon...should you refuse this fantastic peaceful offer then neither of you are peaceful and if you ain't peaceful....

*Cryptic pauses and raises the microphone above his head as the crowd finish off the sentence...*

Crowd: ...YOU AIN'T NOTHING!!!!!

*Cryptic's music hits as he jumps off the turnbuckels and runs into the crowd*

Tater: Will Vanilla Gorilla, Black Dragon and Joker find out that "you ain't peaceful, you ain't nothing"? Find out right here at Redemption tonight!

*Camera fades as Cryptic hugs and takes photos with the people*
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*The camera pans into an a dark, empty IWO arena where a few lights from above scope the place out. It spotlights the ring already set up from the Epitome's match this week- the Hell from Home match. The camera goes through the security guards, the weapons, the steel cage and the barbed wire fences to see "The Epitome" Troy Alston sitting intently in the middle of the ring.*

Troy: You know, there is not much to be said about what happened last week. Beginning with what was said pre-match, to what actually happened inside the parking lot. I feel there is only a quote that would fit perfectly for what transpired. And that is..."Talk is cheap."

Now, it may seem like I am contradicting myself, for I am, the "pretty boy." "The cocky son of a bitch." The "walking microphone." While they all may be true in their respects, I can safely say...that my talk, my swagger, my backed up by my performance. And anybody who has had the privilage to see my perform week in and week out, know that. It is a fact. It is true. It is knowledge.

(The lights blast on as Troy gets up to his face and speaks in a more serious tone.)

But there seems to be one man who defies that fact. One guy who does not believe a word I say. And one man, who cannot stand to see Troy Alston seen in higher regard than he. Not DC. Not Corey Taylor. But you, Unstoppable Force. It's humorous actually. This guy actually thinks he can get inside my head. You cannot break me. With your monotone, lifeless speeches you make, I can safely say you cannot break anyone Force. You rely on your past to give you that confidence...that pathetic egotrip you come into every match. You love to believe everybody says their prayers before they step into the ring with you. Well, to each their own.

Force, you're washed up.

The last time you ever had any superiority in this place was when you became IWO Champion, what almost 2 years ago? And guess what happened then? I beat your ass in a Ladder Match, one you said you would dominate in. How does it feel that some "young kid" like myself got the best of you then? All I can say now is, that "young kid" is even better, even smarter, and even...cockier.

Since my revival in the IWO, I've seen you accomplish...about zero things since I've been here...heh heh. It was you Force, who assigned yourself "so-called captain" of your team, Team Judge. Captain...such a broad term these days. It almost seems like anybody can call themselves Captain these days. From what I recall, the only captain you were was for the sinking ship that was Team Judge, when the real stars of the IWO, Corey and myself, beat your ass in to gain control. That's what a captain does for a team, and I showed nothing less but pure leadership and heart.

Fast forward to last week, at Thugged Out. You felt that was your place. Your territory. Your confines...a parking lot brawl. I recall you said it was your "environment" like you were some animal or something. The only rodents I saw were two apes in yourself and Gorilla. Kind of ironic in how you two were paired up. You two neanderthals are exactly the same, except Gorilla has a mute button. Which I'm sure everybody is ecstatic about.

The real undisputed "king of smack" is standing right before your eyes, whether you would like to admit it or not Force. The only person listening to yourself. Your intimidation has gotten you nowhere, and I will not be the first to fall victim. You preach over and over that pain is mandatory for us. And while you may be technically right, the only pain we've seen is from you suffering at the hands of somebody else.

Walking into last week, I felt I was in a 1 vs. 3 handicap match. Corey Taylor is definitely nobody to be trusted. You have no idea what this guy is thinking. Well, Corey put our shit on pause and look what happened. Despite all of the controversy considering what would happen solely between us, I laid the pin and won the match. And Force, you were no where to be seen. You laid their in a pool of your own blood whimpering at the pain as you saw me reign victorious. How does that make you feel? To see somebody you despise so much, and have every reason to, accomplish everything you wanted. To take every opportunity that you dreamed of, only to go to some "arrogant kid?" That must have killed you inside. To not just see another man win, but me. The very man you wish you can be get the better of you in your own "environment." How does that make you feel?

Still unsure? Well, you'll get another taste of it in a similar environments. And I stand here, unintimidated and ready to actually back up everything I've been saying...unlike some people. And physically decimate in what you call your kind of match. Where there is nowhere to run. The weapons are limitless and so is the pain. Plus, I'm sure you'd get a kick of it being an enclosed cage. It must remind you of your childhood from living in the zoos. This will be like a trip down memory lane Force. And driving down that destination...will be just like old times, of myself embarassing and dominating you at every turn.

It's put up or shut up Force. You want to talk the big talk? Do you really feel you can get the best of me? Are you superior to myself? Prove it right here, where everything is in your favor. All the weapons you need to "teach me a lesson." This is a kind match I've grown accustomed to as of late and I've been successful. Where there is no athletic ability required, just pure strength and perserverance.

And while you may hype yourself up for possessing both...remember that "The Epitome" Troy just a little bit everything.

(Troy stops and catches glimpse at the surrounding security guards, ready to pounce, but he stays calm.)

I almost forgot about this aspect of the Hell from Home match. I wonder how I might get out of here. These guards around me look impenetrible. Almost like...some unstoppable force.

(Troy hops out of the ring, untouched from the barbed wire ropes and confidently exits the cell. Troy tells the security guards to bring it and they all attack. Troy takes them one by one with various moves. One gets hit with the 23 superkick. Another with a spear. Another with an Alston 3:16. One by one, Troy fends off the fairly buff security guards. Men are fallen flat on the arena floor, wincing in pain and others seem to be out-cold. A massive man, resembling the Unstoppable Force, charges at Troy and receives a kick to the gut and gets lifted up high. Trendsetter onto the arena floor. Troy kips up and walks off.)

Heh, I've always known that was a cliche...

*Troy walks off arrogantly to the backstage area as the camera zooms into the 13 men laid out on the ground from the beating from just 1 man, "the Epitome," Troy Alston.*

Originally Posted by John Morrison on ECW, after CM Punk crashes into the announce table
.....I'd say he'd have to pay for that, but I don't think he can afford it.

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*The camera shows the door of Jason and Stacy's lockeroom as sounds of laughter is coming from inside,without thinking the camera man opens the door to see Jason and Stacy stripping each other while wrestling playfully on the floor*

Jason - Don't you people know how to knock?

Stacy - Pervert

*Jason gets up and puts his white sleeveless shirt and baggy black jean shorts on as Stacy turns away from the camera so she can change*

Jason - Can I help you? Well first of all you can help me if you can stop watching my girlfriend get dressed

*The camera man nervously focuses on Jason*

Jason - Thank you now what the hell do you want? Don't you see were trying to have a little fun before our match tonight with Josh and April

*Stacy comes back over wearing her daisy duke shorts and black shirt that says "My boyfriend can kick your boyfriend's ass"

Stacy - We shouldn't even be doing this tonight

Jason - What was that deformed retard Crusher thinking anyways? Well the only other person besides him to blame for this is Josh

Stacy - Yep

Jason - I've said it before and I'll say it again if it weren't for him I would've won the structure of doom match for our team and I would've made a much better match if I were in charge,but no Josh had to go fuck it all up by causing me to get eliminated.Now were in a strip match...what kind of shit is that? First Thugged Out thought it would be smart to put you in a Pussy on a Pole match at their show and now we have Crusher putting both of us in a strip we got some perverts in this company

Stacy - I know and I wanna thank you for stopping me during the pole match,I acted like I was into it so I could just get it over with....I felt so dirty afterwards and now tonight to think Josh has to try and strip me in order to win the match

*She gets a revolted look on her face and then clutches to Jason*

Jason - Oh sweetheart there is no way that I'll let him touch you,because if he ever trys to lay a finger on you I'll beat the living shit out of him

Stacy - Really?

Jason - I promise

Stacy - What about April?

Jason - I'll take care of that fat cow and then I'll help you take care of that jackass Josh

Stacy - Okay

*They kiss as the camera fades to black*
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* we see Blade looking pissed off *

Ya know ever since i was chosen to be on Team Judge it looks like im supposed to be Judge's friend being booked in all these matches. I never WANTED to be Judge's partner nor did I want to be on that team, i did things for myself but now its time for everyone to pay, even if it means making our team lose so I can be champ once again. Judge If you think your going to become the TV champ you have got another thing coming because Im taking that title home right where it belongs.

To Thugged Out, you got involved in my matches before and I dont want you to think I forgot about that, and I don't want you to forget the shit Ive gone through because of you fuckers. At Redemption your time has come and Im going to be beating you both for that TV Championship which still should be around my waist, because as we saw Judge couldn't be a good champion. I plan on putting my life and soul on the line to make sure i get that title, I dont care if I have to break bones and if i have to bleed, even though im always fucking bleeding, You two are going to be dead. So you can give a promo in you half assed english and say how you gonna beat dis' whoever and shit. But ill tell you in straight up english: YOU TWO ARE GOING TO GET HURT!!!!

When we have our match im going all out here and taking no prisoners because that belt is mine. Well with these last words all i have to say is take notice because pain is only temporary, but scars last forever.

*Blade stares into the camera as screen fades out to black*
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*Mad Hugh Millar makes his way to the ring which is set up for an interview*
Millar: At this time I would like to welcome one of IWO's toughest superstars, the Judge.

*Judge's music hits and he makes his way to the ring and pulls up a seat*

Millar: Firstly I have to ask, how do you feel about losing the TV championship that you held so dear last night?

Judge: How do you think I feel Millar? I feel shit about it. But it wasn't all bad. See DC and Thugged Out might think they had the complete advantage last night. They might think that by disgracing the TV title and screwing me over they proved a point, that they have cemented themselves at the top, but that is far from the truth.

Last night it was essentially a three on one handicap match and despite losing the match I managed to prove that I was better than all three men working together. I handed out an arse whipping of epic proportions and I saw fear in each and every man's eyes last night. But of course DC and Thugged Out weren't going to admit I was the better man. Weren't going to accept a Judge victory in Thugged Out's home town. So they did what they do best. Added another goon to their squad of title disgracing, weak, cowardly, no brain idiots. That thug came in the form of Juice.

Marv: Do you have any word for Juice having been on the side of Thugged Out and DC before?

Juice, last night you made the biggest mistake of your life. You stepped between me and my TV championship. You might think you were smart in doing so and gaining a powerful ally in DC but don't make the same mistake I did. Don't believe for a second this means anything to him. As long as you hang out with him you are never going to be anything but number 2 at best. He will use you till you no longer serve his purposes, till you decide that you want more, till you decide that you want a shot at the title, then he will discard you. But don't worry about that. That's a long way off. I'd be more worried about being put in a match with me Juice. Cos when that happens being discarded will be the least of your worries. I will have my vengeance. I don't know when. But mark my words, you will do down. Your final setence is coming Juice and you cannot possibly have any idea of the pain that awaits.

Marv: Strong words there. Now I have to ask, after giving DC a final chance to do the right thing and call your match down the middle last week, he didn't heed your warning. Does this mean that the Unstoppables no longer exist as a faction?

Oh, no. Far from it. All this means is that there has been a reshuffling of the members of the most powerful faction in the IWO, 'The Unstoppables'. DC and Thugged Out are now the enemies of our faction but I would like to introduce its two newest members. This *Judge holds up his left hand* is Justice and this *Judge holds up his right hand* is Redemption. I can assure you that in the coming weeks you will all become well acquainted with my new faction and wish you had never made the mistake of leaving.

Millar: Well at least the good news it that this week you have the chance to get some Redemption in an interesting tag match where if you score the pin fall you can retain your TV championship.

Judge: This week isn't about the TV championship though Millar. This week is about Redemption. This week is about the beginning of the end for DC, Thugged Out and their latest idiotic recruit in Juice. But don't get me wrong. I will have that TV title back before long and I will have the World Title to go along with it. But these things take time.

Over the next few weeks DC and Thugged Out are about to find out they aren't the only ones who can make plans and 'force' fully execute them *Judge smiles cunningly*.

So Thugged Out who knows what is going to happen this week. I may do my best to get my TV title back into more deserving hands, or I may not. I may simply seek retribution. I may do something you never believed possible. But I'm not going to tell you any of that, because thats my little secret, and your little surprise.

Though mark my words DC and Thugged Out. Your title reigns are limited. You careers are limited, even your physical well being is limited as long as I am in the IWO. At the end of the day I will stand tall and Justice will be serve. You won't have your team running IWO forever, you won't always be able to stack the odds in your favour, you won't always be able to keep Thugged Out happy with the TV title and the Tag titles, you won't always be the master of making the plans here in the IWO. So I hope you are all ready for that day to come. The day of the Judge. The day of reckoning. A great day for the IWO and a dark day for you idiots who try to taint it. A day when you won't be able to avoid my question like you have so many times before. A day that is sooner than you think. A day that will start to dawn on you this week at Redemption. A day when it will just be DC, the World Title, the Judge and my question in the ring. What question? I'm sure you know it, its the one that gives you all nightmares late at night that seem so terrifyingly real. What you gonna do....what you gonna do....when the Judge...comes...*Millar and the crowd join in* FOR YOU!

*Camera fades out as Judge smiles cunningly at the camera again*

Props to Sly as Hell for the banner.

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DC , get a rope and a stool and a REALLY solid beam.  Fatso.DC , get a rope and a stool and a REALLY solid beam.  Fatso.DC , get a rope and a stool and a REALLY solid beam.  Fatso.DC , get a rope and a stool and a REALLY solid beam.  Fatso.DC , get a rope and a stool and a REALLY solid beam.  Fatso.DC , get a rope and a stool and a REALLY solid beam.  Fatso.DC , get a rope and a stool and a REALLY solid beam.  Fatso.DC , get a rope and a stool and a REALLY solid beam.  Fatso.DC , get a rope and a stool and a REALLY solid beam.  Fatso.DC , get a rope and a stool and a REALLY solid beam.  Fatso.DC , get a rope and a stool and a REALLY solid beam.  Fatso.
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*We see a building with a set of double doors on the side of it...the camera then turns around to show a black stretched hummer, and three mask men jumping out of the vehicle...the men run to the doors as the camera follows them...they open them up and go inside...*

*We find out it is a high school gymnasium and wrestling practice is going on, as two boys are wrestling inside of a circle on the mat as others watch on...the coach is acting as the ref, but just then we see the Mask men attack some of the bystanders*

Coach: What the hell is going on ?

*Kids are screaming*

Mask Man: Is time for a beating motherfuckers!

*The mask men start tossing little kids, and finally one Mask guy hits one of the wrestlers in the circle with a huge boot to the face..the other little kid, gets kicked in the gut, and then tossed into the bleachers by the other masked man...the third masked man approaches the coach*

Coach: You need to get out of here, before I call...

*The masked man kicks him in the gut and lifts him up..he spins him and hits the Bust on him...the masked man then locks in the ankle lock, as the other masked men hold off the kids*

Masked Man: Scream like the bitch that you are now.

Coach: Please STOP!!!! AWWWWW!

*The Masked man finally twists the coach's ankle breaking it in two...the coach screams out in pain as the men run towards the door with the camera following them...they go through the doors where Wilma is seen waiting*

Wilma: Here guys use this bar

*They pick up the bar and put it through the door handles to keep the kids in the building..the men catch their breath, as they take off their masks to reveal Thugged Out and DC*

Stick: Dayum DC, you broke that nigga's ankle.

DC: That was good wouldn't it.

Exo: That was tight yo!

*DC turns to the camera*

DC: You see Crusher, what you just witnessed was a portrait of yourself...You see Crusher it is easy to go around and attack someone when you have a mask on...Very easy. But can you do it without that mask...that is something I don't think you have the balls to do...You see you wear a mask to protect your face, or so you say...but we know that really you are scarred, and you wear that mask to hide your pain, hide your are afraid that the fans will think of you as a phony, which you are.

Exo: Yeah that nigga is fake as hell.

Stick: Fuck him, and his stupid card for the night!

DC: It seems you haven't pleased anyone, and I can imagine that you didn't please your special guest ref either..but I will get to that in a minute.

*The kids are seen banging on the doors of the gym wanting out*

Stick: Shut up biotches!

DC: You see that is desperation Crusher, that is what a desperate person does when they are locked inside be it a building or a see Crusher that is a bunch of amatuers, a bunch of so-called wrestling you claim to are the greatest technical wrestler in the sport today, and you know I could believe it..but you just witnessed what happens to a technical wrestler when he is ambushed.

Exo: Don't make us come back in dar and fuck you up again son!

*The kids flick off Thugged Out, but Stick and Exo turn around and moon them*

Stick: Kiss my black ass!

DC: You see Crusher you did one smart thing, you made it so that Thugged Out will not be a factor in our match...Finally someone got smart...however instead of making a submission match, a match that you might acutally show off your one true strength, you decided to put yourself inside a chamber, a chamber that you have been in before, and lost.

Exo: Yeah that nigga ain't bright.

DC: You see Crusher, you put yourself in my element, you have just made the match in my favor, and I will show you why.

*DC walks over and grabs a trashcan lid, as the camera pans around to show a car that is pulling into the parking lot...the car parks as DC and Thugged Out walk over...a man in a business clothes gets out.*

Man: Hi, how are you doing?

Stick: What the fuck you doing here?

Man: I am here to pick up my son from wrestling practice.

*DC nails the man in the head with the trashcan lid causing him to fall head over heels backwards on the ground...DC then starts to punch him in the head before picking him up, and ramming him headfirst into the side of the car...the man is busted open, as Thugged Out begin to stomp on him...his son can be heard yelling from inside the locked gym.*

DC: Go get the car and bring it here Wilma.

*She runs to get the hummer*

DC: You see Crusher you locked me in a cage with weapons at my disposal...I mean you need to do some research boy, because you just did the champ a favor...I will beat you like Force did last year, and just like last year the result will be the same, you will leave that cage bloody and without the gold...See Crusher I was worried to begin with, because you have won several titles here in the IWO, but you are like these kids got that one good shot left in you, then you blow your wad all over grandma, and are usually for a month...and that is how your title reigns have been...But with the addition of this cage, well lets just say that you have put yourself inside the dogpound and tonight you will get put down!

*The car comes over with Wilma driving as Thugged Out toss the man over his car...they climb in the hummer*

DC: And about Corey being the ref tonight, well Crusher that is another mistake you made...because see I don't trust Corey, but I know Corey...I know that he hates me and that he probally wants to beat the hell out of me...but I also know one more thing...he wants the world title, and he wants to beat me for it...I know that Corey will do whatever it takes to get a match with me for this belt...So you just fucked yourself over Crusher, because not only do you have me inside of that cage, but now you have to fight off a psychopath with nowhere for you to run...Crusher, tonight you find out the hard way that pain is mandatory....for you!

*DC climbs in the hummer as the camera man gets in the back with Thugged Out*

Exo: That shit is pimp, taking that pussy's Force's line...

Stick: Hell yeahs, that nigga don't deserve to say that shit anyway.

DC: I thought you might get a kick out of the way Wilma, great idea about hiring our own personal camera man.

Wilma: Well I try to do the best for my clients, now lets get out of here.

*She drives off as the camera man turns around to show school security finally getting over to the building to let the kids out*
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*Demon Alexander is shown stacking bricks in the area where the cathedral once stood*

I will rebuild this brick by damn brick. I actually should build an insane asylum instead because it seems everyone and everything in the IWO is wracky. I might be the only sane one...and that is not saying much.

First, let us take the Thugged Out Pay Per View...Exo and Stick hyjacked the damn thing. What were there two...maybe three real matches...and was at the end of the show. Exo and Stick are now the co-TV Champions and that whole group is dripping with gold. Something and someone has to soak up that mess.

Second of all, you wonder why I hate tag team matches. Well at the Pay Per View it seems like my partner didn't even show up...he probably didn't have to show up and I would have done just as good...if not better.

Third, this woman Laila. i don't know who she is, but she likes to appear and disappear during my matches. I try to lookfor her afterwards, but she is nowhere to be found. i wish she would stop playing these mindgames on me and start playing the mindgames with my opponents.

Speaking of my opponets. First there is Funeral Home...

*Demon starts to look around*

That's something I could be building here, but it seems I have to wrestle a Funeral Home instead. I use to play in a funeral home when I was a kid. My buddy's family had a funeral home and we would run around the whole house. We use to take out the body that was set for the wake and then would climb in. We would wait until somebody walked by and jumped out to scare them...unfortuanly it was my friend's 90 year old grandmother, and I have to live the rest of my life knowing I gave a woman a fatal heart attack.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, Funeral Homes...your name tells it all. You will visit a funeral home after our match and unfortuanly for you, it will be your funeral...and while your resting, please take the third man in this match with you.

Death Shock, you're a cheap pop...a cheap heat...just cheap. You like to simulate killing camera men. You like to use snakes to do your dirty work, where I chop off the heads of snakes. I don't attack camera men, I beat up punks like you.

Wait and Bleed? No bitch, if you make me bleed, I will not wait...I will come right back at you and make you bleed. You say you have lots of say you have no fears. Well how about this: Instead of staying clam, I provoke the snakes...I want the snakes to come after me because when they fail doing the job, you will not be the last man standing.

*Demon Alexander starts to stack the bricks again when the screen fades....but then reappears in a black room with Laila standing there*

It seems that Demon Alexander has become the reflection of all misery, pain and suffering. When the IWO looks in the mirror, what they see is their hell...their fear...they see him, not only staring back at them, but communicating back to them what they don't want to hear and accept as well.

A sleeping demon has reawakened and everyone will know what a demon he could be. Rebuilding the cathedral will be like rebuilding his path to the IWO championship. Each brick he lays down, he will be one day closer to IWO gold.

*Laila walks away as a mirror is standing there staring back at all who are watching the promo*


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STICK You want to be like DCSTICK You want to be like DCSTICK You want to be like DCSTICK You want to be like DCSTICK You want to be like DCSTICK You want to be like DCSTICK You want to be like DCSTICK You want to be like DCSTICK You want to be like DCSTICK You want to be like DCSTICK You want to be like DC

*A camera man is standing outside of Thugged Out. We see the parking lot is filled to capacity and late arrivers are parking in nearby lots and legging it to the entrance. The camer man walks towards the door and passes by a black Escalade on 24s sitting in a parking spot with the sign "Owner/VIP parking" in front of it. As he gets closer the bass from pounding music can be heard. He approaches the club bouncers and hands over a $50 bill to get in. As he continues in, he's greeted by a sexy topless blonde offering some Dom Pérignon champagne but he declines. He continues walking through passing topless woman after topless woman until he arrives to the VIP room. He says something to the bouncer watching the door and then the bouncer disappears for a few moments and then returns.*

Bouncer: Yeah come on back. They've been awaiting your arrival.

*The camera man enters and sees about a hundred people partying. In the middle of everyone is Thugged Out, tag titles beside them, and the newly won TV title in the middle. Sitting across from them are DC and Wilma, heavyweight title draped over his shoulder. There's about twenty or thirty bottles of Cristal sitting in buckets of ice. Stick grabs a bottle and stands up...*

Stick: I know a lot of you niggas was there at the Thugged Out pay per view where we Thugged Out some motherfuckers...I just wanted to thank all of yall for supportin' us and showin' us the fuckin' love that we can only get here in the MIA.

*Stick breaks open a bottle and starts drinkin' from it amidst the guests cheering. Exo then grabs a bottle of Cristal and stands up as well.*

Exo: Yea my homie speaks the mothafuckin' truth. We rolled into Miami and Thugged Out half the IWO roster and walked away with even more gold. Props gotta go to our boy, the heavyweight champ, and his lady Wilma, for bein' there for us. Can't nobody fuckin' touch us. We runnin' the whole god damn show!

*Exo then starts drinkin' from his bottle amidst more cheering. Just then a smokin' hot brunette goes up to Stick and starts givin' him a lapdance, grindin' her cooch all over him and pressing her titties in his face. A sexy blonde comes up to Exo and pushes him down on the couch and does the same.*

Stick: Now this is what I'm fuckin' talkin' about! Come on DC, ya gotta get in on the action!

*DC looks at Wilma with a nervous smile, but she gives him a peck on the lips and a nod of approval.

Wilma: This is a night of celebration, and I want you to have the night of your life.

*A sexy fiery red head approaches DC and starts giving him a lapper while another blonde approaches Wilma and gets in her lap*

Exo: Yo that's fuckin' HOT homie!

Stick: Yo my nigga...break out the green and let's smoke this mothafucka out.

*Exo opens a hidden compartment on the couch and pulls out a huge brick of some potent herb. Everyone within thirty feet can smell the sweet aroma. He rolls a fat blunt and takes a hit and passes it to Stick. He takes a hit and passes it to DC, who takes a hit and passes it to Wilma. The cycle continues while the sexy ladies are still dancing in their laps. Other guys in the room begin motioning for ladies to come and give them lap dances as well. Just then Thugged Out see some bizarre little kids show up on the replay of the ppv broadcast on a 100 inch plasma hdtv*

Exo: What in the hell is that???

Stick: How the fuck did some kids get into the show? The sign on the door said "Nobody Under 21"

Exo: Jesus, are they from outer space? What the fuck is going on here? This shit must be laced with somthin or I dunno...

Stick: Chill my homie. Just some bookworm nerd ass kids playin around. Aint nothin to harsh your buzz over.

Exo: Thought my eyes were playin on me for a sec, but fuck it. This baby keepin my mind on other issues.

Stick: Yeah fo' real...this breezy is really fuckin' workin' me over. I gotta fuckin' handle my bidness so I'm gonna bounce back to my owner's room and do the damn thang.

DC: Go handle your business man. Handle it right!

*Stick and his lady head to the room as a cloud of smoke follows*

Exo: Yo, I'm feelin' that. My homie's got the right fuckin' idea. I'm gonna do the same. Yo DC, make yourself at home. What's ours is yours man and it's all on us.

*Exo and his lady head to another secluded owner's room, smoke following as well*

DC: So Wilma, you wanna get goin' back to the hotel?

Wilma: That sounds like a plan...but only if we can bring one of these ladies with us...

DC: I'm not objecting...let's roll!

*DC, Wilma and the blonde dancer all leave together*

*Several hours pass and the camera man has just been watching all the club patrons get lap dances. The crowd has thinned out and there's just a few people left. Exo and Stick appear from their respective rooms several minutes apart.*

Exo: Yo, that broad fuckin' put it on me. Wildest bitch I've ever been with man.

Stick: I feel ya on that nigga. That chick was a straight up freak.

*They both notice the camera man still sitting around.*

Thugged Out [simultaneously]: Yo what you still doin' up in here?!

Camera man: Well, I was sent here to get your thoughts on your match at Redemption this coming week. It was just such a huge party that I didn't want to interrupt anything...

Stick: Well at least you weren't bored up in here... *Stick points to a stain on the camera man's pants*

Camera man: Ummm that's nothing...

Exo: Yeah sure sure, whatever you say man. If you had some Ben Franks like us, you woulda been able to handle that shit the proper way...but that's not important though, what's important is that we're gonna kick all those mothafucka's asses at Redemption.

Stick: Yeah fuck all them. We've already Thugged Out the Rotting Twats numerous times. We JUST fuckin' Thugged Out that delusional bitch Judge, who we've been fuckin' carryin' around for the past two months.

Exo: We've probably Thugged Out Blade too, but he's so fuckin' worthless I don't even remember.

Stick: Bottom line...we're leaving with our tag titles and we're leaving with our TV title.

Exo: None of them bitch ass pussies can take these straps from us.

Stick: If you thought our homecoming was badass, wait til Redemption when we take on all four of you pussies.

Exo: Yall gonna get THUGGED OUT!

*Thugged Out show the camera man the exit and turn and go back to their owner's room*
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