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Redemption Month 16 Week 3 September 22, 2007
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Default Redemption Month 16 Week 3 September 22, 2007

*Fireworks boom in the IWO arena as we join Tater Inberg at the announcer's desk*

Tater: Hello everybody, I'm Tater Inberg, and without me tonight is Marv Rome who went on vacation because quite frankly he realized how outclassed he was this week...but besides that already some strange things going on tonight, as Thugged Out and DC have hired some guys to guard a lock door that has Corey Taylor behind it...but right now a match that has no mercy in it, a dogcollar match!

*Hall of the Mountain King by Savatage hits and Demon charges out to the ring looking focused*

T: Demon wastes no time getting into the ring for this next brutal match. A dog collar match where both competitors will be connected via a dog collar and a long deadly steel chain.

*Can’t Stand the Heartache by Skid Row hits and Don does his standard entrance as the fans lap it up.*

T: Here is the Demon’s opponent tonight the tough as nails rookie Don ‘the solar con’ Smith. Both men are now in the ring and the ref has brought out the dog collars this one is about to be underway. Will the Demon make his opponent dance tonight or will Smith put Demon’s lights out with his solar flare?

*The ref attaches the dog collars and signals for the bell. Both men start exchanging blows in the middle of the ring with Don getting the better of it. Don runs up and jumps off the rope and flies back with a springboard elbow on Demon sending him to the mat. Don then runs up and hits a lionsault on Demon and covers. 1…2……………………………………kick out by Demon. Don waits for Demon to get up and looks ready to hit the spear. Demon up and Don charges in but Demon bunches up some of the chain and uses it to whip Don in the face stopping him dead in his tracks and sending him down to the mat clutching his face in pain.*

T: You can’t finish off someone like Demon that quickly and the chain being used in brutally effective fashion by Demon.

*Demon lashes away at Don with the chain a few times and then wraps it around his neck and chokes him out with it for a bit before unwrapping it and pulling Don back up. Don stunned and Demon off the ropes and uses part of the chain to clothesline Don taking him to the mat again. Demon gathers up part of the chain into a little pile and then pulls Don up and nails a single arm DDT on Don sending him into the small pile of steel chain.*

T: Innovative use of the chain there and it appears the Don has donned the proverbial crimson mask. Don donned the mask, get it? God I’m so witty I amaze myself sometimes.

*Demon with the cover. 1….2…………………………kick out by Don. Don staggers to his feet and Demon bunches up the chain again looking to whip Don in the face with it but Don duck and hits a boot to the gut on Demon. Don wraps the chain around the neck of Demon and then hits a Russian leg sweep on him taking him to the mat. Don pulls Demon back up and whips him hard sending him over the top rope but he is held on by the dog collar effectively hanging him over the top rope causing him to choke. Don then yanks of the chain flipping Demon face first back into the ring. Don then rolls Demon over and goes back and hits the rolling thunder on Demon and covers. 1……..2…………………………………….kick out by Demon. Don then gets the chain and wraps it quickly around the legs of Demon.*
T: Don is being smart here as he now goes to the top. Using the chain to immobilise Demon so he can hit a big move from the top. Maybe The Solar Flare?

*Don jumps off the top looking for a shooting star press but Demon gets his chained up legs up nailing them into the back of Don who writhes around on the mat in pain. Demon crawls over and covers. 1…..2………………………………………………………………………..kick out by Don.*

T: Both men giving their all to this match and I still have no idea who’s gonna get the pin.

*Demon turns his attention to the chain around his leg and manages to get it off standing up again. He goes over to Don who is staggering to his feet and sets him up for the Demon’s Dance.*

T: Here it comes the Demon’s powerful finisher…..but wait who is this?

*A mysterious lady walks out onto the entrance ramp and Demon sees her. He drops Don and goes over to the ropes and starts shouting out to her asking her what she is doing here and what she wants. Don gets up and goes over and gets on the apron. Demon finally turns around and Don flings himself up and uses the turnbuckle as a springboard hitting the Midnight Tornado on Demon. He covers.*

T: That distraction is going to cost Demon the match! 1….2………………………………………….

*Kick out by Demon. Don wastes no time and jumps straight up on the turnbuckle again looking for The Solar Flare but Demon gets quickly to his feet and catches Don mid air and hoists him up in position for the Demon’s Dance and this time hits it. Demon covers. 1….2………………………………………………..3. Demon gets the win.*

T: What a match but the persistence of Demon leads to him the much needed win. Though what the hell was with that mysterious chick? I’m sure we will find out as I suspect she will be playing a prominent role in Demon’s future.

*backstage we see the security guards standing watch over the room that Corey is locked inside of*



*In the ring we see Joker and Gorilla along with Peabody..Joker seems to be arguing with Peabody as Come Gangsta hits the speakers as the crowd gives a mixed reaction to the tag champs*

T: Yeah, yeah my boys Thugged Out coming down the aisle, and what a dominating team they have been so I might add that next week we head to Miami their hometown for the Thugged Out PPV.

*They get in the ring, as the arguement gets heated between Joker and Peabody..Joker spits on Peabody and leaves the ring, he waves off his partner and heads up the ramp...Peabody is stunned as Gorilla watches Joker leave...Stick and Exo quickly attack Gorilla as the bell sounds...they pound away at him as Peabody gets out of the ring*

T: Joker has left his partner high and dry and Thugged Out dominating Gorilla who is all along

*They whip Gorilla into the ropes and a huge double boot takes him down..Peabody trying to yell instructions to Gorilla, but Thugged Out having their way with him...Exo picks Gorilla up and holds him as Stick takes some shots at him...they then hit a double suplex on the Gorilla to take him down...Exo bounces off the ropes and nails a leg drop, as Stick then runs and comes with a knee to the head of Gorilla*

T: Thugged Out picking apart the Gorilla

*Exo tells Stick to head up to the top rope...Stick goes up top as Exo grabs Gorilla for a powerbomb...Exo lifts the monster up and Stick leaps hitting a clothesline that sends Exo into the powerbomb...Gorilla is laid out as Exo covers....1....2.....3....Peabody is upset as Thugged Out celebrates the victory*

T: And they make it look easy

*Stick gets a mic*

Stick: Look here my niggas

*Crowd boos*

Stick: Next week we head to Miami, which as everyone knows is 100 times betta than this dump!

*More boos*

Stick: And next week yo, we gonna thugged out the entire IWO ya heard!

*He drops the mic as they take the belts and leave the ring*



*backstage Peabody with Gorilla is looking for Joker..they go to his lockerroom and pound on the door yelling for him when the lights in the hall way go out...they come back on and Masque is shown behind Gorilla...he attacks him from behind tossing his head into the door...Masque continues the beating as Peabody runs away finally comes and breaks up the attack*

*Wait and Bleed by Slipknot kicks in on the speakers as Death Shock makes his way out to the ring*

T: Here comes the IWO’s newest rookie Death Shock. Good name though whether he can back a name up with the moves here tonight has yet to be seen.

*Soundgarden by Black Hole Sun kicks in and out comes Funeral Holmes*

T: Well this guys name is punerific and you have to wonder what his parents were thinking when they gave it to him but from what I hear backstage you don’t wanna cross this cocky new comer. Two of IWO’s newest and finest rookies are about to get it on. These men are the future. Can’t wait for this bout.

*Bell rings. Both men lock up and Holmes goes for a suplex but its blocked by Shock so Holmes goes for it again but again its blocked. Holmes hits a boot to the gut and a DDT on Shock instead. *

T: Good thinking by Holmes there can he keep it up?

*Holmes bounces off the ropes and comes in and hits a baseball slide on Shock rolling Shock to the outside. Holmes comes over to climb to the outside but Shock jumps up and yanks his neck into the top rope sending Holmes staggering back as Shock climbs back in the ring. Shock comes up from behind and hits a big back suplex on Holmes. Shock goes up top as Holmes staggers to his feet and gets hit by an elevated clothesline from Shock. Shock covers. 1…2…………………………………….kick out by Holmes.*

T: Shock has turned this one around but Holmes is showing good resilience.

*Both men to their feet and start exchanging blows in the middle of the ring. Holmes gets the better of it. Holmes then nails a boot to the gut and hoists Shock up and hits the Rest In Pieces! He Covers.*

T: Just like that Holmes could have it! The ref counts with the crowd. 1…2……………………………………………………..kick out! Great resilience by Shock. Both these newcomers have a great future ahead of them here in the IWO.

*Holmes goes to pull Shock up but Shock with a low blow and then Shock hits the Shock Box! He covers. 1…2………………………………………………….kick out by Holmes.*

T: Shock Box! What a finisher but Holmes shows he’s got guts once again. Who is gonna get the win here!

*Shock picks Holmes up and chucks him to the outside. Holmes staggers up on the outside as Shock runs in and flies over the top with a cross body taking both men down to the mat on the outside as the ref counts. 1…2…3…Shock is first to his feet and pulls Holmes up and goes to irish whip him against the ring steps but Holmes reverses it and whips Shock hard into the ring steps which don’t give at all. Shock clutches his head in pain as the ref continues the count. 5…6.... Holmes goes to get back in the ring but Shock pulls his leg out from under him causing Holmes’ head to bounce off the apron and Holmes to fall back to the outside. The ref still counting. 8…9...Shock slides back into the ring as the ref counts to 10*

T: It's over and the newcomer Shock gets his first IWO victory!

*We go to Miss A's office as Black Dragon is there with her*

Dragon: What is this about?

Miss A: I want to know, did you attack Mr. Smith?

Dragon: What, you know it's people like you that don't get it...I don't need to attack anybody....I should though, because I am being held tonight, why didn't I have a match...because people like you don't want to see a multi-time champion succeed...but next week, next week I will compete and I will be victorious no matter what!

*Dragon leaves the room*



*Jack Crawford comes to the ring as this will be a ten minute Laguna Beach Iron Man Match*

T: Well with Ricky Thunder in charge tonight, this has to be one of the oddest matches yet, as ten minutes will be all it takes to determine a TV Champion

*Dirty Window Plays and Judge comes out to boos from the crowd*

T: And the champ defending his title tonight in a match that will depend on how many victories you can do that by pinfall, submission, DQ and if you toss your opponent outside the ring

*Judge is in the ring as both men looking at each other, Blue On Black plays and the crowd boos as DC the World Champion walks down the aisle...both men confused as to why he is coming out here...DC walks over to the announce table*

T: It looks like DC is about to join me, and champ what's going on?

DC: Tater, I'm just coming out here to watch my buddy Judge in this matchup.

*Judge points down to DC, as the bell rings and Crawford goes after the champ very quickly*

DC: You see he is so easily distracted.

T: Champ yet again you are off tonight, so how are you feeling?

DC: I'm feeling good, that idiot Corey is locked up and right now everything is going my way.

T: Yes, but lately you and Judge have had your problems.

DC: There's no problems, I helped him last week and he didn't appreciate it, that's his own fault

*Judge has Crawford in the corner as two minutes have passed...Judge trying to lift Crawford up and toss him over the ropes but Jack holding on*

DC: See look at that, instead of trying to beat the guy and pin him, Judge is trying to toss him over the ropes.

T: Yeah but Champ you can score a point that way

DC: Still it makes no sense, be a man do it the old fashioned way!

*Jack holds on and finally nails a punch to Judge's head, and another...Judge backs off and Crawford gets down, Crawford unloaded with some heavy hands...Jack grabs him and whips him, but it is reversed...Judge lowers his head and jack hits a huge knee lift to Judge...Judge stammers back and Crawford with a weak spear takes him down, the cover..1....2...kickout...*

DC: What a weak move that was

T: Yeah but he almost had the pin

DC: Yeah almost, but we all know that doesn't mean anything.

*six minutes left, and Crawford picks Judge up, he hits a scoop slam and then drops and elbow...he covers and gets two.....*

DC: You can't beat him that way Jack

T: Are you cheering for him?

DC: Hey, DC cheers for no man, you got that.

T: ummm, yeah, yeah...

DC: Good!

*Crawford picks Judge up and whips him into the ropes...he tries a clothesline but Judge ducks it...Judge turns bounces off the ropes, and comes off with a flying tackle..both men hit the mat...Judge manages to get over and cover him....1....2....kickout*

DC: You see what I mean, he just can't close the deal.

T: But there is still four minutes to go champ, he has plenty of time, and he doesn't have to score a point to still win this thing.

*Judge to his feet, as Crawford is getting up, Judge hits a swinging neckbreaker to take him down..he covers...two count and Crawford kicks out....Judge frustrated picks Crawford up, nails a punch and then tosses him to the corner...he runs at him...and nails a clothesline...he then whips him into the other corner...and runs and hits the splash...he then kicks Crawford in the gut and hits a suplex on him...Judge with the cover...1...2..kickout*

T: Judge unable to put him away.

DC: Figures!

*two minutes to go, and Judge picks Crawford up, but Crawford with a second wind hits a shot and another...both men exchaning blows...Crawford gets the upperhand, and whips Judge...he then tries a clothesline, but Judge ducks it again, Crawford runs and hits the ropes, Judge off the ropes and Crawford nails the spear...he covers....1......2.....kickout...with a minute to go and Crawford can't believe it*

T: Almost a pinfall and Crawford may have this one in the bag...hey champ where are you going?

*DC gets up from the announce table, and grabs his chair he runs and slides in the ring with it...Crawford is feeling the crowd, and doesn't see DC, he turns around and DC nails him in the head with a chair taking him out...the crowd boos*

T: DC with a chair shot and the ref just DQed Judge making Crawford score a point

*DC goes out the other side and walks up the ramp laughing...Judge comes to his senses and sees Crawford on the mat..he covers...1....2.....3....Judge ties it up...he gets up and sees the video tron and that the score is tied 1-1...with less than 20 seconds he looks up and sees DC walking off...Judge trying to figure out what happened..*

T: Judge better do something if he wants to win this match

*Judge turns back around and grabs Crawford he picks him up and then tosses him through the ropes to the outside, causing himself to gain another point...*

T: Judge with 10 seconds left just scored another point and is up 2-1.....and it looks like this one is over.

*Judge gets the win, as he looks at the video screen watching the replay that shows DC hitting Crawford with the chair..Judge has a shocked look on his face as he utters Son of a bitch...*



*backstage DC is shown with Wilma walking very fast towards the parking lot as Chad Willard runs up to him*

Chad: DC, DC where are you going?

DC: I'm out of here..

*DC turns to Wilma*

DC: Are Thugged Out in the car?

Wilma: Yeah

Chad: But what about what you did in Judge's match?

DC: That was nothing, nothing compared to next week.

*DC and Wilma get into a hummer as we see Stick and Exo in the front of it...they pull off flying through the parking lot as Chad watches on...the camera pans back out and we see Corey Taylor step out from a corner of the building, as he watches the car leave as well*

T: Here comes Josh with his girl friend April who are both looking for a bit of redemption here tonight after the last few weeks they have taken substantial beatings and humiliation from the couple coming to the ring now, Jason and his devious lady friend Stacy. Jason’s actions recently have been inexcusable and I don’t give a shit if I’m not meant to be bias but I really want to see Josh and April pick up the mixed tag win here tonight. Let’s see if he can get it done.

*Bell rings. Josh and Jason start it off and lock up. Josh gets a waist lock take down on Jason and starts paint brushing the back of his head with slaps before Jason scampers back to his feet and charges in at Josh levelling him with a shoulder block take down. Jason on top of Josh with mounted punches but Josh rolls Jason over and delivers a few mounted punches of his own before being pushed off by Jason. Josh charges in and hits a clothesline on Jason but Jason quickly up and his a clothesline of his own on Josh. Then both men up and charge in hitting simultaneous clotheslines sending both men down to the mat.*

T: Already we see how well these men know each other.

*Jason is first to his feet and comes over and goes to stomp on Josh who grabs Jason’s leg and rolls him up for a quick possum pin. 1…2……………………………….kick out by Jason. Jason goes over and has a bitch to the ref about nearly being pinned and Josh comes up and turns him around only to be slapped hard in the face by Jason who laughs at Josh and goes over and tags in Stacy. Josh sees Stacy is tagged in and does the baby face thing and tags in April. The two diva’s lock up. April pushes Stacy and Stacy shoves April back and April charges in and spears Stacy and then starts nailing her with rights as she holds her in a headlock with one arm. The ref tells her to break it up and she does and Stacy gets back to her feet using the ropes to pull herself up. April sees the opportunity and runs over to Stacy looking to clothesline her over the top but Stacy ducks and flips April up and over the top. Stacy laughs and starts working the crowd as April gets up on the outside and climbs up on the apron. Stacy goes over again to April but April with a head but to the gut and climbs back in and nails a drop kick on Stacy sending her to the mat. April goes up top and waits for Stacy to get to her feet and hits a missile drop kick on Stacy. April then rolls Stacy up for the cover. 1…..2……………………………………………..kick out by Stacy. Both girls on their feet and charge in at each other. April goes for a clothesline but Stacy rolls under it and jumps up on the turnbuckle spinning around and hitting a cross body on April into the cover. 1…2………………………………….Josh charges in and breaks it up with a baseball slide. The ref tells Josh to get out of the ring and pushes him back into the corner. Jason sees his opportunity and gets in the ring as April gets up and nails a massive JKO on April and then runs back and gets on the apron again just as the ref turns around.*

T: What the fuck was that? I call shenanigans. Shenanigans! Shenanigans!

*Stacy covers April. 1….2……………………………………………….3. Stacy and Jason get the win.*



T: Here comes the recently crowned hardcore champion Juice with his two lovely escorts the Guru girls.

*Canned Heat by Jamiroquai hits and Cryptic comes out to massive cheers*

T: Now here comes his challenger in this hardcore title match. The peace loving Cryptic who in recent weeks has shown if you ain’t peaceful he will pacify your sorry arse.

*Both men square off and Cryptic asks for a mike.*

Cryptic: Hello my peaceful brother Juice. The other week we had a great title match and I decided to give you a turn at holding the belt because I am so peaceful and like to share the love. But now it is time for you to give me back my belt. Perhaps I could suggest a system of alternation? I have the belt for a few weeks then you have the belt for a few weeks? I think that would be nice and peaceful. *Juice grabs the mike*

Juice: Yo want dis belt back biatch *Juice taps the belt on his shoulder and Cryptic nods*? Hmmmm, let me think about dat. Ok…..Here! *Juice levels Cryptic with the belt! The ref signals for the bell!*

*Juice quickly staggers up and gets another belt shot to the gut this time and then Juice drops the belt and DDT’s Cryptic onto it busting him open. Juice covers. 1…2………………………………………………..kick out by Cryptic*

T: Juice nearly picked up a sneaky win but Cryptic showing his resilience and devotion to the peaceful cause.

*Cryptic staggers up to his feet and Juice comes over to him and goes for a suplex but Cryptic drops down behind him and hits an inverted DDT on Juice followed by a leg drop. He pulls Juice up and whips him against the ropes and hits a hip toss into an arm bar on Juice but Juice uses the momentum and hits a hip toss on Cryptic. Both men to their feet as the crowd cheers. Cryptic charges at Juice going for a clothesline but Juice ducks it. Cryptic off the opposite ropes as Juice turns around and Cryptic jumps on Cryptic taking him to the mat and hammering him with rights and lefts as Juice covers up. Cryptic finally gets off him and goes outside and under the ring and brings a trash can back with him. Meanwhile Juice gets to his feet and when Cryptic gets in with the can he goes to clothesline him but Cryptic ducks again and levels Juice with the garbage can. Juice is busted open.*

T: Cryptic now getting some serious momentum.

*Cryptic puts the garbage can standing upside down as Juice gets up to his feet. Cryptic goes over and irish whips him against the ropes and as he comes back hits a big spine buster on Juice crumpling the upright garbage can. Cryptic covers. 1….2…………………………………………………………kick out by Juice. The guru girls suddenly climb into the ring and Cryptic is distracted. They both come over to him and start running their hands all over him and Cryptic looks all excited like a school boys first time getting laid. One of them drops to their knees in front of him as Cryptic’s eyes bulge out of his head. She runs his hand down his chest…..but then suddenly low blows him! The other guru girl slaps him hard across the face and then hits a leg sweep on him taking him to the ground. Juice meanwhile gets to his feet and kisses both his ladies before telling them to go back to ringside. He then goes over and pulls up Cryptic and whips him against the ropes and hits a big flap jack on him. He covers. 1….2…………………………………………….kick out by Cryptic.*

T: Those guru girls just gave Juice a massive advantage in this match and nearly the pin fall!

*Juice goes up top and waits for Cryptic to get up and hits a tornado DDT off the top on Cryptic then hitting a standing moonsault on Cryptic. Cover. 1…2……………………………………..kick out by Cryptic. Juice quickly slides to the outside, grabs a chair and brings it back in. Cryptic staggers around and gets levelled with the chair. He then puts it on the chest of Cryptic and goes up top and foes for the Chaser but Cryptic chucks the chair up into the gut of Juice. Hen then goes over and locks in the Walls of Peace on Juice who yells out in pain. He tires to make it to the ropes but Cryptic pulls him back into the middle. Juice looks like he is going to tap out but Grtiz n’ Gravy hits the ring with a baseball bat and smashes Cryptic in the face with it causing him to break the hold. Grtiz goes over to Cryptic and proceeds to work him over with the bat as Juice gets to his feet and goes to the outside and gets a table and brings it in setting it up in the ring.*

T: This is a despicable double team and there is nothing Cryptic can do about it in this no DQ match!

*Gritz and Juice double team Cryptic..... before Juice hits the V8 through the table *

T: The V8 and I can't believe this....and what are the Girls doing in there?

*They grab Cryptic and hold him down along with Gritz...Juice goes up and leaps with the Chaser*

T: The cover, and finally this one is over!'

*Juice and Gritz, celebrate with the girls as the crowd boos*



T: And here comes Ricky Thunder to join Crusher for this main event.

*Palm tree shaped poles are attached to each of the ring posts with two flags on top of each pole...Thunder gets in the ring as the bell sounds...quickly both men run to opposite turnbuckles and grab their flags...they then run to the next turnbuckle and do the same thing...and the third..finally Crusher who is slower than Thunder runs at him and stops him from going up top for the flag...they begin exchanging blows, as Crusher has the upperhand, and tosses Thunder into the turnbuckle...he lowers his shoulder and rams him a few times...he then whips him to the opposite corner...Crusher charges at him but Thunder with a foot up...he then runs at him but Crusher hits a belly to belly suplex...Crusher gets to his feet but Corey Taylor hits the ring with a barbwire 2X4...Crusher is looking to head up to get his flag, but Corey nails him in the back of the head with the board...knocking him down*

T: It's Corey, what is he doing out here?

*the crowd boos, as Corey is holding the bat...he is waiting for Thunder who is trying to get up...Thunder gets to his feet, and Corey nails him in the stomach with the barbwire board...Thunder falls to the ground holding his stomach as Corey tosses the board and leaves the ring laughing maniacally...the crowd boos him all the way*

T: Corey doing some damage and for no apparent reason

*Slowly Thunder has gotten to his feet after a few minutes, he slowly heads across the ring and gets to the turnbuckle...he climbs up the turnbuckle as the crowd is cheering him on...he starts to go up the pole but clutches his stomach...just then Crusher comes up behind him...he grabs him and nails him in the back a few times, then hits the Olympic Slam from the top rope on Thunder...both men on the ground*

T: Wow, what a move, and Crusher just took them both out

*Crusher slowly to his feet, as Thunder is out...Crusher goes over to his turnbuckle and climbs up it...he then climbs up the pole and grabs his flag, as the bell sounds...*

T: And Crusher wins this unique match avenging his loss last week to Ricky Thunder...well that's it for the show and we will see you next week in Miami!

*End show*


Thanks to Sly as Hell for the Redemption Banner

Thanks to Exo for the championship banners

and thanks to DrDoom for writing the hardcore title match, the mix tag match, the dogcollar match and the Death Shock Match.
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Great show guys.

I love the way we won our match
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Dat shii wa tite as all hell, baby. Very nice...

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very nice, won my first match.
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If I wanted stupid illogical booking I'd watch TNA.
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Great show. Great work to everyone involved. The peaceful one's quest continues!
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