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Redemption Month 16 Week 2 Sept. 10, 2007
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Default Redemption Month 16 Week 2 Sept. 10, 2007

*Fireworks explode in the IWO arena as we go ringside to Marv Rome and Tater Inberg*

M: Welcome to Redemption everybody, and Juice is here Tater and he is scheduled to take on Cryptic for his newly won hardcore title Tater. What a way to make a statement so early in his career if he could win the title here tonight off the only very recently crowned Cryptic.

T: Though here comes Cryptic and he looks serious about…..what the hell is this? Cryptic appears to have a plastic bag of what appear to be marbles with him for this hardcore title match. He is asking for a mike. What now?

Cryptic: Hey my special little buddy Juice *Cryptic goes over and pats Juice on the head as Juice looks confused* I thought, because I know you’re a very special man, ands that like me, you probably seek peace and love here in the IWO. That we shouldn’t compete in a wrestling match tonight. No. I have a better idea. Our match is going to a classic alright my peaceful friend. A classic game of…..Marbles!!! *Cryptic holds up the bag of marbles nodding at Juice and grinning like a tool. The crowd laughs but then starts booing at the prospect of a game of marbles*.

*Juice grabs the mike off Cryptic*

Juice: I’ll give yo arse mother fucking marbles bitch! *Juice grabs the bag of marbles and smashes it over the head of Cryptic bursting the bag and sending marbles flying everywhere as Cryptic stumbles around and falls to the mat as the ref calls for the bell*

M: Damn I was looking forward to that marbles match Tater. Oh well I guess this one is going ahead as scheduled.

*Juice drops three quick elbows on Cryptic then slides to the outside and gets a chair and brings it back in. He waits for Cryptic to get up and nails him in the head with the chair sending him stumbling back against the ropes and then towards Juice again who nails Cryptic in the gut with the chair and DDT’s him onto it busting Cryptic wide open. Juice covers. 1….2………………………………………………kick out by Cryptic. Cryptic staggers to his feet and Juice comes up to him and both men start exchanging rights in the middle of the ring. Juice starts to get the advantage and then nails a boot to the gut and a snap suplex on Cryptic landing Cryptic’s back on the chair. Cryptic quickly staggers up again though and Juice starts nailing him with rights and lefts but Cryptic starts peacing up giving Juice a peace sign for each blow he takes and finally hitting an eye poke with the peace sign on Juice and then nailing him with a big boot sending Juice to the mat. Juice stumbles up and Cryptic whips him across the ring and nails him with a spine buster. Cryptic waits for Juice to get up against and nails a knee buster on him and then signals for and locks in the Walls of Peace.*

T: Cryptic has just turned this one around and he might just prove to Juice tonight that if you ain’t peaceful you ain’t nothing!

*Cryptic pulls back on the hold yelling at Juice ‘Why won’t you tap? It hurts me to do this my peaceful brother more than it hurts you.’ Juice refuses to tap though and manages to crawl to the ropes and Cryptic breaks the hold. Cryptic slides outside and goes under the ring and throws in a kitchen sink and climbs back in, meanwhile Juice gets to his feet and gets the sink before Cryptic can climb back in. Juice swings at Cryptic with the sink but Cryptic gets it and pulls it off him and nails it into Juice’s gut and then drops it and goes for the 3B but Juice fights it with a head but to the gut and then another dazing Cryptic. Juice bounces off the ropes and hits The V8 on Cryptic nailing his bloody head into the sink. Juice goes up top signalling for The Chaser. He jumps off the top but Cryptic chucks the kitchen sink into Juice’s gut and Juice keels over. Cryptic pulls Juice up and hits a backslide pin on him. 1…2………………………………………………..kick out by Juice. Cryptic quickly goes to the outside and gets a table and brings it back in and sets it up in the middle of the ring. He pulls Juice onto the table and climbs onto it with him. Cryptic pulls Juice up over his shoulder and looks to slide him into position for the Blissful End pile driver but Juice again slides out of it dropping down behind Cryptic and pulls his shoulder back nailing him back onto the table. Juice looks at one of the nearby corners and jumps over to it and then turns around and quickly jumps off looking for The Chaser again. This time he hits it sending Cryptic through the table. He covers. 1…2………………………………………………….3. Juice wins the hardcore title.*

M: What a short lived title run for Cryptic but what a huge win for Juice tonight!



T: Here comes one of the latest IWO additions Don “The Solar Con” Smith. He has been doing great here in the IWO but tonight he has his work cut out for him.

M: Against this man, the sadistic beast, Corey. In a strap match no less, its gonna be brutal and unforgiving, which is right up Corey’s ally.

T: Don’t right Smith out of this one though he has a lot to prove here tonight and that could be the down fall of Corey. The ref is tying these two competitors together with the strap now and he has signalled for the bell. Pain on!

*Don and Corey lock up and Corey just shoves Don right down and laughs at him. Don quickly jumps up though and charges Corey hitting a cross body take down on him into a cover. 1…2……………………….Corey chucks Don across the ring just in the nick of time.*

M: Wow Don nearly had a quick upset pin in the early goings there Tater but that could have woken Corey up to the very real challenge he faces here tonight.

*Corey gets up and uses the strap to pull Don over to him and then upper cut him right in the jaw sending Don to the mat clutching his jaw. Don sticks his knees up and yanks on the strap though flinging Corey into Don’s knees and then flipping over onto the mat back first. Don goes up top and flies off the top looking for his Solar Flare finishing manoeuvre but Corey rolls out of the way last minute and Don crashes and burns.*

T: Corey not going down that easy. More damage needs to be done.

*Corey gets up and goes over to a hurting Don and starts whipping him mercilessly with the strap as Don yells out in pain. Don staggers to his feet and Corey pulls him in by the strap and hits a clothesline on him then pulls him in and hits a second and finally a third turning Don inside out. Corey goes over to the other side of the ring and slowly uses the strap to pull Don in again as Don staggers towards Corey the crowd on their feet in anticipation. Corey shoves Don in between his legs and rips him up and hits a massive power bomb on Don. Corey covers. 1…2……………………………………..kick out by Don.*

M: The resilience of Don is impressive but he’s going to have to dish out some damage if he wants to get the win.

*Corey looks a little surprised but shrugs and then uses the strap to pull Don into the turnbuckle. He goes up top and is looking for the tornado DDT off the top but Don fights it with shots to the gut and pushes Corey off into the middle of the ring. Corey staggers up to his feet and Don jumps onto the apron then flings himself up onto the top and flies across the ring at Corey hitting the Midnight Tornado on Corey. The cover.*

T: What a fantastic move and now the cover. This is it. Its over. Don is going to get the upset. 1…2……………………………………………………
M: He kicked out! How the hell did Corey kick out of that move?

*Corey gets up as Don just looks at him in disbelief. Corey grins sadistically and then lets out war cry and looks furious. He yanks on the strap flinging Don towards him and then nails him with a huge right closed fist punch. Corey pulls Don up and nails a side Russian leg sweep on him. Corey then wraps the strap around Don’s throat and starts to choke him out with it. The ref raises Don’s hand once. Then twice. He raises it for the third time but then Corey unwraps the strap from Don’s throat. He splits Don’s legs and gets the strap and whips him hard in the nuts which wakes Don right back up as he screams out in pain. Corey repeats the move and then does it a third time for good measure. He then pulls Don up and hangs his feet up over the top rope and hits a massive flag pole DDT off the ropes on Don who is pretty much knocked out cold by the move. The ref goes over to check on Don but Corey shoves him away and then pulls up Don and hits the Duality Driver on him and covers. 1…2…………………………………………..3. Corey wins.*

T: That was not necessary but that’s what Corey is unfortunately all about. Unnecessary brutality.



*backstage we see Joker looking around for Masque*

Joker: Dammit where is he? I knew this was going to happen...I hate this federation!

*Joker walks off down the hallway in disgust*

M: Joker not happy Tater

T: Yeah, can you blame him Marv

M: Well I mean Masque is his partner

T: But sometimes you don't get to pick your partner

M: What the hell does that mean.

T: I mean I didn't pick you.

M: The fuck are you talking about Tater

T: oh look here comes Strictly Business

*Schmo and Public come out to boos from the crowd for this elimination tag team match*

M: Don't change the subject on me dammit.

T: Calm your jets Marv, no wonder you are always so stressed out, not getting any cooch from the wife at home.

M: Fuck you Tater!

*The Riot Makers hit the ring and both them and Strictly Buisness start fighting...Finally Joker comes down the aisle and gets in the ring, he attacks Sledge...Schmo and Joker teaming up on Sledge, while Public has Kage in the corner stomping on him*

T: You know Marv, you got some issues

M: I have issues, you are the one that can never concentrate on the match.

T: Kinda like you are doing right now.

m: You know what I have had enough of this.

T: Oh have you?

*Sledge is thrown to the outside, as Joker and Schmo begin to fight...Public tries a suplex on Kage, but he revereses and floats over him...Kage with a reverse DDT and goes for he pin..Schmo makes the save...however Joker grabs Schmo and tosses him to the outside too...*

M: Fuck you Tater!

*Marv gets up and walks away from the announce table as Tater watches him leave*

T: What, you can't leave me out here to call a match...hey comeback!

*Marv keeps on walking as Joker hits an enzinguri on Kage and covers him....the ref counts...1....2.....3..*

Kage Eliminated

T: Well people, Marv is gone, and I can't believe he left...just like Kage who is eliminated

*Sledge is back in the ring and runs at Joker, who moves...Sledge instead hits the clothesline on Public taking him down...Joker grabs Sledge by the head and begins to bite him..the ref telling Joker to stop and finally gets him pulled off of Sledge who is bleeding a little..Sledge is disoriented at The ref telling Joker he can't do that...Schmo slides in the ring, and nails Sledge in the head with the briefcase...he tosses the case, then nails Joker..both men brawling*

T: Sledge is out from that shot...and Public with the cover folks!

*Public gets the three count and then gets to his feet*

Sledge Eliminated/Riot Makers eliminated

*Public is up and starts to help Schmo...they get the upperhand on Joker and whip him into the ropes..they miss the double clothesline, but as Joker bounces off the ropes..Public runs and hits a kneelift taking Joker out...Schmo picks Joker up for a pile driver, and Public climbs up to the second rope..he leaps off and they spike Piledrive Joker into the mat..the cover by Schmo...1.....2....3..*

T: This one is over, and I have to find Marv

*Tater leaves the booth and runs to the back*



*We see Tater run into the parking lot looking for Marv's car...Tater runs over to his own car and gets in and drives off leaving the parking lot*

*backstage we see Juice getting rubbed down on a table by his women...the Hardcore Title is laying on a table near him and there is lots of Sake laying around...DC comes into the room*

Juice: hey mayne wat yu thinks yu doin

DC: Easy champ, I just wanted to thank you for giving me the night off from competing.

Juice: no problam yus did ma a fav bi lets me be on da team mayne.

DC: Well I just wanted to know, that if you need something just let me know.

Juice: I think i havs everys thing i need but thanks.

DC: Yeah, I'll be going.

*DC walks backwards out the door, and closes it, he turns around and Judge is standing behind him breathing down at DC*

DC: What the hell do you want

Judge: To know exactly where you stand

DC: Right now I stand on top of the damn mountain, seeing that I am the World Champion, furthermore where were you last week?

Judge: I had things to take care of.

DC: You know if you are going to be a part of this faction, you need to get your mind right and your priorities straight.

Judge: Is that so?

DC: Yeah that's so!

Judge: Well tonight my priority is keeping this title, so what are we going to do about that.

*DC lowers his head and shakes it, then looks back up*

DC: You just don't get it do know what, don't worry about me, you should worry about the other three men in the match...but if it eases your mind, let me just assure you that after tonight you will still be the TV Champion.

*DC walks off as Judge stares at him*

*In the ring is a ladder as Black Dragon and Ricky Thunder look at each other...Crusher's music hits and he makes his way down the aisle to cheers from the crowd...Thunder is watching him and Dragon takes the oppurtunity to attack Thunder from behind he begins to beat on him, as Crusher slides in the ring to the sound of the bell...Crusher and Dragon exchanging blows and Crusher with the advantage...pushes him towards the ropes and a whip to the opposite side..Crusher tries a clothesline but Dragon ducks under it..he bounces off the other ropes..but Thunder is up and comes running and nails a dropkick sending Dragon right over the top rope to the outside...Thunder is up and Crusher immediately with a headlock on him...Thunder trying to get out but Crusher is holding on tight...Thunder gets Crusher to move towards the ropes, and Thunder tries to push him off, but Crusher slides to his knee still holding the move...he gets right back up and Thunder is still trapped...Dragon is back up on the top rope....he waits as Crusher is turning with Thunder still in the headlock...Dragon leaps and hits a missle dropkick to Crusher taking him and Thunder down to the mat...Dragon gets up and makes the cover on Crusher...1....2.....NO!!!*

*Dragon seems a little peeved and gets Crusher up he then hits the fist of fury on him taking him back down...just then Thunder with a schoolboy...and only for two...Thunder to his feet first, and chops Dragon...Dragon clutches his chest but recieves a second chop...thunder then jumps in the air and hits a kick ala Van Dam....Dragon falls to a knee..thunder bounces off the ropes and nails a running blockbuster to take Dragon to the mat...the cover.....1...2...but Crusher is up and pulls the leg of Thunder...he pulls him back and tries the anklelock...Thunder trying to escape it, and manages to roll and send Crusher flying through the ropes to the outside....*

*Thunder is up to his feet and the crowd is going crazy...Thunder points to the top rope...he goes and starts to climb as Dragon is beginning to stir...Dragon is to his feet but Thunder perched high on the top rope, leaps and hits a crossbody...Dragon rolls through tho and has a pin....1......2.....kickout.....the crowd chanting for Thunder as both men get to their feet and both men trying punches...Dragon with the upperhand , and a kick to the gut...he hits a snap suplex on Thunder and covers him....1..2..kickout...Dragon gets up and Crusher is in the ring...Crusher grabs Dragon from behind and nails the angle slam on him...Crusher is to his feet and feeling it...he grabs the leg of Dragon and locks in the ankle lock...Dragon looks to be in pain as the crowd is cheering*

*Crusher trying to snap his ankle, and the crowd going wild..the ref asking Dragon but he won't give up...just then Ricky Thunder is up..he runs and goes up the turnbuckle..he leaps with a moonsault and lands on Crusher knocking him down and making him release the hold...Thunder to his feet and grabs Dragon and rolls with him into a pinning position...the leg is hooked......1.....2......3...Thunder wins the match and rolls to the outside as the crowd is cheering like crazy for him*



*backstage we see a production assistant run into Miss A's office...he tells her that the announce team has left the building*

Miss A: What? They what do we do?

*he just shrugs at her*

Miss A: i will deal with this but right now I need you to go find Strictly Business for me.

*the assistant leaves the room*

*The King of All battle Josh is in the ring bandaged up...Jason is announced and he comes down the aisle with Stacy to boos from the crowd...he stops at ringside as "Come gangsta" plays as the Tag Team Champions emerge from behind the curtain...the crowd boos them too...they come down to the ring and take off their tag titles all three men slide in as Josh goes right after Jason...the bell sounds...and Thugged Out nail Josh from they try to overtake him..Josh trying to fight both men..but Jason is up...Jason nails Josh from behind...and then the assault begins...*

*Josh being beaten by all three he has no chance at this point..not after everything he has been through...they all hold him and take shots at him...this is a gang beating...Thugged Out whip Josh to the ropes, and nail a double big boot to his face...Jason gets on top of him and begins to pound away opening Josh up... blood begins to pour as April comes running down the she reaches ringside Stacy nails her with a spear and begins to punch on her as well...Stick and Exo walk over to watch the Jason gets up...Jason comes over and looks as well...Stacy get the upperhand and finally gets off of April as Security rushes down to break them up*

*Jason turns around and Josh hits a dropkick sending him to the outside..Josh is bleeding and starts to throws some haymakers to Thugged Out...Exo finally pokes Josh in the eye, and Stick hits a dropkick of his own taking Josh down..they pick Josh up and whip him into the ropes...they nail the Last Call taking him out...Jason gets back into the ring...and tells them to lift Josh up...Stick and Exo pick Josh up, and Jason kicks him and lifts him up then nails the vertebreaker on him...he makes the cover...1.....2.....3....Stick goes outside and grabs a chair and tosses it into the ring...Exo takes it but Jason says to hand it to him...Exo does...Jason begins to wear Josh out with the chair...Stick and Exo talk to each other..then they yell at Jason, he turns around and they nails him with a double clothesline..they then take Jason and toss him over the top rope...Stacy comes rushing over the check on him...Thugged Out laugh as they then take turns nailing a helpless Josh...just then Schmo and Public come rushing down the aisle with bats...they get in the ring and Thugged Out hop out...The crowd is stunned to see Strictly Business out here...Exo and Stick point at them as they grab the tag titles and head up the ramp*

*backstage we see Juice in his room with the girls as Cryptic walks in*

Juice: Whoa Mayne wats dis bout?

Cryptic: Chill out my peaceful brother, I just wanted to say that I am not upset that you beat me and took the title from me tonight.

Juice: yea?

Cryptic: Yes friend, I know that in time the elements of this world will allow me to regain what was only such shortlived in my memory.

Juice: Fuck? wat is yus spittin?

Cryptic: I just know that my fellow boys and girls will be in my corner, and that we will get another chance.

Juice: yea mayne? hey looksy here, you got to go son cause Juice told you so mayne!

Cryptic: Ok. Goodbye.

*Cryptic walks out of the room as Juice turns to the Guro Girls.*

Juice: we needs to get us sums of what it is he is smokin'

*they nod their heads in agreement*



*Vanilla Gorilla is in the ring as Peabody is instructing him about the match...Troy Alston is introduced next as the crowd cheers...followed by Demon Alexander...Troy and Demon look at each other..they team up on Gorilla who pushes them off...they rush him again and again he pushes them off...Peabody is laughing as he tells Gorilla to get them...They come towards him again, and Gorilla grabs both men by the head and rams them together...Troy and Demon stunned as Gorilla grabs Troy and hits a belly to belly suplex on him...Gorilla gets up as Demon punches at him...he connects twice before Gorilla grabs his hand..he begins to squeeze it, as Demon tries to fight the pain...Gorilla with a kick to the gut, then lifts Demon up for a guerilla press he drops him as the crowd boos*

*Gorilla beats his chest, as he picks Demon up..Demon with a lowblow takes Gorilla down who slumps to the floor..meanwhile Troy has slide outside and grabbed a table...he tosses it back into the ring...Troy slides in, but Demon meets him and both men fighting...Demon with an eye rake...then kicks Troy in the gut and nails the purifier on him...Peabody is up on the apron...and Demon sees him..he grabs him and tosses him into the ring...Peabody hits his butt and the crowd is cheering..Demon picks him up...and hits the Demon's Dance on him...he gets up and looks down at Peabody..but Gorilla attacks Demon from behind...he is pummeling him...Demon trying to fight back but Gorilla is too strong...Gorilla gets Demon up and tosses him into the corner..he goes with more punches just unloaded on him*

*Troy is on his knees and is trying to get Demon is slumped over in the corner getting choked by Gorilla's foot as Gorilla is screaming out weird noises...Troy gets up and grabs the table he places it against the opposite corner...he then runs over and hits the 23 on Gorilla knocking him down onto the middle rope...Troy picks Demon up and tries to whip him, but Demon reverses it sending Troy into the table...Demon tries to run at him but Troy gets a foot up and knocks Demon back...Troy runs at Demon with a clothesline but he ducks...Gorilla is up and nails a spear on Troy taking him down...just then at the top of the stage is a girl..Demon sees her...she is looking at him..Demon moves closer to the ropes as she is motioning for him to come nearer...Demon climbs out of the ring and begins to go up the ramp as the girl goes backstage..Demon begins heading up the ramp*

*Gorilla sees Peabody getting up and helps him up..Peabody sees Troy and tells Gorilla to finish him off...Gorilla grabs Troy and picks him up in the guerilla press position..Peabody is telling him to toss Troy into the table...Gorilla with Troy high in the air walks towards the corner...he is getting ready to toss Troy, but Troy manages to wiggle free and fall behind Gorilla...Troy hits a dropsault to the back of Gorilla and sends him into the table...Troy rolls over and then runs and hits a spear to the back of Gorilla sending him through the table making it break...the ref calls for the bell...Troy gets up and Peabody comes over and slaps him...Troy then kicks Peabody in the gut and nails Alston 3:16 on him...Troy gets up and gets out of the ring as Gorilla begins to stir...the crowd is loving it*



*In Miss A's office with see Schmo and Public with her...*

Schmo: So you are ready to tell us when we get our title shot right?

Miss A: I said you get your title shot when Mr. Smith returns and decides what to do about it.

Public: this is nonsense...Why did you call us in here?

Miss A: Two reasons....number one to tell you that I have discovered that you two did not try and attack Mr. Smith.

Schmo: We have told you that all along.

Miss A: And reason number two is to tell you that since you tried to bully me into giving you another shot at the tag titles...that both of you are suspended for next week.

Public: You can't do that?

Miss A: Oh yes I can...and gentlemen, I will see you in Miami in two weeks when Thugged Out will be running the get out of the building!

*Security comes in to get Strictly Business as they still try to aruge while being thrown out of the office*

*ad runs for the Thugged Out PPV in two weeks*



*Blue on Black plays as DC with a ref's shirt comes down the aisle..the crowd boos him...he gets in the ring and waits as Crawford, then Force and finally Judge comes down the aisle...DC and Judge have some words as DC gets the TV Title from him..DC holds it up to the crowd...he hands to the ring announcer and then calls for the sounds and right away Blade, Force, and Crawford goes after Judge...DC climbs out of the all three men beat on Judge...DC walks over to the announce table and sits on top of it..he grabs the headset*

DC: Oh...look at those right hands, and Judge getting pounded on like the chump, I mean champ that he is...OHHHH, another shot to the jaw, and they are beating Judge like that retarded kid on the playground.

*Force tosses Judge to the outside of the ring, as Crawford and Blade team up to take on Force*

DC: And in a bitch move, Blade and The Beast are going after the guy that can't hold my jock..the guy that has made a living out of losing big time title matches to me...the unstoppable force...who should think of investing in a new name

*They whip Force to the ropes, and they try a double clothesline but he ducks...he then hits one of his own as he takes both men down*

DC: And what do you know even the sun shines on a dog's ass every now and then...Oh wait, and here comes the TV Champion, not the kind of champ that I was when I was the TV Champion, you know defending every week and what not, nope the paper champion Judge and he is going right after Force, and both of these big idiots are dishing it out

*Judge and Force fighting with each other but then they stop as Blade and Crawford get up...they decide to go after the other two..huge boots from Judge and Force taking down Blade and Jack...Judge with Blade and picks him up and right hand then another...he whips him into the corner and comes running in with a huge clothesline...Force with a scoop slam on Crawford, then drops the leg drop on him...he covers...but no ref*

DC: Oh poor Force, no ref to count his pin...oh wait I guess that would be my job...

*DC just looks in at Force and waves...Force stands up pissed off...meanwhile, Judge tries a chokeslam on Blade but Blade kicks him in the nuts knocking Judge down...Blade with a yakuza kick to the back of Force sends him flying over the top rope to the outside...Blade then goes to get crawford off the mat*

DC: What a move from Blade, and folks Force has just landed on his head...good thing there is nothing in it to hurt...well it was nice talking to you people, but I got a job to finish!

*DC takes off the headset and goes and grabs the chair from the ring announcer..he then slides in the ring where Blade is trying to pick Crawford up again...DC whacks Blade in the back of the head with the chair as the crowd boos...DC then nails Crawford who is in a vunerable position taking him out...the crowd booing lilke crazy as DC flicks them off causing them to boo louder...DC then whacks Crawford again, and then Blade...Judge using the ropes to pull himself up..DC drops under the bottom rope without the chair that he left in the ring, and grabs Force, he tosses him back in the ring...DC slides in as well..DC with the chair, and whacks Force in the back with it...he then Slides the chair over to Judge, and DC hops out of the ring...Judge is up to his feet and turns around and sees the chair..DC points at him and then at Force...he motions for him to whack Force with the chair...Force is on his knees in pain wanting to get up...Judge picks up the chair*

*DC yelling at him to hit Force...Judge with the chair in hand walks over to Force...he lifts the chair up and nails Force in the back of the head with it...the bell sounds...DC tells the ring announcer something and then hurries towards the ramp...Judge looks at DC as DC turns at him...*

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of this match as a result of a disqualification...Unstoppable Force!!!!

*The crowd cheers as Judge goes nuts...he tosses the chair down as DC is more than halfway up the ramp..Judge goes to the ropes and screams at DC...Judge keeps the TV Title, but DC has screwed him over in getting a win...Judge yelling at DC, as DC just shrugs his shoulders and heads towards the back...*

*end show*


props to Corey for making the banner

also thanks to DrDoom for writing the Hardcore Title match and the Strap match.

Sorry it took a while to get this up...we had some issues come up late this week..

feedback is always appreciated.

next up Ricky Thunder's week at running the show...the promo card will be up wednesday afternoon...
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I call bullshit.

That's twice in two weeks I have cut better promos than my opponents and lost. hat the fuck is going on?

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Originally Posted by Jeezy
I call bullshit.

That's twice in two weeks I have cut better promos than my opponents and lost. hat the fuck is going on?
Apparently DC thought your opponent's promo was better...thems the breaks my friend.

Great show as usual guys.

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Nice, loved the TV title match did not see that coming.

Props to Sly as Hell for the banner.

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Mowin mufuckas down.
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Dat shi wa tite, yo. Goo job wit da dialouges and e'erythang.

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As usual great job. DC if you guys need help with anything else let me know buddy.

Thanks to David for the Orton banner...

Join the EFED you fucks!
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